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November 2021
82088742Leviathan Thread 3/tg/ builds a setting by putting people on a political compass measured by faith, fish, pain, and stoneSetting, Political Compass, Industrial Era, Horror2021-11-09 10 
81836286Differentiating Types of MagicA discussion on how to thematically represent different types of magic or supernatural abilities.Worldbuilding, Magic2021-11-02 0 
81977014Why FATAL sucksAfter a bait thread where the OP tries to defend FATAL, one anon decides to create a character to prove how shitty the rules are.FATAL, old tg, bait, jannies are faggots2021-11-01 7 
October 2021
81712351/tg/ recommended literature threadA good and civilized discussion on books to get inspiration from.literature, books, discussion2021-10-27 0 
81767754 How do you portray the CIA in your games?former intel analyst talks about his job, the agencies, the detailsstory, storytime, NSA, CIA, intel analyst, glow in the dark, glowie2021-10-25 11 
81715911Worst thing a player has ever done50% actually thread-related, 50% masturbation and hebephilia.Story, Storytime, That Guy2021-10-15 -2 
81597519/tg/ creates an original cosmologyTired of common tropes, the board sets out to build a world from the ground up.worldbuilding, map, cosmology, space2021-10-09 0 
8154080518th Birthday ThreadA discussion on the history of /tg/ and 4chan in general, and how we are here forever.4chan, meta, history2021-10-04 8 
September 2021
81463780Bouncers only want the shittiest rulesA series of doors stands ahead of the anons. In order to pass, they'll have to produce to the various bouncers the worst rules ever.Rules, Bouncer, Worst Rules2021-09-30 5 
81425934Giant Bee Society WorldbuildingAnons discuss how a society of giant bees might integrate with humans.Bees, Apiculture, Symbiosis2021-09-28 7 
81155030virgin hp bloat vs chad narrative metacurrencyThread about hp bloat and metanarrative mechanics turns hilarious when anons suggest alternatives. "No. I fall into the lava and die"comedy2021-09-15 3 
81216566Jewish/mesopotamian Mysticism as a settingBronze Age Middle East worldbuilding with gnostic weirdnessMesopotamia, Judaism, mythology, world building2021-09-13 1 
81129006Gloria-Etalia Adds some Merchant Empire loreGloria-Etalia, GE5k2021-09-05 -1 
81073619The Village of BrinRead the tales of Brin, cursed farming hamlet, and their struggles. Inspired by a single-card RPG.Collaborative Storytelling2021-09-03 16 
August 2021
80949796How to make fantasy genre more interestingDiscussion on merits of high fantasy and low fantasy, how to make them better, and how to better DM.Worldbuilding, Fantasy, DMing2021-08-25 0 
80786629Anon's Inspired Original SettingAnon explains his setting, its magic systems, and some of the history, both mortal and demonic. A trove of good ideas.Original setting, homebrew, magic, worldbuilding2021-08-23 8 
80785841Nechronica thread. Translation Update: Armed Set.Armed Set, a short 3rd party sourcebook for the Japanese TTRPG Nechronica, gets an unofficial English translation. Anon asks how to Chariot.Nechronica, update, book, rules, spiders, armed set, translation, Thanatos, Requiem, Stacy, armaments, Chariot, class2021-08-21 1 
80736338Draw your party thread: Bug, Glug, and ChugDrawings of parties and people people talk about games. A Lasgun happens.Draw, party, storytime, d&d, 5e, Only War, dark heresy, cyberpunk, Pathfinder, shadowrun, Lasgun, Black Crusade, Nechronica, template2021-08-17 0 
80661561Mages and WandsOriginally a conversation regarding the point of wands, then the wand appraiser comes inMagic, Mages, Wands, Review, Cool Shit, world building2021-08-14 14 
