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January 2001
3Frost Giantess QuestYou awaken on a rocky steppe, transformed into a frost giantess.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2001-01-01Thread Collection
May 2008
1638051/tg/ digs Giant RobotsMegas XLR in 40K? Fa/tg/uys approve!Chicks, Dig, Giant Robots2008-05-01 2 
November 2009
6569983Awesome RP moments goes col. workA thread originally about awesome moments or things in a PnP RPG session turns into a thread that (possibly) sparks a collaborative effort into being that will translate one of the most popular Swedish PnP RPG's into english. Thread mostly saved for future reference, but contains many quality posts in its own right.awesome moments, awesome, guitars that shoot lightning, giant church robots, Mutant, collaborative work,2009-11-05 2 
December 2009
7161417Hill Giant QuestTheodore Roosevelt the Hill Giant tries to defend his home from hooligan humans. Hilarity ensues.quest, hill, giant, Roosevelt2009-12-16 7 
7164514HILL GIANT QUEST PART 2Theodore Roosevelt's quest continues!Hill Giant Quest, Quest Thread, Theodore Roosevelt2009-12-17 2 
7176789HILL GIANT QUEST PART 3Teddy Roosevelt's quest continues! Now with baseball, druid powers, and mad dorfs!Hill Giant Quest, Quest Thread, Theodore Roosevelt2009-12-18 2 
January 2010
7648044Frost Giant Quest 1You awake on a rocky steppe. You have become transformed into a female frost giant. You have no magical powers beyond those of a baseline frost giant. You were originally a normal human male from modern-day earth surfing 4chan.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-01-19 44 
7657405Frost Giant Quest 2 You have become transformed into a female frost giant. You have no magical powers beyond those of a baseline frost giant. You were originally a normal human male from modern-day earth surfing 4chan. Part 2 of the critically acclaimed series.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-01-19 31 
7725747Frost Giant Quest 3You have become transformed into a female frost giant. Shit gets done. Specifically, plowing. Apparently we also have a demon living in our head.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-01-23 28 
7735825Frost Giant Quest 4You have become transformed into a female frost giant. We hunt, harvest loam for fertilizer, and fire ice from our fingers.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-01-24 27 
7757289Frost Giant Quest 5You have become transformed into a female frost giant. We learn, plan, work ourselves into exhaustion, and finally figure out how to use magic on our own.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-01-25 26 
7760828Frost Giant Quest 6The quest continues, as we figure out long-term goals and consider pitfalls along the way. Lots of information about the community and world comes about.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-01-25 26 
7828305Frost Giant Quest 7The quest continues as we find acquire some books and continue studying cold based spells. Also-FUCK WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT THING? Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-01-30 37 
7831571Frost Giant Quest 8We slay a demon and hug a guy, and find out that the thing has many useful parts, among them blades that can be used to TURN OUR AXE INTO A HALBERD, FUCK YEAHFrost Giantess, Collective Game2010-01-30 32 
7833144Frost Giant Quest 9The night winds down with the promise of actual smithing and a test of some more awesome magic.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-01-30 31 
7845823Frost Giant Quest 10Continuation of Lord Quest with blue vagoo, we repair some buildings, finish windbreaks, explore some cav-HOLY SHIT I'M THE FIST OF THE NORTH STAR.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-01-31 30 
February 2010
7861503Frost Giant Quest 11After the demon-slaying, we've got money. Lots of it. And no way to spend it without arousing suspicion. Much discussion is had.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-02-01 30 
7864234Frost Giantess Quest 12Averron is eaten, infrastructure is constructed, and Demon-monies are spent. Life is good.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-02-01 33 
7936458Frost Giantess Quest 13We continue building up the village. Plus more people + magic types.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-02-05 29 
7950962Frost Giantess Quest 14Apparently, our head is super valuable...on a pike.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-02-07 30 
7955181Frost Giantess Quest 15We'll kill if we have to, but we'd rather not. Be good, won't you?Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-02-07 28 
7968446Frost Giant Quest 16Spam invades, but work continues.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-02-07 29 
7972055Frost Giant 17Large scale timeskip, much advancement to the town.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-02-08 28 
8050660Frost Giantess Quest 18We are SimCity for a god. Awesome.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-02-13 28 
8055304Frost Giantess Quest 19The village gets new villagers, and apparently /tg/ doesn't trust anyone who might be smarter than them.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-02-13 28 
8067796Frost Giantess Quest 20We take a break, make some snowmen and OH GOD WHAT THE FUCK WAS THATFrost Giantess, Collective Game2010-02-14 28 
8073204Frost Giantess Quest 21Critical roll failures will not stop a god from kicking an elemental in the balls.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-02-14 30 
8084990Frost Giantess Quest 22We look for a way to be ourselves without fear or reprisal.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-02-15 27 
8089424Frost Giantess 221 giant vs 2 dozen trolls. THERE WERE NO SURVIVORSFrost Giantess, Collective Game2010-02-15 31 
8173045Frost Giantess Quest 24Oh hey, what's this? A town we haven't seen yet? Well, let's just see what- OH FUCK DEMONSFrost Giantess, Collective Game2010-02-20 28 
8179193Frost Giant 25Dealing with the loot, getting armored up, practicing a new sphere of magic (Healing), time skip to Tax Day.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-02-20 27 
