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April 2008
1505986The Rehnian 7th "Ironstorm"Anon makes an army list that unleashes the IG's inner potential for STEEL RHEEN.40k, army list2008-04-11 5 
June 2008
2021992Board games every fa/tg/uy should ownList of some board games and why people play themboard game dice catan carcassonne talisman2008-06-18 4 
November 2008
3052437GameScience Dice vs Cheap DiceAnon posts a very interesting vid featuring the good Colonel from GameScience explaining why most /tg/ dice aren't in face random.dice, die, cheap, machined, casino, d20, d16, d4, polished2008-11-24 3 
March 2009
4012655Game Concept: Elf-HunterWhat if elves, gnomes and chupacabras were pests? Yetis, wendigos and sasquatches dangerous big game? There'd be specialists for clearing out those fucking gnome infestations. You're one.elf, hunter, specialist, gnome, supernatural, game design, setting2009-03-18 7 
July 2009
5277833Games: Toonami Style Part 2Same as the old one, but with talk of an Exalted/Nobilis movie and its plot, Imperators punching a Yozi in the face and a common cause to stop the Kukla from destroying Creation.awesome, nobilis, exalted, IN A WORLD, Peter Cullen2009-07-29 9 
August 2009
5449978Eurides Calis writefaggotryWritefaggotry about a guardsman and a female khornate demonEurides Calis, Khorna, writefaggotry, 40k2009-08-14 7 
5486355 Eurides Calis/Khorna, psyker-chan/guardsman writefaggeryAnonymous writefag completes the story of Eurides Calis and Khorna, and posts psyker-chan and guardsman story as wellEurides Calis, Khorna, psyker-chan, guardsman, writefaggotry, 40k2009-08-17 1 
September 2009
5788839Reality QuestMorton's List reality quests.morton's list, reality2009-09-10 1 
January 2010
7423974To Warlord or not to WarlordA collection of information about warlord titans as well as templates to build your own titans, also OP decides to get back at his aggressive tournament runners with a Creed-bound warlord titan.Warlord, Titans, Creed, Tournaments, Lists, Templates, 40k, Revenge.2010-01-04 1 
7507054BOOK!Book! Or, books, rather! For insertion into your campaigns.Books, dm resource, list, literature, writefaggotry2010-01-09 2 
April 2010
9166357Realistic ballistic combat rules/tg/ discusses and shares ideas on more realistic combat, mostly ballistic, for modern type settingsrules, realistic combat, modern, ballistic2010-04-13 2 
July 2010
11143565Zerg QuestCerebrate Anon begins the "What the fuck" brood. Hilarity ensues. Also, rape.Cerebrate Anon, rapelings, dicklings, cocklisks, ernie, bernie2010-07-15 39 
11192160Things we are not allowed to doA long, hilarious list of things we, as players, are not allowed to do any more. Shenanigans occur.Funny, list, accident, incident2010-07-18 11 
October 2010
12570119Realistic space gameSome discussion and ideas being tossed around for a game set in space 20 minutes into the futureRealistic, Space, 20 minutes into the future, OC, Planetes2010-10-26 2 
November 2010
12732988The Salt TycoonsA party takes a break from adventuring to set up a profitable salt mining venture, which gradually becomes more and more hazardous.Pathfinder, roleplay, salt, capitalism2010-11-10 137 
12716581Paladin wat do?Thread starts with a Paladin fucking a god he DIDN'T worship. /tg/ thinks about the ramifications. It is decided that Eilistraee was one of the better gods for a horizontal tango. Then FR gods turn out to be playing some sort of reverse fantasy football with their followers. Eilistraee, gods, Forgotten Realms, Fantasy Football2010-11-10 13 
December 2010
13158049Avoid the NoidDwarven alcoholism saves the day, and /tg/ discusses how best to use addictive alcohol to conquer dwarfkind.Storytime, Cerebrate Anon, Bottomless Flagon, The Noid, Eberron, Alcoholism, Dwarves, Dorfs2010-12-15 21 
February 2011
14061047Pax ImperialisPax fucking ImperialisPax Imperialis2011-02-27 1 
March 2011
14298774Nobilis 3E Art ScandalWeeaboo art from Nobilis 3E gets busted as tracedNobilis, weeaboo2011-03-19 -1 
May 2011
15092844The Brotherhood of the Gauntlet: Part 2Discussion of the Brotherhood continues, leading up to the idea that the Brotherhood's past is linked to the Glistening host.Space Marines, Warhammer, 40000, 40k, Knights, Deathwatch, Brotherhood of the Gauntlet, Iron Hands, Brotherhood, Glistening Host2011-05-30 5 
July 2011
15476704Monk of the way of the GENTLEMANMost monks follow a path from a sacred text. This one shall be a dapper gentleman pugilist, battling the world's scoundrels and ruffians. TALLY-HO!monk, gentleman, pugilist, boxing, tea, monocle, tophat2011-07-05 23 
August 2011
15974215Zerg Quest LIVEcological disaster complete. Mantalisks ahoy! Ooo, charts and graphs!Zerg Quest, Collective Game, Starcraft, Cerebrate Anon, Manta Ray Feudalism, Sir Geoffrey of Zerg, Exciting Research, Ballustrades2011-08-18 11 
March 2012
18410001Zerg Quest LXXIXDyles is dead. So...what now?Collective Game, Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Zoinks, Capitalism!2012-03-22 10 
18517679Feudalism Builder 3In which the Dice Gods inform House Cannith (among others) to kindly go hang.collect_game Feudalism_Builder nation_game ohgodmysides2012-03-31 0 
July 2012
20102946Soviet Tank Commander Quest Pt 4You are a Mikhail Krasnov, T-80 tank commander - The Cold War is about to go hot, with US + Russian ships sunk in the Black Sea, and war between the GermanysCollective Game, Quest, Soviet, Tank, Commander Quest, Commander, 2, glorious, worker, republic, capitalist pigs2012-07-31 1 
September 2012
20828760Semi-Realistic Space CombatAnon homebrews up a space combat system.space, wargame, combat, homebrew, semi-realistic, crunch2012-09-25 8 
November 2012
21444765Give me Listsgame ideas, lists, classic tglists, quest ideas2012-11-08 12 
December 2012
22146679/tg/ Prophesizes their OWN end-of-the-world/tg/ bands together with an ancient evil, a virgin, a dog, a half-fae catboy, akuuuuuu, and for some reason michael bay to end all timemayan calendar, end of the world, lol, lulz, funny, humourous indeed, greentext, foolish samurai warrior2012-12-21 14 
February 2013
22972744Stone Wolf Civ: Stoneclaw Pack 1As the race of Stone wolves evolve their magical power in a land full of magical radiation with no man nor other intelligent race that they know of. The Pack fights their way into higher population. With their worst enemy being a magical crystal.Civ, Wolf, Collective Game. Crystals. Earth. Stone. OhgodtheGiantCrystalisEvil2013-02-05 4 
