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January 2009
3290452Bunnies & Burrows:World War II editionA posting of 'Peter Rabbit:Tank Killer' leads to excellent stories of strategic rabbit warfare, genocide, quaternary calculation and a disturbing softening of the real life/game boundary.nazis, b&b, rabbits, bombs, supercomputers2009-01-01 4 
June 2009
4730204Talespin And Other Awesome ThingsPossible troll turns into an interesting discussion on turning TaleSpin into a campaign world. BlackSad, Maus, Lackadaisy are added, and it only improves from there.Noir, Pulp, Blacksad, Maus, Talespin, Setting, Nazis, Ideas, Furry, Good2009-06-01 0 
August 2009
5655084POWquest IYou are a colonel in the British Army during World War II. You and several others have been captured by the Axis forces, and have been moved into a German Prisoner of War camp. Day I.Collective Game, Quest, World War, Nazi, War2009-08-30 1 
5661706Panzerquest - Survival in Normandy 1Command your shaken young tank crew and do what Nazis do best: Kill the allies! Or try and find a good spot to surrender, at least.Panzerquest, tanks, collective game, Nazis 2009-08-31 5 
April 2010
8976038Nazis in Fantasyland Part DeuxExcellent writing, the idea gets fleshed out a bit. Political situation is developed, and a dragon gets pwnt by artillery. Nazis, Fantasy2010-04-05 15 
May 2010
9921994Nazis vs. DrowHitler opens a portal to the Underdark, trains wizard corps, and prepares to show the Drow what real racism is.Hitler, Drow, Underdark, Nazis2010-05-20 5 
January 2011
13425174Requiem the Chevalier VampireA poster decides that Requiem, a story about Nazi Vampires in hell, is a great setting to be statted, and posts the first and second volumes for everyone to read. Requiem, GRIMDARK, Vampires, Nazis2011-01-07 6 
March 2011
14374328WW2 AdEvaA discussion branching off SovietEva. What if the setting of AdEva was WW2?Nazi, AdEva, Setting, WW22011-03-28 0 
April 2011
14675177AI QuestThe year is 1994. We are Prometheus, a highly advanced AI which has been named the CEO of Entek corporation, an R&D company with a heavily advanced PMC branch. In this thread, we investigate old nazi superscience tech, and make the Majestic 12 our bitches.AI, Quest, AI quest, collective game, nazi superscience, computer2011-04-22 12 
July 2011
15730816That Guy Storytime with Coaster NaziCoasterNazi tells us of his encounters with That Guy, whilst galvanicAutogenitor is punched by marines.That guy, Coaster Nazi2011-07-28 6 
August 2011
15869516Vidya Game Name Generator/tg/ fluffs out names into games that put the game industry to shame. Can you type faster than the Nazi's in 'Stupendous Typing Over Normandy'? Enjoy quality edutainment with 'Viking Robot Phonics'! Experience the total sum of wargaming in 'Enormous Chainsaw - Total War'! Strain your brain over 'M.C. Escher's Bandicoot Melee'! AND MORE!vidya, game, name, generator, viking, nazi, hitler, time, travel, space, hillbilly, gokart, race, japan, werewolf, blast, mario, writefaggotry, awesome, barbie, beatdown, bible2011-08-09 9 
January 2012
17509751Formless QuestWe wake up as a prisoner, discover that evil Nazi experiments have given us some badass shape-shifting powers, and immediately start working on using those powers to escape.Formless Quest, Collective Game, Nazis2012-01-12 12 
17529804Formless Quest 2Our attempts to escape trigger a full-scale riot at the prison. Mutations, shit blowing up, and killing lots of Nazis ensues in the mayhem. Formless Quest, Collective Game, Nazis, World War II2012-01-14 10 
17554875Formless Quest 3In which not even 4chan spazzing out can stop Proteus' onslaught of revenge. We continue clearing out the camp of the remaining soldiers.Formless Quest, Collective Game, Nazis2012-01-16 7 
17600000Formless Quest IVThe Nazi reinforcements found a challenge that was more than they expected, for their tanks died, and soon will their troopsCollective Game, formless quest, Nazi, Tanks, Proteus2012-01-20 6 
June 2012
19431295THAT GUY STORIES TO KEEP YOU UP AT NIGHTCoasterNazi must have broken an entire mirror factory as a child, for he is back with another marvelous tale of awe and terror! /tg/ of course responds with their own experiences.that guy, coasternazi2012-06-11 21 
August 2012
