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July 2024
6027666The Monster Girl Facility #6: Regicide editionArtyom gets injured from a trapped corpse, Mikhail and his men ambush some of the queens forces, and make more sinister discoveries.Monster Girls, Sci-fi, Death Squads, Mystery, Collective game, Original Setting2024-07-17 1 
6052223Burntime QuestVash tries to save the wasteland.burntime, post apocalyptic2024-07-16 2 
6028862Mahou Shoujo Villainess Quest 5Kuroda Haruka doesn't have a great time against Gareth and dies. Don't worry she gets better, rescues her vassals and returns to Camelot.villainess, collective_game, magical_girl2024-07-15 2 
6053240Do Your Best Quest #176Johnny has a bachelor party.collective game, drawquest, slice of life, supernatural, Do Your Best2024-07-14 1 
6052814Saiyan Conqueror Quest 221The second Universe 6 & 7 tournament, and then an exhibition match between two terrifically power fusions unfolds before Grand Zen-Oh.Saiyan Conqueror Quest, GrandDragonQM, SCQ, GDQM, Saiyan, Karn, DBZ, /qst/,2024-07-14 1 
6031360Lodestar: Dawn of a New Age (Disk 1, Part 5)Val recruits a chatty shipwitch, Gigas is tricked into helping Nocturne kill Stillwater during a prison break, and Ramza recruits minions!Lodestar: Dawn of a New Age, Lodestar, Sky Pirates, Fantasy, Hollow World, Magic, Original, Homebrew, Collective Game, Quest, Watcher2024-07-14 1 
6030057M.A.G.I.C.A.L. Girl Quest #1In the far future, magical girls created by the Sirius Empire fight in the war against the opposing empires for what they believe is right.magical girl, tactics, war, sci-fi2024-07-12 1 
6020303Alola Quest #2: Day 1/60 Alola Quest second threadAlola Quest2024-07-12 1 
6053959Sworn to Valour Quest #36His Might Upholds the Weak. With his induction into the Dragon Guard, Sir Andrei must settle into the duties of his term of service. Sworn to Valour, Collective Game, Knight, Fantasy, Paladin, Medieval, Noble Steed, Forgotten QM, Cathagi High2024-07-10 11 
6038030The Purge: Fall of AmericaAmerica has fallen, the government collapsed and amongs the Chaos, you see an opportunity for a new life among the ruins.The Purge: Fall of America, PsychoQM, dystopia, anarchy, Psychopath MC, Evil MC, Post Apocalypse, Incest, Cuckolding, Rape2024-07-09 5 
6046623Death of a Tyrant IIIThe new king accepts his brother-in-law's call for aid against a barbarian horde. Thread is then prematurely archived by the jannies.Death of a Tyrant, Collective game, Original Setting2024-07-09 5 
6023968Jail Quest thread #7Craig finally rescued, we change into cold weather gear, and slog through fanfiction in order to investigate a lumberyard.Jail Quest, Collective Game, Rosa Montagni, Nemo, Craig Snorlison, Brother Valencio, con artist, prison, Gongalla Gaol2024-07-09 1 
6053748UTUTU: A Multiplayer Kaiju Quest!Kaiju battle for dominance over the fantasy world of UTUTU - a land of scale and claw, tooth and talon!Kaiju, Multiplayer, World of Titans, Lesches2024-07-08 0 
6033253Haunted Game QuestPlay as an eldritch god stuck in a video game, but you might not be the only one in this predicament...Drawing, Modern Fantasy, Horror2024-07-08 3 
6050283Seekers of the Esoteric: Volume 9A mage apprentice is transformed, splits his waifu in two, betrays his least-reliable allies, and negotiates with former (?) homeland & godsReptoidQM, ultraterrestrials, fairies, demons, relationship drama, cloning blues, capital punishment, homesteading, diplomacy, apostasy2024-07-07 4 
