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September 2022
5379366Return to High SchoolA 30-ish year old man dies alone and unsatisfied, but is reborn as himself, age 15 and circa 2007, ready to redo his failed life.Modern Quest, Schizo QM, Adopted Quest, Family Drama, High School, Romance, Depression, Bitcoin2022-09-27 12 
October 2022
5424694Returned to High School, Became Successful QUESTHaving returned to his younger days to attain wealth, the protagonist turns his attention to matters of romance and revenge.Modern Quest, Schizo QM, Adopted Quest, Family Drama, Romance, Revenge, Kinky Sex, Family Dysfunction, Time Travel2022-10-31 11 
January 2023
5502106Transgirl Transfer Student QuestOne QM starts a quest about a sickly boy crushing on a new transfer student. Another QM turns it into a supernatural tale of terror.Tzeentch, Not Tzeentch, transgirl, slice of life, student, romance, supernatural, adopted quest2023-01-28 1 
May 2023
5647515Constructing a Slave Harem in Your AtelierA reclusive and perverted artificer retires to a private seaside tower to make constructs he can fuck. It is more complicated than expected.Artificer, NotArtificer, adopted quest, coom, harem, fantasy, adventure2023-05-26 0 
June 2023
5680436Hajimete no HitozumaA young salaryman uncovers a shocking secret which ties his estranged father and new bride, and must decide what to do with this informationAbandoned Quest, Adopted Quest, Cuckoldry, Family Drama, Oneshot, Suprisingly Wholesome, Japanese Culture2023-06-24 12 
July 2023
5687808My Sister, My Writer1 QM makes a low-effort quest based on the premise of a siscon light novel; another QM with no knowledge of the series picks it upMy Sister My Writer, Adopted Quest, anime, alternate timeline, slice-of-life, lewd, romance, Japanese Culture2023-07-11 3 
September 2023
5737876My Sister, My Writer Quest (2)The occult-influenced alternate take on the thin siscon premise adds combat and business mechanics, an occult air, and then... Stops?My Sister My Writer, Adopted Quest, anime, alternate timeline, slice-of-life, lewd, romance, combat, occult2023-09-28 1 
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