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February 2012
17753957/TG/ BOOTLEG Meta Quest thread 8While metaquest is on hiatus, we play as a requisitions looter team. We bum about in the base for a while. Nothing happens.Collective Game, Meta Quest, Meta, Quest, Bootleg Metaquest, Bootleg, Interlude, Writefagging, Writefaggotry, Mastermind, Kali, Butthurt2012-02-01 6 
18111726Metahuman Renaissance Interlude 1Despite autosaging, Omega attempts to get a quest off the ground, and gets a character createdMetahuman Renaissance Quest, collective game, wild talents, Dava'kaal Sythras Vedi'ras, metahuman renaissance interlude, cyrean2012-02-27 8 
April 2013
24187585HPNQ Interlude: Kiritsugu's Long NightYou're Kiritsugu von Einzbern, and your Daughter and your Apprentrice just went upstairs to watch the Princess Bride.Collective Game, Harry Potter Nasuverse Quest, Harry Potter, Nasu, Kiritsugu Emiya, Zelretch, Interlude2013-04-12 26 
24301016HPNQ Interlude: Kiritsugu's Long Night Part 2You're Kiritsugu von Einzbern, and you've just been cockblocked by Kingsley Shacklebolt, master of perfect timing.Collective Game, Harry Potter Nasuverse Quest, Harry Potter, Nasu, Kiritsugu Emiya, Zelretch, Interlude2013-04-18 26 
February 2014
29944240Nanoha FORCE Quest 3Tohma has no fear, calls devils cute and asks them on dates. Lily also starts her journey to save her man. Collective Game, Nanoha Force, Nanoha, BelkanSniper, Nanoha FORCE Quest, Cute Devil, White Devil, Lily Interlude,,2014-02-02 6 
July 2014
33227598Nanoha FORCE Quest 26Personal Issues and Brother! Isis has it all! Collective Game, Nanoha Force, Nanoha, BelkanSniper, Nanoha FORCE Quest, Magical Guy, Isis Interlude,2014-07-06 1 
December 2014
36552398Cyberpunk Motorcycle Courier Quest Interlude 1In which we are a megacorp exec. And we're on a boat.Cyberpunk Motorcycle Courier Quest, Interlude, HaikuDeluge, Collective Game2014-12-04 10 
36589982Cyberpunk Motorcycle Courier Quest Interlude 1.2In which we are a megcorp exec. And things get emotional.Cyberpunk Motorcycle Courier Quest, Interlude, HaikuDeluge, Collective Game2014-12-06 5 
36641357Cyberpunk Motorcycle Courier Quest Interlude 1.3In which we are a megacorp executive, and we get mixed up in the biohazard lockdown.Cyberpunk Motorcycle Courier Quest, Interlude, HaikuDeluge, Collective Game2014-12-09 7 
April 2016
46530151Hot-Blooded Henshin Hero Quest Interlude Episode: KnightmareWe cut back to focus on the enigmatic enemy of the Peacekeeper's.Collective Game, Hot-Blooded Henshin Hero Quest, Sentai, plot, Interlude Episode2016-04-08 2 
46908531Hot-Blooded Henshin Hero Quest Interlude Episode: Ivory MoonWe take a look at the origin of our greatest rival.Collective Game, Hot-Blooded Henshin Hero Quest, Sentai, plot, Interlude Episode2016-04-26 2 
October 2018
2946806O5 Council QuestThe O5 Council awakens in a reality that is not their own, meet a vampire, engage and secure horrors from beyond and get a new addition.999 Quest, SCP, World Of Darkness, /qst/, Interlude, Magic, vampires, O5 Council2018-10-16 8 
May 2019
3497897O5 Council Quest 2O5-10 alongside O5-4 entertain some very strange and very dangerous lunch guests. Things get even weirder when a mage brings terrible news.999 Quest, SCP, World Of Darkness, /qst/, Magic, fucking wizards, Interlude, O5 Council, Nobilis2019-05-28 3 
December 2019
3933303Body Horror Quest - CapillaryAn Interlude where bhop explores the perspectives of other characters in the Crucible world: Featuring: Sam, 'A', and Isabelle.Body Horror Quest, Body Horror, bhop, BHOP, Female MC, Gore, Horror, Act 3, interlude, Capillary, slice-of-life, Isabelle, Sam, 'A'2019-12-02 12 
February 2022
5125916Body Horror Quest, Intermezzo IntermissionAn interlude thread featuring: An honorable Bumblebee, A titanic thunderbird, a Socratic sage, a living battleship, and a simple woman.Body Horror Quest, bhop, BHOP, Body Horror, Female MC, Gore, intermission, interlude, side stories, slice-of-life, Yamato, birbs2022-02-09 5 
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