6018567Hero's party Memeber Quest #2Anons fight over the inclusion of Fist of God while Firemane witnesses Ezekiels tragic backstory firsthand.notapaladin, drawquest, knight, hero, adventurer2024-07-06 1 
6019065Humanity - Fuck Yeah! #29Gunny finally returns to Xebric and starts settling back in, but finds some vultures have started picking at the station among other issues.HFY, HFY Quest, Humanity, David Rockefeller, David, Cochrane, CochraneQM, Cat-Girl, Goblin, Shortstack, Collective Game, USA, Marine2024-07-06 6 
6037271Loving a SuperheroJay Nakamura, Superboy's boyfriend, stumbles upon a criminal conspiracy tied to the CCPDC, Superman Family, Justice League of China, LGBT, Adopted Quest2024-07-06 4 
6021519Kobolt Klan Adoption 19In an embarrassingly small thread, the plot inches forward towards something akin to a conclusion.Kobolt klan, Reynauld, Sci-fi Fantasy, Eldritch horror, Fallout, Dragons, Muscular Plague Doctor Waifu, Transhumanism2024-07-05 2 
6022379Pokemon Trainer Quest Part 26You stocked up on supplies, beat down a couple of Team Green robbers, perused an adult store, set out for Redmont Town and caught a Mudkip.Pokemon Quest, Towel, Team Green, Mudkip, SuperBusy2024-07-05 2 
6025658The Iscariot Contingency: Holliday's Rhapsodyyou are Fluellen Holliday: Wanderer, unlicensed bounty hunter, unregistered mercenary, ekeing out a living. FHQM, collective game, fantasy, bounty hunter2024-07-05 1 
6047993Do Your Best Quest #175Johnny continues having adventures against his will.collective game, drawquest, slice of life, supernatural, Do Your Best2024-07-04 2 
6017840Halo Wolfpack (thread 19)With the cruiser captured, preparations are made to bring it home.Halo: Wolfpack, UNSC, Warships, Navy, Thunderhead2024-07-03 3 
6017241PCQN- The Romance of Trench Face- Anya Drawquest Part 2The specters of past deeds and new times are met- and dealt with- and the three trials to compete for a man's heart begin.Panzer Commander, Collective Game, War, Armor, Otome Mode, terrible romance, motorcycles2024-07-02 1 
6016685/QAG/: BLAZING SUNSET EDITIONSome questies draw...qag, art, drawthread, drawquest, so true, questie2024-07-02 1 
6016690RWBY Quest: "Tales of a Sparrow" Part 2You discovered more about your past, being officialy branded 'dead' by Haven Academy, even when you're alive.Collective Game, RWBY, Missval, Shelly Suzume, RWBY Quest2024-07-01 0 
6029548Legio, Advance: Heatshimmer Hearts [Skirmish]Preparation for the Spanway Attack that never cameSkirmish Quest, Collective Game, SKETCHER, Art?, Skirmish Sketch, Legio Advance2024-07-01 1 
6042234Saiyan Conqueror Quest 220Karn and his allies train for the upcoming second tournament with Universe 6, several warriors unlocking new levels of power.Saiyan Conqueror Quest, GrandDragonQM, SCQ, GDQM, Saiyan, Karn, DBZ, /qst/,2024-07-01 2 
June 2024
6015759Space NRP #3A Space Nation Roleplay game, set in a high science fiction universeNRP, Space, Yet Another Space NRP2024-06-30 0 
6019359Space Shipyard QuestA one shot quest in which players sell space ships and buy dubious things from aliensCollective Game, cognis, space ship, shipyard2024-06-30 3 
6011182Local Lord Quest XIICharles swears allegiance to the new baron, sees the town, plots with the Neutral Lord and goes back to Local to see his irrigation system. Medieval, Mudcore, Fantasy2024-06-30 3 
6017725The Dogbusters' March / Kuroinu Girlfriend 16In which Mouse and his company finally reach the heart of darkness, the confrontation draws imminent.Collective Game, Kuroinu, Monster Protagonist, Usurper2024-06-29 3 
