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August 2022
85573466Collective Worldbuilding pt 2The second part of /tg/ trying to escape a dumpster fire.Collective game, Worldbuilding, Maps2022-08-10 0 
85565926The World of Grundiddy-i Gromplos #1/tg/ comes together and makes an interesting settinggrundiddy-i gromplos, throw-shit-at-wall, worldbuilding, tg-makes-a-setting2022-08-08 1 
85527925Zweihander ThreadFor the first time ever, /tg/ spend an entire thread agreeing with each other as they tell Daniel Fox exactly what they they think of him.zweihander, daniel fox, agreeing2022-08-06 0 
85499731Grundiddy-i Gromplos World #17Grundiddy-i Gromplos is discussed further.grundiddy-i gromplos, throw-shit-at-wall, worldbuilding, tg-makes-a-setting2022-08-04 3 
85505196Buying a book means the DM has to let me use itOP tries to spark the playertariat revolt and finds a crowd of Russian peasants telling him to fuck off.shitfest, op is a fag2022-08-03 1 
July 2022
85453380The Illusionary KingdomA kingdom under an illusion of utopian plenitude, which only works for people who believe in it and the infohazardous consequences.setting, worldbuilding, feywild, matrix, perception,2022-07-31 -4 
85404600Let's roll a 40k solar systemAnons using the 1d4chan charts to generate a random solar system for warhammer 40kWarhammer 40k, Homebrew2022-07-28 0 
85357735/tg/ throws shit at the wall #16 - grundiddy-i gromplos edition/tg/ adds add grundiddy-i gromplos and the nomadic kopwunrias to the setting.grundiddy-i gromplos, throw-shit-at-wall, worldbuilding, tg-makes-a-setting2022-07-24 6 
85331196Play-By-Mail Games/tg/ delves into the bizarre and long-forgotten genre of play-by-mail gamesPlay by mail, play by mail, Play-by-mail, play-by-mail, PBM, pbm, PBEM, pbem, play by email, play-by-email, Play by email, Play-by-email, 2022-07-22 1 
85350538Wizard ChessAnon stops taking his meds and invents a board game using super gluesuper glue, schizo, board game, chess, playing cards, armies2022-07-21 6 
85292532Megadungeon DiscussionSystem Agnostic tips and tricks for running an OSR style megadungeondungeon, GMing, megadungeon2022-07-19 5 
85310534Murphy's Rules in modern systemsAnons compile a list of nonsensical or gamebreaking rules in their favorite systemsrules, Murphys Rules,2022-07-18 21 
June 2022
85052418The OobakiriAnon posts a species they invented and associated in-universe mythology and an alignment system involving cleansing your soul of impurity.worldbuilding, species, race, setting, mythology,2022-06-29 6 
85001826Homebrewing the Age of StrifeWe try to fill in the gaps of lore and rules for Age of Strife wargaming.40k, homebrew, Age of Strife, miniatures2022-06-25 3 
84877180Why doesn't the modern surveillance state immediately unmask the secret identities of all superheroes?The modern equivalent of Local Lordposting turns into a serious discussion on vigilantism and the state monopoly of force.superheroes, cyberpunk, local lord2022-06-18 -1 
84908693/tg/ makes a Bioshock gameA discussion of steampunk vs dieselpunk aesthetics leads to worldbuilding a setting based around a Company Town.bioshock, alternate history, worldbuilding, setting,2022-06-17 -1 
84902347monsters reflecting modern cultural anxieties What new monsters can /tg/ create to represent modern fears?worldbuilding, monsters, history, fear, representation,2022-06-16 0 
84882054The All Guardsmen Party and the Inquisitorial Penal Legion pt.4Everything goes sideways repeatedly. Again.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman, Adeptus Mechanicus, Inquisition2022-06-12 55 
May 2022
84620887Slavic Mythological CreaturesAnon shares a variety of creatures from Slavic myth.Slavic, Monsters, Folklore, Mythology2022-05-27 18 
84649014Valhallans on a Jungle World Valhallans deal with ministorum incompetence and orks, admech deals with necronsIG, 40k, Orks, admech, felinid, imperial knight, writefaggotry2022-05-27 3 
84573052Can au/tg/ists fix Harry Potter's magic system?In which the partially organized chaos of JK Rowling's imagination is attempted to be deciphered and fixed.Harry Potter, Magic System, /tg/ gets shit done, Potterverse, Magic, Wizarding World2022-05-19 2 
84463018Creatures from jewish mythology and folkloreAn ordinary low-effort thread is interrupted by mythology, the nature and confrontation of God, and analysis of Jewish identity.Law, Judaism, Jew, mythology, Torah, Kabbalah, egregore, rabbi2022-05-15 3 
84398883practical usage of Umbrella Corporation BOWs and associated technologiesWhat traits would actual weaponized bioengineered monsters require to be practical and how could they be integrated into an actual military?worldbuilding, monsters, military, resident evil, umbrella,2022-05-12 1 
84409765Fantasy African Nations/CulturesEmpire Comparison, Yoruba Culture, lots of linksAfrica, Fantasy, not!Africa, Worldbuilding, Setting2022-05-08 3 
84395413Terrible Real Life WorldbuildingMan, real life has no imagination. Who designed this setting anyway?Worldbuilding, Real Life2022-05-08 2 
April 2022
