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January 2008
1068484Escaping RailroadingStories of players escaping their DMs' attempts at railroading.stories, railroading, funny, awesome2008-01-26 14 
May 2008
1795977FUCK THIS GAME, I QUITHave you ever had a player get so mad at another player or a DM/GM that they just quit playing and storm out dramatically?stories, rage, drama2008-05-23 24 
1807045Share your storya thread concerning the worst character concepts you have -ever- seen in a tabletop game.stories, mary sue, characters2008-05-25 8 
June 2008
1914113Player AwesomenessAnother "Epic moments in your games" thread.stories2008-06-06 6 
August 2008
2284586K59K59, ex-Commissar and grimdark extraordinaire, gets invited to tell some stories. Maybe.Grimdark, K59, Executions, Stories, Schrodinger2008-08-02 76 
2356939Stranger than fiction/tg/ tells crazy stories of odd happenings around them. Unkown Armies in real life.Unkonwn Armies, /x/, Kult, stories2008-08-17 7 
October 2008
2776654Even More Grimdark MarioAs the title says. Read and enjoy.Mario, stories, grimdark2008-10-11 5 
November 2008
2962879Monsters and MindfuckeryAnon asks about disturbing monsters. Nightmares followmonsters, tg, stories, nightmare fuel, 2008-11-09 4 
3074010Online Tabletop Horror Stories/tg/ starts off with some decent ones, then out of nowhere gets hit with the epic tale of Uzgob the orc barbarian vs the annoying dick fighter PC. More Uzgob is demanded, and delivered.horror stories, online tabletop, Uzgob, orc barbarian2008-11-28 11 
December 2008
3273703/tg/ stories part 3How did you get here?/tg/ stories2008-12-30 2 
3272977/tg/ stories part 2Childhood horror stories and chat continued here./tg/ stories2008-12-30 1 
3271002/tg/ stories part 1Ahh, happy days./tg/ stories2008-12-30 2 
January 2009
3465415Dwarf Fortress StoriesStories told about Dwarf Fortress, stupid! They're pretty outrageous.Dwarf Fortress, Dorf, Stories2009-01-21 5 
April 2009
4316247CARNIFEX HAS NO REGRETS; or, WHY DIRE VERSIONS OF ANCIENT PREDATORS ARE SO GARRead the title. Imagine it. Live it. Love it. Click it. Go.snapping turtles, awesome stories, dead ducklings, vengeful explosions, massive invertabrates, total gar2009-04-18 35 
May 2009
4580594Roleplaying Horror StoriesHorror Stories of Freeform RPGs. Turns into win with James Bond the crab and generic guard.Freeform, James Bond the Crab, Guard, SuperGuard, Horror Stories, Players2009-05-18 20 
June 2009
4915568Yet more roleplaying horror storiesYou know you love them, you know you've had them. Here are some more for your reading pleasure!rpg horror stories2009-06-18 1 
4919874Sawesome storiesSome trollan, mostly pretty sad+awesome (sawesome) stories of what happened in our p&p RPGs.sawesome stories, sad, awesome, stories2009-06-19 2 
5012785Terrible Games Masters Part 2Actually continued in the "Dragonborn death By snoo-snoo" thread just above this. In turn, this is the actual death by snoo-snoo thread.mary sue, horror stories, gm, stories2009-06-27 2 
July 2009
5201737Awesome Mashup campaigns/tg/ shares its tales of awesome mashup campaigns as well as suggestions for other mashups.Stories, Awesome2009-07-20 5 
August 2009
5420978Tomb of horror storiesStories about Tomb of horror roleplaying.Tomb of horror, stories2009-08-13 2 
5665007Knocking on the DoorFreaky stuff DMs pulled on their players.Horror, DM, Stories, Scary2009-08-31 6 
September 2009
5940037Worst DM/Player StoriesA collection of stories about bad DMs and bad players. Wasteland Warrior shows up at the end with a few of his stories.Bad DMs, Bad players, stories, Wasteland Warrior2009-09-21 21 
October 2009
6095754Leroy Jenkins MomentsWhen have you rushed in where angels feared to tread?Leroy Jenkins, Stories2009-10-02 0 
November 2009
