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October 2007
750189Flaw: Must Use Opponent's weaponA character can only use the weapon of his most recently slain opponent, and his GM is getting tricksey.character, flaw, d202007-10-30 8 
December 2007
909612Worst RPG You've Ever PlayedOP put a d20 logo as his picture. You can pretty much guess how the thread went.d20, epic fail, game design, game mechanics2007-12-18 -7 
948909Undewater Ray Romano d20Name says it all: Utawarerumono in D&D.Utawarerumono, D&D, d202007-12-30 -2 
952471Things a DM should never say after you roll a natural 20The usual, with a dash of minotaur...d20, DM, Epic, Fail2007-12-31 10 
May 2008
1635166World Building, Part 1A simple call for original content, worldgen, and re-imaginings turns into a goldmine of new material.d20, gurps, original content2008-05-01 0 
November 2008
3052437GameScience Dice vs Cheap DiceAnon posts a very interesting vid featuring the good Colonel from GameScience explaining why most /tg/ dice aren't in face random.dice, die, cheap, machined, casino, d20, d16, d4, polished2008-11-24 3 
December 2008
3118172Girl Genius d20A tripfag makes stats for a Girl Genius game.d20, Girl Genius2008-12-06 0 
October 2009
6403977Cave Story/tg/ works at adapting Cave Story as an RPG setting.Cave Story, d20, RPG2009-10-24 2 
November 2009
6656019Fastfood mafia in D20Anon frames the mascots of major fast food companies as members of organized crime. Shi/tg/ets done for the most part.mcdonalds, fast food, mafia, d20, burger king2009-11-11 13 
6665757Fastfood mafia in D20 IIAnon frames the mascots of major fast food companies as members of organized crime. Shi/tg/ets done for the most part....PART IImafia, d20, fast food 2009-11-12 8 
March 2010
8605740Mundane Natural 20sWhat happens when you roll a natural 20 on a mundane task like closing a door? Awesome, apparently.d20, humour2010-03-16 8 
8638632Throwing knives are so sillyThrowing knives are kind of ridiculous and rocks are underpowered in d20rules, weapons, D&D, throwing knives, rocks, katanas, d202010-03-18 0 
May 2010
9973456d20 Modern Resident EvilRules for running Resident Evil d20 Modern. Designed quite well, including all herbs, ammo, and weapons. Pregenerated level 1 of all characters in the series and originals.d20 Modern Resident Evil Homebrew roleplay awesome2010-05-22 6 
October 2010
12554133Picking up NPC'sAnonymous provides rules for picking up npc's in taverns.d20, homebrew2010-10-24 7 
February 2011
13961655Ops and Tactics 1.0 Beta ReleaseSweet Soul Bro finally Releases his Modern Role Playing Game System, after two years of work. Praise, hate, and questions ensue. Ops and Tactics, Homebrew, D20 System, D20, RPG, Guns2011-02-20 3 
July 2011
15693710Awesome DnD ItemsOP lists his favorite DnD items and gives sources.dnd, magic item, d202011-07-25 0 
March 2012
18166379Cyberpunk character generatorEasy way to roll up a character concept for a Cyberpunk themed game.Character generator, cyberpunk, d202012-03-03 7 
April 2012
18873249Mass Effect Homebrew/tg/ discusses systems for Mass Effect homebrew, a couple of jokers discuss a fictional ME wargame.d20, alternity2012-04-27 7 
September 2012
20654901Tales of MCF IncOP tells tales of a group of mercenaries that always royally fuck up their missions.storytime, D20 Modern, guns, fuck ups, mercenaries2012-09-09 11 
20808017R4-S9's Storytiem Part 2R4's quest to take over the galaxy continues in the Rebellion erar4, r4-s9, droid, star wars, d20, villian, robot, story, meatbags2012-09-21 4 
January 2014
29772158Path of War & Psionics. Or: The platonic ideal of Sword.OP shares Dreamscarred's Path of War book. Anon explains the deliciousness of the Soulknife Swordsage. Much discussion and planning ensues.psionics, pathfinder, path of war, tome of battle, swords, stat me, Fate/Stay Night, magic, galorion, mecha barbarians, martial arts, swordsage, monk, soulknife, dreamscarred press, preview, complete psionics, wilder, win, attempted derail, D&D, fluff, d202014-01-26 5 
February 2014
30453585BoatmurderedSome Swede-fag tells /tg/ a story of the time he sent his players into boatmurdured.Storytiem, Pathfinder,Exploding Dice, Shitting the queen,D20,Boatmurdered, Dwarf Fortress2014-02-24 17 
April 2014
31223288Bad Dragon d20 - THE GAME CHANGEROur favorite animal dildo peddlers bring us THE GAME CHANGERBad Dragon, Dildo, d20, Die, Dice, The Game Changer, lulz, funny2014-04-03 8 
July 2014
33332510Puella Magi d20: Debate EditionA d20 ruleset for PMMM is presented, its relative merits are hotly contested.Puell Magi Madoka Magica, d202014-07-11 -7 
September 2014
34985736Civ Game: The Forgotten Clan #1An ancient clan of vampires awakens on a floating island poisoned with magic. How will they survive? Will they reform their civilisation?Collective game, Civ, Civilization, Civilization Quest, Civilization Game, Civ Game, Vampire Civilisation, Vampire Civ, d202014-09-20 1 
August 2015
41537612Spiders!Spiders in 3.5x as race and culture? /tg/ sets to fleshing out the concept.Spider, spiders, worldbuilding, lore, d20, D&D, Pathfinder, homebrew2015-08-01 6 
October 2015
42972766Expendable Quest Thread 1 (subject typo)Quest about being a disposable clone in a private military force, in medias res, tactical focus, d20quest, clone, d20, sci-fi, pmc, expendable, collective game, expendable quest2015-10-11 2 
January 2016
44938464Amazing GM SecretsOne GM starts talking about the things we don't tell players, then the thread devolves into rage and the definition of preparing.Rage, Campaign, D&D, d202016-01-22 6 
January 2020
4013488Sky Orphan #1An orphan Jean-Baptiste and his caretaker Svetlana try to survive in the middle of a floating city ravaged by famine.Sky Orphan, Child Character, Floating Islands, d20 rolls, Collective Game2020-01-18 0 
August 2020
74318302How Bout Them DodgersAnon gets mad at his dad for having fun in D&D and flies off the handle at every one that replies to him.D20, dad, rage, story2020-08-14 17 
July 2023
89540592Making the D20 workElegan/tg/entlemen discuss the virtues and sins of the D20 and dice in general.Gaming, Dice, D20, DX, Tabletop2023-07-13 0 
September 2023
90113424Useless /tg/ Facts: Occurrence of High RollsSome autist digs through the archive to determine the highest roll ever made on /tg/ using 6d20Autism, Dice, Probability, 6d202023-09-02 13 
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