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January 2008
1044995How to stop a Time-Traveling BBEGWith sheer BadasseryTime travel BBEG Badass2008-01-21 10 
March 2008
1374705Great quotes you delivered while playing the villain.Anonymous shows that villains can have some great linesBBEG, quotes2008-03-21 3 
April 2008
1576661Fleshwarper IllithidAn Illithid grafts itself into a horrible abomination that should not be.Nightmare Fuel, Awesome, BBEG2008-04-22 5 
July 2008
2135370Insane Villain QuirksUseful traits for your next crazy BBEGBBEG, Villain, Character, Evil2008-07-03 6 
October 2008
2764879The Ends Justify The MeansA serious discussion of how to make a fairly generic "insane scalpel-happy doctor" villain slightly more interesting, and in so doing present a quandary to her would-be assassins.BBEG, morals, discussion, getting shit done2008-10-09 6 
March 2009
3913698BBEG motivationsHow to make BBEG's with bitchin' motivations. Occasional sprinklings of winsauceBBEG, motivation2009-03-08 2 
April 2009
4393415Cooking Mama, the BBEG EditionOP asks for people to use Cooking Mama as BBEG. Starts with crazed housewife stumping for PETA, ends with Chilean Communist bomber living out her life in the suburbs until her secret is revealedCooking, Mama, BBEG, Stats, Epic2009-04-26 15 
July 2009
5098267The D&D crying gameAsking the people of /tg/ what their character would do if his lady love turned out to be a badguy in disguise. Surprisingly civil discussion follows.D&D BBEG TG2009-07-05 7 
September 2009
5974314Big Bad Evil Gals/tg/ discusses the idea of female BBEGs, if any of them are any good, and the stereotypes generally seen therein. A rather decent discourse, albeit with trolling here and there.Female, BBEG, stereotype, discussion2009-09-23 2 
October 2009
6127804How to be a BBEG without trying to hardLittle situations in everyday life that we always find ourselves plucked into. Yes, the BBEG was behind them all. Also, TobleroneToblerone, BBEG, Campaign, Nuts, Chocolate2009-10-04 13 
6316834Fugitive QuestCollective game about BBEG regaining power and killing secret agent.Collective Game, BBEG, secret agent2009-10-18 0 
December 2009
7176389Fluff a monsterAnon posts a monster pic and anon creates back-story for the monster. It contains some truly sickening stuff!Monsters, BBEGs, World Building2009-12-17 5 
January 2010
7680236Creepy BBEGOP asks for /tg/ to think up an original and deeply unsettling villain. What follows could be considered nightmare fuel.bbeg, nightmare fuel2010-01-20 6 
May 2010
10088662Opera House EncounterOP asks for help with BBEG encounter in an opera house. Anon swiftly delivers with a BBEG subversion into mindfuck territory.BBEG, mindfuck, opera house2010-05-27 1 
June 2010
10217394Brother RotMagos Joran Bol'van hosts a Create A BBEG thread. /tg/ gets shit done, creates win.BBEG, /tg/ gets shit done2010-06-02 6 
November 2010
12801416One Spell Left/tg/ uses a random spell generator to see how fucked they are.BBEG, Final Battle, Magic, Generator2010-11-15 15 
February 2011
13951952Disney Villains as Campaign VillainsOP shows off the basic plot motivators for Disney villains, offering them up as awesome BBEG proposals.Disney, BBEG2011-02-19 5 
March 2011
14115968The AntagonistAvoiding common tropes when dealing with the BBEG in a campaign.BBEG2011-03-04 6 
April 2011
14612827Marche of FFTA"The Stealthiest Lawful Evil Protagonist in the history of Lawful Evil protagonists."Lawful Evil, Lawful Good, BBEG, troll, trolling, final fantasy tactics, final fantasy tactics advance, fft, ffta, fantasy, paladin, discussion2011-04-16 8 
May 2011
14977000Making the Perfect Villain (tm)How do you make a villain your PCs love to hate? Make him their antithesis, and then make him a perfectly normal human being.evil, villain, mundane, space, furry, furries, human, humans, reasonable, trolling, troll, maximum, decency, PCs, psychopaths, BBEG, original content, original, advice2011-05-19 29 
15092314The Greatest Party EverA tale of dungeons and dragons, eternally retold. THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO!Awesome, Game Session, Thousands of years ago, Dungeons and Dragons, GM, Epic, BBEG2011-05-29 2 
June 2011
15301931Geist the furry hating the BBEGCan you make an awesome BBEG out of shitty character? Yes you can.furry hate, that guy, BBEG, advice, big bad2011-06-18 24 
15323216Dancer in WhiteMichael Jackson as the ultimate BBEG. Bards become the best "just as planned" villains ever.Michael Jackson, bard, Lich, BBEG, villain.2011-06-20 33 
July 2011
15503489Lord Deathrape and the CazaclawrasqueBecause some PCs just deserve to die.Tarrasque, Horror, Holy shit, BBEG, Cazador, Deathclaw, Cazaclaw, God hates you, FUCK2011-07-07 14 
February 2013
