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January 2023
5504679Enclave Remnant Quest 4In which Ford resolves some family tension, causes more family tension, and heads to Santa Rosa and discovers old world wondersFallout, Enclave, Enclave Remnant Quest, Warden2023-01-08 4 
5484894QotorQuest of the old Republic. Thread 1Star Wars, Kotor, Dolomite, Qotor2023-01-08 0 
5482915MiniNRP thread 2MiniNRP, NRP,MiniNRP, NRP,2023-01-08 0 
5506483Classic EvoA traditionally-styled evogame, where 4 organisms diversify, things get chilly and then rocks fall. Collective game, evogame, evolution, Classic Evo2023-01-08 1 
5475726Tumb Raider QuestHarriet Celephais-Sigma begins her adventurer career. Tumb Raider, GGGG, Harriet Celephais-Sigma2023-01-07 1 
5481110Local Lord Quest VICharles de Villeroi judges some peasant, debates with an "atheist" and travels through valley and fields towards Count's Careless CastleMedieval, Mudcore, Fantasy2023-01-07 1 
5481886Kobolt Klan Adoption 9 Reynauld chills in the city for a bit and then decides to head to fantasy england.Kobolt klan, Reynauld, Paracelsus, Sci-fi Fantasy, Eldritch horror, Fallout, Dragons, Muscular Plague Doctor Wa$ifu2023-01-06 2 
5484331Space Adventure Thing Part 4Luscious Lips and Party Rockersnotapaladin, space, drawquest2023-01-06 1 
5508809Future Blades Epilogue Nhon leaves the life of crime and reconnects with his sister. Also background notes and Omake of him and a vtuber he watchesCyberpunk, Schizo QM, Epilogue, Background notes, Omake2023-01-06 2 
5482107Alterac Resurgent Quest 18Alric continues his visit to Durnholde and is caught in a blizzard. Marriage issues, rumours and life threatening situations!Alterac Resurgent Quest, Warcraft, Medieval, Fantasy, MedivhQM, Collective Game2023-01-05 1 
5477321Air Wing Commander Quest. #5A conversation with Calantha, the second battle of Leeuwenborg, and the introduction of the VĂ©rany C.2Air Wing Quest, Biplanes, Aircraft, Strategy, Collective Game, Great War,2023-01-05 1 
5489400Dragon Ball Origins # 1The Beginning Adventures of Konzen Douji as he embark on his warrior's journey. Dragonball, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Origins, Collective Game, Martial Arts, Shonen, Tuffle,2023-01-05 3 
5478100Final Girl Quest - Chapter IIIPower's out at Hughes Mansion, but it looks like the cavalry's on the way. Will Megan and Sarge get there in time...?Final Girl Quest, Collective Game, Horror, Slasher Movie, Teen Drama, '80s, Female Protagonist, Violence, Gore, Strong Language, NC-172023-01-04 3 
5481424Forgotten Realms Adventures Vol. VIJezyrene goes for a hike and interacts with the local wildlife.Greenwood, Forgotten Realms, fantasy, adventure, D&D, friendship, drow2023-01-03 4 
5477185Dragon's dungeon quest 5Winter came, White surprisingly succesfully conquered a chaos castle and unsurprisingly got derailed in a later objectiveDragon, Dungeon, Strategy, Warhammer, City building2023-01-03 4 
5478018(You Are A) Craigslist Killer Quest 5It's devilish work, kidnapping hotties and dirt-napping bodies. But someone's gotta do it. Mayor Jack Kinov's daughter Joy joins the hareBob, Vagene, Velton, Fae Smelter, Craigslist, Killer, Joy, Kinov, Mandie, B, Reckin-Dwith, Black, Rose, Geraldina, Cooper, Camping, Forest2023-01-02 2 
5478738Drowned Quest Redux 30Gil Wallace tries his best.drowned, drowned quest, bathic, drowned quest redux, quest, collective game2023-01-02 2 
