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October 2010
12476287Make a Character - Albrecht Ironpiston/tg/ makes a character. The end result is INDESCRIBABLE MANLINESS in gnomish form.character, gnome, trike, rabbits, manliness2010-10-17 3 
March 2013
23951476Wang FireWang Fire discovers that he is everyone, and that everyone is Wang FireWang Fire, Avatar, Sokka, Alpharius, silly, humor, realization, manliness, beard, Zuko2013-03-31 15 
May 2014
32341112Anaru Quest: RE-Birth 1After 9 long weeks, OP finally returns to continue the epic tale of Ondori Anaru with an explosive beginning!Kill_la_Kill, Collective_Game, Manliness, hype2014-05-25 15 
32378958Anaru Quest: RE-Birth 3Questions, relief and hope in the wake of the battleKill_la_Kill, Collective_Game, Quest, Manliness, Anaru, Toothpicks2014-05-27 10 
32401661Anaru Quest: RE-Birth 4The cat has a pompadour, too? And Anaru finally receives the answer he's been seeking.Kill_la_Kill, Collective_Game, Manliness, hype, pompadour2014-05-28 7 
32424236Anaru Quest: RE-Birth 5Anaru steps out for a bit to see to his little sister.Kill_la_Kill, Collective_Game, Quest, Manliness, hype, pompadour2014-05-29 7 
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