6741605Most good thing you've done in a game. A "good things you've done ingame" thread turns into a WW story session.stories, Wasteland Warrior, storytime, Good2009-11-17 10 
6791825Tales of Manly TearsStories of manly-tear-causing events up in this here thread.stories, manly tears2009-11-21 4 
6922487Weird, funny, and downright terrifying sessions Does this even need a description? Its just awesome ,Read it.Awesome, Funny, Stories2009-11-29 4 
February 2010
8147136Most Unusual Character You've PlayedThe Fa/tg/uys discuss unusual characters; from the relatively common pixie, to a guy who rolled up stats for a rock in GURPS.Role Playing, Humor, Stories2010-02-18 1 
8248781Shit just got realStories about the moments in campaigns where shit, well, gets real. Special guest appearance by Don Jorge Antino Martin Velasco-Cabrales.stories, RPG2010-02-24 7 
March 2010
8370137239 Backstories239 character portraits with backstories about all of them.239, Backstory, Backstories, Back Story, Back Stories2010-03-03 6 
April 2010
9214028The softer side of /tg/We all share stories of things that make us bawwww like children mourning over their dog that was run over.baww, stories, sad2010-04-16 11 
May 2010
9903789Worst catastrophies/body count inflicted by PCsAnon shares their tales of the worst genocides and destructive catastrophes ever wrought by their player characters.epic, stories, rpg, roleplaying, awesome, Writefaggotry, disaster, atrocity, tpk2010-05-19 7 
10058793Schoolgirl rescuing steampunk writefaggotrySomeone posts schoolgirl in need of rescuing, steampunky writefaggotry follows.stories, writefaggotry2010-05-26 2 
August 2010
11577265: Times when the PCs did something more awesome than you planned./tg/ shares a lot of epic stories about the games we play and some of those players with a dash of awesomeStories, long, epic, awesome, brofist2010-08-10 11 
October 2010
12366631Paranormal Legends in SpaceAnon asks for a bunch of urban legends he can use for a space setting, /tg/ delivers ghost stories, songs, and win.Ghost Stories, Space,2010-10-09 5 
12443066Mary Sue ThreadStories of terrible Mary Sues and the poor players who have to suffer through them.Mary Sue, That Guy, Story, Stories2010-10-15 13 
12558680Tall Tales from all over the worldPretty much what says the title. Mainly American ones.stories fluff ideas setting gods mythology2010-10-25 0 
12611904Crazy plans that actually workedWhen plans actually go as planned.roleplay, stories, roleplaying, D&D, awesome, fuck yeah, epic gaming moments, win2010-10-30 7 
November 2010
12962795Evil Characters"/tg/, what's the most horrible and depraved thing to ever happen in an RPG you were in?"Potential Inspiration, evil, stories2010-11-30 1 
12976701DAT FUKKEN DORFMany shenanigans occur due to the nature of one quirky dwarf. Such things include destroying the ceiling of the party paladin's church, accidentally skinning a druid, and getting turkeyslapped by a bugbear.D&D, awesome, dwarf, funny, stories,2010-11-30 40 
December 2010
12995337AdEva DiscussionDiscussing Adeptus EvaAdEva, builds, stories, angels, angelic2010-12-02 1 
January 2011
13393514Social Failure."Professor asks in class what the council of Nicea was." "Its when the Emperor forbade the use of Psykers." "What?"Fail, funny, humor, derp, natural 1, Omnissiah, STORYTIEM, stories, story, RPG, Real Life, IRL, AFK, Traditional Games, Nat 202011-01-04 38 
13460254Sewing and ThrowingGood ole' fashion /tg/ discussion of sewing hobbies as it parallels and inter-relates to tabletop and LARPing. Much wisdomsew, LARP, hobby store, cool stories bro, etc.2011-01-10 5 
13660782Random EncountersA gathering of gentlemen telling stories of random and crazy shit they has happened to them, including muggings, hit and runs, and strange hobos.Random, Encounters, Awesome, stories2011-01-26 12 
