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September 2016
529049Medieval Mercenary QuestYou are Griffith of the Golden Lion, a mercenary band leader in the war-torn medieval land of Kivan. Medieval Mercenary Quest, Quest, Low Fantasy, Medieval Fantasy, Dark Fantasy2016-09-09 1 
July 2017
1629925 Medieval Fantasy Conquest 1A quest combining medieval fantasy literature with turn based strategy games. Medieval Fantasy Conquest, Andalf, Medieval, Fantasy, Conquest, Strategy, War, Collective Game2017-07-08 1 
August 2018
61460915/tg/ makes a hexmap - Mundane EditionOnce again they attempt to create another world in a team effort with a hexmap, except this time there's no more ridiculous science-fantasyhexmap, worldbuilding, lore, fluff, medieval fantasy, fantasy2018-08-21 1 
61576895/tg/ makes a hexmap - Mundane Edition ContinuationIn which they carry on, adding several new things.hexmap, worldbuilding, lore, fluff, medieval fantasy, fantasy2018-08-24 1 
June 2021
4827347Medieval Fantasy Punk - Part 1 - "Fucking Why?"Diedre "Corpse Girl" McCabre, a young witch, sets off to brew a great potion.medieval fantasy punk, drawquest, potion, witch, TaleTeller2021-06-02 0 
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