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April 2008
1545250Noh in ShadowrunShadowrun DM wants to add Noh to his campaign. fa/tg/uys suggest giant robots.Shadowrun, Noh, Robots2008-04-18 2 
June 2008
1966471SR CannonballA guy gets ideas of stuff to do in a Shadowrun adventure based on The Cannonball RunShadowrun Cannonball teams race2008-06-11 8 
August 2008
2383107Shadowrun editions comparisonA newfag to Shadowrun asks which edition to use and gets a well-thought and informative answer.shadowrun2008-08-20 5 
September 2008
2507249Another Informative Shadowrun ThreadInnocent questions about an SR4 excursion to Tir Na nOg lead to missile surfing, rigger strategy, and Mystic Knights nostalgia.Shadowrun, 4e, drones, Missile Surfing2008-09-06 6 
2557308Shadowrun Random EncountersThings to do in Seattle while you're waiting for Mr. Johnson.Shadowrun, Random Encounter Table2008-09-13 6 
January 2009
3321057Shadowrun sessionsSome spectacularly twisted Shadowrun sessionsshadowrun2009-01-06 3 
June 2009
4976381Running Man in ShadowrunRunning a Running Man competition in Shadowrun turns to awesome with great dragon TV execs, Corporate sponsors and 24 hour trid coverage.Shadowrun2009-06-24 8 
August 2009
5322683That Fucking DwarfA new Shadowrun party has its first session and levels a city block.Dwarf, Zus, Shadowrun, cyberpunk2009-08-03 7 
5483322That Fucking Dwarf #2Zus and friends return for another week of mayhem.Zus Shadowrun Epic Dwarf Cyberpunk2009-08-17 4 
5572527That Fucking Dwarf #3Shit hits the fanDwarf, Zus, Shadowrun, cyberpunk2009-08-24 3 
September 2009
5814163Shadowrun goes in every fieldA troll post turns into a 24 hour Shadowrun discussion thread.Shadowrun2009-09-12 2 
November 2009
6885970Luke, Plagueson of Nurgle, and Other Guys/tg/ finds catharthic release in relating their experiences of some of the most horrific That Guys to disgrace Creation. If you ever feel down and disheartened, read this thread - you'll know that you're nowhere near as bad as these creatures, and your morale will perk right back up.That Guy, 40k, Dark Heresy, D&D, Edgerunners, Shadowrun, faggotry, nightmare fuel2009-11-27 63 
6898745Luke, Plagueson Of Nurgle Part IIThe legend of The Luke continues, told from the Point of View of one of his other housemates. Remember, this guy could be treating you in hospital.That Guy, 40k, Dark Heresy, D&D, Edgerunners, Shadowrun, faggotry, nightmare fuel, The Luke2009-11-28 30 
6910746Luke, Plagueson of Nurgle: The RelapseSequel to thread nos. 6885970 and 6898745. If any browser of sup/tg/ is feeling down and disheartened, read this thread - your morale will be spurred to new heights with the relief that, whatever troubles may weigh you down, you are not Luke. Some 40k enthusiasts will insist that Nurgle is a good god, who wants only the best for his worshippers and to armour them against the hurt of the universe. THEY ARE WRONG. LUKE IS WHY.That Guy, 40k, Dark Heresy, D&D, Edgerunners, Shadowrun, faggotry, nightmare fuel, The Luke2009-11-29 30 
February 2010
8217390Post-apoc roleyplay threadSome sort of post-apoc roleyplay in a world where apparently demons have joined the general populace. Rather shadowrun. It's good.roleplay postapocalyptic demons bars shadowrun2010-02-22 2 
April 2010
8975844Shadowrun Matrix DiscussionDiscussion about hackers and the Matrix in ShadowrunShadowrun hackers matrix2010-04-05 3 
September 2010
12161023Shadowrun with Segata SaburoSaburo and the gang settle down for some Shadowrun. Lots of blasting, exploding, and running people over with vans ensues. Shadowrun, Saburo, Storytiem, Awesome2010-09-21 14 
October 2010
12373973Just another Joke character threadJoke character thread begins with a golden oldie, Ball of Arms Man. Then come the puns. Then comes Mecha Moussolini, a gay orc, and a very dainty Shadowrun troll.Joke character, D&D, Shadowrun, 2010-10-09 7 
November 2010
12799478ShadowrunShadowrun fans swap epic campaign stories, character building tips, opinions on game mechanics and fanart.Shadowrun, discussion, adventure, character2010-11-19 0 
January 2011
