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January 2009
3472109Vampires, the animoots and everythingA statement about a certain anime vampire being the only thing /a/ knows derails into a (surprisingly good) thread about harem anime, different vampires, and different animu throughout the edges, only to roll back to the original topic in the end.vampires, harem, animu2009-01-21 1 
February 2010
8217602Shiba Yusuke's Marriage QuestA Phoenix clan bushi is awarded his choice of clan and family for a wife and asks for advice. Catfight ensues.L5R, quest, harem, catfight2010-02-22 2 
September 2012
20660866The Harem Knights of TeeGeeIn this thread the Gentlemen of /tg/ took the tired old premise of, "Wizard takes you to a fantasy world, WAT DO?" and made a thing of beauty.harem, knights, knight, waifu, monstergirl, rub ears, peace, perfection2012-09-10 25 
20666515Tales of the Harem KnightsBuilding off of a previous thread many anons donned names and stories, all of good quality at least.Teegee, harem, knight, storytime, stories, waifu, monstergirl, roleplay, writefaggotry, world building2012-09-10 22 
20674762TeeGee Harem Knights, Volume ThreeThird thread in TeeGee Harem Knights. More stories, equipment to bring to fantasy worlds, plus a bar song!Teegee, harem, knight, storytime, stories, waifu, monstergirl, roleplay, writefaggotry, world building, bar song2012-09-11 23 
20684912TeeGee Harem Knights, Volume FourFourth volume of the escapades of our TeeGee nationTeegee, harem, knight, storytime, stories, waifu, monstergirl, roleplay, writefaggotry, world building2012-09-11 16 
20698883TeeGee Harem Knights, Volume FiveWe reach the fifth thread of this amazing saga full of writefaggotry, now with an Ork invasion and a look into the Merchant Guard!TeeGee, Harem, Knights, Storytime, Stories, Waifu, Monstergirl, Writefaggotry, World Building2012-09-13 17 
20710103TeeGee Harem Knights, Volume SixThe writefaggotry continues, with orcs, necromancy, and a spot of political and economical discussion.harem, knights, waifus, writefaggotry, worldbuilding, harem knights, monstergirls, elf ears2012-09-14 12 
20722412TeeGee Harem Knights, Volume SevenThis time we delve into the workings of magic, the aftermath of the Ork invasion, and much more.harem, knights, waifus, writefaggotry, worldbuilding, harem knights, monstergirls, elf ears2012-09-15 11 
20740292TeeGee Harem Knights, Volume EightThe waifu train has no brakes. The death of the Knight-Sergeant, and other stories.harem, knights, waifus, writefaggotry, worldbuilding, harem knights, monstergirls, elf ears2012-09-16 9 
20751328TeeGee Harem Knights, Volume Nine.Stories of the knights continue. Fencing, a diplomatic incident, and Harbringer pisses of the Fae.harem, knights, waifus, writefaggotry, worldbuilding, harem knights, monstergirls, elf ears2012-09-17 10 
20762850TeeGee Harem Knights, Volume TenMostly Worldbuilding with lighthearted fare. Scottish Rabbit-folk are detailed. Harbinger has a slice of life moment.harem, knights, waifus, writefaggotry, worldbuilding, harem knights, monstergirls, elf ears, fey, bunny girls2012-09-18 10 
20801272TeeGee Harem Knights, Vol. 13More festival stories and such, plus discussion for a foxgirl army.Ears, Waifu, Harem Knights, Knights, Writefaggotry, Funnelcake2012-09-21 9 
20813165TeeGee Harem Knights, Vol. 14More writefaggotry, a few ghouls, battle tactics, and castle designs await you in this installment of Harem Knights.Harem Knights, Ears, writefaggotry, Waifus, ear rub, worldbuilding2012-09-22 8 
20828926TeeGee Harem Knights, Vol. 15NRF Uniform talk (now with template!), adorable slice of life, and an Interview with a Fey Lord.Harem Knights, Ears, writefaggotry, Waifus, ear rub, worldbuilding2012-09-24 5 
20852968TeeGee Harem Knights, Vol. 16In which new stories are told, some canon some not so much,TeeGee, Harem Knights, Ears, Waifu, Colective story time,2012-09-25 5 
20866609TeeGee Harem Knights, Vol. 17Joint stories and new characters emerge, GearHeart writes eroticaHarem Knights, Ears, writefaggotry, Waifus, ear rub, worldbuilding, TeeGee, Colective story time,2012-09-27 5 
20887555TeeGee Harem Knights Vol. 18Demon lords and Lilly's new shop are introduced in the newest installment.Harem Knights, Knights, Ears, Ear rub, Helmets, Waifu, writefaggotry2012-09-28 9 
