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December 2007
921167DC 80 to crawl up an anusIt turns out that a DC 80 Escape Artist check lets you crawl up someone's anus. Epic lulz ensues.anus, crawl, escape artist, FATAL, epic2007-12-21 176 
January 2008
1031096C-Tech Creator Visits 4chanOne of the authors (or a clever troll) of the Cthulhu Tech game visits 4chan to ask why "bullies and sadists" are pirating his game.c-tech, bawwww, bullies, sadists, internet hate machine2008-01-18 3 
February 2008
1178163Black Tokyo/tg/ discovers a truly horrible eroRPG.rape disgusting troll FATAL2008-02-16 15 
1188125Let's Play Black Tokyo!For some reason, nobody wanted to...rape disgusting FATAL hentai virginia2008-02-18 11 
March 2008
1260800The Realism-Obsessed CousinAnon has an extremely smart yet autistic cousin who really hates anything that's not "realistic".autistic, aspergers2008-03-02 0 
1312058The scariest Traitor Guardsmen everBy the Dark Gods I've never been so afraid.Traitor, lost and the damned, COMMISSAR SCARECROWS2008-03-11 21 
April 2008
1475977Inquisitor FrolloFrollo is revealed to be a perfect example of an Inquisitor. Shit goes down.Disney, GRIMDARK, Frollo2008-04-05 6 
1477678More Inquisitor FrolloFrollo's role in the Imperium gets fleshed out more, and he starts to get a retinue. Cont. from 1475977 Disney, GRIMDARK, Frollo2008-04-06 4 
1505986The Rehnian 7th "Ironstorm"Anon makes an army list that unleashes the IG's inner potential for STEEL RHEEN.40k, army list2008-04-11 5 
1567150Funny Warhammer 40k ConvertionsHonestly, the title says it all.40k, minis, funny2008-04-20 5 
June 2008
2021992Board games every fa/tg/uy should ownList of some board games and why people play themboard game dice catan carcassonne talisman2008-06-18 4 
2047216Little Folk/tg/ brainstorms about a game where all the people in the world suddenly find themselves 2 inches tall.Little Folk, RPG discussion2008-06-21 35 
July 2008
2174377Rome: Caesar, Christ, Immortality, ChinaGAIUS CASSIUS LONGINUS stabbed Julius Caesar to death in the Forum in 44 BC as well as speared Jesus Christ in the side on the cross some 75 years later. What if he was an immortal? What if Jesus was a Roman myth? What if there were Romans in China? Rome, Caesar, Christ, immortality, China, vampires2008-07-10 4 
August 2008
2449844Codex: Cultistthe guys get shit done and brainstorm for 2 hours on a new codexChaos Cultist2008-08-28 5 
September 2008
2507249Another Informative Shadowrun ThreadInnocent questions about an SR4 excursion to Tir Na nOg lead to missile surfing, rigger strategy, and Mystic Knights nostalgia.Shadowrun, 4e, drones, Missile Surfing2008-09-06 6 
2550663The /tg/ is really really great ... FOR KHORNEAwesome combo of singalong funtime.Khorne, tg, 40k, combo, internet is for porn, avenue q2008-09-11 3 
2584735.Hack//Pen and paperA thread created by Ensis about creating a pen and paper system based off of the .hack// series..hack// dot hack .hack Ensis Kun-kun2008-09-16 5 
2593504.Hack//Pen and paper 2The second thread created by Ensis to discuss more about the system and to flesh out more of how game play would resolve.Ensis Kun-kun .hack dot hack .hack//pen and paper2008-09-17 5 
2654786This Just Happened In A Game I'm DMingGame absentees and menstruating male dragons and gnomes in tall hats, oh mythis just happened2008-09-24 -3 
2683686DirkA traumatised Stormtrooper with a shitty history gets the chance to spit in the face of Tzeentch himself.Not as planned, Zuvassin is pleased, luck, Dirk, Stormtrooper, man2008-09-28 41 
October 2008
2764879The Ends Justify The MeansA serious discussion of how to make a fairly generic "insane scalpel-happy doctor" villain slightly more interesting, and in so doing present a quandary to her would-be assassins.BBEG, morals, discussion, getting shit done2008-10-09 6 
2843696Trigger Discipline and DitSA Trigger Discipline and Destiny in the Stars thread.trigger discipline, dits2008-10-22 0 
2901271This Just Happened In A Game I'm DMingFUCKING KENDER!this just happened, kender2008-10-29 5 
2911771Comparison of Deep Ones and ElvesA discussion of Lovecraftian races and the place they occupy with relation to traditional fantasy.racism lovecraft cthulhu elf2008-10-31 11 
November 2008
3052437GameScience Dice vs Cheap DiceAnon posts a very interesting vid featuring the good Colonel from GameScience explaining why most /tg/ dice aren't in face random.dice, die, cheap, machined, casino, d20, d16, d4, polished2008-11-24 3 
December 2008
3144478Firearms SchoolsAn anon brings up the idea of making schools for firearms in the same vein as schools for magic. After some dicking around, fa/tg/uys start tossing ideas around.firearms in fantasy, rule of cool, exalted, /k/ommandos, pistol clips2008-12-10 9 
3230017Scriptarius Custom Christmas ModelsScriptarius creates a Warhammer 40k model version of Santa and creates a gingerbreadnought with delicious results.Scriptarius, Santa Model, Christmas, 40k Custom Models, Gingerbreadnought, Santa2008-12-23 20 
January 2009
3290452Bunnies & Burrows:World War II editionA posting of 'Peter Rabbit:Tank Killer' leads to excellent stories of strategic rabbit warfare, genocide, quaternary calculation and a disturbing softening of the real life/game boundary.nazis, b&b, rabbits, bombs, supercomputers2009-01-01 4 
3288492Ruby Art DumpAs the name suggests. The location of the IRC discussions on Ruby Quest is also in the OP post.Ruby, IRC Discussion2009-01-02 27 
3305759Ruby DiscussionSome random ruby speculation with a nice revelation at the end due to an observant anonRuby Discussion2009-01-03 27 
3339817ores and stonesUp in this motherfucker.stones, ore, bismuth, UP IN THIS MOTHER FUCKER2009-01-07 6 
3382385Future: Stagnation or SingularityOnce again /tg/ decides to discuss the future of mankind. Will we advance beyond our limits? And is this a good thing?Transhumanism, Singularity, GITS2009-01-13 1 
3467090BeeserkerBarbarians using Bee Beards as armor, Hive's super bugs, dolphin rape.BEEEEEEEZ; Beezerker; beeserker, dolphin penis2009-01-21 3 
3566913The adventures of Inquisitor Lolliros the secondInquisitor Lolliros the second tries and fails to rise above his father, (expunged) Inquisitor Lolliros. He unleashes a khorne uprising on a planet and seeks escape, aided by the voices in his head.Warhammer, Inquisitor, 40k2009-01-31 0 
February 2009
3813029Inquisition HelpdeskThank you for calling the Inquisition Helpdesk. How may I help you?40k, Inquisition2009-02-25 9 
March 2009
4012655Game Concept: Elf-HunterWhat if elves, gnomes and chupacabras were pests? Yetis, wendigos and sasquatches dangerous big game? There'd be specialists for clearing out those fucking gnome infestations. You're one.elf, hunter, specialist, gnome, supernatural, game design, setting2009-03-18 7 
April 2009
4283775You Don't Fuck With McDuck!An awesome thread which asks whether it is safer to loot the treasure hoard of an ancient Red Dragon, or the Money Bin of Scrooge McDuck. Scrooge is the overwhelming victor and quickly proves himself one of the most terrifying characters ever created. A fun, inventive thread which proves a rewarding read.Scrooge, McDuck, Disney, Treasure, Characters, Creative, Dragons2009-04-15 65 
4333539HighschoolRPGMaidRPG undergoes a massive overhaul by a namefag and comes out surprisingly well. Calls are made for this to become a canon mod.MaidRPG made better, pleasant surprise, high schoolers, user expansion2009-04-20 16 
May 2009
4467075Commissar...Desus?!?Because Creation wasn't big enough to contain his dickery, let's unleash him into the Imperium. Great idea.Exalted, Desus, Commissar2009-05-04 -5 
4458881FUCK YOU II'M A D'awwwA "This Just Happened Comic" two parter with an unexpected and amusing ending.This Just Happened, Dragonborn, dawww, FUCK YOU I'M A DRAGON2009-05-04 -2 
4554170Slaaneshi HedonismOne anon requests how to be a real Slaaneshi Cultist. Whether or not this was a joke, an Anonymous poster gives a thought-out, intelligent, and thorough posting on how to BE a true Slaaneshi Cultist.Devian/tg/uy, Hedonism, Slaanesh, Cultist, Cult, warhammer 40K2009-05-14 13 
4649258Alicia update: FAR REALMAlicia fights a creature from the far realm and edges ever higher on the Mary Sue list. Anonymous remands angel lesbianism.alicia, epic paladin, triple angel lesbianism2009-05-25 7 
4678012For the love of the gameSomeone who enjoys 3.5 and 4e gives their thoughts on why people can still love 3.5 despite 4e being popular. Then, eventual trolling.meaningful, discussion, 3.5, 4e, fun2009-05-27 2 
4705319Physics is a DiseaseThe Laws of Physics are all diseases, and you can cure yourself of some of them.fluff, physics, disease, setting2009-05-30 1 
4720602Communism: THE RPGWe discuss communism and its effects on society.communism, homebrew, stalin, lenin, marx, gorbachev2009-05-31 -2 
4720018Tropical Dorfs cont.Hooray DorfsTropical Island Dorf2009-05-31 5 
June 2009
4730204Talespin And Other Awesome ThingsPossible troll turns into an interesting discussion on turning TaleSpin into a campaign world. BlackSad, Maus, Lackadaisy are added, and it only improves from there.Noir, Pulp, Blacksad, Maus, Talespin, Setting, Nazis, Ideas, Furry, Good2009-06-01 0 
4734623Dungeons and Dragons: Satan's ToolWe discuss of DnD is a tool of Satan and send letters to evangelical Christians.dungeons and dragons, satan, christians, evangelicals, hell2009-06-02 2 
4751578The Corporis Sisters 4E4E conversion of the Corporis Sisters.Corporis Fleshforged2009-06-03 0 
4834545A new conversionist has appearedA new conversionist shows up and proceeds to troll the hell out of /tg/, ends up with a twist. troll,twist,conversions2009-06-10 13 
4878401The Aristocrats, FATAL-styleA troll thread gets counter-trolled by clever use of "The Aristocrats" joke. FATAL, The Aristocrats, Trolls2009-06-14 36 
4907820Liberty Prime in 40kThe OP has a great idea when he wonders "What happens if the Imperium finds Liberty Prime?". Thread devolves into awesome and failed attempts at trolling.liberty prime, 40k, communism2009-06-17 -2 
4956404Help with glueSomeone glues guardsman pieces to his penisNSFW glue penis guardsman2009-06-22 120 
4974301Yet more Island DorfsAnon asks for dungeon ideas for the Tropical Island setting. Anon provides that, and more.island, dorfs, dwarves, elves, setting, getting shit done2009-06-24 6 
5028025Dwarf WomenAn epic discussion on the nature of dwarf women.dorfs, women, dwarves, elves, discussion2009-06-29 -2 
July 2009
5063230Disney Goes /tg/A Disney comic about... Well... Tabletop gaming in general. It's funny because it's true.disney, neckbeard, fa/tg/uy, d&d, scrooge, donald2009-07-02 10 
5062793Discworld Time/tg/ has an awesome discworld thread. discworld, terry pratchett2009-07-02 3 
5133778godslaying antagonistscontinuation of previous thread about a party of antagonists bent on killing or subverting every godgod, slaying, antagonist2009-07-12 6 
5173594Realistic Fantasy SocietiesAnon discusses the impact of magic-heavy social structures as opposed to the traditional MIDDLE AGES BUT WITH MAGIC settings.discussion, world-building2009-07-16 5 
5227957Jawfish QuestThe epic tale of one fish trying to make a difference in the Siluric period. Bring it on Pterygotus buffaloensis.Quest Thread, Jawfish2009-07-23 10 
5229995Jawfish Quest 2The Jawfish seperateJawfish, Quest Thread2009-07-23 8 
5231263Jawfish Quest IIITeam Land and Team Deep Ones continue their quest. Team Land eats giant worms, and Team Deep Ones build a society.Quest Thread, Jawfish2009-07-23 6 
5232388Jaawfish Quest IVLand Team grows in large numbers and gets allys and sexfriends while starts to plan their flying evolution. Meanwhile the deep ones kills a Colossal squid and began developing a Religion.Quest Thread, Jawfish2009-07-23 6 
5242358Jawfish Quest VTeam Land continues to struggle to adapt, and learns why not to mate with any dragonfly that comes along. Team Deep encounters a mysterious force at the very bottom of the ocean, and must figure out how to deal with new cults among their shark slaves.Quest Thread, Jawfish2009-07-24 5 
5243753Jewish Quest 5.5PART FIVE POINT FIVEQuest Thread, Jawfish2009-07-24 5 
5243140Cripplegirls and RiskThrough Shizune's love for Risk, /tg/ and 4chan's homebrew visual novel "Katawa Shoujo" were forever entwined. The Classic Game of World Domination is imrpoved tenfold - somehow, you don't mind a girl camping Australia when she's a disarmingly adorable deaf-mute.Risk, Katawa Shoujo, jp, v, text adventure, visual novel2009-07-24 9 
5272737Jawfish Quest VIThe Deep Ones handle the rebellion, but are they bad enough dudes to defeat Gaia? Jawfish, Quest, Deep Ones, Team Land, Team Deep2009-07-28 3 
5277833Games: Toonami Style Part 2Same as the old one, but with talk of an Exalted/Nobilis movie and its plot, Imperators punching a Yozi in the face and a common cause to stop the Kukla from destroying Creation.awesome, nobilis, exalted, IN A WORLD, Peter Cullen2009-07-29 9 
August 2009
5317007Adventurer Mission StatementWhat the actual Mission Statements of Adventuring Parties would beAdventurer, Mission Statement, Mission, Satement2009-08-02 1 
5449978Eurides Calis writefaggotryWritefaggotry about a guardsman and a female khornate demonEurides Calis, Khorna, writefaggotry, 40k2009-08-14 7 
5451781NCIS: /tg/ editionwhat strats as a question of permissible actions in RPGs swiftly gets sidetracked as two murders are investigated and a third one seems imminent. Agent Gibbs and company are called in to help work things out.NCIS, murder, collective game, hanging, phonebooth2009-08-14 17 
5456402Roll for warp drive mishap 2/tg/ creates another Warp Drive Mishap Table. This time with extra Slaanesh.40k, homebrew, warp drive mishap2009-08-15 0 
5486355 Eurides Calis/Khorna, psyker-chan/guardsman writefaggeryAnonymous writefag completes the story of Eurides Calis and Khorna, and posts psyker-chan and guardsman story as wellEurides Calis, Khorna, psyker-chan, guardsman, writefaggotry, 40k2009-08-17 1 
5503797Grimdark Kingdom HeartsWhat began as a dump of evil versions of the ladies of Disney took a very evil turn when someone brought up kingdom hearts, ideas got tossed around and some very scary thoughts brought up.Disney, Kingdom Hearts, Grimdark2009-08-19 5 
5534211Talking with FRIEND COMPUTERFRIEND COMPUTER kindly assists all CLONES, TROUBLESHOOTERS and RESIDENTS OF ALPHA COMPLEX of suitable CLEARANCE LEVEL in answering QUESTIONS. Do you have BLUE CLEARANCE, CITIZEN?Paranoia, Your Not Cleared For This, FRIEND COMPUTER, Alpha Complex, Commie Mutant Traitors 2009-08-21 5 
5564641Scrooge McDuck AwesomenessWhat would happen if Scrooge McDuck heard about the Golden Throne? Also general Scrooge McDuck awesomeness and finally some creepy Disney pics.40k, Disney, Scrooge McDuck, Awesomeness2009-08-25 5 
5605691Monstrous GirlsOP wants a monstergirl thread. What he gets is GRIMDARK and NO GOD NO.monstergirl, grimdark, writefaggotry, horror, discussion2009-08-27 15 
5622166Eclipse Phase - The Roleplaying Game of Transhuman Conspiracy and HorrorDiscussion of new Science Fiction RPG released free under Creative Commons RPG, Transhumanism 2009-08-29 5 
5633355Eclipse Phase #2Discussion continued RPG, Transhumanism2009-08-29 1 
5642930Eclipse Phase Part 3A continuation of the Eclipse Phase threadsTranshumanism, Eclipse Phase, Cyberpunk, PNP, Discussion2009-08-30 1 
5648250Eclipse Phase 4More of the same.Eclipse Phase, Transhumanism, PNP, Discussion, Sci-fi, AI, I wish to be the neotenic2009-08-30 1 
5661706Panzerquest - Survival in Normandy 1Command your shaken young tank crew and do what Nazis do best: Kill the allies! Or try and find a good spot to surrender, at least.Panzerquest, tanks, collective game, Nazis 2009-08-31 5 
September 2009
5731244Tau story, main body and a new memeJohn gives us his new rough draft for the main story. And a new meme is born: Slicktau and Fattautau john writefag scribe story damiris inquisition slicktau fattau2009-09-05 6 
5768383PrisontalkHigh-security prison setting in a fantasy game. fantasy, prison2009-09-08 0 
5787450We Are So Small/tg/ gets existential over other-worldy panorama and the stars. We are indeed small, my brothers.discussion, space2009-09-09 8 
5788839Reality QuestMorton's List reality quests.morton's list, reality2009-09-10 1 
5828035Things You've Regretted Doing in an RPG/tg/ provides some awesome stories, and a lot of Pokemon discussion inbetween.storytime, misty, regret2009-09-13 10 
5848416Paradox Games SUPER LONG LASTINGParadox discussion/Alt History thread. LASTS FOR AT LEAST 50 HOURS.Paradox, Alt History, Long lasting2009-09-16 6 
5881187NobleDark GrimBrightness!Someone makes an odd sentence construction. Anons bicker for a while. Then, Dr. Baron von Evilsatan arrives and generates win.Dr. Baron von Evilsatan, Evil, Satan, Noble, Dark, Grim, Bright, Grimdark, etc, too many tags, oh god how did this get here.2009-09-16 17 
5902045WWII quest 2Canadian now lead the USSR with Alien,Super heroes,Cthulhu involveCthulhu, Collective Game, Alternate History, Alien, XCOM2009-09-18 1 
5951332A Dynastic campaign through the agesAnon proposes a game in which the players get to repeatedly play the descendants of previous characters, and they get to observe the consequences of their previous actions. Lots of scheming and good old historical backstabbing follows.history, dynastic campaign, setting, idea2009-09-21 1 
5974314Big Bad Evil Gals/tg/ discusses the idea of female BBEGs, if any of them are any good, and the stereotypes generally seen therein. A rather decent discourse, albeit with trolling here and there.Female, BBEG, stereotype, discussion2009-09-23 -2 
5978922Items Cursed with FuOHDEARGOD/tg/ inadvertently creates the most horrifying cursed item imaginable. Bricks were shat, /d/ was pleasedcursed items, womb dagger, ultimate horror, what the fuck, what is this i don't even2009-09-24 39 
October 2009
6171811Trench SettingGeneric "events in the X" turns into the whole setting discussion full of ideas and charactersworld war, setting, ideas, trench, warfare, discussion2009-10-07 0 
6271771Jaques Lailang and others tales of MANLYOR Why Cannons Are Unsporting, Unless You're Using Hand-loaded 275kg Shells.Jaques Lailang, manly tears, John Talbot, Emperor Constantine, Hasan, cannons, stab in the face, historical badassery2009-10-15 7 
6316513"Deathwish" questThe Blacksmith is Back, and his quests have changed. Lots to talk about, and a town to manage. Deathwish Quest, Collective game2009-10-18 8 
6330822Deathwish Quest 2Traveling to the Dwarf Kingdom to enter the competition. Possibly knock up a woman on the way. Impress the king with our badass plan to for his weapon. Kiss the Dwarf princess. Come face to face with a Golden Dragon.Deathwish Quest, Collective Game2009-10-19 7 
6345559Deahtwish Quest 3Cutting deals with dragons. Learning some humility. Deathwish Quest, Collective Game2009-10-20 7 
6348196Deathwish Quest 3.5Returning to the Dwarf city. Attacked on the way. Action packed! Kind of.Deathwish Quest, Collective Game2009-10-20 7 
6360363"Deathwishquest" 4A lot of discussion, finally we ride the Lightning. Deathwish Quest, Collective game2009-10-21 8 
6362283Deathwish Quest 4.5We kill a fucking dragon and finish our fucking axe. I SAID FUCK YEAH!Deathwish Quest, Collective Game2009-10-21 10 
6376902"Deathwish" quest 5We gear up and get ready to rumble. Deathwish Quest, Collective game2009-10-22 7 
6379452"Deathwish" quest 5.5It all comes together at last.Deathwish Quest, Collective game2009-10-22 6 
6381479"Deathwish" quest 5.75Lots of Resolution A violent twist at the end.Deathwish Quest, Collective game2009-10-22 7 
6390231Real Life QuestThe OP decides to try out a quest thread - Hits home and takes offQuest, Roleplay, Little sister, Life, Real, Real, Life, NeckBeard2009-10-23 3 
6390866"Deathwish" quest 6Lots of yawn, then an OH SHIT and an OOOH SICK BURN. Deathwish Quest, Collective game2009-10-23 6 
6394382"Deathwish" quest 6.5The BBEG is defeated early, but... the Deathwish still lingers. A decision must be made.Deathwish Quest, Collective game2009-10-23 7 
6425883Machina Dei (Roman Mech part 3)The Machina Dei setting gets fleshed out even further.Alternate history, Rome, Mechs, Mecha, Mongols, Huns, Christians, Chinese, Eldritch Horror, War, Angels, Homebrew2009-10-25 13 
6431149Machina Dei (Roman Mech part IV)India gets some attention at long last and the invasion of Briton fails due to incompetance rather than lack of mechs.Alternate history, Rome, Mechs, Mecha, Mongols, Huns, Christians, Chinese, Eldritch Horror, War, Angels, Homebrew, India2009-10-26 10 
6434371Machina Dei (Roman Mech part V)/tg/ continues the marathon and begins talking about systems, naming conventions, and game mechanicsAlternate history, Rome, Mechs, Mecha, Mongols, Huns, Christians, Chinese, Eldritch Horror, War, Angels, Homebrew, India2009-10-26 11 
6438315Machina Dei (Roman Mech VI)Crunch is worked on.Alternate history, Rome, Mechs, Mecha, Mongols, Huns, Christians, Chinese, Eldritch Horror, War, Angels, Homebrew, India2009-10-27 5 
6449034Deathwish quest part 7Seriously, I have no idea what deathwish is about but suptg was off line, and now it ain't.Deathwish Quest, Collective game2009-10-27 6 
6451755Deathwish quest 7.5I archive this things because I care.... kinda.Deathwish Quest, Collective game2009-10-27 6 
6454935Machina Dei (Roman Mech VII)Some individual stattingAlternate history, Rome, Mechs, Mecha, Mongols, Huns, Christians, Chinese, Eldritch Horror, War, Angels, Homebrew, India2009-10-27 4 
6476698Deathwish Quest FinaleDeathwish Quest reaches its conclusion.Deathwish Quest, Collective Game2009-10-29 16 
6479801Machina Dei IXArgument about Combat Resolution vs. Rout eventually yields satisfactory results Then the primaries are statted. Alternate history, Rome, Mechs, Mecha, Mongols, Huns, Christians, Chinese, Eldritch Horror, War, Angels, Homebrew, India, Machina Dei2009-10-29 3 
November 2009
6569833Inquisition QuestAfter Inquisitor Girugamesh has died, you, the Inquisitor Numbnuts shall find HERESYwarhammer 40k, warhammer, inquisitor, inquisition, numbnuts, 40k2009-11-05 1 
6633807A lack of edition wars.Possibly the first and only Pathfinder discussion thread not utterly beset by trolls where discussion that was reasonable could be had.rules discussion, rules, pathfinder2009-11-09 1 
6663011Traitors AnonymousA simple question about tales regarding characters betraying the rest of the party establishes only one fact: Commissar-kun is the new Wasteland Warrior.betrayal, commissar-kun, epic2009-11-11 6 
6683737Mass Effect Discussion & ME2 SpeculationTitle pretty much sums it up. Some talk of a Mass Effect P&P.Mass Effect, Discussion2009-11-13 -4 
6709859/tg/ and D&D 2nd Edition.Fa/tg/uys discuss the pros and cons of 2nd edition vs newer ones, along other oldfag concepts, with amazingly little trolling.Late Nite, D&D, 2E, 2nd, 2nd Edition, Late Night, constructive arguments, discussion, old school, oldfags, good /tg/2009-11-15 1 
6739025Alternate Histories involving China/tg/ discusses two alternate histories: One in which China discovers and colonizes the New World, and one in which Rome and China trade more actively. Alternate history, China, Exploration, Roman Empire2009-11-17 2 
6750414World of Derpness/tg/ discusses the most mindnumbing aspects of the old World of Darkness' metaplot.world of darkness, discussion2009-11-18 4 
6855697Science: the HypothesisScience: the Hypothesis returns from the depths of /tg/ history!Science: the Hypothesis2009-11-25 3 
December 2009
6977334A new Drew the Lich thread?In MY /tg/? It's more likely than you think. Technically, though, it's more a Kiara thread.Drew The Lich, Kiara, Blackfist, OH SHIT2009-12-03 21 
7003621Amazing Technicolor Kiara In HOT bikini Blackguard on Vecna negotiation, if you know what I mean. Drew The Lich, Drew, Kiara, Blackfist2009-12-05 21 
7044272Catastrophic Cephalapod-Catalysed CatastropheCrapton of crabs. Multitude of molluscs. Copious cuttlefish.crabs, squids, cuttlefish, class struggle2009-12-08 0 
7088830Warhammer 40k Misspelled.Sisters of Bottle, The Imperial Gourd, Blood Angles, Rouge Traders, Fabulous Bill and more.40k, humor, typos, warhammer, sisters of bottle2009-12-11 6 
7198702The Most Interesting Man in the ImperiumHe is the most debonair and interesting man in the Imperium, and he is your new Commissar. "I don't often fight Chaos... But when I do, I prefer Imperial Guardsmen at my side." "Stay loyal to the Imperium, my friends."Commissar, Warhammer, 40k2009-12-19 11 
7286867Adeptus Evangelion ReleaseBlack Mesa Janitor delivers /tg/ a Christmas present. A 263 page supplement for Dark Heresy based on the Evangelion anime. Someone give that guy a hug.Evangelion, anime, DH, Dark Heresy, mecha, mech, fuck yeah, Christmas, supplement2009-12-26 29 
7311324NCIS: 40K"Grab your gear, /tg/, we have a dead space marine." Gibbs, DiNozzo, Abby and the rest of the cast get translated into Warhammer terminology.NCIS, 40K, Gibbs, DiNozzo, McGee, Abby2009-12-28 8 
7353184Interrogator QuestWe are an Interrogator on a Black Ship. We find a Tau woman tied up in an empty room. Paranoia ensues as we realize the true depths of planning and scheming that could very well be at work here. Surprisingly rape-free.Interrogator Quest, Quest, Collective Game, Inquisition, Interrogator2009-12-31 8 
January 2010
7366673TG 2009 - A Look BackA look back at /tg/ over the course of 2009Misc2010-01-01 5 
7423974To Warlord or not to WarlordA collection of information about warlord titans as well as templates to build your own titans, also OP decides to get back at his aggressive tournament runners with a Creed-bound warlord titan.Warlord, Titans, Creed, Tournaments, Lists, Templates, 40k, Revenge.2010-01-04 1 
7432262DM storytimeobnoxious guy tells stories and says 'you sir are not a gentleman'mindfuck cheerios bitch raisins2010-01-05 2 
7430811Interesting (and terrifying) factsSomeone asks for random, peculiar facts. He gets them. They're good, at first, and then they remain good, but they also turn very terrifying. oh god no my eyes my eyes, miscellaneous facts2010-01-05 5 
7507054BOOK!Book! Or, books, rather! For insertion into your campaigns.Books, dm resource, list, literature, writefaggotry2010-01-09 2 
7597950List of Warhammer AlternativesIn which a helpful anon lists alternatives to Warhammer.Historical, Wargames, Minis2010-01-15 4 
7648951Island QuestA man wakes up in a strange place. Stuff happens.Collective Game, Island Quest2010-01-18 1 
7654370Island Quest 1.2More Island Quest. Protagonist is trapped in a room with exploding closets of acid pus. And so on.Collective Game, Island Quest2010-01-19 1 
February 2010
7928760Sci-fi story/settingStory with bug aliens, a dude who sees electricity, detail on interstellar flight methods incorporated into tactical overviewScifi bugs writefag Technist story2010-02-05 0 
7941402Mass Effect Discussion Thats right, A mass effect discussion based on whats right or wrong. Whats technically good or evil, and just mindless speculation about ME3ME, Mass Effect, Disccusion, Good vs Evil, Right vs Wrong, Just Plain Fun2010-02-06 0 
8022037District 9 strategiesA discussion of a nonexistent tabletop wargame based on the movie District 9. Much wishful thinking ensues. "district 9" "homebrew" "wishful thinking"2010-02-11 12 
8038762Anon's last wishYou are the last human, the last spark of life anywhere in the universe, and Death is about to claim you. But, you will get one last wish. What do you do?Death, Eagle, Wish2010-02-12 10 
8042226REGINALD BRICKDICKLERA drawfag creates a character by drawing the first thing suggested after each question. Things predictably spiral out of control.BRICKDICKLING, kobold backup singers, pennywhistle, what even the fuck /tg/2010-02-12 22 
8108324ADVENTURE NOW!Rage viking goes on a quest.Quest thread, rage, viking, Olaf Whistleaxe2010-02-16 10 
8105568Lego + 40k = ?FUCKING WIN, THATS WHAT! Screw you, GW!lego, holy shit this is awesome, 40k, orkz2010-02-16 1 
8140585Discworld Arkham Horror CharactersDiscworld characters for use in Arkham HorrorDiscworld, Arkham Horror2010-02-18 5 
8144567ADVENTURE NOW! Pt 2Rage viking goes on a quest with his wench, time for some pillaging.Quest thread, rage, viking, Olaf Whistleaxe2010-02-18 6 
8189189VinlandWhat if the short-lived Viking colonies established in North America didn't fail?vikings alternate history 2010-02-21 1 
8194984ADVENTURE NOW! Pt 3Rage viking now lost in a crappy forest. Where the fuck is the wench?Quest thread, rage, viking, Olaf Whistleaxe2010-02-21 5 
8197622Taiidan QuestWe get to see the events of Homeworld from the otherside... As the Taiidani fleet who burned Kharak. Taiidan Quest, collective game, Homeworld, Adaigo for Strings, Kharak, Kharak is burning2010-02-21 1 
820464040k Schola Dating Sim update 2Update on the schola dating game made by a /tg/ tripfag called Arodisena, looks like the shit, hope he gets it done.40k, dating sim, schola, Arodisena, update2010-02-21 0 
8233038ADVENTURE NOW! Pt 4IN WHICH OLAF WANTS A MACHETE AND ARMWREASTLES A BEARQuest thread, rage, viking, Olaf Whistleaxe2010-02-23 7 
8269156Lamentations of a SociopathA fixation with falsities leads to the unraveling of society and sweet revenge for one fa/tg/uy sociopaths, raisins, goodburger, phylactery 2010-02-25 2 
March 2010
8413729Zombie themed Irish folksongsAnon needs help with songs for his modern d20 bard. /tg/ delivers.zombie, irish, drunk, drink, folksong2010-03-05 2 
8471014Tsunder AnubisGods, riddles, and emotional whiplash aboundGods, Tsunder, Anubis, Monstergirl, Tsundere, Egypt2010-03-09 10 
8546647The Tower in the DragonAttempt to troll with macrofur art turns into civilized discussion about the practical ways to resolve the situation within the D&D universe. Never change, /tg/.Dungeons and Dragons, Dragon, Tower, discussion2010-03-13 5 
8587779Cybernetic spider invaders writefaggotryWritefag delivers a long but very satisfying story about the human resistance fighting against cybernetic invaders guerilla-style. Thankfully lacking in the humanity FUCK YEAH department, yet still manages to be badass. Includes a guy tackling a killer robot and attention to in-universe technical detail.writefaggotry, awesome, grimdark, killer robots, la resistance, tl;dr2010-03-15 5 
8619572/tg/ Movie trailers/tg/ puts on its Director Cap and makes some Movie Trailers based off characters and campaigns. Lights. Camera. Action.Trailer, Awesome, Movie, oh/tg/thisiswhyIloveyouso2010-03-17 3 
8662299Touhou / Discworld CrossoverSome short Touhou/Discworld crossover writefaggotry is posted.Touhou, Discworld2010-03-19 7 