22990474Stone Wolf Civ: Stoneclaw Pack 2As the thread goes on, a powerful ally is met. They look like hell but being kind the wolves give them a new home and help them on their feet as they also work out Copper smithing.Civ, Wolf, Collective Game. Crystals. Earth. Stone. OhgodtheGiantCrystalisEvil2013-02-05 3 
22995977Stone Wolf Civ: Stoneclaw Pack 3As the Battle of a Giant Draconic beast was Owned by a lucky roll. Azure kicked some ass and carved out the place of the tribe's hero and Smoothstone honors a Promise as he takes in the monster's egg. Also, the Pack learns how they are suppose to Art. Along with more Earth Magics.Civ, Wolf, Collective Game. Crystals. Earth. Stone. OhgodtheGiantCrystalisEvil2013-02-06 2 
23010408Stone Wolf Civ: Stoneclaw Pack 4As the Stone Wolves go on, they meet gods living in Crystals. A Tribe works to make it's way back to the swamp after killing a monster. And the Young Dragon is given the name Ash.Civ, Wolf, Collective Game. Crystals. Earth. Stone. OhgodtheGiantCrystalisEvil2013-02-06 2 
March 2013
23886553Space Fighters/tg/ has a civil discussion on space fighters, how you could do them in your setting and the practical applications of them.scifi, fighter, military, realism, science fiction2013-03-26 6 
July 2013
25872894Mountain Troll civilisation: Thread OneA civilisation thread about a tribe of trolls sitting on a mountain. Goblins are taken prisoner and a war is in the offing.Civilisation quest, Children of the Mountain2013-07-08 36 
25878409Ghost Quest 13: Delta Phoenix's New GrooveDelta Phoenix trains with Kassix, and murders an Ultralisk 1 on 1. A course is set for Murric. Collective Game, Ghost Quest, Adjutant, Delta Phoenix, Assassin, RTS, Starcraft, Ultralisk2013-07-08 15 
25892379Mountain Troll Civilisation: Thread 2 (Part 1)Gronk, the fearless leader of the Children, battles the chieftain of the God Eata trolls and, with the secret of fire at his command, emerges triumphant.Civilisation quest, Children of the Mountain2013-07-09 24 
25898050Mountain Troll civilisation: Thread 2 (Part 2)A shaman named Ragnar has joined the tribe, Moruk finallay returns and a Dwarven mine is located. A new war will surely follow!Civilisation quest, Children of the Mountain2013-07-09 21 
25912720Mountain Troll civilisation: Thread 3A great raid is pulled off against the new goblin camp, a diplomatic messenger is sent to the dwarves and aggressions are made towards the south lands. The next thread will see two important missions come to fruition.Civilisation quest, Children of the Mountain2013-07-10 21 
25921130Civ Thread MKII: Insectomania (part 3)Part three of a very well run daily civ thread. Collective Game, Civilisation, Insect, Rozoollim2013-07-10 6 
25933487Mountain Troll civilisation: Thread 4The new slaves are put in their place and the trolls receive a grievous insult from the dwarves.Civilisation quest, Children of the Mountain2013-07-11 21 
25942865Civ Thread MKII: Insectomania (part 4)Part 4 of the Rozoolliim's Saga.Rozoolliim, Collective Game, Civilisation2013-07-11 7 
25965135Civ Thread MKII: Insectomania (part 5)Part 5 of the Rozoolliim's Story. The attack on the Hive!Rozoolliim, Collective Game, Civilisation2013-07-12 5 
25993977Mountain Troll civilisation: Thread 5War between the trolls and dwarves breaks out, and several victories are won inside the dwarf mine.Civilisation quest, Children of the Mountain2013-07-14 20 
26018608Civ Thread MKII: Insectomania (part 6)Part 6 of the Rozoolliim's saga. The counter-attack on Kaalun! A lone stranger in the desert! Tunnel worm attacks!Rozoolliim, Collective Game, Civilisation2013-07-15 5 
26030864Mountain Troll civilisation: Thread 6The dwarves are sent running still further and Gronk shows that nothing is beyond his power, by eating a god.Civilisation quest, Children of the Mountain2013-07-16 22 
26040556Civ Thread MKII: Insectomania (part 7)Things are slowed down a bit as civilizations are built up again. Hazim and the citizens of Kaalun are dealt with. Possible marauder attack soon!Rozoolliim, Collective Game, Civilisation2013-07-16 4 
26072197Mountain Troll civilisation: Thread 7The dwarves are defeated and the Children of the Mountain adopt the mine as their new home. Gronk has a new son, one quite unlike the others.Civilisation quest, Children of the Mountain2013-07-18 20 
26093727Mountain Troll civilisation: Thread 8After being sent out, Ragnar returns with news of three other troll clans. Gronk, then, decides to challenge all their leaders to a free-for-all battle for total dominance over all the mountain's trolls.Civilisation quest, Children of the Mountain2013-07-19 20 
26100534Mountain Troll civilisation: Thread 8 (Part 2)The battle for dominion over the mountains begins, and Gronk makes an early victory. By the end of the thread, only two chiefs are still standing.Civilisation quest, Children of the Mountain2013-07-19 18 
26114680Mountain Troll civilisation: Thread 9The duel is finished, Gronk emerging victorious. Gronk then heads back to the mine and begins preparations for his next conquest.Civilisation quest, Children of the Mountain2013-07-20 15 
26174012Mountain Troll civilisation: Thread 10Mating rights are given to Moruka and the winner of a contest, and Vulug returns from Märlas with news.Civilisation quest, Children of the Mountain, Collective Game2013-07-23 12 
August 2013
26373695Mountain Troll civilisation: Thread 11Gronk readies the trolls for war while maintaining discipline in his wayward trollkin son. At the end of the thread, the stage is set for the attack on Märlas.Civilisation quest, Children of the Mountain, Collective Game2013-08-02 9 
26411470Mountain Troll civilisation: Thread 12The battle kicks off, a new sport is invented and an attack comes from a rear.Civilisation quest, Children of the Mountain, Collective Game2013-08-04 7 
26528490Mountain Troll civilisation: Thread 13Märlas is taken and the spoils are to be divided. Vulug asks for a particular female, while The Scrivener tries to tempt his audience with a little teaser for next time. Civilisation quest, Children of the Mountain, Collective Game2013-08-10 8 
26563709Mountain Troll civilisation: Thread 14A mysterious messenger from the east arrives at Märlas to both congratulate the Big Papa on his victory and request the tribe's help.Collective Game, Civilisation Quest, Children of the Mountain2013-08-12 7 
26654765Skippy's List of Roleplay/tg/ compares things it was banned for in RPskippy's list, funny, banned2013-08-17 12 
September 2013
27291940Samefag QuestDON'T YOU MEAN LOLI FIGHT CLUB QUESTCollective Game, Samefag Quest, Lolis, Fetish, I guess you can't really call it collective when it's just one dude samefagging2013-09-18 0 
October 2013