20909123TeeGee Harem Knights, Vol. 19In this thread, Tanash gets his Waifu, Alaric gets paranoia, and Artorias gets a litter of dire wolves. Good times all around.Waifu, ears, ear rub, knights, harem knights, writefaggotry2012-09-30 4 
October 2012
20926634TeeGee Harem Knights Vol. 20More Harem Knights adventuresHarem Knights, Knights, Waifu, Ears, Ear Rub, Writefaggotry2012-10-02 4 
20953217TeeGee Harem Knights Vol. 21TeeGee gets a witch, and other tales.Harem Knights, writefaggotry, worldbuilding2012-10-04 5 
20981001TeeGee Harem Knights Vol. 22The Witch finishes her tale and we argue about bows. A lot.Waifu, Harem Knights, Knight, Ears, Ear Rub, Writefaggotry2012-10-06 3 
21038744TeeGee Harem Knights Vol. 24We start fleshing out the Teegee University, introduce rabbitgirls, describe farming life and more Rogue Trader shenanigans.Waifu, Harem Knights, Knight, Writefaggotry, Worldbuilding2012-10-10 4 
21086394TeeGee Harem Knights Vol. 25More succubus shenanigans and slavers take Shacklebane's eyeHarem Knights, Ears, writefaggotry, Waifus, ear rub, worldbuilding, TeeGee, Colective story time, monstergirls2012-10-14 1 
21135856TeeGee Harem Knights Vol 26In which Clover tells of singing Ilithids and other stories are shared.Teegee, Harem Knights, Writefaggotry, World Building,2012-10-18 4 
21173333TeeGee Harem Knights, Volume 27Coininoch, Catmas, and conspiracies!Teegee, Harem Knights, Writefaggotry, World Building2012-10-20 3 
21243887TeeGee Harem Knights, Volume 29This time, it's mostly discussion on major events. Also, more Thai.Teegee, Harem Knights, Writefaggotry, World Building2012-10-23 2 
21273032TeeGee Harem Knights, Volume 30Pinochle, a pool/lake, and more Catmas.Teegee, Harem Knights, Writefaggotry, World Building2012-10-26 0 
21306474Teegee Harem Knights Vol 31In which touching stories are told.Teegee Harem Knights, Co-op writefagatry, writefagatry, world building, monster girls, knights.2012-10-31 2 
November 2012
21365172TeeGee Harem Knights, Volume 32We get an architect!Teegee, Harem Knights, Writefaggotry, World Building2012-11-01 4 
21394317TeeGee Harem Knights, Volume 33This time, we have mind reading therapy and the nature of magic.Teegee, Harem Knights, Writefaggotry, World Building2012-11-04 3 
21435510Teegee Harem Knights volume 35 Vampire Khanates Rumors abound! Currency Discussed Elderitch horrors born of attempts to make life put down.Teegee, Harem Knights, Writefaggotry, World Building2012-11-08 3 
21479233Teegee Harem Knights Vol 35A bit of world building is detailed, and the first chapter of the Chironen is revealed!Waifu, Knights, writefaggotry, harem knights2012-11-13 2 
21613623Harem Knights Volume 37Did this early because, well, we lost the last one. Teegee, Harem Knights, Writefaggotry, World Building2012-11-17 3 
21657425Teegee Harem Knights Vol 38The Bats story ends, with the promise of a vamipiric war, and a gunrunner makes his debut, with leadTeegee, Harem Knights, Writefaggotry, World Building2012-11-23 0 
21711417Harem Knights Vol. 39more on the gunrunners and boss. Discussions of the city plans and layoutTeegee, Harem Knights, Writefaggotry, World Building2012-11-26 2 
December 2012
21914061Harem Knights 40.5In which we search for sulfur, make a Geigeresque castle in two weeks, and attempt to kill nobility with good ol' Southern Cooking.Teegee, Harem Knights, Writefaggotry, World Building2012-12-10 0 
21973299Harem Knights 41Dwarven Menopause, Foreign Language Made EZ, and Capitalist Pig vs. Glorious Socialist Leadership whose benevolence ensures the means of production are used for the good of all.Teegee, Harem Knights, Writefaggotry, Worldbuilding2012-12-15 0 
22049273Harem Knights 42Marriage customs, more writefaggotry, pizza, life, the universe, and everything.Teegee, Harem Knights, Writefaggotry, Worldbuilding2012-12-18 5 
February 2013
22924521Teegee Harem Knights S2 Vol 1In which the tales of the knights resumes in truth. The Boss saga comes to a close, a new guy does a bit, and Gale is a cool guy.Teegee, Harem Knights, World Building, Writfaggotry, Fantasy, Monstergirls2013-02-02 -2 
August 2013
26516666Yet Another Strike Witches QuestFor those that hate lesbians, but love lesbian animes.ERP, Strike Witches, Harem, Utterly pointless male MC2013-08-09 -1 