20185311Bro's Magical Dicking AdventureStory of a crazy group in the UK. Sex and violence.That Guy, Drama, Feminazi, Hambeast2012-08-05 41 
September 2012
20707552Floor 11BGuys, I thought our apartment only had 10 floors.../x/, roleplay, scp, creepy, apartment, floors, butthurt fun nazis2012-09-13 10 
November 2012
21731140 Nazis in Fantasyland Quest 1Nazis enter a new plane of existanceNazi Quest, Collective Game, Eg2012-11-25 39 
21740644Nazis in Fantasyland Quest Pt 2Nazis enter a new plane of existence. Psycho commandos go to abandoned manor.Nazi Quest, Collective Game, Eg2012-11-25 31 
21781111Nazis in Fantasyland Quest Pt 3Magical items, communication with natives, and pissing off a lot of lizard dudes.Nazi Quest, Collective Game, Eg2012-11-28 28 
21813254Nazis in Fantasyland Quest Pt 4What happens after the Battle... otherwise fairly slow, some seeds for diplomacy are sownNazi Quest, Collective Game, Eg2012-11-30 27 
December 2012
21908703Nazis in Fantasyland Quest Pt 5Encounter the wizard's tower, temptation by the door guard, making deals with wizards!Nazi Quest, Collective Game, Eg2012-12-06 30 
March 2013
23856103Nazis in Fantasyland Quest 6we strike a deal with the Magi. Open the Gate early and get supplies and reinforcements.Nazi Quest, Collective Game, Quest, Eg2013-03-25 23 
23900622Nazis in Fantasyland Quest Pt 7A village is subverted to the cause, a mage procured, and an airstrip built with an oil extractor. Baron Farnsworth is on his merry way.Nazi Quest, Collective Game, Eg2013-03-28 21 
23916402Nazis in Fantasyland Quest Pt 8Oberst Landa orders the construction of a range of buildings, while contemplating future plans for a railway system and a fantasy racial hierarchy. Then the Baron shows up with an army...Nazi Quest, Collective Game, Eg2013-03-28 21 
23932289Nazis in Fantasyland Quest Part IXBaron has an army, negotiating with him to not kill us, also were missing 9.Nazi Quest, Collective Game, Eg2013-03-29 21 
23955324Nazis in Fantasyland Quest Part XWe go to the city of Redding after destroying the Baron's army & try to negotiate its surrender with a paladin.Nazi Quest, Collective Game, Eg2013-03-30 24 
April 2013
23988338Nazis in Fantasyland Quest Part XIOberst Landa, having successfully negotiated the surrender of the city of Redding has to ensure that the locals understand that they now part of the Greater German Reich.Nazi Quest, Collective Game, Eg2013-04-01 21 
23997552Nazis in Fantasyland Quest Part XIIThe city is ours! Now we must bring it out o the Dark Ages.Nazi Quest, Collective Game, Eg2013-04-02 22 
24041219 Nazis in Fantasyland Quest Part XIIIRedding is still ours. We still discuss how to make Redding better and winter is arriving.Nazi Quest, Collective Game, Eg2013-04-04 22 
24062786Nazis in Fantasyland Quest: General DiscussionOP can't do a normal thread for today so he sets up a discussion threadNazi Quest, Collective Game, Eg2013-04-05 8 
24081622Nazis in Fantasyland Quest Part XIVA small company of ours was attacked by mages before we came to the rescue and took 4 mages prisoner.Nazi Quest, Collective Game, Eg2013-04-06 23 
24245596True Scholomance QuestOur Aztec Nazi Blood Shaman learns about magic and arrives at school.Collective Game, Scholomance Quest, Magic, Nazis2013-04-15 15 
May 2013
25082426Nazi Quest XVThe Obersturmbannführer returns and we begin planning our next moveNazi, Nazi Quest, Collective Game, Quest, Eg2013-05-28 22 
June 2013
25558063Nazis in Fantasyland Quest Part XVPlans are laid forth to meet with Rhemult, the head of the local underworld, and Command is contacted for the first time in a long time.Nazi Quest, Collective Game, Eg2013-06-22 21 
July 2013
25730775Nazis in Fantasyland Quest Part XVIIThe assassination's aftermath is dealt with, Knight Commander Beregen is summoned for a talk, and provides us with healing.Nazi Quest, Collective Game, Eg2013-07-01 22 
26210474Nazis in Fantasyland Quest Part XVIIIThe aftermath of the sacrificial ritual is dealt with, Speer is met, and plans are laid forth for further advancement!Nazi Quest, Collective Game, Eg2013-07-24 20 
August 2013
26415750Nazis in Fantasyland Quest Part XIXIn which we fuel our caffeine addiction, set forth plans to attack the mines, and investigate Siegfried.Nazi Quest, Collective Game, Eg2013-08-04 21 
May 2014