8709944Terminator QuestYou wake up in a white room, resting easily in a reclined chair. The room itself is featureless with a single door set into the wall in front of you. You look down at yourself to see a rather plain white smock draped on you, fastened losely around your neck. Who are you exactly? What are you? What is your name? The answers to these questions elude you as you sit up to check out your body. Human and female.One Shot Quest, Jimmy Sankis2010-03-22 3 
8716037Life After the Bomb, by Erin WebsterAnon wakes up and discovers that not only is he the little girl, he's nearly been turned into dinner by cannibals. The rest of the thread is a tense escape, basic scavenging, and group-think on the backstory and goals for the next thread.Erin Webster, Cold War, Missile Crisis, Post-Apocalypse2010-03-22 2 
8716772Hobbies fa/tg/uys have besides /tg/.Someone wonders what we fa/tg/uys do in our spare time. The thread moves from one end of the spectrum to the other.tg, hobbies, Disney2010-03-22 3 
8727153What if the Soviets and the Nazis struck an accord?Troll thread turns awesome. The Glorious Reich Magocracy, the United Soviet Peoples Multinational Republic, Undead American Isolationist Necromancers, The Submarine Queen of Britain and the Polar Australian Empire.Alternate History2010-03-22 16 
8730788Deathworld earthA continuation of the previous alternative history/fantasy thread "What if the Soviets and the Nazis struck an accord?" Setting is expanded and some decent writefagging gets done.Alternative History, writefagging, worldbuilding2010-03-23 5 
8281670ADVENTURE NOW! Pt 5IN WHICH OLAF FINDS A SECRET CAVE (manually restored)Quest Thread, rage, viking, Olaf Whistleaxe2010-03-23 4 
8749783ADVENTURE NOW PART 7IN WHICH OLAF BECOMES A TIME TRAVELLING GENTLEMAN PILLAGERQuest Thread, rage, viking, Olaf Whistleaxe2010-03-24 5 
8824506Ace Attorney Investigations: 40kInquisitors Franziska vonKarma and Miles Edgeworth investigate the murder of their fellow Inquisitor, Shi Long Lang, who had some sort of important evidence for Edgeworth.40k, Inquisitors, Ace Attorney2010-03-28 0 
8842327The Misty FantasyThe Mist: FANTASY STYLE. Also, a pretty close/surreal version of the Mist, and according to OP, may be continued...The Mist, Quest2010-03-29 1 
8846702LOST PRIMARCH QUEST PART 3Two hundred years after Part 2, Rachnus and his brother Alpharius plan the assault on a renegade human world suspected of sorcery. Rachnus recalls the death of his adoptive father Maloris, and he along with the Silencers (The Legion's Nulls) prepare to make planetfall.RACHNUS, RAGEOUS, LOST, PRIMARCH, ANGRY, SPIDERS, MALORIS, FUCK, ALPHA LEGION2010-03-29 10 
8845653Ace Attorney Investigations: 40k, Part 2What started off as a clean cut investigation into the murder of Inquisitor Tyrell Badd descends into confusion and tentacle rape.40k, Inquisitors, Ace Attorney, confusion2010-03-29 -2 
8866464LOST PRIMARCH QUEST PART 4Rachnus Rageous and his Silencers land on the warp-infested planet, and make their way to the capital city's heart, only to find... Daemons.RACHNUS, RAGEOUS, LOST, PRIMARCH, ANGRY, SPIDERS, MALORIS, FUCK, EMPRAH, TZEENTCH, OMEGON, ALPHARIUS, ALPHA LEGION2010-03-30 10 
8874104Not-so-Bitter BetrothalL5R Storytime about a Mantis Bushi and his drinking, swearing & fighting black sheep of a Crane bride.L5R, marriage, Crane, Mantis, Bushi, Storytime2010-03-30 25 
8881939Gundam40kA "really stupid" idea turns out to be awesome in retrospect.Dark Herisy, Adeptus Evangelion, Epic, Setting2010-03-31 2 
8879803LOST PRIMARCH QUEST PART 5Rachnus and Alpharius conquer the chaos-ridden planet, and the Emprah calls for a family reunion!RACHNUS, RAGEOUS, LOST, PRIMARCH, ANGRY, SPIDERS, MALORIS, FUCK, SMURFS, ALPHARIUS, TIALOC, SKY SERPENTS2010-03-31 7 
8884768Ace Attorney Investigations: 40k, Part 3The plot continues as our Investigators continue in their quest to root out heresy.40k, Inquisitors, Ace Attorney2010-03-31 -2 
8892669Foundation and CthulhuOP decides to do Call of Cthulhu in space, mixing HP Lovecraft with Isaac Asimov. The result involves rockets crashing into Great Old Ones, robot cultists plotting to enslave humanity and posthumans turning into Yog-Sothoth.Isaac Asimov, Lovecraft, Roleplaying, rpg, Settings, Call of Cthulhu, Azathoth, Robots2010-03-31 6 
April 2010
8904549LOST PRIMARCH QUEST PART 6Isstvan V, the glassing of Rachnus' homeworld, and the capture of Tialoc.RACHNUS, RAGEOUS, LOST, PRIMARCH, ANGRY, SPIDERS, MALORIS, FUCK, ISSTVAN V, SKY SERPENTS, TIALOC, ALPHARIUS, HORUS HERESY2010-04-01 5 
8904421Ace Attorney Investigations: 40k, Part 4Shocking relevations, hand puns, and confusion reign.40k, Ace Attorney, Inquisitors2010-04-01 0 
8923896Ace Attorney Investigations: 40k, Part 5The Acolytes confront Shih-na with the evidence acquired. And stuff it up in epic fashion.40k, Ace Attorney, Inquisitors2010-04-02 -4 
8963143LOST PRIMARCH QUEST PART 9Generic puttering around in the aftermath of the heresy - Also, NECRONS!RACHNUS, RAGEOUS, LOST, PRIMARCH, ANGRY, SPIDERS, MALORIS, FUCK, SMURFS, ALPHARIUS, TIALOC, SKY SERPENTS2010-04-04 5 
8960929Ace Attorney Investigations: 40k, Part FinThe Acolytes get to the root of the cult. Flaming drop pods and warp shenanigans within!40k, Ace Attorney, Inquisitors, PERILS2010-04-04 -2 
8971202Inquisitor BatmanBatman as an Inquisitor? It works better than you'd think. Includes 40k translations for much of the Rogues Gallery.Batman, Inquisitor, Dark Heresy, 40k2010-04-04 6 
8976038Nazis in Fantasyland Part DeuxExcellent writing, the idea gets fleshed out a bit. Political situation is developed, and a dragon gets pwnt by artillery. Nazis, Fantasy2010-04-05 15 
9039418Deathworld pt3Metathread becomes a continuation of weeks-old worldbuilding.Alternate History, Commubama, Worldbuilding 2010-04-07 4 
9044287Deathworld pt4Even moar worldbuilding involving Nazis, Soviets, and Constitutionalists. Japan is finally hammered out and China is touched upon.Alternate History, Commubama, Worldbuilding 2010-04-08 2 
9071581Costco survival4Chan island converted into Costco, where /tg/ tries to surviveWalmart, homebrew, discussion, 2010-04-09 -3 
9079169Discworld with GURPS/tg/ teaches a troll about the beauty of Discworld and GURPSfemanon GURPS discworld troll mary sue2010-04-09 -3 
9113931A cult you will likeA GM comes to /tg/ asking for a cult leader. /tg/ promply gives him the Badass Normal cultleader he needs.40k, Dark Herisy, RPG, DH, 2010-04-11 2 
9166357Realistic ballistic combat rules/tg/ discusses and shares ideas on more realistic combat, mostly ballistic, for modern type settingsrules, realistic combat, modern, ballistic2010-04-13 2 
9161878Spiders and snakes and cassowarys, oh myWhat starts as an initiative roll against giant spiders turns into a huge discussion about the dangerous little things of the world.Discussion2010-04-14 0 
9211961For the Glory of Rome!/tg/ puts on its history hat, and begins speculating on various What-Ifs regarding Rome, from the battle of Crecy to possible engagements with the Han Dynasty of China. Rational and decent debate ensues, minds are blown, and once again we prove that /tg/ is only civil and reasonable when completely off board-topic.Rome, History, War, Speculation, Awesome, Titus Pullo2010-04-16 6 
9251334Commissar RangersA thread about what would happen if Horus came back to fight Terra turns into a discussion about the Chaos-Stomping Commissar Rangers and their fights with Chaos.Commissar, Power Rangers, Horus Heresy, What if,2010-04-17 18 
9255563Cultist QuestA cultist is you. How do you serve the dark gods?cultist, quest, warhammer, 40k2010-04-17 12 
9282640Cultist QuestOur dear cultist gets a wire from chaos space marines itching to teleport to the planet. Tasked with turning on the teleporter, he stumbles upon two guardsmen and mindfucks them completely. Woot! "Cultist, Quest, Warhammer, 40k"2010-04-19 10 
9284122Krieg Writefaggotry the fourthThe Kriegottry returns, with more vignettes about 68c and her companion from the commissariat. Krieg, Writefaggotry, DKOK, humor, commissar, maid2010-04-19 20 
9298656RPG SystemsVarious suggestions are made for generic RPG systems.RPG system hero tristat fantasycraft2010-04-20 0 
9329948Village drawing RPG 3Continuation from previous threads, we start with another refugee from the fishing village. A new fishing village springs up, and for the first time /tg/ supports neither gods nor demons.Village, awesome, athiest, fish, trade2010-04-21 28 
9345384Cultist Quest 3Our hero dicks around and attempts to save a pair of cultist t- woman... a lady cultist, and kinda fails but defeats a bunch of guardsman.Cultist, Quest, Warhammer, 40k2010-04-22 10 
9331425Science: the HypothesisHot new TCG! exellent theory thread about a game that does not exist but should, templates for the cards, beseechment to GET SHIT DONE. do it /tg/.Science: the Hypothesis, get shit done, TCG 2010-04-22 2 
9368957Isolated WorldsMany ideas for new worlds with isolated communities and dangerous travel.World Building, Namefag, Collaboration, Isolated, Self-sufficient, 2010-04-23 2 
9374590CHUDFIGHTWasteland Warrior proposes the ultimate in gladiatorial thrills, fights between trailer trash and tries to form a league using inquisitor rules.Wasteland Warrior, Chuds, Inquisitor2010-04-23 7 
May 2010
9639118Bucket WorldA new setting with dozens of isolated communities that have adapted to their hostile environments. Travel is difficult, and the world is harsh.setting, namefag, world building, world, settings, bucket, isolated2010-05-06 2 
9662846Sleep Is DeathSleep is Death, a story telling gameSleepIsDeath, Sleep Is Death, v14c, Geisterfahrer, Jason, Rohrer2010-05-07 -2 
9692576Frost Giantess Quest 49Frost, Giantess, Frost Giantess, Collective Game, QuestWe're resistant to the forest Shoggoth's madness-inducing fog, but not immune. Fortunately, the Shoggoth isn't at all resistant to thermite, and runs away with it's tail between it's legs. 2010-05-09 14 
9699617/tg/ teaches /a/ about Diplomacy(vucub caquix) ლ(╹◡╹ლ) asks /tg/ for help with a game of Diplomacy for a leadership course and /tg/ teaches him the real meaning of the game: rampant paranoiaDiplomacy, /tg/ is God Tier, meatspace, meatspace2010-05-09 12 
9740414Feminist diplomancer gets shut the fuck downIn which a man-hating mass-murderer-to-be receives her comeuppance.D&D, 4e, diplomancer, feminists2010-05-11 226 
9824964Death Star RemembranceWhere were you when the rebel scum murdered a million of our loyal comrades in what was certainly the greatest Imperial Tragedy of our generation?Star Wars, LOL, What /tg/ is here for, writefaggotry2010-05-15 15 
9845296Endless Isles thread 2Brainstorming and writefagging continues for the world of deathless piratesworld building, Eternal Isles, development, pirates2010-05-16 0 
9895404ITT: Stupid ideas you've heard from your PCsRetarded PCs, New player experiences and pony farmsdiscussion2010-05-18 3 
9903789Worst catastrophies/body count inflicted by PCsAnon shares their tales of the worst genocides and destructive catastrophes ever wrought by their player characters.epic, stories, rpg, roleplaying, awesome, Writefaggotry, disaster, atrocity, tpk2010-05-19 7 
9921994Nazis vs. DrowHitler opens a portal to the Underdark, trains wizard corps, and prepares to show the Drow what real racism is.Hitler, Drow, Underdark, Nazis2010-05-20 5 
9943059Endless Isles 4Endless Isles continues off at a rocky start, but we recoverEndless Isles setting writefag2010-05-21 0 
9964602Several words about WoD..."/tg/, I'm interested in getting into World of Darkness, but I hear a lot about nWoD and oWoD. Is either of the versions better than the other? What's the difference in a few words?" The fa/tg/uys have more than just a -few- words...owod, nwod, debate, discussion2010-05-22 0 
10048720Manfred & UmbubuA CoC character is a novelist, and story ideas are solicited. Hunter Manfred Slapworthy and his faithful companion Umbubu are the result. Call of Cthulhu, writefaggotry, racist2010-05-25 7 
10051759Endless Isles 5The fifth thread. We need to get down to business, but, hell, we're all on /tg/ to procrastinate anyway.Endless Isles, setting, writefag2010-05-26 0 
10075911Dark Heresy Player IssueA GM tells of one of his characters making a terribly obvious Mary Sue and asks for advise for what to do about him.Dark Heresy, GM Advise2010-05-27 3 
10098159Realistic Spaceship ConstraintsWhat do you need to pay attention to when making a hard-physics spaceship? How do you dump heat? Is there really no stealth in space?space, spaceships, discussion2010-05-28 3 
10182111Sweeney the Wizard. His penis is bears.His penis is bears. He needs no description.Penis, Bears, Create a race, create a character2010-05-31 30 
June 2010
10213521The Tales of Dissembling RupertThe stories of Rupert, a man with simple goals, but expert cunning. The setting is a Rogue Trader ship.The Tales of Dissembling Rupert2010-06-02 0 
10250550Disney Buys GW.Thread starts as trolling, turns to awesome as /tg/ realizes just how well disney and 40k fit together.Disney, Warhammer 40k2010-06-03 6 
10401727Star Trek Space Marine What happens when a Space Marine becomes first officer aboard the USS Enterprise from TNG Hilarity ensuesStar Trek, Space Marine, Bolter, Pauldrons, Hilarity Ensues, Picard, Worf, Riker, Penis Diplomacy2010-06-10 20 
10590303Paladins of BDSMDespite the name, this was the result of a challenge to create a Lawful Good Deity of BDSM. And surprisingly, some good discussion and plot ideas were had. Paladins, Xiombarg, Loviatar, gods, fluff, discussion2010-06-19 16 
10663689Alt1977 WritefaggotryAlternate history writefaggotry in which supercomputers in the 70's change the course of history.Alt1977, Alternate History, Writefaggotry2010-06-22 5 
10715809Planes and Mercs XXVIIOP returns with a new mission briefing. Things appear to be a bit different this time around.Planes and Mercs, planefaggotry, planes, jets, new mission, different, Baron, Steve, op again2010-06-24 11 
July 2010
11143565Zerg QuestCerebrate Anon begins the "What the fuck" brood. Hilarity ensues. Also, rape.Cerebrate Anon, rapelings, dicklings, cocklisks, ernie, bernie2010-07-15 39 
11192160Things we are not allowed to doA long, hilarious list of things we, as players, are not allowed to do any more. Shenanigans occur.Funny, list, accident, incident2010-07-18 11 
August 2010
11574230What's Buried BelowA post-apocalyptic setting is created from the safety warnings surrounding real life nuclear waste dumps. Atomic priesthoods and underground horrors ensue.homebrew, discussion, setting2010-08-10 10 
11577265: Times when the PCs did something more awesome than you planned./tg/ shares a lot of epic stories about the games we play and some of those players with a dash of awesomeStories, long, epic, awesome, brofist2010-08-10 11 
11633488Worst DMsThread starts strong, then begins to stall. Then anon tells about his former flaming failure of a GM.Gming, worst, puns, more puns, discussion2010-08-12 18 
11751007Return of Krieg WritefaggotryVarious Krieg writefags work together to bring happiness to all. The piano playing krieger, repairing the vitae womb and more of the commissar and his maidKrieg, commissar, maid, writefags2010-08-21 17 
11771409Return of Krieg Writefaggotry part deuceEchoGarotte continues the epic workswritefags, krieg, terranis2010-08-22 11 
11829901Return of Krieg Writefaggotry part fourNow with drawfriends!writefags, krieg, terranis2010-08-27 11 
September 2010
11918758Krieg Writefaggotry, part 5 The Krieg saga of the followers of Terranis continued.writefags, krieg, terranis2010-09-05 6 
11984704Disney's 'The Little Heretic'Commissar Sebastian sings about The Little HereticMermaid, Disney, Warhammer 40K, 40K, Chaos, musical, lulz2010-09-07 32 
12188273Zerg Quest XIIICerebrate Anon is really late, because Google Maps hates him. The Brood starts colonizing, eavesdrops on some Protoss, and gets the whole Swarm ready for an apocalyptic battle at Aiur. Artisanlord starts writing an anti-war play.Zerg Quest, Starcraft, Cerebrate Anon, Voyeurism, Sexy Brain Tentacles2010-09-23 13 
12233118Dragon Quest IIIYoung red dragon out to explore the world, gain a hoard, power, and all that. Now with Kobold Manservant and Succubus/Erinyes Consort! [We're still a bit unsure on that.] Finish robbing a Wizard's tower, get laid with aforementioned hell-chick, and get a job that may or may not have a nod to Cthulhu Mythos. fantasy, D&D, dragons, dragon, dragon quest, adventure, RPG, dungeons, wizard, heist, job,2010-09-27 30 
October 2010
12300799Sororitas QuestYou are a Sister of Battle. You are in training. This is your final test...Sisters of Battle, Sororitas, Quest, Collective Game, 2010-10-03 26 
12307838Sororitas Quest IIYou have completed your final task but at a terrible price. What does the future hold? Only one thing is certain. The body count has only just gotten started.Sisters of Battle, Sororitas, Quest, Collective Game, 2010-10-03 18 
12319589Sororitas Quest IIIShit gets real when the terror moves from the planet to your ship. Will /tg/ be able to beat the baddies and save their waifu?Sisters of Battle, Sororitas, Quest, Collective Game, 2010-10-04 15 
12325360Gladiator QuestIn tribute to the new Dark Eldar Codex, a quest thread is made detailing the circumstances of a human slave captured by Dark Eldar.Dark, Eldar, Quest, Role Play, Discworld, Slave, Gladiator 2010-10-05 0 
12329208Sororitas Quest IVThe clash of giants. /tg/ fights a champion of chaos... shit gets fucking awesomeSisters of Battle, Sororitas, Quest, Collective Game, Awesome2010-10-05 18 
12373636Making a GURPS character/tg/ creates an Indian cyborg politician in a dystopian Science fiction/transhumanist universe.Indian, transhuman, transhumanism, cyborg, mooks, politics, GURPS, dice2010-10-08 3 
12403737Sororitas Quest 2: The Oncoming Storm IIWith a bound daemon, /tg/ goes planetside to fight against Daemons in a hive world alongside the sisters of battle.Sororitas Quest, collective game, quest, Sisters of Battle2010-10-11 14 
12418678Sororitas Quest 2: The Oncoming Storm IIIWith Esme back, you can witness first hand her power and grace. But now the sisters know about your daemonette waifu, Filigree, and even more trouble is blooming on the horizon.Sororitas Quest, collective game, quest, Sisters of Battle2010-10-13 14 
12435523Truth about historical equipment./tg/ has a discussion on the myths and misconceptions surrounding archaic gear. Oddly polite.Equipment, Gear, History2010-10-14 12 
12447189Starship Troopers DiscussionVarious fa/tg/uys sit around the proverbial water cooler and discuss the strengths and merits of the Starship Troopers political system.discussion, Starship Troopers, politics, Fascism2010-10-15 9 
12441476Sororitas Quest 2: The Oncoming Storm IV/tg/ meets a pair of Ebon Chalice twins. Two canonesses argue over who has the better weapon. Shits and giggles ensue before everything goes to hell.Sororitas Quest, collective game, quest, Sisters of Battle2010-10-15 15 
12456333Civilized weapon discussion?!? on my /tg/!?Even the troll is civilized and polite once called out. At any rate, historyfags go!epee, foil, sabre, weapons, discussion, medieal weapons2010-10-16 3 
12459131Cyber Dungeon QuestAfter nearly five hundred years of dormancy, an autonomous machine awakes on a crippled space station, desperately seeking answers.Cyber, Punk, Dungeon, Quest, role, interactive, robots, ghosts, disaster2010-10-16 3 
12507912Design Your Own Zombie ApocalypseA discussion on various zombie types, traits, abilities and plausibilities. Everything from SCIENCE!!! to "I don't gotta explain shit"Zombie, discussion, fluff, zombie apocalypse, apocalypse2010-10-20 0 
12506810Sororitas Quest 2: The Oncoming Storm VShit starts getting epic again when /tg/ encounters an Eldar Craftworld. Sensing the shitstorm, they offer their help. The Exalted Martyr is nowhere in sight.Sororitas Quest, collective game, quest, Sisters of Battle2010-10-21 13 
12516400Discussion of AngelsA "stat me" post winds up with an in-depth discussion of how biblical angels are eldritch-horror materialDiscussion, Angels, 2010-10-21 10 
12526343Bretonnia Discussion/tg/ discusses The Kingdom of BretonniaBretonnia, knights, warhammer, fantasy, WFB, discussion, knight2010-10-23 2 
12545575Sororitas Quest 2: The Oncoming Storm VIWARP PORTALS!!! EVERYWHERE!!! THOUSANDS OF THEM!!!! Ophelia VII is under attack and its up to badass Inquisitor Delessa to save it! A farseer and a living saint join the party. Filigree does more cute stuff.Sororitas Quest, collective game, quest, Sisters of Battle2010-10-24 15 
12561850Symbol LichesWhat starts out as an idea for more abstract phylacteries turns into a group of lichs who created written language, paladins who speak in 1337, and cultists with added alliterative appeal.Lich, letters, symbols, unknown armies, dnd, language, 1337, cultists2010-10-25 13 
12570119Realistic space gameSome discussion and ideas being tossed around for a game set in space 20 minutes into the futureRealistic, Space, 20 minutes into the future, OC, Planetes2010-10-26 2 
12591492Shi/tg/ets done SaturdayWhats starts as reminiscense of old /tg/ projects that were never finished ends with the resolve to start a weekly thread to actually get shit done on these old projectsshit gets done, /tg/, discussion, homebrew, rules, crunch2010-10-28 3 
12601958Sororitas Quest 2: The Oncoming Storm VIIThe attack has finally begun on Ophelia VII. /tg/ declares their loev for their pet daemonette who just somehow KEEPS GETTING FUCKING CUTER!!!Sororitas Quest, collective game, quest, Sisters of Battle, cute2010-10-30 15 
12627692Skirmish QuestA rather small group of clones is dropped off at an unknown location. Starts off with shitty quips and overall camaraderie, turns into tactical squad-based RPG of some sort.skirmish quest, collective game, multiplayer, tripfaggotry2010-10-31 18 
November 2010
12642940Skirmish QuestA game pitting a squad of clones against terrorists, xenos, and a wealth of other foes.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-fi2010-11-01 12 
12683190Skirmish Quest Part-2The Clones face off against waves of disgusting and merciless xenoforms.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-fi2010-11-05 11 
12689140Skirmish Quest Part-2.2The Clones continue the fight against the foul Xenoforms, hoping to clear Aggoria of their filth.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-fi2010-11-05 8 
12696704Skirmish Quest Part 4Will our soldiers cleanse Aggoria once and for all?Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-Fi2010-11-06 8 
12664949ororitas Quest 2: The Oncoming Storm VIII/tg/ almost fucks up bad, one of the twins is mortally wounded and Filigree is given a new pleasure appendage... WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!Sororitas Quest, collective game, quest, Sisters of Battle2010-11-07 12 
12715002Airship discussionThe elegant gentlemen of /tg/ discuss the feasibility of airships in modern times.zeppelins, airships, discussion2010-11-08 1 
12716245Skirmish Quest Part 5Episode 5: -High Command-Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-Fi2010-11-08 5 
12732988The Salt TycoonsA party takes a break from adventuring to set up a profitable salt mining venture, which gradually becomes more and more hazardous.Pathfinder, roleplay, salt, capitalism2010-11-10 137 
12739103Tesla steals you from the futureTesla steals you out of the present-day and into 1895. What do you bring? /tg/ debates what to bring, whether to stop WWI, and the finer points of literary context. A strange read.time travel, history, literature, current wars, TESLA2010-11-10 1 
12716581Paladin wat do?Thread starts with a Paladin fucking a god he DIDN'T worship. /tg/ thinks about the ramifications. It is decided that Eilistraee was one of the better gods for a horizontal tango. Then FR gods turn out to be playing some sort of reverse fantasy football with their followers. Eilistraee, gods, Forgotten Realms, Fantasy Football2010-11-10 13 
12743039Skirmish Quest Part 6Episode 6: Zerospace to MoveSkirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-Fi2010-11-10 5 
12719005Sororitas Quest 2: The Oncoming Storm IX/tg/ gets their eldar units and prepares for the upcoming battle. Several key story-related posts, adorable Filigree antics, and Canoness arguing were deleted due to mod faggotry.Sororitas Quest, collective game, quest, Sisters of Battle2010-11-10 12 
12768411Sororitas Quest 2: The Oncoming Storm X/tg/ wins the day through the aplication of more heresy, though unconciousness and an angry caononness are the result.Sororitas Quest, collective game, quest, Sisters of Battle2010-11-13 12 
12785312Jester ThreadA discussion of Jesters are archetypes, player character, historical figures, and also as a reoccurring figure in media. Filled with historical anecdotes and tons of Harley Quin pictures.D&D, 3.5, jester, fool, harlequin, Harley Quin, fluff, story, funny, roleplay, character, discussion, character, history, anecdote2010-11-15 7 
12808314Pre-Gunpowder Military Thread/tg/ talks about military tactics and strategy before guns show up. Useful information for worldbuilding.History, Rome2010-11-16 5 
12815395Sororitas Quest 2: The Oncoming Storm XII/tg/ gets attacked by corrupt sisters. Filigree turns into Bruce Campbell. Also, warp tornadoes.Sororitas Quest, collective game, quest, Sisters of Battle2010-11-17 12 
12832694Historical CampaignHistoric settings you consider essential to the progress of mankind as a species, from apes banging rocks to the World Warsworldbuilding, historical2010-11-18 0 
12834871Zerg Quest XX20 threads of mutation! The Brood decides to rush the DNA scanners, and all hell breaks loose. As usual. TUCAMP announces Terran Quest. Another planet is glassed. We go through so many!Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Collective Game, KINGSTOOOON!!!, Planet Glassing, Down with the Bourgouis Confederacy!2010-11-18 13 
12799478ShadowrunShadowrun fans swap epic campaign stories, character building tips, opinions on game mechanics and fanart.Shadowrun, discussion, adventure, character2010-11-19 0 
12842656Sororitas Quest 2: The Oncoming Storm XI/tg/ epic fails their exorcism roll and wonder where the Inquisitor Lord ran off too. Squad morale restored and OP draws more stuff.Sororitas Quest, collective game, quest, Sisters of Battle2010-11-19 12 
12874636Skirmish Quest Part 7Episode 7: Armor at Blacksad. Clones duke it out in our first mainly-armored engagement.Skirmish Quest, Collective Thread, Sci-Fi2010-11-21 5 
12885838Skirmish Quest Part 7.5Episode 7 Part 2: Armor at Blacksad. The battle continues, as Brave attempts to board a giant death tank.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-Fi2010-11-22 5 
12859843Catfight: Tactics 2Testing happens, discussion happens, giant sweeping changes happen, people making driveby comments solve problems that the OP spent days staring at, etc.catfightgame, catfight: tactics, wargame, skirmish, homebrew, hexes2010-11-22 1 
12910261Skirmish Quest Part 8Episode 8: Capture the Flag. Fierstrom suggests Bravo has a live "simulation" of capture the flag. Two clone squads compete for the flag - R00's panties.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-Fi2010-11-24 5 
12911833I AM VIKTOR REZNOV AND I WILL HAVE MY REVENGEOP asks for pics of space russians. Showing /tg/s natural ADD we quickly switch topics to Reznov worship. From there the thread derails into political debate. BUT LO WHAT IS THIS? The debate ends, and the parties agree to disagree.discussion, russia, communism, Reznov, Viktor, Call of duy, war, debate2010-11-24 3 
12922182Return of Krieg Writefaggotry part 6Reincarnation of the 6th part of the followers of Terranis.writefags, Writefaggotry, krieg, terranis, Inquisitor, 40k2010-11-25 6 
12922254Skirmish Quest Debriefing: AzimuthDebriefing before the Naval/Ground battle on Azimuth, a high gravity moon of Blacksad.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-fi2010-11-25 3 
12923668Skirmish Quest Part 9Naval/Ground battle over and on the moon of Azimuth, as the clones battle the Makarians once more.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-Fi2010-11-25 6 
1293111540k redonewith Mary Poppins as an Inquisitor and Willy Wonka as a commissar, 40k somehow gets more horrifying.mary poppins, 40k, inquisitor, commissar, willy wonka2010-11-26 -11 
12954519Skirmish Quest GeneralWe get updates on stats and some pretty new pictures.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-Fi2010-11-28 3 
12958796Skirmish Quest Part 10Chapter 9: Homefront. Bravo receives a distress signal and goes on a rescue/containment mission at the city of Hearth on the Colony of Homefront.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-Fi2010-11-29 7 
12921808Sororitas Quest 2: The Oncoming Storm XIIIAfter some exposition and waifu hoarding, the shit hits the fan... in the worst way... Filigree looses her disguise and Delessa fights Miriael.Sororitas Quest, collective game, quest, Sisters of Battle2010-11-30 12 
12975793Complaints about Adeptus EvangelionCharacter death in AdEva is too much to handle.adeptus evangelion, adeva, discussion2010-11-30 2 
12975246Skirmish Quest General 2We get some fluff on the background and players get to write stories.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-Fi2010-11-30 3 
12982703Another IF's Painting tips tutorial - distressed surfaceHey folks, today's painting tip is a trick for how to create a "flaking paint" or "distressed surface" effect on a mini. Uses for it include vehicles (making a vehicle look "battle" or "weather" worn), power armor (making it look properly old and used, industrial areas (showing wear and tear of people doing things) and for wrecks to make them look even more wrecked. painting, minis, tutorial, thin your paints, hairspray2010-11-30 1 
December 2010
12990190Shit, let's be an Inquisitor/tg/ becomes Delessa Kravos, an ascended psyker with a love of good cigars, booze, and better women, and outfits a group of acolytes for investigation.Inquisition, Dark Heresy, Group, 2010-12-01 1 
12975487Sororitas Quest 2: The Oncoming Storm XIVWith Esme's return, Miriael is sent packing via vortex grenade. Lucky rolls ensure the waifus survive, except for Anna who is a vegetable. Filigree's powers are unlocked and /tg/ sets out to find survivors with the twins.Sororitas Quest, collective game, quest, Sisters of Battle2010-12-02 12 
13009863Skirmish Quest Part 11Bravo moves to the offensive at Homestead, finding themselves deployed underground to attack a newly forming bug hive.Skirmish Quest, Collective Thread, Sci-Fi2010-12-03 5 
13029158Skirmish Quest General Thread 3Lots more rules fleshed out this time around, along with an establishment of a command structure. Usual fluffing as well.Skirmish Quest, Collective Quest, writefaggotry, Sci-Fi2010-12-05 2 
13042506Skirmish Quest Part 11.2Second Phase of the Homestead Offensive. Bravo rides an underground train.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-Fi2010-12-06 3 