27561099Mages Guild MeetingMages meet to discuss world-ending means of keeping drafts out of their studies. Bearsalisks are transmuted, beards are misplaced, skin is refurbished, and the elemental plane of pizza is ruined.Wizards, mages, pizza, beards, -omancy, genocide, dirty Druid hippies, bearsalisks2013-10-04 1 
November 2013
28176952Mountain Troll Civilization: Thread 15Gronk returns to /tg/, learns some new magic and begins negotiations with the undead. He also cooks up a cunning plan with Moruk.Collective Game, Civilisation Quest, Children of the Mountain 2013-11-08 3 
28286757Mountain Troll Civilization: Thread 16A duel is fought and a few new things are learned. Gronk decides who will rule in his place while he seeks adventure and glory in the east.Collective Game, Civilisation Quest, Children of the Mountainb2013-11-15 1 
28451789Scorpion Girl Quest 2Training begins. Raw meat is sampled. Mr. Clicks appears.Collective Game, Scorpion Girl Quest, Mesopotamia, monster, monster girl, alcoholism2013-11-24 24 
28464824Generalissimoito Quest: Son of DictatorFirst thread. Generalissimoito, favored son of El Presidente, readjusts to life at School.Collective Game, Generalissimoito, Son of Dictator Quest2013-11-24 8 
December 2013
28579466Scorpion Girl Quest 5The Footmen are assholes. Centaurs are assholes. Giant mole-taurs are assholes.Collective Game, Scorpion Girl Quest, Mesopotamia, monster girl, alcoholism, scorpion, scorpgirl2013-12-01 27 
28610370Generalissimoito Quest: Son of Dictator 2Lunch time table talk regarding their summer activities.Collective Game, Generalissimoito, Son of Dictator Quest2013-12-02 1 
28808350Generalissimoito Quest: Son of Dictator 3Lunch gets a bit lush with Alexis.Collective Game, Generalissimoito, Son of Dictator Quest2013-12-12 0 
28980626Realistic Space CombatAnons discuss the assumptions integral to various forms of space combat, and the technology necessary to fulfill those future war fantasies. Estimations of feasibility are made, and visions of life as a ship commander are written. Technology is theorized by building on the limitations of others posted.scifi, space, realistic, ship, spaceship, future, combat2013-12-21 7 
January 2014
29372744Monsterloli Vore QuestLittle girls eats people. Nuff said.Monstergirls, lolis, vore, arabs2014-01-09 4 
29731336Bliss Stage: ANIMA Test Pilot QuestNoble Jurick becomes the first ANIMA pilot in existence, and immediately is drawn into a fight against the alien menace.Collective Game, Bliss Stage, ANIMA Test Pilot Quest2014-01-24 5 
29754017Bliss Stage: ANIMA Test Pilot Quest 2Noble's party heads south, stopping at a barn. Relationships get tangled and stretched to the breaking point.Collective Game, Bliss Stage, ANIMA Test Pilot Quest2014-01-25 3 
29798748Bliss Stage: ANIMA Test Pilot Quest 3Noble confesses his actions to Serena, and is nearly killed for his effort.Collective Game, Bliss Stage, ANIMA Test Pilot Quest2014-01-27 5 
29851100Bliss Stage: ANIMA Test Pilot Quest 4Noble enters the ANIMA once again, and finds himself lost in the dream of humanity.Collective Game, Bliss Stage, ANIMA Test Pilot Quest2014-01-29 2 
29901864Bliss Stage: ANIMA Test Pilot Quest 5Noble Jurick awakens from the dream world, after crushing alien drones with his new-found might.Collective Game, Bliss Stage, ANIMA Test Pilot Quest2014-01-31 2 
February 2014
29973830Bliss Stage: ANIMA Test Pilot Quest 6Noble Jurick finally gets some answers.Collective Game, Bliss Stage, ANIMA Test Pilot Quest2014-02-03 1 
30079917Bliss Stage: ANIMA Test Pilot Quest 7Noble and Su face off against a deadly army of drones, winning a hard-fought victory. Other loose ends get tied up.Collective Game, Bliss Stage, ANIMA Test Pilot Quest2014-02-08 3 
30161181The Endless TrainOP Describes a setting centered around an infinitely long train that you can never leave, and if you do, almost can never get back on. The discussion within covers development of the setting further.The Archivist, homebrew, setting, surreal, surrealism, horror, train, trains, campaign, campaign setting2014-02-11 18 
30213915Bliss Stage: ANIMA Test Pilot Quest 8YehawAnima, Quest, Bliss2014-02-13 2 
30393412Bliss Stage: ANIMA Test Pilot Quest 9Imprisoned by his superiors for reasons unknown, Noble Jurick dreams of his past, seeking answers to guide him.Collective Game, Bliss Stage, ANIMA Test Pilot Quest2014-02-22 1 
March 2014
30675713Oversized Weapon Quest 17Scratch another sidequest off the list! Is this the start of a love triangle?! Some new guys show up. You make plans to knock out a dungeon!Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Goblins, Big Swords, Hexblade Spell List2014-03-07 28 
30697620Julius Caesar is a Mary Sue/lit/ seemingly decides to take a brief trip to /tg/ and starts funposting about Roman historical figures.lit, Rome, Roman Empire, Mary Sue, Julius Caesar, Augustus, SPQR, imperialism, imperialist, imperial, history, that guy2014-03-08 5 
April 2014
31629335Log Horizon: Dixie Quest 2You get to town to find someone is trying to take it over. You can't stand for that. You put some plans into motion!Collective Game, Log Horizon Dixie Quest, Monks, Capitalism, Thugs2014-04-22 5 
May 2014
32200230Homeless Mutant Quest #71 Oh no, they say he's got to go go go Godzilla!Homeless Mutant Quest, Collective Game, Quest, Homeless, Mutant, marvel, hobo, stealth, rampage, cannibalism2014-05-18 35 
32199372Exhume: Ex Cinis CinerisOP begins by asking TG for campaign setting ideas, and starts by sharing one of his own, a setting which tells the tale of a tapestry of human extinction and horrific mechanical life attempting to mimic their forebears.The Archivist, setting, homebrew, campaign, idea, existentialism, transhumanism, posthumanism, horror2014-05-18 21 
June 2014
32675876Diabolist Quest 1We make a Pact with a demonic Brute, join an angel-worshipper hunt and then accidentally bind a Celestial.Diabolist_Quest, Collective_Game2014-06-10 13 
32739205Diabolist Quest 2We encounter the Earth Elementalist in his tower, meet the (bastard) Stiller of Breath, and get our 3rd Subject. Minor appearances from Tyre and MadreonCollective Game, Diabolist Quest2014-06-13 11 
32828972Diabolist Quest 3We fend off some Theurgists who try to stir up some shit. After, we bind the Stiller into our Eye of Ages, giving us sight beyond sight, and a character sheet.Collective Game, Diabolist Quest2014-06-17 7 
July 2014
33322168Capitalist Quest Part 2Employee 405 struggles with his temporary eternal humiliation.Capitalist Quest, Collective Game, Alternate History2014-07-11 6 
33348823Capitalist Quest Part 3606 goes on a late-night escapade. Oh my!Capitalist Quest, Collective Game, Alternate History, Drawquest2014-07-12 5 
