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December 2021
5058462Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Eraser #1Your name is Jack Lake, and you have a magic robot arm and a demon buddy with a hat.Collective Game, Shin Megami Tensei, SMT Devil Eraser, SMT2021-12-27 10 
5065826Mechanicus' Primarch Quest 2After creating the first of his sons Tal0S goes on a crusade against the Plastoids.Collective Game, WH40K, Warhammer, Primarch, Forge World, Techpriest, TalOS DAV1S, The Machine QM, Acillian, Skitarii, Titan, 2021-12-26 7 
5044844Star Wars: Remnant Captain Quest 4Continuing the adventures of Commander Caimes, who goes out to salvage old Clone Wars vessels, and runs into complications throughout their star wars, collective game, imperial captain, legends, new republic era2021-12-26 13 
5059400The 2nd Primarch Quest - Thread 13A goddess descends from the heavens, her sister freed, and the war against the Butcher King for the soul of Shangrala begins.Collective Game, Quest, The 2nd Primarch Quest, Primarch, Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, Warhammer 30k, Horus Heresy, Great Crusade, AU, Malal2021-12-25 15 
5054659The Apprentice & The Dwarf Quest Part 1Join Julian, an apprentice, as he attempts to complete a hard-to-make-masterpiece -and- woo his shortstack dwarf master at the same time.Quest, Oneshot, Slice Of Life, Male MC, Adventure, Romance2021-12-25 6 
5053823Supreme Space Monke Ruler Quest 3Unlocking the secrets of fusion power, the Hegemony advances into the interstellar stage.Science Fiction, Drawquest, Space Monke, Collective Game, Space Opera, Civ2021-12-25 6 
5047274Gaol Quest thread #6We turn a nobody into somebody, gets some info from Warden Bianca, try to keep Sierra out of trouble and ended up in a beauty pageant.Gaol Quest, Collective Game, James Calaca, Petunia Karachova, Gobson G. Gobson, Sierra, inmate, prison, Gongalla Gaol2021-12-24 5 
5063306Evolution Tabletop: ArchipelagoAnother round of Evolution Tabletop, run by a different QM. Creatures compete and evolve on a tropical island chain.Evogame, Collective Game, Skirmish, Evolution, PVP2021-12-24 0 
50478712nd US Civil War: Sun Belt Crusaders #10Scouting south of Maricopa as the Messenger playing peacemaker. Brace for gallant charges, eccentric elders, a red sickle's specter, & more2nd US Civil War, Civil War, Modern, Quest, Breaking Bad, Crusade, Sun Belt Crusaders2021-12-24 1 
5049208Antichrist QuestA successful media personality awakens to his true nature as the Antichrist, and sets to workAntichrist Quest, 666, modern fantasy, religion, satanism, politics2021-12-24 1 
5073765Dragon Ball Tuffle Quest Kai #43The Mifan Tournament begins!Collective Game, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Tuffle, Tuffle Quest, Kai, Kato2021-12-24 13 
5090717Do Your Best Quest #123Johnny steals a body.collective game, drawquest, slice of life, supernatural, Do Your Best2021-12-24 5 
5073106Crescent Adventures 7A little more explanation, some weird Penguin stuff, a hospital break-in and Mizuno AmiCrescent Adventures, Sailor Moon, Collective Game2021-12-22 1 
5051145Fire Emblem: Three Houses Quest #5Blair helps put an end to the war with the Western Church, and a new enemy reveals themselves.Fire Emblem, Three Houses, Collective Game, TreeHouses QM,2021-12-22 21 
5062162Alterac Resurgent Quest 9Your trip to Stormwind has begun and you have met with a plenty interesting characters like King Varian, Edwin VanCleef and Calia Menethil. Alterac Resurgent Quest, Warcraft, Medieval, Fantasy, MedivhQM, Collective Game2021-12-21 4 
