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September 2020
4384264Fief Quest RIPA one-shot quest about local lord, stored for potential sequel or rebootlocal lord, fief quest, RIP, dropped2020-09-03 0 
June 2022
84877180Why doesn't the modern surveillance state immediately unmask the secret identities of all superheroes?The modern equivalent of Local Lordposting turns into a serious discussion on vigilantism and the state monopoly of force.superheroes, cyberpunk, local lord2022-06-18 -1 
March 2023
5561322Local Lord Quest VIIOur local lord travels to meet his liege, fights strange Lombards, gets quite drunk, is jailed, and then must explain himself while hungoverLocal Lord, Medieval, Mudcore, Fantasy, Intrigue, Battle, Nearly Naked Guelphs2023-03-11 6 
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