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April 2022
5241666Mutant quest 1In which we try to guess what the hell is going on and scream a lot.Mutant Quest2022-04-25 0 
5191644MANAGER, HELP! Another Facility Management Quest #6Puzzles are shown, a poker game finishes, the thread is sparseOverseer, Manager, Collective Game, Facility Management, Anomaly, Lobotomy Corporation, Alphabet Soup2022-04-25 3 
5182222Digital Monster QuestA quest about raising NFT monsters in the MetaverseCollective Game, Digital Monster, Digimon, Evolution, NFT2022-04-24 0 
5187049The Testament of Tatamu (One Shot) Part #1In a post-apocalyptic, Flooded World, PUEXO Pilot Sinleq Unami dives hundreds of meters below the ocean to pay off a 25 million ducat debt.Collective Game, Testament of Tatamu, Original Setting, Post-Apocalyptic, Kaz, One Shot2022-04-24 1 
5188067Heretic Cultivator Quest 4Claiming a portion of the catacombs as her own fiefdom, Huanliuxue recruits three young magical beasts to the Palace of Natural Laws sectHeretic Cultivator Quest, Xianxia, Chinese Fantasy, Cultivation, Wuxia, Collective Game, Quest, Our-Grandfather2022-04-24 5 
5206601Internet Goddess 2 Internet Goddess is pulled from her neet life and is thrown into the world of actual Gods. Internet Goddes Quest, Quest, 2022-04-24 3 
5195343Barovian Legends #1Aranuel Caniella, Cleric of Kossuth, searches for her sister, protects a girl from a vampire, and gets acquainted with the land of Barovia.Fantasy, D&D, Magic, Female Protagonist, Gothic Horror, Vampires2022-04-24 5 
5190116Bones Quest #15: Killing TimeA janitor tracks down where all those missing people have been going, along with the jerk responsible! Bones Quest, DemBones, Collective Game, Skeletons, Bones, Female Protagonist, Stanley Parble2022-04-23 6 
5185262Hapless Guardswoman Quest #7 – Jungle AdventuresRhea survives the ruins, makes new friends, then goes and visits her evil clone.40k, Chaos, Dark Eldar, Eldar Corsairs, Rogue Trader, Chocolate, Corruption2022-04-22 1 
5197683Sellsword's Code Quest #3Joseph's adventure comes to an end for nowCollective Game, Fantasy, Sellswords Code2022-04-22 1 
52043122022 Skirmish Jam Sign UpThe sign up thread for the 2022 skirmish jam.skirmish, skirmjam, skirmish jam, 2022, Collective Game2022-04-22 1 
5195170Beneath The Pale Moon #3In which Joshua finishes up his preparations and heads out to engage the rogue magusWarden, Nasuverse, Church, Beneath The Pale Moon2022-04-21 1 
5205185Enclave Remnant Quest 3Where Rutherford Jefferson-Jackson captures Granite, talks with his family, and plans for the future.Fallout, Enclave, Enclave Remnant Quest, Warden2022-04-21 3 
5232514Do Your Best Quest #125Johnny decides to take the food industry by storm. collective game, drawquest, slice of life, supernatural, Do Your Best2022-04-21 5 
5198601Berserk Quest #4Vlad loses his money, his armor, his cape and his dignity. But at least he gets the girl at the end, right?Berserk, BerserkQuest, BecchiQM, Medieval, Fantasy, Vlad Santana2022-04-20 8 
5207972 Dragon Ball Tuffle Quest Kai #45Peppa and Keli claim victory in the first day of the Mifan Tournament, while Izzy and Pantea have their first match of the second day!Collective Game, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Tuffle, Tuffle Quest, Kai, Kato2022-04-20 14 
5207039Supreme Space Monke Ruler Quest 5The Jaxtians incorporate new alien races while the Supreme Ruler changes a fundamental part of the Hegemony forever.Science Fiction, Drawquest, Space Monke, Collective Game, Space Opera, Civ2022-04-19 7 
