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April 2010
9314175Village drawing RPG 2Conitniuation from previous thread, we start with a refuge from the fishing village. Commerce, water worship and toll collecting. And, of course, awesome art from the elusive OP who refuses to get a tripcode.Village, awesome, water, good, trade2010-04-20 29 
October 2010
12527708War of the OceansWhat starts with OP simply telling us of a rapeable dilemma he's having, ends with declarations of war across the ocean.dolphins, funny, rape, chaos, ocean, squid, sharks, war, water2010-10-22 6 
April 2011
14763820Making underwater racesFa/tg/uys decide to explore underwater settings using new aquatic races. Xenophobic Crab people, coral farming and interactions with the air-breathing aliens above ensue.underwater, worldbuilding, racebuilding, fluff2011-04-30 2 
November 2012
21447676D&D Jetboats/tg/ works out how to use Decanters of Endless Water as engines for a longship.D&D, Decanter of Endless Water, boat, getting shit done2012-11-06 10 
December 2012
22070118Magical Rocket Out Of a Decanter Of Endless Water/tg/ creates a functional rocket for D&D available to lift up to 52 tonnes of cargo with all math needed.decanter of endless water, physics, rocket, D&D, spelljammer2012-12-16 22 
February 2013
22899648Waterworld - The Adventure ContinuesThe continuing adventures of the HMS Centurion, as she takes on the psychopathic pirates of the Bragley Bunch.Collective Game, Quest, Waterworld2013-02-01 6 
22936347Waterworld - The Long PreparationThe HMS Centurion deals with the aftermarth of the battle of the rigs, and prepares to fulfil promises made to her new allies.Collective Game, Quest, Waterworld, HMS Centurion, Supercarrier, pirates, civ game 2013-02-03 2 
March 2013
23424514Engine Heart Waterworld MetropolisViral reports about the upcoming kickstarter, nono makes a postapocalyptic Engine Heart setting, everybody wins.Engine Heart, viral, nono, robot, bot, droid, android, drone, wall-e, free, homebrew, epic, survival, apocalypse, water, ocean, sea2013-03-01 9 
June 2013
25267452/tg/ Hates the OceanWhere /tg/ discusses all the reasons to stay away from any body of water anywhere.water, ocean, awesome, tg2013-06-06 15 
February 2014
29996343Deep Waters QuestA wisecracking submersible pilot encounters alien horrors deep in the Superatlantic Trench.Collective Game, Deep Waters Quest, MARS, Horror, Underwater, Submarine2014-02-04 11 
March 2014
30804702Random Dimensional Quest 8: Of Sprites and TimeskipsIn which Nick Trimmers succeeds at many of the goals he set for himself, and achieves a new level!Collective Game, Random Dimensional Quest, Nick Trimmers, barber, Slow Ass, Quest, Arsenal, water sprites, salesmanship, timeskip, Palladium, Megaversal2014-03-13 1 
31016677Avatar Quest #1Waterbending and battling are a great start to any questCollective Game, Avatar, Quest, Avatar Quest, MINOC, Waterbending2014-03-24 11 
31026244Avatar Quest #2Revenge is sweet, and so is humiliating your foes after deathCollective Game, Avatar, Quest, Avatar Quest, MINOC, Waterbending2014-03-24 6 
31063298Avatar Quest 3Where our young waterbender runs foul of the local mafiaCollective Game, Avatar, Avatar Quest, Waterbending2014-03-26 5 
April 2014
31183937Avatar Quest Part 5Part 5Avatar Quest, Avatar, Waterbending, MINOC2014-04-01 2 
June 2014
33051124Avatar Quest: Earth #1Our hero has some classic family bonding; getting lost in the woods, destroying trees and fighting wild animalsCollective Game, Avatar, Quest, Avatar Quest, Somnius, Waterbending2014-06-28 9 
July 2014
33132457Avatar Quest: Earth #2Anon tries to make a girl stop hating him in the best way possible; challenging her to a fight. Collective Game, Avatar, Quest, Avatar Quest, Somnius, Waterbending2014-07-02 6 
