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August 2011
15926550Board Quest, Part IIn a world where the various boards of 4chan form their own nations, lord Bidhill of Dessex seeks to gain revenge, and later, the world!Collective Game, Board Quest, Dwarves, /b/arbarians2011-08-14 22 
15936890Board Quest, Part IILord Bidhill of Dessex receives a magic ring, we see UST between a Priestess and a Druid, and we get silver weapons to fuck up werewolves with.Collective Game, Board Quest, Dwarves, Silver Weapons, Unresolved Sexual Tension, Quest2011-08-15 17 
15949094Board Quest IIIAfter two (and most of three) threads of planning, it looks like Dessex is about to make its first strike against Umbra; we even get a shiny new sword!Collective Game, Board Quest, Quest, Sword, About Fuckig Time2011-08-16 12 
15951797Board Quest IVThe journey to battle is finally under way! But in the night, we are ambushed by werewolves! Some badass glowing and even more badass speeches later, we decide to find out exactly HOW the beasts knew where to find us... And, who may have told them.Collective Game, Board Quest, Quest, Werewolves, Lycanthropes, What a Twist, Epic2011-08-16 12 
15972097Board Quest VWe finally get to have fun storming the castle, and play tennis with a lich!Collective Game, Board Quest, Quest, Lich, Boss Battle, Tunnels, About Fucking Time2011-08-18 15 
July 2013
26217789Whiteboard Quest - Conquering the Whole White WorldThe quest of our 2-Dimensional self to attain a goal in life and to conquer the world... after we get better at drawing.Collective Game, Whiteboard Quest2013-07-25 14 
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