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October 2007
750189Flaw: Must Use Opponent's weaponA character can only use the weapon of his most recently slain opponent, and his GM is getting tricksey.character, flaw, d202007-10-30 8 
December 2007
909448Hilariously Annoying CharactersA player with a new, hideously awful DM asks for advice on characters hellbent on derailing his awful plot.epic, character creation2007-12-18 1 
April 2008
1589262Sir Lucius Maximillian Rhadamanthus Cloverfield IIITouhoufag's terribly awesome half-iron dragon anthropomorphic baleen whale gestalt character gets illustraded [sic] by a drawfag.character concept, anthropomorphic baleen whale, drawfag2008-04-23 2 
May 2008
1807045Share your storya thread concerning the worst character concepts you have -ever- seen in a tabletop game.stories, mary sue, characters2008-05-25 8 
June 2008
2008745ITT Your first character/tg/ Talks about the characters they first rolled. Featuring RAGEMAGE!Characters, Tabletop Games2008-06-17 4 
2026574tl;dr Repressed Gay Hardcore Christian Vampire DuoAn attempt to start a shitstorm turns into... creative collaboration? Starring Train-Lovin' Harry and Father Reinholdt. No fanfics here, thank god.wod, thread hijack, vtm, character concepts2008-06-19 4 
July 2008
2135370Insane Villain QuirksUseful traits for your next crazy BBEGBBEG, Villain, Character, Evil2008-07-03 6 
2225740OscarOscar the stoner upstages godmoding freeform rpers by getting high.freeform, stoner, awesome character2008-07-17 38 
September 2008
2561785Weapon MythsGeneric association between weapons and character types.weapon, character2008-09-14 0 
October 2008
2811761How to Make a Good CharacterAnon posts 10 tips to avoid making a shitty roleplaying character. More advice is added, and wisdom is dispensed. Something most fa/tg/uys should read.advice, how to make a good character, 10 tips2008-10-16 6 
2859899Best Spirit of the Century Characters/tg/ posts its best Spirit of the Century characters.SotC, characters2008-10-23 9 
April 2009
4283775You Don't Fuck With McDuck!An awesome thread which asks whether it is safer to loot the treasure hoard of an ancient Red Dragon, or the Money Bin of Scrooge McDuck. Scrooge is the overwhelming victor and quickly proves himself one of the most terrifying characters ever created. A fun, inventive thread which proves a rewarding read.Scrooge, McDuck, Disney, Treasure, Characters, Creative, Dragons2009-04-15 65 
June 2009
4749450Character MotivationsWhy characters go forth boldly.character motivations2009-06-03 12 
September 2009
5892848Changeling ConceptsIncludes details on how to run Little Red Riding Hood and The Perfect Maid.Changeling, nWoD, Character Concepts2009-09-17 1 
5904718Original character dump/tg/ attempts to grade horrible original characters. Rage ensues.rage,furry,original character2009-09-18 11 
December 2009
6948430The Birth of Vocks Castor, Agent of the ImperiumA simple typo in someone's IG army query leads to the creation of a new intstrument of the God-Emperor's will. 40k, Homebrew, Warhammer 40k, James Bond, character, writefaggotry2009-12-01 20 
March 2010
8354904Lawful Good Thri-Kreen MonkSneaking Kamen Rider into a D&D campaign you say?D&D, characters2010-03-02 6 
8400276mary sue generator EXTREME editionA mary sue generator table is made for lulz. Ends up in /tg/ realizing how awesome mary sue concepts can be.mary sue, table, character2010-03-04 3 
8423734The /tg/ character armyTemplate-based character drawing leads to a compilation of most extraordinary folk.drawthread, characters2010-03-06 11 
8434764The /tg/ character army/tg/ are very creative. So creative that we need a second thread for our template-based character drawing. This time with correct tags!drawthread, characters2010-03-06 11 
8436945The /tg/ character army, Part 3/tg/ are very, very creative. A third thread of template-based character drawing, and a compilation which has turned into Where's Wally.drawthread, characters2010-03-06 5 
8768815The joys of multiclassing.In the wake of a previous thread's Final Fantasy Class-rolling mayhem, /tg/ tackles random class hybrids. The strange and awesome ideas quickly take form.Character Classes, Multiclassing, Originality, Final Fantasy2010-03-25 2 
April 2010
9233346Teddy Roosevelt, President of /tg/, player characterMuch TR loev, much big stick, much assigning of powers. Teddy has them all.player characters, Teddy Roosevelt, Teddy, TR, powergaming2010-04-17 3 
9314617The adventures of Vocks Castor, Hero of the ImperiumMore writefaggotry of Vocks Castor, hero of the Imperium.40k, Warhammer 40k, James Bond, character, writefaggotry, Vocks Castor2010-04-20 0 
9431051Pokemon Tabletop Adventures: BuildsPeople post a few builds and character ideas, stark shows up to answer some questions, the tread lasts for 2 more days, and stark answers even more questions. Pokemon, long thread, Stark, PTA, character builds2010-04-27 5 
May 2010
9632490Three hundred and sixty degrees of punch!Begins as thread about stupid player decisions and statements. Offhand comment quickly gives rise to Ball of Arms Man, many-handed hero of the hour!roleplaying, Roleplay, characters, puns2010-05-05 60 
10182111Sweeney the Wizard. His penis is bears.His penis is bears. He needs no description.Penis, Bears, Create a race, create a character2010-05-31 30 
June 2010
10581553Let's make a FATAL character by hand!What started as a simple download request for FATAL ended up with one crazy fa/tg/uy taking on a challenge to make a FATAL character by hand.FATAL, character, stupidity, 2010-06-19 14 
September 2010
11950118Mister Bombardini & Soapbox It all started about soapbox dm's. Then about religion. AND THEN about an awesome Vampire: the Masquerade character: Mister Bombardini. character, Gming, Awesome, Religion2010-09-05 32 
October 2010
12365375How the Good get away with MurderSome anon details a game in which one player is betrayed, then turns the tables on the rest of the party.character, that guy, game2010-10-08 15 
12373973Just another Joke character threadJoke character thread begins with a golden oldie, Ball of Arms Man. Then come the puns. Then comes Mecha Moussolini, a gay orc, and a very dainty Shadowrun troll.Joke character, D&D, Shadowrun, 2010-10-09 7 
12388781How the Good get away with Murder part IISome anon details a game in which one player is betrayed, then turns the tables on the rest of the party, Part II. character, that guy, game2010-10-10 11 
12476287Make a Character - Albrecht Ironpiston/tg/ makes a character. The end result is INDESCRIBABLE MANLINESS in gnomish form.character, gnome, trike, rabbits, manliness2010-10-17 3 
12505945How the Good get away with Murder part IIIThe continuing adventures of the Disarmed Policeman, now with Gypsy mystics!character, that guy, game2010-10-20 9 
12548234PC ProblemsOP asks what problems /tg/s PCs are currently facing. Rampant Grimdark, Alcoholism and well done character flaws ensue.PC, Problems, Flaws, Well-built character2010-10-25 2 
November 2010
12648340/tg/ Chooses a PartyOP "ribbonfag" asks /tg/ who they would choose to bring along on an adventure from 32 different personas. /tg/ responds with great scenarios and ideas. Third or fourth variation on threads with similar premises.character, characters, OC, ideas2010-11-02 1 