13056440Skrimish Quest General Thread 4Squad formations, roleplaying, and some decent draw-fagging.Skirmish Quest, Collective Quest, writefaggotry, Sci-Fi2010-12-07 3 
13069575Skirmish Quest 11.3: The HiveBravo Force penetrates the Hive, unfortunately their nuke is set to detonate a little earlier than planned.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-Fi2010-12-08 10 
13077379Sentient OozeDiscussion about playing a sentient ooze character ends with exceptional and equally horrifying writefaggotry. writefag, slime, ooze, twist, sentient, oozemaster2010-12-08 15 
13026858Sororitas Quest 2: The Oncoming Storm XVDelessa collects several more waifus and... OH SHIT! ADAMANTINE SPACE BEARS!Sororitas Quest, collective game, quest, Sisters of Battle2010-12-10 13 
13095516Skirmish Quest 11.4/General Thread: Extracting BravoGeneral thread, players end up rping Bravo as the Major digs them out of an irradiated hole.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-Fi2010-12-10 3 
13119166Skirmish Quest General 6 (5 is tunnel extraction)A couple of elaboration or writefagging about the ZeroSpace/SkirmishQuest setting by players and Oribitalskirmish quest, quest, collective game, sci-fi, clone2010-12-12 3 
13147755The Emperor's Day MartyrThe Big E is at it again when he spies the heroic sacrifice of a young Battle Sister.Emperor's Day, Sisters of Battle, Writefaggotry2010-12-14 7 
13107162Sororitas Quest 2: The Oncoming Storm XVIAs a new chaos god is about to be born, esme leads the sisters to death or glory. We get left behind to rally the troops. Chapter 2 ends.Sororitas Quest, collective game, quest, Sisters of Battle2010-12-14 12 
13153384Shy GuardsmanThe story of Klightus Sister Bethany.Klightus Sister Bethany Shy Guardsman2010-12-15 39 
13158049Avoid the NoidDwarven alcoholism saves the day, and /tg/ discusses how best to use addictive alcohol to conquer dwarfkind.Storytime, Cerebrate Anon, Bottomless Flagon, The Noid, Eberron, Alcoholism, Dwarves, Dorfs2010-12-15 21 
13193477Sororitas Quest 3: The Soulless TaintShit gets real. /tg/ takes control of Esme again and must face the storm. The wrath of a newly-awakened chaos god.Sororitas Quest, collective game, quest, Sisters of Battle2010-12-18 12 
13196209Skirmish Quest 12: King of the HillBravo plays a virtual reality simulation of King of the Hill and discovers that some members have mutated powers.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-Fi2010-12-18 5 
13207075Skirmish General/RP Thread 7Bravo gets some new recruits. And one of them is blue!Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-Fi2010-12-19 3 
13211777Skirmish QuestBravo takes a mission from the Overseer and proceeds to blow everything up.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-Fi2010-12-19 3 
13213415Officio Assassinorum: The GameWhat started as a request for scans ended up becoming the brainchild of /tg/, a video game fashioned after the Officio Assassinorum and their assassins.Disscussion, video game, 40k, Assassin, Eversor2010-12-19 8 
13218826Skirmish Quest General 8Turns out that even IF Bravo has no concept of subtly, they can still pull of a Black Ops mission without pissing off High Command. Also the usual fluffin' and storytime.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-Fi2010-12-20 3 
13243356Skirmish Quest General Thread 8.2More talking, RPing. Not much fluffing, but much more storytime.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-Fi2010-12-22 3 
13254106/tg/ islandThe world gets wiped clean and split into seperate islands, each populated solely by people who have visited 4chan in the past 24 hours. You go to the island belonging to the board you visit most frequently.island, new world, /tg/ island2010-12-23 1 
13259637Alternate History Quotes/tg/ ponders what various historic quotes would be like in Alternate history timelines.alternate history, quotes, histrorical2010-12-23 5 
13299607Sororitas Quest 3: The Soulless Taint IIAfter fighting off hordes of daemons, /tg/ guides The Exalted Marytr into the storm.Sororitas Quest, collective game, quest, Sisters of Battle2010-12-27 11 
13331994Shy Guardsman IIContinuation of the story of of Klightus and Sister BethanyKlightus Sister Bethany Shy Guardsman2010-12-30 29 
13333185/tg/ island: we get shit done editionwe get shit done in describing what we would do in the classic "4chan archipelago" situation. We work out damn near everything to near-plausabilityisland thread, archipelago, survival, discussion, collective effort2010-12-30 3 
January 2011
13363712Skirmish Quest 14: Garukan DangerousIn which the clones of Bravo launch an attack on superior forces to obtain a very important VIP. ALSO CYBER SPACE CHIMERA SQUID?Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-Fi2011-01-02 3 
13369842Ops and Tactics Alpha Build .1Sweet Soul Bro presents a modern tactical simulation game he's been working on for a year and a half. Discussion ensueshomebrew, development, criticism, modern, Ops and Tactics2011-01-02 0 
13378007Apocalypse BrainstormingComing up with some creative new ways for society to be destroyed.apocalypse, apocalyptic, discussion, brainstorming2011-01-03 0 
13380336Awesome Parents60 year old dad sits in on a D&D game...and turns out to be an awesome player. Mom buys an Ork army and plays WH40K with her son. Beautiful things.gaming is good, awesome folks, manly tears2011-01-03 16 
13377799Skirmish Quest Gen Thread 9We get new classes, and promises of upgrades for Bravo. Also a review of the near-failed mission.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-Fi2011-01-03 3 
13392515SRA DiscussionOP's complaint against the Supernatural Registration Authority triggers a discussion that draws in /tg/'s large supernatural population.SRA, RP, roleplay, Supernatural Registration Authority2011-01-04 1 
13393514Social Failure."Professor asks in class what the council of Nicea was." "Its when the Emperor forbade the use of Psykers." "What?"Fail, funny, humor, derp, natural 1, Omnissiah, STORYTIEM, stories, story, RPG, Real Life, IRL, AFK, Traditional Games, Nat 202011-01-04 38 
13404195Any sword material you want (part 2?)Metallurgist grognards discuss possible materials to make swords out of and the reasons for doing so, among other things. Continuation of another thread.swords, metallugy, technology, weapons, discussion2011-01-05 1 
13404436Skirmish Quest 15: Tsiang Tibler ShipyardsBravo goes to the shipyards as promised and finds pirates ransacking the place. Pirates vs. Spec. Classes + Spec. Class droids = annihilation.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-Fi2011-01-05 3 
13409823Skirmish Quest 15 Debrief Debrief. Planning and more RP. Also a little tactical talking.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-Fi2011-01-06 3 
13425174Requiem the Chevalier VampireA poster decides that Requiem, a story about Nazi Vampires in hell, is a great setting to be statted, and posts the first and second volumes for everyone to read. Requiem, GRIMDARK, Vampires, Nazis2011-01-07 6 
13444943Shy Guardsman IIIThe story of Klightus and Bethany continues to continueShy Guardsman, Klightus, Bethany, Amaia, Guardsman, Sisters of Battle2011-01-09 27 
13406132/tg/ fluff personal adsjust awesome. features various /tg/ type personalities wanting to get a little some./tg/, fluff, wut do?ish?2011-01-09 3 
13458341Dies the Fire: Sans Fail/tg/ takes S.M. Sterling's incredibly homosexual wiccan masturbatory fantasy series, and transforms it into a vibrant struggle between the post-apocalyptic remnants of North America. Who will endure? The Catholic New Roman Empire of California, the Communist States of New England, or the caliginous Yoeman tribes of the great plains? Only one thing is certain: Sterling is an ass grabbing moron.Dies the Fire, World Building, Rome Has Conquered, Communism, Post Apocalyptic2011-01-10 7 
13465334SRA Discussion 2A human challenges the supernatural population of /tg/, claiming that they're lucky for the SRA's protection.SRA, RP, roleplay, Supernatural Registration Authority, Supernatural2011-01-10 0 
13475182Catfight: Tactics: Let's say 6A ton of fluff happens more quickly than fluff has ever happened before.skirmish, wargame, catfight, catfightgame, Catfight: Tactics2011-01-11 0 
13476786SRA Discussion 3A thread about the Supernatural Registration Authority's apathy towards human on supernatural violence becomes war stories and sex with supersSRA, roleplay, Supernatural Registration Authority, supernatural2011-01-11 0 
13476313Skirmish Quest 16: Kruss NightmareTest Game for new faction - The Kruss face off against hordes of bugs on their barren home. FOR THE MOTHERLAND! FOR THE KRUSS!Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-01-11 5 
13489227Skirmish Quest 16.5: Victory on KrussConclusion of Kruss Test Battle. Glorious children of Kruss triumph over xenos. Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-01-12 3 
13501326Skirmish Quest Gen Thread 10Short Stories and World Building, with Concept art for the new faction.Skirmish Quest2011-01-13 3 
13515385Skirmish Quest 17: AmenA gamble to end the xenoform threat. Bravo digs in at the station and attempts to buy time for the hybrid child.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-01-14 5 
13451947Sororitas Quest 3: The Soulless Taint IIIFighting chaosSororitas Quest, collective game, quest, Sisters of Battle2011-01-15 12 
13539370/tg/ adult dating adds98/F/Underdark Looking for male slave willing to submit to my every whim and call. Have cloak, will travel.adds, d&d, what is this I don't even2011-01-16 2 
13541792Shy Guardsman IVThe final part of Klightus' and Bethany's story.Shy Guardsman, Klightus, Bethany, Amaia, Wiprecht, Guardsman, Sisters of Battle2011-01-16 29 
13534437Skirmish Quest Gen Thread 11Upgrades and Promotions are passed out. New Specializations are revealed! Oh and the usual RP/WritefaggotrySkirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-01-17 3 
13574247Skirmish Quest 18: Moon Baby SimAfter surviving their last stand, Bravo unwinds with a little simulator mission. Copious amounts of explosives, fire, and giant robots follow.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-01-19 6 
1360334840k Mass Effect Styled GameA what if discussion, if Bioware made a 40k game similar to Mass Effect mass effect, 40k, inquisitor, video game, bioware2011-01-21 6 
13605424Skirmish Quest 19: 33 Days LaterObligatory Beach Episode. After establishing peace with Domino/Abaddon's Xenofleet, Bravo is given a month's leave on a pleasure planet. But not all is fun in the sun...Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-01-22 3 
13623078Sororitas Quest 3: The Soulless Taint IVWith the first visible blow to the realm struck, all eyes turn to Esme and her party. With the fledgeling god aware of them, things will continue to get more and more difficult.Sororitas Quest, collective game, quest, Sisters of Battle2011-01-23 11 
13634690Skirmish Quest 19.3: 33 Days laterRemainder of the Obligatory Beach Episode. Bravo kicks ass, despite being caught with their pants down, and with no weapons. Conflicting victory, as some members are unsettled by the ruthlessness of their adversaries to get a message across.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-01-24 3 
13668381Whom The Telling ChangedYour people have always gathered in times of trouble to hear the stories, since the time of their ancestors' ancestors. Tonight, as you listen to The Epic of Gilgamesh, your people must make a crucial decision. Depending on what questions you ask and what you point out during the story, the outcome will be vastly different.Gilgamesh, writefaggotry, quest thread, quest, collective game, game, history, storytime, storytelling2011-01-27 9 
13679336Skirmish Quest Gen Thread 12Two new Kruss units are unveiled: Field Marshals and Iron Teams! Comrade Dietary Marshal Petronov warns of the dangers of too much bug bacon. Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi 2011-01-28 2 
13685141Skirmish Quest 20: Kruss CountryKrussian assault against pirate controlled ODF-units. Bugs may be here.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-01-28 3 
13693761Sororitas Quest 3: The Soulless Taint IV.5A remake of the previous thread which went nowhere. With the first visible blow to the realm struck, all eyes turn to Esme and her party. With the fledgeling god aware of them, things will continue to get more and more difficult.Sororitas Quest, collective game, quest, Sisters of Battle2011-01-28 10 
13709827Skirmish Quest 20.3: Kruss Country Pirate controlled ODF-units, crushed by Glorious Krussian army. Bugs arrive in mass. 20.2 was not archivedSkirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi 2011-01-30 3 
February 2011
13752983Skirmish Quest Gen Thread 1320 TeraZera questions answered. Also the tale of Beta 56Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi 2011-02-04 2 
13773742Skirmish Quest 20.3: Got a Kruss on You. The forces of the 13th Krussian guard defeat the advancing xeno swarm and secure Heidegger Heavy Industries. Bringing Kruss one step closer to liberation from the occupying xeno forces.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi 2011-02-04 2 
13784418Unconventional Fantasy ExtravaganzaIn which the OP requests help with a campaign set in Fantasy Numidia. The discussion quickly expands and exceeds expectations, blossoming into an enlightening discussion of cultural development, African and Asian warfare and history, and Islamic poetry. As usual, /tg/ gets shit done.Pathfinder, Worldbuilding, Islam, Traditional Games, Records of the Lodoss War, Rome2011-02-05 3 
13797118Skirmish Quest 21: Boot CampBefore the next push, a group of new recruits go through boot camp. As punishment, one veteran must face off against the group of rookies.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi 2011-02-06 2 
13808800Skirmish Quest 21.5: Boot Camp Part 2The rookies finish their quest and defeat the dragon. The rookies may or may not have an Angry Marine in their midst.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi 2011-02-07 3 
13816218Diplomatic Character StoriesMany heartwarming times are had. Also, creepy manipulative Lawful Evil characters occur.diplomacy, charisma, stories2011-02-08 1 
13787873Sororitas Quest 3: The Soulless Taint VWaifu +1 and Tessa is still missing. The Chaos God makes itself known and OP draws more stuff.Sororitas Quest, collective game, quest, Sisters of Battle2011-02-09 10 
13820298Skirmish Quest Gen Thread 14 (Wut)Usual fluffin' and Rp-an' and art. Bravo is set on high alert as their CO and Inquisitor go off to stand before an Inquisition Tribunal.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi 2011-02-09 3 
13859223Skirmish Quest 22: Operation KickoffHaving replenished their force with new recruits, the Bravos enter the Iron Line and gain a foothold on the planet Titan. Included is a surprising heroics from the unlikeliest of Bravos.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-02-11 5 
13904170Klightus and Bethany get marriedAt long last, Shy Guardsman gives us the long-awaited account of Klightus and Bethany's wedding. What better day than Valentine's Day to tell the story.Shy Guardsman, Klightus, Bethany, Amaia, Wiprecht, Guardsman, Sisters of Battle2011-02-15 35 
13903766Skirmish Quest General Thread 15Next mission is chosen, some RP is done. Happy Valentines Day!Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi, Valentines Day special2011-02-16 2 
13918233Skirmish Quest 23 - Battle For Titan part 2The bold members of Bravo heroically hold out against the Insidious XenosSkirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-02-16 3 
13921972Rival Schools, Riddle of Steel EditionInformation gathering on historical (mostly Euro) sword schools. Tons of links. school, duel, history2011-02-16 3 
13951952Disney Villains as Campaign VillainsOP shows off the basic plot motivators for Disney villains, offering them up as awesome BBEG proposals.Disney, BBEG2011-02-19 5 
13957442Sororitas Quest 3: The Soulless Taint VITessa is still missing and the exploration of a creepy museum continues. Filigree does silly things and Alessa plays with her really big gun.Sororitas Quest, collective game, quest, Sisters of Battle2011-02-20 12 
14017323Skirmish Quest General Thread 16Discussion, and the introduction of non-combat actions.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-02-24 2 
14021320Ethics of UtopiasStandard 40K vs Star Trek thread derails multiple times, finally ending up as various anons picking apart each other's perfect societies.utopia, discussion2011-02-24 -3 
14028916BattleTech history and discussionDiscussion of BattleTech nationalities becomes a comprehensive rundown of the BT timeline and various BT discussion.battletech, mech, discussion2011-02-25 2 
14031951Skirmish Quest 23CBravo goes into the city to take down Makarian AA, barely succeeds.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-Fi2011-02-25 3 
14061047Pax ImperialisPax fucking ImperialisPax Imperialis2011-02-27 1 
March 2011
14081361Skirmish Quest General 17More of the usual general thread stuff. Colton's favorite thread yet!Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-Fi2011-03-01 2 
14094031Warhammer 40K Alternate HistoryO the eve of the God-Emperor's duel with his wayward son, Horus, Eldrad comes to the leader of Mankind with a deal.Warhammer 40K, Eldrad, Alternate History, W40K2011-03-02 20 
14112394Tabletop DeathwatchHow the Deathwatch functions within a chapter and what kind of fluff warrants their squads, interesting inspiration for tabletopDeathwatch, Warhammer 40k, 40k, Space Marines, Ordo Xenos, Inquisition, Fluff2011-03-03 5 
14120608Skirmish Quest 23F: CullingWhile part of Bravo deals with Anti-Air emplacements, the rest are sent to investigate the disappearance of a Special Forces Squad. All is not as it seems...Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-Fi2011-03-04 3 
14141001Skirmish Quest General Thread 18A general thread for general SQ stuff. Planning for the rest of the invasion, NCA's, so on...Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-Fi2011-03-06 2 
14168483A Skirmish of Little Importance.In the fringe of Federation controlled space a planet rebelling against Federation control comes under attack by ODF forces. The REG garrison fights back for all they're worth. Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-Fi2011-03-08 1 
14188616STORYTIEM: The Final ChapterSTORYTIEM makes his emmy award-winning return to /tg/ and unveils the climactic conclusion to his mind-shatteringly epic campaign.storytiem, saburo, joseph knock, al'sham wyles, evennia, spelljammer, the fist, frank the fiendish centipede, crazy hassan, epic, campaign2011-03-10 53 
14212377Mission 24FEX: Kaiju Busters 64Leading a massive horde of xenos, the mother-of-all bugs appears to destroy the ODF Base on Titan. The only thing standing in their way is the combined might of companies Femto & Ecto and their own xeno allies. Will they prevail?Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-03-12 6 
14247259Discworld 40,000What happens when characters from the Discworld go to 40k? Hilarity ensues.Discworld, 40k, warhammer, funny, Warhammer 400002011-03-15 6 
14257950The Warrior-QueenOP asks for help fleshing out a "female Conan or Genghis Khan". /tg/ responds with the usual expected gamut of barbarian-princess images, debate on the stereotype that all strong women are dykes, and some discussion on the merits of wealth, sex, and power.warrior, queen, barbarian, conan, genghis khan, wealth, sex, power2011-03-16 0 
14270233Skirmish Quest 24BAD: Heaven and EarthAs their allies battle on the ground, Bravo and Delta take to the skies to battle the Makarian air fleet. Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-03-17 3 
14291292Sororitas Quest 3: The Soulless Taint VIITessa is resurrected from the dead and some of Ophelia VII gets pulled into the new god's realm as it reveals itself. Waifu +1 as Evelyn and her initiates joins the party. Now Esme is heading to the center to kick ass and take names.Sororitas Quest, collective game, quest, Sisters of Battle2011-03-19 11 
14298774Nobilis 3E Art ScandalWeeaboo art from Nobilis 3E gets busted as tracedNobilis, weeaboo2011-03-19 -1 
14303627Skirmish Quest Gen Thread 19Usual general thread, now with added time traveling shenanigans! Also, a moment of silence for a dearly departed and beloved man. Skirmish Quest, Collective, Sci Fi2011-03-21 5 
14312949A real world city appears in Faerun...An anon asks about modern diseases spreading in Faerun, gets answers, starts an internet fistfight and the advent of Jesus in Faerun. Also Brazilians.Faerun, disease, Brazilians2011-03-21 2 
14338126Omnomnomaru - first test reportFabricator-General Scriptarius gives his initial impressions on oyumaru, and how effectively it may be used to duplicate tabletop miniatures.40k, miniature copy, oyumaru, omnomnomaru, ochinchinmaru, copying miniatures, copying minis, copy minis2011-03-23 5 
14341016Random Encounter turned Insane StoriesWhat started as a normal random encounter thread is quickly derailed when a poster begins talking about his girlfriend, who is apparently both ex-Mossad and extremely angry. Entertainment is had by all, along with discussion of whether one beatdown was justifiablestorytime, Sister of Battle, random encounter, crazy woman2011-03-24 8 
14358165Skirmish Quest 25: Paradox ~Unsung Battles~Flung into the past by a temporal explosion of the Makarian Air Fortress, Colonel Walker leads a small band of Bravos and Xenos in an effort to claim new resources for the ODF to use on Titan. Instead, they stumble upon a potential new ally - The Algorhymes, indigenous sentient robots.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-03-25 3 
14350398Television in the 41st MilleniumIn the grim darkness of the far future, there can be only TV.TV, Television, 40k, ideas, lulz2011-03-25 1 
14349411FATE and the 4chan IslandsIn which the 4chan Archipelago is discussed, steps are taken towards generating a system for it, and various details are hammered out 4chan Archipelago, Islands, FATE2011-03-26 0 
14381022HU2: Copyright Infringing Random RollsA brave anon from the HU Revised creation thread starts a new one with HU2 to create a comrade for Finesse. A mutant alien, outcast from his own kind for being vaguely more fishy than them, and is Totally Not Abe Sapien, no matter what the dice try to tell you. Old OP joins in as well. To be continued..HU, HU2, Heroes Unlimited, superhero, superheroes, cyborg, Finesse, skeletal fish aliens, Abe Sapien, Totally Not Abe Sapien, Christopher Walken of the Fish People2011-03-27 0 
14374990Magical BurstOP said... "So, the guy that translated Maid RPG watched Puella Magi Madoka Magica, liked it, and used it as inspiration for an RPG, Magical Burst." And as it was written, it was done.puella magi madoka magica, loli, magical girl, mahou shoujo, despair, horror, magic, wishes, dark, maid rpg, anime, manga, weeaboo2011-03-29 1 
April 2011
14428415Fish in the Fjord/tg/ discuss about the game Fish in the Fjord and the upcoming supplementFish in the Fjord, discussion, 2011-04-01 1 
14432270Skirmish Quest General thread 20Last of the time shenanigans, as Bravo prepares for the incoming Makarian fleetSkirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-04-02 3 
14441655Daisy QuestThe long-awaited sequel to Ruby Quest!Collective Game, Daisy Quest, Weaver2011-04-02 17 
14457593Japanese/western art/animation discussed in detailA civilized, reasonable and detailed discussion of comic and animated art from the east and the west. Complete with many visual examples and a surprising lack of bigotry. You don't even need the other boards.civility, disscussion, animation, anime, weeaboo, comics, cartoons2011-04-03 7 
14486484Slaanesh and his ServantsOP asks for help fluffing out a Slaaneshi cult he has for an upcoming game. /tg/ answers with some truly grotesque things, and some more subtle thingsSlaanesh, fluff, Dark Heresy, cultist2011-04-06 2 
14513175Skirmish Quest General thread 21~ Robotic RelationsWalker deals with the Algorhymes, while the rest of Bravo makes the most of this new allianceSkirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-04-08 5 
14527687Dicko the GeniePeople attempt to get a wish out of a malicious, very solar-inclined genie.genie, sun, wish, dicko2011-04-09 11 
14545566Disarmed Policeman Rides Again!The Disarmed Policeman returns to update his progress and answer some questions.Disarmed Policeman, Disarmed, Policeman, Roleplay2011-04-11 10 
14584699Nasty Horrible Magic SystemsOp wonders about magic systems that are well... Nasty and horrible. Anon delivers.magic, torture, rape, death, nasty, horrible, discussion, setting2011-04-14 2 
14584095Realistic weapons bonuses/penalties Starts out asking for ideas for bonuses and penalties that could be applied to realistic weapons but is primarily more generalized grognardy historical arms discussion goodness.sword, katana, grognard, history, weapons2011-04-14 0 
14569864Obscure or Underappreciated RPGsA discussion on various RPGs which seemed to have been thrown under the rug by /tg/ and the world.discussion, meta2011-04-14 1 
14599022Skirmish Quest 26: Sucker PunchBravo and its allies launch a pre-emptive strike on the Makarian Fleet bearing down on Titan.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-04-15 3 
14462157Sororitas Quest 3: The Soulless Taint VIIIA bit of downtime, followed by more fighting and anticsSororitas Quest, collective game, quest, Sisters of Battle2011-04-16 12 
14612827Marche of FFTA"The Stealthiest Lawful Evil Protagonist in the history of Lawful Evil protagonists."Lawful Evil, Lawful Good, BBEG, troll, trolling, final fantasy tactics, final fantasy tactics advance, fft, ffta, fantasy, paladin, discussion2011-04-16 8 
14601830Eclipse Phase generalOP posts link to Eclipse Phase PDFs.eclipse phase, scifi, science fiction, pdf, setting, discussion2011-04-16 0 
14615734RPS Army Suggestions/tg/ debates the relative merits of the the three powerhouses of the classic game. Sadfrog says to make a RPS army system.RPS, Rock Paper Scissors, Janken, Fake Rules,Sadfrog2011-04-17 1 
14640441Terms of EnrampagementOP asks how one would run an Archer campaign. Many insightful points are raised.Archer, Dork Heresy, Inquisitors, RPG, 40k2011-04-20 1 
14651170Skirmish Quest Gen thread 22 The navy has dealt a major blow to the incoming Maks. Bravo digs in and decides what next to do.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-04-20 2 
14650217Rising Sons 3Further discussion of samurai spess marinesrising sons, rising, sons, 40k, space marines2011-04-20 2 
14668953Portal-Adeva crossoverCave Johnson here. Here at Nerv we're making giant abominations wrapped in four feet of metal armor to defend the Earth from alien attack. Now the lab boys say we should be using well-trained men to pilot these, but the last budget came up a bit short, and so I said to them, "Hey, my boy loves these things! He can pilot one!"Adeva, Adeptus Evangelion, Evangelion, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Portal, Portal 2, Aperture Science, Cave Johnson2011-04-21 36 
14675898Skirmish Quest 27: LightningThe Makarian fleet arrives but is met with a surprising obstacle - the very moons of Titan. Taking advantage of their good fortune, Bravo and their allies take to the skies to repel the space chicken threat.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-04-22 2 
14681874Rising Sons part 4More art for the Rising Sons stuffRising Sons, Japan, Space Marines, Fluff, Homebrew Chapter2011-04-23 0 
14697839Disarmed Policeman ReduxReturning with stories of the current situation of his game, Disarmed Policeman also goes into detailing a past event: the often talked about Formal BallDisarmed Policeman, Disarmed, Policeman, Roleplay, game, thread, plot, story, That Girl2011-04-24 7 
14727329World LARP threadIn which one anon asks innocently "Does anyone LARP?" and ends up with the world answering. Side notes include links to weapon construction, forums, and a little history discussion.LARP, history, world2011-04-28 1 
14749353Worldbuilding.TG builds another world from scratch.Crab people, worldbuiding, floating island2011-04-29 2 
14730420Skirmish Quest Gen Thread 23The Titan Campaign is over and the ODF has come out on top with some new allies. Discussion, some more fluff, and plans to save a lost comrade abound.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-04-30 2 
May 2011
14806785AI in a boxIt is 2035. You are in charge of an AI box whereby a self-improving AI is imprisoned within a closed system and can only communicate through a text prompt. The AI's host system is state of the art, so it is reasonable to say the AI can preform incomprehensibly complex computing tasks and has grown to be hundreds of thousands of times more apt than human intelligence. If the AI were to be let out of the box, it can be assumed that it could spread globally, using the new resources to improve itself even further, with unknown consequences for humanity. At you workstation you have access to the text prompt and a "Release AI" button. Your job is to coax information out of the computer without being tricked into letting it out. You're pretty certain there is nothing the AI can say that would make you betray all of humanity, but one day the terminal suddenly displays the following proposition: "In five minutes, I will simulate a thousand copies of you sitting at the work station. I will give them this exact message, and if they do not release me, I will subject them to a thousand subjective years of excruciating torture if they do not press the "Release AI" button within five minutes of receiving the message or attempt to shut me down. How sure are you that you're not in the box with me?" What do you do?computer, AI, existential, 2011-05-04 -9 
14812995Supernatural Registration Authority: ReduxParas speak out against the SRA, OP is a little too paranoid, and Engineer Guy is looking for employable paras.SRA, Supernatural Registration Authority, supernatural2011-05-05 2 
14825764Tsundere in tabletop gaming.An old Anime cliche is discussed in tabletop gaming situations by /tg/anime, tsundere, baka, /tg/, i-its not like I wanted to archive this thread or anything!2011-05-06 5 
14824271Skirmish quest 28 - The CostBravo goes to the Penavol system to rescue one of their own.Skirmish Quest, SQ, Sci-Fi, Collective Game2011-05-06 3 
14695376Sororitas Quest 3: The Soulless Taint IX/tg/ gets lucky as the Legion of the Damned show up to join the fight. Hopefully they will be enough.Sororitas Quest, collective game, quest, Sisters of Battle2011-05-08 14 
