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November 2008
2917093Epic Dwarf Fortress EpicnessNeckbeard and friend witness a truly epic dorf versus Demon battle.dorfs, epic, writefaggotry, demons, 2008-11-01 2 
August 2009
5375830Alane Pt. 1Story of a young demon-hating templar named AlaneWritefaggotry, Alane, Demons2009-08-08 0 
October 2009
6299610You are the demons!In the sixties, a mad Soviet mystic named Alyosha Stadzec succeeded with what should be impossible. He opened a portal to Hell. But instead of infernal legions pouring out to conquer the Earth, what emerged were beings not too unlike ourselves. Sure, they had wings, horns, red skin, and such... but they were actually pretty decent people.demons, religion, devils, hell, writefaggotry2009-10-16 13 
November 2009
6725440Papa AkuWhen a foster parent is needed most Aku steps up to the platedemons, fantasy, epic2009-11-16 38 
6828109Papa AkuGiving of Thanks, hol-ee-days advise.demons, fantasy, Papa Aku2009-11-23 4 
February 2010
8217390Post-apoc roleyplay threadSome sort of post-apoc roleyplay in a world where apparently demons have joined the general populace. Rather shadowrun. It's good.roleplay postapocalyptic demons bars shadowrun2010-02-22 2 
March 2011
14174200Envy Quest IVWherein we attempt to trick inquisitors but fail, yet still come out oh-so-awesome in the end.Envy Quest, Envy, Quest, Demon, Demons, Collective game2011-03-09 11 
May 2011
14919605Abnormal QuestThe universe spins in its own way, and a girl named Merit sees it all.quest, abnormal, demons, what2011-05-14 5 
October 2011
16726480King Alfonso Civilization Game 5We meet Stoner Dragonling and Demon-Summoning Elves. Stuff happens.Hagan, Dragonlings, Civ, Demons, Portal, Elves, Lizardmen, King Alfonso2011-10-25 9 
October 2012
21164535Grimoire QuestWe start a quest that seems to be originally a pick your choices picture. We switch characters three times before we come to a showdown between Leet, the main character for now, against three novice? wizards. It ends in shenanigans.Grimoire Quest, Collective Game, Pick Your Choice, Warlocks, Witches, Demons, Fae, Eldricth Horror, Mythical Creature, Magic2012-10-18 13 
21170728Grimoire Quest IIWe summon a spryte to turn our plucky hipster waitress back into a human. She kind of becomes a human sized spryte though. We then promptly get attacked by a goddamn Erinyes and shoot it twice. It hurts, cops show up, we run, pass out, hobo takes over, summons a fae queen, then tries to summon an elricth horror and promptly gets lightning bolted.Grimoire Quest, Magic, Collective Game, Fae, Sprytes, Demons, Angels2012-10-18 10 
21269023Grimoire Quest IIIWe get a magic shotgun, and then Sours, Arch-Magus of Earth becomes the protag. Eldritch Lord promises candy and happiness.Grimoire Quest, Collective Game, Fae, Warlocks, Witches, Demons, Angels, Eldritch Lord, Narrative Magic2012-10-25 10 
21276437Grimoire Quest IVWe explore the tower and converse with the demon butler. Ignavia totally calls it.Collective Game, Grimoire Quest, uraemrys, grimoire, narrative magic, leet, roxie, fae, demons, eldritch, warlocks2012-10-25 11 
March 2013
23577656A tale of GAROAn epic tale of how four Makai Knights protect a shrine from the forces of evil.Storytime, GARO, paladin, demons2013-03-09 26 
June 2013
25159170Micro-civilisation Thread: ohgodwhy edition In which more computer problems force CouncilAdvisor to start up a new civilization for /tg/ to guide and shape. We go with demon-worshipping saytrs and goblin slaves this time.Collective Game, MNB, NB, Micro-Civilization, Civilization Builder, CouncilAdvisor, Goblins, Saytrs, Demons2013-06-01 0 
August 2013
26666853Akuma Quest 26- To the NorthThe Family has down time on their way to Scotland. Pattycake ensues.Akuma Quest, Collective Game, D-grayman, Duke of Millenium, Bakers, Mecha, Demons, Faefnir2013-08-17 32 
December 2013
29146867Paladin, Dark Knight and SuccubusRandom brainstorm for episodes in sitcom about paladin living in hellish neighbourhood.paladin, demons, sitcom, plots2013-12-29 50 
January 2014