13634460ShadowRussia4E Shadowrun game set in St. Petersburg. First session is...odd.Shadowrun, storytime2011-01-24 13 
February 2011
13990856ShadowRussia Pt. 3The group recovers from getting its shit kicked in and somehow our plucky comrades manage to complete their first run. Then Gunbunny starts taking wetwork contracts.ShadowRussia, Shadowrun, story, russia, cyberpunk2011-02-22 2 
March 2011
14401091Shadowrun Discussion ThreadStarts off with the OP requesting "broken builds" for his game, but /tg/ works its magic and manages some in-depth discussion of the setting and mechanics of the game.Shadowrun2011-03-30 1 
April 2011
14528630Shadowrun Discussion ThreadA surprisingly informative Shadowrun thread in which /tg/ builds Lupus Yonderboy from Neuromancer, then concocts a mad scheme to blow up Lofwyr as revenge for a broken van.Shadowrun2011-04-09 1 
May 2011
14900640Biblical ShadowrunReligious Shadowrun character in progress. Awaiting consultation and collaboration with GM to produce game of biblical proportions.Shadowrun, Bible, character2011-05-12 6 
October 2011
16561350/tg/ Meta Quest 3After being resupplied and spending new funds on things like Small Soldiers, Spectres, and Star Destroyers, we go to try and rescue a branch office in distress only to find some Sue-ish drow in the way. In the midst of this, a new hero arises.Collective Game, Orz, Drow Tales, UNIT, SCP, Starship Troopers, Shadowrun, Meta, Quest2011-10-09 13 
16618858/tg/ Meta Quest 4We make contact with the Vault's commander and surviving agents. Apparently there's a SUE controlling the Drow, and that's the source of the reality distortions. We hire runners to collect information, and begin planning our assault.Collective Game, Orz, Drow Tales, UNIT, SCP, Starship Troopers, Shadowrun, Meta, Quest, Meta Quest2011-10-16 21 
16660618/tg/ Meta Quest 4.5An extension of Meta Quest 4, We buy stuff and talk to a spiritCollective Game, Orz, Drow Tales, UNIT, SCP, Starship Troopers, Shadowrun, Meta, Quest, Meta Quest2011-10-18 13 
November 2011
16860914Shadowrunners Accomplish Mundane ActivitiesSolve a regular, day-to-day problem like a typical ShadowrunnerShadowrun2011-11-07 14 
January 2012
17693217Dykes of LondonExploits of an all-girl group of Shadowrunners in England. The team comes together, and shit rapidly hits the fan. Shadowrun, storytime, Dykes of London2012-01-27 10 
February 2012
17812927Dykes of London 2- I wanna DO him!After things go tits-up, the shadowrunning ladies finish their first job, and one of them finds true love.Dykes of London, Shadowrun, storytime2012-02-05 4 
March 2012
18228308Shadowrun StorytimeOP begins his story of a Shadowrun That Guy (tm)Shadowrun, Storytime, That Guy, 2D, Street Samurai, Infiltrator, Hacker, Mage2012-03-06 274 
18237435Shadowrun Storytime 2The continued story of a Shadowrun That Guy, now with more berserk troll.Shadowrun, That Guy, 2D, Dervish, Geppetto, DeadMan, Trout, Street Samurai, Hacker, Mage, Infiltrator2012-03-07 93 
18244120Shadowrun Storytime 3viking-ghost fist fights, ghoul hospitals and all around awesomeness happensShadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Storytime, Geek the Mage2012-03-08 70 
18291189Shadowrun Storytime 4The Ares runs begin, Tank gets a SIN, and an interrogation gets...weird.Shadowrun, Storytime, 2D, Geppetto, Dervish, Tank, Teacup Ride, Cyberpunk, Knight Errant2012-03-12 73 
18305008Shadowrun Storytime 5The hunt for Joy begins, the team has a revelation about Dervish, and Geppetto makes some...dirty dealings.Shadowrun, Shadowrun Storytime, Storytime, 2D, TwoDee, Vegas, Tamanous2012-03-13 72 
18400401Shadowrun Storytime 6Bend the Infiltrator joins the team, spirits get stoned, 2D jizzes himself, and the Vegas arc comes to a close.Shadowrun, Storytime, Storytiem, 2D, TwoDee, Geppetto, Dervish, Bend, Vegas, Las Vegas2012-03-21 70 
18421888Shadowrun Storytime 72D and the crew head to Tokyo, Shenanigans ensueShadowrun, Storytime, TwoDee, Dervish, Geppetto, Bend, Tokyo2012-03-23 77 
April 2012
