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September 2008
2661588The Cloth ManAs much as it sounds like a UA thread, it's not. Idea of a cloth warforged-type race quickly devolves into "Cleric/Wizard of Cuteness". cloth, warforged, cute, wut2008-09-26 6 
September 2009
January 2011
13707776Longeared Irregulars or Golden Tusk returns part 2slow drawfag returns, and /tg/ develops a warforged raised by bullywugs ITT among other things.elf, orc, barbarian, halfling, cleric, kobold, rogue, dwarf, wizard, drow, paladin, warforged, bullywug2011-01-30 7 
February 2011
13743075WailforgedOP wants concept art for a Warforged paladin with hammer "this first pic is kind of what I want my character to look like, just with a large hammer" Posts picture of Wailord A WAILFORGED IS BORN DnD, Pokemon, Warforged2011-02-01 24 
March 2011
14394004Warforged Civil RightsA bigot begins ranting about the inferior nature of warforged, and the Eberron version of the civil rights movement is played out in the thread.Warforged, soul, robots2011-03-28 1 
October 2012
21272703Lich's Employee Quest pt 20Daniel has some parenting issues and goes to talk with Adrian about them.Skeleton quest, warforged, parenting, spaghetti, elves2012-10-25 14 
August 2013
26599118Warforged Quest 1: MediForgedWe start a quest in the desert dealing with the Warforged. While the DM thinks it'll end up Warlord Warforged. It's really Warforged Medic.Warforged, Quest, MediForged, Desert2013-08-13 4 
February 2014
30389899Warforged StorytimeFeaturing Tim and Jim the Warforged brothers, Lichforged, Nanoforged, the 3/4ths golem, the Iron Giant, and an obscenely corny yet somehow endearing story of friendship and slapping death's shit, among other things.story, time, storytime, warforged, Pinocchio, lichforged, nanoforged, nanohaforged, 3/4ths golem, FRIENDSHIP, Iron Giant, character concepts2014-02-22 9 
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