31888036Sext Adventure Quest: "Sword" Sucking SagaSee, its quirky and cute when I write poorly written porn because I do it in pictures~Smut, bad writing, good grammar is for nazis, lolsorandumb, lwys2014-05-03 10 
June 2014
33023335Shadowrun General: Humanis EditionShadowrun general starts up all normal like, and then nazisbipolar, nazi, humanis, shadowrun, storytime, storytiem2014-06-27 3 
July 2015
40944771Weimar QuestInterwar Germany takes a turn somewhere.Weinar Quest, Germany, Kaiser, time-travelling moon nazis2015-07-02 5 
February 2016
45664890Valkyrie Quest 1In which we bring in the New Year with a bang.Valkyrie Quest, Collective Game, Cute Nazi Girls2016-02-27 10 
45702977Valkyrie Quest 2We unlock our powers and get our first taste of combat.Valkyrie Quest, Collective Game, Cute Nazi Girls2016-02-29 8 
March 2016
45844285Valkyrie Quest 3We recover from our nap, attain a new companion, and meet a kind, gentle man.Valkyrie Quest, Collective Game, Cute Nazi Girls2016-03-07 6 
45989120Valkyrie Quest 4After meeting more possible frienemies we head north to find new allies.Valkyrie Quest, Collective Game, Cute Nazi Girls2016-03-14 7 
May 2016
47201939Valkyrie Quest 5The Finnish resistance asks for our help rescuing their friends, and we oblige. Hilarity ensues.Valkyrie Quest, Collective Game, Cute Nazi Girls2016-05-12 5 
47490228Valkyrie Quest 6We delve into the history of the Valkyrie and the Great War, then have a night on the town.Valkyrie Quest, Collective Game, Cute Nazi Girls2016-05-29 7 
June 2016
47610428Valkyrie Quest 7We continue to assist the Resistance, and get to test our mettle, tank to tank.Valkyrie Quest, Collective Game, Cute Nazi Girls2016-06-05 5 
274142Nazi Experiment Quest 1A soldier captured by the Nazi's and experimented on at the end of the war, you escape to see a much different world.Collective Hame, Nazi Experiment, Lycanthropy, Cold War, QuestingQM, Alternate History 2016-06-23 1 
294205Nazi Experiment Quest 2Our army grows and so does our powerQuestingQm, Lycanthropy ,Nazi, Collective Game2016-06-24 2 
July 2016
309808Nazi Experiment Quest 3The resistance gets better equipped while Ivanka keeps getting hungrier and hungrier.Collective Game, Quest, Nazi Experiment, Lycanthropy, Cold War, QuestingQM, Alternate History2016-07-03 0 
360078Nazi Experiment Quest 4The soviets are pissed and bomb the city the resistance freed. The resistance save some civilians before laying low and fight a mock battle.Collective Game, Quest, Nazi Experiment, Lycanthropy, Cold War, QuestingQM, Alternate History2016-07-17 0 
373063Nazi Experimental Quest 5Stojan gets drunk, becomes a edgelord but redeems himself. He becomes the king (KANG) of Poland and propose to Ivanka.Collective Game, Quest, Nazi Experiment, Lycanthropy, Cold War, QuestingQM, Alternate History2016-07-20 2 
388974Nazi Experimental Quest 6The soviets attack the city, and this time the resistance is forced to fight back.Collective Game, Quest, Nazi Experiment, Lycanthropy, Cold War, QuestingQM, Alternate History2016-07-24 0 
405099Nazi Experimental Quest 7The fighting continues.Collective Game, Quest, Nazi Experiment, Lycanthropy, Cold War, QuestingQM, Alternate History2016-07-30 0 
August 2016
437071Nazi Experimental Quest 8We become Indiana Jones, don't facemelt a Romanian, order pizza, save Karkmann, and play as Nicolae.Collective Game, Quest, Nazi Experiment, Lycanthropy, Cold War, QuestingQM, Alternate History2016-08-05 1 
451454Nazi Experimental Quest 9We revisit the castle, meet a statue to surpass Metal Gear, and everyone gets a much needed upgrade.Collective Game, Quest, Nazi Experiment, Lycanthropy, Cold War, QuestingQM, Alternate History2016-08-09 0 
473175Nazi Experimental Quest 10+11NOTE:Thread names got messed up, so just work off the basis that this is thread 11. We flee the country and find out about mutation science.Collective Game, Quest, Nazi Experiment, Lycanthropy, Cold War, QuestingQM, Alternate History2016-08-19 0 
October 2016
637644Werewolf Reich (Name Change)In this thread we attempt to invade Slovakia, fuck up, mutate the pack a little, trigger the QM with Vanu Bullshit, and etc.QuestingQM, Collective Game, Werewolf Reich, Nazi Experimental Quest, Lycanthropy, Cold War2016-10-06 0 
