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October 2023
5747577Warhammer 40k: Christian Cult in The Underhive 4Our holyman recruits a lot of new and worthy members, meets with a potential ally, and goes on a date with everyone's favorite psycho.Kvar, Collective Game, Warhammer, 40k, TQM, Christian, Cult, Underhive2023-10-01 3 
5776263Seeker of the Esoteric: A Mage Apprentice's QuestBefore she was the greatest mage of a generation, she was just your classmate at wizard school. And remind me... Who were you again?ReptoidQM, Reptilian Infiltrator Quest, occultism, esoterica, fantasy, wizard school, child abuse, race-mixing, school life, rivals, fairies2023-10-01 -1 
5751430My best friend is a (trans)catgirl~!!A skeptical detective befriends a mysterious (trans) catgirl coroner to solve a mysterious (magical?) murderCatOP, LGBT, detective, crime, frienship, trans rights, youkai, Japanese culture, catgirl2023-10-01 -1 
5742568Bretonnian Peasant Quest 2Lucian Heir of Ruin faces necromancers and an Ork Warboss. With nobility comes honour and Quarrel as a Peasant Knight.Collective Game, Warhammer, Warhammer Fantasy, The Machine QM, Vampires, Knights, Bretonnia, Peasant, Lucian2023-10-01 1 
5743532The Kamen Rider of 30XX Disc 4The lost Kamen Rider reads a map (BD set includes episodes 8 and 9: Untraveled roads.)Kamen, Rider, future, action, adventure, Kamen Rider, 30XX2023-10-01 0 
5767014Do Your Best Quest #159Johnny meets his greatest fan girl.collective game, drawquest, slice of life, supernatural, Do Your Best2023-10-01 1 
September 2023
5737530Restaurante extraordinare questA culinary arts dropout decides to make his own restaurant Collective Game, Drawquest, Rastin-Vresch Continuity 2023-09-29 2 
5737533Yet another 40k A.I. questOdysseus, a Human Federation A.I. reawakens nearly 20k years of slumber later to discover the degradation of his masters' realm.warhammer, warhammer40k, 40k, warhammer 40k, A.I., AI, NewbQM2023-09-29 4 
5737272The Graverobber's Daughter XChlotsuintha continues investigating, though both the emitter-Organs of the Constructs and what exactly transpired there still elude her.Graverobber's Daughter, Thief, Magic, Witch, Dark Fantasy, Body Horror, Cosmic Horror, Eternal Rome, Alternate History, Female MC, TrashQM2023-09-29 1 
5736783Berserk Quest #11The war between Ilos and Falconia finally begins, with hopes of the Blood Moon and Vlad's efforts being enough to overthrow Griffith.Berserk, BerserkQuest, BecchiQM, Medieval, Fantasy, Vlad Santana2023-09-28 0 
5737876My Sister, My Writer Quest (2)The occult-influenced alternate take on the thin siscon premise adds combat and business mechanics, an occult air, and then... Stops?My Sister My Writer, Adopted Quest, anime, alternate timeline, slice-of-life, lewd, romance, combat, occult2023-09-28 1 
5752819Tales from ThulzarIn an age before recorded history, Man eked out a life bound by blood and tradition across his ancestral homeland of Thulzar.Sword & Sandal, Drawquest, Fantasy, Alt History, Seemingly Abandoned2023-09-28 2 
5735953Yet Another Civilisation IICollaborative quest in which a tribe of the beast-bringers fight for mercantile supremacyCivilisation, Civilization, tribe, Yet Another Civilisation, Numpty2023-09-28 2 
5741165STAR WARS: The End of the RepublicCommander Sulla and the 165th Siege Battalion are created, raid a separatist vault, and try to escape Cato Neimoidia.Star Wars, Clone Wars, End of the Republic, Clone Trooper, Sci-fi2023-09-28 5 
5734102Settler Lord Quest 5Justice is held, an early financial sector is founded, a new castle is build, children are disciplined and more Settler Lord Quest, Collective Game, Politics, Medieval, Management2023-09-27 2 
5743643Dragon Ball: Legacy #6Honta hunts down the remaining treasures, reunites with Tento, learns about a mysterious statue, assembles a research team, doubts cyborg!/qst/, Dragon Ball Legacy, Dragonball, Dragon Ball, DBZ, quest, collective game, GenkaiQM2023-09-27 4 