33190964Avatar Quest: Earth #3Where problems are solved...EARTHBENDING STYLE!Collective Game, Avatar, Quest, Avatar Quest, Somnius, Waterbending2014-07-05 2 
33211397Avatar Quest: Earth #4Our hero shows off some new bending tricks, ignores the taunts of Galda, and gets into a fight with another girl...I'm seeing a pattern hereCollective Game, Avatar, Quest, Avatar Quest, Somnius, Waterbending2014-07-06 3 
33233109Avatar Quest: Earth #5In which sparring continues and Felna's secret is revealedCollective Game, Avatar, Quest, Avatar Quest, Somnius, Waterbending2014-07-07 5 
33275723Avatar Quest: Earth #6A violent confrontation with Galda and miraculous recovery lead to tough decisions and even tougher questionsCollective Game, Avatar, Quest, Avatar Quest, Somnius, Waterbending2014-07-09 5 
33318508Avatar Quest: Earth #7Our hero has some serious conversations with family and friends, has more interesting dreams, and comes to realize what he really isCollective Game, Avatar, Quest, Avatar Quest, Somnius, Waterbending2014-07-11 2 
33363972Avatar Quest: Earth #8Shin and Felna discuss what being the Avatar will mean, plans are made to build a city, and a tense conversation with Galda takes placeCollective Game, Avatar, Quest, Avatar Quest, Somnius, Waterbending2014-07-13 5 
33384274Avatar Quest: Earth #9Shin talks with the guys about recent events, reunited with the giant turtle monster, and traps Bulo in a pit...it's a good dayCollective Game, Avatar, Quest, Avatar Quest, Somnius, Waterbending2014-07-14 3 
33431812Avatar Quest: Earth #10Fight Father with FireCollective Game, Avatar, Quest, Avatar Quest, Somnius, Waterbending2014-07-16 5 
33475594Avatar Quest: Earth #11Shin reconciles with his dad and learns to Waterbend....and then bandits show upCollective Game, Avatar, Quest, Avatar Quest, Somnius, Waterbending2014-07-18 2 
33522081Avatar Quest: Earth #12The group fights a fierce battle against a group of bandits, and prepares to face off against their leaderCollective Game, Avatar, Quest, Avatar Quest, Somnius, Waterbending2014-07-20 3 
33587322Avatar Quest: Earth #13Battle with the Bandit KingCollective Game, Avatar, Quest, Avatar Quest, Somnius, Waterbending2014-07-23 5 
33632001Avatar Quest: Earth #14Shin learns a new Waterbending trick, just in time for his father to see. Now, instructed to go to the Capital, Shin says his goodbyesCollective Game, Avatar, Quest, Avatar Quest, Somnius, Waterbending2014-07-25 3 
33700469Avatar Quest: Earth #15Shin says goodbye, travels to the capital, and meets the QueenCollective Game, Avatar, Quest, Avatar Quest, Somnius, Waterbending2014-07-28 4 
33779610Avatar Quest: Earth #16Shin and the Queen talk some more, and Shin meets his predecessor...he's kind of dissapointingCollective Game, Avatar, Quest, Avatar Quest, Somnius, Waterbending2014-07-31 3 
August 2014
33825729Avatar Quest: Earth #17The son of the Avatar tells the story of Ren and the QueenCollective Game, Avatar, Quest, Avatar Quest, Somnius, Waterbending2014-08-02 2 
33850569Avatar Quest: Earth #18Shin explores the city, goes shopping, but everything changes when sight maintenance attacksCollective Game, Avatar, Quest, Avatar Quest, Somnius, Waterbending2014-08-03 1 
33895050Avatar Quest: Earth #19Shin goes to a rally, a rumble, and receives a rescueCollective Game, Avatar, Quest, Avatar Quest, Somnius, Waterbending2014-08-05 1 
33918175Avatar Quest: Earth #20Shin and Felna return to the palace, Felna hides her identity, and they discuss the rally with the QueenCollective Game, Avatar, Quest, Avatar Quest, Somnius, Waterbending2014-08-06 1 
33967847Avatar Quest: Earth #21Shin tries to learn Airbending, and assassins infiltrate the palace.Collective Game, Avatar, Quest, Avatar Quest, Somnius, Waterbending2014-08-08 0 
