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October 2007
752689Epic Gaming MomentsYet another Epic Gaming Moments thread. TDM contributes copious quotes.that damn mouse, epic gaming moments, epic2007-10-30 15 
753219Lovecraftian Future HorrorMetroid + Lovecraft + Event Horizonepic, game design2007-10-30 3 
November 2007
796511Dumbest thing you/your party members have ever doneI love these threads.epic, fail, story, stupid2007-11-13 15 
839465The Sexual Habits of Chaos BeingsA limp attempt at trolling turned epic by the sick minds of /tg/40k, epic, freaks2007-11-26 12 
December 2007
870457Paladin StoryAn epic paladin story about two sisters, pacts with demons and a journey into hell.paladin, story, epic2007-12-05 29 
908503Cleric of AthenaA cleric of Athena kicks ass, with a little help from a previous discussion thread.cleric of athena, epic2007-12-17 1 
909448Hilariously Annoying CharactersA player with a new, hideously awful DM asks for advice on characters hellbent on derailing his awful plot.epic, character creation2007-12-18 1 
908925Good GM / Bad GMThe difference between win and fail.DM, GM, epic, fail2007-12-18 5 
909612Worst RPG You've Ever PlayedOP put a d20 logo as his picture. You can pretty much guess how the thread went.d20, epic fail, game design, game mechanics2007-12-18 7 
916466Neon Ultima Exterminatus II - The ReturnNow with drawfaggotry courtesy of Chink!epic, 40k, NGE2007-12-19 2 
921167DC 80 to crawl up an anusIt turns out that a DC 80 Escape Artist check lets you crawl up someone's anus. Epic lulz ensues.anus, crawl, escape artist, FATAL, epic2007-12-21 176 
952471Things a DM should never say after you roll a natural 20The usual, with a dash of minotaur...d20, DM, Epic, Fail2007-12-31 10 
January 2008
1092796Drew the LichDrew has a little trouble with EvilEpic RP Drew Lich2008-01-31 70 
February 2008
1098288Drew the lich *part two*FLYING ZOMBIE SHARKS!Epic RP Drew Lich drawfag2008-02-01 29 
1138098Anon-fag's Critical Failure Chart:Critical Fail chart, for any game.Crit fail, epic fail, FAIL FAIL2008-02-08 11 
March 2008
1358502Another Epic Moments and Quotes ThreadNuff Said.Quotes Epic2008-03-18 0 
1379217Ultimate Mary/Gary Sue/tg/ creates the Ultimate MarySue and unleashes her PURE ENERGY of love and peace on unsuspecting 40k Universe!40k, MarySue, epic2008-03-22 13 
1383654Ultimate Mary/Gary Sue ContinuedThe thread is continued, with OH GOD WHAT THE FUUUUCCKK40k, MarySue, epic2008-03-22 10 
1404465Angry Marines CodexOP suggests putting together a Codex: Angry Marines and asks for some suggestions. /tg/ gets shit done.Angry Marines, epic, rage, sagefags2008-03-26 2 
April 2008
1490328Players will be playersDM has his players find the Buxomize Pill from Princess Maker 2. Hilarity ensues.princess maker, buxomize pill, epic, roleplay, funny2008-04-08 25 
1496010On Modern Physics and 40k.What started as simple RP turned into a discussion of modern mathematics, theoretical particle physics, brane cosmology, Eldrad as a Neutronium Golem, and the Warp as a remnant of another universe.Eldrad, Physics, the Warp, epic2008-04-09 4 
1519118Over-the-top game plotsDescendants of Dr.Frankenstein, armed with the bones of Dracula, versus Frankenstein's Monster and the Nazis! And dozens more!epic2008-04-13 20 
1539889"You do WHAT?" momentsOne of the threads in which /tg/ shares it's great gaming moments.Epic2008-04-17 35 
1632449Heroic deathsFa/tg/uys share memories of their characters' heroic last stands.epic gaming moments2008-04-30 25 
May 2008
1640369Above and beyond the line of duty.Epic wargaming deaths.epic gaming moments2008-05-01 5 
June 2008
1936214Tordek, manlyest dwarf alive.A character concepts thread is thrown of course when a player mentions another player's manly creation, who /tg/ quickly grows to love. Tordek, he's in it for all the bitches.Manly Tordek Bitches Epic2008-06-08 55 
August 2008
October 2008
2777324More Alicia the Epic PaladinContinued adventures of Alicia the epic paladin, as well as general win.Alicia, epic paladin2008-10-11 11 
November 2008
2917093Epic Dwarf Fortress EpicnessNeckbeard and friend witness a truly epic dorf versus Demon battle.dorfs, epic, writefaggotry, demons, 2008-11-01 2 
3052712Moot bans Jim ProfitCelebration of a namefag's ban, and a then celebration of moot being moot.moot, jim profit, epic, civility2008-11-24 115 
December 2008