18532456Shadowrun Storytime 8The team goes to Lagos, and runner-on-runner violence happens! Geppetto kills a guy in a really fucked-up way. Also Nextwave!Shadowrun, Storytime, Storytiem, Shadowrun Storyime, Twodee, 2D, Dervish, Geppetto, Bend, Lagos, Nextwave2012-04-02 72 
18645891Shadowrun Storytime 92D and crew finally corner Two-Times in Bogota. The Sixth World is marred forever.Shadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Storytime, TwoDee, 2D, Dervish, Geppetto, Bend, Bogota, Sensei, Pirates, Aztechnology2012-04-10 62 
18647754Shadowrun Storytime 10TwoDee retires.Shadowrun, Shadowrun Storytime, Storytime TwoDee2012-04-10 42 
18848099Shadowrun Storytime 11The Summer episode! The Team tries their hand at a bank heist.Shadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Storytime, Storytiem, 2D, Twodee, Geppetto, Wildcard, Bend, Dervish, Bank Heist, Bank Job2012-04-25 56 
May 2012
18990192Shadowrun Storytime 12The team goes back to college. It's not quite how they remember...Shadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Storytime, TwoDee, Geppetto, Bend, Dervish, Wildcard, College, University2012-05-06 36 
June 2012
19350780Shadowrun Storytime 13The long-delayed conclusion! The team ends the Granger run in a blast of bullets, bombs, and flower petals.Shadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Storytime, 2012-06-04 35 
July 2012
19744246Shadowrun Storytime 14The Trout Run starts with a bang! Evil cultists and shit-covered capybaras abound.shadowrun, storytime, shadowrun storytime, bend, dervish, wildcard, geppetto, trout, twodee, capybara, capybaras2012-07-05 43 
20080536Shadowrun Storytime 15The team gets a nwe target, Wildcard and Dervish harass a checkpoint guard.shadowrun, storytime, shadowrun storytime, bend, dervish, wildcard, geppetto, trout, twodee, capybara, capybaras2012-07-29 35 
20098708Shadowrun Storytime 15.5Adversary says hi.shadowrun, storytime, shadowrun storytime, bend, dervish, wildcard, geppetto, twodee2012-07-30 38 
August 2012
20366845Shadowrun Storytime 16: The Tale of Felix RamirezThe team initiates their newest member, ex-Aztechnology Eagle Warrior Felix Ramirez.Shadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Storytime, Storytiem, 2D, Twodee, Geppetto, Wildcard, Bend, Dervish, Felix, Felix Ramirez, Locke2012-08-18 70 
October 2012
20950596Shadowrun Storytime 17Happy birthday, 4chan! TwoDee returns with a very Dervish-heavy tale.Shadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Storytime, Storytiem, 2D, Twodee, Geppetto, Wildcard, Bend, Dervish, Felix, Locke, trolls, Fight Club2012-10-02 78 
January 2013
22705310ShadowQuest: Seattle 2072 IThe adventures of Starr, Shadowrunning Gunmage and Professional Texan, Part 1Shadowrun, Collective Game, ShadowQuest2013-01-21 11 
February 2013
23205251Shadowrun Cyberloli ArmyWhen a group of runners find themselves with a small army of augmented little girls, /tg/ knows just what to do with them.Shadowrun, loli, fun, adorable, just another day on /tg/, clips, d'aww2013-02-17 24 
April 2013
24325576Shadowrun Storytime 18A long delay finally bears fruit! The Shadowrun Storytime team goes to HELL!Shadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Storytime, 2D, TwoDee2013-04-19 86 
24308149Shadowrun GeneralIn which some stories get shared before TwoDee returns.Shadowrun, ShadowRussia2013-04-19 11 
24362245Shadowrun Storytime: Another TaleAnother group tells their story Shadowrun, Storytime2013-04-21 22 
24462783Yellowman Quest 6YQ5 is in Foolz. Scott is woken up by fire, gets into a firefight with a mob boss, then finds a Shadowrunner who drank from the Fountain of Girl, runs from ghost sharks, and should have just turned the traps back on.Collective Game, Meta, Quest, Meta Quest, Yellowman Quest, Fallout: New Vegas, Oglaf, Shadowrun2013-04-27 7 
May 2013
24595163Yellowman Quest 7Scott Yellowman deals with a wish-granting god, a swamp that lives up to its name, a bunch of really infuriating rats, and saves another racer from an oversized intestinal monster.Collective Game, Meta, Quest, Meta Quest, Yellowman Quest, Fallout: New Vegas, Oglaf, Shadowrun, Phantasy Star Online2013-05-04 6 