12678646Characters you're not allowed to playIncludes such glorious examples such as: -Gustav Schlemiel, Holocaust-denying Rabbi -The science love-child of Hitler and Elvis -Matthew "Diddler" Collins, Gentleman Rapist -Silktooth the exotic dancer Orc -Mecha-Ghandi Characters you're not allowed to play2010-11-04 3 
12692497Trustworthy? 32-40Ribbonfag asks /tg/'s opinion of eight more.Trustworthy, DM help, characters, portraits, ribbonfag, first impressions2010-11-06 1 
12705931How the Good get away with Murder part IVThe continuing adventures of the Disarmed Policeman, now with taking "that girl" to meet the family!character, that guy, game2010-11-07 11 
12715731Lego character requestsWhat seems to be a normal character draw thread is turned upside down when the namefag uses only legos! A must seelego, character, build thread2010-11-08 2 
12788659How the Good get away with Murder part VThe continuing misadventures of the Disarmed Policeman, now with tears and awkward positions!character, that guy, game2010-11-14 10 
12791286/tg/'s Mary Sue/tg/ plays a game to make the greatest Sue of them all, Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way. Lols are had by all.Awesome, Mary Sue, character2010-11-14 34 
12785312Jester ThreadA discussion of Jesters are archetypes, player character, historical figures, and also as a reoccurring figure in media. Filled with historical anecdotes and tons of Harley Quin pictures.D&D, 3.5, jester, fool, harlequin, Harley Quin, fluff, story, funny, roleplay, character, discussion, character, history, anecdote2010-11-15 7 
12799478ShadowrunShadowrun fans swap epic campaign stories, character building tips, opinions on game mechanics and fanart.Shadowrun, discussion, adventure, character2010-11-19 0 
12871761How the Good get away with Murder part VIThe continuing misadventures of the Disarmed Policeman, now with farewells and explanations!character, that guy, game2010-11-21 8 
12952316How the Good get away with Murder part VIIA recap on the misadventures of the Disarmed Policeman, looking back to the days of the Outsider!character, that guy, game2010-11-28 6 
12957998/tg/ Character CreationOP finds an old character history creation kit. The results are epic.Central Casting Character Timmy2010-11-28 3 
December 2010
13043740RPG Character ConceptsOP: If you post in this thread, I shall assign you a character concept that you must use the next time the chance arises, even though you don't want to.RP, Name, concept, character, DnD, Dark Heresy, WoD, Halfling, Gnome, Squat2010-12-06 4 
13046371Net Quest: Character CreationVincent Price, Vaccine of the Cyber World Black OG: Check Pokemon Trainer: Check Boxy Brown as your starter Virus: Check LETS DO THISNet Quest, Collective Game, Quest, Character Creation, Pimp2010-12-06 1 
13339292d12 Eberron Character CreationOP let's /tg/ have a go at his homebrew system for making deep Eberron characters using only d12s. Everyone worries about the safety of Wera d'Kundarak fortune.Character generation, d12, Character, Homebrew2010-12-30 0 
January 2011
13488330Cartoon VoicesThe thread begins with the king of the hill cast explaining their days in the 40k universe staying remarkably true to character, it goes on to various famous cartoon videogame, tv, and movie characters doing likewise, including adaptations of many Disney songs.Cartoon in my voice quotes 40k tv videogames movies characters songs singing2011-01-12 20 
13498848Burning Wheel Character Creation/tg/ creates a Burning Wheel character.character creation, orc, Burning Wheel2011-01-13 4 
13510804Burning Wheel Character TestOP demonstrates the Burning Wheel system with our previously created character, Dianatra the scary orc lady.Burning Wheel, orc, character creation2011-01-14 0 
13532693Why would you want to be evil?TG at its most philosophical. Quite interesting.alignment, character, awesome, RPG2011-01-16 1 
13649241Lone wolfs threadWhy we hate lone wolf player and how to play one without pissing off otherscharacter, players, lone wolfs 2011-01-26 3 
April 2011
14583019All Hail Lord InglipThe Mighty Lord Inglip has blessed us with his divine texts, and using these great scraps of knowledge we will shape the new world. -The cultists of Lord Inglip gather for a thread full of captcha derived intelligence, imagination and at times downright insanity.Collective game, Setting, Captcha, Lord Inglip, Cult, Characters, roleplay, group, 2011-04-14 13 
14594217Stat LeechOP describes a character encountered in his game, with the horrific ability to absorb others' stat levels.character, game, what do, stats, 3.5, girl, DM, Pun Pun, overpowered2011-04-15 4 
14650603What has your character written in their journal lately?Thread with journal entries for their tableto characters.Tabletop, character development2011-04-20 1 
May 2011
14890671Random Class Refluffs!Hilarity ensues as the Internet Haet Machine(and a writefag or two) refluffs non-sensical Random Class combinations. Good for a laugh or two.Stupid, refluff, haberdasher, character creation, lollercoaster, internet hate machine, writefaggotry2011-05-12 1 
14900640Biblical ShadowrunReligious Shadowrun character in progress. Awaiting consultation and collaboration with GM to produce game of biblical proportions.Shadowrun, Bible, character2011-05-12 6 
14904359Playas and Characters/TG/ comes up with the concept for a new semi-meta roleplaying game: Playas and Characters, where RPGs have taken over the streets, and become the new basis for gangsta culture. It quickly degenerates into rap.Playas and Characters, rap2011-05-13 3 
14996544Character ArchtypesOP asks for Character archtypes, and perhaps gets more than he was bargaining forcopypasta, characters, humour, humor2011-05-21 2 
June 2011
15329618Don Senor El Dracon de la RosaDon Senor El Dracon de la Rosa the Dragonborn Battle-Flamenco Bard and his rivals, nemeses and love interest are born. /tg/ collectively dances the dance of death.flamenco, tango, dragonborn, Don Senor El Dracon de la Rosa, character, awesome, bard2011-06-20 23 
15391375Six millions gp feyHow to make an awesome character from nothing.character fey artificer2011-06-26 10 
15406346Best Revenge: Living WellA mad scientest wronged by Mary Sues seeks vengeance by being heroic.Forum, roleplay, character2011-06-28 26 
July 2011
15498516/tg/ rolls up a F.A.T.A.L. character/tg/ collectively rolls up a F.A.T.A.L. character. Horror and perverted hilarity ensue.F.A.T.A.L., funny, character creation, the horror, kobold2011-07-07 13 
15524708Thron Arskicker/tg/ COOPERATIVELY BUILDS A CHARACTER, FUCK (ALSO A SETTING I GUESS)character, setting, D&D, fuck yeah2011-07-09 14 
August 2011
15819495BroQuest Dev General technically BroQuest 2: The Sequel to the Game Never Made. um... yeah. vidya game design in my /tg/? more likely then I thought.broquest, draw, quest, kinda, mspaint art, oh god the character achetypes.2011-08-05 11 
16029771Forgotten CharactersOP gets fa/tg/uys to tell of their first character...if they can remember, that is.characters, roleplaying, first, awesome, sad, baww2011-08-23 12 
December 2011
17084727Atlantasia presents: Spider, Dwarf of SteelA noble Anon takes it upon himself to complete Atlantasia character creation, and have a single random encounter. Rants about boots, time, and pincushony death at a quarter mile ensue.Character, game design, fail, atlantasia2011-12-03 14 