3096938Old School Game Extravaganza Lots of links to old school games... Champions of Krynn, Death Knights of Krynn, Dark Queen of Krynn, Pool of Radiance, Secret of the Silver Blades, Curse of the Azure Bonds, Pools of Darkness, Gateway to the Savage Frontier, Treasures of the Savage Frontier, Hillsfar, Eye of the Beholder I-III, Blood and Magic, Dungeon Hack, Menzoberranzan, Buck Rogers - Matrix Cubed with manual reference card and logbook, Buck Rogers - Countdown to Doomsday with manual and reference card, Forgotten Realms: Unlimited Adventures, etc.epic, dnd, gold box, old school, frpg, forgotten realms2008-12-02 5 
3137124arthropocalypseAnd a game is bornbugs EPIC awesome2008-12-09 21 
February 2009
3630679PCs vs. BeethovenA Player asks for suggestions on how to take down the Epic Musician himself in his DM's Awesome campaignepic, music, beethoven, d&d,awesome2009-02-07 13 
March 2009
4016968Zalgo and the day of ZalgoingZalgo comes to the land of /tg/. Zalgo ensues. ZALGOZalgo, Cthulhu, Dagon, Hydra, Epic2009-03-19 20 
4083639Epic NPC DeathsA GM asks /tg/ for advice on how to kill a well liked NPC to inspire his players to RAGE AGAINST THE BBEG. Epic death scenes followsNPC, Death, REVENGE, Epic2009-03-26 7 
4097623More advanced miniature creation faggotryIfuritasfan returns for additional mold making mold pirate mini 40k epic2009-03-27 11 
April 2009
4281083LINCOLN LIVES!The centuries old rivalry between Abe Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt comes to a head. None of /tg/ is safe. Epic Humor Thread.Lincoln, Gold, Roosevelt, Steam Punk, Showdown, Humor, Epic, Lulz2009-04-15 7 
4393415Cooking Mama, the BBEG EditionOP asks for people to use Cooking Mama as BBEG. Starts with crazed housewife stumping for PETA, ends with Chilean Communist bomber living out her life in the suburbs until her secret is revealedCooking, Mama, BBEG, Stats, Epic2009-04-26 15 
May 2009
4537587What a alien thinks of earthEarth, as described by aliens.epic2009-05-13 8 
4607523Epic Startrek RPG ThreadEpicness ensues when we have an Star Trek RPG, found and then scanned.Star Trek, RPG, Scans, Furry, Epic2009-05-22 11 
4649258Alicia update: FAR REALMAlicia fights a creature from the far realm and edges ever higher on the Mary Sue list. Anonymous remands angel lesbianism.alicia, epic paladin, triple angel lesbianism2009-05-25 7 
4654518GM PyrotechnicsA pyro GM describes an easy to do magic effect that brings special effects into any tabletop game.gm, epic, epic gaming moments2009-05-25 5 
4657786weapons of LEGENDweapons of power, beyond the magical...magic weapons epic story backstory 2009-05-26 3 
June 2009
4774285Mr Black's first threadMr Black shares a story about an epic campaign he played in, and asks /tg/ for advice on his next game. Ends with a fractal god-king situation in a steampunk fantasyMr Black, epic tales, /tg/2009-06-05 3 
4775544The Final Boss/tg/ gathers together to fight an eldritch horror to prevent the end of everything. Epic fight occurs Lina, 40k, eldritch, epic, fight2009-06-05 18 
4793876Epic D and D discussionTalking about how epic D and D games can work.3.5, epic2009-06-07 1 
4961702Most Epic Scratch Build EverMost Epic Scratch Build Ever. Bar non.Scratch Build, Titan, Epic, Win, Script, Seal, 40k, Warhammer, GW2009-06-22 1 
5036057Why Colonial Marines are AwesomeYour typical nighttime /tg/ thread takes a turn for the winside when a crazed fan of the US Colonial Marines takes fifty minutes to write up how well-armed stormtrooper IG equivalents took down 156+ genestealers on their lonesome against ALL odds with a broodlord thrown in to boot, making it eight stormtroopers, two pilots, one combat servitor, one civilian with prior experience with the genestealers, one administratum drone, and one unarmed and unarmored whiteshield took down an Apocalypse Reloaded Tyranid "Genestealer Infestation" formation. Epic ensues and cries of SCREENCAP commence.Colonial Marines, awesome, tyranids, xenomorphs, epic2009-06-29 12 
5037420speeches that you wouldn't mind shamelessly stealing, either for heroes or villainsepic speeches, one-liners and other incredible commentary up in here. awesomeness at it finest./tg/, epic, qoutes, speeches, speech2009-06-29 3 
July 2009
5202277I hope this finds you wellA jaded gamer shares a tale of innocence regained, tears are shed.epic, heartwarming2009-07-19 11 
5234359ITT: getting back at faggot playersWhat starts as one DM picking on another retarded player becomes epic, with the Legend of 50 Copper and Ludi'drizz't50 copper, Ludi'drizz't, bard, epic2009-07-24 24 
5262212Epic SoB CosplayEpic 40k Cosplay is Epic.SoB, Epic, Cosplay2009-07-27 22 
August 2009