33370747Capitalist Quest Part 4We meet Slick, who's full of tricks!Capitalist Quest, Collective Game, Alternate History, Drawquest2014-07-13 3 
33390819Capitalist Quest Part 5Whoa, that was depressing.Capitalist Quest, Collective Game, Alternate History, Drawquest2014-07-14 3 
33412719Capitalist Quest Part 6Plot development, oh man!Capitalist Quest, Collective Game, Alternate History, Drawquest2014-07-15 1 
33459420Capitalist Quest Part 7We follow Emeline and a big man.Capitalist Quest, Collective Game, Alternate History, Drawquest2014-07-17 4 
33481400Capitalist Quest Part 8Who knew that Nazi terrorism was such a big thing?Capitalist Quest, Collective Game, Alternate History, Drawquest2014-07-18 2 
33547965Capitalist Quest Part 9 The detective comes. Capitalist Quest, Collective Game, Alternate History, Drawquest2014-07-21 2 
33662559Capitalist Quest Part 10Emeline meets a new friend at school and begins her training.Capitalist Quest, Collective Game, Alternate History, Drawquest2014-07-26 3 
33784764Capitalist Quest Part 11Alena Belyakov gets in tune with a new ID number.Capitalist Quest, Collective Game, Alternate History, Drawquest2014-07-31 2 
August 2014
34022541Capitalist Quest Part 12Friends all around, kids!Capitalist Quest, Collective Game, Alternate History, Drawquest2014-08-10 1 
34122265Capitalist Quest Part 13Prison break! It's short as hell, so sorry about that.Capitalist Quest, Collective Game, Alternate History, Drawquest2014-08-14 1 
34353446Capitalist Quest Part 14Professionalism is key.Capitalist Quest, Collective Game, Alternate History, Drawquest2014-08-24 3 
September 2014
34985736Civ Game: The Forgotten Clan #1An ancient clan of vampires awakens on a floating island poisoned with magic. How will they survive? Will they reform their civilisation?Collective game, Civ, Civilization, Civilization Quest, Civilization Game, Civ Game, Vampire Civilisation, Vampire Civ, d202014-09-20 1 
35007398Civ Game: The Forgotten Clan #2Lots more research is done. Insanity is cured and Plants are on detox. However an insect hive is on the assault.Collective game, Civ, Civilization, Civilization Quest, Civilization Game, Civ Game, Vampire Civilisation, Vampire Civ2014-09-21 1 
December 2014
36807813International Wizard SchoolsCreation/discussion of various nations and their magical education facilities in the Harry Potter universe. Harry, Potter, Wizard, Wizarding, Magic, School, International, Nationalism, Fluff, creative, Hogwarts2014-12-18 0 
January 2015
37532815Ultranationalist JAV Actress Quest - Thread 1Someone finally runs it and, well, it's what it says on the tin...Collective game, Ultranationalist JAV Actress Quest, UJAVAQ2015-01-22 7 
37545193Ultranationalist JAV Actress Quest - Thread 2Another day, chatting with friendsCollective game, Ultranationalist JAV Actress Quest, UJAVAQ2015-01-22 6 
37682835Ultranationalist JAV Actress Quest - Thread 3Yumi cops a feel comes to watch us workCollective game, Ultranationalist JAV Actress Quest, UJAVAQ2015-01-29 6 
May 2015
39765609Craftworldis Ayl-NasturcaneAfter a shaky start and a few trolls, /tg/ makes a craftworld of healers.Eldar, Fluff, Creation, Healing, Aylis-Nasturcane2015-05-05 6 
39848768Fenrir's Goblin Civ pt.1The jungle Goblins set out to strengthen their homely clearing; but with mishap after mishap, they don't make much headway. There's promise though, and the chance to become something great.collective game, goblin, civ, fenrir, thread, civilisation, jungle2015-05-10 1 
June 2015
40458477DMC quest 3Early archive, I DUNNO WHAT WERE DOING IN THIS THREAD BUT IT BETTER BE STYLISHCollective game, quest, DMC, Dante, Nero Demons, Stylish, CUHRAZEE2015-06-08 5 
40533884 Penal Regiment Designation: /tg/ - The Crusade BeginsCommissar Gaurun has the unfortunate task of presiding over the Penal Legion /tg/, and what begins as an innocuous day of alcoholism and heresy soon devolves into a frightful day of pants thieving genestealers, insanity and a full fledged crusade against a chaos bakery.Commissar Gaurun, Weapon Specialist Lyn, Private Lemming, Vostroyan Regiment Liason Alexandr, Jeanstealer, Aaliyah, Ruh, Stephan Meltaman, Guardsman Sergant Joe, Kal Teest2015-06-12 9 
November 2015
43490968Thoughts?All is not well in the lands.Thoughts?, Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Goatmen, Rape, Civilisation, Catan, Bob2015-11-09 10 
December 2015
44369059Cosplay Mimicry Magic and Worldbuilding/tg/ is asked what would happen if Cosplayers gained powers themed around whatever they cosplayed as. Worldbuilding, body theft, refluffed clerics and existential philosophy results.cosplayers, worldbuilding, setting, magic system, mimicry, existentialism,2015-12-26 1 
January 2016
44691255ProxyQuestYou appear to be in a dark, enclosed space. And have never seen a horror movie.collective game, drawquest, proxyquest, LIS, scifi, amnesiac soldier, locked in a room, adventure game, horrifying monster, poor critical th2016-01-13 2 
44720826ProxyQuest Part TwoYou stop dragging a body around behind you, nearly make an even more lethally stupid mistake, and worst of all: you're out of smoothies.collective game, drawquest, proxyquest, LIS, scifi, amnesiac soldier, adventure game, even worse critical thinking, balancing the budget2016-01-13 2 
44741877ProxyQuest Part ThreeYou find an actual use for your watch, experience some heart-pounding switch-flipping action, and hope not to be eaten.collective game, drawquest, proxyquest, LIS, scifi, amnesiac soldier, adventure game, power management, dead dude2016-01-13 2 
March 2016
46295002Fluff for loyalist NightlordsFluff for the Death consuls, a Chapter made of loyalist nightlords Space Marine, Night lords, Loyalists, Tigers, Edgy2016-03-29 1 
April 2016
46519644Crysalis Evolution GameAn evolution game taking place on a world with mysterious crystals that alter the world around them.Collective Game, Evolution, Evogame, Crystals, Crysalis2016-04-10 2 
46528220Crysalis Evolution Game 2New crystals appear, resulting in an ice age.Collective Game, Evolution, Evogame, Crystals, Crysalis2016-04-10 2 
46748328Serikkan Arbalists: Thread one - the beginningWe roll up a IG regiment, containing two different cultures, a frozen jungle and awesome governors.Imperial guard, 40k, Serikkan Arbalists, Fire ze cannons,2016-04-19 1 
46766714Serikkan Arbalists 2: Artillery boogalooWhere we make figures of importance and figure out our culture.Imperial Guard, 40k, Serikkan Arbalists, Fire ze Cannons,2016-04-21 1 
46807799Serikkan Arbalists 3: OP can't name editionWe finally set up a 1d4chan page and make up some more stuff about the worldImperial Guard, 40k, Serikkan Arbalists, Fire ze Cannons,2016-04-24 0 