17257411Organ Construct BardSomeone posts that their bard became augmented by a group artificer and is now part organ, discussion about a necrobard followed and many good ideas were shared.Bard, character, Necromancer, artificer, game ideas, villain, dirge, music, funny, D&D, construct2011-12-18 6 
February 2012
18015384ITT: things on character sheets you have witnessed/tg/ has seen many weird things on charsheets. This is their stories. Awesome, lulzy and weird descriptions ensuelulz, character sheets, weird, descriptions2012-02-20 7 
March 2012
18166379Cyberpunk character generatorEasy way to roll up a character concept for a Cyberpunk themed game.Character generator, cyberpunk, d202012-03-03 7 
April 2012
18807387Mechwarrior 3rd edition character buildingCharacter Making Guy makes a character for MW3. He might be a hillbilly ninja.Mechwarrior, Battletech, Character, Hillbilly2012-04-22 5 
June 2012
19671858Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Savageness: Thread 2With the basics of character creation done, Minifig now works on specific animals. Suggestions are made, things are refined, alliances are forged.RPG, rpg, Palladium, Savage Worlds, TMNT, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, homebrew, SW, /tg/ gets shit done, shit gets done, win, character creation, mutants, cordova is awesome2012-06-30 2 
August 2012
20377838Mary Sue the RPG/tg/ is presented with a request for Mary Sue art. RPG PDF for playing sues is in the works.Homebrew, Mary Sue, Character Art2012-08-19 6 
September 2012
20685312/tg/ makes a character sheetMaking a system for said sheets, however, may prove impossible.RPG, characters, sheets, hats, fucking MAGNETS, anal circumference 2012-09-11 11 
October 2012
20931788Hive-Minds and BEESThread about hive-minds quickly becomes awesome when people who actually know about bees show up.hive-minds, robots, roleplay, characters, bees ,BEES, NOT THE BEES, THEY'RE IN MY EYES, THEY'RE IN MY MOUTH, AAAAAUGH2012-10-02 18 
20953314Knigger KnightsDayum son, lookit these knights!character, funny2012-10-02 171 
21020972/tg/ Makes Another Fatal CharacterOP downloaded a copy of FATAL. He ended up making a woman-hating female troll with an 8 inch tongue and a strange way of kidnapping children.FATAL, Anal Circumference, Character, Feminists, Vagina2012-10-07 8 
21024942Another FATAL character, pt.2Continuation of the earlier threadFATAL, Anal Circumference, Character, Feminists, Vagina2012-10-07 7 
21340000The Cost of the CrownA cunning, upcoming young Heir apparent talks through political intruige and how to deal with the other PCs. As more is revealed, the rabbit hole goes deeper than expectedCost of the Crown, King, Evil character, dickery, Planning, Destiny, doomed hero2012-10-29 14 
November 2012
21671657A fun, yet playable sheet (Fedora Masters)OP uploads a blank character sheet, which is quickly filled in by anon. Hilarity abounds.system, creation, character sheet, rpg, Fedora Masters 2012-11-21 14 
January 2013
22678115That Guy ThreadAdorable lamia clerics of the sun, exploding droids, dumbass barbarians, and more!That Guy Thread, guy, that,story time, story, time, characters, game, lamia, barbarian, star wars, droid2013-01-20 8 
22702307robot girl characterizationWhat makes a robot girl a good character?robot girl clang_glang character GitS 2013-01-21 12 
February 2013
23165116Return To AtlantasiaIt's been slightly over a year since the last time we looked at this train wreck and once more we make a Character for the system.Game Design, Fail, Character Creation, Realms of Atlantasia, Atlantasia2013-02-15 6 
23288749Supernatural Quest 0We make former soldier Albert C. Holici and learn that spades are God's gift to infantrymen.Collective Game, Supernatural Quest, Spades, Character Gen2013-02-21 7 
March 2013
23580608Metal Gear Name Generator Part DeuxContinuation of the Metal Gear Name Generation, with a improved generator and the awesomeness of WIZARD BEAR!Metal Gear, generator, name generator, characters, awesome2013-03-08 7 
23679659On Childhood, Death, and WarhammerAn eleven-year-old girl joins her big brother's Warhammer Fantasy game, his character being a childhood hero of hers. In her first session, a single botched roll leads to both killing her brother's character and her own death as a result; she leaves the table crying. /tg/ has it out.Discussion, WFRP, Warhammer, Warhammer Fantasy, GM, death, girl, PC, player character2013-03-14 49 
May 2013
24604445A Difficult Dilemma A tale of 2 anons whose characters struggle to reconnect & escape a slave-owning mining settlement w/ an ugly secret.character, roleplay, storytime, 4e, advice, oh god why, DnD2013-05-04 6 
June 2013
25224953Most insane thing your party ever did/tg/ remembers the most batshit crazy things they've ever pulled in a gamestorytime, character, epic gaming moments, awesome, drow, 3.5, Exalted, Paladin2013-06-04 6 
July 2013
26247002Character Ideas. With a Twist!One person comes up with a Character Idea, The next supplies the twist. Several good ideas emergeCharacter, twist, background, idea,2013-07-26 6 
August 2013
26468972Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Savageness: Thread 3Minifig finally gets off his fanny and finishes off the conversion, then gives a storytime.RPG, rpg, Palladium, Savage Worlds, TMNT, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, homebrew, SW, /tg/ gets shit done, shit gets done, win, character creation, mutants, Savage Worlds2013-08-06 0 
September 2013
27344108Eclipse Phase: Captain SilkbeardOne anon walks us through Eclipse Phases' life path character creation system. Dutch spider-pirates ensue.character cretion, eclipse phase, sci fi, spiders, lulz, lol, awesome, holland, knitting, weed, whores2013-09-21 13 
27380539Eclipse Phase And The Infinite Sadness/tg/ plays around with the Eclipse Phase lifepath chargen system again. Sadface The Turksquid ensues.why, feels, eclipse phase, sci fi, chargen, awesome, characters, rolling2013-09-23 24 
October 2013
27779822Unboxing EorisBeggins with a simple unboxing and then it spi- OH SHIT. Someone actually bought Eoris.eoris, unboxing, begginings, complicated character sheets, why2013-10-17 11 
February 2014
30389899Warforged StorytimeFeaturing Tim and Jim the Warforged brothers, Lichforged, Nanoforged, the 3/4ths golem, the Iron Giant, and an obscenely corny yet somehow endearing story of friendship and slapping death's shit, among other things.story, time, storytime, warforged, Pinocchio, lichforged, nanoforged, nanohaforged, 3/4ths golem, FRIENDSHIP, Iron Giant, character concepts2014-02-22 9 
April 2014
31236570Major Tom to Ground Control: SO MANY FUCKING STARSAnonymous' DM has given him permission to play a skeleton in a spacesuit who, after spending centuries adrift in the void with only bad radio broadcasts and the voices in his skull for company, crash lands in the middle of a fantasy campaign. Of course, /tg/ is delighted and brainstorming ensues.SPACE, skeleton, astronaut, cosmonaut, funny, joke character, fantasy, character creation, brainstorming, fantasy, music, 2014-04-03 67 