5736603Renovatio Imperii 8The wars finally draw to a conclusion and Manuel can shift his attention to the inner needs of the realm.Renovatio Imperii, civquest, byzantium, rome, medieval, collective game, NewbQM2023-09-26 6 
5766488Blood and Seed - First GenerationIn which we started as a gladiator in not!Roman Empire.Blood and Seed, Blood and Seed Quest, Sophcles, Gladiators, Roman Empire2023-09-26 1 
5737603Pokemon : South Kalos Quest 2Danny saves a friend, joins a cult, fights a Gym LeaderPokemon Quest, Fakemon, Strategy2023-09-26 1 
5743269The Mystery Dungeons 2e #0The Voice of Life calls out to the void, seeking help from beyond the dimensional veil. New game, new characters!The Mystery Dungeons, Collective Game, Pokemon, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon2023-09-26 2 
5745384Dragonborn Antipaladin Quest Volume 14Abandoned by his gods, the Dragonborn hunts down a former friend to regain his power... And risks losing everything he loves and holds dear.ReptoidQM, Dragonborn Antipaladin Quest, Reptilian Infiltrator Quest, demonology, necromancy, mind control, bad end, good end, harem ending2023-09-26 4 
5734517Operation Moonshot (1)You are Senior Lieutenant Aleksei Volkov, and you are on the moon to fight Nazis. Fighting in Afghanistan was a lot simpler than this.Moon, Nazi, USSR, Thunderhead,2023-09-25 3 
5739559Eleventh Primarch Quest Chapter EighteenKolinaisi forms a unit. Collective Game, Quest, 11th Primarch Quest, Primarch, Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, Warhammer 30k, Horus Heresy, Great Crusade, AU, Old Man,2023-09-25 1 
5748356Eldridge WhispersIn the mysterious town of Eldridge, YOU, Noah, and your enigmatic companion Smiley uncover secrets, spirits, and strange adventures.Paranormal, RPG Elements, First-Person, MS Paint2023-09-24 2 
5733542Tai Lung quest 31The Exarch is returned and the plans are set about to turn the tables on the surrounding dangerKung Fu Panda, Tai Lung quest, Redemption Quest, Storyteller Luo, Collective Game2023-09-24 0 
5737674Five Quests At Freddy's: Night 1A new nightguard begins their shift at a fnaf attractionFnaf2023-09-24 0 
5733555Maximum Spider Quest #14Ben and the Desperados destroy the Atlas base and defeat the Brood, but at the cost of having Iara sustain a serious injury!Max Spider Quest, Action/Adventure, Slice of Life, Marvel Comics, Crime Thriller, Crime Drama, Sci-Fi2023-09-24 0 
5771373Heretic Cultivator Quest 16Huanliuxue defeats a cultivator party, converts them to her side and prepares to fight her mother's ex-lover.Heretic Cultivator Quest, Xianxia, Chinese Fantasy, Cultivation, Wuxia, Collective Game, Quest, Our-Grandfather2023-09-23 5 
5732922Kengan Omicron #2Billy starts training with Mokichi and discover clues to his mom's assassination.Ref QM, Ref, Colective Game, Martial Arts, Kengan Omicron Quest, Kengan Omicron, Kengan Asura, Kengan Omega2023-09-22 2 
5732362Humanity - Fuck Yeah! #22David gets Cylia's hand fixed, clears out a hospital and makes a deal with a lizard-person.HFY, HFY Quest, Humanity, David Rockefeller, David, Cochrane, CochraneQM, Cat-Girl, Goblin, Shortstack, Collective Game, USA, Marine2023-09-22 4 
5733886Mobile Suit Gundam Quest #7t is the year 0076 of the Universal Century. Felix Zos Deikun spreads the good word and finds potential allies in Riah.Gundam, Sci-fi, UC, 0079, MSG, The Origin, Felix Zos Deikun, Mecha, Political Intrigue, Newtype bullshit2023-09-22 5 
5752107Supreme Space Monke Ruler Sidequest- DreamsSidestory. Follows three different storylines from three different species.Science Fiction, Drawquest, Space Monke, Collective Game, Space Opera, Civ2023-09-20 3 