80775166/tg/ bait thread generatorA mysterious anon changes the future of the board for years to comemeta, generator, thread2021-08-14 27 
80640256Nechronica thread. Storytime set in Dallas finishes.A storytime wraps up. Discussion of Space ship horror for the undead. Cat based humor.Nechronica, rules, advice, Storytime, Story Time, Dallas, Feliz, Betty, Noel, 8-ball, Aqen, greentext, fire, DFW, America, Texas, cat, space2021-08-08 0 
80648267Shadowrun Tale: Chapter 7, HOLY DIVERFrom the worst plane trip in existence to an ever worse underwater treasure hunt, Shortfuse and his group are in for an epic fight!Shadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Tale, Shortfuse, Wolfhound, BYTE, Dice, Airplane, Douglas, Pirate, Treasure Hunt, Kraken, Sp1r1t2021-08-06 2 
80496327Nechronica thread. Storytime set in Dallas.Anons help anons understand the system. Discussion of part rebalancing. Storytime of a prequel game to Aqen storytime.Nechronica, rules, advice, Storytime, Story Time, parts, Dallas, Feliz, Betty, Noel, 8-ball, Aqen, greentext, fire, DFW, America, Texas2021-08-03 0 
80635570Anon's Autistic GMAnon tells the story of his GM's hyperrealistic, hyperautistic homebrew system, and provides proofhomebrew,autism,physics2021-08-03 31 
July 2021
80420060Flail snail /tg/We regale with tales of how flail snails prevail 🐌 flail snail, meanwhile, greentext2021-07-22 6 
80146160Turning real places into RPG locationsWe take real life locales into places easily insertable into our fantasy settings.worldbuilding, geography, places, fantasy2021-07-14 1 
80265688Shadowrun Tale: Chapter 6, A WAR ON TWO FRONTSWanting to claim an abandoned brewery for a greek god and the Commune, Shortfuse and his team never expected how quickly a run can turn sourShadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Tale, Shortfuse, Wolfhound, BYTE, Dice, Brewery, WYLD DAWGS, Firesnakes, RipNTear, Ares, Homie2021-07-13 0 
80247963Ball-of-Arms Man: RearmedA classic character from /tg/‘s past is resurrected! The titular amorphous blob of arms is given heaps of lore, side-characters, and enemiesroleplaying, Roleplaying, roleplay, Roleplay, characters, Characters, character, Character, puns, Puns, pun, Pun, Joke character, joke2021-07-11 12 
80171648The Mushroom ThreadA compendium of resources for everything mushroom-related in tabletop RPGs.mushrooms, mushroom, fungus, fungi, worldbuilding, monster, myconid, myconids, shrooms, shroom2021-07-07 0 
80153668Shadowrun Tale: Chapter 5, Calm before the stormThe Shadowrunners profit of some R&R after winning the race and decide to celebrate their hacker's birthday with more experienced shadowrunShadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Tale, Shortfuse, Wolfhound, BYTE, Dice, Party, Birthday, Wuxing, Drones, Walmart2021-07-05 0 
80126761Word Bearer Isekai Thread 2Orator-Anon continues the adventure of Anon as he and the Word Bearer to change the course of Warhammer 30k. storytime, writefag, time travel, word bearers, Warhammer40k, Warhammer30k2021-07-04 27 
80023768prosthetics and mutations thread #3A continuation of >>79693580 and >>79894893, in which mutation tables are made and backstory and stats written.worldbuilding, mutation, cybernetics, prosthetics, cyborg, mutant, body horror, tables2021-07-03 3 
80049491modern cyberpunkWhat would cyberpunk based off the modern zeitgeist rather than that of the eighties consist of?cyberpunk, worldbuilding, dystopia, feudalism,2021-07-02 -3 
80022374Cozy Icecrawler apocalypse 2OP talks about some mechanics and cooking is discussed a bit more.fluff, cozy, winter, snow, crawler, snowcrawler, worldbuilding, supernatural, paranormal, creepy, pdf2021-07-01 6 
June 2021
