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February 2014
30331773Shadowrun Hacker QuestIt's 2073, and Echo_TRACER just got a new job. Making the interview might be a little complicated.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-02-19 10 
30395877Shadowrun Hacker Quest 2: The Best Part of Waking Up EditionAfter a night of hacking his way into the most exclusive town in the Seattle Metro, we talk to our girlfriend, go to our interview, and decide to see if we can do this run in 24 hours or lessShadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-02-22 6 
30438672Shadowrun Hacker Quest 3: Digital Shadow EditionEcho_TRACER engages a group of armed men and proves that brains really are better than brawn. With the package in hand, he needs to keep his head low and stay alive long enough to collect his pay.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-02-24 8 
March 2014
30593220Shadowrun Hacker Quest 4: OP's Skipping the Booze Tonight EditionEcho_TRACER's safehouse has been compromised. With Harriet in tow, his only hope of escape is to lay low in a coffin hotel. While he's busy keeping out of sight, he calls on an ally to aid in his search for knowledge.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-03-03 6 
30738110Shadowrun Hacker Quest 5: OP's a tiredfag edition.Though Echo_TRACER wakes the next morning and prepares to meet with his team, OP is not yet ready to face the dawn.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest, OP is a tiredfag2014-03-10 5 
30875607Shadowrun Hacker Quest 5.5: OP's awake, but the thread isn't editionEcho_TRACER gets back to work and gains some info on Harriet, but a lack of participation slows things to a halt.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-03-17 3 
31140171Shadowrun Hacker Quest 6: Afternoon Stroll EditionEcho_TRACER dives deeper into the Barrens to find more information, and finds much more than he bargained for.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-03-29 2 
31164755Shadowrun Hacker Quest 6.6: No Distractions EditionEcho_TRACER and co. take on the team of Declan mercs, and manage to learn something about the lady in charge.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-03-31 4 
April 2014
31305422Shadowrun Hacker Quest 7: Sniper Wolf EditionEcho_TRACER shows an enemy shadowrunner what happens when they mess with his team, and then makes contact with his fixer once more.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-04-07 5 
31455102Shadowrun Hacker Quest 8: Hotel-Movie Reference EditionEcho_TRACER retreats to a fancy hotel, thinks his way through problems, and wants to look at Harriet's legs.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-04-14 5 
31605674Shadowrun Hacker Quest 9: Celebrating 420 on the Waterfront EditionEcho_TRACER gets one step closer to realizing the full nature of Harriet's relationship to Declan Futures, and tries to make peace with the mysterious sniper.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-04-21 3 
May 2014
31916575Shadowrun Hacker Quest 10: Tower Defense EditionEcho_TRACER and his team defend against both bad luck and Declan Futures in the battle over Harriet's freedom.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-05-05 5 
32204992Shadowrun Hacker Quest 11: You wa Shock! EditionEcho_TRACER has been captured by another 'runner team! Press-ganged into a new run with a dangerous time-frame, Echo can only gather intel and hope to make contact with the outside world.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-05-19 3 
32357627Shadowrun Hacker Quest 12: Mexican Standoff EditionEcho_TRACER narrowly avoids a gunfight bursting out around him, and calls upon the disparate Shadowrunners in his life to finally plan how to defeat Declan Futures. Also, Echo_TRACER calls himself a faggot in front of everyone.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest, Echo_TRACER is a faggot2014-05-26 3 
June 2014
32661712Shadowrun Hacker Quest #13: Lucky Number 13 EditionEcho_TRACER hatches a plan to get a prototype Comlink so that he and his allies can hack Harriett's legs, and gain enough proof to stop Declan.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-06-09 1 
32805097Shadowrun Hacker Quest 13.5: Call to Action EditionEcho_TRACER makes a few important commcalls, then sets out to invade a UCAS military base.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-06-16 2 
July 2014
33233060Shadowrun Hacker Quest 14: Modern Warfare EditionEcho_TRACER and his team face off against the UCAS military in search of a military-grade commlink. They have more than enough power, but Echo must make the last leg of his journey alone.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-07-07 2 
33706285Shadowrun Hacker Quest 15: Dem Gams EditionEcho_TRACER assembles the information his team has gathered and, armed with bleeding-edge hardware, hacks the most dangerous node of his entire career.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-07-28 1 
August 2014
33870142Shadowrun Hacker Quest 16: An Offer You Can't Refuse EditionAfter acquiring the necessary data, Echo-TRACER pays a visit to the Irish Mob.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-08-04 1 
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