5483322That Fucking Dwarf #2Zus and friends return for another week of mayhem.Zus Shadowrun Epic Dwarf Cyberpunk2009-08-17 4 
5595046Stargate: 1939Indiana Jones x Einstein x Stargate writefaggery. Writefag, epic, awesome, stargate, indiana jones,2009-08-26 2 
5625588We hold the lineShort, but sweet writefaggotry about IG holding the line against impossible odds, told by a Kasrkin during a Space Wolves victory feast.writefaggotry, epic, 40K2009-08-28 20 
September 2009
5737476Epic RPStandard epic RP thread goes super epic.Epic, Airship, Awakened Tarrasque2009-09-06 45 
5993014The Canonization of Acolyte GrendelOn this day Acolyte Grendel finally earned his place in Dark Heresy canon. Maybe. And there was much rejoicing. Grendel, Dark Heresy, epic, 40k2009-09-25 38 
October 2009
6420120Chuck E. CheeseStarts with Chuck E. Cheese declaring his superiority to /tg/, then becomes epic when a fatguy tells us the story of how he descended into the ball pit to retrieve his favorite ring from the evil mouse himself.Chuck E Cheese, epic, writefag2009-10-25 53 
November 2009
6570530BATTLETECHEpic long battletech thread, with lots of jst abot everything, as per sual. Also awesome Merc Regiments.Awesome, Epic, Battletech, Mechwarrior2009-11-06 2 
6663011Traitors AnonymousA simple question about tales regarding characters betraying the rest of the party establishes only one fact: Commissar-kun is the new Wasteland Warrior.betrayal, commissar-kun, epic2009-11-11 6 
6686132Totally walking into MordorPlayers bitch about their DM and how he kept bending over backwards for those two halflings... It's all strangely familiar.Lord of the Rings, Epic, Lulz, Roleplaying2009-11-13 8 
6725440Papa AkuWhen a foster parent is needed most Aku steps up to the platedemons, fantasy, epic2009-11-16 38 
6737088Things we're not allowed to do anymoreOP inquires as to things we've been forbidden from doing in games. Incredible hilarity ensues.forbidden, D&D, epic, lulz2009-11-17 3 
6825362Khorne in Warhammer FantasyWritefag out of nowhere writes up one of the best depictions of Khorne I've seen yet.Warhammer fantasy, epic, Khorn, Chaos2009-11-23 0 
December 2009
7095329Fantasy art threadHey /tg/, lets get a good fantasy art thread going, just like old times. Max'd out picture cap, This is some good shitArt, Fantasy, Epic2009-12-12 3 
7151010Future Humanity interesting ideas for futuristic human civilization? Covered in this thread: interactions with other alien species, a bio-engineered caste, no humans-you are the cthulu, and HUMANITY FUCK YEAR. Sci-Fi, Epic, Humanity Fuck Yeah2009-12-16 5 
January 2010
7379393Pokemon Tabletop Adventuers Whos that? Bearing a gift of the new year? Why it is Dr. Mr. Stark and he does not disappoint.Pokemon, Tabletop, Aura, Mystery Dungeon, Glitches, Splatbook, Dr. Mr. Stark, Epic, Zip, Adventuers, Pokemon Tabletop Adventuers 2010-01-02 24 
7592671Dinners & Desserts Discussion"You got your /tg/ in my /ck/!" "You got your /ck/ in my /tg/!"food, D&D, setting, epic, funny2010-01-15 3 
7829896Pokemon Tabletop AdventuresStark comes to celebrate 5th gen's announcement and releases features for every class. What a king.Pokemon, Tabletop, Splatbook, Dr. Mr. Stark, Epic, Zip, Adventuers, Pokemon Tabletop Adventuers 2010-01-30 18 
February 2010
7915533Mass Effect characters playing tabletop gamesAn interesting idea is brought up. What kind of players would the characters of Mass Effect make if presented the opportunity? Epic win results. Later turns to noral discussion but stilla good read.Mass.Erect,Efect,Shepard,Win,Epic,Garrus,Tali,Thatguy2010-02-04 2 
8108689Insanely slow and long horror storyWhat looks like a classic trollpost evolves into amusing banter, followed by copycats and drawfaggotry of an awesome story about manly nerds and douchebags.epic, horror, douchebag2010-02-16 25 
8111438Insanely slow and long horror story, THE RECKONINGA compilation of the above, with less spam and faggotry.epic, horror, douchebag2010-02-16 5 
8103285Epic last wordsLike tears in rain... epic, last words2010-02-16 1 
8200732StoryTimeEpic Tabletop Story Thread Ragequit, Vengeance, Epic Win/Fail, Ruleslawyers, Neckbeards and bad character concepts.epic, story, role playing2010-02-21 12 
8213968Retarded Peasant Quest, Part 2 Retarded Peasant Quest, Part 2You feel tired, and hungry, only mildly damp, and only slightly cold. Your robe is dirtied with mud, from the couple of times you have fallen. It is now dawn, and it has stopped raining.Patheic, Epic, Peasent, Powers, Magic, Quest, DOORS2010-02-22 3 