13665323Tim the That GuyA contender for worst That Guy of all time pops up. Say hello to Time, part-time lesbian Cyborg engineer, full-time fuck up.Tim, That Guy, horror stories 2011-01-26 8 
13675950More Random EncountersContinuation of Random Encounters thread with things posters have inflicted on others.Random, Encounters, Awesome, stories2011-01-27 8 
February 2011
13748932Real Life Random Encounters IIIYet more Random Encounters both encountered and caused, also plague doctors.Random, Encounters, Awesome, Stories2011-02-02 11 
13801279All Teched Up With Nowhere To GoWhat starts as a simple roleplaying horror stories thread turns interesting when one of the named GMs turns up and /tg/ learns the value of Teching Up.That Guy, Freeform, shitty games, horror stories, Tech Up2011-02-06 20 
13816218Diplomatic Character StoriesMany heartwarming times are had. Also, creepy manipulative Lawful Evil characters occur.diplomacy, charisma, stories2011-02-08 1 
March 2011
14332793Rouge trader storiesStarts with a story involving Benny Hill, and Shas pops in for some story time in Commorragh Rouge trader, stories, Warhammer 40k, Commorragh 2011-03-23 5 
April 2011
14436929Players Going Off The RailsThe stories of /tg/'s players going hilariously off the DM's rails.Railroading, awesome, stories, lulz, funny2011-04-01 5 
14562668Stories from your FLGSSurprisingly, largely filled with fond tales of bro owners and great games. It's good to hear about the brighter side of LGS. We get plenty of horror stories.FLGS, stories2011-04-12 3 
14755334Tabletop 'NOPE' MomentsOP invites /tg/ to post tales from their game tables which have made them 'nope'. One tale from CoC in particular captures /tg/'s attention.Call of cthulhu, CoC, nope, scary, terrifying, story time, stories2011-04-29 10 
May 2011
14793059City Guard StoriesStories and opinions from the guard mooks in adventure game settings. You know, the ones described with a single throw-away phrase and whom you don't notice until you've killed a half-dozen of them because they caught you trying to pickpocket a noble. They don't like adventurers much.guards, adventure, stories, writing2011-05-03 44 
14891469LARP storiesLARP stories and other interesting... ummm... guys? what are you doing?LARP stories2011-05-12 0 
14953507Moving MomentsFa/tg/uys share stories of gaming sessions that drove them to tears, manly or otherwise.stories, manly tears, sadness2011-05-17 1 
15063299That AWESOME Guy/DMTired of all the That Guy/That DM threads, this was their antithesis with stories of just plain awesome teammates and DMs. Special stories include The Great Caseby, an albino troll with large testicles, and killing gods.story, storytime, stories, D&D, The Great Caseby, Call of Cthulhu, That Awesome Guy, That Awesome DM, Henderson2011-05-29 16 
June 2011
15107319Sometimes you just give it to themInstances when a DM just gives a character something/Non combat awesome storiesElfbeard, Bearded Elf, Cook Battle, Bakery, DM, Stories2011-06-01 15 
15215099Why /TG/ is awesomeIt's sort of a "greatest hits" collection of /tg/'s Crowning Moments of Awesome. Reccommended for Newbies to show them what /tg/ looks like at its best.Awesome, Win, FUCK YEAH, Manly tears, Epic Stories, Old Man Henderson2011-06-13 34 
July 2011
15555970Movie Plotline Generator"Why is this on /tg/?" you might ask. Why? Because not only are these some really bizarre and awesome film ideas, many of them, with only minor alterations, would make some DAMN cool RP character backstories as well.movies, plotlines, random generator, summaries, stories2011-07-12 7 
15702313Fantasy Racial Equality in the Modern Era/tg/ discusses (in-character) the state of race relations in a modern-day world populated by elves, dwarves, goblins, liches, dragons...the works.stories, racial tensions, race, affirmative action, goblins, elves, dwarves, dragons, liches, mind flayers2011-07-26 10 
