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April 2018
2492771Claymore: Second Swords Quest #1One woman and her sword vs. a bar full of monsters.Claymore, Collective Game, AU2018-04-21 33 
May 2018
2536975Claymore: Second Swords Quest #2The Hornets' Nest.Claymore, Collective Game, AU2018-05-06 28 
2579530Claymore: Second Swords Quest #3The Battle of AnrenClaymore, Collective Game, AU2018-05-20 27 
June 2018
2617860Claymore: Second Swords Quest #4Not dead yet.Claymore, Collective Game, AU2018-06-03 22 
2657933Claymore: Second Swords Quest #5The King's IslandClaymore, Collective Game, AU2018-06-17 21 
July 2018
2695886Claymore: Second Swords Quest #6King's IslandClaymore, Collective Game, AU2018-07-01 17 
2732490Claymore: Second Swords Quest #7Ascension.Claymore, Collective Game, AU2018-07-15 16 
2765456Claymore: Second Swords Quest #8Of Horses and MonstersClaymore, Collective Game, AU2018-07-28 15 
August 2018
2837575Claymore: Second Swords Quest #9True Heart.Claymore, Collective Game, AU2018-08-26 16 
September 2018
2874443Claymore: Second Swords Quest #10The grossest awakened being.Claymore, Collective Game, AU2018-09-09 17 
2912487Claymore: Second Swords Quest #11Knowledge and Belief.Claymore, Collective Game, AU2018-09-23 16 
October 2018
2949618Claymore: Second Swords Quest #12The Hunted.Claymore, Collective Game, AU2018-10-07 18 
2988835Claymore: Second Swords Quest #13How the other half lives.Claymore, Collective Game, AU2018-10-21 15 
November 2018
3024683Claymore: Second Swords Quest #14The parting of ways.Claymore, Collective Game, AU2018-11-04 15 
3055347Claymore: Second Swords Quest #15Dark depths.Claymore, Collective Game, AU2018-11-18 14 
December 2018
3088877Claymore: Second Swords Quest #16Queen Homecoming.Claymore, Collective Game, AU2018-12-04 13 
3120696Claymore: Second Swords Quest #17The Interrogation ConcludesClaymore, Collective Game, AU2018-12-20 13 
January 2019
3157014Claymore: Second Swords Quest #18Noel busted?Claymore, Collective Game, AU2019-01-06 12 
3186800Claymore: Second Swords Quest #19TrustClaymore, Collective Game, AU2019-01-18 12 
February 2019
3230032Claymore: Second Swords Quest #20Black Card.Claymore, Collective Game, AU2019-02-03 12 
3267559Claymore: Second Swords Quest #21Whispered TruthsClaymore, Collective Game, AU2019-02-16 12 
3302403Claymore: Second Swords Quest #22The Battle of MontelenaClaymore, Collective Game, AU2019-02-27 15 
March 2019
3342968Claymore: Second Swords Quest #23Silver GeneralClaymore, Collective Game, AU2019-03-12 14 
3376612Claymore: Second Swords Quest #24Into the AbyssClaymore, Collective Game, AU2019-03-24 12 
April 2019
3409534Claymore: Second Swords Quest #25Hammer and anvilClaymore, Collective Game, AU2019-04-05 13 
3446864Claymore: Second Swords Quest #26Foothold.Claymore, Collective Game, AU2019-04-19 12 
May 2019
3483060Claymore: Second Swords Quest #27BondsClaymore, Collective Game, AU2019-05-04 11 
3522770Claymore: Second Swords Quest #28Fairy PoolsClaymore, Collective Game, AU2019-05-21 11 
June 2019
3567110Claymore: Second Swords Quest #29Plans come together.Claymore, Collective Game, AU2019-06-10 11 
3602505Claymore: Second Swords Quest #30OperationalClaymore, Collective Game, AU2019-06-25 11 
July 2019
3644863Claymore: Second Swords Quest #31Inquisition InfiltrationClaymore, Collective Game, AU2019-07-10 10 
3695105Claymore: Second Swords Quest #32On Laura's TrailClaymore, Collective Game, AU2019-07-26 10 
August 2019
3759787Claymore: Second Swords Quest #33Noel gets her ducks in a row.Claymore, Collective Game, AU2019-08-18 10 
September 2019
3799616Claymore: Second Swords Quest #34ProdigalClaymore, Collective Game, AU2019-09-06 7 
3845331Claymore: Second Swords Quest #35NorwickClaymore, Collective Game, AU2019-09-28 8 
October 2019
3879686Claymore: Second Swords Quest #36Hunter vs HunterClaymore, Collective Game, AU2019-10-19 9 
November 2019
3926432Claymore: Second Swords Quest #37Inquisitive.Claymore, Collective Game, AU2019-11-16 8 
3926466Shinobi Sidestory Quest #6Heating Up (Chunin Arc)Claymore, Collective Game, AU2019-11-16 10 
December 2019
3953786Claymore: Second Swords Quest #38Public Service AnnouncementClaymore, Collective Game, AU2019-12-05 8 
3992534Claymore: Second Swords Quest #39TWO YEARS LATERClaymore, Collective Game, AU2019-12-28 7 