34018634Avatar Quest: Earth #22Felna's disappearance receives an explanation, and plans are made for tomorrowCollective Game, Avatar, Quest, Avatar Quest, Somnius, Waterbending2014-08-10 0 
34042945Avatar Quest: Earth #23Shin meets Avatar Gonyo, and the Queen's announcement results in a battleCollective Game, Avatar, Quest, Avatar Quest, Somnius, Waterbending2014-08-11 0 
34092675Avatar Quest: Earth #24Nur is defeated, and Shin has a heart to heart with Galda before tracking down FelnaCollective Game, Avatar, Quest, Avatar Quest, Somnius, Waterbending2014-08-13 2 
34139948Avatar Quest: Earth #25Shin, Felna, and Galda face off against a trio of Ren's servants, and Galda realizes her mistakesCollective Game, Avatar, Quest, Avatar Quest, Somnius, Waterbending2014-08-15 1 
34190172Avatar Quest: Earth #26Shin meets an obnoxious adviser, and Galda confronts her fatherCollective Game, Avatar, Quest, Avatar Quest, Somnius, Waterbending2014-08-17 1 
34237249Avatar Quest: Earth #27Shin is kicked out of the pala-I mean decides to go homeCollective Game, Avatar, Quest, Avatar Quest, Somnius, Waterbending2014-08-19 1 
34283124Avatar Quest: Earth #28Shin's parents fight, Shin says a few choice words to his father, and the Shark Turtle returnsCollective Game, Avatar, Quest, Avatar Quest, Somnius, Waterbending2014-08-21 2 
34372102Avatar Quest: Earth #29In which Somnius kills Shin for acting in character.Collective Game, Avatar, Quest, Avatar Quest, Waterbending2014-08-25 21 
September 2014
35006414Avatar Quest: Earth #31Avatar Shin is interrogated by a wife wielding woman, and all of /tg/ is instantly obsessed with her. Some kind of fetish, I guessCollective Game, Avatar, Quest, Earth, Somnius, Avatar Quest, Earthbending, Firebending, Waterbending, Airbending2014-09-21 1 
35027307Avatar Quest: Earth #32Shin argues with his mother about a woman...it's less interesting than it soundsCollective Game, Avatar Quest, Avatar, Quest, Somnius, Waterbending, Earthbending, Firebending, Airbending2014-09-22 5 
35179926Avatar Quest: Earth #33Shin clears things up with Valna, and prepares to spar with GaldaCollective Game, Quest, Avatar, Avatar Quest, Somnius, Bending, Airbending, Waterbending, Earthbending, Firebending2014-09-29 1 
October 2014
35307386Avatar Quest: Earth # 34Shin spars with Galda, chats with Bulo, and has a nice breakfastCollective Game, Quest, Avatar, Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Waterbending, Earthbending, Firebending2014-10-05 1 
35439781Avatar Quest: Earth # 35Shin tries Waterbending until he gets a visit and a presentCollective Game, Quest, Avatar, Avatar Quest, Somnius, Waterbending, Earthbending, Firebending, Airbending2014-10-11 7 
February 2015
38172946Abyss Thread Two: Aquatic VorealooContinued discussion of the horrors of the abyss, both real and /tg/-made.Deep Sea, Monster, Abyss, Terror, Kill It With Fire, Merfolk, Abomination, Cute Girls Doing Terrifying Things, Underwater Vore Dimension2015-02-24 3 
38277831Abyss Thread Three: Abyss HarderMore discussion, more worldbuilding, more fleshing out the mermaids of the deep.Deep Sea, Monstergirls, Abyss, Terror, Kill It With Fire, Merfolk, Abomination, Cute Girls Doing Terrifying Things, Underwater Vore Dimension2015-02-26 1 
June 2015
40561475Waterlogged Quest Chapter 1The beginning of a journey between a girl, an island, and her boat.Collective Game, Waterlogged Quest, Drawquest, Limebreaker2015-06-13 4 
July 2015
41219712Age of Man Civ Quest 2: The Golden Age of RollsThe Quest begins again! This time luck rains down, Watersoul gets magical shit, and we find Drow!Watersoul, Age of Man, Paint Maps, Quest, Bongoman, Tribal2015-07-14 1 
September 2015