23098241Alexander Crackedmind: A Real Life BBEGA thread start out fairly innocent, but brings forth an individual who has shattered his own mind using tulpa in the pursuit of fame and recognition. Seems to be a real like BBEG.BBEG, Alexander, Crackedmind, real, life, tulpa, weird 2013-02-11 15 
October 2013
27948809How to into villainsA thread starts off with GMs sharing tricks they like; it eventually switches into a discussion om how to make good BBEGs.villain, BBEG, Lich, necromancer, paladin, GM, DM2013-10-26 4 
27968904The final spellOnce again, /tg/ is left with a single random spell with which to defeat the BBEG. Spell, Magic, Wizard, BBEG, Final Boss, Random Generator, Seventh Sanctum, 2013-10-27 2 
November 2013
28309051Marche/Kamina-like VillianOP brings us the idea of a man of justice dedicated to toppling the very gods to free the world from their influence. He is to be the main antagonist to the Player Characters, who are paladins and clerics fighting for what they believe is right. Much discussion is had, and storytime is promised.advice, paladin, awesome, BBEG, villain2013-11-16 5 
December 2013
28617703Times your group has had to end for the nightTimes a campaign has had to restart, be rewritten, or put on hold because of silly bullshit players pull. Also a small bit of advice on worldbuilding.DM, GM, DMing, GMing, worldbuilding, story, stories, storytime, PC, GMPC, DMPC, bard, paladin, seduction, cancer, Elder evil, EE, BBEG2013-12-02 5 
28996026Mr and Missus BBEGAnon asks for /tg/'s opinion on designing a BBEG who's also happily married.bbeg, marriage, helicopter parents2013-12-23 13 
January 2014
29268593/tg/ makes some BBEGs/tg/ posts pics, creates villains based on themBBEG,Axeman,villains2014-01-04 5 
July 2014
33664351Your Next BBEGPeople give each others' pictures BBEG introductions. Tremble before the greatest harbingers of evil.BBEG2014-07-26 7 
July 2015
41134158VR-BBEG Quest 1John Smith, retired old man, gets a job offer.collective game, vr-bbeg quest2015-07-10 15 
41177225VR-BBEG Quest 2John Smith, undercover Dark Lord, helps a priest to kill things.collective game, VR-BBEG Quest2015-07-12 13 
41220802VR-BBEG Quest 3In which John Smith is disappoint, and forges a secret dragon-hunting club (girls allowed).collective game, VR-BBEG Quest2015-07-14 10 
41281327VR-BBEG Quest 4John Smith breaks a door and semi-recruits a dragon-expert, before QM has to leave.collective game, VR-BBEG Quest2015-07-18 9 
41324264VR-BBEG Quest 5John Smith attends a meeting, eats food, and annoys a girly-boy.collective game, VR-BBEG Quest2015-07-20 10 
41370707VR-BBEG Quest 6John Smith trains his apprentice and samefags his way to beating up a fop.collective game, VR-BBEG Quest2015-07-22 7 
41298468DMPCs do and don'ts/tg/ discusses and regales instances in which DMs used a DMPC or a NPC, in a beneficial and/or engaging way, or as an excuse to play their special snowflake character.BBEG, DMPC, mary sue, NPC, roleplay, storytime, THAT DM2015-07-25 2 
41454965VR-BBEG Quest 7John Smith, reluctant judge, meets a peculiar dorf and develops a love of sharks.collective game, VR-BBEG Quest2015-07-26 6 
May 2016
47180551>The BBEG has very strong romantic feelings for one of the PCsIs it possible to do this in a way that's both plausible and enjoyable for the entire group?BBEG, Romance, PC2016-05-11 2 
November 2016
50330040Odd Villain MotivationsIn this thread, posters brainstorm some motivations for villains that are odd, unconventional and just plain petty.Brainstorming, petty villainy, BBEG, motivations, funny, insurance fraud2016-11-23 31 
December 2016
944863Be The BBEG Quest/qst/ becomes a dragon.BBEG Quest, Collective Game, Quest2016-12-17 3 
March 2017
52078572Comfy Cliche ThreadAnons share the ideas in settings and campaigns that, in spite of their overuse, are still loved.Meta, fluff, BBEG, character, setting2017-03-09 8 
July 2017
53944400An Ancient Evil Awakens!Activities for recently unsealed ancient evils besides world conquest and potential tactics for the conquest of the modern world.sauron, ancient evil, BBEG, worldbuilding, conquest, cyberpunk,2017-07-02 5 
March 2021
77961635Would you be the mini-boss and husband for a doting lawful evil empress?/tg/ is asked an ethical question and responds by concluding that it'd make a great anime and arguing over potential titles.ethical question, morality, alignment discussion, BBEG, Evil Overlord, Waifu,2021-03-15 2 
January 2024
5861389Dark Lord QuestAn insane dark lord on a quest to destroy the world leads an army of golems and bandits to conquer parts of the kingdom of Noen.Dark Lord Quest, Fantasy, Strategy, BBEG2024-01-24 3 
March 2024
5901404Dark Lord Quest 2Abrupt end and epilogue.Dark Lord Quest, Fantasy, Strategy, BBEG2024-03-02 0 
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