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May 2021
4762133Hobo's EpicCan an alcohol-addled homeless tramp turn his life around with a little bit of luck and the help of an old friend?Fae Smelter, New York, Adventure, Quest, Gritty, Urban, Hobo2021-05-19 1 
June 2021
4798191Civilization Quest: TURBO editionThe newly-sentient Giant Insects of Earth 2828AD must compete with humanity, demon-kind, and even robo-bulls from the future! Part 1Fae Smelter, Civ, Civilization, Giant Insects, Wigglin2021-06-09 4 
4819167(You Are A) Craigslist Killer QuestYou're a young detective in Southern USA who can't stop and won't stop abducting and mutilating the local women. What will Velton County Fae Smelter, Gritty, Killer, Serial Killer, Detective, Rape, Sex, Depravity, Toothpaste, Tooth paste, Occult, Crazy, Insane Lincoln, Velton2021-06-16 2 
July 2021
4880552(You Are A) Craigslist Killer Quest 2You're a sick young son of a bitch who abducts women, violates them, then mutilates their corpses. Your body count? Two and a half. For nowFae Smelter, Velton, Gritty, Killer, Serial Killer, Detective, Rape, Sex, Depravity, Toothpaste, Occult, Crazy, Insane, Part, 2, Two2021-07-24 2 
April 2022
5182912(You Are A) Craigslist Killer Quest 3Here you go, abducting hotties and dropping bodies again! Blackmail, lies, corruption, rough sex, and murder, all hiding in plain sight!! Fae Smelter, Serial Killer, Skeletor, Toothpaste, Rape, Sex, Detective, Cop, Harem, Coom, Thriller, Twist, Blackmail, Velton, USA, Swamp2022-04-06 2 
5199735Paper Mario TURBO!!Broke-ass Bowser and his motley crew must rescue/kidnap all of the Star Spirits so he can fulfill his wildest wishes! Turn-based RPG action!FaeSmelter, Fae Smelter, Mario, Paper, Bowser, Turn-based, RPG, TURBO, Kammy, Grubba, Doopliss, Waluigi, Wario, Luigi, Boo, Quest, Dice 2022-04-25 1 
June 2022
5272525Mutant Moshers: Disco Division!The funky tale of uniquely-gifted individuals fighting against the mainstream trends. A Multiplayer Skirmish Quest. Fae Smelter, Skirmish, Riptail, Bard, Palewalker, Dance, Hex, Mutant, Mosh, Moshers, Disco, Division, Tango, Polka, Skirmjam, Skirm, Jam2022-06-06 0 
July 2022
5301379(You Are A) Craigslist Killer Quest 4 A depraved killer hides in plain sight, but behind closed & triple-locked doors, there are no limits on his wicked lust or savage butchery.FaeSmelter, Fae Smelter, Serial Killer, Police, Rape, Sex, Velton, Detective, Cop, Harem, Killer, Thriller, Craigslist, USA, Fae, Smelter2022-07-14 2 
November 2022
5411624Urist Fonderferson and the Slit of SecretsUri Fonder is the Dwarf with a cursed cock! It's DnD meets Hogwarts, but raunchy! Smelty picks up after a flaker, but has no clue how to DMDnD, 5e, Fonderferson, Dwarf, Fae Smelter, Harry Potter, Hogwarts, r34, Bootyholder, Myhernee 2022-11-14 6 
January 2023
5478018(You Are A) Craigslist Killer Quest 5It's devilish work, kidnapping hotties and dirt-napping bodies. But someone's gotta do it. Mayor Jack Kinov's daughter Joy joins the hareBob, Vagene, Velton, Fae Smelter, Craigslist, Killer, Joy, Kinov, Mandie, B, Reckin-Dwith, Black, Rose, Geraldina, Cooper, Camping, Forest2023-01-02 1 
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