8231595Laterntheif story time Dear /tg/, I just wanted to tell you that for the first time in my DMing career, something happened that I've never seen nor heard of, even in all my years of lurking about /tg/. One of my PC's attempted suicide. D&D, story, epic, time, laterntheif2010-02-23 0 
March 2010
8480716Adeptus Evangelion FluffBMJ asks for pieces of original content to help make his next gift for /tg/ all the more special. The fa/tg/uys prove their worth like champs. AdEva, AdeptusEvangelion, Evangelion, writefag, epic2010-03-09 17 
8881939Gundam40kA "really stupid" idea turns out to be awesome in retrospect.Dark Herisy, Adeptus Evangelion, Epic, Setting2010-03-31 2 
April 2010
8956358Sweet Ork and Hella EmpTHE ORK RUSE WAS A....... DISTACTION i HAVE the /TEEG/mspa, 40k, ork, epic2010-04-03 1 
9004046How the lot bloomedWritefaggotry involving TF2 and Nana. Shockingly heartwarming given the source material.Team Fortress 2, Nana, writefaggotry, cute, epic, crossover2010-04-06 25 
9161368Ballad of Wyatt the LastWyatt The Last tells the tale of his first inquisitorial mission through journal logs. It amazes /tg/ into silence.Epic, Writefaggotry2010-04-13 5 
May 2010
9903789Worst catastrophies/body count inflicted by PCsAnon shares their tales of the worst genocides and destructive catastrophes ever wrought by their player characters.epic, stories, rpg, roleplaying, awesome, Writefaggotry, disaster, atrocity, tpk2010-05-19 7 
June 2010
10540698World of Mages. An awesome post-apocalyptic setting in our world. Setting, Magic, Epic, Writefaggotry2010-06-17 6 
10789840Collection of /tg/ awesomeA bunch of epic tg condensed into one thread/tg/, epic, awesome2010-06-28 5 
July 2010
10855800Epic Spelljammer AdventureA fa/tg/uy shares a recently completed Spelljammer campaign filled with espionage, betrayal and revenge.AD&D, Spelljammer, Story, Epic2010-07-01 13 
10973904Worst System Ever/tg/, let's make the worst possible system from scratch. Something that would make FATAL look like playable.system, game design, epic, FATAL2010-07-06 13 
11295346What to do when you're dragged into a LARP.Anon tells the epic story of his experience as a warrior-mage-turned-fugitive in a LARP.LARP, roleplay, epic, story2010-07-23 227 
August 2010
11577265: Times when the PCs did something more awesome than you planned./tg/ shares a lot of epic stories about the games we play and some of those players with a dash of awesomeStories, long, epic, awesome, brofist2010-08-10 11 
September 2010
12127531The final moments of Pavonis StarportAn epic end to an epic writefaggotryImperial Guard, Writefaggotry, Epic, Dawn of War, Jon Falker, Vietnam 40k2010-09-18 30 
12231166The faces of /tg/OP asks inflammatory question, invoking a glorious chain reaction of many of the faces of /tg/. The devil's advocate, the voice of reason, the troll, the zerg, the bro.epic, mindfuck, troll, wtfamireading2010-09-26 10 
12233518/tg/ Fights Drunken Bears/tg/ plays a session of Drunken Bear Fighter RPG. Shit gets real.Quest, Collective Game, Bear, Game, Drunken Bear Fighter, Epic2010-09-27 9 
12275066tg beats a thief into the motherfucking groundVapid tart makes a thread about stealing from gamesworkshop, but TG's JUSTICE squad are ready to dispense the law, fuck yeah!epic, rage, warhams, metal mans, stealing, win, Deathleapers Fangrill2010-09-30 15 
October 2010
12354135Zerg Quest XVThe Second Battle of Aiur rages on, the largest conflict in recorded history. It ends with a goddamn bang. I'm not going to spoil it for you, but damn.Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Kerrigan, Overmind, Aiur, EPIC, Goddamn Feneschal, Since when does CA do screenshots?2010-10-07 14 
12538661Epic Boss Battles- /tg/ styleVillainous monologues, epic stages, and cool fight music. But mostly monologues. It's like some kind of plot-porn. Epic, Campaigns, Plot, Villains, Villain, Dramatic2010-10-25 16 
12582554Most Trustworthy of EightOP posts interesting question, /tg/ responds with class and many lols are had.Trustworthy, DM help, epic2010-10-27 4 
12611904Crazy plans that actually workedWhen plans actually go as planned.roleplay, stories, roleplaying, D&D, awesome, fuck yeah, epic gaming moments, win2010-10-30 7 
November 2010
12726929Omegle RPFa/tg/uys collectively introduce the concept of roleplay to Omegle. Hilarity- and epic- ensue.omegle, improv, roleplay, epic, adventure, infocom, quest, giant, barbarian, knight2010-11-09 2 
12739472Flora Wars/tg/ shares strategies for the game Flora Wars, which turns out to be surprisingly popular around the world.flora wars, epic, fucking awesome2010-11-10 6 