5737416NOW HIRING #3: Still Another Facility Management Quest:A few works are done, a zipper is seen, nothing much else happens. a centipede knight is captured. Manager, Collective Game, Facility Management, Anomaly, Lobotomy Corporation, Alphabet Soup, Reboot2023-09-20 1 
5731191Forgotten Realms Adventures Vol. XII Jezyrene goes to a rave and trespasses on private property.Greenwood, Forgotten Realms, fantasy, adventure, D&D, friendship, drow2023-09-20 7 
5735501Fire Emblem: Three Houses Quest #18Blair comes to the aid of Garreg Mach and encounters another Sage.Fire Emblem, Three Houses, TreeHouses QM2023-09-20 11 
5746899Heat City Nights 7The crew robs a bank, acting on a tip from none other than their sworn enemy, Spider. It's a shady lead, but there's money in it either waHeat City Nights, Skirmish, Crime, Urban, 1980s2023-09-19 23 
5733791Slice Quest #2: Slice Guys Finish LastA delivery boy discovers the truth behind Hauser Island and kicks of ass protecting his new friends from beasts, madmen, and crappy dice.Diesel Crash, Slice Quest, DemBones, Collective Game2023-09-18 8 
5725182Retaliation Quest VYou close on the alien homeworld. space, Sci-Fi, drawquest, ObserverQM, Original Setting2023-09-17 3 
5759311Saiyan Conqueror Quest 203In which Karn reaches a new possibility with his Berserker power, confronts Chronoa and her Time Patrol at the dawn of a new year.Saiyan Conqueror Quest, GrandDragonQM, SCQ, GDQM, Saiyan, Karn, DBZ, /qst/,2023-09-17 1 
5752900Do Your Best Quest #158Johnny becomes Poker Champion!collective game, drawquest, slice of life, supernatural, Do Your Best2023-09-17 4 
5750090Ashen Dawn: Panzer Commander Skirmish - FinaleThe war does not end for Vynmark- but the story of the Hageldorf Combined Battalion does.Panzer Commander, Collective Game, Skirmish, War, Armor, Tanks Appear in Oddly Large Quantities2023-09-16 7 
5762023Paranormal Crossdressing School 5: The GraduationGraduation is at hand!Traps, Corruption, VeilOfReailtyIsThin, Monsters, Highschool, Escape2023-09-16 0 
5742360Trojan War Quest #2: NostosThe story of Nikandros Hippomedion continues, under new management! Nik sails to Delos, participates in the Delian games, and now onto Troy!Trojan War Quest, Deianira Quest, Homer, Lesches, Ancient Greece2023-09-16 13 
5732698Monsterpunk Quest #4MPQ's Back! Our hero gets into legal trouble, chats with an acquaintance, and texts a friend.MPQ, Monsterpunk, monsters, humans, mecha, post-apocalypse, Arcadian Politics2023-09-15 1 
5729935The Dogbusters' March / Kuroinu Girlfriend 9in which Mouse the ogre accrues some out of body experienceCollective Game, Kuroinu, Monster Protagonist, Usurper2023-09-14 2 
5726794The 2nd Primarch Quest 28Lieren thwarts chaos' schemes and frees an ancient tortoise spirit.Angron takes De'shea and unshackles Nuceria from High Rider dominanceCollective Game, Quest, The 2nd Primarch Quest, Primarch, Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, Warhammer 30k, Horus Heresy, Great Crusade, AU, Malal2023-09-13 9 
5730099Dragon Ball Tuffle Quest Kai #51Peppa and pals head to metal world with inhabitants that may be more than meets the eye...Collective Game, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Tuffle, Tuffle Quest, Kai, Kato2023-09-13 10 
5730276Pokemon Trainer Quest Part 19You meditated with Gareth, trained with Queenie, wore yourself out and chased ghosts and wild pokemon around the gym.Pokemon Quest, Towel, Saltcoast, 'Dungeon', SuperBusy2023-09-13 3 
5736008Star Wars: Stellar Turmoil Quest #3You recover from your battle against the Sith phantom on Tion and begin to understand your master.Collective Game, Star Wars, Stellar Turmoil, Autism2023-09-12 4 
5728554Path of the Exorcist #3Exorcist Lucas Hearne continues his investigations, delving into the secrets of death and rebirthPath of the Exorcist, Quest, Collective Game, Moloch2023-09-09 5 
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