29402841Washed up Villain quest: RedoThe beginning of former arch villain Wilhelm Valentine's quest to get back on the top after he was insulted one to many times, and deals with demons and assholish super heroes Mustache Twirler, Collective game, Washed up villain quest, Washed up Villain quest:Redo, Demons, Superheroes2014-01-10 3 
April 2014
31513372Succubus familiar for female characterHaving a succubus familiar is perfectly okay if your character is female, right /tg/?succubus familiar, succubus, succubi, familiar, familiars, female character, female characters, yuri, angels and demons, angel, angels, demon, demons, D&D, alignment, anime2014-04-16 5 
June 2014
32693636Refugees from Hellanon tells of their game where a gate to hell opens and Demonic Asylum Seekers swarm Sweden. /tg/ discusses this humanitarian crisis.Setting, Sweden, Demons2014-06-10 11 
August 2014
33848436Demon Prince Quest #1We meet Percival Wolfric Balam, an exiled demon prince who now only has a village. Also bunnies and bunny abuse.Collective Game, Quest, demons, asshat2014-08-03 2 
34338430Ancient BaatoriansThread in which /tg/ discusses D&D lore about the Baatorians, the Archdevils, demons and other fluff dealing with the ancient history of the Multiverse.D&D, lore, Planescape, Baatezu, Baatorians, Baator, Nine Hells, devils, demons, history2014-08-24 11 
October 2014
35699495Redeemed Succubus Waifu Greentext Thread Cute Demon Kids Story Thread: Nonwaifu Editionwaifu, demons, why is this even a thing2014-10-25 12 
November 2014
35916403The Walking Persona Rider Quest S01E03The scavenging of the military base goes much worse than expected.The Walking Persona Rider Quest, Collective Game, Kamen Rider, Persona, The Walking Dead, Shin Megami Tensei, MegaTen, Zombies, Demons2014-11-03 0 
35979953The Walking Persona Rider Quest S01E04Revelations about someone we thought we knew, and the arrival of Legion.The Walking Persona Rider Quest, Collective Game, Kamen Rider, Persona, The Walking Dead, Shin Megami Tensei, MegaTen, Zombies, Demons2014-11-06 1 
36015163The Walking Persona Rider Quest S01E05Finally, the showdown with Legion! ...and Sariel?The Walking Persona Rider Quest, Collective Game, Kamen Rider, Persona, The Walking Dead, Shin Megami Tensei, MegaTen, Zombies, Demons2014-11-08 0 
36366996Kabbalah QuestQM decides to quit, but a thousand others step to fill in the gap!Kabbalah Quest, Insanity, Collective Game, Demons, Comical, Funny2014-11-25 22 
36386119Kabbalah QuestThe ride never endsKabbalah Quest, Insanity, Collective Game, Demons, Comical, Funny2014-11-25 13 
36399750Kabbalah Quest 3We finally face the HEAVENLY SIX, and some shit after maybe?Kabbalah Quest, Insanity, Collective Game, Demons, Comical, Funny2014-11-26 10 
36410198Kabbalah Quest 4The village is under attack by a horde of demons! How do they fare? Read on to find out!Kabbalah Quest, Insanity, Collective Game, Demons, Comical, Funny2014-11-27 8 
36418215Kabbalah Quest 5We purge Fel's resident communism and head back to check up on Ma. Bigg makes a reappearance in an overly dramatic manner. What happens next?Kabbalah Quest, Insanity, Collective Game, Demons, Comical, Funny2014-11-27 8 
36440103Kabbalah Quest 6We follow the exploits of Lisa after she gets separated from her Daddy.Kabbalah Quest, Insanity, Collective Game, Demons, Comical, Funny2014-11-28 6 
36458784Kabbalah Quest 7Jonny wakes up in a ditch and wanders the plains lost. Then he builds a small shrine to the Bone God...Kabbalah Quest, Insanity, Collective Game, Demons, Comical, Funny2014-11-29 6 
36472294Kabbalah Quest 8Indian guy gets hired by demons to be hired by... something else? Kabbalah Quest, Insanity, Collective Game, Demons, Comical, Funny2014-11-30 7 
December 2014
36504750Kabbalah Quest 9More adventures of Yumi, Rasina and DalitaKabbalah Quest, Insanity, Collective Game, Demons, Comical, Funny2014-12-02 4 
36538058Kabbalah Quest 10We seduce someone into suicide, kill an orc then pick up Jonny's side of thingsKabbalah Quest, Insanity, Collective Game, Demons, Comical, Funny2014-12-04 4 
36580728Kabbalah Quest 11The siblings are reunited and spend some time catching up with each others' exploitsKabbalah Quest, Insanity, Collective Game, Demons, Comical, Funny2014-12-06 6 
