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March 2008
1312058The scariest Traitor Guardsmen everBy the Dark Gods I've never been so afraid.Traitor, lost and the damned, COMMISSAR SCARECROWS2008-03-11 21 
May 2009
4467075Commissar...Desus?!?Because Creation wasn't big enough to contain his dickery, let's unleash him into the Imperium. Great idea.Exalted, Desus, Commissar2009-05-04 5 
November 2009
6663011Traitors AnonymousA simple question about tales regarding characters betraying the rest of the party establishes only one fact: Commissar-kun is the new Wasteland Warrior.betrayal, commissar-kun, epic2009-11-11 6 
December 2009
7198702The Most Interesting Man in the ImperiumHe is the most debonair and interesting man in the Imperium, and he is your new Commissar. "I don't often fight Chaos... But when I do, I prefer Imperial Guardsmen at my side." "Stay loyal to the Imperium, my friends."Commissar, Warhammer, 40k2009-12-19 11 
April 2010
9251334Commissar RangersA thread about what would happen if Horus came back to fight Terra turns into a discussion about the Chaos-Stomping Commissar Rangers and their fights with Chaos.Commissar, Power Rangers, Horus Heresy, What if,2010-04-17 18 
9284122Krieg Writefaggotry the fourthThe Kriegottry returns, with more vignettes about 68c and her companion from the commissariat. Krieg, Writefaggotry, DKOK, humor, commissar, maid2010-04-19 20 
August 2010
11751007Return of Krieg WritefaggotryVarious Krieg writefags work together to bring happiness to all. The piano playing krieger, repairing the vitae womb and more of the commissar and his maidKrieg, commissar, maid, writefags2010-08-21 17 
November 2010
1293111540k redonewith Mary Poppins as an Inquisitor and Willy Wonka as a commissar, 40k somehow gets more horrifying.mary poppins, 40k, inquisitor, commissar, willy wonka2010-11-26 11 
October 2011
16575266Commissar Techpriestess RomanceA lovely story of the interactions of an unlikely but sweet couple.commissar, techpriestess, romance, 40k romance2011-10-10 38 
16612487Commissar Techpriestess Romance Part 3A continuation of a lovely story of the interactions of an unlikely but sweet couple.commissar, techpriestess, romance, 40k romance2011-10-15 12 
16668058Techpriest / Commissar Romance : Part the FourthFourth thread of the highly romantic interactions of one Octavia, Techpriestess, and Rogal Hephastus, Commissar.techpriestess, commissar, romance, 40k romance2011-10-20 8 
January 2013
22504406The Commissar and MarciaCommissar adopts an Eldar into the IG psykerseldar imperial guard marcia commissar draw thread 2013-01-10 50 
22560741The Commissar and Marcia :Training beginsa small session of training for the eldar convert, then some side pics by OPdrawthread, drawfag, eldar, IG, quest, imperial, guard, Marcia, Commissar2013-01-13 34 
22617928The Commissar and Marcia: Obstacle CourseThe Commissar's eldar conscript is put through the paces.Eldar, IG, Imperial Guard, Quest, Marcia, Commissar, drawthread2013-01-16 23 
22656737The Commissar and Marcia 5A character from the Commissar's past returns from the dead. He then proceeds to knock out an entire tavern's worth of patrons and recruits a psyker to serve as Marcia's teacher.Eldar, IG, Imperial Guard, Quest, Marcia, Commissar, Collective Game2013-01-18 21 
22693544The Commissar and Marcia 6 : Devil huntMarcia starts training with someone from the Adeptus Astra Telepathica, while the Commissar goes out to hunt, and is met with a nasty surpriseCollective Game, Marcia, Commissar, drawthread, The Commissar and Marcia2013-01-20 21 
22766946The Commissar and Marcia 7Marcia finds herself in a blank, white space and gets harassed by some voices inside her head.Collective Game, Marcia, Commissar, drawthread, The Commissar and Marcia2013-01-24 20 
March 2013
