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October 2012
21096309Magical Burst ChargensAnon posts a helpful site that randomly generates magical girls. Much fun is had. Magical Girl Gilgamesh is born.Magical Burst, Chargen, Magical Girls, Gilgamesh2012-10-14 12 
September 2013
27380539Eclipse Phase And The Infinite Sadness/tg/ plays around with the Eclipse Phase lifepath chargen system again. Sadface The Turksquid ensues.why, feels, eclipse phase, sci fi, chargen, awesome, characters, rolling2013-09-23 24 
January 2014
29445953Nechronica Fast ChargenOP made a chargen guide for Nechronica, made three chars with /tg/.Chargen, Nechronica, Undead, Loli, Japan,2014-01-13 11 
June 2015
40623401Blackguard Quest #1The opening thread for blackguard quest, we go through chargen, and find out that everything we've thought was true was a pack of lies.Collective Game, Quest, Blackguard Quest, Chargen, Eclipse2015-06-16 12 
40631620Blackguard Quest #1.5We fall, form a pact with two evil gods, and soul-meld with our bro Collective Game, Quest, Blackguard Quest, Chargen, Eclipse, Blackguard2015-06-16 7 
May 2016
106118Queenswoman of the August Commonwealth: Chapter OneA new Planetary Governor for Her Majesty is appointed, Herald and drones on throughout chargen. Much salt is sprinkled in this thread.August Commonwealth, Governor, Planetary Governor, Space, Collective Game, Original Setting, Salt, Chargen2016-05-14 4 
April 2017
1321928Eskimo Quest #1In which a QM is boredCollective Game, Eskimo Quest, Chargen2017-04-09 1 
April 2018
2498006Novus Homo Quest #1A new quest begins, our protagonist leaves with a cryptic order, and he gets horribly electrocuted because Romans do not know electricity. Collective Game, Post Apocalyptic, Novus Homo Quest, Raskolnikov, Chargen2018-04-29 2 
November 2019
69255760Central Casting: Roll 'em UpRolling up a character in an obtuse, table heavy system. chargen, rolling, central casting2019-11-07 0 
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