September 2013
27413422I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream: Harem EditionWhat seems like it may just be THAT GM being THAT GM turns out to have some interesting possibilities.harem, what2013-09-26 11 
December 2013
29172627Genderbent Everjailbait Magical Monstergirl Exhibitionist With Big Hips Transformation QuestThis should be more accurateFetish, Monstergirls, Loli, Exhibition, Yuri, Genderbending, Harem, Why is this even a thing, It makes me sick; how far we done fell2013-12-30 39 
29184433Generic Harem Quest #415Something about a man being assigned to a princess and be her personal toy/guard.Feminism, Harem, Turkish Agenda, Generic, Quest2013-12-31 36 
March 2014
30963035Harem Protag Quest #1You are John Galt, sentient protagonist of a Harem Anime and you just woke up for your first day at the Cassandra College of Witches.Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-03-21 39 
30985235Harem Protag Quest #2We meet our familiar, find out he's a dick, then get cuddled in our sleep and buy the cuddler food.Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-03-22 30 
31006431Harem Protag Quest #3We head to our next class, discover and ancient rune and chat a few people up. Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-03-23 28 
31039694Harem Protag Quest #4John goes to Physical training and meets a new teacher. She then proceeds to beat the class with a sword. Archived early.Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-03-24 28 
31067759Harem Protag Quest #5John gets some extra credit, takes a shower and sees something that just might be from a different plane of existence.Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-03-26 27 
31088361Harem Protag Quest #6John goes and gets his neighbor that meal he promised. Then we have a discussion about magic. Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-03-27 26 
31167407Harem Protag Quest #7In which a whole lot of things happen very quickly after John wakes up.Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-03-31 28 
April 2014
31227886Harem Protag Quest #8We get talked to by the Headmistress of the college and then get moved to a new residence.Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-04-03 26 
31246680Harem Protag Quest #9John goes back to PT teacher for training and finds he has inherited the Way of The SwordHarem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-04-04 26 
31308386Harem Protag Quest #10John finishes talking to his sensei, gets pissed off by a busy ninja, and learns he's famousHarem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide, Busybodies2014-04-07 29 
31373983Harem Protag Quest #11John has another strange dream, then wakes up with someone he didn't expect. Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-04-10 26 
31396410Harem Protag Quest #12In which John comes back from shopping and then makes miracles. Also, hanging out with Chris.Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide, Breakfast2014-04-11 26 
31549460Harem Protag Quest #13John Galt discusses his dreams with Kaede, and gives two girls earth-shattering kisses.Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide, 2014-04-18 25 
31567330Harem Protag Quest #14John gets into a fight and enchants a thing.Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-04-19 27 
31630674Harem Protag Quest #15In which John goes to gym class and has a fight with Chris.Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-04-22 27 
31669183Harem Protag Quest #16In which there is class, sparring and snuggling.Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-04-24 27 
31764778 Harem Protag Quest #17In which John continues his streak of plot occurring in the morning.Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-04-28 27 
31790402 Harem Protag Quest #18In which Lydia shows that she's a serious antagonist, and a tank gets atomized.Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-04-29 29 
May 2014
31833880Harem Protag Quest #19Shocking swerve we all saw coming, time skip, level up, and hot sweaty actionHarem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-05-01 39 
31876424Harem Protag Quest #20In which we get our injuries healed up and meet the Witchball Team!Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-05-03 35 