31246243Major Tom part 2Anonymous' DM has given him permission to play a skeleton in a spacesuit who, after spending centuries adrift in the void with only bad radio broadcasts and the voices in his skull for company, crash lands in the middle of a fantasy campaign. Of course, /tg/ is delighted and brainstorming ensues. Continued from the first thread.SPACE, skeleton, astronaut, cosmonaut, funny, joke character, fantasy, character creation, brainstorming, fantasy, music, 2014-04-04 32 
31282599Major Tom Part 3Anonymous' DM has given him permission to play a skeleton in a spacesuit who, after spending centuries adrift in the void with only bad radio broadcasts and the voices in his skull for company, crash lands in the middle of a fantasy campaign. OP returns to tell us what transpired during the first session. More brainstorming is being had.Major Tom ,SPACE, skeleton, astronaut, cosmonaut, funny, joke character, fantasy, character creation, brainstorming, fantasy, music, 2014-04-06 33 
31513372Succubus familiar for female characterHaving a succubus familiar is perfectly okay if your character is female, right /tg/?succubus familiar, succubus, succubi, familiar, familiars, female character, female characters, yuri, angels and demons, angel, angels, demon, demons, D&D, alignment, anime2014-04-16 5 
August 2014
33997921Chevalier Quest 1 (pilot)A fully illustrates shonen manga themed quest, as the OP put it. In this thread, we create our character, who ends up being a 13-year-old female knight with slutty armor and mind control magic.Chevalier Quest, Shounen Manga Quest, Character Generation, Lily Aegis, Collective Game, drawquest2014-08-09 1 
September 2014
34711005Background Character Quest In which we get no harems, nor do we get to pilot any giant fighting robots. This is the life of a background character. Background Character Quest, Collective Game2014-09-08 34 
34808571Background Character Quest #2Daniel tests Claire's powers. Omelettes may have been made. Backrubs may have been given.Collective Game, Background, Character, Quest2014-09-12 16 
34815676Background Character Quest 2 part 2We experiment with Claire some more and watch her misuse her powers.Background Character Quest, Collective Game2014-09-13 17 
34870472Background Character Quest 3We talk to our councilor and surprise our mother with our heterosexuality. Background Character Quest, Collective Game2014-09-15 15 
34880991Background Character Quest 3 part 2We get taken hostage and then talk to a lonely girl.Background Character Quest, Collective Game2014-09-15 18 
34926290Background Character Quest 4We experiment with Claire and Mia. First with their powers, then with each other.Background Character Quest, Collective Game2014-09-17 16 
34946722Background Character Quest Episode 5Pizzas, iced lemonade and exercise gear. Time to get /fit/Background Character Quest, Collective Game2014-09-18 20 
35011641Background Character Quest Episode 6A confrontation with a cat in the showerBackground Character Quest, Collective Game2014-09-21 12 
35019029Background Character Quest Episode 6 part 2Gender bendin' fun but then we goofBackground Character Quest, Collective Game2014-09-21 11 
35063369Background Character Quest Episode 7We make up with our sister and then git sum fuk.Collective Game, Background Character Quest2014-09-24 14 
35105398Background Character Quest Episode 8Hanging out with Mia and Claire, visiting Rosa in the hospital, meeting with Mia's mom and creep of a step-dad. Then Erica loses all of her stuff. ALL OF IT.Collective Game, Background Character Quest2014-09-25 13 
35148594Background Character Quest 9In which Mia is cuddledBackground Character Quest, Collective Game2014-09-28 13 
35156647 Background Character Quest studybreak and shyt Background Character Quest Collective Game2014-09-28 11 
35215035Background Character Quest 10we continue to get /fit/ and experiment more with gender-bending.Collective Game, Background Character Quest2014-09-30 7 
35220848Background Character Quest 10 part 2A talk with sis and getting pranked at school.Collective Game, Background Character Quest2014-09-30 11 
October 2014
35298895Modern FantasyWhat starts of as dating advice for dating a Dhampir quickly becomes a series of in character discussions about fantastical people living in a mundane world, from Wizard debates on ethical practice to debates on fae dickery and racial bigotry its a weird thread, even for /tg/.Modern, Fantasy, In Character, Storytime2014-10-06 1 
35340544Background Character Quest Episode 11Where things happenBackground Character Quest, Collective Game2014-10-06 7 
35346574Background Character Quest Episode 11 2We gargle paint and die, but not reallyBackground Character Quest, Collective Game2014-10-07 8 
35364111Background Character Quest Episode 12We wake up in a hospital.Background Character Quest, Collective Game2014-10-08 11 
35498987Background Character Quest Episode 13The girls get fitted for the dance and hang out at the house.Background Character Quest, Collective Game2014-10-14 7 
35561609Background Character Quest Episode 14We deal with Mia's mother being hospitalized.Background Character Quest, Collective Game2014-10-17 6 
35582860Background Character Quest Episode 15We lewd it up with Rosa and Claire, then go visit Mia at the hospital.Background Character Quest, Collective Game2014-10-18 6 
35724999 Background Character Quest Episode 16In which we therapise the therapist, things get better slightly and we have some family bondingBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-10-25 10 
35746998Background Character Quest Episode 17We git some fug, then attend on the richBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-10-26 6 
35756056Background Character Quest Episode 17.2We have some rich people fun with Rosa.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-10-26 7 
35790035Background Character Quest Episode 18In which we partake in a delightful meal of Christmas KeikiBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-10-28 6 
35830178Background Character Quest Episode 19"Til it Hertz" Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-10-29 10 
35850393Young Monster quest 0A monster is born, a demon to be precise.Collective Game, Young Monster Quest, The Headmaster, Monster, quest, character creation, Demon2014-10-30 11 
35859615Young Monster quest 1In which Razsezsunael feeds a cultist to a monster in a pond, and loots a good deal of things. actually it mostly just loots things in this thread, not much else happens. short thread to QM feeling to shit to write Collective Game, Young Monster Quest, The Headmaster, Monster, quest, character creation, Demon2014-10-31 7 
35864849Tiji Sector Project, Polities and Places of Sub-Sector AForeverGM makes a T5 character waiting for /tg/ anons to join the discussion.Traveller, sector, tiji sector, homebrew, design, Mongoose, Classic, T5, character creation2014-10-31 2 
November 2014
35889539Spooky Scary Skeleton PCOp is playing a secretly a skeleton in 5e, /tg/ delivers ideas and other spoopy thingsskeletons, 5e, character concept2014-11-01 7 
35933728Background Character Quest Episode 20Where it's all Marie all the timeBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-11-03 6 
35939259Background Character Quest Episode 20 Part 2In which Mia a cuteBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-11-03 7 
35992698Background Character Quest Episode 21We talk about being a husbando, make rich people nooky and romance the artistBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-11-06 7 
