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May 2009
4450973Changelings ahoy!A good, constructive general thread about Changeling: The Lost. Character art and ideas, possible settings and plots, and whatnot. Notable for a complete lack of trolling or idiocy.Changeling, The Lost, nWoD2009-05-02 5 
June 2009
4983560WoD musings/tg/ on why WoD is too gimdark for it's own good.World of Darkness, Grimdark, WoD, oWoD, nWoD2009-06-24 5 
September 2009
5870495nWoD Dice Pools discussionA request for feedback on some house rules regarding nWoD supernatural powers produces lively debate.nWoD, rules2009-09-15 1 
5892848Changeling ConceptsIncludes details on how to run Little Red Riding Hood and The Perfect Maid.Changeling, nWoD, Character Concepts2009-09-17 1 
5898587Mages are fucking scaryThe thread starts with advice on a Changeling concept, but one anon asks a question that leads him and Touhoufag to what is possibly the apex of Mage evolution: a Mage bound with his own sins to the point where he is nigh unstoppable, at the price of never being able to sin again, or he will be consumed by them. Did I mention said Mage can attack ten times in a row with 27 dice worth of lethal damage without even skirting Paradox?Touhoufag, nWoD, Mage, Goetia, minmax, nightmare fuel2009-09-18 21 
5923961Goblin Marketsctl: Goblin Markets is shared. Discussion is had, stories are shared, and ideas are fielded for how to make your market the best it can beChangeling, nWod, Goblin Markets,2009-09-20 3 
6059125nWoD: the Touhoufag HouserulingTouhoufag posts houserules again, and this time ports a bit of Perils of the Warp/Psychic Phenomena into nMage Paradox. An Anon posts Sidereal Paradox converted into Mage.nWoD, Houserules, Touhoufag2009-09-29 1 
6060294Changeling MaidAnon asks for help on building a Changeling Battle Maid. /tg/ gets shit done with some discussion about the dos and donts of going over 3 dots at Character Creation.Changeling, nWoD, Maid2009-09-30 1 
October 2009
6138527nWoD meta-discussionTalk about the cosmology of the nWoD. Some shittyness when politics come into it, but over-all fairly useful.nWoD, Cosmology2009-10-05 0 
February 2010
7985793WoD CrossoverA somewhat intelligent discussion of the potential ways in which the nWoD races share territory and power.Wod, nWod2010-02-09 2 
8120667How to destroy ArcadiaOP comes forth with a genius plan. Details are worked out.nwod, Changeling, Arcadia2010-02-17 2 
April 2010
9488779nWoD StorytimenWoD StorytimenWoD, Storytime2010-04-29 23 
May 2010
9878984oWOD vs. nWOD - and rednecks.Basically what it says on the label - a debate on the pros and cons of the two systems/settings, intermixed with snippets of "life" as seen through the eyes of an unfortunate group of rednecks who somehow got Embraced into Clan Toreador.vampire, nwod, owod, rednecks, writefaggotry2010-05-18 0 
9964602Several words about WoD..."/tg/, I'm interested in getting into World of Darkness, but I hear a lot about nWoD and oWoD. Is either of the versions better than the other? What's the difference in a few words?" The fa/tg/uys have more than just a -few- words...owod, nwod, debate, discussion2010-05-22 0 
December 2010
13311592Outsider: The Calling 5 (formerly Alien: The Outsider)/tg/ continues to work out fluff and mechanics for the nWoD homebrew with a lovecraftian mythos flair.Outsider, nWoD, homebrew, Lovecraft, white wolf, fluff, new content2010-12-28 12 
13328255Outsider: The Calling/tg/ continues to work out fluff and mechanics for the nWoD homebrew with a lovecraftian mythos flair. Continued after last thread died due to DDoS.Outsider, nWoD, homebrew, Lovecraft, white wolf, fluff, new content2010-12-29 11 
13330766Leviathan: The TempestA Game of Terrible Majesty, a fan-made WoD settings with plenty of monster mash.nWOD, rules2010-12-30 1 
January 2011
13432314Changeling GeneralPictures and discussion relating to Changeling: The Lost.Changeling: The Lost, Changeling, nWoD2011-01-08 0 
13457764Outsider: The Calling 7New nWoD line gets fluffed out more.Outsider, nWoD, homebrew, Lovecraft, white wolf, fluff, new content2011-01-10 10 
13511433Outsider: The Calling 8 (w/ Recap)New nWoD line gets fluffed out more. Also has a pretty good compilation of all the assembled work done so far.Outsider, nWoD, homebrew, Lovecraft, white wolf, fluff, new content2011-01-14 11 