15726305"Things I am no longer allowed to do" thread/tg/ tells us what things they have banned from doing. Leaving us to speculate the consequences of their actions./tg/ stories, speculation, skub2011-07-28 8 
August 2011
15897590/tg/ lives in spaceold spacers, engineers and pest controlers share storiesshort stories, sky filled with thunder and fire, space, sci-fi2011-08-12 12 
September 2011
16218346That Guy/That Bro ThreadOP starts a rage thread, but in the end a good time is had by all as people share stories of their 'That Guy' and 'That Bro.'army, that bro, that guy, D&D, stories2011-09-08 11 
16364474Real Life Random Encounters/tg/ share stories of random encounters meet in real life.random, encounter, real, life, stories2011-09-21 11 
16389889Caught Off GuardITT shit players said that caught you off guard and/or made you laugh out loudPlayer stories, Dungeons & Dragons, Roleplaying, GURPS, Call of Cthulhu, Warhammer 40k, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer2011-09-23 15 
16425991Yet another story threadCool stories, a temporary devolution into argument, and then more cool stories. Also Pavarotti.cool stories, bro, cool story bro, dark heresy, D&D, bear spy, pavarotti,2011-09-26 2 
16459266a thread of threadsa thread of threads many of which are entertaining stories, screencap, hamlet, catan?, bard, baculums2011-09-29 5 
October 2011
16680180/tg/'s most glorious character deathsIn which we relate some of the best PC deaths we've seen, including a Hunter calling YOU SHALL NOT PASS to clockwork minions, a Guardsman calling in Exterminatus on his own position, and a cleric of Kord who died arm-wrestling Kord himself.storytiem, D&D, Dark Heresy, Hunter, stories, deaths, glorious2011-10-20 8 
December 2011
17054066Kids in GamingFa/tg/uys exchange stories of their experiences with children and traditional gaming, both good and badawesome, daww, flgs, kids, stories2011-12-01 7 
17057731Fucked-Up FolkloreStories of creatures whose IRL tales are even more messed up than their /tg/ incarnationsmythology, stories, fucked up2011-12-01 8 
January 2012
17432135/tg/ Threads of 2011 (Greatest Hits)The glories and epic times and stories of the past year on /tg/ are celebrated as we roll in 2012.thread, screencap, DM, that guy, story, stories, epic win2012-01-06 5 
February 2012
17888118That Guy stories from mythologyAncient mythology and some Shakespeare plays re-imagined as That Guy stories.mythology, funny, humor, Shakespeare, story, stories, That Guy2012-02-11 16 
March 2012
18249865Tales of PC logicTales of Player Character logic resulting in amusing and often fatal consequences.stories, storytime, PC logic, TPK, total party kill, funny2012-03-08 5 
18320662The White WallOP wants to know how to end the story of his warrior. /tg/ obliges.writefaggotry, stories, fantasy, warrior, armor, The White Wall,2012-03-15 28 
July 2012
19918297Sad Feels from CampaignsA thread in which the saddest tales from /tg/'s tabletop games are told, including Solaria and Carna of the Inquisitionsad, feels, rpg, tabletop, tales, stories2012-07-18 14 
19951003That GroupWe all know about that guy and that DM, but what about that group?that guy, that group, that dm, horror stories2012-07-19 7 
August 2012
20260858Freeform Horror stories/tg/ discusses the horror that is freeform experiancesfreeform, freeform rp, stories2012-08-11 6 
September 2012
20666515Tales of the Harem KnightsBuilding off of a previous thread many anons donned names and stories, all of good quality at least.Teegee, harem, knight, storytime, stories, waifu, monstergirl, roleplay, writefaggotry, world building2012-09-10 22 
20674762TeeGee Harem Knights, Volume ThreeThird thread in TeeGee Harem Knights. More stories, equipment to bring to fantasy worlds, plus a bar song!Teegee, harem, knight, storytime, stories, waifu, monstergirl, roleplay, writefaggotry, world building, bar song2012-09-11 23 