36667100Kabbalah Quest 12Dalita has an out of body experience and a new hero (antihero?) is born!Kabbalah Quest, Insanity, Collective Game, Demons, Comical, Funny2014-12-11 3 
36727554Kabbalah Quest 13Hanzo get's lynched by a mod, will his Mom be able to save him? Then we follow Fel as she tries out her new wings!Kabbalah Quest, Insanity, Collective Game, Demons, Comical, Funny2014-12-15 2 
36777777Kabbalah Quest 14Lisa and Jonny meet a strange flying person, who could it be?! Warning: features impromptu ninjas.Kabbalah Quest, Insanity, Collective Game, Demons, Comical, Funny2014-12-16 2 
36798310Kabbalah Quest 15Lisa and Jonny find themselves embroiled in combat, combat everywhere!Kabbalah Quest, Insanity, Collective Game, Demons, Comical, Funny2014-12-17 3 
36974568Kabbalah Hero BuilderSo many new heroes going on adventures! Along some of their journeys, our heroes try to resist demon booty, escape some bandit spider people, and kick ass.Kabbalah Quest, Insanity, Builder, Collective Game, Demons, Comical, Funny2014-12-29 2 
January 2015
37029577Kabbalah Hero Builder: Thread 2In which desks get thrown, paladins get tipsy, demons get slain, and a moose is fought. But will Aya ever find out who she is?Kabbalah Quest, Insanity, Builder, Collective Game, Demons, Comical, Funny2015-01-02 2 
37124164Kabbalah Hero Builder: Thread 3A trio of onis are bested, a demon is bested/Slab fixes a misty gaze, a summoning goes awry, a receptionist makes a daring escape, potted plants get kidnapped, the moose falls, Aya has a funky dream and a fever! Get down, get down!Kabbalah Quest, Insanity, Builder, Collective Game, Demons, Comical, Funny2015-01-07 2 
37200291Kabbalah Hero Builder: Thread 4In which the bullied fights back, tall tales are told to a magician, a dryad is rescued, a downtrodden sandal is bested, a demon is flayed, a warrior is captured, a cave is made cosy and a gunner grapples a panther.Kabbalah Quest, Insanity, Builder, Collective Game, Demons, Comical, Funny2015-01-11 2 
37301860Kabbalah Hero Builder: Thread 5In which there's some drinking, the retiarius is killed, the mummy breaks free, an angel finds some more and Ninnius forgets bonuses to rolls.Kabbalah Quest, Insanity, Builder, Collective Game, Demons, Comical, Funny2015-01-16 2 
37552347Kabbalah Quest 16.5Ash the Dhampir and Trideag the Leperchaun encounter a spooky treasure chest!Kabbalah Quest, Insanity, Collective Game, Demons, Comical, Funny2015-01-25 1 
37579742Kabbalah Quest 16.66The Mimic is tamed, and the party heads west. MEANWHILE, in Africa...Kabbalah Quest, Insanity, Collective Game, Demons, Comical, Funny2015-01-30 1 
February 2015
37726980Kabbalah Quest 17The Warlord is stopped, and the Crown Prince of Angola becomes an MC for a bit.Kabbalah Quest, Insanity, Collective Game, Demons, Comical, Funny2015-02-02 0 
May 2015
39826188Minotauress Quest:Part 19We slay a hell(pun intended)of a lot of demons!Collective Game, Minotauress Quest, Ven, Sorceror, Castle, rekt, kill demons, free slaves2015-05-10 5 
June 2015
40458477DMC quest 3Early archive, I DUNNO WHAT WERE DOING IN THIS THREAD BUT IT BETTER BE STYLISHCollective game, quest, DMC, Dante, Nero Demons, Stylish, CUHRAZEE2015-06-08 5 
July 2015
41470462JOHN CENA QUEST 2You are John Cena. You hit the ring and defeat CHAOS INFUSED demonic basketball players while Donald Trump is ignored by almost everyone. Collective game, John Cena, Cena, Wrestling, Demons, CENAWINSLOL, BRRRRRAPPLEDOUGH, Basketball, wtf 2015-07-26 3 
September 2015
42791701Broken World, the Kill Six Billion Demons RPG - Abaddon VisitsThe debut of Broken World, a new PBTA RPG that is being created by Abaddon, the artist and author of Kill Six Billion Demons. The author shows up to discuss the game and respond to feedback.rpg, webcomic, kill six billion demons, homebrew2015-09-30 11 
May 2016
44086Demon Invasion Civ 1Roc was summoned by Tieflings to enact revenge on the humans who slaughtered a large portion of the tiefling population three years prior.Civilization Demons2016-05-06 1 
78892Demon Invasion Civ 2Shit happens, sitting on throne, and moreCivilization Demons, Demons, Civ Game, Civilization Game2016-05-12 1 
150450Demon Invasion Civ 3Demon invasion. Castle get.Demon Civ Thread demons game civ game demon2016-05-25 1 
