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October 2016
637644Werewolf Reich (Name Change)In this thread we attempt to invade Slovakia, fuck up, mutate the pack a little, trigger the QM with Vanu Bullshit, and etc.QuestingQM, Collective Game, Werewolf Reich, Nazi Experimental Quest, Lycanthropy, Cold War2016-10-06 0 
672041Werewolf Reich 2, Return of the EdgelordsIn this episode, Stojan has an affair with a human, Hans helps out, and he goes hunting with his dad. Oh, and then we nearly turn edgy.Werewolf Reich, QuestingQM, Collective Game, Nazi Experimental Quest2016-10-11 0 
721734Werewolf Reich 3In this, we corrupt our father, fuck around a little, and decide to travel to another dimension. Cut short by QM's death.Collective Quest, QuestingQM, RIP QM, Werewolf Reich2016-10-24 0 
November 2016
786407Werewolf Reich 4We go to another dimension, fuck up, and realize living underground is decent enough. Oh, and QM dies for this as well.Collective Quest, RIP QM, QuestingQM, Werewolf Reich, Nazi Experimental Quest, Werewolves, Lycanthropy,2016-11-13 0 
May 2017
1420093Werewolf Reich Quest: Return to MadnessWe completely retcon WRQ and restart from the beginning as a SOVIET PENAL CONSCRIPT... Who secretly supports the old Monarchy of Russia.Werewolf Reich Quest Redone, QuestingQM, Collective Game,2017-05-05 2 
1429647Werewolf Reich Quest: Redone 1In this episode, we start a very tiny resistance movement, and play as a very aggressive Sean Connery spy from America caught by the sovietsCollective Game, Werewolf Reich Quest Redone, QuestingQM2017-05-09 1 
1447362Werewolf Reich Redone 2In this episode, we get shot as Douglas, nearly caught, but manage to survive and escape, and find out what we're becoming...Werewolf Reich Redone, Collective Game, QuestingQM2017-05-20 1 
1478013Werewolf Reich Redone 3In this episode, nothing much gets done due to DM death, but we find a worthy opponent...Werewolf Reich Redone, Nazi Experimental Quest, QuestingQM2017-05-27 0 
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