24690729Yellowman Quest 8With new team member Elyse in tow, Scott and his crew finally escape the Swamp of Despair. They come across a farm, encounter a petulant god-child, witness an airship crash, and find an axe-wielding maniac only a mile behind them.Collective Game, Meta, Quest, Meta Quest, Yellowman Quest, Fallout: New Vegas, Oglaf, Shadowrun, Phantasy Star Online2013-05-09 7 
24831832Yellowman Quest 9Scott Yellowman and his group run from a bounty hunter with flying power armor, take refuge in a warded city, get called sluts, and demand to see the manager in order to complain about bad customer service.Collective Game, Meta, Quest, Meta Quest, Yellowman Quest, Fallout: New Vegas, Oglaf, Shadowrun, Phantasy Star Online2013-05-16 7 
June 2013
25385565Yellowman Quest 10Yellowman and his group have a run in with the guards, guns almost get beaten by swords and crossbows, and they enter the Sorceress' Castle. Also, statistical analysis confirms that MetaOP rolls low.Collective Game, Meta, Quest, Meta Quest, Yellowman Quest, Fallout: New Vegas, Oglaf, Shadowrun, Phantasy Star Online, statistics2013-06-12 7 
25717468You are an Asshole in the futureSome runners prefer stealth. some, seduction. others hacking. You, on the other hand prefer style which is why you just dropkicked a guy out a windowCollective Game, future asshole, you are a dick, net gain, shadowrun, corp, megacorp, 80s action movie, puns2013-06-30 39 
July 2013
25826870Shadowrun Storytime 19: The Final Run Part 1Lo, the beginning of the end.Shadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Storytime, Twodee, 2D, Dervish, Bend, Geppetto, Locke, Sensei, Wildcard2013-07-05 99 
26285707SRR modding thread 1First brainstorm session for a /tg/ Shadowrun Returns Modgame ideas shadowrun2013-07-29 1 
January 2014
29217154Shadowrun Storytime 20: The Final Run Part 2The tension keeps up as the team struggles to hunt down their quarry.Shadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Storytime, Twodee, 2D, Dervish, Bend, Geppetto, Locke, Sensei, Wildcard2014-01-02 119 
29301897Wage Slave QuestFrank the Troll Social Adept WageMage goes to a meeting. Goes to work, things happen.Collective Game, Wage Slave Quest, Shadowrun2014-01-06 17 
29350298Shadowrun Quest #2Go Barhopping, get into a barfight, win, and get picked up by the police and meet some ShadowrunnersCollective Game, Wage Slave Quest, Shadowrun2014-01-08 13 
29417305Wage Slave Quest #3We go to work. Do some work, make buddies with the boss.Wage Slave Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game2014-01-11 8 
29468871Wage Slave Quest #4We get back from lunch, go try to convince a racist to buy water guns, and are late to a meetingWage Slave Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game2014-01-13 7 
29561809Wage Slave Quest #5We call the cops on those creeps, play shadowrunner, stop the creeps, almost get burned in the process, and finally talk to the police.Collective Game, Wage Slave Quest, Shadowrun2014-01-17 8 
29631300Wage Slave Quest #6Frank goes to the doctors, has a talk with a nurse and then a security guard. Meet with the doctor. Have a talk about memories and needles, then get back to work the next day.Collective Game, Wage Slave Quest, Shadowrun2014-01-20 7 
February 2014
30331773Shadowrun Hacker QuestIt's 2073, and Echo_TRACER just got a new job. Making the interview might be a little complicated.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-02-19 10 
30395877Shadowrun Hacker Quest 2: The Best Part of Waking Up EditionAfter a night of hacking his way into the most exclusive town in the Seattle Metro, we talk to our girlfriend, go to our interview, and decide to see if we can do this run in 24 hours or lessShadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-02-22 6 
30438672Shadowrun Hacker Quest 3: Digital Shadow EditionEcho_TRACER engages a group of armed men and proves that brains really are better than brawn. With the package in hand, he needs to keep his head low and stay alive long enough to collect his pay.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-02-24 8 
March 2014