June 2016
213336Supernatural Butler Quest 1Stanley Morison manages to avoid being eaten by a woman who ends up become his boss at the end. We also get turned into a demon.Supernatural Butler Quest, Stanley Morison, Vampires, Demons, Werewolves2016-06-03 4 
223411Supernatural Butler Quest 2 pt1EXTREMELY EARLY ARCHIVE. Op lets it die, only a few posts were we decide to explore the roof.Supernatural Butler Quest, Stanley Morison, Demons, Quest2016-06-08 2 
235724Supernatural Butler Quest 2 pt2Stanley meets Hasan the Djinn, tells him his past, goes to dinner, meets a spider and a doll, who he ends up getting in a huge argument withSupernatural Butler Quest, Stanley Morison, Demons, Quest2016-06-09 3 
247398Supernatural Butler Quest Chapter 3We go to get some food with a maid, meet a weird mutant named Avery, and promptly whoop his ass when he tries to interrogate usSupernatural Butler Quest, YOB OP, Demons2016-06-21 2 
287595Supernatural Butler Quest Chapter 4We interrogate Avery, learn about his boss Salvador Rose, and Beatrice announces her plan to retaliate Supernatural Butler Quest, YOB OP, demons, vampires2016-06-24 2 
July 2016
361728Supernatural Butler Quest Chapter 5We get ready to defend the manor, get weapons, help Jesula make some golems, and learn about demons.Supernatural Butler Quest, YOB OP, demons, witches, exposition,2016-07-14 2 
393041Supernatural Butler Quest Chapter 6The away team leaves to attack rose, we stay behind and defend against an attack from a really fat monster, and learn how to breath fire Supernatural Butler Quest, YOB OB, Demons,2016-07-23 2 
August 2016
471693Bullshit Quest - Thread #1Where the goals don't matter, the enemies are shit, and OP is a faggot.bullshit, quest, comedy, fun, RPG, Manhorse, karma, combat, PvP, PvE, demons, angels, challenging2016-08-14 5 
469289 DIMINUTIVE DUNGEON DELVERS (Beta) - WoNN A tabletop quest with a group of small sized adventurers! The group is trying to relax after the last adventure, but danger is afoot!tabletop, diminutive dungeon delvers, adventurers, undead, skeletons, rpg, mage, rogue, paladin, demons, minibosses, humor2016-08-23 3 
500815DIMINUTIVE DUNGEON DELVERS (Beta) - WoNN part 2Continuation of WoNN. The group fights its way through more undeads and face off against the cause of the invasiontabletop, diminutive dungeon delvers, adventurers, undead, skeletons, rpg, mage, rogue, paladin, demons, minibosses, humor, succubus 2016-08-31 2 
September 2016
49403764/tg/ talks demons/tg/ discusses a variety of demonsdemon, demons, horror, fantasy, summoning2016-09-25 0 
December 2016
50437971What do demons want with souls anyway?/tg/ is asked why demons want to collect souls for. Worldbuilding and a discussion of brainwashing, free will and programing results.demons, worldbuilding, souls, afterlife, free will, brainwashing, programing,2016-12-01 3 
900280Demonic InheritanceA boy's true form is reveal.demons,hell,realm,lust,baron2016-12-15 1 
937794Cyberpunk DemonslayerA clueless man wakes up in a dark room and delivers the Backhand of JusticeCollective Game, Cyberpunk Demonslayer2016-12-22 7 
960448Cyberpunk Demonslayer 2Our hero learns more about himself and gets some succubus tail.Cyberpunk Demonslayer, sexy times2016-12-27 6 
January 2017
977679Cyberpunk Demonslayer #3Our protagonist gets freaky and goes to Hell.Cyberpunk Demonslayer2017-01-04 6 
1008647Cyberpunk Demonslayer #4Alagos goes through more levels of Hell and meets an AI.Cyberpunk Demonslayer2017-01-12 6 
1034252Cyberpunk Demonslayer #5Alagos builds a fortress, acquires a masochistic sexbot slave, and prepares to dance.Cyberpunk Demonslayer2017-01-20 6 
1066274Cyberpunk Demonslayer #6Alagos fights Baal, has a foursome, talks to his mom, and fights Baal again.Cyberpunk Demonslayer2017-01-28 6 
February 2017
1098938Cyberpunk Demonslayer #7Alagos makes it back home, a get is gotten, and Lrystal begins her training to become Alagos's champion.Cyberpunk Demonslayer2017-02-04 6 
1126077Cyberpunk Demonslayer #8Krystal begins her journey to spread the word of Alagos. She kills Patches and gets some bodyguards.Cyberpunk Demonslayer2017-02-12 6 