5184655Kobolt Klan Adoption 3Local knight adopts more kobolts, slays more monsters, uncovers a terrible conspiracy, gets drunk with friends.Kobolt klan, Reynauld, Darkest Dungeon, Underrail, Dreygaun, Mutants, Sci-fi Fantasy2022-04-18 5 
5180454Project Wingbride, A Project Wingman Spin-Quel-Off 4To all: The GM has not abandoned this quest - I've just been busy with college.AI Waifus, Planes, Project Wingman, Ace Combat, Military2022-04-18 0 
5185361The Last Sunhawk #7Lynestra gets to know Falconcrest, has a heart to heart with Church while perhaps revealing too much, and finally reveals her borrowed booksCollective Game, Quest, The Last Sunhawk Quest, WoW, World of Warcraft, Female Protagonist, Blood Elves, Sunhawk, Alterac, SunhawkQM2022-04-18 3 
5208922Jake Starcrash: Episode 8Jake Starcrash, meet Jake Starcrash!Lego Quest, Collective Game, Traveller2022-04-17 3 
5180270Batquest Issue #2: "Warriors of the Darkness"From a man turned bat-monster, to mind-reading apes in France, Batman's war on crime continues.Batman, DC Comics, Superhero, Collective Game2022-04-17 4 
5180605The Graverobber's Daughter Intermission IThe QM's schedule implodes just as he starts to work through a massive backlog. Graverobber's Daughter, Thief, Magic, Witch, Dark Fantasy, Body Horror, Cosmic Horror, Eternal Rome, Alternate History, Female MC, TrashQM2022-04-17 2 
5170799Spineless Quest Episode 2Final Drone tries to blend in. Spineless Quest, insectqm, arthropods, female MC, mutants, dystopia, genetic enhancements2022-04-16 1 
5184890Keeper Quest 2Andy considers escaping the city and the quest ends abruptlyKeeper Quest, Winston2022-04-15 0 
5181713NRP game5 by Lux, part 7bGame 5 of Nations Role Play GMed by LuxNRP, NRP5, Nations, Roleplay2022-04-12 0 
5214636Drowned Quest 33In which Ellery Routh goes on a date.april fools, drowned, drowned quest, drowned quest redux, quest, collective game2022-04-11 0 
5185864Pokemon Trainer Quest Part 7You cleared out a camp for the night, played truth or dare, bonded with Holly and decided to push for Silveridge Town the next morning.Pokemon Quest, Towel, Camping, SuperBusy2022-04-11 4 
5175568Trust a Goblin PART 13Welcome party, unwelcome guests.Collective Game, I Can't Believe... Quest, Trust a Goblin, CF, CenterField, Mr. Culexus2022-04-11 3 
5174303Western Quest(ern) 5We deliver finishing blow to the sinister plot carried out within the Hippodrome. Who are the Architechium and what are they planning?Western, wild west, quest, collective game, gunslinger, cowboy, bandit, horse, drawquest, western quest(ern)2022-04-11 5 
5223876Saiyan Conqueror Quest 173In which Karn battles assassins alongside Tanya before visiting Chilli and Megumin's new home.Saiyan Conqueror Quest, GrandDragonQM, SCQ, GDQM, Saiyan, Karn, DBZ, /qst/,2022-04-11 2 
5171485Synthetic Gods Quest #62OP has to call for a prolonged hiatus due to "interesting times" in their home countryCollective Game, Synthetic Gods Quest, Hivemind-Chan2022-04-10 0 
5179458Code Geass: Bastion of the Resistance - Instance 5Bastian meets the Black Knights and the QM disappears.Code Geass, W.I.Z.A.R.D, Quest, mecha, mechs2022-04-10 1 
5187631Spymaster Anti Isekai QuestOverpowered teenagers from another world are a destabilizing influence on a proper state. Hunt them down.IlluminatiQM, Medieval, Uilleam Campbell 2022-04-10 5 
