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January 2022
5085315Local Lord Quest IA XIIIth century French Knight is transported to a fantasy world. Medieval Mudcore Fantasy 2022-01-23 13 
March 2022
5134375Local Lord Quest IIOur XIIIth century knight learns more about the world, survives an assassination attempt and defends a lady's honor.Medieval, Mudcore, Fantasy, History2022-03-07 5 
April 2022
5194246Local Lord Quest IIICharles de Villeroi wins a duel, makes alliances and hunts witchesMedieval, Mudcore, Fantasy2022-04-26 5 
July 2022
5314154Local Lord Quest IVWhere our hero tortures witches, plants apple trees, hang adventurers, courts a lady, mocks a mage and kills a goatMedieval, Mudcore, Fantasy, History2022-07-27 5 
November 2022
5422744Local Lord Quest VCharles de Villeroi judges adventurers, courts a lady, fights a Guelph, visits a tomb and an old Centaur.Medieval, Mudcore, Fantasy2022-11-23 5 
January 2023
5481110Local Lord Quest VICharles de Villeroi judges some peasant, debates with an "atheist" and travels through valley and fields towards Count's Careless CastleMedieval, Mudcore, Fantasy2023-01-07 5 
March 2023
5561322Local Lord Quest VIIOur local lord travels to meet his liege, fights strange Lombards, gets quite drunk, is jailed, and then must explain himself while hungoverLocal Lord, Medieval, Mudcore, Fantasy, Intrigue, Battle, Nearly Naked Guelphs2023-03-11 10 
May 2023
5624062Local Lord Quest VIIICharles de Villeroi sees his count's court, leaves his beloved lady, catches criminals and goes back to Local.Medieval, Mudcore, Fantasy2023-05-13 6 
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