23791694Boone Quest XIXAfter a long hiatus, we take out our newest ally for a spin and try to control amorous impulses. In the process, we get a fighter jet.Boone, Boone Quest, fagot, culexus, commissar, raege, Collective Game2013-03-21 28 
June 2013
25177457Commissar questYou are as of now an unnamed brat of a future Commissar, bunkered down inside a large imperial vessel en-route for the Schola Progenium you have (by the grace of the emperor) been assigned to.Collective Game, Commissar quest2013-06-02 24 
25320965Commissar questCommisssar quest 2: We are poking about a bit more with the Character! Collective Game, Commissar quest2013-06-09 12 
25472277Commissar quest: III -The landfallIts time to leave the maiden - today otto continues her journey to beocome a commissar, what will become of her!? Will we meet john again? WHAT ABOUT OUR PASTE!?Collective Game, Commissar quest2013-06-16 12 
25531729Commissar quest: IV - The SholaWe finely get to meet our new teachers, while also poking 'bout the hangar bay.Collective Game, Commissar quest2013-06-20 12 
25602752Commissar quest: V - LandfallWe depart the ship, and for the first time get to see the Schola!Collective Game, Commissar quest2013-06-23 11 
25717814Commissar quest: VI -The TreckWe begin to explore the new planet! And who knows, perhaps we'll even get to see the scholia?Collective Game, Commissar quest2013-06-29 11 
July 2013
25855208Commissar quest: VII -The Schola proornonrWe make it to the schola proper, and walk around the premise! Introducing new characters, and freaking out over food!Collective Game, Commissar quest2013-07-06 10 
25872224Commissar quest: VIII -The Twilight ZoneToday we get the chance to see more of the scholia, our dormroom, we'll also be asigned a class! What will happen? Will we join in with Angelina!? What of the planet mold!?Collective Game, Commissar quest2013-07-07 11 
25928879The Commissar And Marcia: SIDE EDITIONWhile the commissar is out, Marcia engages in some personal training. She sets off into the surrounding wilderness to scout out the land for the glory of the IG. Collective Game, Marcia, Commissar, drawthread, The Commissar and Marcia2013-07-10 14 
26269730Commissar quest: IX - First dayToday we explore our dorm room and being our first day of the Schola progenium on besvir!Collective Game, Commissar quest, quest, commissar, besvir, CommissarWhatsHisName2013-07-27 10 
August 2013
26545760Commissar quest: X - First day: part 2, extra shooty editon!Our first day continue as we are exposed to Laz for the first time!Collective Game, Commissar quest, quest, commissar, besvir, CommissarWhatsHisName2013-08-10 16 
26697248Commissar quest: XI - First day part IIIWe attempt to survive the terror of the practical, all the while the clock keeps ticking for our friends last breaths.Collective Game, Commissar quest, quest, commissar, besvir, CommissarWhatsHisName2013-08-18 14 
26838541Lord General Quest 1Lord General travels to the world of Vitalitas to raise his first Regiment before preparing to liberate the world of Le Keers. Politicking upon a dying world, securing aid, and raising his first Siege Regiment, the Lord General lays the groundwork for his future.Collective Game, Lord General Quest, Warhammer 40k, Imperial Guard, Commissars2013-08-27 22 
26876368Lord General Quest 2Lord General and the Vitalitas 1st Siege Regiment arrive at Le Keers to find the enemy's numbers larger than expected, but begin their attack undaunted! Perspective shift to a Company Commander's view takes the fight to a crashed Devourer dropship's survivors at the Starport of Omnissiah's Gateway... Guardsman Ronalds will not be forgotten. Collective Game, Lord General Quest, Warhammer 40k, Imperial Guard, Commissars, Invasion, Heretics, Death or Glory2013-08-29 20 