May 2016
66456Contractor QuestWe go on our first big mission where we demonstrate our poor marksmanship, steal a safe and adopt a dog, while saving a VIP.Contractor, Collective Game, PMC, Polish, Soldier of Fortune,2016-05-06 10 
72480Contractor Quest #2Back home, we train, discover the base, meet our flatmate and the handler Tiffany, get more guns and gear, and choose our next missionContractor, Collective Game, PMC, Polish, Soldier of Fortune2016-05-06 6 
111956Contractor Quest 3We leave for Jakarta, get our first kill with the company, free future sex slaves, and collect more hard drives than we know what to do withContractor, Collective game, PMC, Polish, Soldier of Fortune2016-05-13 5 
130635Contractor Quest 4We go clubbing, wake up in a hotel room, and agree to be on Solomon's tournament teamContractor, Collective game, PMC, Polish, Soldier of Fortune2016-05-15 4 
142271Contractor Quest 5Solomon fanboys over an olympic sharpshooter, we play with new toys, and put down a competing squadContractor, Collective game, PMC, Polish, Soldier of Fortune2016-05-19 3 
163279Contractor quest 6We continue fighting in the tournament, and eliminate several teamsContractor, Collective game, PMC, Polish, Soldier of Fortune2016-05-25 4 
June 2016
47556791Wendigo Apocalypse SettingDiscussion of a setting based around an infestation of skinwalkers.Wendigo, Skinwalker, cannibalism, monsters, worldbuilding, flamethrowers, setting2016-06-02 10 
204454Contractor Quest 7We keep fighting and the tournament endsContractor, Collective game, PMC, Polish, Soldier of Fortune2016-06-03 2 
254197Contractor Quest 8We party the night away, choose a mission, buy some gear, and get on a plane.Contractor, Collective game, PMC, Polish, Soldier of Fortune2016-06-17 4 
282042Contractor Quest #9We landnin Nepal, take a Buddhist temple, and get some important bits shot off.Contractor, Collective game, PMC, Polish, Soldier of Fortune2016-06-23 3 
July 2016
312748Where The Rising Sun Reaches 1Our hero descends into a dark, dark cavernCollective Game, World War 2, Magic Realism, Soldiers2016-07-01 1 
315597Contractor Quest #10We defeat the human wave attack, get shot again, and put down an internationally wanted killerContractor, Collective game, PMC, Polish, Soldier of Fortune2016-07-01 2 
327050Where The Rising Sun Reaches 2The squad decide to assault the Armory Collective Game, World War 2, Magic Realism, Soldiers2016-07-07 1 
342044Contractor Quest #11We get yelled at by mom, get a new hand, and Handler is misled concerning errands.Contractor, Collective game, PMC, Polish, Soldier of Fortune2016-07-11 2 
358015Contractor Quest #11.5We get home from Athens, do some shopping, and prepare for a dateContractor, Collective game, PMC, Polish, Soldier of Fortune2016-07-15 1 
390650Contractor Quest #12We go on a date, have a timeskip, get bamboozled, kidnap a billionaire,and steal a boatContractor, Collective game, PMC, Polish, Soldier of Fortune2016-07-24 2 
August 2016
441240Contractor Quest #13We call our boss, find a fucked up trophy room, and engage in gratuitous brutalityContractor, Collective game, PMC, Polish, Soldier of Fortune2016-08-08 3 
486853Contractor Quest #14We loot a yacht, steal a bed, talk to our team, and get a tour of the TitanContractor, Collective game, PMC, Polish, Soldier of Fortune2016-08-26 0 
September 2016
519369Contractor Quest #14.5We get home, do some shopping, complain about head, and descend on some urban youthsContractor, Collective game, PMC, Polish, Soldier of Fortune2016-09-04 1 
563024Contractor Quest #15We unfuck the flashbang situation, capture an HVT, and try out the 3d10 systemContractor, Collective game, PMC, Polish, Soldier of Fortune2016-09-20 2 
635008Global Cannibalism - 1All of a sudden, every human on the planet has gained the power to "assimilate" other people's traits by eating them, and grow.Global Cannibalism, Quest, Collective Game, Valencia2016-09-29 1 
October 2016
659213Global Cannibalism - 2We have a good chat with Chugger and reach the Hospital for an urgent mission!Global Cannibalism, Quest, Collective Game, Valencia2016-10-04 -1 
652296Wolfgang's Jumpquest Thread 9In which we experience the world of Macross, our own fucked up memories, and finally get laid in a real world!Wolfgang, Sauska, Incognito, Argo, Yui, Sinon, Kirito, Asuna, Lisbith, Jumpchain, Macross2016-10-05 0 
678314Global Cannibalism - 3Graham has died, and all hell breaks loose. Early archive.Global Cannibalism, Quest, Collective Game, Valencia2016-10-09 0 
666621Wolfgang's Jumpquest Thread 10In which we fight aliens, almost die, and Jump to Soul Eater.Wolfgang, Sauska, Incognito, Argo, Yui, Sinon, Kirito, Asuna, Lisbith, Jumpchain, Soul Eater2016-10-09 2 
680813Wolfgang's Jumpquest Thread 11In which we explore the world of Soul Eater!Wolfgang, Sauska, Incognito, Argo, Yui, Sinon, Kirito, Asuna, Lisbith, Jumpchain, Soul Eater2016-10-09 1 
697205Wolfgang's (SAO) Quest Part 12In which OP takes a few days off, Wolfgang learns to use his powers, and we start a fight with a Witch!Wolfgang, Sauska, Incognito, Argo, Yui, Sinon, Kirito, Asuna, Lisbith, Jumpchain, Soul Eater2016-10-21 2 
729249Wolfgang's Jumpquest Thread 13In which we found a weapon partner, kicked a clown's ass, and OP got so furious at the world he had to stop writing for several days.Wolfgang, Sauska, Incognito, Argo, Yui, Sinon, Kirito, Asuna, Lisbith, Nadia, Jumpchain, Soul Eater2016-10-28 1 
751191Contractor Quest #16We get our nose broken, spend a lot of money, and choose a missionContractor, Collective game, PMC, Polish, Soldier of Fortune2016-10-31 3 
November 2016
777017Contractor Quest #17: Halloween Special 1We talk tactics with the team, spend a lot of money, and get on a planeContractor, Collective Game, PMC, Polish, Soldier of Fortune2016-11-09 2 
December 2016
940720Global Cannibalism - 4We're left in charge of the Stadium and making Chugger useful as Thirteen is away. Early archive.Global Cannibalism, Quest, Collective Game, Valencia2016-12-15 1 
February 2017
1139904European Dragon Quest 51In this episode, Elizabeth gets even more motherly, we make giant trees to sell for a shitload of money to the kobolds, who we learn about.QuestingQM, European Dragon Quest, CapitalismDragonEdition, LongLiveBritannia,2017-02-15 1 
April 2017
1304846Yu-Gi-Oh Aspiring Duelist Quest 1You win some, you lose some. It's all the same to me!Yu-Gi-Oh, Aspiring Duelist Quest, Playmaker, Quest2017-04-03 3 
1328131Yu-Gi-Oh Aspiring Duelist Quest 2Where we figure out what we want to do and then play even more card games. Also a hiatus happens so rip in piss questYu-Gi-Oh, Aspiring Duelist Quest, Playmaker, Quest2017-04-03 1 