January 2020
4028893Claymore: Second Swords Quest #40Conflict of InterestClaymore, Collective Game, AU2020-01-16 7 
February 2020
4064223Claymore: Second Swords Quest #41HomewreckersClaymore, Collective Game, AU2020-02-02 7 
4104599Claymore: Second Swords Quest #42Heard Round the WorldClaymore, Collective Game, AU2020-02-24 7 
March 2020
4132697Claymore: Second Swords Quest #43Queening.Claymore, Collective Game, AU2020-03-11 7 
4163582Claymore: Second Swords Quest #44Silver General.Claymore, Collective Game, AU2020-03-29 7 
April 2020
4200007Claymore: Second Swords Quest #45The little-death.Claymore, Collective Game, AU2020-04-17 7 
May 2020
4234547Claymore: Second Swords Quest #46Shining AuroraClaymore, Collective Game, AU2020-05-03 7 
4267454Claymore: Second Swords Quest #47ReformationClaymore, Collective Game, AU2020-05-21 7 
June 2020
4306211Claymore: Second Swords Quest #48The Opening GambitClaymore, Collective Game, AU2020-06-14 7 
July 2020
4348033Claymore: Second Swords Quest #49Return to the DeepClaymore, Collective Game, AU2020-07-09 7 
August 2020
4392710Claymore: Second Swords Quest #50Pressing the AdvantageClaymore, Collective Game, AU2020-08-07 7 
4429037Claymore: Second Swords Quest #51It Must FlowClaymore, Collective Game, AU2020-08-30 8 
September 2020
4469763Claymore: Second Swords Quest #52Lines of communicationClaymore, Collective Game, AU2020-09-28 8 
October 2020
4502126Claymore: Second Swords Quest #53Party party party.Claymore, Collective Game, AU2020-10-21 8 
November 2020
4544491Claymore: Second Swords Quest #54Rescue AttemptsClaymore, Collective Game, AU2020-11-22 7 
December 2020
4578990Claymore: Second Swords Quest #55Nation of SilverClaymore, Collective Game, AU2020-12-21 7 
January 2021
4617480Claymore: Second Swords Quest #56Seismic ShiftClaymore, Collective Game, AU2021-01-23 6 
February 2021
4668945Claymore: Second Swords Quest #57NegotiationsClaymore, Collective Game, AU2021-02-25 7 
March 2021
4717803Claymore: Second Swords Quest #58Rules of AcquisitionClaymore, Collective Game, AU2021-03-30 6 
April 2021
4777177Claymore: Second Swords Quest #59The hour grows late.Claymore, Collective Game, AU2021-04-29 5 
May 2021
4840496Claymore: Second Swords Quest #60Pains in Noel's neck edition.Claymore, Collective Game, AU2021-05-29 6 
June 2021
4893211Claymore: Second Swords Quest #61Nice Boat.Claymore, Collective Game, AU2021-06-27 5 
August 2021
4941518Claymore: Second Swords Quest #62Vs EllaClaymore, Collective Game, AU2021-08-01 6 
September 2021
4992140Claymore: Second Swords Quest #63Royal RumbleClaymore, Collective Game, AU2021-09-11 5 
December 2021
5088513Claymore: Second Swords Quest #65 Once more unto the Abyss.Claymore, collective game, AU2021-12-17 5 
January 2022
5139035Claymore: Second Swords Quest #66Executor.Claymore, Collective Game, AU2022-01-26 5 
March 2022
5191331Claymore: Second Swords Quest #67ReprisalClaymore, Collective Game, AU2022-03-10 5 
April 2022
5243477Claymore: Second Swords Quest #68What is it good for (absolutely nothing)Claymore, Collective Game, AU2022-04-26 5 
June 2022
5296571Claymore: Second Swords Quest #69The one with the sex numberClaymore, Collective Game, AU2022-06-07 5 
July 2022
5336081Claymore: Second Swords Quest #70Commemorative Hunting and Tank KillingClaymore, Collective Game, AU2022-07-12 6 
August 2022
5375341Claymore: Second Swords Quest #71Final Preparations.Claymore, Collective Game, AU2022-08-17 5 
September 2022
5416830Claymore: Second Swords Quest #72Direct Action: Director's CutClaymore, Collective Game, AU2022-09-27 5 
November 2022
5463652Claymore: Second Swords Quest #73Without a hitch.Claymore, Collective Game, AU2022-11-15 3 
December 2022
5508529Claymore: Second Swords Quest #74Part 74: The Battle of WestfoldClaymore, Collective Game, AU2022-12-26 3 
February 2023
5555618Claymore: Second Swords Quest #75The Back Foot.Claymore, Collective Game, AU2023-02-03 3 
March 2023
5591934Claymore: Second Swords Quest #76The Retreat.Claymore, Collective Game, AU2023-03-07 6 
April 2023
5638500Claymore: Second Swords Quest #77Raining Men.Claymore, Collective Game, AU2023-04-17 3 
May 2023
5673343Claymore: Second Swords Quest #78PivotClaymore, Collective Game, AU2023-05-26 1 
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