5046025Living Armour Quest 2Mordragon breaks the Geneva Convention and fails at riddles.Living Armour Quest, Mordragon, Collective Game2021-12-21 2 
5049040The Last Sunhawk #5Lynestra discovers a betrayal and a secret, almost loses to an imp, begins her mystery solving, and tries to make a new friend.Collective Game, Quest, The Last Sunhawk Quest, WoW, World of Warcraft, Female Protagonist, Blood Elves, Sunhawk, Alterac, SunhawkQM2021-12-21 6 
5044699Eleventh Primarch Quest: Chapter 8Kolinaisi leaves Nuceria and makes an interesting discovery Eleventh Primarch Quest, Warhammer 30k, Primarch, 40k, AU, Old Man, Kolinaisi2021-12-18 3 
5041017NRP game5 by Lux, part 6Game 5 of Nations Role Play GMed by LuxNRP, NRP5, Nations, Roleplay2021-12-18 0 
5044878Pokemon Cult Quest 2A pokemon quest featuring cultists, strategic fights, and fakemons.Pokemon Quest, Fakemon, Strategy2021-12-18 1 
5070512DC: Henchman Quest #10We kill some phantoms, claim a mystic scroll and begin the adventures of Jonah Thema, Supernatural P.I.DC, Henchman, AxisQM, Gentleman Ghost2021-12-18 15 
5054208Starving Creature Quest 2You learned more about yourself, your prison, and the Things holding you captive, saving a life along the way.Collective Game, Starving Creature Quest, Thing, Starving, Creature, Quest, Thing QM2021-12-18 6 
5063144Saber and Musket: The Foebadyn Campaign #3The defenses of the city remain to be dealt with. The campaign concludes.Civil war, gunpowder, muskets, war, war game, TimeKillerQM2021-12-17 4 
5039447Ben 10 Quest #47Wade hangs out with K8-E and the Chrono Spanners, encounters The Heir, and loses his memories!?Ben 10 Quest, Collective Game, sci-fi, action, adventure, slice-of-life, Saturday Morning Action2021-12-17 0 
5088504Shinobi Sidestory Quest #36vs ToneriAU, Collective Game, Naruto, SSQ 2021-12-17 5 
5088513Claymore: Second Swords Quest #65 Once more unto the Abyss.Claymore, collective game, AU2021-12-17 2 
5044142Isekai'd into being a necromancer in a shithole city #1Necromancer Isekai QuestNecromancer isekai quest, quest, isekai, necromancer, undead, drugs, crime, under-city2021-12-16 7 
5069403Broken Empire QuestFergus Proenza, an impulsive, rash and skilled commoner in the 32nd century dominated by nobility, tries to prove his worth.Broken Empire Quest, Broken Empire, Scifi, Sci-fi, sci fi, space battle, space battles2021-12-16 6 
5044181Advent Soul Quest #133in1 Thread. Wait, what was it that we were doing again?Bleach, Collective Game, AU, Advent Soul Quest, Trippy2021-12-16 21 
5075031Do Your Best Quest #122Johnny shows a dog plushy to someone. collective game, drawquest, slice of life, supernatural, Do Your Best2021-12-16 5 
5040377Girls und Panzer Quest 17: Another match! The holidays approach!We fight in the Japanese Unlimited Classcollective game, Rafael, GuP, Girls und Panzer, Panther, Girls, Tanks, 2021-12-16 2 
5058560Drowned Quest Redux 21Charlotte Fawkins has memory problems. drowned, drowned redux, drowned quest redux, drowned quest, quest, collective game2021-12-15 1 
5041762Orzhov Pimp Chronicles Quest: Staking It OutAn urban crime quest centred around an Orzhov brothel in the MTG universeMagic The Gathering, prostitution, urban fantasy, crime, brainwashing, lewd2021-12-15 0 
5046393Saiyan Awakening Quest 4Lavos is defeated at last, and Rettace becomes the legend.Wukong, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Saiyan Awakening Quest, Martial Arts, Shonen2021-12-15 5 