5478252The Dogbusters' March / Kuroinu Girlfriend 3Mouse's party reaches the Cathedral Fortress and finds its majesty and safety to be deceptively fragileCollective Game, Kuroinu, Monster Protagonist, Usurper2023-01-01 5 
5481565Ashen Dawn: Panzer Commander Skirmish Operation 02Immediately after their first battle, the Ad-Hoc battalion assaults the town of Kobberhus- and finds mysteries in wait.Panzer Commander, Collective Game, Skirmish, War, Armor, Tanks Appear in Oddly Large Quantities2023-01-01 8 
5475120Fate City Akeldama 4A few civvies are rescued, a strange new vampire is born, Anon passes out from overwork.Fate, Akeldama, Urban Fantasy, Low Speed Anti Divine QM2023-01-01 1 
5478287Unimportant Truant QuestTruant travels to hobby store, is assaulted by classmate and little children before being thrown off a bridge and waking back at school.UTQM, 2023-01-01 0 
December 2022
5480946Warhammer 40K: Christian Cult in The UnderhiveIn the Boiadero underhive a young scavenger makes a miraculous discovery, and begins working on his dream to change the underhive.Collective Game, TQM, Warhammer, 40k, Christian, Cult, Underhive, Warhammer 40k, Kvar2022-12-30 26 
5471260Your Little Mermaid #3: Family MattersSlow thread. You introduce waifu to the hometown and reveal the secret to Mom. Grandad was a monster hunter, a doctor offers help and a job.mermaid, monstergirl, monogamy, waifu, comfy, Delta Green(?), Lovecraftian, fishfucker, mermaid III revenge of the mer2022-12-28 2 
5476493SCP: Anomalous ContainmentD-Class Daniel Cruz is sent on his first mission with the Foundation, and explores the ruins of Site-21.Anomalous Containment2022-12-27 6 
5462082Future Blades - A Cyberpunk StoryA blackpilled incel in 22nd century Thailand joins a gang and tries to rebuild his life after being disowned by his family and friendsCyberpunk, Schizo QM, Swordfighting, Action2022-12-26 3 
5476475Shitty Isekai QuestA not very interesting adolescent MC who occasionally goes to church trips and fucking dies, then gets isekai'd into low fantasy. Shitty Isekai Quest, Sh QM, Sh, Isekai, Low Fantasy2022-12-26 0 
5469811Hex Maniac Prison 2You start your first day in prison... and you find out your partner pokemon... is a shadow pokemon! The plot... starts!Collective Game, hex maniac prison, hex maniac, mimikyu, mynameismimikyu, pokemon2022-12-26 2 
5461059Moonbase Quest #1James Chapham works for his father in the Triton Trading Company as a subversive advisor under Ksumi Kariya, princess of Arien IV.Collective Game, Quest, LunaticQM, Moonbase Quest, Sci-fi, goddamnitIdidn'tfinishmyreviewbeforethethreadexpired2022-12-26 0 
5508529Claymore: Second Swords Quest #74Part 74: The Battle of WestfoldClaymore, Collective Game, AU2022-12-26 2 
5508485Shinobi Sidestory Quest #45You have to go back (Boruto Era)Collective Game, Naruto, AU, SSQ2022-12-25 0 
5507562Saiyan Conqueror Quest 188The children continue growing up, fathers are mentored, and the inevitable Battle of Gods draws ever closer.Saiyan Conqueror Quest, GrandDragonQM, SCQ, GDQM, Saiyan, Karn, DBZ, /qst/,2022-12-25 2 
5459740Living Armour Quest 5Mordragon defeats the Silver Eye, kills some spiders and travels to Orbrin, meeting the White Lady on the way.Living Armour Quest, Mordragon, Collective Game2022-12-24 1 
5500784Do Your Best Quest #141Johnny does someone a favor.collective game, drawquest, slice of life, supernatural, Do Your Best2022-12-24 2 
5464755Fighting Spirit Quest #1This is a story of a professional Featherweight boxer based in the world of Fighting Spirit/Hajime no Ippo!Collective Game, Boxing, Hajime no Ippo, Fighting Spirit, Ramen, DynamiteGlove2022-12-23 2 
