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September 2009
5791926Enough Blood for now, guysKhorne has enough blood and skulls, and has his men get a movie and pizza instead.Khorne, Blood, Kharn, Pizza, Gremlins2009-09-09 7 
January 2012
17692612Pizza OrgyMore evidence that nighttime /tg/ is fucked up.Pizza Orgy, Pizza, Greentext, porn, pasta2012-01-27 10 
September 2012
20625140Random Encounter Thread with coyote druidShenanigans are discussed, then a story of a COYOTE PIZZA DRUIDrandom, encounter, coyote, pizza, druid2012-09-07 11 
June 2013
25569558Final Fantasy Quest 3The one that comes after 4, but only in America.Collective Game, Final Fantasy Quest, Spiky Hair, Pizza Cutters do not make for good swords, Its not quite the same without the soundtrack2013-06-22 7 
October 2013
27561099Mages Guild MeetingMages meet to discuss world-ending means of keeping drafts out of their studies. Bearsalisks are transmuted, beards are misplaced, skin is refurbished, and the elemental plane of pizza is ruined.Wizards, mages, pizza, beards, -omancy, genocide, dirty Druid hippies, bearsalisks2013-10-04 1 
27842335What if 40k was about pizza?/tg/ engages in a hearty discussion about 40k things in terms of pizza. Much hearty discussion ensues, until someone displays a heretical display against pizza.40k, pizza, heresy, pepperoni, hawaiian, warhammer, lulz2013-10-20 10 
June 2014
32789798Pizza Racers Quest OneShotPepperoni City. A place where pizza reigns supreme. Once a metropolis of cheesy delight; the years have turned it into a dystopian battleground where corrupt cops and roaming gangs prey on the population, wringing every last crumb of crust out of the citizens. Pizza Racers Quest, Pizza, Quest, Collective Game2014-06-15 33 
October 2014
35411506TG Does StrangeOP asks for stories of worst settings. Stories of Stabbings, Space Operas, Fast Food Warriors, and Phallus Themed Islands ensue. Space Opera, Thor, Armadillo God, Fast Food, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Stab2014-10-10 11 
March 2015
39034579Quest Quest 2 Episode 3Brad's first battle in the tournament! Watch as Brad the Barbarian loses a flex-off, steals a mask, and cuts up a pizza to the horror of the audience.Collective Game, drawfag, brad, barbarian, pizza, quest quest2015-03-31 6 
December 2022
5429443ULTRAQUESTThe Finest Robotic Chef the world's ever seen goes to become The Finest Robotic Chef Hell's ever seen.Ultrakill, quest, Ultraquest, hell, demons, demon, robot, robots, pizza, machine, machines, husk, husks2022-12-03 8 
January 2023
5488208ULTRAQUEST IIAfter having found his way into Hell (and the QM got sick), the finest robotic chef Hell's ever seen finds himself at the end of the path.Ultrakill, quest, Ultraquest, hell, demons, demon, robot, robots, pizza, machine, machines, husk, husks2023-01-13 8 
March 2023
5561828ULTRAQUEST IIIFollowing a nice boat ride, The Finest Chef Hell's Ever Seen starts rummaging around for information.Ultrakill, quest, Ultraquest, hell, demons, demon, robot, robots, pizza, machine, machines, husk, husks2023-03-12 2 
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