5040335Heretic Cultivator Quest 1The Demonic Cat Huanliuxue begins her cultivation under the tutelage of the "Toad Witch", following the Heretical Dao of ghosts and grudgeHeretic Cultivator Quest, Xianxia, Chinese Fantasy, Cultivation, Wuxia, Collective Game, Quest, Our-Grandfather2021-12-14 14 
5032142Pokémon Urban Quest #27Percy deals with the consequences of his battle against the revolutionaries, talks to a mentally unstable Kecleon and tries to make amends Pokémon, Pokémon Urban Quest, Pokemon, MediocreQM2021-12-14 0 
5035917Knight Quest #3Correctly numbered this time. The Weeb has a competency problem and OP rigs dice.Collective Game, notapaladin, opee, knight2021-12-13 1 
5054120Evolution Tabletop: Outlands Part 2The conclusion and continuation of an Evolution tabletop, after a two-month Hiatus. The remaining creatures continue to duke it out. Evogame, Collective Game, Skirmish, Evolution, PVP2021-12-12 0 
5061424Persona: Moonless XVIn which we reach a mysterious black pondPersona, Moonless, Johann Fol,2021-12-11 0 
5029358Tai Lung Quest 16Tai Lung's stay in the sacred Library gets shaken up due to a possible conspiracy.Kung Fu Panda, Tai Lung quest, Redemption Quest, Storyteller Luo, Collective Game2021-12-11 2 
5054667Saiyan Conqueror Quest 166Karn faces his inner demons and the Semi-Finals between Broly and Kakarot heat up.Saiyan Conqueror Quest, GrandDragonQM, SCQ, GDQM, DBZ, Saiyan, Karn, /qst/2021-12-11 3 
5065857Coffee Quest: The quest for coffeeCoffee enjoyer in the caffeine seeking quest!PG-Rated,Coffee,Collective Game,Caffeine,Espresso,Horror,Security2021-12-11 4 
5032085Pizzeria Quest Thread 2A continuation of Pizzeria Quest, a Horror-Tycoon Quest. Quest, horror, FNAF2021-12-11 1 
5044429Reptilian Infiltrator Quest Vol. 9A subversive serpent-girl seduces friends, bimbofies enemies, uncovers origins, and falls in love as she prepares for an important mission.ReptoidQM, Reptilian Infltrator Quest, collective game, fantasy, romance, coom, spycraft, dungeon-crawling, politicking, crime, drama2021-12-10 6 
5045064Body Horror Quest, 49th VeinShu hears a Dragon's confession, relaxes at Ikea, talks to a Rumia face-claim, and gets into a sword-fight with one of God's messengers.Body Horror Quest, bhop, BHOP, Body Horror, Female MC, Gore, touhou, ikea, swordfights with an Angel, Old Testament Angels, archeology2021-12-10 3 
5029050Magical Girl For Hire #111More management stuff, then Miranda visits the Coven's HQ for favors and spooks, and an 11 year old vampire competes in an eating contest.MGFH, Magical Girl For Hire, magical girl, mercenary, collective game, MGHandler2021-12-10 8 
5063260One Piece Muscle: ReFlex 1You are the Composer, a Mechanical marine by day and by night the mastermind of Hidden Justice. collective game, mynameismimikyu, one piece, marine protagonist, pulp action, one piece reflex, quest2021-12-10 0 
5026018Born Irrelevant #2Time skip happens, QM decides to drop the quest due to getting bad luck since starting it.Born Irrelevant, Mob Character, Myster, Anime, RomCom2021-12-10 -2 
5032301Dragon Slayer Quest #14Our mom is awesome. Our grandpa is a mad scientist.Collective Game, Dragon Slayer Quest, Dragons, Urban Fantasy2021-12-09 2 
5029456Star Trek: HonoluluNimue, an Orion rookie Starfleet security officer, has a series of misadventures in the Risa Sector star trek2021-12-09 1 
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