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June 2016
249192Hill Giant Civ Quest Part IIThe Cewri Tribe pisses off the humans, gets raided a bunch, kicks the shit out of the raiders. Praise be to Lava Mama and Stronk Dad!hill, giant, civ, quest, II, 2, hill giant civ quest, collective game, civilization, lava mama, stronk dad, swatrock, dead humans2016-06-15 4 
262027Hill Giant Civ Quest IIIREMOVE HUMAN REMOVE HUMAN yuo are worst human. you are the humie stink you are the humie smell. Return to Brylon.Hill Giant Civ Quest III, hill, giant, hill giant, civilization game, civilization, Stronk2016-06-19 1 
276655Hill Giant Civ Quest IVAfter the events of Amberly, the giants and humans agreed to a year-long ceasefire. These are the events that transpired during it.Hill Giant Civ Quest IV, hill giant, Hill Giant Civ Quest, Collective Game, Civilization, civ, shitty dragon battle2016-06-22 1 
291681Hill Giant Civ Quest Part VThe cease-fire is over, and raids begin in earnest.hill giant civ quest, hill giant, civilization, war2016-06-26 1 
308899Hill Giant Civ Quest Part VIThe second half of the post-ceasefire battle, plus Wolfsmeade gets suicide bombed by a boatHill Giant Civ Quest, civilization, allahu akbar2016-06-30 1 
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