672041Werewolf Reich 2, Return of the EdgelordsIn this episode, Stojan has an affair with a human, Hans helps out, and he goes hunting with his dad. Oh, and then we nearly turn edgy.Werewolf Reich, QuestingQM, Collective Game, Nazi Experimental Quest2016-10-11 0 
November 2016
786407Werewolf Reich 4We go to another dimension, fuck up, and realize living underground is decent enough. Oh, and QM dies for this as well.Collective Quest, RIP QM, QuestingQM, Werewolf Reich, Nazi Experimental Quest, Werewolves, Lycanthropy,2016-11-13 0 
December 2016
955844World War II JoJo Quest #1The Blue Division soldier Julian de la Torre and his Stand [EUROBEAT] hit the GASQuest, JoJo, JoJo´s Bizarre Adventure, World War 2, Nazi, Communist, Vampire, Stand, ROAD ROLLER, Eurobeat2016-12-19 20 
January 2017
968879World War II JoJo Quest #2The missing archive. We narrowly avoid crashing into a Nazi outpost, and do driving shenanigansJoJo, Cars, World War 2, WW2, DungeonQM, Eurobeat, Nazis, 2017-01-02 16 
1001500World War II JoJo Quest #3We wake up tied to a table, crack jokes with the Nazis, agree to fight mysterious Vampires in Italy and...JoJo, Eurobeat, DungeonQm, WW2JoJo, Bizarre, Nazis, WW2, DRIFTING, Vampire, Stand, Tags, 2017-01-04 7 
51394142Nazi Europe Setting WorldbuildingA discussion of the standard alternate history cliché of a nazi victory and how to turn it into a setting.setting, worldbuilding, alternate history, nazis,2017-01-27 4 
May 2017
1478013Werewolf Reich Redone 3In this episode, nothing much gets done due to DM death, but we find a worthy opponent...Werewolf Reich Redone, Nazi Experimental Quest, QuestingQM2017-05-27 0 
December 2017
56708076What would you do in a real post-apocalyptic scenario? The thread goes as expected, until someone's post leads to anons debating over the logistics of self-cuckoldry, and a nazi-cult's involvedApocalypse, Post Apocalypse, Nazi, Cult, Autism2017-12-02 6 
January 2018
2199648Space Nazi Quest - Destination MarsAlternate History setting where you are a bioengineered Ubermensch leading a team of your fellow Nazis to Mars for science and adventure!Nazis, Space, Space Nazi Quest, Scifi2018-01-14 13 
2233346Space Nazi Quest - Destination Mars #2Captain finds a rat inside the crew!Nazis, Space, Space Nazi Quest, Scifi2018-01-26 7 
February 2018
2262665Space Nazi Quest - Destination Mars #3The crew must defend themselves from waves of alien attacks!Nazis, Space, Space Nazi Quest, Scifi2018-02-10 3 
October 2018
2957468Neet Quest #6We made to the Cabin after a horrible dinner, Sophia and family gets kidnapped by a gang, we join the White Brotherhood to save them.Collective Game, Neet Quest, Neet, NeetQM, Adventure, Quest, Sandbox, California, Guns, Nazis2018-10-20 5 
2977030Neet Quest #7Met the SS-Team, train with them, got ambushed, came up with a plan, eat some drug pie, kill and saved everyone and dressed up as Muslims.Collective Game, Neet Quest, Neet, NeetQM, Adventure, Quest, Sandbox, California, Guns, Nazis, Allahu Akbar2018-10-24 3 
January 2019
3203426Worm Nazi Cape Quest, thread 1Some superscience, but mostly junking for nowWorm, Nazi, Cape, Science2019-01-28 5 
February 2019
3222606Worm Nazi Cape Quest, thread 2Some exosuit construction and gang violence spectatingWorm, Nazi, Cape, Science2019-02-10 10 
3266789Worm Nazi Cape Quest, thread 3Our junkyard becomes the Vietnam of Brockton Bay, many enter, few leave. Unfortunately, this leaves us with some problems with the law.Worm, Nazi, Cape, Science2019-02-23 10 
March 2019
3309692Worm Nazi Cape Quest, thread 4Our first day as a PRT slave hero. Herman makes a first impression worse than Armsmaster's autistic handling of our arrest.Worm, Nazi, Cape, Science, Akire, Sorcerer of Autism, Herman,2019-03-11 12 
March 2023
5569167After the FallA quest that the QM thught wuld be pretty serious, but ended up being moon Nazi's. Oh also Heinrich, the goofball.Heinrich, Moon Nazi, AfterQM2023-03-16 10 
September 2023
5734517Operation Moonshot (1)You are Senior Lieutenant Aleksei Volkov, and you are on the moon to fight Nazis. Fighting in Afghanistan was a lot simpler than this.Moon, Nazi, USSR, Thunderhead,2023-09-25 7 
November 2023
5777646Operation Moonshot (2)The assault begins, and Aleksei enters the Nazi base.Moon, Nazi, USSR, Thunderhead,2023-11-03 4 
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