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July 2008
2268017Tales of ArcadiaAnon pretends to ask for advince for an unexistant cross-over rpg, it quickly becomes a shitstorm thread about an (also unexistant) war-game version.lies, newfags, cross-over, vidya2008-07-31 5 
August 2008
2287951Everything can be an army listMario and then all of /v/ get competitive analysis vis-a-vis 40k.Mario, vidya, 40k2008-08-03 4 
December 2009
70325388-Bit Dystopia8-Bit games minus the heroes, plus extra grimdark, fused into a single setting. Almost shockingly epic.Setting, homebrew, /v/, vidya, Megaman, Sonic, Mario, TMNT, Metroid, corporations, cyberpunk2009-12-07 27 
70612118-bit Dystopia againMore writefaggotry and such for the 8-bit dystopia campaign concept.Setting, homebrew, /v/, vidya, Megaman, Sonic, Mario, TMNT, Metroid, corporations, cyberpunk2009-12-10 16 
70789298-Bit Dystopia, Part IIIEven more writefaggotry for /tg/'s videogame themed dystopia. Featuring full summaries, Vectorman, and the Warriors of Light.Setting, homebrew, /v/, vidya, Megaman, Sonic, Mario, TMNT, Metroid, corporations, cyberpunk, writefaggotry2009-12-10 14 
71608628-Bit Dystopia - Crunchy editionAn attempt to give the setting some dedicated rules descends into rampant fluff writing as usual. The history of the now forsaken Lylat system is mapped out, and Mobius is touched upon. Oh, and there may have been some talk about skills, classes and a D12 system. Setting, homebrew, /v/, vidya, Megaman, Sonic, Mario, Starfox, Samus, corporations, cyberpunk2009-12-17 8 
72034018-bit Dystopia, Dreamland Cult crunch beta.Crunch for the Dreamland cultists of Kirby.Setting, homebrew, /v/, vidya, Kirby.2009-12-19 -2 
May 2010
9978899Master of Orion 2 meets Dwarf FortressA Master of Orion 2 game goes off the beaten track into Armok territory.Dorf Fortress, Dwarf Fortress, Master of Orion, Master of Orion 2, vidya, video, /v/, videogames, 4x2010-05-22 9 
9998568Master of Orion 2 meets Dwarf Fortress #2The fearsome Cutebolds set out to conquer the galaxy. Many rubrubs ensued.Dorf Fortress, Dwarf Fortress, Master of Orion, Master of Orion 2, vidya, video, /v/, videogames, 4x2010-05-23 7 
March 2011
14218777Dark Millenium 40k/tg/ speculates on the upcoming MMO, translating the fluff to a game perspective and the difficulties presented therein.Warhammer, 40k, Dark Millenium, MMO, vidya2011-03-13 -2 
June 2011
15295966Space HulkAnon brings us news of a vidya game modeled after the Space Hulk 1st edition board game. Many manly tears are shed for the fallen. Scrubs take point!40k, Warhammer, Space Marine, Terminator, Boardgame, Vidya, Video Game, Genestealers2011-06-20 6 
15372313Space Hulk 2DEATH BRINGAN, STORM BOLTAN, SECTOR PURGAN, XENO KILLAN, OVERWATCHA- what do you mean my bolter jammed?40k, Warhammer, Space Marine, Terminator, Boardgame, Vidya, Video Game, Genestealers2011-06-25 5 
August 2011
15869516Vidya Game Name Generator/tg/ fluffs out names into games that put the game industry to shame. Can you type faster than the Nazi's in 'Stupendous Typing Over Normandy'? Enjoy quality edutainment with 'Viking Robot Phonics'! Experience the total sum of wargaming in 'Enormous Chainsaw - Total War'! Strain your brain over 'M.C. Escher's Bandicoot Melee'! AND MORE!vidya, game, name, generator, viking, nazi, hitler, time, travel, space, hillbilly, gokart, race, japan, werewolf, blast, mario, writefaggotry, awesome, barbie, beatdown, bible2011-08-09 9 
September 2011
16173551Innocence: Lost FutureMagnificent homebrewing of original vidya. A childlike android, living its life, learning, until tragedy befalls his vault-esque home and everything goes Terminator. Fantastic concept. Fa/tg/uys are pleased.innocence, robot, monkey, vidya, children, terminator, skynet, original content, yahtzee, manly tears2011-09-04 62 