13647345WoD ThreadA bunch of dudes discuss the comparative merits of WoD and nWoD. Then, Anon posts copypasta from Ascension, showing the best, most beautiful, and insane things from oWoD.WoD, nWoD, oWoD, copypasta, epic, Ascension2011-01-25 0 
13680314Network 0 done rightAnon starts a thread about Lost Tapes and it ends with an awesome story about Network 0HtV, nWoD, Lost Tapes, Hunter, ideas2011-01-29 4 
February 2011
13936277Outsider: The Calling 9New nWoD line gets fluffed out more.Outsider, nWoD, homebrew, Lovecraft, white wolf, fluff, new content2011-02-18 11 
March 2011
14417993Hobo: the HomelessA thread about possible homeless magic characters for OP's homebrew. A lot of them sound very (n)WoD'ish. Also very scaryhomeless, hobo, nWoD, WoD, monsters, scary2011-03-31 6 
July 2011
15613979Outsider: The Calling 10New nWoD line gets fluffed out more.Outsider, nWoD, homebrew, Lovecraft, white wolf, fluff, new content2011-07-18 10 
September 2011
16362820Ten Thousand Dicks for a werewolf gameOP posts some serious hyperbole and suffers for it. Serious thread derailment ensues.Derailment, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, nwod, dicks2011-09-20 33 
December 2011
17247619Outsider: The Calling 11Anniversary EditionOutsider, nWoD, homebrew, Lovecraft, white wolf, fluff, new content2011-12-19 15 
January 2012
17600859nWoD WritefagMysterious writefag appears with creepypasta, turns out to be horrible Changeling stuff, also an awesome Promethean story.nWoD, Changeling, Promethean, Writefag2012-01-20 10 
17623137Outsider: The Calling 12New nWoD line gets fluffed out more. Outsider, nWoD, homebrew, Lovecraft, white wolf, fluff, new content2012-01-24 8 
February 2012
18138266Changeling is Horriblefa/tg/uy reads changeling, enjoys, finds it horrificnWoD, World of Darkness, Changeling2012-02-29 6 
December 2012
22047037Lost Future: ttRPG brainstormingResistor returns, asking for some help piecing together a nWoD mod for his post-apoc setting.Innocence, Inn0cence, Robot, AI, Lost Future, nWoD, crunch, brainstorming2012-12-16 6 
October 2013
27673248The Candlelight Vigil 1Great GMing, great atmosphere, and great PCs. An exciting Hunter: The Vigil game.nWoD, WoD, Candlelight, horror, Hunter, Hunter the Vigil2013-10-10 16 
27686691The Canlelight Vigil 2A continuation to the previous Candlelight Vigil thread. Who'd have guessed?nWoD, WoD, Candlelight, horror, Hunter, Hunter the Vigil2013-10-11 14 
27713466The Story of the Candlelight Vigil 3A continuation to the previous Candlelight Vigil thread. Who'd have guessed?nWoD, WoD, Candlelight, horror, Hunter, Hunter the Vigil2013-10-14 14 
27775715nWoD STORYTEIMA slow OP regales /tg/ with tales of THE MACHINE and its OwnernWoD, STORYTEIM, THE MACHINE, Harlem Braxton, Lillum Dawnbreak, crazy shit2013-10-16 14 
February 2015
38270774Mage: the Awakening Quest 24The assault against Tsukuyomi's base of operations concludes.MtA Quest, Mage Quest, Collective Game, nWoD, Mage: the Awakening, Mage2015-02-24 2 
38335124Mage: the Awakening Quest 25: The Final QuestWe see the beginnings of the repercussions of what defeating Tsukuyomi means, and QM answers remaining questions the players may have.MtA Quest, Mage Quest, Collective Game, nWoD, Mage: the Awakening, Mage2015-02-27 2 
March 2017
1233323Lost in the Seventies: Chapter 3Jerry gets saddled with negotiating a trade deal for the Autumn Court.nWoD, Changeling, Lost in the 70's2017-03-11 12 
1189260Changeling the Lost: Prologue In the mid-70's a born again hippie, Jeremiah Bates, takes a trip through the American SouthwestNWoD, Changeling, Teller-of-Tales, Jerry Woodheart, Lost, Jeremiah Bates2017-03-17 14 
April 2017
1300406Lost in the Seventies: Chapter 8, Part 1Jerry spends some quality time with Mary, finds out what Oswald's job is, and does some reading.nWoD, Changeling, Lost in the 70's, Jerry Woodheart, Teller-of-Tales2017-04-05 11 
August 2020
74410233o/nWoDg gets crashed by The OmnissiahThe God-Emperor's waifu/Sasha Vykos's childer invades WoDg with SASS and VULGAR MAGIC ADVICE FOR /tg/ CUCKS!oWoD, nWoD, AdMech, Sasha Vykos, MtG, deeplore, 40k, Warhammer 40k, Vampire, Vampire 2020, cyberpunk, CCGs, lolcows2020-08-19 4 
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