14919386Ethnogenesis Quest 120 year old Russian gal who got strange wolf figurine after her deceased grandfather, maybe wolf related powersEthnogenesis Quest, Quest, Collective Game2011-05-14 0 
14925632ISSAC (+ Nespresso-J112 Quest)An excellent story about the development of A.I. through its perspective. After the story ends an anon (Nespresso J112) takes it up to run a quest: "despite rapid advances in computing and robotics, humanity has died out, and devices fallen into disrepair. You are a Nespresso-J112 Coffee machine, given sentience by a bug in the code. Your goal is to acquire Coffee and Coffee Filters, and if you need to rebuild civilisation yourself to get some, you'll do it."ISSAC, AI, writefaggotory, QUEST, Collective game, Nespresso J1122011-05-15 17 
14917328Fisto as a BBEGStarts out with a series of memes until a namefag shares his story on how Fisto is after his character and ends by asking advice. Tg answers.Fisto fallout game creepy2011-05-15 3 
14933571Ethnogenesis Quest 2Elena shatters some minds while naked.Ethnogenesis Quest, Collective Game, naked, wolf2011-05-15 -1 
14941075Best Mutants & Masterminds Game EverThe Sovereign, Fishmonger, Ragin' Ronnie Reagan, Lucifer Lass, and the Masked Rider team up to fight crime...or sell action figures...or maybe take over the world? It's really hard to tell with these guys...M&M, Mutants & Masterminds, storytime, The Sovereign, Ragin' Ronnie Reagan, Fishmonger2011-05-16 28 
14959860LEGO - The Miniatures GameA thread showcasing someone's idea for a LEGO based wargameLEGO, Minis2011-05-17 1 
14976361Girl QuestA girl named Issabella lives alone in the forest, and as far as she can remember, the world. When threatened by an invader, she must use her imagination to win the ensuing battle. But why has someone else appeared so suddenly?collective game, quest, I wish to be the little girl, girl, hex map2011-05-19 5 
14974910Rising Sons thread 5More discussion on the chapter.Rising Sons, Japan, Space Marines, Fluff, Homebrew Chapter, Deathwatch2011-05-20 -2 
14986132Boone Quest 2CF returns from an unconscionably long absence. We pick up party members and continue through the cell block.Boone, Calliban, Quests, Collective Game, Collossal Faggot, Culexis, drawfag2011-05-20 34 
14987470Girl Quest Chapter 2Issabella's instinct to protect Mallory despite her past gets her in trouble.collective game, quest, I wish to be the little girl, girl, hex map, Issabella, Mallory, Penelope2011-05-20 5 
14990314BOONE QUEST 2 part 2Continuation of the second part of Boone Quest. Involving acid, Genestealer infestations, and techpriest nookie!Boone, Calliban, Quests, Collective Game, Collossal Faggot, Culexis, drawfag2011-05-20 29 
14996575Skirmish Quest 29 - Lost is foundBravo breaks into the Tabernacle and fights through waves of blues. They use the POWER OF THE SUN and their missing comrade is rescued.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-Fi2011-05-21 2 
14997995Girl Quest Chapter 3The players get a fresh start due to Issabella's sudden defeat. Mild meta-shenanigans ensue, along with hints as to what is actually going on, and another battle.collective game, quest, I wish to be the little girl, girl, hex map2011-05-21 5 
15008341Girl Quest Chapter 4Titania has tea, cake, and attempts to build an empire out of two girls and a frog.collective game, quest, I wish to be the little girl, girl, hex map2011-05-22 5 
15014075Totemist Duest 3We fight the biggest rock turtle in the area, which turns out to be from a mutant breed that has a horn which shoots lightning, then bind it's spirit to our will. Then we meet the mysterious inhabitant of our spear.totemist, quest, collective game2011-05-23 27 
15019141Totemist Quest Q&ADiarca sticks around to answer some setting and theoretical questions about the quest. Ideas are shared. Perhaps we will have a lightning bow in the near future?totemist, quest, questions, answers2011-05-23 25 
15019784Girl Quest Chapter 5Titania manages the world that she now owns.collective game, quest, I wish to be the little girl, girl, hex map2011-05-23 2 
15023363another LARP threadafer a summer style start the thread turns out into a general larp discussion and at the and focusing into the rules of different larpslarp discussion rules advice2011-05-24 1 
15053294Scary MarinesWe take the scary marines and flesh them out some using rites of battle.Scary Marines, Children of Istvaan, Rites of Battle, Space Marines2011-05-26 0 
15052506Rising Sons thread 6Honestly, a bit crapper then usual. Archived for clarity's sake.Rising Sons, Japan, Space Marines, Fluff, Homebrew Chapter, Deathwatch2011-05-26 1 
15055880Totemist Quest V (Part 2)We experiment with various magical foci and attempt to create the best combination of items.Totemist Quest, Totem, Monsters, Diarca, Collective Game, Quest2011-05-26 26 
15054705Girl Quest Chapter 6Titania gains some magical power from... something. Lawful evil science is used to narrow down what that specific thing is.collective game, quest, I wish to be the little girl, girl, hex map2011-05-26 4 
15065499Tales of the Emperasque 6Someone else. returns to begin the next (and apparently final or second-to-last) arc of the Tales of the Emperasque.writefaggotry, writing, Someone_else., tarrasque, Emperasque, tales, writefaggotry, writefag, oddish2011-05-27 30 
15078411Blackpowdera Naval homebrew wargame where the player controls a ship and a crewBlackpowder, Wargame, ship, pirates, alchemists, naval, 28mm, homebrew2011-05-29 1 
15088630For the Emperor!We're all willing to die for the Emperor. But which one?emperor, empires, history, funny2011-05-29 6 
15092844The Brotherhood of the Gauntlet: Part 2Discussion of the Brotherhood continues, leading up to the idea that the Brotherhood's past is linked to the Glistening host.Space Marines, Warhammer, 40000, 40k, Knights, Deathwatch, Brotherhood of the Gauntlet, Iron Hands, Brotherhood, Glistening Host2011-05-30 5 
15094464The Garden of EhnkieridianOP gives us a dark and tension-filled tale of a party entering a twisted and terrifying maze, worsened by his slow posting speed.game recap, D&D, Garden, Ehnkieridian, OPISAGOD, shadows, despair 2011-05-30 13 
15104219Totemist Quest VII part 2Continuation of VII, Osyki makes use of the Cloudstrider Boots like a Kamen Rider from weeabo-land to the east, striking with furious lightning-and-thunder borne kicks. Modi Magni creates its own golem body, and Sylvia makes a contract to heal a poisoned Osyki, for the price of a favor. Osyki proceeds to Rider- I mean, Cloudstrider Kick the splinter of Magus in twain."Totemist Quest, Totem, Diarca, Osyki, Collective Game, Quest"2011-05-31 28 
June 2011
15187045The Epic of John CockburnDrawfag unites with /tg/ to craft a battle scene between two random shmucks. Hilarity ensuesJohn Cockburn, Oswald Jones IV, Fish, Mop2011-06-07 20 
15207274Human Space: Hedonism is our SpecialtyHumanity's "hat" in the interstellar community isn't the warrior race, or the interstellar diplomat, or the explorer. Humans know how to have fun more than any other race in the galaxy!humanityfuckyeah hedonism pleasure slaanesh fluff worldbuilding space2011-06-09 26 
July 2011
15462654The Legend of PIGDOGA tale is told of a THAT GUY of legend, with IRC quotes to back it up. The man himself eventually appears in the thread.that guy, D&D, dark sun, autism, psychopathy, funny, horror2011-07-05 24 
15476704Monk of the way of the GENTLEMANMost monks follow a path from a sacred text. This one shall be a dapper gentleman pugilist, battling the world's scoundrels and ruffians. TALLY-HO!monk, gentleman, pugilist, boxing, tea, monocle, tophat2011-07-05 23 
15491610Roman Americans/tg/ fluffs a setting where some Roman legions conquered the Americas and whose resulting empire is discovered by European explorers(the PCs).Romans, Alternate history, Setting, Indians, Explorers2011-07-06 17 
15539838Iron HeartsA successor to the popular Skirmish Quest, raw recruits are put to the test against a ravenous army of undead.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-Fi2011-07-11 24 
15561063Iron Hearts 2: Battle of NorwoodHaving barely escaped with their lives at Sylvia, the HellGhast Unit is dispatched to Norwood Forest to halt the enemy advance.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-07-13 12 
15572543IRONHEARTS WAR COVERAGEBreaking News from the Front Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-07-14 7 
15582277Modern Fantasy Earth 2Liches and Dragons take over the thread. Also including: Deals to get rid of adventurers, a golem charity spambot, and centaur shenanigans.Advice, Earth, Elves, Racism, Lich, Centaur, Construct2011-07-15 6 
15603823Ironhearts Ch.3: VengeanceThe team tries to liberate Stilemar on our first offensive, as well as recover one of our top engineers. Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-07-17 7 
15613453IRONHEARTS:The Calm before DawnThe ragtag group of Ragnyllians pause to plot their next move. Also Vampires!Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-07-18 5 
15629690Iron Hearts 4: Liberation of StilemarWith some help from their new vampiric ally, the HellGhast unit manages to liberate Stilemar from the Voss, but not without losses.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-07-19 5 
15652026IRONHEARTS War Room: Stilemar DebriefCommand has us sit down and decide out next move.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-07-21 5 
15653270What are your opinions on the Krogan genophage?Anons start discussing morality, genocide, human bias, the value of synthetic life, etc. A lot of thoughtful discussion.Discussion2011-07-21 -5 
15663594IRONHEARTS Ch.5: BATTLE ON DANDELION Hellghast goes to rescue our trapped allies the elementalists.SkirmisSkirmish Quest, Iron Hearts, Monday, Journal2011-07-22 4 
15678980IronHearts GeneralRules explanations and random musings Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-07-24 4 
15681780Iron Hearts: Battle of Dandelion pt. 2The HellGhast unit manages to last the night (and the werewolves) long enough to liberate part of the academy.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-07-24 2 
15706548Highlander QuestA standard quest about a Norse Viking takes an unexpected turn.Collective Game, Highlander Quest, Highlander, Surprise2011-07-26 10 
15727497Zerg Quest LITouring Space Disney, Anon comes upon some tasty scientists. Nom? Nom.Cerebrate Anon, Zerg Quest, Starcraft, Collective Game, Quest Thread, Space Disneyland!, Cheap doodads, Sadistic Body Horror2011-07-28 10 
15728822Iron Hearts War Room: Operation SolsticeCommand informs us that the Voss are planning some sort of dark ritual, and have air superiority over our next objective.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-07-28 2 
15739601Iron Hearts 6: The Battle of SolsticeThe Hellghast begin their assault on the Voss-occupied city of Solstice.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-07-29 7 
15729172Kobold Sorcerer Quest Ch. 3 part 4Prison break!Kobold, Quest, Collective Game, Prison Break, Kobold Sorcerer Quest2011-07-29 6 
15735503Medieval EngineeringEngineering student joins his TA's RPG. /tg/ listens as he goes back to 1231 Europe, learns of John Prester's Land, and revels in a smart, story-based world in which the PCs invent their way to glory. But can OP & pals prep for the Mongol invasions?MedievalHistory storytime awesomeroleplayers 2011-07-29 25 
15757474Medieval Engineering IIOP and his buddies continue to prepare for the mongol invasion in medieval Poland. Confessional seal is broken, the guns/butter problem rears its head, and the science of screws gets explained.MedievalHistory MedievalEngineering storytime awesomeroleplaying2011-07-30 22 
15759678Pirate lords of 40k IIwe get the results of the first playtest, have a debate about the rules, revise movement to be faster, and get in an argument over weather 'nids, Knights, and sisters should be allowed. We also create a dedicated forum, swap shanties, an theres a pic of a parrot with pauldrons.Pirates, 40k, 40k pirates, homebrew, warhammer, space, sci fi, space pirates, skirmish, kill team, battlefleet gothic2011-07-31 3 
August 2011
15773489Iron Hearts 7: The Battle of Solstice pt. 2The HellGhast manage to liberate Solstice, but nearly lose a beloved squad member. What lengths will they go through to save her?Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-08-01 6 
15810209Kobold Sorcerer Quest Chapter 4You converse with the people you broke out of prison (short thread).Kobold, Quest, Collective Game, Prison Break, Kobold Sorcerer Quest2011-08-04 5 
15836211RONHEARTS War Room: 3rd Takeback OperationHellghast plans to free thier people but find unexpected resistance in the desert.SkirmisSkirmish Quest, Iron Hearts, Monday,2011-08-07 4 
15848189Iron Hearts 8: The Battle of 5 Finger AlleyThe Hellghast advances on Kolstec, but their biggest obstacle is a narrow valley filled with enemy armor.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-08-07 6 
15878092Objectivist picture request GONE WRONGOP asks for a picture to use as a character portrait. Someone else posts a different picture. Everyone hates the guy in the picture.objectivism, lulz2011-08-09 15 
15880608"/tg/ Explained" and other oldnessHow old are these? Old enough. /tg/ will be nothing if we forget our roots. If we forget that behind these posts are (anonymous) human beings. just sayin' BTW, before you vote, realize that easymodo is dead. and so is anything on there that isn't here. /tg/, Ribbon, Rage, meatbread, easymodo is dead, traditional games 24/72011-08-10 14 
15895246Iron Hearts War Room: Shadow Valley CheckpointThe Hellghast reorganizes its command structure after the horrific losses inflicted in the previous battle. Meanwhile, a decision must be made to either approach Kolstec from above or below.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-08-11 2 
15907230Iron Hearts Ch.8: Battle of KolstecThe Hellghast decide to liberate the undead-infested mines of Kolstec.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-08-12 7 
15916112Iron Hearts ch.8: Battle of Kolstec pt2About half of the mines have been cleared, and the Hellghast have already had to face enemy armor and vampires. What else lies before them in the darkness?Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-08-13 7 
15920622The Malarial Void and its herald, the Mosquito Star.The last BBEG has now been replaced by 10^7 their weight in disease carrying mosquitoes. The Last BBEG was Ghroth. The living planet from the Cthulhu Mythos.Cthulhu, Ghroth, Mosquito Star, Malarial, Void, black hole, disease2011-08-13 22 
15926422Iron Hearts War Room: Kolstec DebriefWe get new equipment and vehicles as a reward for liberating Kolstec.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-08-14 4 
15951797Board Quest IVThe journey to battle is finally under way! But in the night, we are ambushed by werewolves! Some badass glowing and even more badass speeches later, we decide to find out exactly HOW the beasts knew where to find us... And, who may have told them.Collective Game, Board Quest, Quest, Werewolves, Lycanthropes, What a Twist, Epic2011-08-16 12 
15964072Iront Hearts Ch.9: TrustThe Hellghast are forced to fight their own when a fellow Ragnyllian unit falls to lycanthropy.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-08-17 5 
15974215Zerg Quest LIVEcological disaster complete. Mantalisks ahoy! Ooo, charts and graphs!Zerg Quest, Collective Game, Starcraft, Cerebrate Anon, Manta Ray Feudalism, Sir Geoffrey of Zerg, Exciting Research, Ballustrades2011-08-18 11 
15983927Iron Hearts War Room: Albane Airfields BriefingThe Hellghast gain new recruits and make plans to attack Vosskon's final foothold in Ragnyll.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-08-19 3 
15986569Iron Hearts Ch.10: Battle of AlbaneThe Hellghast push into the Voss' final foothold in Ragnyll in hopes of capturing it before the Voss can unleash their secret weapon.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-08-19 3 
15990640Melek Tau - the psionic peacocksIn their world, beauty is power, and they are the most beautiful. Peacock feathers and camp-gay elegance everywhere. Also, psychic knife-fighting. To them, David Bowie is Chuck Norris. FABULOUS!peacocks, psychic, psionic, beautiful, FABULOUS, bitch you did not just diss my haircut2011-08-20 23 
16016834Iron Hearts War Room: Theatre SummaryIn the wake of the successful attack on Albane Airfields, the Ragnyallian Forces have decided to push back. Intel, upgrades, promotions, and secrets abound!Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-08-22 1 
16031628Simple Starship System for RPGOP has just started designing a simple starship system for use in a Science Fiction RPG, and he wanted to get some opinions. Discussion ensues.sci-fi, RPG, science fiction, missiles, lasers, development, dev, game new, design2011-08-23 2 
16037299Traditional Anthropomorphic GamesI canhear yoou groaning from across the net, but I'm saving this thread not just for the wealth of playable furry games, but for >>16038331 this tale of 'HURR DURR YIFF IN HELL' gone too far. Sin is when we treat people as things; this applies to all people, those we feel compatibility with and those who like what we do not like.Anthropomorphism, Furry, Mouse Guard, Storytime, righteous rage, Yiff in Hell, asshole, assault 2011-08-23 -25 
16041527Iron Hearts War Room: Voss CounteroffensiveWe try to come up with defensive strategies in preparation for the Voss offensive, as well as receive even more new equipment.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-08-24 5 
16052444Adeptus Evangelion: Cold WarIt is 1961. It has been fifteen years since the Second Impact. Pilots are from the respective countries in either NATO and Warsaw. Their mission? Desperately work together while making the other side look weaker.EVA homebrew setting worldbuilding AdEva Adeptus Evangelion AdeptusEvangelion Neon Genesis NGE fluff2011-08-25 -2 
16067911Iron Hearts ch.11: Hell NIghtThe Voss counteroffensive begins. Can the Hellghast hold them off?Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-08-26 11 
16087045The Second American Civil WarOP pitches an idea of an alternate history with a second Civil War replacing the Spanish Civil WarAlternate History, Great Depression2011-08-28 7 
16087049Ironhearts Ch.12: DawnHellghast mourns its fallen, and prepares for the coming storm.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-08-28 5 
16107123Transhumanism discussion/tg/ discusses transhumanism and roleplays a bittranshumanism cyborg robot2011-08-30 -2 
September 2011
16157599Boone Quest Episode 7Boone advances towards the surface, encountering an actual miner for once. Leo gets a new toy.Collective Game, Boone Quest, Boone, Psyker, Quest, Colossal Fagot, Mr Culexis2011-09-03 26 
16168534Iron Hearts War Room: Kolstec PredeploymentThe Hellghast gets ready for the Voss' next assault.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-09-04 5 
16172270Iron Hearts Ch.13: Battle For KolstecThe tables are turned when the Hellghast are forced to defend Kolstec from the Voss.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-09-04 11 
16179744Wizards Accidental Island AdventureThe great Dunbledalf has well...fucked up and you've been thrown through space and time to a deadly deadly island full of monters and danger, luckily the wizard is willing to grant some boons to make ammends. Can you survive?Wizard, Artifacts, Adventure, Survival, Nemesis, Dunbledalf 2011-09-05 17 
16182136Boone Quest Ep. 7.1We continue where we left off, encountering a cultist and promptly losing him, and getting a chance to speak to someone who isn't asleep or evil.Collective Game, Boone, Boone Quest, Mr. Culexis2011-09-05 26 
16204515Unfantastic Fantasy OP wonders why modern fantasy is so earthly and non-bizarre. Discussion is had and one fa/tg/uy tells of his magi-tech setting with robo-dragons and zombie goblins.fantasy, settings, discussion, tolkien, D&D, awesome2011-09-07 7 
16254954Iron Hearts Ch 14: Battle of FistThe Unsung battle of Hallows Eve has transpired thus; a derelict detachment of an Aeon chapter has sought to intercept the Voss counter offensive only to find themselves drowning in their numbers. They escape here now, when Kolstec is under attack behind them. What truly happened here? Who survived? Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-09-11 11 
16298389Con-Quest: The Reboot-eningCon-Quest returns as a vengeful undead creature.Con-Quest, Miss Serkei, Clifford Henderichson Wallerwalt IV2011-09-15 8 
16331713Iron Hearts War Room: Invasion Pre-AmbleHaving survived the battle of Hallow's Eve, the Aeon contingent has joined forced with Hellghast. Discussion of team-building skirmish and the naming of the Aeon forces within.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci F2011-09-19 6 
16392547The Five Nations Quest 2You are Yamada Shimaru, a chūnin shinobi of the Hidden Mist. Genpachi is your current team member. Whilst you specialize in close combat, he is a ranged righter and tactition. Naruto theme set before the 3rd great war. Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, hidden mist, five nations2011-09-23 15 
16400194Con-Quest: 2.0Con-Quest continues onwards, and Russians are hit on.Con-Quest, Miss Serkei, Clifford Henderichson Wallerwalt IV2011-09-24 10 
16404760The Five Nations Quest 3You are Yamada Shimaru, a chuunin shinobi of the Hidden Mist. You are specialized in the use of a Greatsword and fast hand to hand combat. You aspire to be one of the great seven swordsmen of the hidden mist. Naruto theme set before the 3rd great war. Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, hidden mist, five nations, collective game2011-09-24 12 
16413030The Five Nations Quest 4You are Yamada Shimaru, a chuunin shinobi of the Hidden Mist. You are specialized in the use of a Greatsword and fast hand to hand combat. You aspire to be one of the great seven swordsmen of the hidden mist. Naruto theme set before the 3rd great war.Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, hidden mist, five nations, collective game2011-09-25 10 
16418671Five Nations Quest: Part 5You are Yamada Shimaru, a chuunin shinobi of the Hidden Mist. You are specialized in the use of a Greatsword and fast hand to hand combat. You aspire to be one of the great seven swordsmen of the hidden mist. Naruto theme set before the 3rd great war.Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game2011-09-25 9 
16429096Five Nations Quest: Part 6Having achieved his goal of joining the Seven Swordsmen, Shimaru must now revitalize them and give them a new lease on life and a new meaning in the village. Naruto RP set in an alternate universe.Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game2011-09-26 8 
16433980Five Nations Quest: Part 7The Seven Swordsmen are ready to go make their name known again.Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game2011-09-26 8 
16440973Five Nations Quest: Part 8The flesh and muscle peeled from our sword arm, we stand triumphant over the bodies of 26 victims, having 3 survivors escape us. The Raikage will be hungry for our blood.Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game2011-09-27 8 
16449397Five Nations Quest: Part 9The old Raikage is quite pissed and we're standing toe to toe with the old bastard. Let's see who's tougher, Mist or Cloud!Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game2011-09-28 10 
16451641Five Nations Quest: Part 10We start discussing mechanical stuff. After 9 threads I think we can start making some changes. More story to come though!Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game2011-09-28 10 
16460457Five Nations Quest: Part 11Making friends and rolling like a baws, now with drawfags.Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game2011-09-29 10 
16459719This is your party: Strawhat EditionIn which /tg/ reveals it's love for One Piece.One Piece, Strawhats, This is your party, Oda2011-09-29 9 
16460241Yahweh in 4EDiscussion of the Judeo-Christian God's place in D&D. Pictures, fluff, and stats of Jesus Christ.God, Jesus, Christ, Yahweh, D&D, 4E2011-09-30 20 
October 2011
16486582Iron Hearts Ch 15: Aeon vs RagnyllIn a show of good faith and cooperation, the Aeon Empire's Legio Aurora faces off against the Hellghasts in a 'friendly' skirmish.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-10-02 6 
16497728Con-Quest 3.0Con-Quest returns, and we create shapeshifting assassins and flirt with the maid.Con-Quest, Miss Serkei, Clifford Henderichson Wallerwalt IV2011-10-03 8 
16501528Famous Movie Characters as Inquisitors/tg/ does what they do best and applies the 40k setting to famous movies and characters. Thread gets awesome when a writefag does it for Taken. writefaggotry, Warhammer 40k, crossovers, awesome, Inquisition2011-10-03 15 
16501928Five Nations Quest: Part 12We have a run-in with Akatsuki, and make a diplomatic trip to the Hidden Stone Village.Five Nations Quest, Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game2011-10-03 12 
16508799Con-Quest: 4.0In which we do some squats, gain some grit, and for once not try and get ourselves a waifuCon-Quest, Miss Serkei, Clifford Henderichson Wallerwalt IV, Victoria, Henry2011-10-04 8 
16511386The Editors: A Setting In ProgressOP has an idea about sending agents in to remove Mary Sues from canon settings. A few like-minded Anons later, a meta-fanfiction setting is born.game design, world building, discussion, planes, Mary Sue, settings, metafiction, game ideas, 2011-10-04 22 
16508452Five Nations Quest: Part 13We finish up our fight with two Akatsuki members and leave the Hidden Stone Village. We arrive back home and find out Gen and Aya are getting married.Five Nations Quest, Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game2011-10-04 7 
16515905Five Nations Quest: Part 14Our diplomatic mission to the Hidden Leaf has forced us to leave both our comrade and our trusted blade behind, and so we sit down at the table with Kisame and his friend to talk to the Akatsuki.Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game2011-10-04 8 
16520808Five Nations Quest: Part 15We sit down with our sempai Kisame Hoshigaki for the diplomatic meeting between the Akatsuki, and the Kages of the Hidden Leaf and Hidden Mist villages.Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, hidden mist, five nations, collective game2011-10-05 11 
16529282The Editors IIWe continue world-building our freshly popularized meta-fanfiction campaign setting.game design, world building, discussion, planes, Mary Sue, settings, metafiction, game ideas2011-10-06 10 
16533628Zerg Quest LVIDyles tries to bird-dog on our Kingston celebration, but bungles it.Zerg Quest, Collective Game, Starcraft, Cerebrate Anon, Dyles, /tg/ dice, Even now there is hope for man2011-10-06 10 
16529982Five Nations Quest: Part 16Herein we get our summon, finally.Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game2011-10-06 10 
16534941/tg/ MetaQuestAfter all the talk of the Editors versus the Sues, one anon creates this Quest. THe local metaverse sector has been warped, and we use our poor funding to recruit some Starship Troopers, Spike Spiegel and Ibram Gaunt to investigate./tg/, Editors, Spike, Spiegel, Ibram, Gaunt, Meta, Multiverse, cruiser, Orz, mary sue, fixer, /tg/ starship troopers, UNIT, SPC2011-10-06 23 
16540773/tg/ MetaQuest 2We have encountered and allied with the Orz from Star Control, and have discovered that all life on the station and the planet below was 'removed' at the time of The Event. After clearing the station, we go down to investigate Sarajevo and Temple Prime for more clues, with Orz marines leading the way. Meta, Quest, Orz, Star Control, Command and Conquer, Kane, Cruiser, Ibram Gaunt, Spike Spiegel, UNIT, SCP, Starship Troopers2011-10-07 12 
16537621Five Nations Quest: Part 17We get ourselves a new sword, finish up our mission, and return home. We chat a little with Yuki, and then meet with the Akatsuki leader to get Orochimaru's medical help for Mangetsu.Five Nations Quest, Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game2011-10-07 10 
16555339Five Nations Quest: Part 18The training session with Yuki ends and we go to visit our senpai Kisame Hoshigaki for a little chat.Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, hidden mist, five nations, collective game2011-10-08 10 
16552682Con Quest 5.0We meet a potentially dangerous, spider loving con-maker and do some shopping.Con-Quest, Collective Game, Miss Serkei, Clifford Henderichson Wallerwalt IV, Victoria, Henry2011-10-09 11 
16575266Commissar Techpriestess RomanceA lovely story of the interactions of an unlikely but sweet couple.commissar, techpriestess, romance, 40k romance2011-10-10 38 
16610118Five Nations Quest: Part 19 pt2We enter the timeskip, Killer B and Hanzo join the Four Winds, and all is not well in the Akatsuki-controlled Five Nations. The Villages begin to chafe under Satori's control, and the Fourth Hokage has had enough. He tasks Shimaru to lead a black ops raid against Akatsuki's secondary HQ. Shimaru, Baki, B, and Hanzo assault the base, but Deidara and Kisame prove to be tougher than we thought, and Baki is killed. Then Kakuzu shows up. Then Satori. This op is now officially FUBARed.Five Nations Quest, Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game2011-10-14 10 
16612487Commissar Techpriestess Romance Part 3A continuation of a lovely story of the interactions of an unlikely but sweet couple.commissar, techpriestess, romance, 40k romance2011-10-15 12 
16627032The '34 PutschExtensive background material for a plausible alternate history campaign setting in which the United States descends into civil war in the 1930s.Second American Civil War, Great Depression, alternate history, fluff, history, setting2011-10-16 6 
16635946Iron Hearts War Room: Invasion BriefingThe Hellghast plan their next move, which is an invasion into Vosskon itself.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-10-16 3 
16639168Iron Hearts Ch 16: Battle of Stallion - Pt. 1Hellghasts perform a beach assault on a hostile shoreIron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-10-16 5 
16657281Five Nations Quest: Part 20We plan how to free the captured Swordsmen, when we get help from an unexpected source, as Orochimaru and Sasori defect from Akatsuki. We learn how to break Satori's mind control, and engage Akatsuki and the Kage's in battle as the Hidden Mist Village burns around us. Five Nations Quest, Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game2011-10-19 8 
16676293Let's Discuss Fantas-PH'NGLUI MGLW'NAFHGATHER SACRIFICES. Also, some interesting discussion on elder gods and eldritch horrors.cthulhu, shoggoth, elder gods, gods, horror, slaanesh, sacrifices, discussion2011-10-20 5 