8208403Frost Giantess Quest 26Blacksmith Acquired! End of the year celebrations commence, and the villagers are introduced to the a certain space opera...Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-02-22 29 
March 2010
8421993Frost Giantess Quest 30We charge headlong into battle, destroying all enemies in our path. But even we cannot save everyone.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-03-06 25 
8455920Frost Giantess Quest 31Hey. You know what we haven't done yet? Journeyed to the CENTER OF THE EARTH, of course. BURN, BABY BURNFrost Giantess, Collective Game2010-03-08 25 
8549748Frost Spirit/Giantess Quest 32Even in death, we still serve.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-03-13 25 
8584677Frost Spirit/Giantess Quest 33Despite hilarious server problems, the quest continues. Reincarnation is a bit like buying a car, only with more potential pitfalls. Like eventual, inescapable insanity.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-03-15 25 
8666502Frost Giantess Quest 34First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes horrible screaming death. Or maybe that one comes first, you can never tell.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-03-20 24 
8706196Frost Giantess Quest 35Feasting. Training. Trying to figure out what exactly we are supposed to be feeling. It's all good, man.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-03-22 24 
8294980Frost Giantess Quest 27Hey, let's go off and explore these ruins by ourselves. Armor? Fuck armor. (manually restored)Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-03-23 25 
8311245Frost Giantess Quest 28Healing. Meeting a righteous bro-god. Joining the army. Par for the course. (manually restored)Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-03-23 25 
8332562Frost Giantess Quest 29Finally we get into a fight and manage to NOT ALMOST DIE. (manually restored)Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-03-23 25 
8801449Frost Giantess Quest 36Goal: Become noble. Method: Haggle for it. This is what we do.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-03-27 24 
8820012Frost Giantess Quest 37We are going to be the best damn alchemist ever. All we need now is some prosthetics, a pocketwatch, and shortness.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-03-28 24 
8839638Frost Giantess quest 38Today, we go shopping and Bem buys half the town for a nickel and a smile.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-03-29 24 
April 2010
9088542Frost Giantess Quest 39The bad rolls return. At least this time we aren't dying, just failing horribly at alchemy. And this is the skill we want to use to make a nuke.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-04-10 24 
9108613Frost Giantess Quest 40You know what happens when you give a medieval society plans for generators, locomotives, and rockets? We're about to find out.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-04-11 24 
9128774Frost Giantess Quest 41Generator test: successful. Also, Forus is apparently centered around a massive volcano that will probably explode and kill us all.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-04-12 24 
9234259Frost Giantess Quest 42Looks like the universe will do anything to keep us from becoming a noble. Up to and including CREEDing hundreds of thousands of guys directly into our country. Seriously.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-04-17 25 
9274286Frost Giantess Quest 43Thus did Maya Terrasdottir, Frost Giant mage, royally fuck up the enemy's shit.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-04-19 37 
9382537Frost Giantess Quest 43It's a trap!Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-04-24 25 
9424460Frost Giantess Quest 45Racing through fog, being chased by a shadow beast, then suddenly OH YEAH KOOLAID MAN!"frost" "Giantess" "Quest"2010-04-26 26 
May 2010
9531360Frost Giantess Quest 46Things quiet down a bit. We make some batarangs, cage some lightning, and catch up with Kel. All good.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-05-01 24 
9549247Frost Giantess Quest 47You can't win 'em all. For us, that usually means death or maiming, but this time, we escaped intact. Does that make it better or worse?Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-05-02 25 
9672525Frost Giantess Quest 48Yeah, let's just sign this contract forcing us to follow the orders of a bunch of government wizards. WHAT COULD GO WRONGFrost Giantess, Collective Game2010-05-08 24 
9713601Frost Giantess Quest 50GUESS WHO'S BACKFrost Giantess, Collective Game2010-05-10 24 
9817416Frost Giantess Quest 51Soldier. Alchemist. Lumberjack. War is hell.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-05-15 24 
9856237Frost Giantess Quest 52Men are lost, a beast is slain, and tales, both dread and inspiring are told.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-05-17 24 
9965818Frost Giantess Quest 53War is a dirty business.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-05-22 24 
9986925Frost Giantess Quest 54FIGHT SPIDERS WITH SPIDERSFrost Giantess, Collective Game2010-05-23 24 
10117592Frost Giantess Quest 56Very short session. Link to quest #55. Events after the battle. We finally get to the capital and get our noble title. We countess now.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-05-29 22 
10161840Frost Giantess Quest 57Good to be back. Hey, you know what this place needs? A railway. And a giant house. And FACTORIES EVERYWHERE. Time to jump-start this revolution.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-05-31 22 
June 2010
10274944Frost Giantess Quest 58Back to the industrial grind. More people, more resources, more expansion. Some spam near the end, but hell, who doesn't get spammed nowadays.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-06-05 22 
10320460Frost Giantess Quest 59Knights, mages, and indoor plumbing. The life of a town is a merry one. Also, spam, but it's not like we aren't familiar with it.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-06-07 22 
10602809Frost Giantess Quest 60Back in the swing of things. Railways, new alliances, plenty of solid discussion. SPAM-FREE!Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-06-20 20 