36022362Letters from Gri'goriThe thread where the concept of Drow refugees as Eastern European immigrants is bandied about. drow. D&D, characters. funny, spiders2014-11-08 45 
36034300Background Character Quest Episode 22In which we lewd, fight a monster and Claire is an assholeBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-11-08 7 
36055151Background Character Quest Episode 23In which we are butthurt, but we get over it, mostlyBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-11-09 7 
36096439Background Character Quest Episode 24In which we help Claire's father deal with welfare workers.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-11-11 7 
36157167Background Character Quest Episode 25Reveals, TWEESTS. Maybe actual plot happens? Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-11-14 10 
36220192Unfortunate Magic Girl Quest 0: The unfortunate last Magical girl Elizabeth Walters, an ordinary if lazy highschool student is woken up by a foul mouthed goblin, and forced into becoming a magical girl, the only one, apparently, as all the others have joined the side of chaos. Uh ohCollective Game, Unfortunate Magical girl quest, Magical girl, Quest, Character Creation, The Headmaster, 2014-11-17 14 
36324678Background Character Quest Episode 26We take the girls to the ball.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-11-22 7 
36425749 Background Character Quest Episode 27In which Mia is happy and Claire deals with some shitBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-11-27 7 
December 2014
36562398Background Character Quest Episode 28We pitch Mike's robots to the MishonesBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-12-05 10 
36619878Background Character Quest Episode 29In which we are hungover, have some group therapy and Mia goes missingBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game 2014-12-07 10 
36640880Background Character Quest Episode 30We become a big dick hero guy and have some family shenanigansBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-12-08 7 
36814923Background Character Quest Episode 31In which it's Mia time, and then other stuff happens.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-12-17 10 
36853378 Background Character Quest Episode 32Action! Excitement! Jailbreak! Reveals! And all in time for ChristmasBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-12-19 9 
37082891Background Character Quest Episode 33We finally find out who M is and celebrate Christmas with the girls. Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2014-12-31 8 
January 2015
37173534Adjective DungeonA new puzzle dungeon crawler where your heroic characters can include prostitutes, livestock, fresh fruit, snowmen, babies, quadruple amputees, racist caricatures, and much more. Instead of stats your characters have random adjectives assigned to them, and instead of monsters, your party has to accomplish bizarre, menial, and seemingly easy tasks.game ideas, character creation, game, game design, Adjective Quest2015-01-05 1 
37197213Background Character Quest Episode 34We buy and hand out late christmas presents to everyone.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-01-06 6 
37235591/tg/ designs a female characterOP starts designing a female character on-the-fly. Unsurprisingly, the girl immediately turns into a terrifying, indescribable monster, and /tg/ starts worshiping it as a god.Nytrolid, character, Monster2015-01-08 0 
37240406Background Character Quest Episode 35Operation Rescue Eri.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-01-08 11 
37349841Background Character Quest Episode 36Hanging out with Eri and invisibility fun.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-01-14 11 
37525746Background Character Quest Episode 37Salvage rights and Blackjack.Background Character Quest, Collective Game2015-01-21 12 
37610330Background Character Quest Episode 38We wimp out of action, go make some Eri loving and backstory awayBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-01-25 11 
37590645Realms of Atlantasia: RebirthTwo years after the revisiting of the realms of atlantasia, and four years after the original discovery, /tg/ once again makes a character in this shitty game.Atlantasia, Realms of Atlantasia, Fail, Character Generation, Char gen2015-01-27 3 
February 2015
37770249 Background Character Quest Episode 39We #stopthebullying congratulate our brother, then get actual backstoryBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-02-01 11 
37923742Background Character Quest Episode 40Fitness, lewds, uni and flamers, a typical Backgrounf Character EpisodeBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-02-09 8 
38149059Background Character Quest Episode 41Banana hammocks and near-death experiences.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-02-19 11 
38196535Historical Personalities>What is /tg/'s favourite lesser-known historical settings/facts/personalities?History, Historical, personalities, characters2015-02-22 4 
38328610Background Character Quest 42Visiting crispy claire and staying at Rosa'sBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-02-27 11 
March 2015
38485982Background Character Quest Episode 43That damn cat can go screw itself. We have more important people to screw.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-03-06 7 
38581017Background Character Quest 44The triumphant return of Claire, Avery gets molested and muh christmas cake.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-03-09 10 
38824842Background Character Quest Episode 45Shopping, showerheads, and no-one loots a mattress.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-03-21 8 
April 2015
39106173Background Character Quest 46Danny becomes a legal adult, and tries to deal with a moral arguementBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-04-04 7 
39277228Post a picture, get wouldbuilding written for itPost a image of a creature, magical item or character. The anon below must worldbuild fluff for it. Awesome worldbuilding results.fluff, backstory, worldbuilding, monsters, characters, magic items,2015-04-12 2 
39399246Background Character Quest 47Daniel deals with rich people while being arm candy, then gets his final birthday presentBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-04-17 7 
39638346DBZ Human Quest #132Pointless drama.Collective Game, Quest, DBZ, DBZ Human Quest, Who actually writes every character that appeared in the thread in the tags its fucking stupid2015-04-29 7 
May 2015
39805394Background Character Quest 48Mike gets mildly annoyed and Danny swims in a subterranean ppoolBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-05-08 8 
39839863character archetype salvage threada thread for finding a way to salvage terrible character concepts. character concept, ideas, 2015-05-09 4 
40235221Background Character Quest 49Marie gets some lovin, Mike's being cooler, then everything kinda goes to shitBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-05-28 7 
June 2015
40385247Moments when YOU became That GuyMoments when players broke their games, some in epic ways, some not so much.awesome, characters, gaming, PC, storytime, that guy2015-06-06 7 
40575481Background Character Quest 50Dinner with Marie's family, surprise, Enswith is a prick! Then we cheer Claire up and have a brief scare.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-06-14 7 