31982411Harem Protag Quest #21We make a promise to Tatsuko, and talk shop with the Witchball team!Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-05-08 26 
32072999Harem Protag Quest #22Harem Protag, to the rescue! We generously elect to support our loving maiden KaedeHarem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-05-12 25 
32093638Harem Protag Quest #23In which John deals with what he awoke in the Church. Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide, Fluffy Wings2014-05-13 28 
32208687Harem Protag Quest #24Dealing with fainting and other fun things. Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-05-19 27 
32383800Harem Protag Quest #25We deal with the house and finally get to that dinner. Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-05-27 30 
June 2014
32719536Harem Protag Quest #26Guide comes back, then we deal with the aftermath of the last thread. Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-06-12 31 
33007460 Harem Protag Quest #27John meets with his favorite eldritch being, gets a favorable report of the previous night, and gets ambushed in the shower.Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-06-26 30 
July 2014
33793130Harem Protag Quest #28In which we get this thing going again. Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-07-31 29 
August 2014
33886129Harem Protag Quest #29We go on a date with Kaede. (ps. Waifu Quest was still better)Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-08-04 29 
34083639Harem Protag Quest #30In which we fight a thing. Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-08-12 31 
34250882Harem Protag Quest #31We go home and try to explain our date to our harem.Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide, Fluffy Wings2014-08-19 27 
34272600Harem Protag Quest #32In which we level up and other fun stuff. Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-08-20 34 
34330399Harem Protag Quest #33Another day, another stretch.Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-08-23 37 
34466281Harem Protag Quest #34A mostly normal day, that also involves lots of magic. Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-08-29 29 
34515306Harem Protag Quest #35Another full day in the life of John Galt. Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-08-31 29 
34523335Harem Protag Quest #36The day of the fluffening commences.Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide, Fluffy Wings2014-08-31 33 
September 2014
34621688Harem Protag Quest #37More angels, a reaper and Witchball!Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide, Fluffy Wings2014-09-04 28 
34746903Harem Protag Quest #38We actually get to the witchball!Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide, Fluffy Wings2014-09-09 29 
34818465Harem Protag Quest #39More witchball and the aftermath of the game.Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-09-12 28 
34841479Harem Protag Quest #40Free day before the beach. Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-09-13 39 
34905799Harem Protag Quest #41You. Will. Get. Them. Back.Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-09-16 28 
34951186Harem Protag Quest #42More searching, this time with friends.Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-09-18 26 
34979656Harem Protag Quest #43John goes after the most dangerous game.Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-09-19 29 
35065168Harem Protag Quest #44John brings back Akitsu then dives right back in. Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-09-23 31 
35141973Megucca Harem QuestYou are Kamijou Kyousuke, schizophrenic toolbox. And you are the sane one.Collective Game, Madoka Magica, InQuarterBacker, Megucca Harem Quest2014-09-27 -1 
October 2014
35259671Harem Protag Quest #45Continuing Johns rescue of his harem. Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-10-02 29 
35592723Harem Protag Quest #46Guide returns after two weeks, we keep getting them waifu's back!Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-10-18 26 
35612301Harem Protag Quest #47Dropped into the middle of a mothering great battle, John starts saving some Angels!Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide, Fluffy Wings2014-10-19 26 