10739498Frost Giant Quest 61Build up our railroad and town and start making plans to expand outwards.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-06-26 17 
July 2010
10891493Frost Giantess Quest 63Railroads, zeppelins, Hugo Boss and terrorism. It's great to be back!Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-07-03 14 
10911008Frost Giantess Quest 64Saboteurs are rounded up and made to think real hard about who they're working for. If we'd put in the same amount of thought, that train might still be here.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-07-04 13 
11035643Frost Giantess Quest 65Construction, archaeological digs, and founding Zeppelin attack squadrons stocked with ridiculous quantities of bombs and machine guns. We've got steam-powered lasers and everyone else is riding our awesome trains. Life is good.Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-07-10 15 
11035643Frost Giantess Quest 65Construction, archaeological digs, and founding Zeppelin attack squadrons stocked with ridiculous quantities of bombs and machine guns. We've got steam-powered lasers and everyone else is riding our awesome trains. Life is good.Frost, Giantess, Frost Giantess, Collective Game, Quest2010-07-10 15 
11055182Frost Giantess Quest 66Ancient highly advanced city destroyed by fire gods. Let's go in and touch stuff!Frost Giantess, Collective Game2010-07-11 13 
11055182Frost Giantess Quest 66Ancient highly advanced city destroyed by fire gods. Let's go in and touch stuff!Frost, Giantess, Frost Giantess, Collective Game, Quest2010-07-11 13 
11073680Frost Giantess Quest 67"No, it's IN the system, you idiot! All the medical consoles have been infected" .............................................END OF LINEFrost, Giant, Frost Giantess, quest, collective game, ohgodwhat2010-07-12 15 
11173181Frost Giantess Quest 68Ancient AIs? Techno-viral infections? Difficult choices? ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROLFrost, Giantess, Frost Giantess, Collective Game, Quest2010-07-17 14 
11191313Frost Giantess Quest 69Going to heal the heir to the throne, do some real good, then suddenly POLITICSFrost, Giantess, Frost Giantess, Collective Game, Quest2010-07-18 14 
11308994Frost Giantess Quest 70Internal combustion engines. Rail artillery. Nuclear weapons. With our luck, we'll end up fighting in the astral plane.Frost, Giantess, Frost Giantess, Collective Game, Quest2010-07-24 14 
11329508Frost Giantess Quest 71When you've come as far as we have, well, let's just say an Air Navy is just reward.Frost, Giantess, Frost Giantess, Collective Game, Quest2010-07-25 13 
11446506A Frost Giant is Thee ★One of the worst, Longest-running quests is still continuing why won't they give it up already?Frost, Giantess, Frost Giantess, Quest, Collective Game2010-07-31 21 
August 2010
11462073Frost Giantess Quest 73At some point, you ask yourself whether you're doing the right thing. Well, if saving an entire race is wrong...Frost, Giantess, Frost Giantess, Quest, Collective Game2010-08-01 14 
11600995Zerg Quest VIIAnon hacks the Confederate Intelligence network, personally organizes the Invasion of Aiur, and THEN the epic starts.Cerebrate Anon, Zerg Quest, fleshlings, Starcraft, KINSTOOOOON!!!, Giant fucking crystals, Shit just got real2010-08-10 13 
11656229Frost Giantess Quest 74Bitching. So. Much. Bitching. Later, we capture a SHITTON of feral frost giants for re-education and open up another fleet base.Frost, Giant, Frost Giantess, quest, collective game, bitching2010-08-14 13 
11682951Frost Giantess Quest 75Mistakes are made. Bases are found. One of them full of enough tanks and missiles to win a war in a small desert country. Hooah!Frost, Giantess, Frost Giantess, Quest, Collective Game2010-08-16 13 
11756369Frost Giantess Quest 76Yet more cool hardware that we must find a way to use as a weapon. Talking, diplomacy, and even more rage against the nobles. Life is good.Frost, Giantess, Frost Giantess, Quest, Collective Game2010-08-21 13 
11782555Frost Giantess Quest 77Back to town to see how things are going. Then it's back off into the wasteland to dig up possibly homicidal AIs and have them make chairs. Also laser telescope. Love this job.Frost, Giantess, Frost Giantess, Quest, Collective Game2010-08-23 14 
11847023Frost Giantess Quest 78Learning. Assessing projects. Working through politics. Sometimes, to take care of the boredom, you just have to go for a walk in the cancerous forest and check for shiny things.Frost, Giantess, Frost Giantess, Quest, Collective Game2010-08-28 12 
11872738Frost Giantess Quest 79More Zeppelin rides and plenty of politics. Exploration, planning, and the testing of a very important ship designed to kill sky castles.Frost, Giantess, Frost Giantess, Quest, Collective Game2010-08-30 13 
September 2010
11938570Frost Giantess Quest 79Politics, planning, and nuclear devices everywhere. Also, shit goes down. But not in the manner expected.Frost, Giantess, Frost Giantess, Collective Game, Quest2010-09-04 12 
11965730Frost Giantess Quest 81 - The endand a flight of angels sing thee to thy restFrost, Giant, Frost Giantess, quest, collective game, GAR, The End2010-09-06 21 
November 2010
12726929Omegle RPFa/tg/uys collectively introduce the concept of roleplay to Omegle. Hilarity- and epic- ensue.omegle, improv, roleplay, epic, adventure, infocom, quest, giant, barbarian, knight2010-11-09 2 
12785071Swords from giantsHundreds of swords, all of them thought-provoking.sword giant received2010-11-14 6 
April 2011
14630047Gladiatrix Manager Quest IAnon challenges us to chose a lady-warrior and send her into the ring for the amusement of the crowd.Gladiatrix, Female, Gladiator, Manager, Quest, Gneutered, Septimia, SSssS, Lizardwoman, Giant Frog2011-04-18 7 
August 2011
15889450Night of the Giant MothWhen you pass the man, his head explodes, and a giant moth crawls out. What do you do?Collective Game, Night of the Giant Moth2011-08-10 9 
November 2011
16908940GiantsWherin /tg/ discusses Giants of various myth and how to make them relevant again.Giants, myth, norse, celtic, russian, RPG,2011-11-11 30 
16923978Giants and dragons- the settingChaos dragons, giants of form, gods of creationgiants, dragons, gods, homebrew, fluff, setting, backstory2011-11-12 10 