42789070Deep Sea Terror and WorldbuildingA discussion of deep sea wildlife develops into worldbuilding for two original settings. Also, it is reaffirmed that the deep sea is horrifying and our primordial ancestors left the water as the lungfish equivalent of "fuck this, I'm out of here."deep sea, mermaids, worldbuilding, deep ones, great flood, lovecraft, future, elder things, water, sea, ocean, terror,2015-09-30 2 
January 2016
45122713Lego Quest Presents... QUEST FOR DRYWATERMy world... is water.Lego Quest, Collective Game, Waterworld2016-01-31 5 
May 2016
110799Whirlpool QuestA drawquest based on Waterworks where a futanari in a cat-eared diving suit goes on an adventure in the planet of Cymbio IV.Whirlpool Quest, Collective Game, Waterworks, Drawquest2016-05-14 11 
138145Whirlpool Quest - Thread 2After dispelling a tense situation, you fool around in an unusual place: A massive, WIP luxury resort located in Cymbio IV's jungle.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest2016-05-22 8 
170488Whirlpool Quest - Thread 3You explore and meet new people in the Transport District and the Red Light District. You also have a makeover using your REPAIR MODULE.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest2016-05-26 8 
June 2016
203115Whirlpool Quest - Thread 4You return back to the tribespeople you met earlier and learn who they are and their origins.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest2016-06-03 7 
208134Shallow Waters Evo Game Part 1The first thread of the shallow waters biological evo game.evo, shallow, waters, evolution, Shallow Waters,2016-06-03 6 
217294Shallow Waters Evo Game part 2Shallow Waters continues, now with land and humanoids!evo, evolution, shallow waters, shallow, waters, evogame, Shallow Waters2016-06-05 2 
213487Whirlpool Quest - Thread 5You hang out with Errai and learn about each other's pasts.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest2016-06-06 6 
236098Whirlpool Quest - Thread 6The obligatory romance arc where you confess your feelings to Errai and go on a dinner date before staying in her place for the night.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest2016-06-12 5 
253464Whirlpool Quest - Thread 7The romance arc concludes on intense sexytimes with Errai. Then you prepare for the mission ahead and finalize plan details in the morning.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest2016-06-16 5 
279739Whirlpool Quest - Thread 8The mission begins, you and Errai meet the head of the Medical District. Afterwards you visit a waiting Nicotine in the Red Light District.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest2016-06-25 4 
300400Whirlpool Quest - Thread 9Nicotine makes dramatic revelations then tags along. Later, you meet the district heads Saccharin (Consumer) and Caffeine (Residential).Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest2016-06-28 3 
July 2016
316177Vaporquesta Drawquest based on Waterworks about an A E S T H E T I C guy in a blocky suit arrives at the desert planet Khepri.Drawquest, Waterworks, Vaporquest2016-07-04 1 
316473Whirlpool Quest - Thread 10You are sent to the hospital after being knocked out by an alcoholic dessert. Afterwards you have a social walk then have an encounter.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest, GuardianTempest2016-07-05 3 
335239Vaporquest Part. 2A E S T H E T I C guy gets saved by local aliens from sandworm attack. He learns more about Khepri.Vaporquest, Drawquest, Waterworks2016-07-10 1 
340386Whirlpool Quest - Thread 11The plot thickens as the people you encountered turn out to be affiliated with the Management District. You also have another makeover.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest, GuardianTempest2016-07-12 3 
August 2016