5492739Maiden's Cart Quest, part twoWilhelm of Helmbarte and his friends confront the dragon, in the conclusion of Maiden's Cart Quest!Collective Game, Lego Quest, Castle2022-12-23 0 
5457786DC: Henchman Quest #18We continue our whirlwind tour of Europe, get into even more fights, make a bittersweet farewell, and set out on a hiking trip.DC, Henchman, AxisQM, Gentleman Ghost2022-12-23 12 
5461450The Mystery Dungeons #13The guild travels across the continent in a caravan. Meanwhile, they also check out Aegis Cave.The Mystery Dungeons, Collective Game, Pokemon, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon2022-12-22 2 
5468560Ugly Bastard Isekai AdventureUgly Bastard from Brazil gets hit by a truck and ends up in Swords and Sandals fantasy World, ends up fighting for small nation under attackUgly Bastard Isekai, isekai2022-12-22 1 
5459697Elf Maiden QuestThe story of an elf maiden's Travails as she seeks the renewal of ancient treaties between Hume, Stout, and Elf.Elf Maiden Quest, Collective Game, Fantasy, Elves, World Building, Cleric, Divine Magic, Thirsty MC, Sacred Prostitute, Smut Serves Plot2022-12-22 19 
5481679Hazbin Henchman.Ever wanted to be a demon who fights in an endless hell gang war? Ever wanted to work for a cartoon villain as a boss? Then come on down.Slice of life, Hell, Gangwars, Angelic, Demonic, Ablities, Imps, Sinners, Birds, Hazbin Hotel, 2022-12-21 2 
5456890Kill la Kill Quest 5: "Friend or Foe"Anon begins to fight a friend, and his clothes plot behind his back!kill la kill2022-12-21 2 
5460371The Necromancer of Eden AcademyIn which you are reborn as the stalwart protector to the heiress of a dying noble house. Stay strong.Undead, Eden Academy Quest, Necromancer Quest, GuardianQM2022-12-20 26 
5501769Heretic Cultivator Quest 10Heretic Cultivator Quest 10Heretic Cultivator Quest, Xianxia, Chinese Fantasy, Cultivation, Wuxia, Collective Game, Quest, Our-Grandfather2022-12-19 10 
5454402Heretic Cultivator Quest 9Huanliuxue defies the will of the heavens and withstands their fury, becoming the first beast in many generations to attain a human form! Heretic Cultivator Quest, Xianxia, Chinese Fantasy, Cultivation, Wuxia, Collective Game, Quest, Our-Grandfather2022-12-18 13 
5501370NovelAI Quest: Dark FantasyAn AI art program generates writing based on prompts. The main character escapes from being burnt at the stake, and acquires immense powers.AI art2022-12-18 -3 
5453877Retaliation Quest An amnesiatic captain and a peculiar AI try to wipe out the alien empire that killed humanity.space, Sci-Fi, drawquest, ObserverQM, Original Setting2022-12-18 12 
5476181Supreme Space Monke Ruler Quest 8After the fallout of the political crisis, the Hegemony explores new frontiers.Science Fiction, Drawquest, Space Monke, Collective Game, Space Opera, Civ2022-12-18 7 
5456156Maximum Spider Quest #7When the Silvertongue operation doesn't pan out, Ben seeks alternative solutions from an unexpected ally.Max Spider Quest, Action/Adventure, Slice of Life, Marvel Comics, Crime Thriller, Crime Drama, Sci-Fi2022-12-18 7 
5452883Chrono Trigger: Frozen Moment #3Gaius helps around Arris Dome, talks extensively with his girl and ends his day with an unsettling dream.ChronoQM, Chrono Trigger, Frozen Moment, Time Travel2022-12-17 8 
5476874Blue Lock Quest #1 by EgoAnon !!fB6M1GhipRKBased and epic Blue Lock Quest. The dice steal the show.Blue Lock, Blue Lock Quest, EgoAnon, Shounen, Shounen Dice2022-12-17 5 
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