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March 2008
1416578Wallhammer Faulty KaiGo! Super Genki Wallhammer Faulty Kai! Space Mariners!wallhammer parody2008-03-28 5 
January 2011
13470877Fantasy Pawn StarsDerail of a "real people who you've made into NPCs" leads to hilarious writefagging about pawn stars set in generic fantasyland.Pawn Stars, Parody2011-01-11 10 
13580087Giveth Thy Lute/tg/ Gets medieval on the lute.Rap, Parody, Middle Ages, Funny, Negro, Nigra, Crown, King2011-01-19 2 
February 2011
14042015Sayin' Aaaaayyooo/tg/ throws more than their hands upmusic, fun, parody2011-02-26 31 
March 2011
14189487The 400 Year Old VirginStarts with OP asking about one of his Lich players getting hitched, then /tg/ shows their funny side by making parody quotes of the 40 Year Old Virginmarriage, lich, undead, sex, virgin, funny, parody, magic, epic, epic level2011-03-10 17 
14310642Become DMegucaThe OP and his friend are interested in getting into D&D, but a fateful demonstration of a session makes the OP think twice about becoming a D&D player. Will he give in and take his first steps as a roleplayer, or will he resist and hesitate?D&D, DnD, puella magi madoka magica, mahou shoujo madoka magica, madoka, magical girls, roleplay, parody2011-03-21 7 
September 2011
16346534Der Emprah's FaceA noble Anon rescues a long forgotten song from /tg/'s distant past. Soon, others join in, causing all of /g/ to lift up it's vocie in songSongs, Music, Parody, 40k, Der Emprah's Face, 2011-09-20 10 
February 2012
17891143Sandwiches and SuppersPlayers share horror stories about unreasonable Chefs who forbid condiments. Then it gets delicious.Humor, roleplay, rage, parody, that guy2012-02-11 10 
18043629WHFB Lizard Men Thread/tg/ discusses various things about WHFB Lizard Men (the Slann being Stonemasons for example).Lizard Men, WHFB, Warhammer, Stonemasons, Parody, Song2012-02-22 16 
18132665Comedy MarinesWhat starts as an innocent question about what Marines do in their spare time turns into puns, one liners, did you hear that one about the guardsman jokes, and so on. The Comedy Marines are born.Comedy, OC, Space Marines, Marines, Comedy Marines, Parody2012-02-28 50 
January 2013
22839538Ravnica is a-changin' Come gather round clans, who just feed and destroy. And hear about the labyrinth, and Niv-Mizzet's ploymtg, card game, song, parody, OP is not a faggot2013-01-28 31 
July 2013
26316219Tales of the lone voter/tg/ paints a horrifying vision of the future and those that fight and die in itquest, parody, grimdark, cyberpunk, lone voter, waifu, worldbuilding2013-07-30 11 
April 2014
31649987Undeniable Assholes QuestDeniable Assets Quest parody to kill time. Ridiculous. Collective Game, Deniable Assets Quest, Fall Guy, Fall Girl, Parody2014-04-23 13 
October 2016
49764993Anon hates fantasyAnon screams at wizards and magic and after a while anons make parodybait, parody, wizard2016-10-13 25 
49840229Food Critic in FantasylandA discussion of unusual fantasy restaurants opens the tale of Gormack, Orc Adventurer, Warrior, and Traveling Food Critic. Hilarity ensues. Gormack, Cooking, Cuisine, Funny, Writing, OC, Parody2016-10-18 30 
September 2017
55383128Young, Bright-Eyed, Aspiring VillainsHere, we discuss characters who want very badly to be evil, but pursues their wicked goals with enthusiasm, optimism and light-heartedness.Villains, Evil, Parody, Disney, Singing, Character Creation, Brainstorming2017-09-16 15 
October 2018
2939798I'm in a shitty parody movie, get me out of here! #1Part one of a Two-shot parody movie parody quest.Two Shots, Quest, Parody2018-10-06 0 
May 2020
72876790MACHO PRIMARCHFiguring out which wrestlers would be which primarchs, with famous promos 40k'd.40k_parody wrestling primarchs macho_man2020-05-30 10 
June 2020
4277661No Retreat, Last Defender!: Justice Arrives! TLD fight giant bugs, an edgelord, and demons. He also steals a pirate ship with some help from his new friends.TLD, The Last Defender, Isekai, Action, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Parody2020-06-08 7 
4302797No Retreat, Last Defender!: Down the Rabbit Hole!TLD takes on elemental martial artists, goes even further beyond, and travels to a swamp filled with frog-men slavers.TLD, The Last Defender, Isekai, Action, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Parody2020-06-28 3 
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