35705415Harem Protag Quest #48Almost done with the saving of waifus, John keeps on trucking. Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-10-23 26 
35730587Harem Protag Quest #49John continues his rescue of Kaname. Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-10-24 26 
35811059Harem Protag Quest #50We reach 50 threads! Guide keeps writing, John keeps saving girls and being John!Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-10-28 33 
35876987Harem Protag Quest #51After rescuing Nanoha, John continues forward. Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-10-31 28 
November 2014
35957349Harem Protag Quest #52John wakes up in a very nice place, then has to fight some more. Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-11-04 26 
36099107Harem Protag Quest #53After reuniting a mother and daughter, John finally ends this. Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-11-11 28 
36244963Harem Protag Quest #54In which we wake up in a cuddle pile. Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-11-18 26 
December 2014
36524108Harem Protag Quest #55We finally get to that vacation. Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2014-12-02 28 
January 2015
37262291Harem Protag Quest #56Guide comes back, dealing with angry people and eager fighters.Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2015-01-09 28 
37487142Harem Protag Quest #57Fun on the beach with your girls!Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2015-01-19 26 
37637921Harem Protag Quest #58Upgrade thread! Then more time at the Inn. Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2015-01-26 26 
37728279Harem Protag Quest #59Bed time for John, then more shenanigans!Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2015-01-30 25 
February 2015
37800281Harem Protag Quest #60John talks with Miya and more exciting things. Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2015-02-02 25 
38108973Harem Protag Quest #61Valentine's Special!Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2015-02-16 25 
March 2015
38377779Harem Bro QuestYou are the best bro of a standard harem MC. Your job is to support him to the very end.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-03-01 39 
38426869Harem Bro Quest 2We continue our school day, go to boring classes and play dodgeball.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-03-03 30 
38447030Harem Bro Quest 3We finish class, meet the last harem member and one Mushroom-tan.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-03-04 27 
38517331Harem Bro Quest 4Time to work on resolving our bro's shit. But does he feel the same way?Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-03-07 23 
38541339Harem Bro Quest 5The duel inside the Reality Marble continues.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-03-08 25 
38549623Harem Bro Quest 5 Part 2An epilogue is posted, mostly because the other thread dropped off the board.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-03-08 22 
38896428Harem Bro Quest 6We take the time out to relax with our bro, and meet one Dick-Ass Thief.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-03-24 21 
38914938Harem Bro Quest 7We begin making plans to convince our childhood friend: Hatoko Kushikawa.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-03-25 21 
39033877Harem Bro Quest 8It's time to get to work. Let's try and convince Hatoko. Can we do it?Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-03-31 21 
April 2015
39052348Harem Bro Quest 9The conclusion of Hatoko's arc.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-04-01 21 
39182136Harem Bro Quest 10Our day kicks off to a flying start as the rest of the girls try to interrogate us.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-04-07 21 
39203055Harem Bro Quest 11We take Sachiko, STREUM and Syoko out to have fun at an amusement park.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-04-08 24 
39347656Harem Bro Quest 12We attempt to do calculus and check on Syoko's first day at school. Vending machines are involved.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-04-15 21 
39472561Harem Bro Quest 13We talk to our gender-bender pilot boy, decide which girl to convince next and fight against the machinations of time.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-04-21 21 