16960159I received from a giant a sword forged of XI received from a giant a sword forged of thread. I find it becomes more epic every day.Snowclone, giant2011-11-19 11 
December 2011
17146138Giant Rat Quest part 6featuring a giant magicial rat. parts 1-5 on archive.foolz.usCollective Game, Giant Rat Quest, Giant Rat2011-12-09 7 
17158081Giant rat quest part 7The second part of the worm battle, things get pretty close.Giant rat, rat, Quest, drawfag, draw thread2011-12-10 4 
February 2012
17828843On the habits of giants/tg/ turns a "see this, wat do" thread into a legitimate discussion on colonizing sapient cities on giants' backs.See This Wat Do, Colonized Giants, Why /tg/ is great2012-02-06 41 
17831503On the habits of giants 2 - On the Backs of GodsA continuation of the thread on colonizing giants. Now with worldbuilding!See This Wat Do, Colonized Giants, Why /tg/ is great2012-02-06 17 
17835096On the habits of giants 3 - On the Backs of Gods 2And /tg/ is still going! We've now spawned a quest, a wiki page, and we're steadily fleshing out the setting. We seem to have an official name now too.See This Wat Do, Colonized Giants, Why /tg/ is great, On the Backs of Gods2012-02-07 12 
17862334On the Backs of Gods 3Continuing design for the setting established in the previous threads.See This Wat Do, Colonized Giants, why tg is great, 2012-02-09 4 
April 2012
18567304Armored Core QuestWe wake up in wrecked Core, and start to learn how we got there via flashbacks.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-04-04 37 
18579960Armored Core Quest 2We scramble to get back to base, while making detours to make sure family is OK. We get our Core air-dropped to us, then engage an enemy AC.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-04-05 24 
18590965Armored Core Quest 3Get our shit slapped by Nine-Ball. Hope Destroyed, Dave wrecks some traitors, and we end the prologue segment of the game. The real quest is on now.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-04-06 21 
18603659ARMORED CORE QUEST 4We get hugged and find out that our voice is one of the voices that will decide what the future of what remains of our community. We Leader Now, and it don't feel goodAC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-04-07 21 
18616965Armored Core Quest 5Viva Los Vegas. We get a new Core, ask Elsie out on a proper Date, and see Nine-Ball in the Arena.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-04-08 22 
18632716Armored Core Quest 6We Raven now. Almost. We also tell our friends about Nine-Ball, Take a distracting shower, and find out our sister want's to fly a death murder bot like her Big Bro. She also has no idea what proper military dress is.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-04-09 23 
18647845Armored Core Quest 7We take out a bandit after finding out that the posted difficulty was a lie. Also, HOLY SHIT DAVE.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots, HOLY SHIT DAVE2012-04-10 27 
18660497Armored Core Quest 8We go on a Date with Elsie, Dave and our sister have an awkward if SEXY moment, and Mooch gets kidnapped. Those poor, poor kidnappers.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-04-11 24 
18674793Armored Core Quest 9The Dice are trying to kill us. No really, they almost got the GM this time.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-04-12 21 
18686786Armored Core Quest: Crunch ThreadDedicated Crunch thread for making the game system behind AC-Quest. Discussion of past mechanics and characters happen.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots, Crunch Time2012-04-13 13 
18690046Armored Core Quest 10We wrap up a fight, yell at our sister, and then get utterly mind-raped by rapid fire plot twists.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-04-13 22 
18703755Armored Core Quest 11We wake up, talk to people, and get ready to go get our bones forcibly healed by SCIENCE.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-04-14 20 
18717273Armored Core Quest 12We go to the doc's, Elsie and Dave have a conversation they think we didn't hear, and Lawrence fucking takes out a ninja with a pipe-wrench.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-04-15 16 
18732713Armored Core Quest 13Our day starts with comforting our lover, then we receive sound medical advice, troll our sister, and reveal how bad-ass Alex can be when he puts his mind to it in the sims.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-04-16 20 
18734234A concept of Human Ingenuity and madnessDurendal shares his idea for a space setting where spaceships are all biological; grown from humans. /tg/ takes the concept and runs with it; yielding interesting results and both clean and slightly-fetishy variants of the setting.setting, development, space, ship, grimdark, transhuman, giant, giantess, war, freaky, biological, bioship, The Archivist2012-04-16 11 
18743876Armored Core Quest: Crunch Thread 2Hit Location rules are revealed, Character Improvement is discussed, and some setting fluff is explained.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots, Crunch Time2012-04-17 10 
18761660Armored Core Quest 15We eat lunch, have a moment, and then Ari trolls Dave while our pelvis is wrecked. OR DOES SHE!?!?AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-04-18 15 
18774971Armored Core Quest 16We go help Rayleonard's team kill a core. Alex has a near death experience, we see what a high-synch score looks like, and ALEX MAKES ACE.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-04-19 14 
18787396Armored Core Quest 17We wake up post explosion, talk to team members, and find out Elsie wears reading glasses. Also, Laurie takes off in a mood, and we realize we should have talked to him a while ago.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-04-20 14 
18799035Armored Core Quest 18We save a girl, Laurie solos ten dudes in a bar-fight and wins, and then AC Guy continues to be cursed by the angry Ghost of Steve Jobs.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-04-21 13 
18810601Armored Core Quest 19Late start, slightly early finish. Get another look out how fucked up Laurie is, a chance to help fix that, and a plan to go to the Arena.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-04-22 14 