40648247Pvt. Human/tg/ Makes a Monstrous Regiment in 40kWH40k, Character Creation, Funny, Writefaggotry, Worldbuilding, Warhammer 40k2015-06-17 41 
July 2015
41092558Background Character Quest 51The 51st one, archived early. Fuck you misarchivist.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-07-08 6 
41369527Background Character Quest 52Danny's mother fought a dude and makes up with her daughter, Danny misses all this for some time with his female companionsBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-07-22 7 
41285431Of Humans and starting stat bonusesAnon asks why humans usually have starting bonuses in CHA based stats, /tg/ discusses if and why humans (and other races) have or don't have starting bonuses in their game settings and if they do which are used and why.character creation, creation, fluff, game design, human, roleplay, setting2015-07-24 1 
August 2015
41694781Background Character Quest 53Legal trouble, limo fun, propositions of proposal and choking, fun fun fun!Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-08-06 11 
41901253Mandala of FortunePut your character up. Name their greatest deeds and virtues. Now their greatest sins. Spin the Mandala of Fortune and see what (often epic!) afterlife your protagonist/antagonist will suffer before Enlightenment!writefaggotry, Hinduism, Buddhism, allignment, writefag, fluff, awesome, religion, afterlife, player character, good end, bad end, allignment, epic2015-08-17 31 
41930633Background Character Quest 54It's n-not like MT likes us or anything, god! Also, we learn about Mom.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-08-17 11 
41801691On playing as a slaveAs title describes, would or wouldn't you play as a slave? what are your thoughts on the matter? Are there any games that cover this? Is it just a bad idea? /tg/ discusses.Character, Fantasy, Roleplaying, Setting, Slave2015-08-19 5 
42191021Background Character Quest 55Stuff happens, probably. Thread's archived early because fuck the misarchivist.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-08-30 6 
September 2015
42416508Background Character Quest 56Getting some relaxation in with a counsellor, and then shit gets realBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-09-11 6 
42497347Background Character Quest 57Shit gets real, shit gets realer, Mike is a fag, and Daniel finally gets gud.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-09-15 8 
42579340Background Character Quest 58Claire wears a dress. Truly, all is right with the world, and there's no way Chuckles could fuck it up. Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-09-19 7 
42588369Background Character Quest 58 Part 2Helping Mum pick out a dress, and dealing with a left behind waifu.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-09-19 8 
October 2015
42825249Background Character Quest 59Saving the Gruli's, drunken families and dealing out massages Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-10-01 5 
43014187Background Character Quest 60Nej isn't a shit for once, proposing in a sundress, and Claire gets what she wants.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-10-11 6 
43176957Background Character Quest 61Cloning, rescues, VENGEANCE gone awry and sadness.Background Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-10-21 5 
43214183Background Character Quest 62More clones, less vengeance, Danny meets his calcium intake and enjoys a partyBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-10-23 5 
43273902Background Character Quest 63: FINALThe finale, in which everyone is a degenerate, Danny scrapes through his education, and Nej is still a shitterBackground Character Quest, Chuckles, Collective Game2015-10-25 17 
March 2016
45869064Advanced Weenie Cartographer Character Sheet/tg/ makes a character sheet. Then decides it needs more pages. The fields, of course, make as much sense as one would expect.RPG, character sheet, /tg/, anal circumference2016-03-10 4 
April 2016
11046Synth SoulsSet in synth-medieval faux-Miami you create a character from classes and control its actionspixelart, rpg, multiple characters, 80s, medieval2016-04-29 4 
May 2016
119739SUDSVENTUREControl three quasi-mobsters attempting to escape a small prison. Crit roll shenanigans occur.SUDSVENTURE, Prison, Crits, Multiple characters, Short,2016-05-16 1 
July 2016
48158620Ever been in a fight, /TG/?OP asks about what it's really like to get into a fight. Interesting discussion ensues.character, roleplay, system-agnostic2016-07-09 6 
48430929Anon asks how to make good (not lolrandom) insane charactersThe thread is short, but has some good ideas and information.insanity, madness, character concepts, 2016-07-25 6 
October 2016
49923696Character Bios by Ruks/tg/ attempts to emulate Ruks' narrative style in describing their characters, with varying degrees of success.Bastion, Ruks, Character, Writing2016-10-24 5 
December 2016
901895Innawoods Quest Reincarnated #1: IntroductionThis is the reincarnation of an Innawoods quest that was meant to be but never was...Innawoods, Individual Characters2016-12-05 3 
January 2017
51067236Clowns as CharactersTalk of clowns in /Tg/ games gets a visit from Gropey_the_ClownClowns, Character Ideas2017-01-08 12 
51209952Rucks' Narration 2What would Rucks' have to say about /tg/'s character? Bastion, Rucks, Character, Writing2017-01-15 7 
February 2017
1148559 Avatar TLA Quest Character CreationCharacter creation that lasted for way too long. Prince Iroh is also apparently more valuable than a waifu. avatar, tla, the last airbender, collective game, fire nation, fire bender, original character2017-02-13 8 
March 2017
51943786Cybering Up a Character Portrait.An Anon asks for assistance with a Shadowrun character. For once, /tg/ get shit done.Shadowrun, Character Art, Edits2017-03-02 10 
52078572Comfy Cliche ThreadAnons share the ideas in settings and campaigns that, in spite of their overuse, are still loved.Meta, fluff, BBEG, character, setting2017-03-09 8 
1264941PHASE Superhero Quest with Tyler FortuneTyler Fortune learns he may fail his major and be forced to do another year of school, one he can't afford.Super Powers, Superhero, worldbuilding, character, modern, futuristic2017-03-14 1 
1268567PHASE Superhero Quest #2Tyler gets in over his head. There's no going back from this.PHASE Quest, PHASE, Quest, Superhero, Super powers, character, modern, futuristic, worldbuilding2017-03-18 1 
1296967PHASE Superhero Quest #3Tyler uncovers the plot of the Razors gang.PHASE Quest, PHASE, Quest, Superhero, Super powers, character, modern, futuristic, worldbuilding2017-03-27 1 
April 2017
1342897PHASE Superhero Quest #4Tyler decides to get some answers - only to gain more questions.PHASE Quest, PHASE, Quest, Superhero, Super powers, character, modern, futuristic, worldbuilding2017-04-12 1 
52706646Historic figures who were /tg/ charactersA discussion of real people throughout history whose lives resembled the ridiculously implausible adventures of PCs.real people, characters, PCs,2017-04-22 3 
May 2017
53056631/tg/ invents original superheroesAs the title suggests, in this thread /tg/ worldbuilds original superheroes. Surprisingly funny. characters, superhero, cape, superpowers, names, plot hooks, worldbuilding,2017-05-08 7 