20684912TeeGee Harem Knights, Volume FourFourth volume of the escapades of our TeeGee nationTeegee, harem, knight, storytime, stories, waifu, monstergirl, roleplay, writefaggotry, world building2012-09-11 16 
20698883TeeGee Harem Knights, Volume FiveWe reach the fifth thread of this amazing saga full of writefaggotry, now with an Ork invasion and a look into the Merchant Guard!TeeGee, Harem, Knights, Storytime, Stories, Waifu, Monstergirl, Writefaggotry, World Building2012-09-13 17 
November 2012
21596785Mary Sue Horror Stories/tg/ talks about Mary Sues encountered in online RPsMary Sue, horror stories2012-11-16 7 
February 2013
23372572pretending to be in emperors familywe wrote funny stories on what would happen if primarchs were our brothers primarch emperor warhammer40k warhammer 40k greentext stories story funny 2013-02-25 5 
March 2013
23870937Writing StoriesOP asks about becoming a writer and what kind of writer interests /tg/. writing, story, stories, storytelling, GMing2013-03-26 5 
May 2013
24573876Japanese and other foreign gamesDiscussion about various Japanese and other foreign games of /tg/ related nature. And some official localization input.Meikyuu Kingdom, Make You Kingdom, Golden Sky Stories, Yuyake Koyake, Night Wizard, Tenra Bansho Zero, Nechronica, Touhou Danmaku Yuugi Flowers, Maid RPG, Sword World, Ryuutama, Red Dragon, Record of Lodoss War, Double Cross, Shinobigami, Japanese gaming, Japanese TRPGs2013-05-06 10 
25064626That Guy vs. YahwehWhat starts as a That Guy/That GM thread turns hilarious when one Guy, who doesn't know what 'omnipotent' means, tries to fight god.That Guy, epic, story, stories, storytime, awesome, /tg/, omnipotence2013-05-28 52 
June 2013
25731506Paranormal ExperiencesHorror inspiration thread full of stories.Scary Stories, Horror, /x/, Paranormal2013-06-30 12 
July 2013
25850439The tale of HydraAlphone Kapwon brings another tale of bad roleplay, bad GMs and magnificent bastardy. All with the help of a fat, ugly industrialist.storytime, Alphonse, freeform, stories, science, industry, magnificent bastard2013-07-06 22 
25884110D&D Retarded Stories Stories relating to the experiences of D&D and Pathfinder players and DM/GM's Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, stories thread, stories2013-07-10 5 
26179955Stories of the board/tg/ comes forth with many new stories. Of course it's gonna get archived!story, stories, Undead, Necromancy, necromancer, storytime, DnD, 40k, Dark Heresy2013-07-23 5 
August 2013
26381702Harpy demands stories/tg/ provides anecdotes, rhymes and art.Harpy demands stories, rhymes, harpies, harpy chicks, lesbians2013-08-02 3 
December 2013
28617703Times your group has had to end for the nightTimes a campaign has had to restart, be rewritten, or put on hold because of silly bullshit players pull. Also a small bit of advice on worldbuilding.DM, GM, DMing, GMing, worldbuilding, story, stories, storytime, PC, GMPC, DMPC, bard, paladin, seduction, cancer, Elder evil, EE, BBEG2013-12-02 5 
28826254Weird RollsAnother one of those threads full of hilarious storiesrolls,D&D,stories2013-12-13 7 
March 2014
31058461This goddamn moment from a game you can't forgetMemorable moments that define tabletop gaming. Crit successes that shatter the plot, crit fails that cause TPKs on the first enemy encountered, everything's here.Story, storytime, stories, nat 20, natural 20, DnD, D&D, 3.5, 4, Crit, Crit fail, fail, awesome, epic2014-03-26 10 
April 2014
31230485On the divinity of the God EmperorSome guy asks for in-universe arguments for proof of the Emperor's divinity. He gets what he asked for, along with pasta, slight storytime, and DMing advice40k, Emperor, Emps, Emprah, funny, story, storytime, stories, pasta, copypasta, fuck witches, DM, GM, DH, that guy, argument, arguing, theology2014-04-03 5 
