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July 2015
40944771Weimar QuestInterwar Germany takes a turn somewhere.Weinar Quest, Germany, Kaiser, time-travelling moon nazis2015-07-02 5 
May 2019
3485005Stories from the Second Weltkrieg: A Kaiserreich QuestPart 1 of SftSW:AKQ, in which our intrepid MC meets a NatPop and starts to get indoctrinated.Kaiserreich, NatPop, Quest2019-05-06 1 
3498965Stories from the Second Weltkrieg: Episode TwoIn this episode, our intrepid hero meets with Marie again, visits a mueseum, gets mugged, shoots someone, and goes home.Kaiserreich, Quest, SftSW:AKQ2019-05-12 1 
June 2019
3587092Stories From (Slightly Before) the Second WeltkriegIn this short story, a drinking game between vietnamese generals causes an uprising.SFTSW:AKQ, Kaiserreich, Short2019-06-20 1 
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