79894893prosthetics and mutations thread #2A continuation of thread >>79693580. Backstory and skinwalkers are involved.worldbuilding, mutation, cybernetics, prosthetics, cyborg, mutant, body horror, tables2021-06-27 5 
79831083Let's Stat Mr Blobby/tg/ learns about the UK's #1 horrible pink monster, reacts with fascinated horror, amusement, nostalgia and statting.Mr Blobby, UK TV, 90s, Call of Cthulhu, Delta Green, Infohazard, The King in Pink and Yellow, horror2021-06-25 11 
79693580prosthetics and mutations/tg/ creates a post-apocalyptic setting where on account of radiation and bioweapon damage, everyone's got mutations and cybernetics.worldbuilding, mutation, cybernetics, prosthetics, cyborg, mutant, body horror, tables2021-06-22 10 
79734708Bronze age settingsExcellent discussion of bronze age and setting featuresBronze Age, Conan, History2021-06-19 3 
79773892Cozy Icecrawler apocalypseOP posts to discuss actual mechanics that could be done in such a cozy and creepy ice land.fluff, cozy, winter, snow, crawler, snowcrawler, worldbuilding, supernatural, paranormal, creepy, pdf2021-06-18 10 
79823550/tg/ makes a setting based on pictures - part 22anon posts a map and encourages other anons to add nations and lore based on interesting images they haveworld building, worldbuilding, map2021-06-18 0 
79834434Shadowrun Tale: Chapter 4, Subarban Mad MaxA team of shadowrunners joins a racing competition as a way to make a quick buck, gain street cred and earn the respect of the shadow communShadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Tale, Shortfuse, Wolfhound, BYTE, Dice, racing, destruction derby2021-06-18 3 
79632581/tg/ makes a setting based on pictures - part 21anon posts a map and encourages other anons to add nations and lore based on interesting images they haveworld building, worldbuilding, map2021-06-16 0 
79669577Snowcrawlers, and surviving on the ice fieldsOP is reminded of an old thread and polar vehicles are posted and life in the cold is discussed with additional discussion of game mechanicsfluff, cozy, winter, snow, crawler, snowcrawler, worldbuilding, supernatural, paranormal, creepy2021-06-13 14 
79496556/tg/ makes a setting based on pictures - part 20anon posts a map and encourages other anons to add nations and lore based on interesting images they haveworld building, worldbuilding, map2021-06-05 1 
79479764Chocolate and Corruption in 40k #2 - Wonka LandAn Eccentric mix of characters explore the perils of Wonka Land. Some continue to slide into corruption. 40k, writefaggotry, worldbuilding, IG, Tau, Chaos, Dark Eldar, Space Marines, Admech, Tyranids, Inquisition, Orks2021-06-04 7 
May 2021
79212994/tg/ makes a setting based on pictures - part 19anon posts a map and encourages other anons to add nations and lore based on interesting images they haveworld building, worldbuilding, map2021-05-31 2 
79366619Chocolate and Corruption in 40k #1 - Chaos PamphletsBunch of guardsmen fill out some multiple choice pamphlets that cause most to turn to Chaos. Meanwhile Wonka Land isn't what it seems.40k, writefaggotry, worldbuilding, IG, Tau, Chaos, Orks2021-05-29 18 
79354363Mystery Flesh Pit National Park (Part 2)What if we discovered an unfathomable eldritch horror and turned it into a family-friendly tourist destination? LOTS of info and images.scary, Scary, setting, lovecraft, horror, Lovecraft, settings, Setting, Settings, Horror, Eldritch Horror, Campaign Setting2021-05-23 11 
79245009Recursive Map WorldbuildingDark Continent timeworldbuilding, map, collaborative, recursive2021-05-22 1 
79147814Realistic UnderdarkWell-versed anons discuss what a realistic Underdark would be, considering real life caverns and cave life. Yes, we read Veins of the Earth.setting, underdark, cave, cavern,2021-05-21 5 
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