84249364Rodney Dangerfield returnsI walked into the chapel, and the Cleric complained that he just sanctified the place! No respect, no respect at allhumor, no respect2022-04-27 6 
84039691Post Image Get BackstoryAnons are given images as writing prompts to explain. Some are harshly criticized for the city planningfantasy, creative writing2022-04-14 1 
84114886Pirate Setting World BuildingWorld building thread for a pirate settingpirate, world building, sea2022-04-14 0 
84072398The Empress of Humanity 3Continuation of anon rewriting Parchment And Bolter. 40k, /tg/, writefag,2022-04-10 20 
83841016Astraplex RPG Zoomer OP requests feedback for his homebrew RPG system and is met by helpful advice and nostalgia for the 2000s internet.worldbuilding, system, homebrew, RPG, anime, shonen, weeaboo2022-04-05 8 
March 2022
83846747apocalypses on a space opera rather than planetary scaleSpace opera apocalypses.worldbuilding, setting, apocalypse, space, dead space, alien, dark forest,2022-03-31 0 
83881174Empress of HumanityAnon rewrites Parchment And Bolter 40k, /tg/, writefag2022-03-26 24 
83771123What makes spacers such great villains?Anon asks what makes spacers such great villains. /tg/ concludes that it is jealousy.worldbuilding, space, colonization, escape,2022-03-19 0 
83735116designing a strange cultureAn unique culture for sword & sorcery style settings.worldbuilding, culture, masks,2022-03-19 0 
83616992Fae as Old OnesOP requests help fleshing out his fae folk themed campaign with ideas for weird, eldritch horror. /tg/ obliges.Fae, Fairy, fantasy, horror, folk, weird, worldbuilding, DMing, ideas, Aberrations, roleplaying, rpg, RPG, Fair Folk2022-03-18 9 
83635837Nechronica Thread: Homebrew, drawing & Sanctuary Storytime 2.An artfag makes art. Sanctuary Storytime part 2. Anon posts a custom class. Nechronica, Homebrew, parts, tokens, class, position, Storytime, Story Time, Sanctuary, M3LT1E, Meltie, Sofia, story, time, undead, Port2022-03-15 -2 
83658735The Empress of Humanity Anon rewrites Parchment And Bolter40k, /tg/, writefag, 2022-03-11 25 
February 2022
83424106Nechronica Thread: Homebrew & Sanctuary Storytime 1.PortAnon's Sanctuary Storytime begins with a boat trip into the unknown. Dinosaurs. Multiple Anon's post homebrew. Homebrew is discussed.Nechronica, Homebrew, parts, class, position, Storytime, Story Time, Sanctuary, M3LT1E, Meltie, Sofia, story, time, undead, Port2022-02-23 2 
83296655/tg/ makes a setting based on pictures - part 24.5anon posts a map and encourages other anons to add nations and lore based on interesting images they haveworld building, worldbuilding, map2022-02-16 -3 
83207684do dwarves have slaves?A troll thread turns into a discussion of dwarven psychology.dwarf, dwarves, WHFB, D&D, autism,2022-02-10 3 
January 2022
83078466which chaos god would win the most converts in reality?/tg/ is asked which cult would have the easiest time of conquering earth. The resulting discussion has GW copyright claims saving the world.chaos, reality, copyright,2022-01-24 1 
82847470We are have the same mind, this Word Bearer and I #3Ghost and Kyrus become separated after fighting Drukhari, they now advance their missions, alone.Story time, write fag, Warhammer30k, word bearers, time travel, daemons 2022-01-16 26 
82890060Forgeworld Hanzien/tg/ plays with creation tables and makes an Imperial Chinese-themed Forgeworld menaced by Orks and a particularly dickish Rogue Trader.creation tables, adeptus mechanicus, admech, forgeworld, techpriest, china, chinese, imperial, terracotta skitarii,2022-01-10 1 
82843513/tg/ makes a hexcrawl In which we fill an empty hexmap with a campaign setting.hexmap, hexcrawl, worldbuilding, australians, canadians, setting, geography, places, fantasy2022-01-08 7 
82716476origins of humanity in your settingFa/tg/uys share and discuss their original cosmologies.setting, worldbuilding, religion, mythology, cosmology, theology,2022-01-06 -2 
82601913Waifu Wars/Fight Club 8In which the tournament continues, some anons get briefly butthurt about losing, and the show goes on anyway because nobody cares.Waifu Wars/Fight Club, Collective Game, Character, Character Creation2022-01-04 -1 
82601913Waifu Wars/Fight Club 8In which the tournament continues, some anons get briefly butthurt about losing, and the show goes on anyway because nobody cares.Waifu Wars/Fight Club, Collective Game, Character, Character Creation2022-01-04 -1 
82601913Waifu Wars/Fight Club 8In which the tournament continues, some anons get briefly butthurt about losing, and the show goes on anyway because nobody cares.Waifu Wars/Fight Club, Collective Game, Character, Character Creation2022-01-04 -1 
82670921Sons of the Dragon thread #4Fourth Sons of the Dragon thread.Creation Tables, 40k, space marines, chapter, blood angels, sons of the dragon, vampires, hammer horror, dracula,2022-01-01 0 
82656869what risk is acceptable in exchange for superpowers?There's a drug that either gives you superpowers or kills you. What'd be the ratio of death versus success before people stopped using it?superpower, superpowers, superhero, superheroes, Mutants & Masterminds, M&M, worldbuilding, setting,2022-01-01 0 
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