18823018Armored Core Quest 20, part one.We visit the sims, have an argument, and discover the thread isn't bumping.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-04-23 12 
18824256Armored Core Quest 20, part two.We finally get to the core of Laurie's issues. It's about as bad as expected.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-04-23 12 
18837663Armored Core Quest 21We finalize the Arena team, find out Shenanigans happened, and Laurie goes back to hope.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-04-24 13 
18851385Armored Core Quest 22We visit the hospital, see a movie, and get ready for the Arena battle.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-04-25 11 
18820079Armored Core Quest: Crunch Thread 3Further discussion on the Crunch, some old ground is re-tread.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots, Crunch Time2012-04-25 7 
18865876Armored Core Quest 23We begin the Arena event fights. LAURIE UNLOCKS THE BEAST!AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-04-26 14 
18877702Armored Core Quest 24We throw down with Dervish, learn more about the setting, and decide to meet up for drinks.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-04-27 16 
18891776Armored Core Quest 25Drinks with Team Mo Betta, apparently Laurie's a hero, and Dave and Steve get into a Swag Off. Next round in the tourney, next thread.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-04-28 11 
18903271Armored Core Quest 26Tunnel Snakes SCHOOLED.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-04-29 16 
18916521Armored Core Quest 27we talk politics, question how to leverage our fame to help us along, and acquire a second protagonist.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-04-30 13 
May 2012
18929158Armored Core Quest 28AC-Guy bring in lances to satisfy the fans, warning that they are kinda weak. The lance, with the help of the dice gods, then breaks the game, the rules, the enemy, itself, AC-Guy's sanity and patience, and then itself, bringing the rampage full circle.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-05-01 20 
18943771Armored Core Quest 29Character development, plot twists and downtime. Then those asshole stairs beat us up again.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-05-02 12 
18956423Armored Core Quest 30More time with Liz. Encounter a plot twist and a surprising development with Abby.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-05-03 12 
18970219Armored Core Quest 31"Hey, kids. You wanna see a magic trick?"AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-05-04 16 
18982371Armored Core Quest 32Alex and Elsie continue their day on the town. AC Guy ties the streak for longest continuous run.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-05-05 11 
18994863Armored Core Quest 33RECORD BROKEN. Training montage with Ari, more character insight, and a preview of some things to comeAC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-05-06 12 
18929465Armored Core Quest: Crunch Thread 4Players submit ideas, feedback is had, etc.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots, Crunch Time2012-05-07 5 
19033830Armored Core Quest 34Get some surprising info and get pumped for our next match.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-05-09 12 
19062134Armored Core Quest 35I'm not even going to try to describe this one. It's a flying Mech Zeppelin battle.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-05-11 13 
19142965Armored Core Quest 36Winding down after the battle, learn something about our friend we didn't expect.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-05-18 12 
19204254Armored Core Quest 37Shocking developments on Liz's side of things, and we get a Q&A with Dave.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-05-23 12 
19231798Armored Core Quest 38We find out the Captain's side of the story, See some interesting characters, and spend time with our crew.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-05-25 10 
19295075Armored Core Quest 39Plot twists and sudden happenings. Also a Q&A session with Dervish.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-05-30 10 
June 2012
19321614Armored Core Quest 40Shit gets real, and we get punched in the emotions, in and out of game.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-06-01 10 
19462776Armored Core Quest 41AC-Guy semi-returns from his hiatus, and awesome happens. Also, more plot twists, and Dervish plans to help train us.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-06-13 10 
19562578Armored Core Quest 42Rescue Cass, learn interesting things.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-06-21 10 
19576162Armored Core Quest 43Dave tells us his story, AC-Guy tries to run quest around the un-ending shitstorm his life has become.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant robots2012-06-22 11 
July 2012
19742564Armored Core Quest 44AC-Guy comes back, and we take on some sick motherfuckers.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant robots2012-07-05 10 
19771395Armored Core Quest 45We resolve the shoot-out, fail a chase-scene, and then save a girl with some quick thinking.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant robots2012-07-07 11 
19852682Armored Core Quest 46We fight Legion, get hints at who the baddies are, and GET TO PLAY AS DERVISH!AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-07-13 12 
19931286Armored Core Quest 47War comes to Vegas.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-07-18 10 
19973994Armored Core Quest 48Our team gets mind-raped by Legion. Literally.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant robots2012-07-21 6 
20027927Armored Core Quest 49Back to Liz. We see dead people, and apparently nobody understands us.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant robots2012-07-25 8 
August 2012
20171050Armored Core Quest 50We pick up the fight in Vegas, mostly stop the mind-rape, and Ari shoots the biggest gun ever to kick off the real battle.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-08-04 6 
20215522Armored Core Quest 51We take the fight to Legion.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-08-07 5 