12776514Epic KillsOP requests fa/tg/uys tell their most epic or just lucky kill. /tg/ does not disappoint, delivering story after story of extreme badassitude.storytime, epic win, epic kills2010-11-13 8 
12831695mary sues, the horror, and how to deal with themExamples of the most horrible mary sues /tg/ can summon forth - and an epic story of how to deal with one: let the other players hummilate it!mary sue, epic, horror,2010-11-18 2 
December 2010
13108836The Rise of Poppa ShasOP asks /tg/ for advice on toppling a monster that he and his party accidentally put into power, only to have it broken to him that God Emperor Shastamannos is the coolest dictator in school, and that he and his party members are complete madmen. Join the Nation!Pathfinder, D&D, Writefaggotry, Epic, Poppa Shas, Now Lay Back and Think of Karthack2010-12-11 27 
13324552The Tale of Ollanius PiusA stirring tale of a guardsman holding the line, and discussion of fluff."40k" "epic" "awesome" "writefaggotry"2010-12-29 1 
January 2011
13517103Horrible things DMs do...OP relays the story of a Horrible DM who ends up derailing the game because of what he does. Others join in.D&D, epic, Roleplay, DM2011-01-14 0 
13571485The Revenge of NephemA continuation of 11295346, Anon starts to tell the story of the plot to destroy House Cerberus, and rejoins his LARP friends.LARP, roleplay, epic, story2011-01-19 53 
13647345WoD ThreadA bunch of dudes discuss the comparative merits of WoD and nWoD. Then, Anon posts copypasta from Ascension, showing the best, most beautiful, and insane things from oWoD.WoD, nWoD, oWoD, copypasta, epic, Ascension2011-01-25 0 
February 2011
13880437Awesome kills general/tg/ recalls the times when shit just got awesome in combat.story, awesome, epic gaming moments, 2011-02-13 8 
13975067You are the Final BossAn entertaining and creative survey/contest on the music/setting/quote of a Final Boss.final boss, creative, epic, game design, funny, carl sagan, awesome, original content2011-02-21 6 
March 2011
14188616STORYTIEM: The Final ChapterSTORYTIEM makes his emmy award-winning return to /tg/ and unveils the climactic conclusion to his mind-shatteringly epic campaign.storytiem, saburo, joseph knock, al'sham wyles, evennia, spelljammer, the fist, frank the fiendish centipede, crazy hassan, epic, campaign2011-03-10 53 
14189487The 400 Year Old VirginStarts with OP asking about one of his Lich players getting hitched, then /tg/ shows their funny side by making parody quotes of the 40 Year Old Virginmarriage, lich, undead, sex, virgin, funny, parody, magic, epic, epic level2011-03-10 17 
14275854When Players Go Full RetardSometimes Player deny good sense and logic; then they die.Players, Herp, Derp, Lolded, Funny, lulz, epic, awesome2011-03-18 7 
April 2011
14651510Critfail ShenanigansEpic tales of epic fail! Looking for stories of the dice gods *really* screwing someone over? Step right it!Epic Fail, Natural One, lulz2011-04-21 7 
May 2011
15092314The Greatest Party EverA tale of dungeons and dragons, eternally retold. THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO!Awesome, Game Session, Thousands of years ago, Dungeons and Dragons, GM, Epic, BBEG2011-05-29 2 
June 2011
15210218The Legend of MandorThe greatest DMPC of all time saves the day while everyone else watches (and the elf gets raped)mandor, DMPC, epic2011-06-10 17 
15215099Why /TG/ is awesomeIt's sort of a "greatest hits" collection of /tg/'s Crowning Moments of Awesome. Reccommended for Newbies to show them what /tg/ looks like at its best.Awesome, Win, FUCK YEAH, Manly tears, Epic Stories, Old Man Henderson2011-06-13 34 
15252903Fantasy Races, in a Modern Office Environment.OP Poses question, and challenge, things go from there, with Office Politics, race relations, and really weird pron.roleplay,epic,office,elf,elf wut do,2011-06-13 8 
July 2011
15525924Sword and Sorcery 40,000OP wonders what 40k would be like if it was an SnS setting. Turns out it already is.Sword, Sorcery, Sword and Sorcery, 40k, Warhammer, Awesome, Conan, Corny, Epic2011-07-10 11 
August 2011
15875747Epic Moments ThreadExactly what it says on the tind&d, rpg, epic win, storytime, manly tears2011-08-10 14 
15951797Board Quest IVThe journey to battle is finally under way! But in the night, we are ambushed by werewolves! Some badass glowing and even more badass speeches later, we decide to find out exactly HOW the beasts knew where to find us... And, who may have told them.Collective Game, Board Quest, Quest, Werewolves, Lycanthropes, What a Twist, Epic2011-08-16 12 
