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August 2022
5344701Under the Moon - Elden Ring OneshotGodskin Apostle Azul stops Radagon and Rennala's marriage by destorying the people's trust in the demigods, and killing people.Elden Ring prequel, Schizo QM, Action focused2022-08-26 10 
5385165Under the Moon Epilogue - Elden Ring oneshotEnding of Under the Moon oneshot and Schizo QM answers a few questions Elden Ring prequel, Schizo QM, Ending2022-08-29 8 
September 2022
5379366Return to High SchoolA 30-ish year old man dies alone and unsatisfied, but is reborn as himself, age 15 and circa 2007, ready to redo his failed life.Modern Quest, Schizo QM, Adopted Quest, Family Drama, High School, Romance, Depression, Bitcoin2022-09-27 10 
October 2022
5389007Goblin Assassin - Reopened WoundsSlice of life story about Pine after she leaves teh criminal underworld behindGoblin, Slice of life, Schizo QM, medieval fantasy2022-10-22 10 
5440066Reopened Wounds - Farewell to the goblin assassinEpilogue of Goblin Assassin and some background notes on the storyGoblin, Schizo QM, Epilogue, Medieval fantasy2022-10-30 9 
5424694Returned to High School, Became Successful QUESTHaving returned to his younger days to attain wealth, the protagonist turns his attention to matters of romance and revenge.Modern Quest, Schizo QM, Adopted Quest, Family Drama, Romance, Revenge, Kinky Sex, Family Dysfunction, Time Travel2022-10-31 9 
December 2022
5441344A Dragon’s FlashA goblin’s journey to escape from the underworld and spend time in heaven after years of meaningless work. Goblin, Schizo QM, fantasy, based on mythology, horseriding, action2022-12-12 10 
5495063A Dragon's Flash epilogueEpilogue of the Xil, the Goblin horserider, and some background notes Goblin, Schizo QM, fantasy, Epilogue, based on mythology, horseriding2022-12-16 10 
5462082Future Blades - A Cyberpunk StoryA blackpilled incel in 22nd century Thailand joins a gang and tries to rebuild his life after being disowned by his family and friendsCyberpunk, Schizo QM, Swordfighting, Action2022-12-26 12 
January 2023
5508809Future Blades Epilogue Nhon leaves the life of crime and reconnects with his sister. Also background notes and Omake of him and a vtuber he watchesCyberpunk, Schizo QM, Epilogue, Background notes, Omake2023-01-06 11 
April 2023
5593108Sira cannot run a brothel!A lazy brothel keeper finally decides to care about his business. Spinoff of Goblin Assassin.drawquest, renaissance fantasy, Schizo QM, swordfighting, SEA inspired mythology, brothel managment2023-04-04 29 
5629008Sira can run a brothel!A brothel keeper gets involved in the darker schemes of his crime organization.drawquest, renaissance fantasy, Schizo QM, SEA inspired mythology, horror, brothel management2023-04-29 29 
May 2023
5663865Sira won’t be running a brothel!A brothel keeper confronts his past.drawquest, renaissance fantasy, Schizo QM, SEA inspired mythology, brothel management2023-05-14 16 
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