16219172Innocence: Lost Future 2More brainstorming on Inn0cence, concept art, and the foe is named something other than Skynet. Finally.Terminator, Innocence, vidya, original content, children, many tears2011-09-10 21 
March 2012
18342780Dark Souls: the aftermath of the Best Campaign Ever.In which /tg/ discusses Dark Souls as a campaign gone awry.Dar Souls, Video Games, Vidya,2012-03-16 6 
18398432War Of The Worlds game/tg/ is given a copy of the War Of The Worlds strategy vidya. Much nostalgia is had. War Of The Worlds, HG Wells, Scifi, Martians, Tripods, Strategy, vidya, game2012-03-21 12 
December 2012
22183732/tg/ makes a vidya: DiscolitchOP: wants to make a vidya game for /tg/. Funkyness and disco ensues./tg/_vidya 2012-12-23 21 
22216188Neon Skull 2: undead boogaloo (discolitch)the work on Neon Skull (previously archived wrongly as discolitch) continues. Plot, neon, and bubblegum chewing succubi.discolitch. vidya. IDKhowtodotags.2012-12-26 12 
22230528Discolich, Part IIIOP posts the latest version of /tg/'s latest project, and musicbro turns up with more of the soundtrackDisco Lich, Neon Skull, Neon, Skull, Game, vidya, platform, music, soundtrack, lich2012-12-27 14 
April 2013
24130315BioShock multiverseWhat other universes in fiction have a man, a lighthouse and a city? The nature of the multiverse, vidya BioShock, and revolution.multiverse, vidya, BioShock, revolution2013-04-09 10 
July 2013
25765853Sisters of Battle video game ideasA fairly normal SoB thread gets interesting when one anon idly wishes for an SoB video game. /tg/ gets to work and brainstorms three of them.Sisters of Battle, SoB, video game, vidya2013-07-02 12 
January 2014
29279283Vidya QuestA story about characters from video games living their own life, Wreck-It Ralph style.Collective Game, Vidya Quest, Wreck-It Ralph2014-01-05 12 
June 2014
32713124Dreamland D6: Kirby's Adventure RPG Thread Mk II: Bosses and Cards EdditionThe second discussion of /tg/s attempts to rationalize the Kirby setting into a coherent RPG.Kirby Dreamland Game Vidya RPG Homebrew2014-06-17 2 
December 2015
44479445Random Vidya Circlejerk ThreadIt's like Dark Souls, BUT IN DUH FOOTURE!Dork Souls, Bleedbarn, Vidya2015-12-31 9 
March 2017
1248163ODST Quest 1: Faggotry EvolvedWe are ODST. ODST, Collective Game, Halo, SciFi, Video Game, Vidya, Quest2017-03-25 -1 
April 2017
52841660Army Men NostalgiaOp wondered what a War game set in the universe would be like nostalgia ensues. Army Men, Nostalgia, Videogames, vidya2017-04-24 3 
April 2018
59289523Pikmin RPGAnons brainstorm a tabletop system to represent Pikmin.roleplay, vidya, homebrew2018-04-28 6 
February 2019
64632151AdMech finds Opportunity and Imperial vidyaIn the grim darkness of the far future, there is Opportunity for win. Also, vidya of the Imperium of Man.40K, Adeptus Mechanicus, Opportunity, win, writefaggotry, Imperium, vidya2019-02-16 17 
January 2021
4572373Death road to canada with my Xenomorph Waifu #22nd thread of the death road to Canada questzombies, aliens, vidya, waifu, death road to canada quest2021-01-10 -1 
February 2021
4601638Death road to canada with my Xenomorph Waifu #3Thread 3 for death road to canadazombies, aliens, vidya, waifu, death road to canada quest, Waifu, Collective Game, Death Road to Canada Quest, Zombies, Apocalypse, Anon2021-02-07 0 
March 2021
4642716Death road to canada with my Xenomorph Waifu #4Qm killed the questzombies, aliens, vidya, waifu, death road to canada quest, Waifu, Collective Game, Death Road to Canada Quest, Zombies, Apocalypse, Anon2021-03-04 0 
August 2021
4951530Summer 2000 AD Vidya QuestYou try to find your Gameboy Colorâ„¢Summer, Vidya, PKMN2021-08-12 3 
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