November 2011
16880285The Triumphant ReturnWaffle House Millionaire returns, surprisingly fun time is had by all, many stories are told.Waffle House Millionaire, storytime, epic2011-11-08 15 
December 2011
1710907511 - Aura of FailureShas'o R'myr regalis /tg/ with yet another of his amazing Deffwotch threads, about a Deathwatch squad of orksOrks, Deffwotch, 11, Warhammer 40K, Epic, Campaign2011-12-06 10 
17300795Jamhorn GlittergoldThe best Lich ever.Anti-That Guy, Epic, Lich, Badass2011-12-23 22 
January 2012
17397637What was the best thread of 2011?2011 was a pretty rockin year for /tg/. Anon recounts their favourites. Anagrams, Rap Battles, we have it all. Come take a trip down memory lane and welcome in the new year by reliving glories past./tg/, tg, 2012, 2011, memories, awesome, epic, win, 40k, homebrew, storytime2012-01-02 24 
17432135/tg/ Threads of 2011 (Greatest Hits)The glories and epic times and stories of the past year on /tg/ are celebrated as we roll in 2012.thread, screencap, DM, that guy, story, stories, epic win2012-01-06 5 
17458366Memory Lane 2011 Part 2Come join us on a walk down memory lane! The best threads of /tg/ 2011. Linked and listed for your reading pleasure. Who needs other boards?/tg/, tg, 2012, 2011, memories, awesome, epic, win, 40k, homebrew, storytime2012-01-08 5 
17595297That Guy And The BearStorybro recounts the time a homophobic That Guy meets his match in the form of a big, burly gay rugby player.That Guy, gay, storytime, epic, lulz, bear, bears2012-01-19 22 
17625459The Tale of DaiesDowjin lays down the law as he tells of the tale of the PC who would not get old.epic, win, writefaggotry, rpg2012-01-22 22 
17663445The Tale of Daies 2Dowjin tells some more of Daies and the battle between the Gods.Daies,epic, win, writefaggotry, rpg, Dowjin2012-01-25 15 
March 2012
18204471The Great Clean oneMispelling of Great Unclean One leads to a derail and a funny threadepic, funny, 40k, chaos, nurgle2012-03-05 30 
18254146PC's say the darndest thingsepic quotes from many different games involving the crazy shit PC's sayPC's quotes awesome epic funny duke nukem critical success call of cthulhu diablerie vampires2012-03-08 11 
18282927Planetary Governor Quest: Part OneFormer Captain Elyssa von Braun assumes the position of Lord Governor over the planet Daysimir, but all is not well in this sector, and many things are not as they appear...Collective Game, Quest, Quest Thread, Planetary Governor Quest, Epic Win, Discussion, 40K, Warhammer, Navy2012-03-11 33 
18365007Vintage WargamingA thread about H.G. Wells' Little Wars rulebook explodes into a great dump of vintage wargaming materialwargame, vintage, epic2012-03-18 27 
April 2012
18757535STORYTIEM Swashbuckling AdventureSTORYTIEM is back with an amazing tale of his amazing new campaignSTORYTIEM, epic, swashbuckling adventures, pathfincer2012-04-18 35 
18768320Famous People as That Guy, Round 2/tg/ imagines more famous people as That Guys. that guy, epic thread, authors2012-04-19 10 
May 2012
19083275The Tale Of Hitsito The ArmoryStorytime of an Epic Level DnD game, Dueling Gods, Neverwinter gets destroyedDowjin, Daies, Hitsito, Van, Destamona, DnD, Epic, Storytime2012-05-13 10 
July 2012
19962789Mearls and 3.5Hot Man to Manual actionman on book action, erotica, epic, writefag, storytime, DnD, 3.52012-07-20 15 
August 2012
20183136Gerald's Epic Goomba-StompA Space Wolf falls from space to goomba-stomp a Daemon Prince.deathwatch, wtf, epic, goomba-stomp, daemon, 40k2012-08-05 5 
20316584That Guy: The ReturnThat guy thread demonstrates the very worst of Tabletop players.story, that guy, what, rage, epic, 2012-08-16 8 
20396689 Ark of Andrassia and other stories.Stories of amazing campaigns.Epic, Story, Amazing,2012-08-21 39 
November 2012
21378308The Hamlet of Tyranny 4th Anniversary TaleA retelling of the original legendary Dwarf Fortress gameplay recounting.Dwarf Fortress, Epic, /tg/2012-11-01 21 
21492704Saint Elegius, the Relic HammerWelder Anon discovers an ancient relic and embarks on an epic quest to forge a legendary hammer. In real life.Epic, Real Life, Elegius, Artifact, Metalworking2012-11-09 69 
March 2013
23424514Engine Heart Waterworld MetropolisViral reports about the upcoming kickstarter, nono makes a postapocalyptic Engine Heart setting, everybody wins.Engine Heart, viral, nono, robot, bot, droid, android, drone, wall-e, free, homebrew, epic, survival, apocalypse, water, ocean, sea2013-03-01 9 
April 2013
