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May 2010
9639118Bucket WorldA new setting with dozens of isolated communities that have adapted to their hostile environments. Travel is difficult, and the world is harsh.setting, namefag, world building, world, settings, bucket, isolated2010-05-06 2 
9995590The What, Where, and How of Elemental StonesA discussion of how technology and society would develop with the help of elemental stonesgame design, rockworld, bucketworld, worldbuilding, world building, homebrew, steampunk2010-05-23 3 
May 2012
19076187The Incredible Mr. Bucket Thread./tg/ plays street rules Mr. Bucket, with predictable results.Bucket, Collective Game, Mr., Balls2012-05-12 43 
December 2016
50796364Larp thread gone rightAfter a thread that called American larps lame slowly fell into autosage, LARPfags created a new thread, for stories and cool photos.LARP, storytime, bucket, teeth2016-12-21 7 
February 2021
4653106STAR WARS: Battle Droid QuestOn the cold planet of Crondre almost two decades after the end of the Clone Wars, a B1 Battle Droid awakens on an ancient battlefield...Star Wars, Collective Game, Stud Bucket2021-02-25 45 
March 2021
4673209STAR WARS: Battle Droid Quest #2Our B1 Battle Droid star, SB-62 'Stud Bucket', has misadventures in the town of Sprawl enlisting allies, and meets the terrible Moff DunsaStar Wars, Collective Game, Stud Bucket2021-03-12 28 
April 2021
4719373STAR WARS: Battle Droid Quest #3While on his return trip to the Foundry, SB-62 'Stud Bucket' learns about the General's dark part from some unlikely faces of his own pasStar Wars, Collective Game, Stud Bucket2021-04-19 28 
September 2021
4963710STAR WARS: Battle Droid Quest #4Stud Bucket's mission to retrieve a prototype lands him in a Talz Village far north, controlled by Rebels. Battles ensue against Tribals.Star Wars, Collective Game, Stud Bucket2021-09-27 22 
February 2022
5117887STAR WARS: Battle Droid Quest #5The stealth mission against the Rundo Pirates begins. Part 1.Star Wars, Collective Game, Stud Bucket2022-02-20 7 
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