20257914Armored Core Quest 52Battle in the core of Legion's AF. We meet Legion "in person"AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-08-12 8 
20380549Armored Core Quest 53We have a long conversation with Archimedes and another conductor and wake up in a med-evac chopper headed back towards Vegas.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-08-19 9 
20510160A Giant Gave Me a SwordAnd thus, awesome copy-pasta was born.Giants, swords, awesome, social commentary, penises2012-08-29 5 
September 2012
20615861Armored Quest 55After eating the best goddamn eggs in the world, we check out some of the revamped rules by overseeing our sister's simulator run. Part 54 did not get archived and can be found here - http://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/20538771/AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-09-07 6 
20668169Armored Core Quest 56We get some close-combat training with Dervish.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-09-11 10 
20831759Armored Core Quest 57Elsie having been kidnapped for a girl's day out with family and friends, we look at guns with Mooch. Then we meet the computer from HELL and a very odd street gang. Such is the life of Alex Raston.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-09-26 6 
October 2012
21064415Armored Quest 58In which Alex is kidnapped. Again. Now with special surprise cast pic by Deculture!AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-10-12 7 
21112076Fortune: Evolution Game - Part 6-11 (Pickle Island)An isolated spit of rock called Pickle Island is the next setting for the continued game of Fortune: Evolution. Also includes a quick spat between Otto von Bismark and the Spirit of Prussia.Collective Game, Fortune Evolution, Part 6, evo, Pickle Island, giant enemy crabs, snakes, blimpies2012-10-22 3 
21262907AC-Quest 60Eliza McAlistair gets a dream sequence Part 59 didn't get archived, so its here http://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/21186952AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant robots2012-10-24 5 
November 2012
21679463Armored Core Quest 61And AC-Guy is back. Mostly. And things get blown up.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant robots2012-11-22 5 
21754539Armored Core Quest Summary ThreadA summary of the past threads, as told by AC-Guy and the readersAC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant robots2012-11-26 6 
December 2012
21878834Armored Core Quest Summary Thread 2A summary of the past threads, as told by AC-Guy and the readersAC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant robots2012-12-07 6 
21987641Armored Core Quest 62Liz has ISSUES.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots2012-12-13 10 
January 2013
22386264Armored Core Quest 6362 wasn't archived, apparently. Dervish tells Mooch to cause a commotion. Chaos ensues. AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant robots2013-01-04 6 
22574572Armored Core Quest 64Elsie forces Alex to act as target practice in the sims. Crazy amounts of "Crazy Ivan" maneuvers are used.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant robots2013-01-14 11 
February 2013
22972744Stone Wolf Civ: Stoneclaw Pack 1As the race of Stone wolves evolve their magical power in a land full of magical radiation with no man nor other intelligent race that they know of. The Pack fights their way into higher population. With their worst enemy being a magical crystal.Civ, Wolf, Collective Game. Crystals. Earth. Stone. OhgodtheGiantCrystalisEvil2013-02-05 4 
22990474Stone Wolf Civ: Stoneclaw Pack 2As the thread goes on, a powerful ally is met. They look like hell but being kind the wolves give them a new home and help them on their feet as they also work out Copper smithing.Civ, Wolf, Collective Game. Crystals. Earth. Stone. OhgodtheGiantCrystalisEvil2013-02-05 3 
22995977Stone Wolf Civ: Stoneclaw Pack 3As the Battle of a Giant Draconic beast was Owned by a lucky roll. Azure kicked some ass and carved out the place of the tribe's hero and Smoothstone honors a Promise as he takes in the monster's egg. Also, the Pack learns how they are suppose to Art. Along with more Earth Magics.Civ, Wolf, Collective Game. Crystals. Earth. Stone. OhgodtheGiantCrystalisEvil2013-02-06 2 
23010408Stone Wolf Civ: Stoneclaw Pack 4As the Stone Wolves go on, they meet gods living in Crystals. A Tribe works to make it's way back to the swamp after killing a monster. And the Young Dragon is given the name Ash.Civ, Wolf, Collective Game. Crystals. Earth. Stone. OhgodtheGiantCrystalisEvil2013-02-06 2 
April 2013
24314837Mecha campaign discussionOP seeks homebrewing advice on making two factions' giant robots and warfare-styles distinctive. Thoughtful discussion of Gundam (UC timeline) mobile-suit design philosophies results.Giant Robots, Gundam, mecha, advice2013-04-18 5 
May 2013
25063638Titanic skeleton cityWe come up with a city that lives inside of a giant animated skeleton. Turns out they really enjoy Mexican holidays.Skeletons, Skeleton, Giant, Titan, 2spooky, Mr. Bones, Worldbuilding, Sombreros2013-05-27 6 
July 2013
26143288Pacific Rim Quest Part 1The fate of the world is in our robotic hands. WE MUST ACTCollective Game, Pacific Rim Quest, Jaeger, Kaiju, Giant Monster, Mech2013-07-21 15 
26160234Pacific Rim Quest Part 2The London Event has brought everyone to the brink. The arrival of a new class of Kaiju might push us over the edge...Collective Game, Pacific Rim Quest, Jaeger, Kaiju, Giant Monster, Mech2013-07-22 10 
26194492Pacific Rim Quest Part 3NUKE ITCollective Game, Pacific Rim Quest, Jaeger, Kaiju, Giant Monster, Mech2013-07-24 7 
December 2013
28647267Titanor!Crack of thunder! Howl of wind! The will of evil men! When our courage is in doubt, Titanor comes on the scene!Giant Robots, Titanor, only true way to play any D&D, pickpocketing by giant robots, all your power combined2013-12-04 74 
January 2014
29309631Kaiju Quest: King Of All MonstersGuide the evolution of a kaiju from birth to become king of all monsters. The first thread deals with figuring out our abilities, exploring the world as an infant Kaiju, gaining a new toy, and fighting off an insect trying to steal our food.Collective Game, Kaiju Quest: King Of All Monsters, Kaiju, Giant Monster2014-01-06 28 