May 2017
1479770Yu-gi-oh! Aspiring Duelist Quest Part 3 - This is still going on editionDo not abandon hope, for Playmaker returns! Gerard gets a card stolen, loses and wins, and has a grand old time.Yu-Gi-Oh, Aspiring Duelist Quest, Playmaker, Quest2017-05-29 1 
June 2017
1558751Necropolis Vampire CivquestWe get started on the adventures of Carthus, a brutal vampire dwelling in the necropolis of the city of Ceredi. Necropolis Vampire Civquest, Quest, Civ, Vampire2017-06-12 2 
1568948Yu-Gi-Oh Aspiring Duelist Quest 4A thread cut short early because Playmaker had an accident, but the quest continues!Yu-Gi-Oh, Aspiring Duelist Quest, Playmaker, Quest2017-06-22 1 
1601048Yu-gi-oh! Aspiring Duelist Quest Thread 5In spite of difficulties, dueling on!Yu-Gi-Oh, Aspiring Duelist Quest, Playmaker, Quest2017-06-30 1 
July 2017
1633752Yu-gi-oh! Aspiring Duelist Quest Thread 6Double Marshmallon, destroyed by Henry, survive a Jinzo, Rescue Cat Key Mouse OTKs, and XYZ PLOTYu-Gi-Oh, Aspiring Duelist Quest, Playmaker, Quest2017-07-10 1 
1673344Yu-gi-oh! Aspiring Duelist Quest Thread 7Finals start, 1st round victory, second round in progress.Yu-Gi-Oh, Aspiring Duelist Quest, Playmaker, Quest2017-07-26 1 
1706612NEET QuestOur beloved NEET begins his adventure in California. After accepting National Socialism into his heart, he decides to improve his life.NEET Quest, NEET, National Socialism, California, Niggers, Road Trip, Godfather, Oregon2017-07-27 0 
August 2017
1707993Yu-gi-oh! Aspiring Duelist Quest Thread 8Finals, second round victory, and Playmaker vanishes with a TO BE CONTINUED Yu-Gi-Oh, Aspiring Duelist Quest, Playmaker, Quest2017-08-13 1 
September 2017
1820144Yu-gi-oh! Aspiring Duelist Quest Thread 9Shorter thread this time, but the dueling continues, we lose to fucking Monarchs AGAIN, and witness XYZ Summoning AGAIN.Yu-Gi-Oh, Aspiring Duelist Quest, Playmaker, Quest2017-09-11 1 
1857464Yu-gi-oh! Aspiring Duelist Quest Thread 10XYZ rundown, get DP rich, buy packs, bring KOed girl food, get embarrassed, get tournament reward and then BTFO by Wisteria in the best way.Yu-Gi-Oh, Aspiring Duelist Quest, Playmaker, Quest2017-09-15 1 
1870470Yu-gi-oh! Aspiring Duelist Quest - Season 2 Episode 1Go out with Wisteria, start new tournament, and even meet Yugi and Kaiba! Well, kinda...Yu-Gi-Oh, Aspiring Duelist Quest, Playmaker, Quest2017-09-23 1 
October 2017
1893487Yu-gi-oh! Aspiring Duelist Quest - Season 2 Episode 2Tag dueling with Wisteria followed by a nice aquarium trip and losing again to the XYZ duelist.Yu-Gi-Oh, Aspiring Duelist Quest, Playmaker, Quest2017-10-03 1 
November 2017
2064906Starborn Quest 38: PerspectiveHitchhikers Guide to the Planes, Lex gives Purps a little lesson. Then the Dragon Nation AttacksStarborm, Wagon, Star, Planes, Purps, Hona, Honamurei, Lisbeth, vernon, Lexington, Doc Lexington, Boss Fight, Dragon, Travelling, Balthazar2017-11-16 2 
December 2017
2126056Starborn Quest 40: The AcademyPurps and the gang roll up to the academy, where paperwork, old friends and new friends await.Starborn, Wagon, Star, Drama , Purps, Hona, Honamurei, Lisbeth, Vernon, Lexington, Doc Lexington, Academy, Tornin, Travelling, Comfy2017-12-09 2 
January 2018
2189831Final Fantasy Comrades Quest Part 1A former guard to the king fighting off the daemons and trying to keep the world alight. Acquired weapons and a locket. Short opener thread.FFXV, Final Fantasy, Wanks, Collective Game, Melisk2018-01-02 2 
2179501Yu-gi-oh! Aspiring Duelist Quest - Season 2 Episode 3The quest returns as we piss Wisteria off, duel a few people, and lose the Blank Synchro.Yu-Gi-Oh, Aspiring Duelist Quest, Playmaker, Quest2018-01-09 1 
2222597Yu-gi-oh! Aspiring Duelist Quest - Season 2 Episode 4We duel Syrus, have a nightmare, embrace Zombie World, cockblock a couple, and survive a mill/stall deck.Yu-Gi-Oh, Aspiring Duelist Quest, Playmaker, Quest2018-01-24 1 
2249025Starborn Quest 42: Dorm DaysSettling in at the Academy, Purps continues to meet those around her. And some VIPs would like a word.Starborn, Wagon, Star, Drama , Purps, Hona, Honamurei, Lisbeth, Vernon, Lexington, Doc Lexington, Academy, Tornin, Jo, Stella, Lancel, Quan2018-01-28 2 
February 2018
2271834Starborn Quest 43: School of Hard KnocksPurps is in the Academy right and she meets her dormates right? Then she dreamwalks, right?Starborn, Wagon, Star, Drama , Purps, Hona, Honamurei, Lisbeth, Vernon, Lexington, Doc Lexington, Academy, Tornin, Jo, Stella, Lancel, Quan2018-02-09 2 
2278403Yu-gi-oh! Aspiring Duelist Quest - Season 2 Episode 5We have nightmares, duel people, discover and explore the Old Town (Sattelite), duel more, find Wisteria, and...?Yu-Gi-Oh, Aspiring Duelist Quest, Playmaker, Quest2018-02-16 2 
2307332Starborn Quest 44: First ClassPurps attends her first Martial class, apparently it's some kinda placement exam. And she's fighting a friend!Starborn, Wagon, Star, Drama , Purps, Hona, Honamurei, Lisbeth, Vernon, Lexington, Doc Lexington, Academy, Tornin, Jo, Stella, Lancel, Quan2018-02-18 2 
March 2018
2321870Yu-gi-oh! Aspiring Duelist Quest - Season 2 Episode 6We recover with Wisteria after the events of the previous day, get Kaiba'd, and tag duel once before Rex & Weevil cliffhanger.Yu-Gi-Oh, Aspiring Duelist Quest, Playmaker, Quest2018-03-03 1 
April 2018
2444769Yu-gi-oh! Aspiring Duelist Quest - Season 2 Episode 6 Part 2We continue dueling Rex & Weevil alongside Wisteria, but something happens to the QM?Yu-Gi-Oh, Aspiring Duelist Quest, Playmaker, Quest2018-04-17 1 
October 2018
2961547Space-Civilisations #1Civilisation thread... but in space.civilisation, quest, thread, space, sci-fi2018-10-28 1 
November 2018
2992603Space-Civilisations #2pls archive it daddycivilisation, quest, thread, space, sci-fi2018-11-07 1 
January 2019
3189312Devil May Cry: The RingA hero awakens as he sleeps through his call to adventure. Unfortunately for him, it doesn't take 'no' for an answer.Collective Game, Devil May Cry, Stylish, Power fantasy, Fanwank2019-01-19 8 
April 2019
3417865Rogue Pilot Quest Episode 2We meet the base staff, dodge a wrench, and go on a scouting mission with some extreme flying that goes hot.Collective game, fighter, jets, realistic, mercenary, Rogue Pilot Quest2019-04-13 6 
May 2019
3441738An evening with Lex LuthorThe Call Girl from Metropolis adventures begin with an encounter with Lex Luthor and SupermanCollective Game, Call Girl Quest, DC, Lex Luthor, Superman, Metropolis2019-05-06 2 
