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September 2009
5895415The IdyllsNobledark post-apocalypse with a debate on the noble/grim/bright/dark axis of classification, plus minotaurs with Browning M2s. Unfortunate dive into idiocy.Idyll, nobledark, debate, post-apocalypse, WoD, BESM, M&M2009-09-18 5 
October 2009
6188951Post-Apocalyptic Setting: Wal-WorldIn the grim darkness of the far future, there is only Wal-Mart.Setting, Post-Apocalypse, Robots, Wal-Mart2009-10-08 21 
March 2010
8716037Life After the Bomb, by Erin WebsterAnon wakes up and discovers that not only is he the little girl, he's nearly been turned into dinner by cannibals. The rest of the thread is a tense escape, basic scavenging, and group-think on the backstory and goals for the next thread.Erin Webster, Cold War, Missile Crisis, Post-Apocalypse2010-03-22 2 
April 2010
8895534Wormhole Cyberpunk settingAliens seek refuge, but end up crash landing and screwing up the planet big time. Cyberpunk without the 80's feel.scifi apocalypse post-apocalypse post postapocalypse alien refugee immigrant war science fiction SHTF future cyberpunk punk white knight whiteknight2010-04-01 2 
August 2012
20193011EmulsiworldAnon describes a dream where mankind is drawn to a new planet through portals on Earth. There they find a hollow but still living tree where they make a new home: Hope. The planet, as big as Jupiter, is host to other such trees, some with other splinter evolutions of mankind, at war with the Keepers, a race of machines which cull mankind's divergent evolutions until extinction.Homebrew, original content, crunchless fluff, science fiction, post-apocalypse, Hope, arcology, game ideas, world building, The Archivist2012-08-05 17 
December 2013
28575430Europe 2212OP Comes up with the idea of a modern-futurist and realistic attempt at a post apocalyptic setting after a nuclear war. Yeah, that doesn't last long. Cool thread though.setting, campaign, post-apoc, post-apocalypse, OC2013-12-01 1 
April 2015
39548793Post-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest Part 3Scavenging in an old training facility for things we can use. Also, first one of this series to be archived correctly.Post-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Collective Game, EchoGarrotte2015-04-25 22 
May 2015
39672038Post-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Part 5 Raiding the Movie Studio Collective Game, Post-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, EchoGarrotte2015-05-01 17 
39732226 Post-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Part 6Cult Beat DownPost-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Collective Game, EchoGarrotte2015-05-03 13 
39813270Post-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Part 7Shopping Trip and ChoicesPost-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Collective Game, EchoGarrotte2015-05-08 12 
39873690Post-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Part 8Car repair and meeting another Post-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Collective Game, EchoGarrotte2015-05-10 13 
39888037 Post-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Part 8bEscape from van and beat the crap out of the cult leader with the rookie Post-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Collective Game, EchoGarrotte2015-05-11 14 
39996125Post-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Part 9 Back story, Dark secrets, and everyone is a inbred redneck. Break into a prison for lady on radio. Post-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Collective Game, EchoGarrotte2015-05-17 14 
40096363Post-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Part 10Shadowrunner mode earned, play hide and seek with POJ and loot the mansionPost-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Collective Game, EchoGarrotte2015-05-22 12 
40083348Mad Max: Furious Homebrew Pt IITg continues work on it's Mad Max inspired Homebrew.Homebrew, Mad Max, Post-Apocalypse, Ideas2015-05-22 10 
40285204Post-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Part 11We take command of the back up, navigate through an ambush and watch the RNG cause shenanigans Post-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Collective Game, EchoGarrotte2015-05-31 12 
June 2015
40372300Post-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Part 12Part 2 of Pytor, Ray and Amelia's Magical RidePost-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Collective Game, EchoGarrotte2015-06-04 11 
July 2015
40992424Post-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Part 14Swatting the beehive to find the Joy-In-RuinPost-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Collective Game, EchoGarrotte2015-07-04 11 
41460702 Post-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Part 15We learn about the End from the Ruin of the old world on top of a skyscraperPost-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Collective Game, EchoGarrotte2015-07-26 11 
August 2015
41609415Post-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest Part 16A fight without honour or humanityPost-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Collective Game, EchoGarrotte2015-08-02 11 
41853002Post-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Part 16We finally meet Voice face to face. Post-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Collective Game, EchoGarrotte2015-08-14 11 
42111565Post-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Part 18The breaking of the Fellowship (Part 17 was misarchived as 16)Post-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Collective Game, EchoGarrotte2015-08-27 11 
September 2015
42760256 Post-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Part 19Musor the bear joins us in CharybdisPost-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Collective Game, EchoGarrotte2015-09-28 11 
October 2015