29331679Kaiju Quest 2As the light of a new day breaks over the horizon, the Prince awakens to find his growth spurt has finished. He puts his new found strength to the test by punishing some interlopers to his territory.Collective Game, Kaiju Quest: King Of All Monsters, Kaiju, Giant Monster2014-01-07 23 
29489371/tg/ vs a KaijuOP playtests a simple d6 homebrew where CHERNO ALPHA sets a Kaiju on fire and then tesla punches it.playtest, getting shit done, pacific rim, Cherno Alpha, kaiju, giant robots punching giant monsters, mech2014-01-14 1 
February 2014
29946633Dragon Princess Giant Robot Guard QuestWe are in a giant robot. We are the protector of a princes that is also a Dragon. The castle is under attack, Lets do thisCollective Game, Dragon Princess Giant Robot Guard Quest, 2014-02-01 17 
30389899Warforged StorytimeFeaturing Tim and Jim the Warforged brothers, Lichforged, Nanoforged, the 3/4ths golem, the Iron Giant, and an obscenely corny yet somehow endearing story of friendship and slapping death's shit, among other things.story, time, storytime, warforged, Pinocchio, lichforged, nanoforged, nanohaforged, 3/4ths golem, FRIENDSHIP, Iron Giant, character concepts2014-02-22 9 
April 2014
31769080Frost Giants the BeginningNew Dm, New Friends and Frost Giants. The Giants band together to protect this land. Then made some clubs, Clubs = Fun. Meet some dwarfs and then spiders made of fire. Where will it end up next.Frost Giants, Clubs, Collective Game, Civ Frost Giants,2014-04-28 0 
September 2014
35015724Teegee's Emporium of the Rare and AntiqueCome down to Teegee's Emporium of the Rare and Antique, where you can find: Priceless vases, both whole and in pieces! Giant cubes of guns! Rare first edition books and records! Irritable Lamia lesbians! Slightly cracked Faberge Eggs! Dragons of all flights and colors! More gold than Midas! And, of course, shopgirls with bumbling behemoth breasts! Feel free to browse, make a purchase, or escape the growing dimensional instability with the staff and head down to the noodle shop for a bowl and a brew.antiques, collective game, shop, store, bidding war, gold, artifacts, lamia, lesbians, giant breasts, dragon attack, spontanious, grail, noodles2014-09-22 15 
October 2014
35458769Esper Quest: Thread 17Akari and Co. take on Not!Mechagodzilla... and... Co.? Oh boy. Collective Game, Esper Quest, Pyrokinesis, Psychic/Psionic powers, Raildex, Crime Fighting, Cute Girls Doing Cute Things, GIANT ROBOTS, ROBOT DINOSAURS, THE GREAT EVIL, MAGIC, JUSTICE2014-10-12 2 
35567762Esper Quest: Thread 18Akari and Co. learn that Mop-man is a big jerk, just like his robot: REALLY BIG. Collective Game, Esper Quest, Pyrokinesis, Psychic/Psionic powers, Raildex, Crime Fighting, Cute Girls Doing Cute Things, GIANT ROBOTS, ROBOT DINOSAURS, THE GREAT EVIL, MAGIC, JUSTICE2014-10-16 5 
July 2015
41319771Yet Another Fetish Worldbuilding ThreadThis time it was spawned by Weekend Smut Thread, no lessTransforming Giantess Vore Robots, The shame we all live with2015-07-19 -10 
October 2015
43130425Pokemon Quest #113We fight a giant robot, celebrate, find the truth about the jungle princess, and we're told our dad has been found.Pokemon Quest, Pokemon, Gobble, Collective Game, Flute, Punk, Pokemon trainer, giant robot2015-10-18 20 
November 2015
43646188/tg/ creates utopiaIn which OP asks how /tg/ posters would create a utopia if given reality warper powers. Discussion of human nature, religions and the need for evil results. Surprisingly civil.ethics, utopia, dystopia, god, power, good, evil, Skull-King The Giant Robotic Scourge Of Mankind,2015-11-15 2 
April 2016
46535966Giants CivCiv thread for a Giant Race in a Savage Valley.Civ, Giant, Race, 2016-04-08 1 
June 2016
232292Hill Giant Civ Quest Part 1The first year of the Cewri Tribe's story.Collective Game, Civilization, quest, hill giant, giant, hill, civ, cewri, fantasy2016-06-11 2 
249192Hill Giant Civ Quest Part IIThe Cewri Tribe pisses off the humans, gets raided a bunch, kicks the shit out of the raiders. Praise be to Lava Mama and Stronk Dad!hill, giant, civ, quest, II, 2, hill giant civ quest, collective game, civilization, lava mama, stronk dad, swatrock, dead humans2016-06-15 4 
262027Hill Giant Civ Quest IIIREMOVE HUMAN REMOVE HUMAN yuo are worst human. you are the humie stink you are the humie smell. Return to Brylon.Hill Giant Civ Quest III, hill, giant, hill giant, civilization game, civilization, Stronk2016-06-19 1 
276655Hill Giant Civ Quest IVAfter the events of Amberly, the giants and humans agreed to a year-long ceasefire. These are the events that transpired during it.Hill Giant Civ Quest IV, hill giant, Hill Giant Civ Quest, Collective Game, Civilization, civ, shitty dragon battle2016-06-22 1 
291681Hill Giant Civ Quest Part VThe cease-fire is over, and raids begin in earnest.hill giant civ quest, hill giant, civilization, war2016-06-26 1 
308899Hill Giant Civ Quest Part VIThe second half of the post-ceasefire battle, plus Wolfsmeade gets suicide bombed by a boatHill Giant Civ Quest, civilization, allahu akbar2016-06-30 1 
August 2016
48876421Shrunken PCsA blatant fetish thread with some interesting ideas for shrunken adventures.shrunk, giantess2016-08-21 -1 
November 2016
837810Starborn 23:Crime and Punishment Where we scare the hell out of luc, chastise him, go to deal with a trol, and get some sweet sweet backstory.Collective Game, Starborn Quest, Troll, Hona, Luc, Wagon, Star, Starborn, Violet, Brutal, Richter, Giants, Flashback2016-11-20 2 
858514Starborn Quest 23: The Violet DemonWelcome to the past! You've been murdering your way through the giants' town; sanity? What's that? Collective Game, Starborn Quest, Troll, Hona, Luc, Wagon, Star, Starborn, Violet, Brutal, Richter, Giants, Flashback2016-11-24 2 
December 2016
50634760Giant GuardiansEvery village has a giant that protects it from monsters and other giants. /tg/ tries to figure out how it would work.Worldbuilding, Collaborative Creation, Giants, Titans, Game Design2016-12-16 11 
February 2017
1174034Kobold Quest #1A group of Kobolds has been ousted from their previous home, and now must make dew in new lands if they hope to survive and get revenge.Kobold Quest, Brushwood, Kobold, Quest, 3d6, Giant Enemy Crab,2017-02-25 2 
April 2017