3449790Rogue Pilot Quest Episode 3The crew prepares to head to the Middle East and the QM dies for like two weeksRogue Pilot Quest, Rogue, Pilot, Quest, Fighter Pilot, Realistic, Permadeath, Jet Fighter, Fighter2019-05-10 5 
3469312 The Call Girl’s Adventures in Metropolis (And other places): 1The call of the PenguinCollective Game, Call Girl Quest, DC, Penguin, Metropolis2019-05-18 0 
3524911Rogue Pilot Quest 3.5RPQ returns and runs a short session to wrap up Chapter 3, before moving on to Chapter 4! Also, the crew FINALLY leaves Airbase 8842.fighter, jets, military, collective game, planes, mercenary, rogue, fulcrum, flanker, realistic2019-05-26 3 
3497897O5 Council Quest 2O5-10 alongside O5-4 entertain some very strange and very dangerous lunch guests. Things get even weirder when a mage brings terrible news.999 Quest, SCP, World Of Darkness, /qst/, Magic, fucking wizards, Interlude, O5 Council, Nobilis2019-05-28 3 
June 2019
3532263Rogue Pilot Quest 4The airbase packs up and heads to Rabati. Creative radio usage lets the crew gather some intel on the world.fighter, jets, military, collective game, planes, mercenary, rogue, fulcrum, flanker, realistic, apocalypse2019-06-12 3 
3569359Marilis Evo #1From a single starter with three ontogenetic forms, Marilis develops four major groups of life around its deep sea vents.Marilis Evo, evo, evogame, evolution game2019-06-22 2 
July 2019
3676492Errant Shopkeep QuestLegends tell of an errant shopkeep that appears on the road whenever someone is in need, but legends are only legends, after all.drawquest, errant shopkeep quest, capitalism,2019-07-21 5 
August 2019
3765579Body Horror Quest - 28th VeinShu meets a Polish meme girl and a posse of Hyenas with Assless chaps; then finds prey, only to find she's not the only hunter on the prowlBody Horror Quest, Body Horror, bhop, BHOP, Female MC, Gore, Horror, Act 3, the hunt, Polish, hyenas, assless chaps, Protean2019-08-25 12 
December 2019
3966505Bad Art QuestThomas wishes to spread the word of Classic Italian Disco but it goes beary wrong.Bear, disco, art, bad, bad art, Thomas, corn, Conopolis2019-12-19 0 
3956269Dawn of CivilisationOne of the first civilisations in the world arises in a temperate forest, developing priests, pottery and early writing.Collective Game, Civ, Dawn of Civilisation2019-12-20 3 
3989374Steamed Hams But it's a Christmas Survival QuestWell Anon, you are an odd fellow. But I have to admit, you steam a good quest. Collective Game, Simpsons, Steamed Hams, Aurora Borealis2019-12-26 6 
January 2020
4009679Yu-gi-oh! Aspiring Duelist Quest - Season 2 Episode 7We pick up kind of where we left off, we have visions, some occult happens, we spend quality time with Wisteria and the tournament resumesYu-Gi-Oh, Aspiring Duelist Quest, Playmaker, Quest2020-01-18 0 
March 2020
4080153Amican Loyalist Quest #1A colonial fantasy settlement thread, with a starting population including humans, goblins, and elves from the Unified States of Amicacollective game, civgame, Amican Loyalist Quest2020-03-06 1 
71594322Traveller Character CreationA Character Creation thread with the Traveller system, resulting in a female version of Jabba the Huth, ending as a thug in a space prison.Traveller, Character Creation, Annalise Whitechaple, Whitechaple, Character, Creation, Mongoose2020-03-23 1 
4135249Amican Loyalist Quest #2The Amican Loyalists of Georgetown make allies and enemies in a strange land to the east. Their fantasy settlement quest continues.collective game, civgame, Amican Loyalist Quest2020-03-29 1 
4129385Yu-gi-oh! Aspiring Duelist Quest - Season 2 Episode 7 Part 2We defeat Jaden, lose to Bastion, episode ends due to page 10Yu-Gi-Oh, Aspiring Duelist Quest, Playmaker, Quest2020-03-30 1 
June 2020
4281113Forgotten by History - A Tribal Civilisation QuestThe Ancient Ones have been in decline for generations. But under their new leader, will this dying race begin to rise again?Collective Game, Forgotten by History, Civilisation, Civ, Tribal, Tribal Civ2020-06-17 1 
July 2020
73938020dystopian solarpunkA combination of worldbuilding and discussion as to the difference between cyberpunk and solarpunk.solarpunk, worldbuilding, environmentalism, dystopian,2020-07-30 2 
August 2020
74454586Space Faith/tg/ discusses and worldbuilds religions for scifi settings.roko's basilisk, simulation hypothesis, singularitarianism, worldbuilding, religion, cultists,2020-08-28 0 
February 2021
77268004Nechronica Thread: Big and Tall edition - More Gravel storytimeSecrets come to light for the A-team as the intro arc of Gravel Storytime concludes. Anon talks characters and cannibalism.Nechronica, Storytime, Story Time, Gravel, Adrian, Altina, Aida, cannibalism, Nine, Nai, Ivana, necromancy, gothic2021-02-05 1 
4611443Chalco Civ 1The first thread of Chalco civ, the founding of the village begins. And the meeting of some of the local entities.Chalco Civ, Stone Age, Bronze Age, Neolithic, civ, civilisation, civilization, draw, draw quest, Dolomite, fantasy2021-02-17 10 
March 2021
4656814Chalco Civ 2The village develops, the first wave of migrants arrives. Two cultures are met; camel riding raiders and bronze working traders.Chalco Civ, Stone Age, Bronze Age, Neolithic, civ, civilisation, civilization, draw, draw quest, Dolomite, fantasy2021-03-24 7 
April 2021
4715063Chalco Civ 3You battle the Djenak Balai warriors, some assholes steal all your food, and a giant pig shows upChalco Civ, Stone Age, Bronze Age, Neolithic, civ, civilisation, civilization, draw, draw quest, Dolomite, fantasy2021-04-30 5 
June 2021
4785874Chalco Civ 4Winter rain! Mountain Climbing! Beer Brewing! The birth of a monstrous giant spider industry!Chalco Civ, Stone Age, Bronze Age, Neolithic, civ, civilisation, civilization, draw, draw quest, Dolomite, fantasy2021-06-02 6 
July 2021
80049491modern cyberpunkWhat would cyberpunk based off the modern zeitgeist rather than that of the eighties consist of?cyberpunk, worldbuilding, dystopia, feudalism,2021-07-02 -5 
4868078Chalco Civ 5Contact with the Killa warriors in the South East forests. Metalworking and watch towers. Battles against the bandits.Chalco Civ, Stone Age, Bronze Age, Neolithic, civ, civilisation, civilization, draw, draw quest, Dolomite, fantasy2021-07-09 3 
August 2021
4907642Gangs of the Waste #1Post-apocalyptic, LISA inspired journey. Our protagonist, Abraxes the Wizard, gains his first gang member and sets out to explore.Gangs of the Waste, Post-Apocalypse, LISA2021-08-05 5 
4918227Reptilian Infiltrator Quest Vol. 6A reptilian secret agent goes on a cute date, makes peace with her inner demon, gains divine favour, and resolves to save a small businessReptoidQM, Reptilian Infiltrator Quest, fantasy, spycraft, demonology, prostitution, drugs, merchantalism, romance2021-08-19 5 