1154588Storm Paladin Quest #1Krystal continues her journey to amass more followers for Alagos.Storm Paladin Quest, Cyberpunk Demonslayer2017-02-20 6 
1183396Storm Paladin Quest #2Krystal takes an old stronghold and gains slime powers.Cyberpunk Demonslayer, Storm Paladin Quest2017-02-27 6 
March 2017
1212504Storm Paladin Quest #3Krystal builds up the Order, receives an assignment from Alagos, and clones herself via mitosis. Also, Sasha's pregos.Cyberpunk Demonslayer, Storm Paladin Quest, mitosis2017-03-08 6 
1242274Storm Paladin Quest #4Krystal makes a deal with a Duke, turns 29, and prepares for a crusade.Cyberpunk Demonslayer, Storm Paladin Quest2017-03-15 6 
1269346Storm Paladin Quest #5Krystal sets out to reclaim Diluvium!Cyberpunk Demonslayer, Storm Paladin Quest, Stormyface2017-03-23 6 
April 2017
1297025Storm Paladin Quest #6The daemonette thread.Storm Paladin Quest, Cyberpunk Demonslayer, daemonettes2017-04-02 6 
1326271Storm Paladin Quest #7Krystal fights the area boss, goes for a swim, and adopts a dragon baby.Cyberpunk Demonslayer, Storm Paladin Quest2017-04-10 6 
1351482Pixie and a Priest against the WorldYou're a priest from the southern land of Fauland. You've come north to Tairmora to warn the towns which have been cut off from society abPriest, Pixie, Malformed, Light Magic, Holy Water, Holy Salt, Saving Towns, Demons2017-04-14 2 
1362377Pixie and a Priest against the World 2The adventure continues with saving the towns from Malformed and discovering the true nature of the Malformed.Priest, Pixie, Malformed, Light Magic, Holy Water, Holy Salt, Saving Towns, Demons2017-04-17 1 
1354636Storm Paladin Quest #8Krystal does some illicit trading and travels to Zhaimont for legal bullshit.Cyberpunk Demonslayer, Storm Paladin Quest2017-04-19 6 
1371830Pixie and a Priest against the World 3Finding out if there is more to the Malformed than simply being monsters.Priest, Pixie, Malformed, Light Magic, Holy Water, Holy Salt, Saving Towns, Demons2017-04-22 1 
1388347Pixie and a Priest against the World 4Fighting political battles in Hausterien!Priest, Pixie, Malformed, Light Magic, Holy Water, Holy Salt, Saving Towns, Demons2017-04-25 1 
1379341Storm Paladin Quest #9Krystal gets tired of the Order of Ruin's shit.Cyberpunk Demonslayer, Storm Paladin Quest2017-04-28 6 
1401351Pixie and a Priest against the World 5Someone dies?Priest, Pixie, Malformed, Light Magic, Holy Water, Holy Salt, Saving Towns, Demons2017-04-29 1 
May 2017
1410347Cyberpunk/-/Demonslayer: More of both!We begin the alternate timeline of the events of Cyberpunk Demonslayer. Succubi are kidnapped.Cyberpunk Demonslayer2017-05-04 6 
1435132Cyberpunk/-/Demonslayer #2Alagos rescues a traumatized woman, does many autistic things, and has a pole-dancing contest.Cyberpunk Demonslayer, autism2017-05-08 6 
1465383Cyberpunk/-/Demonslayer #3Alagos and Krystal attack Hanzai's North America headquarters.Cyberpunk Demonslayer2017-05-15 6 
53166234Demonic culture and motivation worldbuildingA discussion on how a civilization made up entirely of evil beings could work and motivations for demons. demons, worldbuilding, setting, culture, civilization, morality, motivations,2017-05-20 2 
1481362Storm Demigod QuestWe begin the adventure of Aisha, Alagos's child.Cyberpunk Demonslayer, Storm Demigod Quest2017-05-22 6 
June 2017
1515633Storm Demigod Quest #2Aisha has lots of sex, goes to an island, and makes herself a sister.Cyberpunk Demonslayer, Storm Demigod Quest2017-06-07 6 
1548416Storm Demigod Quest #3The plot finally kicks off with a death. Aisha kills a guy and burns his house down.Cyberpunk Demonslayer, Storm Demigod Quest2017-06-17 6 
1579321Storm Demigod Quest #4Aisha meets a thief, goes on a heist, and attends a funeral.Storm Demigod Quest, Cyberpunk Demonslayer2017-06-25 6 
July 2017
1612361Storm Demigod Quest #5Aisha gets her ass whipped by bandits and decides a weird transformative teen pregnancy is a good idea.Storm Demigod Quest, Cyberpunk Demonslayer2017-07-04 6 
1637822Storm Demigod Quest #6Aisha goes on an ill-fated boat ride.Cyberpunk Demonslayer, Storm Demigod Quest2017-07-15 6 
1666872Storm Demigod Quest #7Aisha presses the limits of Kasai's sanity and gets married.Cyberpunk Demonslayer, Storm Demigod Quest, sappy shit2017-07-24 6 