30593220Shadowrun Hacker Quest 4: OP's Skipping the Booze Tonight EditionEcho_TRACER's safehouse has been compromised. With Harriet in tow, his only hope of escape is to lay low in a coffin hotel. While he's busy keeping out of sight, he calls on an ally to aid in his search for knowledge.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-03-03 6 
30738110Shadowrun Hacker Quest 5: OP's a tiredfag edition.Though Echo_TRACER wakes the next morning and prepares to meet with his team, OP is not yet ready to face the dawn.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest, OP is a tiredfag2014-03-10 5 
30875607Shadowrun Hacker Quest 5.5: OP's awake, but the thread isn't editionEcho_TRACER gets back to work and gains some info on Harriet, but a lack of participation slows things to a halt.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-03-17 3 
31140171Shadowrun Hacker Quest 6: Afternoon Stroll EditionEcho_TRACER dives deeper into the Barrens to find more information, and finds much more than he bargained for.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-03-29 2 
31164755Shadowrun Hacker Quest 6.6: No Distractions EditionEcho_TRACER and co. take on the team of Declan mercs, and manage to learn something about the lady in charge.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-03-31 4 
April 2014
31305422Shadowrun Hacker Quest 7: Sniper Wolf EditionEcho_TRACER shows an enemy shadowrunner what happens when they mess with his team, and then makes contact with his fixer once more.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-04-07 5 
31341207High Octane ShadowrunOP plans on running his players through some Payday-styled heists and asks /tg/ for ideas. Features exploding buses, the Umbrella Corporation, and detailed notes on a drone heist.Shadowrun, Payday, High, Octane, Heists, Umbrella, Grand, Theft, Drone2014-04-08 11 
31455102Shadowrun Hacker Quest 8: Hotel-Movie Reference EditionEcho_TRACER retreats to a fancy hotel, thinks his way through problems, and wants to look at Harriet's legs.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-04-14 5 
31605674Shadowrun Hacker Quest 9: Celebrating 420 on the Waterfront EditionEcho_TRACER gets one step closer to realizing the full nature of Harriet's relationship to Declan Futures, and tries to make peace with the mysterious sniper.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-04-21 3 
May 2014
31916575Shadowrun Hacker Quest 10: Tower Defense EditionEcho_TRACER and his team defend against both bad luck and Declan Futures in the battle over Harriet's freedom.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-05-05 5 
32204992Shadowrun Hacker Quest 11: You wa Shock! EditionEcho_TRACER has been captured by another 'runner team! Press-ganged into a new run with a dangerous time-frame, Echo can only gather intel and hope to make contact with the outside world.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-05-19 3 
32357627Shadowrun Hacker Quest 12: Mexican Standoff EditionEcho_TRACER narrowly avoids a gunfight bursting out around him, and calls upon the disparate Shadowrunners in his life to finally plan how to defeat Declan Futures. Also, Echo_TRACER calls himself a faggot in front of everyone.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest, Echo_TRACER is a faggot2014-05-26 3 
June 2014
32661712Shadowrun Hacker Quest #13: Lucky Number 13 EditionEcho_TRACER hatches a plan to get a prototype Comlink so that he and his allies can hack Harriett's legs, and gain enough proof to stop Declan.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-06-09 1 
32805097Shadowrun Hacker Quest 13.5: Call to Action EditionEcho_TRACER makes a few important commcalls, then sets out to invade a UCAS military base.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-06-16 2 
33014702Unified CCG/TCG Seting OP: Okay /tg/. You know how in these typical "Children's game is obscenely popular and people duel/fight with them all over the world" anime there's the megacorp who basically produces this shit and runs the world almost? Well a thought occurred to me. What if there was a setting where all those corporations had to actually coexist and interact.OC, worldbuilding, ccg, tcg, digimon, yu-gi-oh, yugioh, shadowrun, mmbn, megaman battle network. mtg, magic2014-06-26 10 