May 2014
32075160HorrorworldOP posts the beginning of a story in which the Old Ones return bringing with them all humanity's fears then requests contributions. What follows is absolute nightmare fuel and spiders. Lots of spiders.Horrorworld, stories, story, worldbuilding, Old Ones, spiders, 2014-05-13 16 
August 2014
34162691Tabletop Rage storiesOP:Has a game ever gotten so heated that people were shouting at each other? Or so heated that someone quit/stopped coming? stories, rage, drama, Ragequit, storytime2014-08-16 0 
February 2015
38070862IRL Random Encounter Stories/tg/ has a discussion about being and having random enounters IRL, devolves to general storiesstories, Real Life2015-02-18 5 
July 2015
41519516Real Life Random Encounters ThreadAs title describes.Encounter, IRL, Random, Real, Life, Stories, Story2015-07-31 8 
August 2015
41910800Native ContinentAnon makes thread about native american flavored fantasy. Native Americans give input.lore, world building, stories, history, native americans, incas, aztec, lakota, iroquois,2015-08-18 6 
41729483Of Folklore Monsters and Other TalesIn which /tg/ discusses the existence, knowledge and lore of various monsters, fae, night creatures, boogeymen and other urban story beings.Encounter, Fluff, Folklore, IRL, Random, Spooky, Stories, Story2015-08-19 5 
February 2016
45146238Pirates of the Caribbean as an RPG CampaignA few writefags re-invent various scenes from the Pirates of the Caribbean as the antics of group of RPG players.Writefag, stories, Pirates, Pirates of the Caribbean, story, what if2016-02-02 57 
April 2016
46903744Pentecost and the Last CrusadersAnon asks /tg/ for their best results on random tables, like space bats that can carry Baneblades or the nicest heretics ever./tg/ 40000, Last Crusaders, Pentecost, Aurum Space Bats, Rogue Trader, Space Marines, Dice Stories2016-04-26 2 
July 2016
48155358Stories about a city and villageA picture and a request for backstories are posted. /tg/ delivers awesomely.city, village, worldbuilding, stories, setting,2016-07-09 2 
October 2016
49998783Post-Apocalyptic Myths, Tall Tales and Urban LegendsSome time after the End, a group of weary scavengers gather around a campfire to share stories, tall tales and urban legends.Post Apocalyptic, stories, setting, worldbuilding, fallout, creepy, storytime, urban legends, tall tales, myths, lies,2016-10-29 22 
December 2017
56776110Meanwhile on Dragon /tg/Draganon gets advice on what to get his brother for his 1250th birthday. Other draganons give advice and swap storiesDragons, war stories2017-12-06 10 
September 2021
4974827Body Horror Quest, Thrombolysis Intermission Eldritch QM Bhop returns after a 1 year hiatus to provide side stories and Succor of both comfort and horror in this Intervening thread. Body Horror Quest, bhop, Body Horror, Female MC, Gore, Horror, Intermission, side-stories, slice of life2021-09-15 11 
February 2022
5125916Body Horror Quest, Intermezzo IntermissionAn interlude thread featuring: An honorable Bumblebee, A titanic thunderbird, a Socratic sage, a living battleship, and a simple woman.Body Horror Quest, bhop, BHOP, Body Horror, Female MC, Gore, intermission, interlude, side stories, slice-of-life, Yamato, birbs2022-02-09 5 
July 2022
5328857Body Horror Quest, 53rd Vein Amara goes full Anime in a sword duel, Shu begins to raise an army of Tenno Warframes, and powerful factions/people are stirring the pot.Body Horror Quest, bhop, BHOP, Body Horror, Female MC, Gore, level-up, duel, Amara, side stories, lots of side stories2022-07-28 6 
May 2024
5993366Jacob’s Ladder QuestAtticus dies of a mysterious illness and finds himself on a dirt path surrounded by nothing. Storytelling and bonding with strangers ensues.Oneshot, afterlife, mystery, short stories, nature.2024-05-29 1 
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