43074652Post-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Part 20A happy reunion Post-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Collective Game, EchoGarrotte2015-10-15 12 
43374891Post-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Part 21This is what happens when you poke the bear.Post-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Collective Game, EchoGarrotte2015-10-31 11 
May 2016
47233704Post-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Part 22The quest returns, and Joy-in-Ashes explores a building dedicated to peace.Post-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Collective Game, EchoGarrotte 2016-05-14 8 
47355753Post-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Part 23Joy-In-Ashes has a chat with her grandmother, and then prepares for the trip home.Post-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Collective Game, EchoGarrotte2016-05-21 7 
47475790Post-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Part 24Joy-In-Ashes assaults the People Of Joy's assault on the Confessors and Genesis.Post-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Collective Game, EchoGarrotte2016-05-28 7 
June 2016
47593539Post-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Part 25Joy-In-Ashes goes to rescue Wren from the People of Joy.Post-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Collective Game, EchoGarrotte2016-06-04 6 
47614920Post-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Part 26Joy-In-Ashes and her team break into OLYMPUS.Post-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Collective Game, EchoGarrotte2016-06-05 6 
47823802Post-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Part 27 FINALWe kill Love, and witness the end of the world.Post-Apocalypse Magical Girl Quest, Collective Game, EchoGarrotte, End2016-06-18 18 
October 2016
697511BioArmor Quest: 4th VHSIn which we take a quick jump into a possible future, a future of hunger and desperation.Collective Game, BioArmor Quest, Questguy, Science Fiction, 1980s, OVA, Henshin, Conspiracy, Ultraviolence, Post-Apocalypse, 2016-10-25 1 
March 2019
3308076Cloud City - Post Apoc. QuestA young teenager leaves the safety of the hideout after the food ran out, we avoid toxic clouds, monster, raiders and find company.Collective Game, Cloud City, Old Radio, post-apocalypse, survival, humanity2019-03-14 2 
April 2019
3382653Heir to Humanity: Last Man AliveCloud City 2, Alexa tries to adapt to this new place while worries about his mother trouble him, a new threat arises in the meantime.Collective Game, Cloud City, Old Radio, post-apocalypse, survival, humanity, Last man, boy2019-04-08 2 
May 2019
3462630Heir to Humanity: Last Man Alive IIICloud City 3: Alexa, the last boy, discover new feelings and sensations, visits his old home and discover some things about his pastCollective Game, Cloud City, Old Radio, post-apocalypse, survival, humanity, Last man, boy2019-05-12 2 
66202771Radon and Raiders (working title)A follow up on the apocalyptic cavalry thread, where anons continue to fluff out a medieval radioactive England and the things living in itSetting, world building, post-apocalypse, medieval2019-05-15 61 
66255181Radon and Raiders 2Creating of a radioactive feudal Britain from the 50s continues, now with more mutants!Setting, post-apocalypse, medieval, world building2019-05-18 40 
June 2019
3507776Heir to Humanity: Last Man Alive IVCloud City 4: and attempt at new life and Alexa finds a place in the new world what will the future hold for Alexa, Jess and their friends?Collective Game, Cloud City, Old Radio, post-apocalypse, survival, humanity, Last man, boy2019-06-01 1 
November 2019
69298643Radon and Raiders XXIIIAnons continue to work on the isles, this time with some more focus on weapons and diseasePost-apocalypse, setting, worldbuilding, medieval2019-11-17 7 
3914305Fallout: Emerald Country #1Tim leaves the vault, entering the wasteland with a desperate mission from his father.Quest, Fallout: Emerald Country, Fallout, Post-Apocalypse, SleepyQM2019-11-18 6 
September 2020
4421810Post-Apocalyptic Tribe QuestIn the aftermath of an apocalyptic Great War, former MP Edgar Cromwell leads a tribe in an attempt to make a civilised life in the wastelandPost-Apocalyptic Tribe Quest, The First History Man, Civ, Post-Apocalypse, Collective Game2020-09-15 0 
October 2020
4451483Post-Apocalyptic Tribe Quest – Part 2Edgar's daughter Victoria takes over. Farming expands, religion is more codified and we contact another group.Post-Apocalyptic Tribe Quest, The First History Man, Civ, Post-Apocalypse, Collective Game2020-10-14 0 
August 2021
4907642Gangs of the Waste #1Post-apocalyptic, LISA inspired journey. Our protagonist, Abraxes the Wizard, gains his first gang member and sets out to explore.Gangs of the Waste, Post-Apocalypse, LISA2021-08-05 5 
July 2022
5290397Mahou Shoujo AcademiaA quest about an Academy that trains magical girls in a far future post-apocalyptic setting. Our MC is a holy maiden, diligent and pure.Collective Game, Magical Girl, Mahou Shoujo Academia, Demons, Magic, Artificial Gods, Shrine Maiden, Post-Apocalypse, School Setting, Nudism2022-07-03 24 
August 2022
5360111Monsterpunk Quest #1A young man dreams of exploring the world, but is faced with the realization of living in a regime run by monsters.MPQ, Monsterpunk, monsters, humans, post-apocalypse, adventure2022-08-08 4 
5332516Mahou Shoujo Academia #2Parva and friends continue through the survival training they were thrown into as punishment for missing orientation.Collective Game, Magical Girl, Mahou Shoujo Academia, Demons, Magic, Artificial Gods, Shrine Maiden, Post-Apocalypse, School Setting, Nudism2022-08-11 21 
September 2022
5366180Monsterpunk Quest #2Our hero stumbles from one felony to the next, ending up making a powerful friend and moving to the capital of Arcadia.MPQ, Monsterpunk, monsters, humans, mecha, post-apocalypse, adventure, shopping2022-09-17 1 
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