433084Whirlpool Quest - Thread 12After a hiatus, the quest resumes and you encounter even more people from the Management District.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest, GuardianTempest2016-08-06 2 
450659Whirlpool Quest - Thread 13The action ramps up and you learn more about the people in the Management District, including their mysterious leader: Petroleum.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest, GuardianTempest2016-08-09 0 
475556Whirlpool Quest - Thread 14We finally meet and recruit Stoddard, head of the Maintenance District. Then we begin the assault on Petroleum and the Management District.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest, GuardianTempest2016-08-17 2 
496503Whirlpool Quest - Thread 15The assault on the Management District continues as the group faces a serious opponent after a brief respite.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest, GuardianTempest2016-08-26 2 
September 2016
516955Whirlpool Quest - Thread 16After having dinner, the group begins the assault on what could be Petroleum's hideout in the Management District. Violence ensuessWhirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest, GuardianTempest2016-09-01 2 
598767Whirlpool Quest - Thread 17The group continues to fight their way towards Petroleum, but it seems someone takes the initiative and strikes first! Surprise boss fight!Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest, GuardianTempest2016-09-20 0 
October 2016
697637Whirlpool Quest - Thread 18The group finds Petroleum's group already waiting for them in the R&D District! After some dramatic reveals, it's time to finish this quesWhirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest, GuardianTempest2016-10-17 0 
November 2016
773280Whirlpool Quest - Thread 19We finally defeat Petroleum. Now the plot winds down as we begin to wrap things up. Thank you for playing (or lurking/reading at least).Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest, GuardianTempest2016-11-02 0 
April 2017
1351482Pixie and a Priest against the WorldYou're a priest from the southern land of Fauland. You've come north to Tairmora to warn the towns which have been cut off from society abPriest, Pixie, Malformed, Light Magic, Holy Water, Holy Salt, Saving Towns, Demons2017-04-14 2 
1362377Pixie and a Priest against the World 2The adventure continues with saving the towns from Malformed and discovering the true nature of the Malformed.Priest, Pixie, Malformed, Light Magic, Holy Water, Holy Salt, Saving Towns, Demons2017-04-17 1 
1371830Pixie and a Priest against the World 3Finding out if there is more to the Malformed than simply being monsters.Priest, Pixie, Malformed, Light Magic, Holy Water, Holy Salt, Saving Towns, Demons2017-04-22 1 
1388347Pixie and a Priest against the World 4Fighting political battles in Hausterien!Priest, Pixie, Malformed, Light Magic, Holy Water, Holy Salt, Saving Towns, Demons2017-04-25 1 
1401351Pixie and a Priest against the World 5Someone dies?Priest, Pixie, Malformed, Light Magic, Holy Water, Holy Salt, Saving Towns, Demons2017-04-29 1 
June 2018
60145928Alien Invasion MotivationsHypothetical reasons for aliens to decide to invade earth.alien invasion, motive, why, the oort cloud has plenty of water ice, mars needs women,2018-06-15 0 
August 2018
61149136fish people discussion and worldbuilding/tg/ brainstorms ideas for aquatic and amphibious sentient races.worldbuilding, ocean, aquatic, amphibious, species, races, deep ones, mermaids, underwater vore hell,2018-08-11 1 
January 2023
5493004Meguca Royale: Buenos Aires #1A PMMM quest that takes place in Buenos Aires. QM is an effortposting beast, great times all around.Puella Magi Madoka Magica, pmmm, obcm, Meguca Royale: Buenos Aires, Waterpark, Wooly Mammoth2023-01-12 12 
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