23945399Adeptus Evangelion ThreadOP asks for advice on his Taoism mythos inspired setting for AdEva, and general discussion is had.AdEva, AdeptusEvangelion, Evangelion, setting, epic, NGE2013-04-01 6 
May 2013
25064626That Guy vs. YahwehWhat starts as a That Guy/That GM thread turns hilarious when one Guy, who doesn't know what 'omnipotent' means, tries to fight god.That Guy, epic, story, stories, storytime, awesome, /tg/, omnipotence2013-05-28 52 
June 2013
25224953Most insane thing your party ever did/tg/ remembers the most batshit crazy things they've ever pulled in a gamestorytime, character, epic gaming moments, awesome, drow, 3.5, Exalted, Paladin2013-06-04 6 
July 2013
25898657The Story of the Insane Anti-Magic Stone DMThe tale of a batshit crazy DM and his many PDFs. "Your nervous system is based on electricity that is based on electrons"crazy, that dm, witch, magic, story, epic2013-07-09 57 
25936580Return of the Insane Anti-Magic Stone DMMore stories about the infamous anti-magic stone GM are told, as we see how deep the rabbit hole goes. "To live forever, or younger, and regain your youth, you need to injest the blood of younger people that still have dividing cells, replacing your cells with theirs, maybe a blood transfusion would work too?" crazy, that dm, epic, story, magic, insane2013-07-11 22 
25961740The Insane Anti-Magic Stone DM, Part 3Even more stories about the infamous anti-magic stone GM are told, as we see how deep the rabbit hole goes. "If the state was to armour their vehicles in layes of light weight bullet proof glass they could just run the enemy down as the militants don't have access to that, or, if they did, there would be a stalemate and then they would slow down. Even if you fire a rocket at such a vehicle it would only dent the glass, so that is an aggressive approach."crazy, that dm, epic, story, magic, insane2013-07-13 20 
September 2013
27168502Tales of Spac Station 13Need we say more?SS13, Space Station 13, Epic2013-09-13 10 
January 2014
29449266souls in asseswe discuss whether souls live in asses and what that means for the orksork, bum, butt, ass, soul, slaanesh, eldar, 40k, warhammer, epic, lol, funny, fluff2014-01-12 22 
February 2014
30024229Dwarf image thread deliveredOP requests images similar to a picture of a dwarf with a boar. Anonymous delivers.funny, troll, anonymous delivers, awesome, dwarf, epic, Humor, 2014-02-05 9 
March 2014
31058461This goddamn moment from a game you can't forgetMemorable moments that define tabletop gaming. Crit successes that shatter the plot, crit fails that cause TPKs on the first enemy encountered, everything's here.Story, storytime, stories, nat 20, natural 20, DnD, D&D, 3.5, 4, Crit, Crit fail, fail, awesome, epic2014-03-26 10 
April 2014
31674272A crazy PC's memorialA tribute to a good friend and crazy players like him. Story time, Storytime, awesome, crazy, crazy shit, D&D, Mage, lulz, epic, /tg/ 2014-04-24 10 
June 2014
32762540Rated M for ManlyOP asks for stereotypical action movie "ass pulls". /tg/ ends up developing a stereotypical action movie style RPG from it.Rated M for Manly, game design, epic, awesome, oc, original content, homebrew2014-06-14 38 
32855664Rated M For Manly Thread #2The work continuesRated M for Manly, game design, epic, awesome, oc, original content, homebrew2014-06-18 2 
July 2014
33114825The story of Legacy WarBASED Regalia delivers the tales of he and his friends playtesting someone's RPG that's secretly a self-insert Naruto fanfic.Story, Epic, Game Design, Naruto, DM, GM, funny2014-07-01 43 
August 2014
34285189Avatar CYOA Risk Style RPEverything changed when we attacked the Fire Nation.Collective Game, CYOA, Quest, RP, Avatar, The Last Airbender, Epic, Crazy Rolls2014-08-21 11 
October 2014
35576674Best of /tg/ October 2014Best of /tg/ thread as of Oct. 2014writeup, epic2014-10-18 1 
November 2014
36183575Epic Quest .5A world of super powered assholes, and you're just a physical trainer. Luckily, you're also one of those assholesEpic Quest, Calamity, Superpowers, Collective Game2014-11-16 6 
36195473Epic Quest 1An Epic destroyed a server farm near you, then blasts off again. After, you check around town for interesting stuff.Epic Quest, Calamity, Superpowers, Collective Game2014-11-16 7 
36229264Epic Quest 2We go on a road trip. Wacky hijinks ensueEpic Quest, Calamity, Superpowers, Collective Game2014-11-18 6 
36330052Epic Quest 3Zach picks up a small child to join him on his extremely dangerous quest and fight the KKK. Then they eat ice creamEpic Quest, Calamity, Superpowers, Collective Game2014-11-23 7 
