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April 2008
1451120Discussion of LARP weapons/tg/ discusses LARP combat, fighting styles, kendo vs fencing, and various related topics such as which sort of fencing is 'for cocksuckers'.larp sword masterwork katana quarterstaff internettoughguy2008-04-02 0 
October 2008
2845906Tales from the Emergency RoomMitchell_Henderson tells stories about his time working in the ER, such as the idiot LARPer that cut his hand and the horror of the 300 lbs. fursuiter.Mitchell Henderson, ER, LARP, idiots STORYTIEM2008-10-22 33 
July 2010
11295346What to do when you're dragged into a LARP.Anon tells the epic story of his experience as a warrior-mage-turned-fugitive in a LARP.LARP, roleplay, epic, story2010-07-23 227 
August 2010
11513921The Most Dangerous LARP, all partsThe whole story. SHOW ME YOUR HONOR.LARP, Game, Dangerous, Final2010-08-04 42 
November 2010
12917518LARPing advice threadIn which Anon gets taught how the average LARP works, and tips on being a bard at same.LARP, bard, Blind Guardian bad, advice, tutorial2010-11-25 3 
12938067Larp costume helpThread about creating costume for larp wanders into discussion of actual armor construction and types.armor, LARP, advice2010-11-26 2 
January 2011
13460254Sewing and ThrowingGood ole' fashion /tg/ discussion of sewing hobbies as it parallels and inter-relates to tabletop and LARPing. Much wisdomsew, LARP, hobby store, cool stories bro, etc.2011-01-10 5 
13571485The Revenge of NephemA continuation of 11295346, Anon starts to tell the story of the plot to destroy House Cerberus, and rejoins his LARP friends.LARP, roleplay, epic, story2011-01-19 53 
February 2011
13752895Part 3 of the LARP ExtravaganzaHouse Cerberus takes on Lich Ulcik in a showdown of wits, skill, talent, and trickery. Also some brute force.LARP2011-02-02 75 
March 2011
14176140Comparing National LARPing SystemsA Bulgarian, a Hungarian, and an American discuss how LARPing is done in their home countries and why it is done that way.Balgaria, Hungary, LARP2011-03-10 2 
April 2011
14657301The fa/tg/uy ConfessionalIn which we confess to our flaws and pray that our fellows also don't become complete screwups and destroy our games. Apologies and a side trip in LARPer cats included. confess, That Guy, forgive, LARP2011-04-21 5 
14671429LARP threadLARP thread with awesome images, advices and moreLARP awesome2011-04-22 3 
14727329World LARP threadIn which one anon asks innocently "Does anyone LARP?" and ends up with the world answering. Side notes include links to weapon construction, forums, and a little history discussion.LARP, history, world2011-04-28 1 
May 2011
14877949LARP storytime!Southern boys go larping and draw the ire of Peacock. Hilarity ensuesLARP, storytime, THAT GUY2011-05-10 59 
14891469LARP storiesLARP stories and other interesting... ummm... guys? what are you doing?LARP stories2011-05-12 0 
15023363another LARP threadafer a summer style start the thread turns out into a general larp discussion and at the and focusing into the rules of different larpslarp discussion rules advice2011-05-24 1 
September 2011
16222803Nostalgia storytimeOp was going through some old things, and felt a big ol' wave of fond nostalgia.larp, storytime, nostalgia2011-09-08 8 
October 2011
16667394Larp Horror StoriesHungarian Larpfags tell the stories of the worst experiences they have had at a larp. Other contributers provide additional lulz.larp2011-10-20 14 
January 2012
17598005So this one time..IRL shenanigans. Encounters and such. Ýncludes a guard tackling a thief in a medieval fair and getting promoted...Guard, IRL, Random Encounter, Story, STOP RÝGHT THERE CRÝMÝNAL SCUM!, Larp2012-01-19 5 
July 2012
19941867 /tg/-CraftsA tabletop-related crafts thread with some tutorials from Esh-Esh and Hungarian LARPfag on how to make LED crystals, arts & crafts, /tg/, Esh-Esh, hungarian LARPfag2012-07-19 7 
August 2012
20220426Guy Fieri, Prince of the CamarillaOP is playing the part of the Prince in a VtM LARP as a favour to a friend; he plays it as a TV chef because he is fat. /tg/ advises.Vampire the Masquerade, World of Darkness, Guy Fieri, LARP2012-08-08 23 
January 2014
29701216ukranian IRL LarpUkraine is taking larping to new extremes, doing it during actual riots.Larp, original content2014-01-22 7 
December 2016
50796364Larp thread gone rightAfter a thread that called American larps lame slowly fell into autosage, LARPfags created a new thread, for stories and cool photos.LARP, storytime, bucket, teeth2016-12-21 7 
March 2018
58291364SolarpunkA discussion of solarpunk as a genre with explanations, examples and miscellaneous worldbuilding.setting, worldbuilding, solarpunk, genre2018-03-04 4 
July 2020
73938020dystopian solarpunkA combination of worldbuilding and discussion as to the difference between cyberpunk and solarpunk.solarpunk, worldbuilding, environmentalism, dystopian,2020-07-30 2 
August 2020
74530128I'M PUTTING TOGETHER A FLEET The Admiral is gathering a fleet to combat the xenos forces. His alien opposite, The Commander, is doing the same against the humans.Roleplay, LARP, 40k, Sci Fi, Aliens, Humans2020-08-27 14 
September 2020
74802194solarpunk vs cyberpunk discussion threadA thread about solarpunk is derailed into worldbuilding an all-new twist on cyberpunk dystopias.solarpunk, cyberpunk, worldbuilding, setting,2020-09-12 2 
April 2021
78328758solarpunk made punkHow to make a dystopian solarpunk setting?worldbuilding, solarpunk, cyberpunk, dystopia, setting,2021-04-03 0 
October 2023
5806419Solarpunk Cleanup Agent Quest #1Mutants and outlaws overrun Helsinki's storm drains. You have to earn your human rights by wiping them out.Solarpunk Cleanup Agent Quest, Solarpunk, Cleanup, Agent, Mojique, Sci-fi, Dystopian2023-10-27 9 
November 2023
5845695Solarpunk Cleanup Agent Quest #2Fiona Jarnafeldt hunts monsters in HelsinkiSolarpunk Cleanup Agent Quest, Solarpunk, Cleanup, Agent, Mojique, Sci-fi, Dystopian2023-11-28 9 
January 2024
5894478Solarpunk Cleanup Agent Quest #3Fiona signed up to be a part of an exotic technology testing program, and goes partying with loud Americans.Solarpunk Cleanup Agent Quest, Solarpunk, Cleanup, Agent, Mojique, Sci-fi, Dystopian2024-01-18 8 
April 2024
5967405Solarpunk Cleanup Agent Quest #4Aberrations are being smuggled into the stormdrains, and Fiona leads a squad of rookies to find out how.Solarpunk Cleanup Agent Quest, Solarpunk, Cleanup, Agent, Mojique, Sci-fi, Dystopian2024-04-18 5 
June 2024
6019053Solarpunk Cleanup Agent Quest #5With the main dwelling of squatters uncovered, Fiona has to clean up the stormdrain's little messes before any big raid can begin.Solarpunk Cleanup Agent Quest, Solarpunk, Cleanup, Agent, Mojique, Sci-fi, Dystopian2024-06-17 5 
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