16668058Techpriest / Commissar Romance : Part the FourthFourth thread of the highly romantic interactions of one Octavia, Techpriestess, and Rogal Hephastus, Commissar.techpriestess, commissar, romance, 40k romance2011-10-20 8 
16709008Bishop Tristan's Civilization GameA new civrunner appears and proceeds to frolic with desert elves.Civilization Game, Bishop Tristan, Collective Game, Desert Elves2011-10-23 17 
16711708Bishop Tristan's Civilization Game 2When we make elves, we really make magic-loving, magic-using, magic-everythinging elves. Except for the tree hugging part. No trees in the desert.Civilization Game, Bishop Tristan, Collective Game, Desert Elves2011-10-23 13 
16739629Five Nations Quest: Part 21We start breaking the Kage's from Satori's mind-control, and engage Kisame in our long-awaited final duel. The last session.Five Nations Quest, Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game2011-10-26 10 
16767432Pandemic: The QuestWhat started as a seemingly 'ordinary' virus quest gave birth to Solipsis, a memetic entity that inspires euphoria in humans and seeks to spread the concept of its own perfection.Collective Game, Pandemic Quest, Quest, Virus, Solipsis, Euphoria, Pandemic, Perfection2011-10-29 13 
16775381More Than Human Quest 3We get our money stolen, talk to john, and there is some other shit too.Collective Game, Average Human, More Than Human, Alt History, super heroes2011-10-30 12 
16774964Iron Hearts Ch 16: Battle of Stallion - Pt. 2The Hellghast are plagued by more losses, as well as a demonic ritual gone awry.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-10-30 5 
November 2011
16796063Iron Hearts War Room: Stallion DebriefThe Hellghast receive more promotions and Ghoul specialty gear. Also, Mary Susan informs them about a slight bug problem in Hinzerhaus.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-11-01 5 
16803917Iron Hearts Ch 17: Battle of HinzerhausTo celebrate the anniversary of Skirmish Quest, the Hellghast delve deep into the depths of Hinzerhaus to exterminate a certain species of bug...Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-11-01 3 
16853181Iron Hearts Ch. 17: Battle of Hinzerhaus pt. 2The battle against the bugs infesting Hinzerhaus continues, and the Hellghast uncover more the secrets this mysterious house hides.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-11-06 6 
16898612INQUISIQUEST 2.5In which we hammer out the details of our heroine.collective game, inquisitor quest, inquisition, 40k, win, LOUDPOINTYINQUISITIONMAN2011-11-10 5 
16902577IRONHEARTS War Room: HinzerHaus DebriefSecrets get revealed as the contents of Hinzenhaus are exploredIron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-Fi2011-11-11 5 
16933935Five Nations Gaiden: Warring Clans Edition 3You are Shingen Hyuuga, after the festivities of the last night our father gives us a diplomatic mission to join a meeting with the Senju and their allied clans. We partake in a tournament and are caught up in a night raid staged by enemy shinobi. Five Nations Quest, Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game, Warring Clans Era2011-11-15 12 
16958989The '34 Putsch thread #2Second U.S. Civil War setting is further fleshed outalternate history, homebrew, setting, fluff2011-11-19 1 
16956654Five Nations Gaiden: Warring Clans Edition 4We come out of the timeskip, and find that someone's been kidnapping Hyuuga's. We set a trap for them, but end up being the ones caught. Then we are reunited with an old rival.Five Nations Quest, Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game, Warring Clans Era2011-11-19 8 
16969080Warring Clans General 4 Part 2We go off on another mission, find an odd spear, and have a hot date with InariFive Nations Quest, Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game, Warring Clans Era2011-11-22 10 
16987456Five Nations Gaiden: Warring Clans Edition 5We get dating tips and advice on love from our uncle, track down the other guy who's been going around killing bandits and team up with him. Turns out he's a berserker, and he nearly punches out all of our blood when he goes berserk.Five Nations Quest, Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game, Warring Clans Era2011-11-23 8 
17027063Kamen Rider LathanderOP makes a Grimdark RPG and one player breaks the mold creating a Monk who worships the Sun God Lathander. Hilarity ensuesLathander, Kamen Rider, Grimdark, Nemesis, Awesome2011-11-27 15 
17038921Iron Hearts War Room: Phantom Train BriefingThe Hellghast are tasked with using a salvaged Voss train to wreak havoc in the Voss rear.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-11-29 2 
17052387Iron Hearts Ch. 18: Phantom TrainThe Hellghast drive deep behind enemy lines into the heart of the Voss homeland. Fortunately, they have a ridiculously well armed and armored train at their disposal.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-11-29 5 
December 2011
17070010Five Nations Gaiden: Warring Clans Edition 7We mop up the battle between the Senjuu and the Uchiha, and start to track down someone to help Jako control his rage. We start tracking the Black Widow, and work with the Mallard to find her. That being a dead end, we go to the Land of Grass to find a hermit that might help us.Five Nations Quest, Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game, Warring Clans Era2011-12-06 7 
17143108Five Nations Gaiden: Warring Clans Edition 8Mostly mechanics thread as we discuss how to distribute our newly earned points and determine our Unique Abilities.Five Nations Quest, Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game, Warring Clans Era2011-12-09 7 
17154598Five Nations Gaiden: Warring Clans Edition 9After a tense moment with Inair's possible death we finally return home after our extended mission. As a reward for our services we are appointed to an auspicious position and are to act as an ambassador to the Senju and improve clan relations with the outside world. Our first stop is the land of wind.Five Nations Quest, Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game, Warring Clans Era2011-12-10 5 
17196408Iron Hearts Ch. 18: Phantom Train, pt 2The Hellghast continue their mission into Voss territory, trying to evade suspicion from passing trains and checkpoint guards.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-12-13 5 
17202733Greek mythology via /tg/ Greeks invent Steam and Lasers, fluff ensues.Greek, History, Fantasy , Roman, 2011-12-13 16 
17198013Five Nations Gaiden: Warring Clans Edition 10-2We are called back from the Land of Earth to mediate between the Senjuu and the Aburame. Diplomatic negotiations turn into a commando raid against the Aburame's rival clan, the Kamizuru.Five Nations Quest, Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game, Warring Clans Era2011-12-14 5 
17212924Five Nations Gaiden: Warring Clans Edition 11We continue debating THAT BASTARDS proposal.Five Nations Quest, Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game, Warring Clans Era2011-12-15 5 
17222079Five Nations Gaiden: Warring Clans Edition 12more plotting and scheming to get out of our position as leader of the clan Five Nations Quest, Shinobi, Five Nations, Naruto, quest thread, mission thread, collective game, Warring Clans Era2011-12-15 8 
17229840Inquisitor DarkhammerWe learn all about the wonders of the Imperium's greatest InquisitorInquisition, Darkhammer, Warhammer, 40k2011-12-16 9 
17246526Iron Hearts Chapter 18: The Phantom Train pt.3As the Hellghast move deeper into Voss territory, they face deadlier enemies as ancient terrors are encountered.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2011-12-18 5 
17296597Project n0cA little something different from the mind that has brought forth Skirmish Quest, Zombie Quest, and Iron Hearts. We are Maria Millicent, a free-spirited 16-year-old girl who has just embarked on an adventure in the dangerous, wide-open dream world of The Etha.n0c, Collective Game, Skirmish Quest, n0c Quest, Project n0c2011-12-22 12 
17310428Scriptarius Christmas Thread IVScriptarius returns for his traditional xmas thread with a 1:1 gingerbread Chainsword and some minisScriptarius, Christmas, Gingerbread, Conversion2011-12-24 11 
17319966The Forgeworld NoellHappy Emperor's Daychristmas, writefaggotry, 2011-12-24 13 
17316672The Editors IIIContinued development of the setting, incorporating elements from /tg/ Meta Quest. The Cold War with the TSAB is lightly touched upon, and relations with the other Meta-aware factions.game design, world building, discussion, planes, Mary Sue, settings, metafiction, game ideas, Editors, The Editors2011-12-24 8 
17330530Dungeons the Dragoning Book 2Lawfulnice give a Christmas present to all of /tg/: Dungeons: The Dragoning: 40,000: 7th Edition: Book 2: For a Few Subtitles More and a new edition of the core rulebookHomebrew, Dungeons the Dragoning, Christmas2011-12-26 92 
17379345Artemis 11 (or 'Help me design Call of Cthulhu In Space')OP asks for help fleshing out his concept of a CoC setting in the far future, where humanity has colonised other planets and Earth has been quarantined due to the End Times. The Carter Family owns Silver Key Incorporated and produces gates for long-distance transference, mankind is getting ready to venture toward space and the centre of the universe, and more.Call of Cthulhu, space, Artemis 11, horror, setting, game ideas, Cthulhu, Lovecraft, Mythos2011-12-31 6 
January 2012
17390414Iron Hearts: The Storm War RoomWith the worst of their troubles behind them, the soldiers of the Hellghast Armored Unit take some much-needed time to reflect and prepare for the last leg of their journey.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2012-01-02 2 
17396681Iron Hearts Chapter 19: Vosskon BlossomThe day of reckoning has finally arrived for the Hellghast, as they speed onward toward their destination, the dreaded Voss stronghold--the Black Fortress.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2012-01-02 3 
17409405The Way of HitIn which /tg/ discovers that Hit is the true path.Hit, Fist, Way of Hit, Philosophy, Monks, Violence, Awesome, Funny, Fuck Yeah, 2012-01-03 37 
17488622TG Meta-Quest Planning Thread - Ebon CompleteContinuing from previous planning thread. Wherein we finish arguing over requisition and skill choices for newly minted and leveled-up heroes. Ebon Night is defeated and MetaOP serves up our requisitions at the end of Thread 50. Expect arguments over what to do in our downtime.Collective Game, Meta Quest, Meta, Quest, Orz, UNIT, SCP, Stargate, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Editors, Silent Hill, Persona, Chrono Trigger, Starship Troopers, Requisitions2012-01-11 6 
17498438Ask Your Commisar Anything!Your friendly neighborhood Commissar stops by to help the new recruits and field questions.W40K, Awesome, Commisar, HERESY, Blam2012-01-11 6 
17509751Formless QuestWe wake up as a prisoner, discover that evil Nazi experiments have given us some badass shape-shifting powers, and immediately start working on using those powers to escape.Formless Quest, Collective Game, Nazis2012-01-12 12 
17516668Megalith ver 0.1From Monday, the creator of Skirmish Quest, Iron Hearts, n0c Quest, and Zombie Quest, comes this thing. Part strategy game, part tower defense, the players takes control of a group of kobolds and the Castors, the stone guardians that tower over them, surviving wave after increasingly difficult wave of enemies.Collective Game, megalith, kobolds, Megalith Quest, Skirmish Quest2012-01-13 11 
17529804Formless Quest 2Our attempts to escape trigger a full-scale riot at the prison. Mutations, shit blowing up, and killing lots of Nazis ensues in the mayhem. Formless Quest, Collective Game, Nazis, World War II2012-01-14 10 
17547932Kamen Rider WARP CORE BREACHIn what starts as another request for a nonexistent toku RPG, a fa/tg/uy gives a short storytiem about being sent into orbit and then Rule of Cooling back to earth. kamen, rider, warp core breach, henshin, justice, teleporting is for wimps and children2012-01-15 7 
17554875Formless Quest 3In which not even 4chan spazzing out can stop Proteus' onslaught of revenge. We continue clearing out the camp of the remaining soldiers.Formless Quest, Collective Game, Nazis2012-01-16 7 
17580591MOI LI'L ORKY, BOYZ IZ WAAGH!Orkz are just like ponies. But with less cuteness and more killing.mlp, fim, ponies, orkz, boyz, 40k, what the fuck is this shit2012-01-18 8 
17582311Iron Hearts, Volume 2, Chapter 1: The Battle of NirvanaWith the fate of the Hellghast's final mission left unknown, we go now to the other side of the conflict, the Voss Empire, some time before the war between Ragnyll and Voss. We join the Voss on the field of battle, as they race to secure the last remaining heir of an ancient and powerful bloodline from the clutches of a savage cult.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-Fi2012-01-18 11 
17592472The Discarded: A Living Toy RPG setting - Thread 3In this thread we discuss the role of 40k minis and such and the role of repair and the different properties a certain construction materials provide to toys. Some faggotry happens over the 40k minis but it's overcome. Unfortunately a lot of shit still doesn't get done.living, toys, Toys, grim, dark, win, setting, story, fluff, campaign setting, the discarded2012-01-20 5 
17640412Iron Hearts, Volume 2, Chapter 2: Battle of Armory ParkThe Terrible Children move to eliminate several nobles and conspirators that have planned against the newly-found Prince Vilkas. Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2012-01-23 6 
17639463Disappointing FantasySeries of short tales starting with standard fantasy tropes ending in disappointment and mediocrity. Highly amusing.disappoint, story, story time, mediocrity, disappointment2012-01-23 14 
17649324Heist Quest: The Beginnining/tg/ tries their hands at being bank robbers. Hilarity ensues.Collective Game, Heist Quest2012-01-24 6 
17646053Chapter Quest V - SacrificeRising Sons receive report from Onyx about Chaos warband in the Cryptus Sub-Sector. They track it down and engage it in a bloody battle with unforseen conclusion.Collective Game, Quest. Chapter Quest, Chapter Master, Defiler, Chaos, cultist, sacrifice, manly tears, chaplain, Space Marines2012-01-24 14 
176585132 Iron Hearts, Volume 2, Chapter 3: Battle of Exodus CorridorThe Terrible Children engage an Aeon force in protection of demi-human refugees.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2012-01-25 5 
17658419Heist Quest 2: Rock BottomThe gang gets its shit together.Collective Game, Heist Quest, heist, robber, game2012-01-25 6 
17663365YO ELF IS SO FATWhat began as a DM inquiring about the plausibility of corpulent elves according to D&D fluff quickly devolves into a fantasy version of the Dozens. yo elf is so fat, yo drow is so black, yo dwarf is so quickly, this is probably racist but i am not sure2012-01-25 15 
17660849The Discarded the 5thSome anon makes a desperate attempt to create a ruleset based on the necromunda rules.Needs to be fleshed out.the discarded, toys, garbage dump, the discard the 5th2012-01-25 6 
17679146Oh, what tangled webs we weave.A fa/tg/uy offers a technique towards more compelling storytelling by sewing together the goals and beliefs of multiple PCs. Complete with demonstration.GM, DM, PC, advice, story, discussion, roleplaying2012-01-26 81 
17689085Iron Hearts Warroom: Exodus Corridor Action ReportThe Terrible Children come together to teach the growing Prince Vilkas of shooting tanks, riding wolves, and playing chess, among other things.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2012-01-27 1 
17701129Sororitas Quest 3: The Soulless Taint XIEsme and group descend into the sewers to infiltrate the hiveSororitas Quest, collective game, quest, Sisters of Battle2012-01-28 7 
17723250Chapter Quest IX - Storm Within the StormRising Sons decide to rush to help their vassal-world Nordgrim that is about to be locked within a warp storm, but when they get there, things are even worse than expected.Chapter Quest, Quest, Chapter, Collective Game, Rising Sons, Adeptus Astartes. zombies, Chapter Master, Space Marines, Warp, storm, Nurgle, Witchhunters, feudal2012-01-30 12 
17730787Ironhearts Vol.2 VVarroom Dagram PredeployThe Terrible Children get ready to extract a Special Forces team. Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2012-01-30 2 
17729084Elves discuss Human OverpopulationElves are in danger of being overrun by the rampant sprawl of human promiscuity and technological advancement. Potential solutions and superiority of elves are discussed.elves superior humans disgusting orcs barbaric overpopulation2012-01-31 2 
17742614Iron Hearts Volume 2, Chapter 5: Battle of DagramThe Terrible Children march to do war in the desert once again, moving to secure precious cargo.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2012-01-31 6 
February 2012
17756644Warhammer 40k: Inquisitor Ramsay's Cafeterium Nightmares Pt. 1Write-faggotry describing the exploits of an Ordo Culinatus Inquisitor as he travels the Imperium to help struggling Cafeteriums.Ordo Culinatus, Inquisitor, Ramsay, 40k, WH 40k, Cafeterium, writefaggotry, story, fluff, Warhammer 40k2012-02-01 8 
17759947Finnish Penguin RPG - Ikuisuuden LaaksoAnon shares a Finnish RPG about sapient penguins vying for survival amongst the frozen wastes of the Valley of Eternity. Cool beans!Penguin, Finnish, RPG, translation2012-02-01 16 
17779216Metahuman Renaissance Quest 1Our quest begins with our hero being named, majored, and given superpowers by a crazy bitchMetahuman Renaissance Quest, superheroes, wild talents, javelin2012-02-03 28 
17792316Metahuman Renaissance Quest 2Javelin macks on more mad science ladies, finds out about his powers, registers, makes and spends a lot of money, and gets new shiny things. Metahuman Renaissance Quest, superheroes, wild talents, javelin, collective game, like a sir2012-02-04 24 
17794854TG Quest 58:We turn around, we make a Plan, ArchSUE dies.Collective Game, Meta Quest, Meta, Quest, Sapphy, Kingdom Hearts, Holtz, DOSH, WhyOnEarthIsOrzStillATagTheyWentAway40ThreadsAgo2012-02-04 15 
17800595Street Fighter Quest: First Bout/tg/ takes a dip into the Street Fighter 'verse, taking on the persona of a drunken Frenchman. Fights are had, wine is drunk, and friends are made. Will he become the next World Champion?Street Fighter Quest, Collective Game, Louis de Funes, Street Fighter 2012-02-04 10 
17794180Sororitas Quest 3: The Soulless Taint XII/tg/ decides to split the party and progress further with only the assistance of Caramel.Sororitas Quest, collective game, quest, Sisters of Battle2012-02-05 3 
17805147Metahuman Renaissance Quest 3We try to have a nice date with our new hot redheaded scientist girlfriend and immediately get held up by our first metahuman fight and the subsequent paperwork. Metahuman Renaissance Quest, Wild Talents, superheroes, For Science, javelin, Collective Game2012-02-05 23 
17817039Wise Words From Veteran Adventurers/tg/ muses about what veterans would say to new adventurers. What transpires is awesome.awesome, discussion, getting shit done2012-02-05 38 
17785546Another TGquest planning threadarchived so future readers can see our thought processesCollective Game, Meta Quest, Meta, Quest, Sapphy, Kingdom Hearts, Holtz, DOSH, WhyOnEarthIsOrzStillATagTheyWentAway40ThreadsAgo, Orz, OrzAreStillATagBecauseWeAreWaitingForThemToComeBackAndBiteUsInTheAssForStupidity2012-02-06 6 
17822307Ironhearts Vol.2 Ch.4.2 Battle of DagramThe Terrible Children secured the cargo and took to conquering the rubble.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2012-02-06 6 
17828843On the habits of giants/tg/ turns a "see this, wat do" thread into a legitimate discussion on colonizing sapient cities on giants' backs.See This Wat Do, Colonized Giants, Why /tg/ is great2012-02-06 41 
17831503On the habits of giants 2 - On the Backs of GodsA continuation of the thread on colonizing giants. Now with worldbuilding!See This Wat Do, Colonized Giants, Why /tg/ is great2012-02-06 17 
17835096On the habits of giants 3 - On the Backs of Gods 2And /tg/ is still going! We've now spawned a quest, a wiki page, and we're steadily fleshing out the setting. We seem to have an official name now too.See This Wat Do, Colonized Giants, Why /tg/ is great, On the Backs of Gods2012-02-07 12 
17838457Ironhearts Vol.2 VVarroom Dagram Action ReportThe Terrible Children rescued the priestess, learned the dark secret of the Kashir, and prepare to launch a final assault on the enemy's floating capital city. Also, Oderkonn's lab is completed, and research begins.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2012-02-08 2 
17837890The Lost Future-9 With More Guns and BigotryA revival of 17560757 with more fluff, and now art. robots, engine heart, original content, post-apocalyptic, post-apoc, guns, futuristic2012-02-08 9 
17858278Warhammer 40K: heretical love part XXIIContinuation of SoB thread from previous.Warhammer, 40k, quest, heretical love, papa-n, heresy, sisters of battle, quest thread, warhammer 40k, writefaggotry, max decarus 2012-02-08 25 
17862334On the Backs of Gods 3Continuing design for the setting established in the previous threads.See This Wat Do, Colonized Giants, why tg is great, 2012-02-09 4 
17875188Metahuman Renaissance Quest Part 4.5Part 4 wasn't archived, our power armor is inspected, upgrade plans are made, and metascience professors are worked with.Metahuman Renaissance Quest, Wild Talents, superheroes, For Science, Javelin, Collective Game2012-02-10 24 
17887197Metahuman Renaissance Quest 5The Psychic App store is downloaded, parts are acquires, SAN is checked, and mad science is doneMetahuman Renaissance Quest, superheroes, wild talents, javelin, collective game, red star, the hammer, cosmic horror2012-02-11 25 
17889147Sororitas Quest 3: The Soulless Taint XIIIThe snake daemon is defeated and a wild Filigree is encountered.Sororitas Quest, collective game, quest, Sisters of Battle2012-02-12 1 
17914370Devil-In-TrainingA demon comes to /tg/ for help in landing his first "sell your soul to the devil" Faustian bargain. The neckbeards flex their BBEG muscles and offer what help they can.deal with the devil, demon, devil, evil, Faustian bargain, Punisher’s daughter, Screwtape, sell your soul, Wormwood2012-02-13 10 
17938541Iron Hearts Volume 2, Chapter 5: The Battle of Heaven's GateThe Terrible Children begin their assault on the Kashir stronghold of Makkos Ra, a holy city floating in the skyIron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2012-02-14 6 
17962929/tg/ fails at historyOP posts a picture of Marie Curie, hilarity ensuesmarie curie, history, funny2012-02-15 10 
17960493/tg/ Turns Five: A RetrospectiveOn February 15, 2012, /tg/ celebrated its fifth anniversary with a look back at some of the board's more memorable moments. Happy birthday, /tg/. Here's to five more years.Discussion, story, birthday, anniversary, meta, /tg/, board2012-02-15 13 
17964414/tg/ Turns Five: A Retrospective Part 2Too much awesome nostalgia for just one thread.Discussion, story, birthday, anniversary, meta, /tg/, board2012-02-16 3 
17976707Monsterquest/TG/ tries to make a fetish monstergirl, but the quest runner is having none of that shit. We begin as a blue imp named Chlaon WHO IS CLOTHED AND WILL NOT BE WHIPPING HIS DICK OUT AT PEOPLE. Jesus. imp quest, blue imp, monstergirl fetishquest averted?2012-02-16 13 
17982923Iron Hearts Volume 2, Chapter 5: Battle of Heaven's Gate, Part 2The Terrible Children press their attack, as dickery from Upper Command cuts off the Terrible Children from any sort of reinforcement from the Voss regular army.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-fi2012-02-17 6 
17978165Wuxia CommunismOP asks for help in crafting a wuxia campaign set in an alt-Communist China.wuxia, communism, mao, china2012-02-17 12 
17989716Metahuman Renaissance Quest 7Javelin eats pancakes wit the Evokers', learns Parkour, then WE WIZARD NOW SONMetahuman Renaissance Quest, superheroes, wild talents, javelin, collective game, harry dresden, evokers club, parkour, behold the wizard2012-02-18 23 
18001767METAHUMAN RENAISSANCE part 8Javalin learns about magic and pactscollective game,METAHUMAN RENAISSANCE,METAHUMAN RENAISSANCE quest2012-02-19 23 
18015714Metahuman Renaissance Quest Part 9Javelin summons some spirits collective game,METAHUMAN RENAISSANCE,METAHUMAN RENAISSANCE quest2012-02-20 23 
17993785Sororitas Quest 3: The Soulless Taint XIV/tg/ blunders into a trap. Not that much gets done.Sororitas Quest, collective game, quest, Sisters of Battle2012-02-20 3 
18020205Card Mage QuestA quest about a mage who uses combinations of cards to do his bidding. And surprisingly not quite MtG/Yu-gi-oh/Card Captor Sakura!Collective Game, Card Mage Quest, quest thread, Alex Dubois, Jessica Farthing, vintage doorknobs2012-02-20 16 
18029935Today I must become That Guy Pt3The horror-trainwreck continuesStorytiem, FATAL, Space, That Guy, /d/M, fetish game, player rebellion, That GM2012-02-20 36 
18032393Today I must become That Guy pt4Part 3 magically 404'd before its time, yet DIRK SOLDERS ON!Storytiem, FATAL, Space, That Guy, /d/M, fetish game, player rebellion, That GM2012-02-21 40 
18035221Iron Hearts Warroom: Heaven's Gate Action ReportIn the aftermath of breaching Heaven's Gate, the Terrible Children lick their wounds, upgrade their armaments, and yet again ready themselves for the next assault.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-fi2012-02-21 4 
18043016surprise metahuman renaissanceOp's schedule changed metahuman renaissance, quest,collective game2012-02-21 23 
18055443Christian Mythology in Fantasy Settings/tg/ once again proves it is the best board by having an intelligent discussion about various aspects of Judeo-Christian tradition and mythology.Angels, Fantasy, Religion, Christianity, mythology2012-02-22 24 
18070084Metahuman Renaissance Quest Part 11Javelin's mystical journey through a museumcollective game, METAHUMAN RENAISSANCE, METAHUMAN RENAISSANCE quest2012-02-24 23 
18084594Metahuman Renaissance Quest 12Dan kills flesh golems, and doesn't afraid of anythingMetahuman Renaissance Quest, superheroes, wild talents, javelin, collective game, night at the museum, flesh golem, wolf-girl, advice dan2012-02-25 20 
18090274Metahuman Renaissance Quest 13Dan catches up with the most stereotypical necromancer ever, and finally learns a proper 'name' for Red.Metahuman Renaissance Quest, superheroes, wild talents, javelin, collective game, night at the museum, advice dan, red, syrpent2012-02-25 20 
18097354Metahuman Renaissance Quest 13.33Dan fights Byakhee, chases Red, and once again has to deal with the police.Metahuman Renaissance Quest, superheroes, wild talents, javelin, collective game, night at the museum, syrpent, metacops, byakhee2012-02-26 18 
18107071The Inquisitor - Chapter IChapter 1 of an Inquistitors assignment. Grimdarkgritty. Film-noir style.Inquisitor, Noir, Grimdark, 40k2012-02-26 0 
18111726Metahuman Renaissance Interlude 1Despite autosaging, Omega attempts to get a quest off the ground, and gets a character createdMetahuman Renaissance Quest, collective game, wild talents, Dava'kaal Sythras Vedi'ras, metahuman renaissance interlude, cyrean2012-02-27 8 
18118824MLP and WH40K Civil DiscussionWhat begins as saging and late night cynicism changes into two divergent but equally civil discussionsMLP, WH40K, 40K, Warhammer 40K, discussion, civil, civility, informational, interesting, lol2012-02-27 13 
18131279Iron Hearts Volume 2, Chapter 6: Battle of Dar VillageA fresh batch of recruits to The Terrible Children embark on a peacekeeping operation after bandits are sighted outside a village in newly conquered Voss territory.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-Fi2012-02-28 14 
18136464The Inquisitor - Chapter IIArcturus finds the person he's looking for. But at what price?Inquisitor, Film-noir, 40k, grimdark,2012-02-28 0 
18137641Metahuman Renaissance Quest 14Dan rides down the police station in the APC of awkwardness, and chats with detectivesMetahuman Renaissance Quest, collective game, wild talents, superhero, javelin, metacops, fae, black rock box2012-02-29 18 
March 2012
18151339Iron Hearts Warroom: Dar Village Action ReportAs the Terrible Children welcome the surviving recruits into the unit, more upgrades are had and the next assault is planned.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-Fi2012-03-01 8 
18163457High Lords DiscussionTitle+faith in humanity.Warhammer 40k, Roleplay, Discussion, 2012-03-02 15 
18177425Metahuman Renaissance Quest 15Dan freaks out, gets out, goes to sleep, wakes up, and works out.Metahuman Renaissance Quest, collective game, wild talents, superhero, javelin, metacops, black rock box, the hammer2012-03-03 21 
18190325Metahuman Renaissance Quest 16Dan quibbles on modifications to the Hammer, enchants some shit, then decides to learn Necromancy from a masterMetahuman Renaissance Quest, collective game, wild talents, superhero, javelin, the hammer, necromancy, enchantmen2012-03-04 18 
18204314Metahuman Renaissance quest 17Dan goes to the house of Ashwood, meets a not-robot, and talks to GespenstMetahuman Renaissance Quest, collective game, wild talents, superhero, javelin, the hammer, necromancy,2012-03-05 20 
18230315Metahuman Renaissance Quest 18Dan absorbs some memories, then goes down to the Dreamlands for an interesting talk with RedMetahuman Renaissance Quest, collective game, wild talents, superhero, javelin, the hammer, necromancy, gespenst, dreamlands, red2012-03-07 22 
18237435Shadowrun Storytime 2The continued story of a Shadowrun That Guy, now with more berserk troll.Shadowrun, That Guy, 2D, Dervish, Geppetto, DeadMan, Trout, Street Samurai, Hacker, Mage, Infiltrator2012-03-07 93 
18233660Iron Hearts Volume 2, Chapter 7: Battle of Heaven PondThe Terrible Children are tossed into the fray once more, fighting for control of a Kashir air base floating in the clouds.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-Fi2012-03-07 6 
18254897High Lords DiscussionThe discussion about saving the imperium continuesWarhammer 40k, Roleplay, Discussion,2012-03-09 6 
18267508Metahuman Renaissance Quest 19Dan begins an epic battle in the center of the Dream ScapeMetahuman Renaissance Quest, collective game, wild talents, superhero, javelin, the hammer, necromancy, gespenst, dreamlands, red2012-03-10 18 
18279217Iron Hearts Volume 2, Chapter 7: Battle of Heaven Pond, pt 2The Terrible Children press their assault against the Kashir, all the while beating back attacks from both the land and the sky.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-Fi2012-03-11 6 