6013373 Heretic Cultivator Quest 23Huanliuxue sends out invitations, contends with crows, growing ghostly hunger pangs of the curse afflicting her, and an unusual stampedeHeretic Cultivator Quest, Xianxia, Chinese Fantasy, Cultivation, Wuxia, Collective Game, Quest, Our-Grandfather2024-06-28 1 
6009297Nation on the Brink #8Drayton has some difficulty facing the professional forces of the JuntaBrinkQM, Collective Game, ww22024-06-28 1 
6014298Eternal Vengeance #1Following the arrival on the Homeworld, Iifrit Taambur declares Paaura against the Taiidan Imperium. Eternal vengeance, now and forever.Homeworld, Collective Game, Kiith-SaQM2024-06-28 5 
6008984Classic Fantasy Adventure 2You're Princess Eliana of the Kingdom of Brithnia.fantasy2024-06-28 0 
6046607Claymore: Second Swords Quest #87Traitors and Mutineers.Claymore, Collective Game, AU2024-06-28 1 
6046571Shinobi Sidestory Quest #58Field TripCollective Game, Naruto, AU, SSQ2024-06-28 1 
6013758One Life #1Johan, an amnesiac and taxi driver, navigates a world that feels slightly off.Johan, Lucian, Taxi Driver, Noir Detectives, Sailors, Fugue Amnesia, Hotel, Etheric Color Dynamics, The QM Without A Name2024-06-28 1 
6012263Silver Knight Quest You play as Argia Candente, a cursed trainee Knight with silvery hair, fighting to show your valour and free your family.Silver Knight Quest, Argia Candente, Sunseeker QM, Fantasy, Paladins, Knights, Medieval, Worldbuilding Galore2024-06-26 8 
6028398Exalted: Dragon's Rise #1The Wheel turns, the new age is coming, and Mnemon Jet is bornExalted, Infernal, Mnemon Jet, Gonzo2024-06-25 5 
6023137The Last of the ElvesThe new queen of Anor, begins her mission to liberate her kingdom from human domination.Collective Game, Autism, Elves, The Last of the Elves, Anor2024-06-25 6 
6006235Horus Heresy Quesy #2Captain Alpharius agrees to Magnus' gambit, but things suddenly go very wrong when he summons Kairos Fateweaver...Warhammer 30k, Warhammer, 30k, Horus Heresy, Horus Heresy Quest, AurebeshQM, Sci-fi2024-06-24 1 
6004856Cultural Civ - Thread 1Multiplayer civilization game. Five groups of schmucks tries to avoid the wrath of Opee's dicerolls.multiplayer, civquest, drawquest, cultural civ quest, opee2024-06-23 5 
6023023Dragon Ball Tuffle Quest Kai #54Peppa and Cocoa hold hands without using protection, making the both of them pregnant. Then Izumi fights everyone's favorite new character,Collective Game, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Tuffle, Tuffle Quest, Kai, Kato2024-06-22 11 
6015486Dark Investigation: Rabbinic Tunnels (Mythic RPG)Investigating the Chabad-Lubavitch tunnels to find missing children.Call of Cthulhu, Conspiracy, Google Street View, Horror, Modern, Mythic, Nyarlathotep, Paranormal, RPG, Wux2024-06-22 4 
6016258Black Magic Quest 2: Rise of the Grey MageA burgeoning black mage uses his demonic powers to enhance himself and his social life, but also to uncover corruptiondark magic, hypnosis, blackmail, sex, demons, high school, municipal politics, brazzers.com2024-06-21 4 
6006116Normal Cultivator Quest 4Quiet Word wins the race against time and fuse three spirit before reaching second stage.Cultivator, Strategy, Wuxia2024-06-21 3 
6003328Gotham City Beat Cop 7We attend an award ceremony, meet up with an old flame, and meet the SIM Killer face to face. Bonus Mark Lore Included.DetectQM, Gotham City Beat Cop, Shivers, Quest, DC, Batman, Collective Game2024-06-21 6 
6007289Dominionsquest: Volume IThe Wheel Turns. Amazarak Awakens.quest, dominions, dominionsquest, civ, qst plays, civ quest2024-06-20 3 
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