August 2017
1699468Storm Demigod Quest #8Aisha gets married, then shit gets fucked all sorts of ways.Cyberpunk Demonslayer, Storm Demigod Quest2017-08-02 6 
1732073Storm Demigod Quest #9Aisha retrieves her baby, celebrates, and mourns.Cyberpunk Demonslayer, Storm Demigod Quest2017-08-09 6 
1757617Storm Warrior's QuestAisha's son Jack does something he'll probably regret, gets yanked around by a woman, and begins his epic hike through a swamp.Cyberpunk Demonslayer, Storm Warrior's Quest2017-08-17 6 
1789052Storm Warrior's Quest #2Jack continues his hike and picks up a lizard chick.Cyberpunk Demonslayer, Storm Warrior's Quest, stop with the incest you fucks2017-08-29 6 
September 2017
1819943Storm Warrior's Quest #3Jack climbs a mountain and prepares to go on a voyage to a new continent.Cyberpunk Demonslayer, Storm Warrior's Quest2017-09-10 6 
1854914Storm Warrior’s Quest #4Jack goes on a voyage, does chores for his uncle, and gets felt up by a gecko.Cyberpunk Demonslayer, Storm Warrior’s Quest2017-09-21 6 
October 2017
1884798Storm Warrior’s Quest #5Jack goes to a desert land and finally captured a crow bitch.Cyberpunk Demonslayer, Storm Warrior’s Quest2017-10-01 6 
1920352Storm Warrior’s Quest #6Jack fights his brother, picks up another girl, and gets bored shopping for clothes.Cyberpunk Demonslayer, Storm Warrior’s Quest2017-10-11 6 
1954723Storm Warrior's Quest #7Jack marries his harem, but not before picking up a few more girls...Cyberpunk Demonslayer, Storm Warrior's Quest2017-10-18 6 
November 2017
56200296Demon Hunter Halloween 2017 Aftermath/tg/ counts casualties and takes inventory of survivors. It does not look good.halloween, 2017, aftermath, demons, skellingtons, spooky, scary, skeletons, survivors, demon hunters, hunters2017-11-03 3 
December 2017
2117266Suburban Nightmare Quest - 1Ori Tillersik, full time hoodlum, part time dealer has a bad night but makes a new friend Collective Game, Suburban Nightmare Quest, ApothikQM, Modern, Demons, Fluffy Tail2017-12-04 2 
2145189Stray Demon Quest #1A demoness escapes from hell, seduces a man, corrupts a farm house, acquires two more party members, and kills a man for his home.Stray Demon Quest, Dark Whispers, fantasy, medieval, demons, corruption, Collective Game 2017-12-28 5 
January 2018
57159049Kamigakari Thread storytimesMisfits in Osaka continues. Crazy Isekai Storytiming, a retelling of how it began. Anon speculates on stating things.Kamigakari, storytime, Ruth, Crazy Isekai Story, Misfits in Osaka, Kansainon, Ito, Akira, Shizune, stats, demons, Su2018-01-05 1 
2182493Stray Demon Quest #2The demoness gets a job, meets a vampire, acquires a bodyguard, gets back her foothold in hell, and discovers the secret of the stolen houseStray Demon Quest, Dark Whispers, fantasy, medieval, demons, corruption, Collective Game2018-01-11 5 
2236411Stray Demon Quest #3The demoness loses her job, does some punishment, leads astray few humans for their souls, gets raped, and starts house renovation.Stray Demon Quest, Dark Whispers, fantasy, medieval, demons, corruption, Collective Game2018-01-29 4 
February 2018
57632629Kamigakari Thread translation and storytimesAnon comes through with scans. Help with translation and character sheet use and development. Misfits in Osaka continues Shizune is awkward.Kamigakari, character sheet, translation, books, scan, google docs, storytime, Ito, Misfits in Osaka, Akira, Shizune, stats, demons2018-02-01 2 
2274034Stray Demon Quest #4The demoness fights pirates, turns women into fly, upgrades her domain in hell, corrupts her friends, throws a party and acquires followersStray Demon Quest, Dark Whispers, fantasy, medieval, demons, corruption, Collective Game2018-02-12 6 
March 2018
2335553Stray Demon Quest #5The demoness pays a visit to nobility, meets another demoness, seduces ton of people (and kills them) and temporarily acquires a dullah.Stray Demon Quest, Dark Whispers, fantasy, medieval, demons, corruption, Collective Game2018-03-08 1 
April 2018
59047820Fear And Loathing In WonderlandAnons come together and talk about their experiences in a world gone mad. Magical Girls and horror abound.Horror, madness, Roleplay, Magical Girls, eldritch, demons2018-04-11 5 