June 2017
53926988/tg/ describes their characters like Dishonored's Heart /tg/ writes short descriptions of their characters in the style of the Heart from Dishonored.Roleplay, Character, /tg/, discussion2017-06-24 7 
September 2017
55383128Young, Bright-Eyed, Aspiring VillainsHere, we discuss characters who want very badly to be evil, but pursues their wicked goals with enthusiasm, optimism and light-heartedness.Villains, Evil, Parody, Disney, Singing, Character Creation, Brainstorming2017-09-16 15 
November 2017
56659805/tg/ discusses character gen systemsA character gen discussion thread gets off to a rocky start. /tg/, character gen, system wars, soil science, geology, radiochemistry, nuclear chemistry, silty clay, sandy loam2017-11-30 4 
December 2017
2098832Marvel Quest: Issue#000Before a new Marvel Quest begins, eleven choices are presented for the protagonist. Those are narrowed down quickly to 2 in a tight race.Marvel Quest, FaceripperQM, Character Selection, Vibrant, Intuition Drive,2017-12-03 3 
2113586I Am Reborn in a Harem RomCom, but I'm Only A Mob Character?! 1Yamada Ken awakens, finding himself a Mob Character in Nakamura Eiji's haremMob Character Quest, Harem, RomCom, Anime2017-12-03 33 
2124512I Am Reborn in a Harem RomCom, but I'm Only A Mob Character?! 2A lunch with the class rep, a pseudo-confession, and the meeting with your "little brother"Mob Character Quest, Harem, Romcom, Anime2017-12-08 24 
2129167I Am Reborn in a Harem RomCom, but I'm Only A Mob Character?! 3A nightmare, Hikaru's request, and the grand entrance of Nakahara Fumi.Mob Character Quest, Harem, RomCom, Anime2017-12-13 20 
2140883I Am Reborn in a Harem RomCom, but I'm Only A Mob Character?! 4Ryou's request, Hanazawa's proposition, and trying to figure out [BAD END]Mob Character Quest, Harem, RomCom, Anime2017-12-15 14 
2144886I Am Reborn in a Harem RomCom, but I'm Only A Mob Character?! 5The battle against the collective, and a confession.Mob Character Quest, Harem, RomCom, Anime2017-12-23 9 
January 2018
2168515I Am Reborn in a Harem RomCom, but I'm Only A Mob Character?! 6A close brush with [Erasure], and a strange alliance.Mob Character Quest, Harem, RomCom, Anime2018-01-06 7 
2203697I Am Reborn in a Harem RomCom, but I'm Only A Mob Character?! 7Yukio, and the collective gets bolder.Mob Character Quest, Harem, RomCom, Anime2018-01-17 6 
2238261I Am Reborn in a Harem RomCom, but I'm Only A Mob Character?! 8The real culprit, and the wrath of Nakahara FumiMob Character Quest, Harem, RomCom, Anime2018-01-24 8 
February 2018
57632629Kamigakari Thread translation and storytimesAnon comes through with scans. Help with translation and character sheet use and development. Misfits in Osaka continues Shizune is awkward.Kamigakari, character sheet, translation, books, scan, google docs, storytime, Ito, Misfits in Osaka, Akira, Shizune, stats, demons2018-02-01 2 
57731361Franken/tg//tg/ makes characters by stitching together attributes from other characters, with surprisingly good results.character creation, brainstorming, worldbuilding2018-02-03 11 
57791145Franken/tg/: The Resurgence/tg/ stitches together some more characters, expands on existing ones and fleshes out the world.character creation, brainstorming, worldbuilding, Franken/tg/2018-02-08 7 
57851689Franken/tg/: Return of the King/tg/ continues to expand upon the frankenverse, creating the final of the five kings and his apprentice, a port town, its mayor, and a hag. character creation, brainstorming, worldbuilding, Franken/tg2018-02-10 5 
57894014Franken/tg/: Son of /tg//tg/ develops the coastal starting town of Happy Landings and stitches together some of it's unsavoury residents.character creation, brainstorming, worldbuilding, Franken/tg/2018-02-13 1 
March 2018
2332216I Am Reborn in a Harem RomCom, but I'm Only A Mob Character?! 9Monday morning: strange visitors, stranger proposal.Mob Character Quest, Harem, RomCom, Anime2018-03-06 8 
May 2018
2541515Gargoyles Quest: Character CreationWe create the Gargoyle for this questGargoyles, Quest, Moon, Character Creation2018-05-07 5 
2556111Gargoyles Quest: AwakeningAvalon and the remainder of his clan has finally awoken from a 1000 year slumber, and David Xanatos is right there to greet him.Gargoyles, Quest, Moon, Character Creation, Avalon, 2018-05-12 3 
June 2018
60202751Historical Figures as Villains or AntagonistsWho is the best historical conqueror to base a villain on? /tg/ discusses.History, Historical, Personalities, Real People, Character, Setting, /his/2018-06-09 2 
August 2018
61645683Super Power GenerationPeople go to website to get a cue, write up super powers and backstoriesFluff, Powers, Writing, Character Creation2018-08-29 1 
September 2018
2840338I Am Reborn in a Harem RomCom, but I'm Only A Mob Character?! 10The legend of Jigokuyama, the [Damned], and Nakahara FumiMob Character Quest, Harem, RomCom, Anime2018-09-05 5 
2863456I Am Reborn in a Harem RomCom, but I'm Only A Mob Character?! 11Grocery shopping, Hokkaido, and a mysterious transfer studentMob Character Quest, Harem, RomCom, Anime2018-09-16 6 
2902427Mage Families Quest. Part 0.1In this thread we only really create our character. A Slavic light mage that specializes in evocation magic.Collective Game, Magic, Wizards, Mage, Character Creation2018-09-20 0 
2893024I Am Reborn in a Harem RomCom, but I'm Only A Mob Character?! 12Bitchy angel, visiting Hanazawa, kid-brother cockblock, then a discovery.Mob Character Quest, Harem, RomCom, Anime2018-09-29 4 
October 2018
62372716A thankful childAnons are asked how their character responds to a child's thanksRoleplay, Character, dawwwwww2018-10-09 5 
2975554I Am Reborn in a Harem RomCom, but I'm Only A Mob Character?! 13Trip preparation, home invasion, blackmail & extortion, Initial D to destination, and computer dysfunction.Mob Character Quest, Harem, RomCom, Anime2018-10-28 3 
November 2018
63267863Yughio CharactersWork done on making a cast of Yughio characters, themes discussed and some contestants added.Yughio, Characters, World-building2018-11-30 0 
December 2018
63331889Yughio Characters thread 2bit of writefaggotry and a handful more characters made with minor talk about a side arc and ritual of ending the world.Yughio, Characters, World-building2018-12-03 0 
63403473Yughio Characters thread 3Talk about the cult and artifacts made, confusion is had, maybe possibly the end of the project. Its purpose sinking into the sands of OYughio, Characters, World-building2018-12-08 0 
3101781I Am Reborn in a Harem RomCom, but I'm Only A Mob Character?! 14Hokkaido trip, ghosts, a fight, and the balanceMob Character Quest, Harem, RomCom, Anime2018-12-21 2 
3106383Fate Quest pt. 0: Character CreationIn which we generate up a Dead Apostle for the Fate/Apocrypha HGWFate Quest, REDthunderBOAR, Puppets, Character Creation, Ibaraki2018-12-23 2 
January 2019
3159719I Am Reborn in a Harem RomCom, but I'm Only A Mob Character?! 15A short thread of playing in the water with class rep - but the test of courage looms...Mob Character Quest, Harem, RomCom, Anime2019-01-20 1 
April 2019
65572050Who waits for you back at home?Nearly 200 anons tell us about the background of their characters. background, characters, roleplaying2019-04-12 11 
May 2019
3454772 The Ultimate Side Character Quest #1the adventure of the side character beginsUltimate Side Character Quest, MobQM, Collective Game,2019-05-04 2 