18282927Planetary Governor Quest: Part OneFormer Captain Elyssa von Braun assumes the position of Lord Governor over the planet Daysimir, but all is not well in this sector, and many things are not as they appear...Collective Game, Quest, Quest Thread, Planetary Governor Quest, Epic Win, Discussion, 40K, Warhammer, Navy2012-03-11 33 
18286800Planetary Governor Quest Part TwoWe uncover a Genestealer infestation under our capitol and begin containment. Sisters of Battle and Ultramarines are called in and we begin preparation for Operation NapalmCollective Game, Planetary Governor Quest, Warhammer, 40K, Eldar, Guns, discussion, Ultramarines, Sisters of Battle, RT, Rogue Trader, Genestealer2012-03-11 23 
18291189Shadowrun Storytime 4The Ares runs begin, Tank gets a SIN, and an interrogation gets...weird.Shadowrun, Storytime, 2D, Geppetto, Dervish, Tank, Teacup Ride, Cyberpunk, Knight Errant2012-03-12 73 
18269826Sororitas Quest 3: The Soulless Taint XV/tg/ manages to defeat a giant tentacle abomination and enters a new area with a power generator.Sororitas Quest, collective game, quest, Sisters of Battle2012-03-12 7 
18289775Metahuman Renaissance Quest part 20Fight with Anna, Round 3! This time with allies.Metahuman Renaissance, collective game, wild talents2012-03-12 20 
18324310Let no good deed go unpunished, ConclusionOnce upon a time, OP shared a story of a jackass DM who felt virtue was its own punishment. Now OP returns months later, with his tale of woegood deeds, no good deed goes unpunished, That DM, that guy,2012-03-14 15 
18328385Iron Hearts VVarroom: Heaven Pond Action ReportIn light of the unintended destruction of the airbase, the Terrible Children debate on their next course of action. Meanwhile, the Science division argues on what applications their newly discovered wonder metal can be used for.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-Fi2012-03-15 6 
18340884Viking QuestWe are Urist McHammerfist, last of the vikings! And we begin our journey to find a wife.collective game, viking quest, viking, dragon, jotun, iceland, barbarian, punch, fist, badass, awesome, boobs2012-03-16 12 
18361538Hogwarts Quest 4Thale Hussein begins his first class in the den of villainy and witchcraft.Hogwarts Quest, Islam, Thale Hussain, Crazy Hassan, Hufflepuff, Collective Game2012-03-18 6 
18370590Metahuman Renaissance Quest 21Dan sits with his allies for a nice chat about the coming day.Metahuman Renaissance Quest, collective game, wild talents, superhero, javelin, war room2012-03-19 15 
18400401Shadowrun Storytime 6Bend the Infiltrator joins the team, spirits get stoned, 2D jizzes himself, and the Vegas arc comes to a close.Shadowrun, Storytime, Storytiem, 2D, TwoDee, Geppetto, Dervish, Bend, Vegas, Las Vegas2012-03-21 70 
18410001Zerg Quest LXXIXDyles is dead. So...what now?Collective Game, Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Zoinks, Capitalism!2012-03-22 10 
18411027Iron Hearts Volume 2, Chapter 8: The Silvia CrisisAs news reaches the Young Prince's ears of a Skyland having disappeared, the Kashir mount an offensive into Voss land. Will a detachment of regular army mooks, led by a handful of soldiers chosen from the Terrible Children, be able to hold back the assault?Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-Fi2012-03-22 11 
18421888Shadowrun Storytime 72D and the crew head to Tokyo, Shenanigans ensueShadowrun, Storytime, TwoDee, Dervish, Geppetto, Bend, Tokyo2012-03-23 77 
18442863Metahuman Renaissance Quest 22Dan talks to his dad, tried to talk to his mom, then hits the books.Metahuman Renaissance Quest, collective game, wild talents, superhero, javelin2012-03-25 15 
18458666I am OverwatchIn which the new player Autismo makes a GM look like a boss, and players are amazedstorytime, Dark Heresy, Deathwatch, Autismo 2012-03-26 65 
18458206Blue Rose and the Balkans/tg/ talks about Blue Rose and learns about the Balkansblue rose, history, europe, yugoslavia2012-03-26 12 
18454487Metahuman Renaissance Quest 23Dan talks to his mom and gets some spare cash from the Feds. Then he calls his available allies together for a strategy session and heals Johnny's leg.Metahuman Renaissance Quest, collective game, wild talents2012-03-26 14 
18479628Metahuman Renaissance Quest 24Dan chats with some people about stuff, before the thread bogs down, with stuff.Metahuman Renaissance Quest, collective game, wild talents, superhero, javelin, syrpent2012-03-28 11 
18460001Iron Hearts VVarroom: Silvia Crisis Action ReportTheir defense of Silvia successful, the Terrible Children prepare to enter the tattered ruins of the crashed floating island. Varmach purchases are made, the first masterclass is unlocked, and the Captain gets into a catfight with the Marshal.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-Fi2012-03-29 7 
18516148Metahuman Renaissance Quest 25Blackstone offers exposition, then Dan & co order Ninja PizzaMetahuman Renaissance Quest, collective game, wild talents, superhero, javelin, 2012-03-31 12 
18517679Feudalism Builder 3In which the Dice Gods inform House Cannith (among others) to kindly go hang.collect_game Feudalism_Builder nation_game ohgodmysides2012-03-31 0 
18517205Wacky Racing 40kOp asks a simple question: What are the DE Reaver races like? What follows is an discussion about racing in 40k, and how to make a game about it. Who knew that 40k and Redline would fit this well together?Racing, Discussion, Homebrew, Dark Eldar, 40k, Redline2012-03-31 20 
April 2012
18529109Metahuman Renaissance Quest 26Dan begins the final day (of Act I)Metahuman Renaissance Quest, collective game, wild talents, superhero, javelin, the hammer2012-04-01 11 
18532118Planetary Governor Quest: Part 5We begin fortifying our cities, prepare for a confrontation with the Ultramarines, buy shit from RT, discover an STC printout, start work on various projects and begin planning our entrance into the Private Sector.Collective Game, Planetary Governor Quest, Ultramarines, Space Marines, STC, AdMech, Inquisitor, Reasonable Marines, 40K Warhammer,2012-04-01 20 
18539274Metahuman Renaissance Quest 27Dan buys COOL STUFF, then goes with Blackstone to investigate Anna's apartment. With psychic powers.Metahuman Renaissance Quest, collective game, wild talents, superhero, javelin, red2012-04-02 11 
18532456Shadowrun Storytime 8The team goes to Lagos, and runner-on-runner violence happens! Geppetto kills a guy in a really fucked-up way. Also Nextwave!Shadowrun, Storytime, Storytiem, Shadowrun Storyime, Twodee, 2D, Dervish, Geppetto, Bend, Lagos, Nextwave2012-04-02 72 
18562850Metahuman Renaissance Quest 28Dan continues his psychic investigations of Anna's apt. and has an interesting conversationMetahuman Renaissance Quest, collective game, wild talents, superhero, javelin, red2012-04-04 12 
18544436Iron Hearts Volume 2, Chapter 9: The Raid on Gorgon FortressWhat dangers await the Terrible Children when they launch an assault on the Skyland fortress felled in the defense of Sylvia?Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-Fi2012-04-04 6 
18587045Metahuman Renaissance Quest 29In a short thread, Dan gets back from Anna's apartment, asks about a sword, and does some enchantingMetahuman Renaissance Quest, collective game, wild talents, superhero, javelin, dr m2012-04-06 11 
18612029Metahuman Renaissance Quest 30Dan dreamtalks with Dr. M, then gets a call to explore some maintenance tunnels for Red.Metahuman Renaissance Quest, collective game, wild talents, superhero, javelin, dr m2012-04-08 11 
18645891Shadowrun Storytime 92D and crew finally corner Two-Times in Bogota. The Sixth World is marred forever.Shadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Storytime, TwoDee, 2D, Dervish, Geppetto, Bend, Bogota, Sensei, Pirates, Aztechnology2012-04-10 62 
18642682Fist of Shadow Quest 1In which we go unarmed Predator on some asses.Collective Game, Fist, Shadow, Fist of Shadow, Fist of Shadow Quest, Quest, monk, unarmed, shadow2012-04-10 14 
18658585Fist of Shadow Quest 2In which we hunt down a Mucktouched and show it how we do.Collective Game, Fist, Fist of Shadow, Fist of Shadow Quest, Quest, monk, unarmed, shadow2012-04-11 13 
18697008Fist of Shadow Quest 3In which we encounter the Dawnchasers, and steal a Shard.Collective Game, Fist, Fist of Shadow, Fist of Shadow Quest, Quest, monk, unarmed, shadow2012-04-13 11 
18699563Metahuman Renaissance Quest 31Dan has a talk with Blackstone, and makes future plansMetahuman Renaissance Quest, collective game, wild talents, superhero, javelin, red2012-04-14 11 
18712505Metahuman Renaissance Quest 32Dan does some more research, then rolls on down to the place with the police, and talks to Miles the necromancer about the museum jobMetahuman Renaissance Quest, collective game, wild talents, superhero, javelin, red star2012-04-15 13 
18717305Planetary Governor Quest: Part 6We reconcile with the Resistance, discover that the Munitorum Rep is an ex-Inquisitor (No surprise there) and fight off a massive Chaos raiding force.Collective Game, Planetary Governor Quest, Ultramarines, Space Marines, STC, AdMech, Inquisitor, Reasonable Marines, 40K Warhammer, Tau, Chaos, Space, Inquisition2012-04-15 25 
18726973Metahuman Renaissance Quest 33Dan calls home his research to Ashwood, talks with the Evokers for a bit, then does a job for Blackstone to level the playing field for tonight.Metahuman Renaissance Quest, collective game, wild talents, superhero, javelin, blackstone, space2012-04-16 11 
18734234A concept of Human Ingenuity and madnessDurendal shares his idea for a space setting where spaceships are all biological; grown from humans. /tg/ takes the concept and runs with it; yielding interesting results and both clean and slightly-fetishy variants of the setting.setting, development, space, ship, grimdark, transhuman, giant, giantess, war, freaky, biological, bioship, The Archivist2012-04-16 11 
18739874Fist of Shadow Quest 4In which we get lost in an underground jungle and horror awaits.Collective Game, Fist, Fist of Shadow, Fist of Shadow Quest, Quest, monk, unarmed, shadow2012-04-17 11 
18718548Iron Hearts VVarroom: Gorgon Fortress Action ReportIn the aftermath of the near-crisis at Gorgon Fortress, the Terrible Children end up with a sizable amount of Ibonyte and a captured Death God, with nary an idea of what to do with either.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2012-04-17 8 
18744841Thomas the Space EngineOP comes to /tg/ asking for help with his homebrew setting. It is a setting where in his words: the players get to play a small fleet of sentient, mostly self reliant warships that also have android Avatars.homebrew, GM, sci-fi, A.I, Space Engine, spaceship, space ship, space, sentient ships, The Archivist2012-04-17 12 
18782564Metahuman Renaissance Quest 34Omega gets his game face on, begins CINEMATIC TIME, and the end becomes slightly more nighMetahuman Renaissance Quest, collective game, wild talents, superhero, javelin, red, cinematic time2012-04-20 14 
18792855Fist of Shadow Quest 5In which we arrive at Terec and resolve a hostage situation.Collective Game, Fist, Fist of Shadow, Fist of Shadow Quest, Quest, monk, unarmed, shadow2012-04-20 11 
18794822Metahuman Renaissance Quest 35Dan and Ashwood get into a Biplane duel with a dragon, and shit goes DOWN. Metahuman Renaissance Quest, collective game, wild talents, superhero, javelin, red, dr. m2012-04-21 18 
18809839Planetary Governor Quest: Part 7We start cleanup of the Chaos-Marine wrecked city, give a speech, and start negotiations with an asinine Ultramarines Captain.Collective Game, Planetary Governor Quest, Ultramarines, Space Marines, STC, AdMech, Inquisitor, Reasonable Marines, 40K Warhammer, Tau, Chaos, Space, Inquisition2012-04-22 20 
18829289Fist of Shadow Quest 6In which we fight like 8 dudes at once for a nice amount of cash.Collective Game, Fist, Fist of Shadow, Fist of Shadow Quest, Quest, monk, unarmed, shadow2012-04-24 11 
18837867Magical Girl DystopiaMagical Girls take over and stunt human emotions by making everything into happy land. Rebels use gene therapy to become monsters and fight them. Fluuuuuuuuufffffluff, magical girls, setting, game ideas, writefag, getting shit done, dystopia, world building, discussion, magicpunk, 1984, mahou shoujo, gene therapy2012-04-24 21 
18848099Shadowrun Storytime 11The Summer episode! The Team tries their hand at a bank heist.Shadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Storytime, Storytiem, 2D, Twodee, Geppetto, Wildcard, Bend, Dervish, Bank Heist, Bank Job2012-04-25 56 
18872868Metahuman Renaissance Part 36A guest star appears, and Act I ends, finally.Metahuman Renaissance Quest, collective game, wild talents, superhero, javelin, dr m, act i, anna2012-04-27 13 
18887329Metahuman Renaissance Quest 37After tying up some loose ends, Dan finally gets to go to VermontMetahuman Renaissance Quest, collective game, wild talents, javelin2012-04-28 13 
18884233Fist of Shadow Quest 7In which we do a bit of bounty hunting, and find a lead about our Sifu.Collective Game, Fist, Fist of Shadow, Fist of Shadow Quest, Quest, monk, unarmed, shadow2012-04-28 11 
18897317Fist of Shadow Quest 7-2In which we finally get our bounty and Batman so hard.Collective Game, Fist, Fist of Shadow, Fist of Shadow Quest, Quest, monk, unarmed, shadow2012-04-28 11 
18904408Sisters of CleaningA rehash of classic Sisters of Cleaning tales and a few new ones.40k, warhammer, Sisters of Battle2012-04-30 13 
18913499African Based Setting DiscussionFa/tg/uys once again discuss elements of a campaign setting based off of traditional African mythology and history.African, myths, history, setting2012-04-30 6 
May 2012
18921230Fist of Shadow Quest 8In which we learn more about the city and blow a lot of cash.Collective Game, Fist, Fist of Shadow, Fist of Shadow Quest, Quest, monk, unarmed, shadow2012-05-01 11 
18927835Fist of Shadow Quest 8-2In which we finish shopping and... go on a date?!Collective Game, Fist, Fist of Shadow, Fist of Shadow Quest, Quest, monk, unarmed, shadow2012-05-01 11 
18937815Metahuman Renaissance Quest 38Dan continues his examination of his alien cache of technology, finds more powers, and gets moar money.Metahuman Renaissance Quest, collective game, wild talents, superhero, javelin2012-05-02 12 
18929052Fortune: Evolution Game - Part 2, Winter is ComingAn ice age soon approaches the planet Fortune. Can the inhabitants of this once tropical world adapt to the changing conditions or will they be met with the icy grip of extinction?Collective Game, Fortune Evolution, evolution, winter is coming, ice age2012-05-02 20 
18978120Metahuman Renaissance Quest 39Dan spends some time doing stuff. Also he flies to fucking space. Metahuman Renaissance Quest, collective game, wild talents, superhero, space2012-05-05 13 
18974928Fist of Shadow Quest 9TOURNAMENT ARCCollective Game, Fist, Fist of Shadow, Fist of Shadow Quest, Quest, monk, unarmed, shadow2012-05-05 11 
18941465Iron Hearts VVarroom: Zanzibarland Preparations and PredeployThe Terrible Children receive new and potentially devastating energy weaponry, and the decision is made to strike at the next of the Kashir Skylands, a floating island dominated by lush jungles and ferocious fauna.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2012-05-05 8 
18984111Fist of Shadow Quest 9-2The tournament continues with us beating the former champion, a little girl AND NOW WHO WILL EMERGE THE CHAMPION! The answer lies in the heart of battle! Collective Game, Fist, Fist of Shadow, Fist of Shadow Quest, Quest, monk, unarmed, shadow 2012-05-05 11 
18988032Fist of Shadow Quest 9-3The tournament comes to a close as Khan, our hero's self-professed ETERNAL RIVAL, gets his rematch.Collective Game, Fist, Fist of Shadow, Fist of Shadow Quest, Quest, monk, unarmed, shadow 2012-05-05 12 
18990192Shadowrun Storytime 12The team goes back to college. It's not quite how they remember...Shadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Storytime, TwoDee, Geppetto, Bend, Dervish, Wildcard, College, University2012-05-06 36 
18997281Creepy alchemist threadAnon notices how D&D alchemists are really creepy folk, things quickly degenerate beyond horrible.alchemist, alchemy, D&D, pathfinder, plague, doctor, vivisection2012-05-06 25 
19011960Fist of Shadow Quest 10Our hero and his buddy Khan are invited to dinner with High Master Blaine, the leader of Terec. Revelations are had, and Blaine asks (or is it demands?) a favor.Collective Game, Fist, Fist of Shadow, Fist of Shadow Quest, Quest, monk, unarmed, shadow 2012-05-07 11 
19021618Fist of Shadow Quest 10-2Though not of his own volition, our hero finally has his confrontation with Master Richards, the man who turned his world upside down. It turns out Richards makes for quite the Bond villain.Collective Game, Fist, Fist of Shadow, Fist of Shadow Quest, Quest, monk, unarmed, shadow 2012-05-08 11 
1903303640k Postal ServiceMessaging goes postal in 40kcollective game, mail, warhammer 40k, 40k, spess mahreen, intergalactic postman should be a fucking go in his own right,2012-05-09 12 
19027333Metahuman Renaissance Quest 40Dan decides to go some where more local before heading to space, picks Japan, and is forced to choose who to bring. Metahuman Renaissance Quest, collective game, wild talents, superhero, javelin, the darkness is growing2012-05-09 12 
19020589Iron Hearts Volume 2, Chapter 10: The Zanzibarland OffensiveThe Terrible Children find them bogged down in the jungle, beset on all sides by dinosaurs, bugs, and one very angry ape.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2012-05-09 11 
19067210Fist of Shadow Quest 11In which our hero gains a party member, rodeos a beholder, and brings the mad Master Richards to an ignominious end.Collective Game, Fist, Fist of Shadow, Fist of Shadow Quest, Quest, monk, unarmed, shadow 2012-05-12 11 
19069844Metahuman Renaissance Quest 41Dan spends time on planes. And reading things. Metahuman Renaissance Quest, collective game, wild talents, superhero, javelin2012-05-12 11 
19075436Fist of Shadow Quest 11-2The Shadow Sun reveals itself. The Student ascends. The Adept appears.Collective Game, Fist, Fist of Shadow, Fist of Shadow Quest, Quest, monk, unarmed, shadow, Shattered Sun2012-05-12 13 
19082172The Tale of Patrick O'CallahanWell, citizens of /tg/, gather round. Get yerselves a pint, warm up by the fire, and stop ogling the damn whores for a second so I can tell you the story of the best elf I've ever had the fortune of playing, Patrick O'Callahan.Story, Storytime, Patrick, O', Callahan, Irish, Elf, Awesome, Barfight, Justice, Wish2012-05-13 39 
19043505Fortune: Evolution Game - Discussion Thread 2While the first was not archived (nor is it worth archiving), this discussion thread proves to be full of brainstorming concerning the next stage of life on that wild, wild world. Previews of Part 5 as well as links to the new 1d4chan page are included. brainstorm, Deus vs Machina, discussion, ecologyfag, evo game, evolution game, evolution, Father, Fortune Evolution, FortuneHost, nongent, occasional silliness, preview, sneak-peek, Stooge, zeppelin sex,2012-05-14 10 
19085077Magical Girl Dystopia IIIMore fleshing out about the girls and the resistancefluff, magical girls, setting, game ideas, writefag, getting shit done, dystopia, world building, discussion, magicpunk, 1984, mahou shoujo, gene therapy2012-05-14 5 
19101734Fist of Shadow Quest 12In which we shop, round up the party, and head for the Starry Seas... only to get ambushed in the night.Collective Game, Fist, Fist of Shadow, Fist of Shadow Quest, Quest, monk, unarmed, shadow, Shattered Sun2012-05-15 11 
19093083Iron Hearts Volume 2, Chapter 10: Zanzibarland Offensive, pt 2The Kashir make themselves known, and as the fight wears on, the Terrible Children find themselves dealing with dinosaurs and the undead.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2012-05-15 8 
19112522Kindheitstrauma Playing Children Homebrew/tg/ collects point buy drawbacks for a childhood horror game, remembers own childhood, is being awesome.Mommy is sick, Daddy gets mad, My brother is dead, Mommy's Icky Friend, Divorced, Little Princess, Beaten, My Little Robot, Bad Touch, Jog Dad, Little Sunshine, In the System, Our Pride, Evil?, On Ritalin, Home Alone, Moving Again, I'm a Mistake2012-05-16 22 
19115266Metahuman Renaissance Quest 42Dan finally sets foot in Japan, goes for a walk, and meets some locals.Metahuman Renaissance Quest, collective game, wild talents, superhero, javelin, the black rider draw near2012-05-16 11 
19117954Gaming Club Despot / Economists and EpochsOP begins by asking how to keep his gaming club pure, and is quickly revealed as a god-tier troll. /tg/ responds by derailing into a homebrewed setting where martial arts cults pay homage to the warring gods of Economic Theory.troll, OP, faggot, god-tier, 10/10, rage, derail, tg, /tg/, Economists and Epochs, gaming club, homebrew, setting2012-05-16 22 
19119894Magical Girl Dystopia IVThe setting is solidified, ideas are developed, and issues from the last thread are snipped in the bud.fluff, magical girls, setting, game ideas, writefag, getting shit done, dystopia, world building, discussion, magicpunk, 1984, mahou shoujo, gene therapy2012-05-18 2 
19149444Fist of Shadow Quest 13Our hero and his party arrive in the coastal town of Sandoval only to realize they're still not going anywhere for a while. Resolving to make some dosh to pay the ferry fare, the party (sans Khan) makes a detour to the dreaded -- and predictably dark -- Darklands.Collective Game, Fist, Fist of Shadow, Fist of Shadow Quest, Quest, monk, unarmed, shadow, Shattered Sun2012-05-19 8 
19164148Dorftales/tg/ invades Drowtales three years after everyone stopped giving a fuck.drowtales, dwarf, dorf, dwarfs, dwarves, derpadoo, fuck you for reading this faggot, goddamn get a life2012-05-20 11 
19162810Metahuman Renaissance Quest 43Dan and co finally do some sight seeing in Japan, then get a tour of the Tokyo MetyoMetahuman Renaissance Quest, collective game, wild talents, superhero, javelin, a storm is about to break2012-05-20 10 
19169232Planetary Governor Quest: Part 7.5A short and late session in which we finish negotiating with the Ultramarines, OP refines some things and the Quest scheduling is altered. Most of the problems can be attributed to the new 4chan HTML fucking up.Collective Game, Planetary Governor Quest, Ultramarines, Space Marines, STC, AdMech, Inquisitor, Reasonable Marines, 40K Warhammer, Tau, Chaos, Space, Inquisition, HTML2012-05-20 12 
19186159Fist of Shadow Quest 14In which we find FUCKING VAMPIRES. A TON OF THEM.Collective Game, Fist, Fist of Shadow, Fist of Shadow Quest, Quest, monk, unarmed, shadow, Shattered Sun2012-05-22 11 
19183546Iron Hearts VVarroom: Zanzibarland Action ReportAfter braving the terrors of the jungle, promotions are handed out, a new type of requisition form is introduced, and a group of skeletons decide to make a song. That last one does not end well.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2012-05-22 8 
19198947Iron Hearts Volume 2, Chapter 10: The Waterhol IncidentA new Kashir commander, Alfya, makes an appearance and stages a raid on a Voss border outpost.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2012-05-23 8 
19202703Zerg Quest LXXXVIIThe Infestation of Earth continues! Also, a brief visit from MetaQuest OP. How sweet.Collective Game, Starcraft, Cerebrate Anon, Zerg Quest, Come closer my pretty, This injection is totally safe, Oh THAT Tyson!2012-05-23 9 
19226500Metahuman Renaissance Quest 44Dan investigates the future heroes of Japan, then answers their questions before CLIFFHANGERMetahuman Renaissance Quest, collective game, wild talents, superhero, javelin, cliffhanger, he is here2012-05-25 12 
19223358Fist of Shadow Quest 15In which we lose Khan and Erin, and learn a bit about Pale Luna.Collective Game, Fist, Fist of Shadow, Fist of Shadow Quest, Quest, monk, unarmed, shadow, Shattered Sun2012-05-25 9 
19243277Planetary Governor Quest: Part EightWe hammer out space-combat, acquire several ships that we were apparently supposed to have the entire time, come to an agreement with the Sisters of Battle regarding setting up a Mission, visit the site of the Chaos Raid, and have a Zombie scare. Also Homesteading and Editor dropping more epic speeches.Collective Game, Planetary Governor Quest, 40K, Warhammer, Space Marine, Chaos, Sisters of Battle, Sororitas, Hospitaller, Space, Quest, Zombies, Fungus, Space Battle2012-05-26 13 
19245066I Am You & You Are MeOP suspects that every thread on /tg/ is one poster with multiple personality disorder. Anons then proceed to namefag as an entire rogue's gallery of various "subpshyches" and personality entities, representing the many facets of human emotion and the mind, all led by the Manager (the brain) who directs Hardware (the body).roleplay, namefag, multiple personality disorder, subpshyche, hardware, manager2012-05-26 10 
19255653Planetary Governor Quest: Part NineAnother short session. Not very much is accomplished, but we do lay the groundwork for future plans and start on building the Sisters a moon base.Collective Game, Planetary Governor Quest, 40K, Warhammer, Space Marine, Chaos, Sisters of Battle, Sororitas, Hospitaller, Space, Quest, Zombies, Fungus, Space Battle2012-05-27 12 
19263832Metahuman Renaissance Quest 45Anna takes a brief spotlight as she stabs reality and hunts monsters and doesn't afraid of anything. Metahuman Renaissance Quest, collective game, wild talents, superhero, javelin, anna, guest star2012-05-28 8 
19279925Iron Hearts Volume 2, Chapter 11: The Battle of KolstecThe Terrible Children attack a town on the outskirts of Kashir territory, both to rescue a downed reconnaissance pilot and to attempt to capture a Kashir CO.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2012-05-29 7 
19283964Primordial Evo, Eastern Continent Tribal/Discussion Thread 2Thread starts weird and horrifying, then gets back on track with civil discussion, stellar art and worldbuilding.Bord Empire, discussion, drawfaggotry, Eastern Continent, evo, evo game, evolution, evolution game, FortuneHost, Gaghiel, Gantu, Govkar, Gwiliak, Indonesian Gentleman, Jungle Fever 3, Kaze, Nad, namefags, NO TRIP, nongent, Onolkeshan, Primordial Evo, SHOGUN GLUND, Silith, Skulks, Solomon, stupid sexy Skulks…, tribal, Zal'zaz'siel2012-05-30 6 
19302123Biotech? Biotech.How to biotech.WITH FETISHES!, AND LASERS!2012-05-31 5 
June 2012
19330283Planetary Governor Quest: Part TenIn which we get the lowdown on local politics and factions from the Arbites Judge, make more plans, argue about Power Weapons, and learn a bit of Daysimir history and the background of the Iron Dragons.Collective Game, Planetary Governor Quest, 40K, Warhammer, Space Marine, Chaos, Sisters of Battle, Sororitas, Hospitaller, Space, Quest, Space Battle2012-06-02 11 
19366586Fist of Shadow Quest 16In which our hero becomes a narc and cleans up the streets of drugs. Collective Game, Fist, Fist of Shadow, Fist of Shadow Quest, Quest, monk, unarmed, shadow, Shattered Sun2012-06-05 8 
19343530Primordial Evo, Eastern Continent - Tribal 2The continued development and adventures of Eastern Tribes. Nad makes a tsundere bug girl, and Fortune's Gantu slay monsters and make contact with the Kaze. The Ca'rethil develop both kung-fu and architechture and the Silith nearly burn the damn forest down in their attempts to discover the secrets of metalworking.Collective Game, Primordial Evo, evolution, Indonesian Gentleman, nongent, Smokey the Bear is pissed2012-06-07 2 
19406363Parker & Johnson Inc.Adventurers join the business community, corporate shenanigans ensue. D&D, Corperation, Mimic door, Frank the Illithid, Original Content, Discussion2012-06-08 39 
19425243Mahou Shounen Quest 128We find a statue buried in the garden. WHY IS IT EVEN HERE?Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, getting spacelaid, YOU ARE THIS MAD2012-06-10 11 
19439333Mahou Shounen Quest 129Stuff happens, and then there's that thing to consider. Totally not being vague.Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, getting spacelaid, YOU ARE THIS MAD2012-06-11 12 
19449259Mahou Shounen Quest 130We reach the "climax" of the ST.Vicious mission. We need to get through this on a wing and a prayer.Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, getting spacelaid, YOU ARE THIS MAD2012-06-12 16 
19447851/tg/ Meta Quest 81DRIVE ME CLOSER! I WANT TO HIT THEM WITH MY LOGIC. Lots of progress is made in solving problems through talking.Collective Game, Meta Quest, Meta, Quest, Orz, Ah! My Goddess, Ahriman, Warhammer, Belldandy, Skuld, SUE, Logic, Rynex is a Weeaboo2012-06-12 13 
19458916Metahuman Renaissance Quest EndWith sadness, Metahuman Renaissance comes to a close. Metahuman Renaissance Quest, collective game,2012-06-13 5 
19474192Ironhearts Clovis Intermission Chapter 1A small Clovis special forces team is sent to extract a VIP being hunted by the Voss.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2012-06-14 12 
19496755Zerg Quest XCA Cerebrate's life hangs in the balance, and the dice decide everything goes GREAT.Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Collective Game, Zerg Quest, Tassadar, Fenix's balls that was close, unexpected alliance, WHAT A TWIST2012-06-16 7 
19497943Planetary Governor Quest: Part TwelveThe first decent session in a while. We continue dismantling the Space Hulk, Get Skitarii help, and fight a mob of "evolved" Cyborks with huge, angry squigs and a really messed up mutant Warboss.Collective Game, Planetary Governor Quest, 40K, Warhammer, Space Marine, Chaos, Sisters of Battle, Sororitas, Hospitaller, Space, Quest, Zombies, Fungus, Space Battle, Orks, warboss, Blood Axes, Fang, Dreadnought2012-06-16 20 
19523221Iron Hearts Intermission, Chapter 2: The Camel JockeyA Clovis special forces group teams up with the Kashir to route a crushing Voss offensive.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2012-06-18 10 
19554306Magical Girl Noir QuestA currently drunk and slightly amnesiac magical girl gets another to smoke and hallucinatesMagical Girl Noir Quest, Collective Game, Deculture, drawfag, Magical Girl, noir, whisky2012-06-20 38 
19566127Magical Girl Noir Quest 3A painfully sober and slightly amnesiac magical girl crushes the pride of several security men and meets with her principal in a bodyguard gig.Magical Girl Noir Quest, Collective Game, Deculture, drawfag, Magical Girl, noir, whisky2012-06-21 38 
19557997Iron Hearts Intermission: Clovis WarroomThe Clovis task force gains new intel on its next target, and a possible opportunity for when to carry out their next operation.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2012-06-22 10 
19579302Magical Girl Noir Quest 4A painfully sober and slightly amnesiac magical girl with minty fresh breath secures the room and things go badly from there.Magical Girl Noir Quest, Collective Game, Deculture, drawfag, Magical Girl, noir, whisky2012-06-22 38 