36353393Epic Quest 4Zach meets with a recruiter, then is sent to school. He then plays capture the flag.Epic Quest, Calamity, Superpowers, Collective Game 2014-11-18 1 36330052 Epic Quest 3 Zach picks up a small child to join him on his extremely dangerous quest and fight the KKK. Then they eat ice cream Epic Quest, Calamity, Superpowers, Collective Game2014-11-24 6 
36373795Epic Quest 5Finish up the capture the flag game, hang out with some Epics, then we go clubbin'!Epic Quest, Calamity, Superpowers, Collective Game2014-11-25 6 
36394833Epic Quest 6Brandon wakes up with hoes and a scab. We try to find the source of both.Epic Quest, Calamity, Superpowers, Collective Game2014-11-26 7 
36414061Epic Quest 7You sink a ship, then go to a party. Completely unrelated to each otherEpic Quest, Calamity, Superpowers, Collective Game2014-11-27 8 
36447561Epic Quest 8Lost an arm. No big.Epic Quest, Calamity, Superpowers, Collective Game2014-11-29 8 
January 2015
37438653SIMPLE QUESTA tale of bears, and the simple men who love them.SIMPLE QUEST, Bears, Romance, Caves, Weak-ass Grue, Epic tales, Collective Game, Tragedy, Deconstruction, Heart-warming2015-01-17 5 
June 2015
40392795Story ThreadStories from the table game, wizards, great succeses, no luck from the dice gods, those guys or that DM.epic, funny, gaming, PCs, that guy, that DM, original content, story, storytime, wizard2015-06-06 6 
40691751The Sound of SilenceOP asks a difficult question, a fa/tg/uy gives the best responce /thread./tg/ being /tg/, epic2015-06-19 10 
40888369Epic /tg/ Approved Comic ThreadHi /tg/ this is my first thread on the board and I think it went pretty well. Be sure to upvote me if you like itď/tg/, comics, epic2015-06-29 19 
August 2015
41680792Empyrean: The World-Eatersa thread about cosmic-level capmpaigns ends in a predictably /tg/ way, and with homebrewCosmic, Galactus, Epic Level, Space, All-Consuming Vore Loli, Planet Eating, Empyrean: The World-Eaters, Homebrew2015-08-07 20 
41730797Empyrean: The World-Eaters 2Continuing the discussion of cosmic-scale campaigns with all-devouring PCs. Discussion of experience system and fluffCosmic, Galactus, Epic Level, Space, Planet Eating, Empyrean: The World-Eaters, Homebrew2015-08-08 19 
41901253Mandala of FortunePut your character up. Name their greatest deeds and virtues. Now their greatest sins. Spin the Mandala of Fortune and see what (often epic!) afterlife your protagonist/antagonist will suffer before Enlightenment!writefaggotry, Hinduism, Buddhism, allignment, writefag, fluff, awesome, religion, afterlife, player character, good end, bad end, allignment, epic2015-08-17 31 
41994183The 'Skippy's List' for the Imperial GuardPossibly the definitive version of the hilarious implied antics of bored soldiers in WH40k flavour. An Excellent read.Warhammer 40K, Imperial Guard, Guard, Writefaggotry, IG, Guardsmen, Commissar, Epic2015-08-21 42 
October 2015
42827638Make an Archive check, 20.A number of various /tg/entelmen relay various scenarios of when they rolled a critical, via green-text.epic gaming moments, dice, funny2015-10-02 0 
March 2016
46244963Humerus SpooksWhat starts with rib tickling skeleton puns and one liners turns epic with one anon's stories of playing as a skeleton in full plate armorD&D, skeletons, lol, story time, puns, bones, spooky, rattle, epic, humerus2016-03-26 42 
June 2017
1563931Ancient greek Civ GameFive Great cities come into play and begin growing their power. The wise Oracle tells all and weaves legendGreek, Civ, Mythical, Collective game, Epic Thread, OracleofDephi2017-06-17 1 
August 2019
67744810Lego Space 1995Anon proposes a sci-fi setting based on old Lego Space sets. Worldbuilding and decade old additions come to light.Lego, worldbuilding, epic, Sci-Fi2019-08-11 9 
August 2020
74413893Skaterbro defeats the Demon lordAnon brings back a taste of vintage /tg/ by going above and beyond responding to OP.Writefaggotry, Drawfaggotry, Comicfaggotry, Old /tg/, oc, comic, epic2020-08-20 50 
October 2021
5011759Dynastic Ruler Quest 10: A War to RememberWith the siege of the fortress housing the Dark Lord, the battle for humanity and dwarvenkind is at hand. Collective Game, Ruler QM, Fantasy, Dwarves, High King, Daedric, Dark Lord, Ritual, Epic Battle2021-10-16 2 
November 2023
90974614Oceans 11 A.D.Anon tells a number of excellent stories from his group's long-running all-thief campaign.Oceans 11 A.D., Oceans 11 AD, thief, thieves, campaign, storytime, epic, acks2023-11-19 186 
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