January 2020
4013488Sky Orphan #1An orphan Jean-Baptiste and his caretaker Svetlana try to survive in the middle of a floating city ravaged by famine.Sky Orphan, Child Character, Floating Islands, d20 rolls, Collective Game2020-01-18 0 
4047710MAGICAL MURDER MAYHEM:DANGANRONPA~IIIOP is alive. Perseus helps plan a party, makes drinks, watches 80s action kino, sucks at racing games, and witnesses death.Danganronpa, Magical Murder Mayhem: Danganronpa, Mystery, Character Death2020-01-30 11 
March 2020
71594322Traveller Character CreationA Character Creation thread with the Traveller system, resulting in a female version of Jabba the Huth, ending as a thug in a space prison.Traveller, Character Creation, Annalise Whitechaple, Whitechaple, Character, Creation, Mongoose2020-03-23 1 
August 2020
74043516/tg/ makes a Super HighschoolAs per title, /tg/ makes superpowered students and faculty.character, original content, world building, 2020-08-01 2 
74085209/tg/ makes a Super Highschool 2continuation of last thread, we make more students and start a fight club. character, original content, world building, super2020-08-02 1 
December 2020
76386969The World of Transperentia A new campaign setting is started as a trope filled joke, but unintentionally does every trope better than any modern author.game ideas, awesome, campaign, writefaggotry, world building, homebrew, character concepts, getting shit done, brainstorming 2020-12-11 12 
4541457Zombie Apocalypse QuestA completely new take on zombies! Take control of 5 playable characters to try to survive and unlock their various endings.Zombie Apocalypse Quest, Zombies, Zombie, ZombieQM, Apocalypse, Survival, Perma-death, Death, Drug, Quest, Death, Switching Characters 2020-12-15 13 
76439786The World of Transparentia 2Second thread for the transparentia settinggame, ideas, awesome, campaign, writefaggotry, world building, homebrew, character, concepts, getting shit done, brainstorming2020-12-16 8 
January 2021
4572305Zombie Apocalypse Quest Thread #2This time, we take control of Sarah in her perilous journey to save her son and the other survivors in the nearby school.Zombie Apocalypse Quest, Zombies, Zombie, ZombieQM, Apocalypse, Survival, Perma-death, Death, Drug, Quest, Switching Characters, Quiz 2021-01-10 6 
February 2021
4601479Zombie Apocalypse Quest Thread #3On to Larry's shipborne adventure, fighting zombies, fire and people's stupidity at the same time.Zombie Apocalypse Quest, Zombies, Zombie, ZombieQM, Apocalypse, Survival, Perma-death, Death, Drug, Quest, Death, Switching Characters 2021-02-13 1 
July 2021
80247963Ball-of-Arms Man: RearmedA classic character from /tg/‘s past is resurrected! The titular amorphous blob of arms is given heaps of lore, side-characters, and enemiesroleplaying, Roleplaying, roleplay, Roleplay, characters, Characters, character, Character, puns, Puns, pun, Pun, Joke character, joke2021-07-11 12 
September 2021
4942283Born Irrelevant #1Aware in a world that barely acknowledges him, Asa Minoru becomes involved in a mystery involving the Cast the world serves.Born Irrelevant, Mob Character, Mystery, Anime, RomCom2021-09-03 6 
November 2021
82302577Waifu Wars/Fight Club 1In which /tg/ stats out some characters in various ttrpgs, and makes them fight. Begins with greatsword girl vs dinosaurs.Waifu Wars/Fight Club, Collective Game, Character, Character Creation2021-11-27 3 
82337223Waifu Wars/Fight Club 2In which /tg/ stats out more waifus and makes them fight. We get our first caster, isekai a man with a gun, and Grishnak delimbs someone.Waifu Wars/Fight Club, Collective Game, Character, Character Creation2021-11-29 2 
December 2021
82365862Waifu Wars/Fight Club 3In which /tg/ stats out new characters, beats the piss out of a werewolf, and Anon clears a hall tacticool style, among other things.Waifu Wars/Fight Club, Collective Game, Character, Character Creation2021-12-03 2 
82293972Waifu Wars/Fight Club 0In which anon gets sick of /tg/ not playing games, stats up Greatsword Girl, and makes her fight dinosaurs in gurps. The Beginnificationing.Waifu Wars/Fight Club, Collective Game, Character, Character Creation2021-12-03 2 
82410827Waifu Wars/Fight Club 4In which a bunbarian can't be beat, a tournament is conceptualized, and anon will not shut the fuck up about his retarded cannibal waifu.Waifu Wars/Fight Club, Collective Game, Character, Character Creation2021-12-05 2 
82446046Waifu Wars/Fight Club 5In which tg experiences a bout of wrestlemania, the Man from the Norf makes his debut, and a fey gangster turns a cannibal into a pancake.Waifu Wars/Fight Club, Collective Game, Character, Character Creation2021-12-09 2 
5026018Born Irrelevant #2Time skip happens, QM decides to drop the quest due to getting bad luck since starting it.Born Irrelevant, Mob Character, Myster, Anime, RomCom2021-12-10 3 
82481861Waifu Wars/Fight Club 6In which a foxgirl clones herself, an ape wields a grenade, and OP takes a break for mental health - but the show must go on.Waifu Wars/Fight Club, Collective Game, Character, Character Creation2021-12-13 1 
82527010Waifu Wars/Fight Club 7In which a tournament begins, and people begin wagering fake internet money on the outcome thereof. ...Put me in for 40 on the demon chicWaifu Wars/Fight Club, Collective Game, Character, Character Creation2021-12-16 1 
January 2022
82601913Waifu Wars/Fight Club 8In which the tournament continues, some anons get briefly butthurt about losing, and the show goes on anyway because nobody cares.Waifu Wars/Fight Club, Collective Game, Character, Character Creation2022-01-04 2 
82601913Waifu Wars/Fight Club 8In which the tournament continues, some anons get briefly butthurt about losing, and the show goes on anyway because nobody cares.Waifu Wars/Fight Club, Collective Game, Character, Character Creation2022-01-04 2 
82601913Waifu Wars/Fight Club 8In which the tournament continues, some anons get briefly butthurt about losing, and the show goes on anyway because nobody cares.Waifu Wars/Fight Club, Collective Game, Character, Character Creation2022-01-04 2 
5081860Wolf LadyYou find a feral half-elf woman and now you have to take care of her.WolfAnon, Wolf Lady, Character Raising2022-01-21 5 
March 2022
5129386The Wolf Lady Part IIYou find a feral half-elf woman and now you have to take care of her.Wolf Anon, Wolf Lady, Wolf, Character Building2022-03-07 3 
April 2022
5188526The Wolf Lady Part 3You find a feral half-elf woman and now you have to take care of her.Wolf, Lady, Wolf Lady, Anon, WolfAnon, Character Building, Character Raising2022-04-25 1 
August 2023
5707978Dragonborn Antipaladin Quest Vol. 13Chickens (uh, dragons) come home to roost. The Antipaladin's nemeses move, alliances are shaken, and an empire & marriage are in the balancReptoidQM, Dragonborn Antipaladin Quest, Reptilian Infiltrator Quest, court intrigue, betrayal, grief, love, lies, character growth, climax2023-08-18 6 
March 2024
5912911Multiplayer civ quest #1First thread of a multiplayer civilization game.Civilization, Multiplayer, Characters, Fantasy2024-03-17 0 
April 2024
5953011Multiplayer civ quest #2Premature end to this quest due to player abandonment.Civilization, Multiplayer, Characters, Fantasy2024-04-24 0 
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