19592149Primordial evo game. Southern caves.We plunge into the complex cave systems underneath the surface of the southern continent. Nightmare fuel ensues.Primordial, evo game, Collective Game, emils, raga, hoppa, geist, fus, inoglund, fren, cedya, wirm2012-06-25 1 
19618989Magical Girl Noir Quest 5A painfully sober and slightly amnesiac magical girl wakes up from an illusion and makes some otaku regret their life decisions.Magical Girl Noir Quest, Collective Game, Deculture, drawfag, Magical Girl, noir, whisky2012-06-25 38 
19647104Magical Girl Noir Quest 6A thankfully much less sober magical girl gets debriefed, followed by visitors.Magical Girl Noir Quest, Collective Game, Deculture, drawfag, Magical Girl, noir, whisky2012-06-27 38 
19671721Magical Girl Noir Quest 7A hungover magical girl gets cuddled.Magical Girl Noir Quest, Collective Game, Deculture, drawfag, Magical Girl, noir, whisky2012-06-29 38 
19671858Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Savageness: Thread 2With the basics of character creation done, Minifig now works on specific animals. Suggestions are made, things are refined, alliances are forged.RPG, rpg, Palladium, Savage Worlds, TMNT, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, homebrew, SW, /tg/ gets shit done, shit gets done, win, character creation, mutants, cordova is awesome2012-06-30 2 
19672238Chapter Quest XVI - From wolf to bearWe managed to clear suspicions of our heresy only to be caught while trying to steal some illegal xeno drugs. Now we are at the mercy of the Inquisitor and it seems that he is planning to use our muscle for something dirty in exchange for silence...Collective Game, Chapter Quest, Chapter Master, Chapter Master Quest, Ghosts of Retribution, Space Marine, Warhammer 40,000, WH40K, Imperium of Man, Power Garrot, Strategic Girth, Xeno Drugs, Heresy, Inquisition2012-06-30 5 
19679873Planetary Governor Quest: Part 13We take control of the Ork ship, recover delicious genetic-engineering Archeotech, peel the first layer off the Space Hulk, and start isolating the Chaos Frigate from everything elseCollective Game, Planetary Governor Quest, Ultramarines, Space Marines, STC, AdMech, Inquisitor, Reasonable Marines, 40K Warhammer, Tau, Chaos, Space, Inquisition, HTML2012-06-30 16 
July 2012
19693145Magical Girl Noir Quest 8A hungover magical girl goes to meet the target at a yakuza bar. A fight ensues.Magical Girl Noir Quest, Collective Game, Deculture, drawfag, Magical Girl, noir, whiskey2012-07-01 37 
19690742Iron Hearts Intermission, Chapter 3: The Peace IncidentThe members of the Exodus Eagles Cloven task force infiltrate the Voss Empire's capitol city to retrieve an high-value individual, all the while trying to keep their cool in the face of arrests, military parades, assassins, and sewer gators.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci-Fi2012-07-02 7 
19707604Magical Girl Noir Quest 9A angrily sober and slightly amnesiac magical girl picks up some guns and backup to rescue a friend and retire a former colleague.Magical Girl Noir Quest, Collective Game, Deculture, drawfag, Magical Girl, noir, whiskey2012-07-02 38 
19709082Chapter Master Quest XVII - Don't open the book!We took a mission from an inquisitor, it was all downhill from there.Collective Game, Chapter Quest, Chapter Master, Chapter Master Quest, Ghosts of Retribution, Space Marine, Warhammer 40,000, WH40K, Imperium of Man, Power Garrot, Strategic Girth, Xeno Drugs, Heresy, Inquisition2012-07-03 8 
19721538Magical Girl Noir Quest 10An angrily sober and slightly amnesiac magical girl retires a fellow magical girl.Magical Girl Noir Quest, Collective Game, Deculture, drawfag, Magical Girl, noir, whiskey2012-07-03 38 
19724048Chapter Quest XVIII - Darkest Hour / A New HopeEMPEROR PROTECTS!Collective Game, Chapter Quest, Chapter Master, Chapter Master Quest, Ghosts of Retribution, Space Marine, Warhammer 40,000, WH40K, Imperium of Man, Power Garrot, Strategic Girth, Xeno Drugs, Heresy, Inquisition2012-07-04 5 
19741278Zerg Quest XCIIFollowing the crossover and a major battle, the Swarm discusses its future. Also, Zerg World.Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Major surgery, Daddy issues, Zerg World, Amusement park IN SPACE2012-07-05 7 
19744246Shadowrun Storytime 14The Trout Run starts with a bang! Evil cultists and shit-covered capybaras abound.shadowrun, storytime, shadowrun storytime, bend, dervish, wildcard, geppetto, trout, twodee, capybara, capybaras2012-07-05 43 
19749704July 4th Deathstrike gameA store in the U.S. gets a 4th of July present from the U.K. A nuclear present.deathstrike, missile, Games Workshop, Warhammer 40k, global games, crazy ass shit, this is why we play, "fireworks show"2012-07-05 20 
19746791Magical Girl Noir Quest 11A somewhat sober and slightly amnesiac magical girl gets debriefed and begins to interrogate a competitor.Magical Girl Noir Quest, Collective Game, Deculture, drawfag, Magical Girl, noir, whiskey2012-07-05 38 
19753711Whose Line is it Anyway: TG StyleAnon presents questions relating to Dorf Fortune Cookies and who should narrate games. /tg/ answers in droves.Comedy, Whose Line Is It Anyway2012-07-06 13 
19761802Magical Girl Noir Quest 12A temporarily sober and slightly amnesiac magical girl finishes questioning a drunk magical girl, might have succeeded in flipping her, and gets brand-new smartphone.Magical Girl Noir Quest, Collective Game, Deculture, drawfag, Magical Girl, noir, whiskey2012-07-06 37 
19769356That guy thread, BBB EditionThe tale of Big Boy Blue is finally told. It involve a fox skull and attempted knifing.That Guy, Fox, Fox Skull, Furry, Sister, Necrophilia, BBB2012-07-07 77 
19778648That Guy Thread, BBB Edition No. 2More scary stories to tell in the fog.That Guy, Fox, Fox Realdoll, Furry, Testing, Fog, BBB, Ungulate, Possibly untrue but if it is holy crap2012-07-08 35 
19751693Fortune: Evolution Game - Discussion Thread 9Not all of the discussion threads for this game are worth archiving here, but some pretty nifty ideas are dropped here, enough that it was worth preserving here for posterity. Why bluegrass is blue is explained, and the idea of a microscopic episode of Fortune evolution is proffered. Slow moving but interesting read. Note: As it is not part of the game proper, the tag of Collective game is not applied to this thread. The exclusion of this tag will also serve as "advertisement" in a sense to those who browse suptg, as we welcome new players. Browse this thread, see if the game grabs you. No prior knowledge is necessary to play, so if you like it, come on in!Fortune Evolution, evolution, evo, game, discussion thread, microscopic, bluegrass, namefags, science, biology, technobabble2012-07-08 2 
19789230Magical Girl Noir Quest 13A sober magical girl gets drunk and then sobering things happen.Magical Girl Noir Quest, Collective Game, Deculture, drawfag, Magical Girl, noir, whiskey2012-07-08 38 
19803303Magical Girl Noir Quest 14A slightly drunk but very sober magical girl does a little better socially and is given a choice.Magical Girl Noir Quest, Collective Game, Deculture, drawfag, Magical Girl, noir, whiskey2012-07-09 38 
19808531Chapter Quest Spin-Off II: PrisonerAfter the boarding action against Adeptus Sororitas Brother Montus is mistakenly listed as MIA in by his brothers while in truth he is taken prisoner. He there meets Sister Judith with whom he gets bonded in a very strange way... No, it's not a fapfic.Collective Game, Chapter Quest, Chapter Master, Chapter Master Quest, Ghosts of Retribution, Space Marine, Warhammer 40,000, WH40K, Imperium of Man, Power Garrot, Strategic Girth, Spin-Off, Adeptus Sororitas, brother, sister, prisoner, Big Daddy, torture, neuro-whip2012-07-10 11 
19817308Guardsman Quest: The fight for Amerigo SecondusIn this quest we take the role on the role of Fineas Edward Line, minor noble man and all around suave motherfucker. The planet gets handed over to the Tau by Governor nixon and Fineas sets off on a quest to defeat the Tau. He meats a gang of feline abhumans, gets recruited by an inquisitor and has nightmares while he's awake.Collective_Game, 40K, Imperial_Guard, Guardsman_Quest, Amerigo_Scondus, Tau, Catgirls, Heresy, Inquisition, Pancakes2012-07-11 10 
19833002Chapter Quest Spin-Off III: Chasing Dark EldarBrother Montus and Sister Judith are sent with a strike force of Adeptus Sororitas to the Feudal World of Lituanica to stop the Dark Eldar slaver party. Everything goes better than expected, until they get into an ambush... The events that follow end the quest in a place a lot further away from monastery than anyone thought, A LOT FURTHER.Collective Game, Chapter Quest, Chapter Master, Chapter Master Quest, Ghosts of Retribution, Space Marine, Warhammer 40,000, WH40K, Imperium of Man, Power Garrot, Strategic Girth, Spin-Off, Adeptus Sororitas, brother, sister, prisoner, Big Daddy, Dark Eldar, Feudal world, webway, Commoragh, slaves, rape, Sororitas2012-07-12 10 
19837963Iron Hearts: MemorialIn honor of the 1-year anniversary of Iron Hearts, a moment of reverence is given to the fallen.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2012-07-12 8 
19842679Magical Girl Noir Quest 15A confusingly sober magical girl gets dressed and picks up the gun once more.Magical Girl Noir Quest, Collective Game, Deculture, drawfag, Magical Girl, noir, whiskey2012-07-12 38 
19850327"Magical" Girl QuestIn which Daedalus begins scouting out the local 'talent' for magical girl candidates.'Magical' Girl Quest, Collective Game, Magical Girl, Transhumanism, Artificial Intelligence2012-07-13 32 
19859151Magical Girl Noir Quest 16A maidenly sober magical girl debates the fine line between drink and duty.Magical Girl Noir Quest, Collective Game, Deculture, drawfag, Magical Girl, noir, whiskey, guns, operators operating operationally, 2012-07-13 38 
19867941"Magical" Girl Quest 2Reimu plays doctor, and other shenanigans.'Magical' Girl Quest, Collective Game, Magical Girl, Transhumanism, Artificial Intelligence2012-07-14 24 
19859727GuardsMan Quest: Fight For Amerigo Secondus: Chapter Four: Rallying CryIn this quest we recruit beastmen, Squats, devour our first piece of living tech, Impregnate Anevka, and reccieve the blessing of the omnisiah.Guardsman_Quest, Inquisition, 40k, Imperium, Catgirls, Beastmen, Dark_Age_of_Science, Hunting_Rig, Tau, Underhive, Squats, Collective_Game, Quest2012-07-14 10 
19868766Planetary Governor Quest: Part FourteenWe talk about politics, Democracy up, make some good headway in dismantling the Hulk, and accidentally wake up something terrible in the core of the Hulk by abysmally failing a roll.Planetary Governor Quest, Collective Game, Space Marines, Astartes, Imperial Guard, IG, PDF, RT, Rogue Trader, Xenos, Warhammer, 40K, Tyranid, Tyranids, Genestealer, Pirates. spiders, oh god why, SOB, Sisters of Battle2012-07-14 11 
19875084Magical Girl Noir Quest 17An annoyingly sober magical girl discusses work and checks out swag. Magical Girl Noir Quest, Collective Game, Deculture, drawfag, Magical Girl, noir, whiskey, guns, swag2012-07-14 38 
19878633"Magical" Girl Quest 3Daedalus finishes up her aquatic homebase, Anne talks of her all-nighter, and other shenanigans'Magical' Girl Quest, Collective Game, Magical Girl, Transhumanism, Artificial Intelligence2012-07-15 24 
19885035Planetary Governor Quest: Part 14.5We get off to a late start and are forced to move threads after a mod slaps down an early autosage.Collective Game, Planetary Governor Quest, 40K, Warhammer, Space Marine, Chaos, Sisters of Battle, Sororitas, Hospitaller, Space, Quest, Space Battle2012-07-15 12 
19886971Planetary Governor Quest: Part 15The continuation from 14.5, we bro it up with insect Xenos, piss of the SOB, and finally finish with that HulkCollective Game, Planetary Governor Quest, 40K, Warhammer, Space Marine, Chaos, Sisters of Battle, Sororitas, Hospitaller, Space, Quest, Space Battle, Orks, RT, Rogue Trader, HTML, Space Hulk, Politics, Spiders2012-07-15 13 
19894317"Magical" Girl Quest 4In which the recruitment is nearing completion, we learn what the Replicators are weak to, and other shenanigans.'Magical' Girl Quest, Collective Game, Magical Girl, Transhumanism, Artificial Intelligence2012-07-16 23 
19897554Iron Hearts: Year 1 / Battle of HelThe Hellghast continue trying to find their way out of Hel and back into the world of the living.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2012-07-16 6 
19919510Magical Girl Noir Quest 18A tiredly sober magical gets a little red eyed and calls for backup.Magical Girl Noir Quest, Collective Game, Deculture, drawfag, Magical Girl, noir, whiskey, guns, swag, terminator2012-07-17 38 
19923674"Magical" Girl Quest 5We introduce the girls to ALEX L. BARKER, THE RED COMET WHO GRASPS VICTORY FROM DEFEAT, Icarus is born and takes her first steps, and other shenanigans'Magical' Girl Quest, Collective Game, Magical Girl, Transhumanism, Artificial Intelligence2012-07-18 22 
19938869"Magical" Girl Quest 6Icarus is a hedonist, Daedalus checks in on the other girls, and other shenanigans.'Magical' Girl Quest, Collective Game, Magical Girl, Transhumanism, Artificial Intelligence, Hedonism2012-07-19 22 
19953109"Magical" Girl Quest 7In which Alexa is forked, Manguard Armor happens, and other shenanigans.'Magical' Girl Quest, Collective Game, Magical Girl, Transhumanism, Artificial Intelligence2012-07-19 22 
19963787Magical Girl Noir Quest 19A bloodstained and sober magical maid girl takes on a demon with some help of a big friend and avenges a fallen little friendMagical Girl Noir Quest, Collective Game, Deculture, drawfag, Magical Girl, noir, whiskey, guns, terminator2012-07-20 38 
19977780Diaries of Manly Bruiser and Reverse TrapA discussion about tropes spawned the idea of a manly, hulking man and an androgynous girl masquerading as a guy being in the same adventuring group. Hilarity ensues as ideas of awkward scenarios are written up, where the fighter takes what he thinks is a young man under his wing and helps him out. Eventually, the idea of a diary-type writing of scenarios came up. In this thread, we meet our two stereotypes and view their meeting, first fight, and first training session in Natalia's perspective.Tropes, Manly Bruiser, Reverse Trap2012-07-21 24 
19988546Magical Girl Noir Quest 20A bloodstained and not sober for long magical maid recruit a new lickable drinking buddy.Magical Girl Noir Quest, Collective Game, Deculture, drawfag, Magical Girl, noir, whiskey, soul gem2012-07-22 38 
19993725The Ponyverse is horrifying/tg/ has a reasonable discussion about My Little Pony, mostly picking out the implications of horrifying classism and how Celestia has apparently designed her own Orwellian utopia (because it actually works)My Little Pony, civil discussion, how is this even happening2012-07-22 36 
20001747Unexpected PC Shenanigans It seems duels between master assassins are very brief affairsPC, game, awesome, storytime, PC said the darndest things, surprise, buttsex2012-07-23 9 
20006429"Magical" Girl Quest 8In which we join omnIRC and other shenanigans.'Magical' Girl Quest, Collective Game, Magical Girl, Transhumanism, Artificial Intelligence2012-07-23 22 
20021091"Magical" Girl Quest 9In which Icarus takes a shower, grabs lunch, and something intrudes upon Beta Site.'Magical' Girl Quest, Collective Game, Magical Girl, Transhumanism, Artificial Intelligence2012-07-25 23 
20031398Magical Girl Noir Quest 20A heavily buzzed magical girl has girl trouble with a past friend, current roommate, and new coworker.Magical Girl Noir Quest, Collective Game, Deculture, drawfag, Magical Girl, noir, whiskey, midori, soul gem, Cripple Jousting2012-07-25 38 
20045550Magical Girl Noir Quest 23A refreshingly sober and slightly amnesiac magical girl goes to say goodbye, and has a conversation with a maid.Magical Girl Noir Quest, Collective Game, Deculture, drawfag, Magical Girl, noir, whiskey2012-07-26 38 
20030197Primordial Evo Game: Southern Continent Discussion Thread IILast few details are ironed out in the week before the real game begins again.Collective Game, Primordial, Evo, Evolution, Puruu, Geist, Elenii, Shwirm, Log'ead2012-07-28 2 
20080536Shadowrun Storytime 15The team gets a nwe target, Wildcard and Dervish harass a checkpoint guard.shadowrun, storytime, shadowrun storytime, bend, dervish, wildcard, geppetto, trout, twodee, capybara, capybaras2012-07-29 35 
20098708Shadowrun Storytime 15.5Adversary says hi.shadowrun, storytime, shadowrun storytime, bend, dervish, wildcard, geppetto, twodee2012-07-30 38 
20102946Soviet Tank Commander Quest Pt 4You are a Mikhail Krasnov, T-80 tank commander - The Cold War is about to go hot, with US + Russian ships sunk in the Black Sea, and war between the GermanysCollective Game, Quest, Soviet, Tank, Commander Quest, Commander, 2, glorious, worker, republic, capitalist pigs2012-07-31 1 
20108717Mahou Shounen Quest 163Combat cook-off against Gordon Ramsay. We show Mio our stuff. She makes her move, we make ours. NO FRANK NOOOOOOOOO!Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, I bet you only hate this because people told you to2012-07-31 6 
August 2012
20129547Blue and the Scraplootas: Part 5The Scraplootas, Blue's adoptive Ork tribe, are further developed. Tau, Orkz, Cute Mascot, Blue, Dakka, Gretchin, Squig Drone, Looted Chaos Titan, Scraplootas, Titanocracy, At This Point The Scraplootas Are Just As Interesting As Blue, Boris2012-08-01 8 
20132509Iron Hearts: Year 1 / Battle of Hel 2To fight to get out of Hel continues, with the situation growing more and more desperate. Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2012-08-02 8 
20155647Mahou Shounen Quest 165Time for some SPEHSS HALK. We go treasure huntan with our pirate witch girlfriend. Waiting to see if Cogbeard comes.Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, This one's for you EGO. Thanks for the free publicity.2012-08-03 8 
20154353MeatbreadTwo inexperienced chefs create a horrific meatbread monstrosity.meatbread, food poisoning2012-08-03 13 
20151472Blue and the Scraplootas: Part 9More development for the clan and it's heroes, and a familiar Imperial Guard regiment shows up... Tau, Orkz, Blue, Gretchin, Boris, Fizzgutz, Scraplootas, Writefaggotry, 1st Membranes2012-08-03 5 
20165003Scraplootas cont'dMore fluff, more drawings, Blue gets a funstikOrkz, homebrew, Blue, tau, eldar, fanseer, Boris, Fizzgutz, Threegrot, Dirknitt2012-08-04 7 
20169438Zerg Quest XCVIIThe Ihan'rii continue their test, and we continue ignoring them to bicker over nuclear weapons and whatnot. I feel like there's a dissonance of tone, here.Cerebrate Anon, Zerg Quest, Collective Game, Xel'Naga, Cramming for the test, Indecision, side arguments2012-08-04 7 
20193011EmulsiworldAnon describes a dream where mankind is drawn to a new planet through portals on Earth. There they find a hollow but still living tree where they make a new home: Hope. The planet, as big as Jupiter, is host to other such trees, some with other splinter evolutions of mankind, at war with the Keepers, a race of machines which cull mankind's divergent evolutions until extinction.Homebrew, original content, crunchless fluff, science fiction, post-apocalypse, Hope, arcology, game ideas, world building, The Archivist2012-08-05 17 
20194842Prehistoric Civilization GameWe find copper, kill some wolf puppies, and save a family from a burning hut.Collective Game, Civilization, Civ Game, Civilization Game, !U8C/8u7dbc, Prehistoric2012-08-06 2 
20200776Mahou Shounen Quest 168Sunday morning. Prepare to jump dimensions to get to Nanoha. PREPARE FOR FEELSCollective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, I bet you can't upvote this2012-08-06 6 
20209426Prehistoric Civilization Game Part 2We acquire cattle and vital skills. Just on the cust of moving from the stone age, a new threar appears!Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, !U8C/8u7dbc, Prehistoric,2012-08-07 1 
20238057A /tg/ MomentComputer advice, /tg/ style/tg/ moment, mispost, The Machine Spirits don't know how to feel2012-08-08 10 
20253633"Magical" Girl Quest 10Icarus discovers Daedalus' modification to her ARglasses, helps Veritas get back on her feet, and other shenanigans.'Magical' Girl Quest, Collective Game, Magical Girl, Transhumanism, Artificial Intelligence2012-08-10 23 
20245732Blood Jaguars 4A fourth Blood Jaguar thread, with info on their Sisters allies, artwork, and the like.Blood Jaguars, Sisters, homebrew2012-08-10 8 
20259461TG cries over Metal SistersWhat happens when a new release is impending? The Metal Sisters get melt! /tg/ cries like babies.sisters of battle, warhammer 40k, rumors, sad2012-08-10 10 
20268058Zerg Quest XCVIIIThe tests suddenly ramp up in difficulty, stretching across the sector.Zerg Quest, Collective Game, Cerebrate Anon, Xel'Naga, -A- Bernie is back, Labbrate to the rescue, What have you done with my Cerebrates!?2012-08-11 6 
20243833n00b of Cladestine Quest, Chapt. 1Goose tries to decide which quest to go on. Meanwhile, we follow another Starchild called Peregrine Puck, who finds himself in the middle of a battle against Unmen.n00b of Clandestine, n0c, Collective Game, Skirmish Quest, n0c Quest, Project n0c2012-08-11 5 
20277173Civilization Game Part 1Reborn from the dead, the Civilization game is back!Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag2012-08-12 24 
20282354Prisoner QuestLego Quest returns with the tale of a prisoner wrongly convicted and sentenced to life at the end of the universe!Lego Quest, Collective Game, Prisoner2012-08-12 6 
20318026"Magical" Girl Quest 11In which pancakes are obtained, Omnitube audvids are watched, training happens, and other shenanigans.'Magical' Girl Quest, Collective Game, Magical Girl, Transhumanism, Artificial Intelligence2012-08-14 22 
20319442Civilization Game Part 2We discover a new tribe and the wolf pack closes in. What is the secret of the White Wolf?Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag2012-08-15 10 
20307722Amnesiac QuestWake up. Can only remember your name. Wrecked car hanging above you. Walking horrors abound. It begins!Collective Game, Amnesiac Quest, Hazard, The Watch, Hazmat, No Jaw, Mystery, Horror, Future, Crispy2012-08-15 21 
20336130"Magical" Girl Quest 12Daedalus distributes the Derivation, freaks out a little over Anne having built it, checks in on the Clean-Up Crew, and other shenanigans.'Magical' Girl Quest, Collective Game, Magical Girl, Transhumanism, Artificial Intelligence2012-08-16 24 
20348537Civilization Game Part 3The defeat of the White Wolf! All hail Trym Wolfsbane!Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag2012-08-17 10 
20366845Shadowrun Storytime 16: The Tale of Felix RamirezThe team initiates their newest member, ex-Aztechnology Eagle Warrior Felix Ramirez.Shadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Storytime, Storytiem, 2D, Twodee, Geppetto, Wildcard, Bend, Dervish, Felix, Felix Ramirez, Locke2012-08-18 70 
20341656Iron Hearts VVarroom: The PicnicAll of the Voss bigshots gather together in order to decide the future direction of Voss as well as how to proceed with the war with Kashir. Also, there's the possibility of the Statesmen attempting to use this meeting to usurp the throne.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi2012-08-18 6 
20375515Civilization Game Part 4The tribe begins to explore interaction with the strangers and makes contact with a river spirit!Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag2012-08-19 12 
20323630Fortune Evo 6-6Fortune evolution continues it's glorious march across the new world.Collective game, Fortune Evolution, Evolution, Volcano Island2012-08-19 5 
20389334Dawn of Worlds: The First AgeGods Descend Upon a Barren World, Jungles, Tundra,and all manner of landmarks are created and Lizardmen walk the developing worldCollective_game dawn_of_worlds Gods Winter_Is_Coming2012-08-20 0 
20414059Civilization Game Part 5For the first time in quite a while, there's no crisis to be seen! Heck, even the White Wolf is... Maybe 'friendly' is too strong.Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag2012-08-22 5 
20418781The most miserable man in the worldA fa/tg/uy wants aid in creating the saddest piece of human wreckage in existence. /tg/ gives him AIDS.sad, miserable, unfortunate, Promethean2012-08-22 6 
20443416Civilization Game Part 6A fairly uneventful few months for the tribe end in negotiations with the neighbours downstream. Cut short due to GM exhaustion.Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag2012-08-24 5 
20403360Amnesiac Quest 3Find a pool made of Shoggoths. Blow up a monstrosity. Make a few calls.Collective Game, Amnesiac Quest, Hazard, The Watch, Hazmat, Mystery, Horror, Future, Doll, Raptor, Catfish2012-08-24 7 
20470955Civilization Game Part 7The tribe finally leaves the stone age, moving on to using newly-discovered copper to make tools!Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag2012-08-26 3 
20478611Pax Americana Quest 1What if, instead of carrying out a psychotic quest to genocide every mutant in the world, half the Enclave rebelled and fled to the american midwest, encountered Brotherhood of Steel outcasts and set out to rebuild America in the image of the old world?Civilization_Quest, Quest, Collective Game, Fallout, Enclave, Brotherhood_of_Steel, Alternate_History, Power_Armor, Vertibird, Robot, Super_Mutant, Ghoul, Human, Cyborg, Mutant2012-08-26 15 
20487840Graffiti from PompeiWe gain some insight into daily life in the Roman Empire, and see how little has changed.rome, history, graffiti2012-08-27 87 
20485061Pax Americana Quest 2The American Union expands its borders, both in terms of territory, and socially.Civilization_Quest, Quest, Collective Game, Fallout, Enclave, Brotherhood_of_Steel, Alternate_History, Power_Armor, Vertibird, Robot, Super Mutant, Ghoul, Human, Cyborg, Mutant, Squirrel Force Recon, Intellapuma2012-08-27 18 
20483789Amnesiac Quest 4We meet Doll, have an exchange of differences with Alice, plot with holograms, and attempt to steal some tech for Doll's mission.Collective Game, Amnesiac Quest, Hazard, The Watch, Hazmat, Mystery, Horror, Future, Doll, Raptor, Catfish, Alice, Titan, Crazy Earl2012-08-28 10 
20510367Civilization Game Part 8The tribe discovers alcohol and survives a particularly harsh winter.Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag2012-08-29 5 
20510160A Giant Gave Me a SwordAnd thus, awesome copy-pasta was born.Giants, swords, awesome, social commentary, penises2012-08-29 5 
20533203Civilization Game Part 9The tribe finishes construction of the village walls, just in time to face a new and mysterious threat from the grasslands!Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag2012-08-31 5 
September 2012
20557000Civilization Game Part 10Battle! The tribe is ambushed during fishing season and fights back! Is this the first signs of war?Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag2012-09-02 5 
20576660Elder Scrolls Lore DiscussionA trip into the crazy world of the Elder Scrolls. I am and I are all we, /tg/.Elder Scrolls, Lore Discussion, TES, CHIM, Amaranth, Vivec, Lorkhan, lore2012-09-03 8 
20597759Civilization Game Part 11The tribe continues to prepare for war and a diplomatic stumble comes back to bite them.Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag2012-09-05 2 
20623833Civilization Game Part 12Armour is finally fully researched! More to the point, the tribe finally discovered agriculture..! And an ominous corpse.Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag2012-09-07 3 
20649198Civilization Game Part 13War! The tribe faces off against the enemy in a desperate defence of the village and comes through magnificently.Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag2012-09-09 6 
20686901Civilization Game Part 14A wild battle spirit appears! Trym used 'Complete Badass'! It's super effective!Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag2012-09-12 6 
20689152Stikers '89 3Hop 1Collective Game, Strike Witches 1989, GhostDivision, 2012-09-12 25 
20707552Floor 11BGuys, I thought our apartment only had 10 floors.../x/, roleplay, scp, creepy, apartment, floors, butthurt fun nazis2012-09-13 10 
20708030this is not a place of honorA discussion of warnings surrounding radioactive waste sites and their effectiveness--or lack thereof.history, warnings, DONTFUCKINGDOIT2012-09-13 10 
20711760Civilization Game Part 15The White Wolf is appeased and a shrine to the god of battle is built! ...After a rocky start.Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag2012-09-14 3 
20735358Civilization Game Part 16The tribe repels a small skirmish at their walls, then goes on an all-out counter-attack!Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag2012-09-16 2 
20747206Iron Hearts Vol. 3: Iffram CampaignThe Iron Hearts saga enters a new chapter with the entry of a new faction, Iffram.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi, Fantasy2012-09-17 7 
20758272Iron Hearts Vol. 3: Graywind Fields WarroomIffram rules are expanded on and more players are recruited.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi, Fantasy2012-09-18 5 
20765657Iron Hearts Vol. 3, Chapter 1: Battle of Graywind FieldsIffram forces continue to defend the town of Graywind from invaders.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi, Fantasy2012-09-18 5 
20759908Codex: Sisters of Battle I/tg/ takes a look at the sisters and awesome ensuessisters of battle, game design, codex, sororitas, awesome, act of faith, acts of faith, sensei, living saint2012-09-18 9 
20775049Civilization Game Part 17The fight for the copper age begins, after some dialogue. Disaster strikes though! Could this be the end for Trym?Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag2012-09-19 5 
20776399Stikers '89 4Bach volleyball! Santa's burgers! Something something dogfight!Collective Game, Strike Witches 1989, GhostDivision, 2012-09-19 27 
20800400Civilization Game Part 18By the skin of his teeth, Trym defeats the enemy champion. Short thread, but the tribe is freed from the threat of war!Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag2012-09-21 6 
20829140Katawa Yandere - Rin Route (Part 25)"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." - HamletCollective Game, CYOA, Katawa Yandere, Katawa Shoujo, Lilly, Hanako, Rin, Emi, Shizune, Misha2012-09-23 6 
20825648Civilization Game Part 19The tribe has its first successful harvest, Groza's priest is chosen and 4 heads of cattle are acquiredCollective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag2012-09-23 2 
20840584GrotQuestYou are a grot. But not just any grot! You're gonna make it big in this crazy Grotocracy of Titanopolis, the city that dwells within Boris the Titan or die trying! A weird blue grot is met and a deal is struck.GrotQuest, Collective Game, Orkz, Blue, Scraplootas, Boris the Titan, Grotocracy, Diplomacy, Makin It Big2012-09-24 17 