33023335Shadowrun General: Humanis EditionShadowrun general starts up all normal like, and then nazisbipolar, nazi, humanis, shadowrun, storytime, storytiem2014-06-27 3 
July 2014
33233060Shadowrun Hacker Quest 14: Modern Warfare EditionEcho_TRACER and his team face off against the UCAS military in search of a military-grade commlink. They have more than enough power, but Echo must make the last leg of his journey alone.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-07-07 2 
33524730Tass vs. ShadowrunA Shadowrun tale involving a hacker, a rogue AI, and the complete collapse of the Sixth World Economy. (ctrl+f Bloodworx)shadowrun, pink mohawk, tass, derailment, henderson2014-07-21 26 
33706285Shadowrun Hacker Quest 15: Dem Gams EditionEcho_TRACER assembles the information his team has gathered and, armed with bleeding-edge hardware, hacks the most dangerous node of his entire career.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-07-28 1 
August 2014
33870142Shadowrun Hacker Quest 16: An Offer You Can't Refuse EditionAfter acquiring the necessary data, Echo-TRACER pays a visit to the Irish Mob.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-08-04 1 
December 2014
36995529Shadowrun Storytime 21Merry Christmas, chummers. Shadowrun Storytime comes to a long-awaited end.Shadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Storytime, TwoDee, 2D, Dervish, Locke, Wildcard, Bend2014-12-27 91 
37016947Shadowrun Storytime 21.5Wrapping up loose ends.Shadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Storytime, TwoDee, 2D, Dervish, Locke, Wildcard, Bend, Trout, Geppetto2014-12-28 107 
April 2015
39385080Shadowrun 5e storytimeThat Guy shennanignsthat guy, shadowrun, 5e, storytime2015-04-17 15 
June 2015
40426333Runner QuestQuest gets off to a slow start with the finale of the Komun'go JobCollective Game, Shadowrun2015-06-07 3 
November 2015
43403681How A Game Almost Fell Apart"Alright /tg/ let me tell you about how my game nearly fell apart. This tale involves autism, Shadowrun, betrayal, friendship, and approximately $12,000 in dragon dildos."storytime, autism, dragon dildos, addiction, that guy, shadowrun2015-11-01 45 
January 2016
44801725kids next door into shadowrunWe are converting kids next door so it fits shadowrunshadowrun2016-01-16 11 
45084461Real Life ShadowrunnersDisturbing real-life tales that would make great inspiration for Shadowrun games! And whose participants are essentially shadowrunners.Holy fucking shit, the fuck did I just read, is this shit for real, oh god this is real isn't it, Shadowrun2016-01-29 23 
May 2016
10535Shadowrun Quest 1A Shadowrun Quest,we are a snake bodyguard.Shadowrun, Snake, Naga, Bodyguard2016-05-02 12 
51770Shadowrun Quest #2 snek on a boatShadowrun themed quest that puts the thread as a adept nagashadowrun, naga2016-05-05 0 
41675Shadowrun #2Snek on a boatshadowrun, snek, naga, adept2016-05-05 13 
74836Shadowrun Quest #3 Snek HarderThe continued adventures of Frazzles the snek on a boatshadowrun, snake, naga, snek, adept2016-05-11 12 
August 2016
48941402Am I shadowrunA thread where people compare how Shadowrun they are.Shadowrun2016-08-25 2 
December 2016
903431Shadowrun Occultist Quest #2We do legwork to find where our target is hiding, and receive an offer from some comedians for a data switch.Shadowrun Occultist Quest, Collective Game, Shadowrun, Redd, Occultist2016-12-19 1 
919515Shadowrun Occultist Quest #3We plan, start, and finish the run, successfully pin blame on Ares, and get a sweet ride out of it.Shadowrun Occultist Quest, Collective Game, Shadowrun, Redd, Occultist2016-12-19 2 
946511Shadowrun Occultist Quest #4We give some psych advice to Rhûn, get backstory on Redd, and then go to a concert with the team, Barbie, and her psycho comedian brother.Shadowrun Occultist Quest, Collective Game, Shadowrun, Redd, Occultist2016-12-26 2 
January 2017