59048749Mankind Conquers HellA group of anons come together to ask the question 'What if mankind invaded and conquered hell', including world-building and a full comicHell, HFY, Humanity Fuck Yeah, Worldbuilding, Demons, Corruption, Sci-Fi, Lore2018-04-12 14 
July 2018
60665650Conquered Hell Thread 3/tg/ continues the discussion of the Conquered Hell thread, with a massive body of writing and ideas presented.Hell, Lore, Worldbuilding, Conquered Hell, Demons, Demon2018-07-09 1 
February 2019
3203248The Great Tribulation - An apocalyptic QuestYou are Jane Rayner, a promising young girl from Great Britain who woke up at an abandoned hospital with a broken leg. The Great Tribulation, Collective Game, Drawquest, Apocalypse, Mutants, Angels, Demons2019-02-06 5 
3236731The Great Tribulation #2 - An Apocalyptic Quest The adventure continues The Great Tribulation, Collective Game, Drawquest, Apocalypse, Mutants, Angels, Demons2019-02-22 2 
March 2019
3274835The Great Tribulation #3 - An Apocalyptic QuestWe venture towards the Pentagon to blow up the Nazis camping thereThe Great Tribulation, Collective Game, Drawquest, Apocalypse, Mutants, Angels, Demons2019-03-12 3 
April 2019
3437110Outsiders Invasion Quest #1The hack and slash adventure of Alfonzo Robella in a world being invaded by demons, which was cut short by bad luck with the dice.#outsiders #invasion #quest #demons #hackandslash2019-04-25 2 
May 2019
3447922999 Quest 11-11.5999 awakens in the dark, frees Red and helps Blue in his fight, and finally strikes down the dark. 999 Quest, SCP, World Of Darkness, fucking demons2019-05-04 1 
June 2020
4278474Castlevania - Elegy of Inheritance: Part 13: Arthur goes to the circus and then visits a church. WhatIsAQM, Collective Game, Urban Fantasy, Castlevania, Elegy of Inheritance, Vampires, Circus, Demons2020-06-18 2 
July 2020
4310544Castlevania - Elegy of Inheritance: Part 14Arthur explores a demon infested city.WhatIsAQM, Collective Game, Urban Fantasy, Castlevania, Elegy of Inheritance, Vampires, Demons, Dark Lords2020-07-12 3 
August 2020
4353266Castlevania - Elegy of Inheritance: Part 15Everything goes horribly wrong... again.WhatIsAQM, Collective Game, Urban Fantasy, Castlevania, Elegy of Inheritance, Vampires, Demons, Dark Lords2020-08-10 1 
September 2020
4397757Castlevania - Elegy of Inheritance: Part 16Arthur grows more powerful while he is trapped within his dreams.WhatIsAQM, Collective Game, Urban Fantasy, Castlevania, Elegy of Inheritance, Vampires, Demons, Dark Lords2020-09-02 1 
October 2020
4432627Castlevania - Elegy of Inheritance: Part 17Arthur finally awakens.WhatIsAQM, Collective Game, Urban Fantasy, Castlevania, Elegy of Inheritance, Vampires, Demons, Dark Lords2020-10-02 2 
4472727Daemon Civilization QuestWe follow an exiled Daemon Prince as he tries to build his own empire in the mortal worldCivilization, Civ, Daemons, Demons, Giants, Empire-Builder, RPG, Nether,2020-10-05 0 
4477151Castlevania - Elegy of Inheritance: Part 18Arthur and the gang take a train before getting rudely interrupted by a powerful being.WhatIsAQM, Collective Game, Urban Fantasy, Castlevania, Elegy of Inheritance, Vampires, Demons, Dark Lords2020-10-29 3 
June 2021
4812638Summoner Assassin QuestJakim Massem-Hasserchmitt runs a honest business of killing people for money with summoned beastsSummoner Assassin Quest, demons, fantasy, Collective Game, male protagonist, first person2021-06-09 1 
August 2021
4934964Into the Va'at 1K6BD inspired adventure w/ orignal art. Thomas gets his ass kicked.k6bd, art, demons, martial arts2021-08-02 1 
January 2022
5083216Reptilian Infiltrator Quest Vol. 10It is the evening of the Mages' Tower Gala, but in their midst lurks a sexy, snakey spy with her sights set on their secrets!ReptoidQM, Reptilian Infiltrator Quest, fantasy, dungeon, combat, wizards, dragons, demons, parties, romance, drama, lewd2022-01-18 5 
February 2022
5125865Reptilian Infiltrator Quest Vol. 11A shapeshifting lizard lady's tidying up of loose ends is waylaid by romantic drama and the threat of her conspiracy's discoveryReptoidQM, Reptilian Infiltrator Quest, romance, demons, spycraft, sexwork, murder, drama, fantasy, crime2022-02-19 5 
