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April 2008
1586226Bureacracy in 40KYour thread is very important to us, please hold.40K, paperwork, red tape2008-04-23 11 
September 2008
2593504.Hack//Pen and paper 2The second thread created by Ensis to discuss more about the system and to flesh out more of how game play would resolve.Ensis Kun-kun .hack dot hack .hack//pen and paper2008-09-17 5 
May 2010
10168474The Breaking PointBreak shit. Break everything, break the rules, even break the game. Now.system, rpg, pnp, pen and paper, oc, original content, earthflame2010-05-31 16 
January 2011
13681876Space Marine Paper Minatures Some mench from /po/ drops templates for Space Marine Terminators made out of cardstock. /tg/ goes nuts on other chapters, Angrymarines included. papercraft, minatures, 40K, Warhammer 40K, Space Marine, Awesome2011-01-28 17 
April 2011
14615734RPS Army Suggestions/tg/ debates the relative merits of the the three powerhouses of the classic game. Sadfrog says to make a RPS army system.RPS, Rock Paper Scissors, Janken, Fake Rules,Sadfrog2011-04-17 1 
May 2011
15097981Extra, Extra!Fa/tg/uys buy newspaper, inane headlines increase by 500%, anon accused of mukin' about.newspaper, d&d, 40k, frontline news2011-05-30 6 
15098724Extra, Extra! Take 2!Fa/tg/uys auto-sage old thread, nofun-fags enraged, official response by spokesperson 'u mad'newspaper, d&d, 40k, frontline news2011-05-30 0 
September 2011
16136082Zerg Quest LVILet's synergize our communication zones and break some paradigms.Zerg Quest, Collective Game, Starcraft, Cerebrate Anon, Kerrigan, Raynor, Contract Negotiations, Very complicated paperwork2011-09-01 12 
August 2013
26928971Government Bureaucrat QuestWe are Nicholas Voronov, Paperwork Wizard. Collective Game, Bureaucracy, Paperwork, Red Tape2013-08-31 6 
April 2015
39064892Knight Captain QuestOur Knight Captain attempts to follow her usual routine only for a highly suspicious apprentice to appear. Sure to be the start of a long line of dry threads.Collective Game, Knight Captain Quest, Paperwork, Damp2015-04-01 6 
June 2015
40366041Techie's Intergalatic Paperwork 1We're Techie, and we've been sent to a really far planet for some reason. Then the Mailman appears, and tells us we need to get back to the center of the Imperium to sign some papers. Well heck, how are we gonna get there from here?Techie's Intergalatic Paperwork, Quest, Collective game2015-06-03 7 
July 2016
357937Black Company Quest #11The Black Company is good at what they do, and what they do is not good. LT Prince accidentally leaves his flirt on while doing paperwork.Black Company Quest, Collective Game, Dark Fantasy, Paperwork, Band, PROMOTIONS!2016-07-11 25 
October 2016
658115Dungeon Customs QuestAn average Dungeon Customs officer gets more than he bargained for while doing his job. Fantasy, LeaveQM, Collective Game, Quest, Papers, Please2016-10-07 6 
690947Dungeon Customs Quest 2Sometimes following the Law makes things hard, sometimes it makes things easy. Bottom line, we make a couple friends and a pretty big enemy.Fantasy, LeaveQM, Collective Game, Quest, Papers, Please2016-10-17 1 
743282Dungeon Customs Quest 3Assembling a team to work with, Dick soon finds out that his job might get a little harder from now on.Fantasy, LeaveQM, Collective Game, Quest, Papers, Please2016-10-30 1 
November 2016
826534Dungeon Customs Quest 4Stuck in a city of the Dead, Dick and his friends fight their way up to the Necromancer responsible for it all. Fantasy, LeaveQM, Collective Game, Quest, Papers, Please2016-11-22 1 
December 2016
889601Paper Mario Quest #1A humble Boo becomes a chef, meets a princess, gets a destiny mapCollective Game, Paper Mario, GRANDMASTER2016-12-07 7 
909512Paper Mario Quest #2Boobert prepares for his journey, goes to Flower Fields, and gets mugged by a stonerCollective Game, Paper Mario, GRANDMASTER, Boobert2016-12-15 6 
May 2017
1401936 [WD] Paper Heist=Readers Wanted= - Must have an open mind - Willing to risk bodily harm for the creative process - Day to Day PaymentPaper Heist, Skirmish Quest, Monday, collective game2017-05-06 2 
June 2017
1566466Glitz Pit Quest #1Cheezit the Little Mouser enters the pit and does some reconGlitz Pit Quest, Cheezit, Paper Mario2017-06-19 1 
1599400Paper Mario Quest #4Boobert slaps Hazy Pinto. That's itPaper Mario Quest, Boobert2017-06-25 1 
April 2018
58889492creatively negligent precursorsWorldbuilding about precursor civilizations leads to hilarity and the realization that Zeus is That Guy.worldbuilding, precursors, sufficiently advanced, setting, Autism on a Kardashev Scale, goddammit zeus, REEEEEEEE PAPERCLIPS, REMOVE QU,2018-04-07 5 
November 2019
69304507AI Safety Precautions/tg/ discusses how to word orders to prevent killer robots.AI, artifical intelligence, robots, terminator, three laws, paperclipper,2019-11-16 1 
April 2022
5199735Paper Mario TURBO!!Broke-ass Bowser and his motley crew must rescue/kidnap all of the Star Spirits so he can fulfill his wildest wishes! Turn-based RPG action!FaeSmelter, Fae Smelter, Mario, Paper, Bowser, Turn-based, RPG, TURBO, Kammy, Grubba, Doopliss, Waluigi, Wario, Luigi, Boo, Quest, Dice 2022-04-25 1 
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