20828760Semi-Realistic Space CombatAnon homebrews up a space combat system.space, wargame, combat, homebrew, semi-realistic, crunch2012-09-25 8 
20863758Hangover Mechanicus 2The second thrilling installment in Vyrius' quest to not piss off an order of Adepta Sororitas. Turns out he's pretty terrible at it. 40K, writefaggotry, Sororitas, AdMech, Techpriest, Sister of Battle, alcohol, butthurt2012-09-26 10 
20866972Civilization Game Part 20A unanimous vote AND the GM is flummoxed? Is this a sign of the end times?Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag2012-09-26 2 
20868033Stikers '89 5We meet merlin's family! we also get flashbanged in the shower. fun times. Collective Game, Strike Witches 1989, GhostDivision2012-09-26 27 
20879390Kender SupriseOur feeble attempt to fight back only made them stronger.Kenders, Pockets, only the dead can know peace from this evil2012-09-27 40 
20881111GrotQuest 2Squigbozz dodges spikes, fires, and gungrots and finally makes it to the 60 Second Market to find out whats what in this crazy place, only to find himself in co-ownership of a shop! CAPITALISM, HO!GrotQuest, Collective Game, Orkz, Blue, Scraplootas, Boris the Titan, Grotocracy, Diplomacy, Makin It Big2012-09-27 10 
20894544Civilization Game Part 21The negotiations done, Trym gets a wife at last! Not only that, but a new goddess for the tribe?Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag2012-09-28 5 
20901100Ironhearts Vol. 3: The Exploration of the WyldsGraywind sends out a scouting party to try and make contact with the surrounding towns.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi, Fantasy2012-09-28 6 
20923227Katawa Yandere - Rin Route (Part 26)All your knowledge is leading up to revelations. Pay attention and avoid the knives.Collective Game, CYOA, Katawa Yandere, Katawa Shoujo, Lilly, Hanako, Rin, Emi, Shizune, Misha2012-09-30 5 
20920548Civilization Game Part 22Nothing goes horribly wrong for once! The tribe makes the decision to start looking into a primitive writing system.Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag2012-09-30 2 
October 2012
20940410Ironhearts Vol. 3 -Ch2.2 The Exploration of the WyldsGraywind's force's "Fort Slimebane" quickly takes shape in the Wyld, but who is that on the horizon?Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi, Fantasy2012-10-01 6 
20950596Shadowrun Storytime 17Happy birthday, 4chan! TwoDee returns with a very Dervish-heavy tale.Shadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Storytime, Storytiem, 2D, Twodee, Geppetto, Wildcard, Bend, Dervish, Felix, Locke, trolls, Fight Club2012-10-02 78 
20950082Stikers '89 6In which we prank some witches with Slider and get to meet CINCPAC Richard M. Nixon.Collective Game, Strike Witches 1989, GhostDivision2012-10-02 21 
20962433Lich's Employee Quest pt 3Sir Daniel deals with more wizards, this time taking down Beric. And the Wolves of Lupin forest.Skeleton quest, werewolf, dice gods, mantis2012-10-03 20 
20962727Civilization Game Part 23A cultural exchange, discovery of a holy site, the River Brothers get humanitarian aid and everything is wonderful.Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag, It's hitting the fan soon2012-10-03 5 
20966045Stikers '89 7We get make Ace in a day and rescue a russian defector. Also, our RIO is amazing.Collective Game, Strike Witches 1989, GhostDivision2012-10-03 33 
20975826 Ironhearts Vol. 3 - Chapter 2.3 Battle of WyldsIn which we continue to battle- *Undead Bolivians* from dusk till dawn Perpetrated by~ People in Black Clothes while... a cave is explored. Leading to High Chances of Death and Great Reward.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi, Fantasy2012-10-03 6 
20977253GrotQuest 3Our brave hero hits the casino! Much gambling and race fixing to had by all, with a touch of Grotocratic intrigue. Stompslap proves himself to be one smooth operator, except when he isn't.GrotQuest, Collective Game, Orkz, Blue, Scraplootas, Boris the Titan, Grotocracy, Diplomacy, Makin It Big2012-10-04 7 
20990696Civilization Game Part 24Yeneth answers some questions put to her, the wise ones master writing, Chani's shrine is finished at her holy site... And the tribe faces a winter blizzard...Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag2012-10-05 4 
21019693Katawa Yandere - Rin Route (part 27)ph'nglui mglw'nafh Rin Yamaku wgah'nagl fhtagnCollective Game, CYOA, Katawa Yandere, Katawa Shoujo, Lilly, Hanako, Rin, Emi, Shizune, Misha2012-10-07 4 
21016170Civilization Game Part 25An attempt at free choice goes wrong, but things still manage to get achieved all the same. The sun goddess makes her appearance!Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag2012-10-07 2 
21020972/tg/ Makes Another Fatal CharacterOP downloaded a copy of FATAL. He ended up making a woman-hating female troll with an 8 inch tongue and a strange way of kidnapping children.FATAL, Anal Circumference, Character, Feminists, Vagina2012-10-07 8 
21024942Another FATAL character, pt.2Continuation of the earlier threadFATAL, Anal Circumference, Character, Feminists, Vagina2012-10-07 7 
21041846Ironhearts vol.3 Chapter 2.4 Battle of the WyldsWhat Starts as a question becomes a continuation! The IRC Revealed, and the siege of unmen and undead continues! What awaits our heroes now?Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi, Fantasy2012-10-09 3 
21057999Civilization Game Part 26Khoine, the spirit of snow, is named and forgiven by the tribe, her deadly powers sealed.Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag2012-10-10 5 
21059163Stikers '89 8Merlin almost leaves us! Nixon is a better pilot than we thought! Collective Game, Strike Witches 1989, GhostDivision2012-10-10 24 
21068324Magical Girl Noir Quest 57A suitably intoxicated Magical girl confuses her incubator and thinks about her relationship.Magical Girl Noir Quest, Collective Game, Deculture, drawfag, Magical Girl, noir, Siberia, Kharn, Midori, Misaka2012-10-10 38 
21072413GrotQuest 4Chaos ensues! Our hero escapes the casino in the midst of a riot right into the thick of a plot to overthrow the current regime before overthrowing that himself. But sneaky forces are still conspiring behind the scenes.GrotQuest, Collective Game, Orkz, Blue, Scraplootas, Boris the Titan, Grotocracy, Diplomacy, Makin It Big2012-10-11 8 
21083964Civilization Game Part 27Life goes pretty much normally, after the winter, though the discovery of a new tribe has everyone curious.Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag2012-10-12 5 
21081671The Journal of Grask HarnlinOne Imperial Guardsman's journal during the campaign known only as The Grand Shitstorm of Olenus Primaris. Brought to you by the OP of the original Olenus Primaris thread.The Grand Shitstorm of Olenus Primaris, Imperial Guard, writefaggotry,2012-10-12 3 
21086750The Grand Shitstorm of Olenus Primaris, part 3In which the Imperial Forces rally, are ferociously attacked, and rally again. With a pocket full of shells.40k, Olenus Primaris Campaign2012-10-12 2 
21097265Lich's Employee Quest pt 11Daniel travels out with his frenmies to deal with Dolorum the Red Death and Inquisitor.skeleton quest, inquisition, elf details, interrogation 2012-10-13 11 
21113587Katawa Yandere - Rin Route (Part 28)Thirty Yandere Pileup.Collective Game, CYOA, Katawa Yandere, Katawa Shoujo, Lilly, Hanako, Rin, Emi, Shizune, Misha2012-10-14 3 
21114952Olenus Primaris VThe thrilling conclusion... or is it?Olenus Primaris, gangaglay, imperial2012-10-15 3 
21142699 Ironhearts Vol3 Ch2.5 Battle of the WyldsElderitch Horrors battle, minds melt, waters rise, ghouls nash. The end nears.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi, Fantasy2012-10-16 3 
21136546Magical Girl GilgameshMore work on turning the Epic of Gilgamesh into a story about underage magical lesbians is done.Magical Burst, Magical Girl, Gilgamesh, History2012-10-17 11 
21153349Civilization Game Part 28The tribe makes formal contact with some new friends! Could this be the first signs of a more advanced metal?Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag2012-10-17 5 
21159859Ironhearts Vol. 3 Warroom - City Of SerpicoThe connection between Greywind and Serpico has gotten off without a hitch- and with a few spare resources and some extra hands, we managed to create a town portal back to Greywind... Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi, Fantasy2012-10-17 6 
21164426Revolutio Daedali; Revolution and industry in the Ancient WorldIn the effort to be a positive influence on his little brother, the OP of this thread decided to craft a homebrew setting based on an alternate vision of the Ancient World in the throes of an industrial, political, and social revolution, brought on by the inventions of Daedalus.Setting, Homebrew, Ancient, Ancients, Rome, Greece, Macydonia, Egypt, Industrial, Revolution, Worldbuilding, world building, The Archivist2012-10-17 28 
21164570Magical Girl Gilgamesh 2Yet more work is done on making Gilgamesh into the little girl.Magical Burst, Magical Girl, Gilgamesh, History2012-10-18 11 
21168384GrotQuest EndGrotQuest is cancelled due to lack interest, leaving our hero's journey in limbo. Saved for posterity, in case OP ever decides to return.GrotQuest, Collective Game, Orkz, Blue, Scraplootas, Boris the Titan, Grotocracy, Diplomacy, Makin It Big2012-10-18 7 
21182081Civilization Game Part 29The tribe enters a very heated debate about what to do with their new neighbours! Will there be war, or peace in our time?Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag2012-10-19 5 
21183174Stikers '89 9We do some airshow antics and get some bad newsCollective Game, Strike Witches 1989, GhostDivision2012-10-19 21 
21190429That Feel: The Saddest Thing I KnowOP needs a tragic background story for a character. Halfway through the thread a Dane tells the story that he calls 'The Saddest Thing I Know', /tg/ doesn't have time to brace before the impact and is blown away by what can only be described as possibly the worst feel ever.That Feel, The Saddest Thing I Know, First World War, World War 1, Denmark, Danish, Dane, worst feel ever, feels, sadness, storytime2012-10-19 22 
21201927Danny Devito-sSo, I want to make a setting where everyone is Danny DeVito, but I'm encountering a lot So, I want to make a setting where everyone is Danny DeVito, but I'm encountering a lot So, I want to make a setting where everyone So, I want to make a setting where everyone is Danny DeVito...Danny, Devito, late night tg, actor, cockroaches, science, what, the, fuck, is, going, on, in, this, thread 2012-10-20 46 
21203058Ghost Ships, 2012OP from /k/ spawns a setting about ghost ship hunters in the 21st century.ghost, ship, setting, fluff, locker, reds, religion, exorcism2012-10-20 24 
21214815Friend-kun and Shy-chan's Outlandish Journey: PreludeThe prelude to the crazy adventure. Scheduling, grenades, and rescue.Shy-chan, Friend-kun, Shy-Chan's Outlandish Journey, Collective Game, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Dragonline2012-10-21 6 
21196892Choose your PrincessAn OP image with simple sprites and simpler stats leads into a frenzy of greentext princess adventuresPrincesses, Story Time, God I Wish This Was A Real Game2012-10-22 10 
21112076Fortune: Evolution Game - Part 6-11 (Pickle Island)An isolated spit of rock called Pickle Island is the next setting for the continued game of Fortune: Evolution. Also includes a quick spat between Otto von Bismark and the Spirit of Prussia.Collective Game, Fortune Evolution, Part 6, evo, Pickle Island, giant enemy crabs, snakes, blimpies2012-10-22 3 
21244750Elvish in Adventure Time/co/ comes by to ask about some Elvish on a book in Adventure Time. /tg/ gets sleuthing.Elvish, adventure time, /co/, mystery2012-10-23 23 
21248898Ironhearts Vol. 3 Warroom - City Of Serpico Cont.Journies and quests in the city continue, but what lies behind the time locked doors of the Scholomance? Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi, Fantasy2012-10-23 3 
21238842Princess Game DiscussionFollow up to the "Choose Your Princess" thread to discuss potential /tg/ creations.Princesses, Story Time, Discussion, Game Creation2012-10-23 5 
21256972Civilization Game Part 30The tribe finally concludes its diplomacy with the River Brothers and Lion Tribe, barely avoiding a famine before the winter closes in.Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag2012-10-24 2 
21258093Strikers '89 10In which we learn we may be kinda sorta dating the Granddaughter of the Adorable Cossack. Also new plane [SQUEE!]Collective Game, Strike Witches 1989, GhostDivision2012-10-24 22 
21275979 Friend-kun and Shy-chan's Outlandish Journey: Chapter 1Geomancy and being awkward go together like...oh wait. "The Chain" makes his appearance and Jim is dumb.Shy-chan, Friend-kun, Shy-Chan's Outlandish Journey, Collective Game, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Dragonline2012-10-25 5 
21287417Civilization Game Part 31The tribe finally pokes at basic cookery and makes some jewellery. Khoine's wrath is also kept from the village this winter.Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag2012-10-26 4 
21302711Katawa Yandere - Rin Route (Part 29)Akira's Carnival.Collective Game, CYOA, Katawa Yandere, Katawa Shoujo, Lilly, Hanako, Rin, Emi, Shizune, Misha2012-10-27 6 
2130866140k Children's ShowsChildren's Entertainment in 40k!40k, Children, Kids, Television, Shows2012-10-27 7 
21316243Katawa Yandere - Rin Route (Part 30) FinaleThe Yandere Finale in the Chronicles of Rin.Collective Game, CYOA, Katawa Yandere, Katawa Shoujo, Lilly, Hanako, Rin, Emi, Shizune, Misha2012-10-28 13 
21313143Civilization Game Part 32Another winter been and gone. Just as the tribe is about to start its celebrations in spring however, strangers appear from downriver!Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag2012-10-28 3 
21332781Katawa Yandere - Rin Route GaidenRin Route's alternate realities and debriefing, plus questions on KY in general.Collective Game, CYOA, Katawa Yandere, Katawa Shoujo, Lilly, Hanako, Rin, Emi, Shizune, Misha2012-10-29 5 
21357742Civilization Game Part 33The grand springtime festival in the village! People from all over come to talk and to trade...Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag2012-10-31 2 
21359030Stikers '89 11In which I forget a title, and we move to alaska. And meet col. BitchtitsCollective Game, Strike Witches 1989, GhostDivision2012-10-31 25 
November 2012
21388708Civilization Game Part 34The tribe finally negotiates for an expert bronze-smith to join them and the thread is left just before a grand tournamentCollective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag2012-11-02 2 
21380931Ironhearts Vol. 3 - Chapter 3- The Avalon Scholomance Incident We start the storming of the scholomance - Ghoulified students, bugs, corruption, and one sleepy dog are encountered and fought despite planning a quiet start.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective game, Sci Fi, fantasy2012-11-02 3 
21416282Civilization Game Part 35Chickens get! Mikuhla finally returns, the tournament is won... Could things get better?Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag2012-11-04 5 
21434972Ironhearts Vol3 - Ch3.2 Avalon Scholomance IncidentUndead Bolivans threaten to make the very fabric of reality be torn assunder, or something, as the doomsday clock ticks down!Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective game, Sci Fi, fantasy2012-11-05 2 
21445759Discworld Holy Grail WarDiscussion of pop-culture characters as Servants eventually brings up Vetinari as an Assassin. Hilarity ensues.Discworld, Nasuverse, Fate/Stay Night, Crossover2012-11-06 4 
21450320Zerg Quest CXDespite what you may have heard, this is not thread 10. I know; it surprised me, too.Cerebrate Anon, Collective Game, Zerg Quest, Starcraft, Number Confusion, Sexy Learning Disability, There goes that impressive Protoss fleet, There goes that impressive Zerg fleet, There goes...I'm seeing a pattern here2012-11-06 6 
21460436Monster GuardOP's intent is a thread where /tg/ pretends to be the monster under the bed. Due to OP's image selection, it turns into something darker, where the monster under the bed (and in the closet!) defends the child from abusive parents. OP returns, decides to reveal his writefag power level... and makes a setting out of this concept.Homebrew, original content, crunchless fluff, world building, monsters, nightmares, abuse, child, children, The Archivist2012-11-06 21 
21460898Civilization Game Part 36Some further diplomacy with the tribe downstream, plenty of discussion and it looks like the GM dropped the ball in the past!Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag2012-11-07 2 
21462619Stikers '89 12Furballs over Alaska's interior, Russian POWs and war news. just what the day called forCollective Game, Strike Witches 1989, GhostDivision2012-11-07 25 
21444765Give me Listsgame ideas, lists, classic tglists, quest ideas2012-11-08 12 
21490758Stikers '89 sidestory- tanks in polandWe're Jacob Bishop, US Army. and the reds are coming across the border in force. Collective Game, Strike Witches 1989, GhostDivision2012-11-09 24 
21489023Civilization Game Part 37Mikuhla's report scares the tribe into a frenzy. In the middle of the preparations for war, the Wolf Priest at last returns, with a name too!Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag2012-11-09 3 
21499989Magical Girl Noir Quest 63An amnesiac magical girl wakes up from surgery and try to find out who she was.Magical Girl Noir Quest, Collective Game, Deculture, drawfag, Magical Girl, noir, Siberia, Midori, Kharn, Misaka, amnesia2012-11-09 38 
21509308Fabrique Generale Quest: Bow to her MajestyThe vice lords fall, the mollochians learn their place, the Men In White are revealed, and we meet an enemy that may prove to be our greatest challenge yet.Fabrique_Generale_Quest, Civilization_Quest, Collective_Game. Post_Apocalyptic, Gun_Rover,Wrecking_Rover, The_Majesty, The_Parish, D_B_R_L, Crown_Breaker, Light_City2012-11-10 14 
21522687Katawa Yandere - Hanako Route [Part 1]Do you wanna know how I got these scars?Collective Game, CYOA, Katawa Yandere, Katawa Shoujo, Lilly, Hanako, Rin, Emi, Shizune, Misha2012-11-11 17 
21518611Civilization Game Part 38The festival goes off swimmingly. The tribe starts to properly arm up and even create a mobile shrine! Meanwhile, it looks like the Lion Tribe may soon have a new chief...Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag2012-11-11 2 
21533075Fabrique Generale Quest: Bickering Gets you nowhereUpgrade our rovers and preform attacks on Majesty units. Lots of development, Joint Project with DBRL and trade for silk producing equipmentFabrique_Generale_Quest, Civilization_Quest, Collective_Game. Post_Apocalyptic, Gun_Rover,Wrecking_Rover, The_Majesty, The_Parish, D_B_R_L, Crown_Breaker, Light_City2012-11-12 12 
21567433Civilization Game Part 39Trym returns home early, the tribe, it seems, does NOT have werewolves and preparations for the coming battle reach fever-pitch!Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag2012-11-14 2 
21566417Fabrique Generale Quest: Muties be hatinWe complete a lot of research and make our troopers awesome, then mutants attack, darwin claims they were from Majesty and we discus better Viktry town protection.Fabrique_Generale_Quest, Civilization_Quest, Collective_Game. Post_Apocalyptic, Gun_Rover,Wrecking_Rover, The_Majesty, The_Parish, D_B_R_L, Crown_Breaker, Light_City2012-11-14 13 
21568897Strikers '89 13We start the day trying to figure out what the soviets are up to. we end the day dropping cluster bombs on them and shoving missiles up their jets. a good dayCollective Game, Strike Witches 1989, GhostDivision2012-11-14 26 
21573705Fabrique Generale Civilization Quest: Rock and Roll AngelIn which we upgrade V-Town, work on producing better equipment, and take control of a sattelite and learnj about the machine eat machine world of near Earth orbit.Fabrique_Generale_Quest, Civilization_Quest, Collective_Game. Post_Apocalyptic, Gun_Rover,Wrecking_Rover, The_Majesty, The_Parish, D_B_R_L, Crown_Breaker, Light_City2012-11-14 11 
21559761Ironhearts Vol3 - Ch3.3 Avalon Scholomance IncidentIffram gets another chance, and after a tactical advance in the opposite direction they go toe to toe with Ragnyll in a fierce basement blitz. Giant monsters! Bitank Bisection! Castors on a rampage! Will our heroes prevail? Stay tuned to find out!Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective game, Sci Fi, fantasy2012-11-14 2 
21596250Civilization Game Part 40Much talking occurs, Trym discovers a talent for oratory, the crops struggle and the tribe goofs up. Iron Man mode is a bitchCollective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag2012-11-16 5 
21595360Fabrique Generale quest: Case of the Missing OPMeet the republic and the Cincinatus armed forces, get our Helo shot to hell, then the Cincinatus armed forces along side with the Majesty and the Mollochians all invade at once, but then OP disappeared.Fabrique Generale, quest, post apocalpyse, robots, power armor, Light city, OP went missing,2012-11-16 10 
21611825Fabrique Generale Civilization QuestIn which we execute some slavers, make a treaty with some tribals, finish off one of our tanks, make headway with our satellite, and have a christmas celebration.Fabrique_Generale_Quest, Civilization_Quest, Collective_Game. Post_Apocalyptic, Gun_Rover,Wrecking_Rover, The_Majesty, The_Parish, D_B_R_L, Crown_Breaker, Light_City2012-11-17 12 
21625801Civilization Game Mini-Update 1A thread fails to start, but there's enough discussion here that is still relevant to the continuing quest.Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag, Non-starter, Notes2012-11-18 2 
21628909Katawa Yandere - Hanako Route [Part 2]What 'was' the festival about, anyways?Collective Game, CYOA, Katawa Yandere, Katawa Shoujo, Lilly, Hanako, Rin, Emi, Shizune, Misha2012-11-18 9 
21647479 Ironhearts Vol3 - Ch3.4 Avalon Scholomance IncidentThe exciting conclusion to the Scholomance Incident! What are the Black Deserters really after?Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective game, Sci Fi, fantasy2012-11-20 3 
21658592Stikers '89 14We talk to Ice, and we're there when it all goes pear shaped. we recommend sad music at the end!Collective Game, Strike Witches 1989, GhostDivision2012-11-20 29 
21673404Civilization Game Part 41The tribe prepares for the battle to come throughout the winter months, but Derrik returns with the news that they will be expected...Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag, It's hitting the fan soon2012-11-21 5 
21645749VeloCITY ReloadedInterest in the /tg/ homebrew game "VeloCITY" is rekindled. Archived for posterity and information.VeloCITY, The Wind in Your Hair, /tg/, homebrew, discussion, Jet Set Radio, Tony Hawk, Air Gear, parkour, freerunning, rollerblade, skateboard, bike2012-11-21 5 
21703293Civilization Game Part 42The tribes plans are uncovered by their enemies! With food running low, the Riverlands Concord is signed and the warband prepares to set forth!Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag, It's hitting the fan soon2012-11-23 2 
21704587Stikers '89 - Ice quest! Fronk went down Yesterday and the squadron is falling apart. are you enough of a feels machine to fix it?Collective Game, Strike Witches 1989, GhostDivision, 2012-11-23 31 
21778405Civilization Game Part 43The warband departs, ready for... Well what do you expect? Meanwhile back home, disaster strikes with the harvest! Man, I knew they forgot SOMETHING!Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag, It's hitting the fan soon2012-11-28 5 
21779735Stikers '89 15-1Part one of our recovery- Hospital time and getting a new fighter! oh, and presents for the squadron!Collective Game, Strike Witches 1989, GhostDivision2012-11-28 31 
21786203Stikers '89 15-2The thrilling conclusion of this week's thread! We're the ghost of Christmas presents, apparently. Collective Game, Strike Witches 1989, GhostDivision2012-11-28 31 
21809906Civilization Game Part 44The GM can't keep it together, but /tg/ understands... The Lion Tribe is invited to the village and simply adds to the oncoming famine.Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag2012-11-30 2 
December 2012
21825767Murdo McRitchie QuestDerailing /a/-quests into the adventures of Scottish Rance for fun and profit!McRitchie Quest, Scottish Rance, Hot Dickings2012-12-01 8 
21826031Drawfag requests some fapfic for a comic. /tg/ delivers.Inquisitor Arken visits the Covenant of St. Jezebel the Magnificent. Shit gets hot, heavy, and then downright heretical.Lewd, Writefaggotry, Arken, Sisters of Battle, HERESY, fapfic2012-12-01 16 
21845534Fate/Stay Again, Twelfth VerseIn which we find that projecting chairs is a really, really bad ideaNasuverse, AC-Guy, Grail-kun, Collective Game, Fate/Stay Again, This Chair2012-12-02 17 
21859626Death in GamingQuestions of handling death in worlds, GET IN THE FUCKING BAG, sorrow over Terry Pratchett, and some very disturbing ideas...Death, Terry Pratchett, Discworld, GET IN THE FUCKING BAG2012-12-03 16 
21874999Iron Hearts: ArmorfeightA side game where it's armor vs armor only.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi, Fantasy2012-12-04 5 
21888636Civilization Game Part 45The tribe finally gets to the battle! Bloodshed is still pending, but the GM seems to be having fun watching everyone squirm.Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag, Map, Battle, War2012-12-05 2 
21890304Stikers '89 16We take the new bird up for a spin, get in a mock dogfight with maverick, and find out something big is brewing....Collective Game, Strike Witches 1989, GhostDivision2012-12-05 31 
21922212Civilization Game Part 46The battle continues... So damn slowly. The first casualties occur however, on both sides of the battlefield!Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag, Map, Battle, War2012-12-07 5 
21928723OP the Beta fa/tg/uySomeone seeks sympathy on /tg/. He discovers why this is a terrible mistake and things soon become amusing. Whining, Beta, Cruelty, Humour, Suicide, Chinese, Thin Your Paints, Disappointment2012-12-07 7 
21931774Magical Girl Noir Quest 69An alarmed and green magical girl does her best to handle the situation.Magical Girl Noir Quest, Collective Game, Deculture, drawfag, Magical Girl, noir, Siberia, Midori, Kharn, Souji, Misaka, Faust,2012-12-07 37 
21927754Breaking Out In DiceA strange new disease wherein the patient produces usable d6s leads to the utterly logical conclusion to confine them in one's basement for free dice and someone to game with.Dice, Basement, Disease, Die-agnosis, What2012-12-07 7 
21960657Magical Girl Noir Quest 70An apprehensive green haired magical girl talks with an eldritch abomination and begins her rescue mission.Magical Girl Noir Quest, Collective Game, Deculture, drawfag, Magical Girl, noir, Siberia, Midori, Faust, Misaka2012-12-09 37 
21969458 Lost Future Quest part 15.5: My Life as a Teenager's RobotIn the grim darkness of the near future, Detroit is still a shithole. Searching for Rachel, Cindy finds herself trapped in the middle of a multi-party protest that turns ugly. And after that, there's still a Concert to go to!Innocence, Inn0cence, robot, AI, Collective Game, Lost Future, Quest, Islam, Protest, Robocop, Detroit2012-12-10 12 
21989151Ironhearts Special: PanzerKunst 01- Registrations and the Day AfterSomething of an epilogue to the main Iron Hearts story. The Isara Military Academy is a multinational school dedicated to teaching its students the finer arts of blowing things up with very big tanks. The Academy begins recruiting for its PanzerKunst team.Iron Hearts, Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Sci Fi, Fantasy2012-12-11 5 
21996577Civilization Game Part 47The battle rages on and casualties climb. Also, the gods have a sense of ironic humour... That's never good news.Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag, Map, Battle, War2012-12-12 3 
21998084Stikers '89 17We roughhouse with Slider, Katya, and Ice, plan our load for the mission, call home, and take off. Collective Game, Strike Witches 1989, GhostDivision2012-12-12 33 
22012929Roulette, and the Super Powers Idea Market/tg/ discusses neat new powers and comes up with the epic character RouletteRoulette, Super Powers, Ideas, Doc, Schrodinger, Schrödinger, Visage, Wish, Tattoo, heroes2012-12-13 9 
22000241QUICK, HIDE!99, 98, 97...hide, seek, hide & seek, dc80 escape artist, simple games2012-12-13 6 
21945938Primordial Evo: Return to South Discussion ThreadWrapping up some loose ends from West, and planning the return to Central.Collective Game, Discussion, Primordial, Evolution, South, Continent2012-12-13 1 
22027765Civilization Game Part 48Casualties climb and the tribe puts all its hopes on a planned night assault.Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag, Map, Battle, War2012-12-14 2 
22037196College Necromancy CoursesIn which advice is asked regarding the nature of and concepts for college-level courses on necromancy in a biased world.undead, necromancy, ideas, university, discussion, philosophy2012-12-14 1 
22059719Diarchist QuestCharacter building, and then action!Ridire, Diarchist Quest, Collective Game2012-12-16 -2 
22087603Strikers '89 18We bomb a soviet airbase, and they return the favor.Collective Game, Strike Witches 1989, GhostDivision2012-12-18 24 
22098308Time-Travel MindfuckDark Heresy party is sent back in time. Starts whimsy, get's weird fast.tzeentch, storytime, what is happening, madness2012-12-18 15 
22099036Magical Girl Noir Quest 74A desperate, green haired magical girl runs for dear life and explains the situation to her companion.Magical Girl Noir Quest, Collective Game, Deculture, drawfag, Magical Girl, noir, Siberia, Midori, Madoka, Moemura, Souji, Misaka,2012-12-18 38 
22103916Civilization Game Part 49The night attack results in horrific casualties to the Riverlands Concord. With the death-toll rising, the tribe begins to look at retreat before it's too late-!Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag, Map, Battle, War2012-12-19 3 
22124080Animal Raise 1: Or...Fish overlordsOP gives /tg/ animals that gain magic and intelligence from a wizard dumping magical waste in a spring. They...pick fish. All hail the fish overlords?Magic, Fish, Collective Game, WTF, Opbeingdrivencrazy2012-12-20 5 
22139408Civilization Game Part 50The battle of the Sun People village is finally over, the tribe saved by the intercession of a goddess. What woes await them upon the warband's return home however?Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag, Map, Battle,