26917030Lord General Quest 3The liberation of Le Keers continues. For the Emperor, boys!Collective Game, Lord General Quest, Warhammer 40k, Imperial Guard, Commissars, Invasion, Heretics, Death or Glory2013-08-31 20 
October 2013
27826257Commissar Quest XII: We're back!CommissarQuest XII: We're back! Continuing the story of Otto schulte and her adveture becoming a Commissar - today: Data slates! Breakfast! Shootin'!Commissar quest, besvir, CommissarWhatsHisName, quest, collective game,2013-10-19 8 
27952659Commissar Quest XIII: The Tea PartyOur slate recovered, we're finely ready to head forward! What does the future entail? Nobody knows, but rumbelings from bellow speak of a rising foe. Join in as Otto's adventure continue.Commissar quest, besvir, CommissarWhatsHisName, quest, collective game,2013-10-26 8 
November 2013
28322670Commissar Quest XV: Technical knockWe return to Commissar Quest, now they know our secret! How will we survive? Will be tech priests be friendly? Tune in for moar!Commissar quest, besvir, CommissarWhatsHisName, quest, collective game,2013-11-16 6 
28454467Commissar Quest XVI: Chest high wallsToday we join the Tech priest in moving boxes.. and possible something more!Commissar quest, besvir, CommissarWhatsHisName, quest, collective game,2013-11-23 5 
December 2013
28715563Commissar Quest XVII: Return of the PracticalToday we return to the Practical once more! Woods! Guns! Transports! More woods! Singing!Commissar quest, besvir, CommissarWhatsHisName, quest, collective game,2013-12-08 5 
28859057 Commissar Quest Return of the Practical 2: Electric boogalooCommissar Quest: Return of the Practical returns as we continue the hellish trip through the forest!Commissar quest, besvir, CommissarWhatsHisName, quest, collective game,2013-12-15 5 
January 2014
29435742 Commissar Quest XVIII: Return Of The Practical Part 3: <Insert Standard Sequel Name Here>As such, Commissar quest return of the practical continues, read more for the awakening, finding out about the beast - rivers! Mud men! Knifes! Stabbing!Commissar quest, besvir, CommissarWhatsHisName, quest, collective game,2014-01-12 5 
29785368The Commissar and Marcia 9: Revival EditionJoin us as the Commissar, together with is aide, finally found the tau encampment and investigation ensues.Collective Game, Marcia, Commissar, drawthread, The Commissar and Marcia2014-01-26 12 
February 2014
30123737Commissar Quest: Return Of The Practical Part 4: OH LORD WE'RE ACTUALLY PLAYINGTonight we finish of the second practical, and perhaps we'll live to see another day yet?Commissar quest, besvir, CommissarWhatsHisName, quest, collective game,2014-02-09 6 
May 2014
32195887The Commissar and Marcia-Sidequest: Da PodAn unidentified "Space Pod" lands in the thick jungle of Feral World "Loss". The Commissar calls the guardsmen and Marcia to investigate and find a rather unexpected lifeform.Collective Game, The Commissar and Marcia, Marcia, Commissar, Imperial Guard, Eldar, drawthread, Squat, Grotling, heresy2014-05-18 7 
June 2014
32799824Commissar QuestWe are back! BACKPAINS, HUNTING, STUFFZCommissar quest, besvir, CommissarWhatsHisName, quest, collective game,2014-06-15 5 
August 2014
33798684The Zathras Legion, Part 2Excuse me, Commissar...imperial guard, 40k, Zathras, Excuse me commissar, questions, troll2014-08-01 3 
34466527Khornette Quest #8In which we play psychiatrist to Acerea and Ignitrix, get new armor and upgraded claws from Wormbag, and visit Commissar Silent before going to Dinner with a suave Rogue Trader. Collective Game, Khornette, Lady of Change, Commissar, Rogue Trader, ELH2014-08-29 4 
September 2014
34534080Commissar Quest XX: Emperors DayCommissar Quest: XX - Otto is slowly growing up!Collective Game, Commissar quest, quest, commissar, besvir, CommissarWhatsHisName2014-09-01 4 
