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April 2017
1370219Pacific Rim: Resurgence Quest 1We are Zane Jacobs. No we're not, we're Zack Warwick, ex-Ranger. We decide to protect the daughteru and become a Ranger again.Pacific Rim: Resurgence Quest, Pacific Rim, Giant Mechs, Daughteru, Collective Game2017-04-20 3 
February 2024
5893221NO MORE HEROES QUEST! [NMHQ4: FORU?!]In a world ruled by ruthless corporations, our heroine in distress gets hew own anime mech and seeks the frightening Number 6!Fuckhead, No More Heroes, No More Heroes Quest, Female MC, Assassins, Mecha, Video Games, Russians, Blood, GIANT MECH, University, Violence!2024-02-14 5 
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