April 2022
5199735Paper Mario TURBO!!Broke-ass Bowser and his motley crew must rescue/kidnap all of the Star Spirits so he can fulfill his wildest wishes! Turn-based RPG action!FaeSmelter, Fae Smelter, Mario, Paper, Bowser, Turn-based, RPG, TURBO, Kammy, Grubba, Doopliss, Waluigi, Wario, Luigi, Boo, Quest, Dice 2022-04-25 1 
July 2022
5301379(You Are A) Craigslist Killer Quest 4 A depraved killer hides in plain sight, but behind closed & triple-locked doors, there are no limits on his wicked lust or savage butchery.FaeSmelter, Fae Smelter, Serial Killer, Police, Rape, Sex, Velton, Detective, Cop, Harem, Killer, Thriller, Craigslist, USA, Fae, Smelter2022-07-14 2 
October 2022
5387684Pike and Shot Civil War Quest #1It is the start of the English Civil War, we are Sir Edward Cormont, a cavalier. We raid Cornwall, then win a small and large battle.Collective Game, Quest, English Civil War, Historical Quest, Dead Quest2022-10-16 1 
January 2023
5478018(You Are A) Craigslist Killer Quest 5It's devilish work, kidnapping hotties and dirt-napping bodies. But someone's gotta do it. Mayor Jack Kinov's daughter Joy joins the hareBob, Vagene, Velton, Fae Smelter, Craigslist, Killer, Joy, Kinov, Mandie, B, Reckin-Dwith, Black, Rose, Geraldina, Cooper, Camping, Forest2023-01-02 1 
June 2023
5678076Dragonborn Antipaladin Quest Volume 12A dragon king comes home to find his kingdom changed. The politics are ALMOST as complicated as his harem. He leaves to visit the neighbors.ReptoidQM, Dragonborn Antipaladin Quest, Reptilian Infiltrator Quest, factionalism, imeprialism, abolitionism, polygamy, politics, Pride2023-06-30 6 
5660977Altfylis tribe quest 2Charming civ drawquest ends when the QM disappearsAltfylis, Civquest, Drawquest, cute2023-06-30 2 
July 2023
5676561Jail Quest thread #1The traveling con artist Rosa Montagni gets roped into forming a team to save the world of Gongalla from a reality storm.Jail Quest, Collective Game, Rosa Montagni, Nemo, Craig Snorlison, Brother Valencio, con artist, prison, Gongalla Gaol2023-07-08 10 
August 2023
5688740Life or Circuits #1A post apocalyptic world in which we follow our robotic Tactician protagonist. But then the QM gets sick.Post Apocalyptic, Techie, Life or Circuits, Tactician, Mechanimancer, Specialist, Grunt, Bruiser, Robots, Survival, Drawquest2023-08-05 2 
5691682Yet Another Civilisation ICollaborative quest in which a tribe of the beast-bringers slowly expands and develops.Civilisation, Civilization, tribe,2023-08-09 8 
5709159Jail Quest thread #2The gang continues their journey to Goblinton, Rosa gets surprise reunion'd, and they investigate some strange men.Jail Quest, Collective Game, Rosa Montagni, Nemo, Craig Snorlison, Brother Valencio, con artist, prison, Gongalla Gaol2023-08-28 8 
September 2023
5735953Yet Another Civilisation IICollaborative quest in which a tribe of the beast-bringers fight for mercantile supremacyCivilisation, Civilization, tribe, Yet Another Civilisation, Numpty2023-09-28 2 
October 2023
5761275Jail Quest thread #3We recount our travels to the Southern anchor's deity, Sierra, heard a story about Gobson, got Craig a book, and headed North.Jail Quest, Collective Game, Rosa Montagni, Nemo, Craig Snorlison, Brother Valencio, con artist, prison, Gongalla Gaol2023-10-11 7 
November 2023
5805551Seeker of the Esoteric: Volume 2In pursuit of hidden truths, a mage apprentice discovers his friend's dark origins and illness; to heal her, they will alter the very worldReptoidQM, Reptilian Infiltrator Quest, theosophony, spiritualism, animal experimentation, ethics, friendship, transhumanism2023-11-06 16 
5834867OPERATION: ERIKAYou are an NKVD officer tasked with assassinating Adolf Hitler. alternate history, historical, realistic, espionage quest2023-11-21 0 
5791812Jail Quest thread #4We head North, Craig learns 2 spells, we failed to shoot at a thief, and was about to stop at Crypt.Jail Quest, Collective Game, Rosa Montagni, Nemo, Craig Snorlison, Brother Valencio, con artist, prison, Gongalla Gaol2023-11-22 5 
5848640Operation: ERIKA - #2You are an NKVD officer tasked with assassinating Hitler. 1 day before the parade. alternate history, historical, realistic, espionage quest2023-11-30 0 
January 2024
5877887Seekers of the Esoteric: Volume 4A half-elven mystic meets monsters in battle and is rewarded with a journey to a heavenly moon-realm, where the secrets of creation layReptoidQM, Reptilian Infiltrator Quest, fairies, werewolves, greys, ultraterrestrials, neoliberalism, colonialism, population demographics2024-01-20 6 
5858896Errant Knight QuestThe High Middle Ages of Europe:You are Roland von Fritzlkeller, Knight-errant from the Kingdom of Teutonia travelling for fortune and glory.ESL_QM, Unteralterboot Prequel, Knight, UOHH, Romantic Idealism, Mild Schizophrenia, Medieval Germany2024-01-23 1 
February 2024
5880376Jail Quest thread #5We fix a broken thief at Crypt, arrive at Pinewatch early, and Craig passes out in a brothel.Jail Quest, Collective Game, Rosa Montagni, Nemo, Craig Snorlison, Brother Valencio, con artist, prison, Gongalla Gaol2024-02-12 5 
5924948Cross-Contamination QuestA college student asks for help on 4Chan.org after a mass disappearance and a mysterious emergency knocks out the internet. Very short.Quest, Real, Realistic, Roleplaying, Immersive, Experimental, One-Shot2024-02-16 1 
March 2024
5912510Bobbert Quest 1Voices urge Bobbert to leave her home after months of burn out recovery and get a job. Lateralis Heavy Industries provide. Madness follows.Collective Game, Bobbert Quest, Alphabet Soup, The City, Lateralis Heavy Industries, Madness, Female Protagonist2024-03-20 2 
April 2024
5934576Jail Quest thread #6Rosa plans and mounts a not-so-daring rescue of Craig! Rumors, secret passages, secret room??Jail Quest, Collective Game, Rosa Montagni, Nemo, Craig Snorlison, Brother Valencio, con artist, prison, Gongalla Gaol2024-04-01 5 
5948262Seekers of the Esoteric: Volume 6A young mage is forced to play diplomat in his own homeland, to confront personal prophecies, and to strike a balance between light and darkReptoidQM, Reptilian Infiltrator, Dragonborn Antipaladin, ethnic tension, world peace, imperialism, predestination, relativism, futanari2024-04-06 6 
July 2024
6023968Jail Quest thread #7Craig finally rescued, we change into cold weather gear, and slog through fanfiction in order to investigate a lumberyard.Jail Quest, Collective Game, Rosa Montagni, Nemo, Craig Snorlison, Brother Valencio, con artist, prison, Gongalla Gaol2024-07-09 1 
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