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April 2011
14730253Boone QuestCF does a quest thread involving a terribly powerful psyker PC. just kidding, it's Boone.Boone, Quest, CF, MC,40k, draw2011-04-27 79 
May 2011
14986132Boone Quest 2CF returns from an unconscionably long absence. We pick up party members and continue through the cell block.Boone, Calliban, Quests, Collective Game, Collossal Faggot, Culexis, drawfag2011-05-20 34 
14990314BOONE QUEST 2 part 2Continuation of the second part of Boone Quest. Involving acid, Genestealer infestations, and techpriest nookie!Boone, Calliban, Quests, Collective Game, Collossal Faggot, Culexis, drawfag2011-05-20 29 
June 2011
15182129Boone Quest part 3Boone and gang return to kill rampaging 'nids and kick some balls. Several times.Boone, Calliban, C-16, Collective Game, Colossal Fagot, Culexus, drawfag, Quests2011-06-07 31 
15190094Boone Quest Episode One Part 4Seb gets ruined, Caliban gets the girl, and C-16 plays hangman.Boone, Quest, Colossal, Faggot, 40k, c-16, Caliban2011-06-08 36 
August 2011
15870437Boone Quest Episode 5After a lengthy absence, CF returns. We do some backtracking and find out the fates of our missing squadmate.Boone, Collective Game, Boone Quest,2011-08-09 28 
15882549Boone Quest - Episode 6Our heroes encounter the Big Bad Heretek... will it blend?Boone, Collective Game, Boone Quest, Collosal Fagot2011-08-10 26 
September 2011
16157599Boone Quest Episode 7Boone advances towards the surface, encountering an actual miner for once. Leo gets a new toy.Collective Game, Boone Quest, Boone, Psyker, Quest, Colossal Fagot, Mr Culexis2011-09-03 26 
16182136Boone Quest Ep. 7.1We continue where we left off, encountering a cultist and promptly losing him, and getting a chance to speak to someone who isn't asleep or evil.Collective Game, Boone, Boone Quest, Mr. Culexis2011-09-05 26 
November 2011
16862657Boone Quest Episode 8NEL has joined the party!Boone, Collective Game, Boone Quest, Colossal Fagot, Collossal Fagot2011-11-07 28 
January 2012
17647683Boone Quest Episode 9MINHELM joins the party, and an evil animated hand runs loose.Boone, Boone Quest, Collective Game, Colossal Fagot2012-01-24 27 
17660603Boone Quest Episode 9.2In which our heroes flush melta bombs down the toilet.Boone, Boone Quest, Collective Game, Colossal Fagot2012-01-25 26 
February 2012
18044520Boone Quest Episode 10Turns out we're not dead! We link up with some survivors from our unit, and learn that Raege is incoming.Boone, Boone Quest, Collective Game, Colossal Fagot2012-02-22 27 
March 2012
18399415Boone Quest Episode 11Featuring coin stealing, heretic decapitations, and psyker-on-psyker sexual harassment.Boone, Boone Quest, Collective Game, Mr. Culexus, Colossal Fagot2012-03-21 26 
May 2012
19029468Boone Quest Episode 12In which our protagonist runs over heretics with a car, brings warm beer to a catatonic Britishman, and gets locked in the freezer.Boone, Boone Quest, Collective Game, Colossal Fagot, Mr. Culexus2012-05-09 27 
July 2012
19897335Boone Quest Episode 13In which our heroes attempt vehicular homicide on a rogue psyker, recruit an Emperor-fearing mutant soldier, and unearth Demogirl.Boone, Boone Quest, Collective Game, Colossal Fagot, Mr. Culexus2012-07-16 27 
August 2012
20324988Boone Quest Episode XIVAfter a brief skirmish with some of Sapp's goons, we have a psychic confrontation with Waldrip.Boone, Boone Quest, Colossal Fagot, quest thread, collective game2012-08-15 29 
September 2012
20802078Boone quest FifteenWe head out to the scholam and break in, searching for the last batch of clues.Boone, Boone Quest, Collective Game, Colossal Fagot, Mr. Culexus, raege2012-09-21 26 
20860329Boone Quest Episode 16Boone regroups with the rest of the squad to new upgrades and party members before returning to the mining facility. Boone, Boone Quest, Collective Game, Colossal Fagot, Mr. Culexus, raege2012-09-25 27 
October 2012
21258695Boone Quest 17We finally activate our coin necklace, and battle a giant Heretek.Collective Game, Boone, Boone Quest, Colossal Fagot, Mr. Culexus, raege, boss fight2012-10-24 27 
November 2012
21660129Boone Quest 18In which our heroes finally achieve Krieger Hug.Collective Game, Boone, Boone Quest, Colossal Fagot, Mr. Culexus, raege, krieger2012-11-20 30 
March 2013
23791694Boone Quest XIXAfter a long hiatus, we take out our newest ally for a spin and try to control amorous impulses. In the process, we get a fighter jet.Boone, Boone Quest, fagot, culexus, commissar, raege, Collective Game2013-03-21 28 
April 2013
24496610Boone Quest 20 part 1After our attempted paramour takes a tumble, we begin poking around the Admech temple for food and info.Boone, Quest, Collective Game, Colossal Fagot, Raege, draw, Culexus2013-04-28 22 
24502474Boone Quest 20 part 2Continuing the story, our heroes acquire phat admech lootz.Boone, Collective Game, Colossal Fagot, Raege, Culexus2013-04-28 22 
July 2013
26314711Boone Quest 21In which Boone tries to hold her own in awkward elevator small talk with Raege. Boone, Collective Game, Colossal Fagot, Raege, Culexus2013-07-30 22 
August 2013
26358922Boone Quest 22Where we back track. Cause that's FUN.Boone Quest, Collective Game, CF, Warhammer, Weeabbo, Psyker2013-08-01 24 
March 2014
30657462BooneQuest #23Boone and company rush to stop Spokane from doing whatever it is Hereteks do.Boone Quest, Collective Game, CF, Warhammer, Weeaboo, Psyker2014-03-06 22 
September 2014
35094410Boone Quest #24The adventure continues! Boone faces off against Waldrip and climbs a ladder.Boone, Boone Quest, Collective Game, Colossal Fagot, Mr. Culexus, raege2014-09-25 21 
February 2015
38370843Boone Quest Episode 25Boone finally faces off against the mastermind behind everything.Boone, Boone Quest, Collective Game, Drawquest, Colossal Fagot, Mr. Culexus, Raege, Sapp2015-02-28 27 
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