34749660Commissar Quest XXI: QCQ and Shots!We go to the medica office, lose our data-slate and roll for titsCollective Game, Commissar quest, quest, commissar, besvir, CommissarWhatsHisName2014-09-10 3 
34772590Commissar Quest XXII: The ring and the damWe return to the ring and have a good battles, testing the new combat system.Collective Game, Commissar quest, quest, commissar, besvir, CommissarWhatsHisName2014-09-11 5 
June 2015
40533884 Penal Regiment Designation: /tg/ - The Crusade BeginsCommissar Gaurun has the unfortunate task of presiding over the Penal Legion /tg/, and what begins as an innocuous day of alcoholism and heresy soon devolves into a frightful day of pants thieving genestealers, insanity and a full fledged crusade against a chaos bakery.Commissar Gaurun, Weapon Specialist Lyn, Private Lemming, Vostroyan Regiment Liason Alexandr, Jeanstealer, Aaliyah, Ruh, Stephan Meltaman, Guardsman Sergant Joe, Kal Teest2015-06-12 9 
40617073Penal regiment designation /tg/: another inspectionThe regiment is deeply in ork terriroty and has problems with folding tools and special memberscollective game, penal regiment designation /tg/commissar gaurun, cpt notaneldar,lemming, gibbers, stephen meltaman, Sergeant KommandoInDisguise, james, ruh2015-06-15 5 
40901015Penal regiment /tg/ - field kit inspection - ibram gaunt is my waifu editionThe penal regiment /tg/ is sent to a space hulk to clear out a maximum of genestealers before the karskin can come in and sweep all the glory. Gibbers descends more fully into madness, a Cadianite turns out to be a disciple of nurgle and voxes the sororitas to the displeasure of the commissar, who was just inviting the quartermaster to a drink if they survived the ordealcollective game, penal regiment designation /tg/,commissar gaurun, gary, ruh, lemmings, gibbers, gary the catachan, cadianite, palatine sister theresia, captain alexandr mikhailovicht, quartermaster nihaonyan2015-06-29 5 
40917414Mission to OR-42Anon posts a Metroid/40K crossover. Anon 2 writes Samus's PoV. Anon 3 writes Necron PoV.Warhammer 40000, 40K, Metroid, Necrons, Imperial Guard, Commissar, Samus, Samus Aran, Write, Writing2015-06-30 8 
July 2015
41027807Penal regiment /tg/ - field kit inspection - fucking this again editionThis time the regiment is facing off against Chaos spawn, as they are joined by the Inquisition, sister Theresia and the navigator, while a plot appears to stow away the commissar to safety.field kit inspection, penal regiment designation /tg/, collective game, ruh, lemming, gibbers, palatine sister theresia, navigator elena, inquisitor vilhelm, quartermaster nihaonyan, commissar gaurun2015-07-05 8 
August 2015
41994183The 'Skippy's List' for the Imperial GuardPossibly the definitive version of the hilarious implied antics of bored soldiers in WH40k flavour. An Excellent read.Warhammer 40K, Imperial Guard, Guard, Writefaggotry, IG, Guardsmen, Commissar, Epic2015-08-21 42 
July 2016
400239Fantasy Officer Quest #1Enter our hero, who finds himself in the middle of a big mess. Shows no mercy, gets a ward under his wings, then gets arrested for murder.commissar, military, officer, Manus2016-07-29 1 
September 2017
1865916Fantasy Officer - Resurrection - Thread 2Wherein Kazimir launches a four-way attack with nothing but low-key convicts and militamen to save an entire city.Collective Game, Manus, military, commissar, reboot2017-09-26 1 
August 2018
61670286The Lady CommissarA Commissar teases a poor guardsman who made the mistake of catching her attention.Female Commissar, femdom, Emperor 2018-08-30 20 
July 2020
73737103The Sister and the CommissarAnons come up with some silly interactions between Sisters of Battle and other characters and OP sketches up some of them40k, writefaggotry, Sisters of Battle, Commissar, Admech, Tau, Chaos, Space Marines, Orks2020-07-16 11 
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