1370219Pacific Rim: Resurgence Quest 1We are Zane Jacobs. No we're not, we're Zack Warwick, ex-Ranger. We decide to protect the daughteru and become a Ranger again.Pacific Rim: Resurgence Quest, Pacific Rim, Giant Mechs, Daughteru, Collective Game2017-04-20 3 
June 2017
1624519GoT builderHistoryOP's GoT builderHistoryOP, GoT builder, Giants, Children of the Forest2017-06-30 1 
June 2018
2624904Gas Giant Evo Game800 million years after Gefjun was seeded with life, its organisms begin to diversify while maintaining an uneasy balance.Evo game, Evogame, Gas Giant Evo, Evolution2018-06-13 2 
October 2018
62369809A Giant Forged Me a SwordA humungous selection of short but clever stories of a Giant who gave swords to many, many peopleWritefaggotry, , Creative, Poetry, Giant, Sword2018-10-09 2 
February 2019
3200451Married To A Giant Spider QuestWe figure out what to do with the thief, have the eggs harch into abominations, attempt to civilize the goblins, and hire household help.Married To A Giant Spider Quest, Collective Game2019-02-04 2 
March 2019
3351006SRW Quest A new adventure begins, with hot blood and robots!Collective Game, SRW Quest, Giant Robots2019-03-26 5 
April 2019
3381913SRW Quest -2-Reinforcements arrive and your powers develop. What really lurks behind the name of 'Newtype'?Collective Game, SRW Quest, Giant Robots2019-04-09 3 
May 2019
3442241SRW Quest -3-We get to meet Shirou Kabuto, commander of the Mazin Corps, and we start shedding some light on our powers. Collective Game, SRW Quest, Giant Robots2019-05-01 4 
3476017SRW Quest -3.5-An angel is coming, and it threatens to destroy everything on its path...Collective Game, SRW Quest, Giant Robots2019-05-21 1 
June 2019
3522822SRW Quest -4-PN5-2 is in big trouble! An enormous enemy fleet is approaching...Collective Game, SRW Quest, Giant Robots2019-06-10 2 
3535095SRW Quest -4.5-The independentists have infiltrated the base... we must oust them! Collective Game, SRW Quest, Giant Robots2019-06-18 1 
3567338SRW Quest -5-A terrible and powerful entity creeps towards the base...Collective Game, SRW Quest, Giant Robots2019-06-27 2 
July 2019
3579431SRW Quest -5.5-A desperate fight against the antispiral... can that monster even be defeated? Collective Game, SRW Quest, Giant Robots2019-07-02 1 
3644674SRW Quest -FINALE-It's time for the final showdown. Who will fall, and who will stand? A bright light casts away the shadows of the past...Collective Game, SRW Quest, Giant Robots2019-07-25 2 
August 2019
3664681SRW Quest -FINALE OVERTIME-The conclusion to a long journey. A fight to the end of the GalaxyCollective Game, SRW Quest, Giant Robots2019-08-01 3 
November 2019
69109695MAHARLIKA, a Filipino technomystic Mech RPGThe Pinoy anon behind Karanduun returns to share the English-translated version of their new RPG, MAHARLIKA. Meching ensues.Homebrew, pdf share, Philippines, Filipino, Pinoy, Maharlika, Mecha, Sci-fi, Mystical, game design, giant robots2019-11-13 21 
69566972MAHARLIKA, a Filipino technomystic Mech RPG, thread 2 further updates to MAHARLIKA and it's english translation.Homebrew, pdf share, Philippines, Filipino, Pinoy, Maharlika, Mecha, Sci-fi, Mystical, game design, giant robots2019-11-29 8 
February 2020
4078247Rat QueenRat swarm animated by the will of the queenThe Giant Rat, Rat Queen, Collective Game2020-02-22 5 
June 2020
4283160Gas Giant Evogame - Part 3Gas giant evogame is an evogame set on a Gas Giant. It continues on the story after part 2. It's also probably a mistake. Evo game, Evogame, Gas Giant Evo, Gefjun, Evolution, Space, 2020-06-23 1 
September 2020
4399462STAR WARS - Interregnum #2.2The Battle of Nest's End. The origins of the Herald are revealed, as is its connection to Bos; and the rescue of Master Kosa begins...Collective Game, Star Wars Interregnum, Star Wars, Kaz, Space Vietnam, Giant Kaiju Battles2020-09-05 20 
October 2020
4472727Daemon Civilization QuestWe follow an exiled Daemon Prince as he tries to build his own empire in the mortal worldCivilization, Civ, Daemons, Demons, Giants, Empire-Builder, RPG, Nether,2020-10-05 0 
January 2021
76960319Different GiantsA discussion on frsh new takes on giants.Giant,giants, Worldbuilding, worldbuilding2021-01-15 2 
February 2021
4604478The Silver Marches 1Ulf the Giant ventures into untamed north in search of new fortunes and adventures.Silver Marches, Silver Marches Quest, Fantasy, Giant, Collective Game, Quest, World Building, Archer2021-02-15 5 
April 2021
4671958A Giant in the Silver Marches 2We track down a caravan of settlers and acquire a new bow. More giants arrive in town.Silver Marches, Silver Marches Quest, Fantasy, Giant, Collective Game, Quest, World Building, Archer2021-04-02 5 
May 2021
4737767A Giant in the Silver Marches 3Ruins, Wyverns, Skeletons and Stampedes.Silver Marches, Silver Marches Quest, Fantasy, Giant, Collective Game, Quest, Archer2021-05-12 5 
June 2021
4798191Civilization Quest: TURBO editionThe newly-sentient Giant Insects of Earth 2828AD must compete with humanity, demon-kind, and even robo-bulls from the future! Part 1Fae Smelter, Civ, Civilization, Giant Insects, Wigglin2021-06-09 2 
4821863A Giant in the Silver Marches 4Gold Rush EditionSilver Marches, Silver Marches Quest, Fantasy, Giant, Collective Game, Quest, Archer2021-06-20 2 
September 2021
4928012A Giant in the Silver Marches 5We recruit giants from Iron Hills and Fire Peaks and lead them north in search of lost history. Silver Marches, Silver Marches Quest, Fantasy, Giant, Collective Game, Quest, Archer2021-09-04 2 
December 2021
82409791Atmospheric Vore HellWhat if a perpetually airborne ecosystem similar to that of the deep sea existed?deep sea, monsters, speculative evolution, speculative biology, sky, gas giant, upper atmosphere, worldbuilding, The Horror of the Heights,2021-12-04 0 
January 2022
5062453Last Snow Giant Quest #1A young giant struggling to survive helps a dying elder and saves a mammoth herd from hunters.Snow Giant Quest, Collective Game, ASoIaF2022-01-03 -1 
September 2022
85887781How can OP put giantesses in his setting without being horny?/tg/ assists OP in trying to help insert giantess stuff, actually does a pretty good job.Setting discussion, Giantess, not!porn (probably)2022-09-05 0 
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