970043Shadowrun Occultist Quest #5We figure out and foil The Fool's plan, collect on the bounty from GOD, have a Yithian trip down Time Lane, and go to Bavaria with Rhun.Shadowrun Occultist Quest, Collective Game, Shadowrun, Redd, Occultist, H.P. Lovecraft2017-01-01 1 
992966Shadowrun Occultist Quest #6We get a glimpse of the future, see the Big D's last act, piss off our boss again, then fail to ambush a team of operators.Shadowrun Occultist Quest, Collective Game, Shadowrun, Redd, Occultist, H.P. Lovecraft2017-01-07 1 
1017697Shadowrun Occultist Quest #7We handoff the dream observatory to the Draco Foundation, locate and retrieve a little lost rich girl, then take a trip to Arkham.Shadowrun Occultist Quest, Collective Game, Shadowrun, Redd, Occultist, H.P. Lovecraft2017-01-16 1 
1042958Shadowrun Occultist Quest #8We play cards with some Catholic priests, then take Barbie to scenic Arkham, MA. Her little sis tags along and we try to scare her straight.Shadowrun Occultist Quest, Collective Game, Shadowrun, Redd, Occultist, H.P. Lovecraft2017-01-23 1 
1070323Shadowrun Occultist Quest #9We follow the breadcrumb trail to an early human digitization experiment and release them to the Matrix.Shadowrun Occultist Quest, Collective Game, Shadowrun, Redd, Occultist, H.P. Lovecraft2017-01-29 1 
February 2017
1088403Runner Quest #1You are the elven Adept/Decker Mercurio, and your past is catching up to you. Try to live through it and get paid.Collective Game, Shadowrun2017-02-01 4 
March 2017
51943786Cybering Up a Character Portrait.An Anon asks for assistance with a Shadowrun character. For once, /tg/ get shit done.Shadowrun, Character Art, Edits2017-03-02 10 
August 2018
2794273Shadowrun AU Episode 1Amnesiac gunbunny goes on milkrunShadowrun AU Quest, Collective Game, Virgil, Grim Fenris, Shadowrun, cyberpunk2018-08-13 6 
2803747Shadowrun AU Quest Episode 2Grimm hunts endangered enemies at the zoo.Shadowrun AU Quest, Collective Game, Virgil, Grim Fenris, Shadowrun, Cyberpunk, Zoo2018-08-18 4 
2815120Shadowrun AU Quest Episode 3Man & Troll goes shopping, meets angry elves. Shadowrun AU Quest, Collective Game, Virgil, Grim Fenris, Shadowrun, cyberpunk2018-08-28 2 
October 2020
4466997Shadowrun: The Neo-80s Thread #1The team is formed through FOOD FIGHT, we make a thrill gang break up, have fun with Karaoke, and go our separate ways for downtime.Shadowrun: The Neo-80s, Afungi, /qst/, Collective Game2020-10-25 3 
June 2021
79834434Shadowrun Tale: Chapter 4, Subarban Mad MaxA team of shadowrunners joins a racing competition as a way to make a quick buck, gain street cred and earn the respect of the shadow communShadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Tale, Shortfuse, Wolfhound, BYTE, Dice, racing, destruction derby2021-06-18 3 
July 2021
80153668Shadowrun Tale: Chapter 5, Calm before the stormThe Shadowrunners profit of some R&R after winning the race and decide to celebrate their hacker's birthday with more experienced shadowrunShadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Tale, Shortfuse, Wolfhound, BYTE, Dice, Party, Birthday, Wuxing, Drones, Walmart2021-07-05 0 
80265688Shadowrun Tale: Chapter 6, A WAR ON TWO FRONTSWanting to claim an abandoned brewery for a greek god and the Commune, Shortfuse and his team never expected how quickly a run can turn sourShadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Tale, Shortfuse, Wolfhound, BYTE, Dice, Brewery, WYLD DAWGS, Firesnakes, RipNTear, Ares, Homie2021-07-13 0 
August 2021
80648267Shadowrun Tale: Chapter 7, HOLY DIVERFrom the worst plane trip in existence to an ever worse underwater treasure hunt, Shortfuse and his group are in for an epic fight!Shadowrun, Storytime, Shadowrun Tale, Shortfuse, Wolfhound, BYTE, Dice, Airplane, Douglas, Pirate, Treasure Hunt, Kraken, Sp1r1t2021-08-06 2 
80736338Draw your party thread: Bug, Glug, and ChugDrawings of parties and people people talk about games. A Lasgun happens.Draw, party, storytime, d&d, 5e, Only War, dark heresy, cyberpunk, Pathfinder, shadowrun, Lasgun, Black Crusade, Nechronica, template2021-08-17 0 
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