5115951King of Stonekeep #1Branford Bronzebiter ascends the throne as 28th king of Stonekeep and the siege of Blue Ridge begins.collective game, male protagonist, fantasy, magic, demons, kingdom management, civ, war2022-02-21 3 
April 2022
5174571King of Stonekeep #2 Branford Bronzebiter, the 28th king of Stonekeep, engages in battle.collective game, male protagonist, fantasy, magic, demons, kingdom management, civ, war2022-04-05 3 
May 2022
5219329King of Stonekeep #3New allies arrive, and the diplomatic situation with the camp begins to complicate.collective game, male protagonist, fantasy, magic, demons, kingdom management, civ, war 2022-05-30 1 
July 2022
5290397Mahou Shoujo AcademiaA quest about an Academy that trains magical girls in a far future post-apocalyptic setting. Our MC is a holy maiden, diligent and pure.Collective Game, Magical Girl, Mahou Shoujo Academia, Demons, Magic, Artificial Gods, Shrine Maiden, Post-Apocalypse, School Setting, Nudism2022-07-03 25 
August 2022
5332516Mahou Shoujo Academia #2Parva and friends continue through the survival training they were thrown into as punishment for missing orientation.Collective Game, Magical Girl, Mahou Shoujo Academia, Demons, Magic, Artificial Gods, Shrine Maiden, Post-Apocalypse, School Setting, Nudism2022-08-11 21 
December 2022
5429443ULTRAQUESTThe Finest Robotic Chef the world's ever seen goes to become The Finest Robotic Chef Hell's ever seen.Ultrakill, quest, Ultraquest, hell, demons, demon, robot, robots, pizza, machine, machines, husk, husks2022-12-03 10 
January 2023
5488208ULTRAQUEST IIAfter having found his way into Hell (and the QM got sick), the finest robotic chef Hell's ever seen finds himself at the end of the path.Ultrakill, quest, Ultraquest, hell, demons, demon, robot, robots, pizza, machine, machines, husk, husks2023-01-13 10 
March 2023
5561828ULTRAQUEST IIIFollowing a nice boat ride, The Finest Chef Hell's Ever Seen starts rummaging around for information.Ultrakill, quest, Ultraquest, hell, demons, demon, robot, robots, pizza, machine, machines, husk, husks2023-03-12 8 
5576391Dragonborn Antipaladin Quest Volume 9An Antipaladin finally faces the knight who killed his mother... But discovers there is more than meets the eye to this foe, and this city.ReptoidQM, Dragonborn Antipaladin Quest, Reptilian Infiltrator Quest, gore, vore, demons, more, princess, romance, surprisingly little rape2023-03-19 7 
April 2023
5599422ULTRAQUEST IVThe Finest Robotic Chef Hell's ever seen becomes bloodthirsty and gets directions to New New York.Ultrakill, quest, Ultraquest, hell, demons, demon, robot, robots, pizza, machine, machines, husk, husks, New New York2023-04-23 2 
July 2023
5681084Ultraquest VThe Finest Chef Hell's Ever Seen goes on indefinite hiatus/is canceled.Ultrakill, quest, Ultraquest, hell, demons, demon, robot, robots, pizza, machine, machines, husk, husks, New New York2023-07-15 4 
August 2023
5704813The Goblin King is Bored#3The Goblin King sends goblin bakers straight to Heck! The trip is educational. The tooth fairy tries to assassinate the QM.Goblins, Collective Game, Total Goblin Death, Labyrinth-like goblins, Roguelite, Fantasy, Folklore, Fae, Steller, Vampires, Demons, Baking2023-08-25 2 
February 2024
5904737Black Magic QuestA high-school student discovers a sinister grimoire and his ancestors' dark secrets. he sets out to use them for fun, profit, and 'justicedark magic, hypnosis, blackmail, sex, demons, edge, family drama, brazzers.com2024-02-08 10 
June 2024
6016258Black Magic Quest 2: Rise of the Grey MageA burgeoning black mage uses his demonic powers to enhance himself and his social life, but also to uncover corruptiondark magic, hypnosis, blackmail, sex, demons, high school, municipal politics, brazzers.com2024-06-21 4 
July 2024
6050283Seekers of the Esoteric: Volume 9A mage apprentice is transformed, splits his waifu in two, betrays his least-reliable allies, and negotiates with former (?) homeland & godsReptoidQM, ultraterrestrials, fairies, demons, relationship drama, cloning blues, capital punishment, homesteading, diplomacy, apostasy2024-07-07 4 
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