5175886Gaol Quest thread #8James gets an eye-popping experience, seance turned therapy session, prepping realitynaut suits, talking to engrams - and then fix Gongalla.Gaol Quest, Collective Game, James Calaca, Petunia Karachova, Gobson G. Gobson, Sierra, inmate, prison, Gongalla Gaol2022-04-10 6 
5214651Elin Veteran Quest #2.9: Sanctuary Arc [Form]The fleshscape evolves as Elewyn presses further to discover what lies within its depths. Elin Veteran Quest, Elin, Tera, Fantasy, Collective Game2022-04-09 1 
5170625DC: Henchman Quest #12We strike numerous enemy targets, bite off more than we can chew, and suffer the consequences.DC, Henchman, AxisQM, Gentleman Ghost2022-04-09 10 
5197007Im a demon? #3Anon travels to the demon capital and get answers to many questions without getting shotdrawquest,fantasy2022-04-09 4 
5179513A E S T H Y I R E A - A Vaporwave EvoGame, Second Threada vaporwave evo of cool little beings in a world with a sea of syrup and soda and vaporwave aesthetic nights Collective game, Evogame, Evolution, evo, A E S T H Y I R E A2022-04-09 0 
5174645Horror WorldA nameless power user scavenges the wastes and encounters terrible forces.Horror World, horror, Male MC, Argent, Terra Hypnagogica, Collective Game2022-04-09 2 
5182912(You Are A) Craigslist Killer Quest 3Here you go, abducting hotties and dropping bodies again! Blackmail, lies, corruption, rough sex, and murder, all hiding in plain sight!! Fae Smelter, Serial Killer, Skeletor, Toothpaste, Rape, Sex, Detective, Cop, Harem, Coom, Thriller, Twist, Blackmail, Velton, USA, Swamp2022-04-06 1 
5167732Alterac Resurgent Quest 11With the business in Durnholde done, Alric has to deal with the Alliance and the news that are coming from Strahnbrad Hills.Alterac Resurgent Quest, Warcraft, Medieval, Fantasy, MedivhQM, Collective Game2022-04-06 4 
5209573Do Your Best Quest #124Johnny goes on a blind date.collective game, drawquest, slice of life, supernatural, Do Your Best2022-04-06 5 
5174317The Little Dungeon That Could #3It's a large, wondrous world out there. How horrible. Won't somebody think of the goblins?The Little Dungeon That Could, Dungeon, Dungeon Keeper, D&D, Base Building, Romcom2022-04-05 9 
5188923Victorian(ish) Occult QuestInitial character generation for a cultist sim style adventureVictorian Occult Quest, cult, occult, Collective Game2022-04-05 0 
5171068Attendant Quest - Alice 2You and your shoulder loli gang up on a little girl, then get in a fight with her drug-dealing father. Features your college debut. Again.Loli, Action, Male Protag, Single Dad, Alice Quest, AttendantQM, Urban Fantasy, Narrative Quest,2022-04-05 12 
5174571King of Stonekeep #2 Branford Bronzebiter, the 28th king of Stonekeep, engages in battle.collective game, male protagonist, fantasy, magic, demons, kingdom management, civ, war2022-04-05 3 
5180364Starving Creature Quest 4You begin taking over Sneedville, bond with Sophia, and start to feel something familiar calling out to you...Collective Game, Starving Creature Quest, Thing, Starving, Creature, Quest, Thing QM2022-04-04 2 
5187088Tournament Arc IIAyame Saito, a highschool senior from a prestigious martial arts family, is the next fighter recruited to the tournament.Tournament Arc, Martial Arts, Modern, Multiple Protagonists 2022-04-03 7 
5210247Dark Gate Academy Season 3 Episode 46Ryoji's Life! The final battle against Tori begins, while Nina explores Ryoji's inner memories!Quest, Dark Gate Academy, Collective Game2022-04-02 2 
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