39592486Harem Bro Quest 14Cooperation Links are introduced. We hang out with Kurumi, Ayase and Syoko today.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-04-27 21 
May 2015
39717887Harem Protag Quest #62After forever and a half, John comes back!Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2015-05-03 29 
39774056Harem Bro Quest 15It's Ophis time, for a bit anyway. We take the time to show her around the house.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-05-06 22 
40057137Harem Bro Quest 16Polls are posted. Revelations are made. OP fucks up the title numbering for some stupid reason.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-05-20 24 
40202846Harem Bro Quest 17Time to break the bad news to the crew. Also, more rank ups for Cooperation and Social Links.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-05-27 21 
June 2015
40647023Harem Bro Quest 18A morning in the life of Courier Six first, and then it's investigation time.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-06-17 20 
40666570Harem Bro Quest 19INTERMISSION 1 PART 1 (cut off due to QM sickness)Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-06-18 12 
40684819Harem Bro Quest 20INTERMISSION 1 PART 2Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-06-19 15 
July 2015
41037048Fantasy Harem Member QuestWe meet Joanne Nyctoeth, her pretendent, and some of her rival, until OP got kill. Will be continued.Collective Game, Fantasy Harem Member Quest2015-07-06 2 
41102120Fantasy Harem Member Quest #2Joanne tells a little about herself, eat dinner, and saves her husbando from some Not!anons. ROAD TO IMPROVEMENT, GO!!Collective Game, Fantasy Harem Member Quest2015-07-09 3 
41140250Fantasy Harem Member Quest #3Joanne saves a husbando, re-encounter her brothers, and remember the Diana incident, with a bonus wyrm battle.Collective Game, Fantasy Harem Member Quest2015-07-11 1 
41205680Fantasy Harem Member Quest #4We bond with mother, discover that he'll is a hivemind inside a hivemind, and now we know something wrong isn't quite right.Collective Game, Fantasy Harem Member Quest2015-07-14 3 
41226537wankerygot your nose, but not too tightcollective knobrubbing, fantasy harem2015-07-15 -2 
41246688Fantasy Harem Member Quest #5.5We end the 5th part, with Joanne discovering herself in her last 5 years of life. Be alert to the next, where she remember a hellish experience in the dunes.Collective Game, Fantasy Harem Member Quest2015-07-16 1 
December 2015
44328443Harem Bro Quest 21 The Closure: Thorn tells us all about what would've been.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-12-23 14 
March 2016
45927028Hot-Blooded Henshin Hero Quest 5We find someone to beat up, and someone to love.Collective Game, Hot-Blooded Henshin Hero Quest, Sentai, harem2016-03-11 5 
46017700Hot-Blooded Henshin Hero Quest 6We come head-to-head with the Union, and learn how far this fight will take us.Collective Game, Hot-Blooded Henshin Hero Quest, Sentai, plot, harem2016-03-15 2 
46100310Hot-Blooded Henshin Hero Quest 7We go on a date, and have some bad decisions to make.Collective Game, Hot-Blooded Henshin Hero Quest, Sentai, plot, harem2016-03-19 2 
46188204Hot-Blooded Henshin Hero Quest 8We do something ambiguous, and something whole-heartedly.Collective Game, Hot-Blooded Henshin Hero Quest, Sentai, plot, harem2016-03-23 2 
July 2016
417579Armored Core: Broken WingThe Raven completes his first mission, then dotes on his daughter.Armored Core, AC Quest, Robots, FromSoft, Typical Harem Anime2016-07-29 2 
400994Anon and waifusTrash and Snacks!Haremhorn anon-and-waifus flava-flav2016-07-30 0 
413993Anon and waifusTrash helds on to anons /SAGE ROMANTIC ADVICE/Haremhorn, anon-and-waifus, flava-flav2016-07-30 1 
August 2016
432453Anon and waifusMeet VaalHaremhorn, anon-and-waifus, flava-flav2016-08-08 1 
446444Anon and waifusA /lot/ happens.Haremhorn, anon-and-waifus, flava-flav2016-08-11 1 
458762Anon and waifusNot that much happens!Haremhorn, anon-and-waifus, flava-flav2016-08-16 1 
467294Anon and waifusFuckton of sporadic megaposts. OP pouts at destiny.Haremhorn, anon-and-waifus, flava-flav2016-08-22 1 
September 2016
515559Himehorn 911!asdasdasdasdHaremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-09-06 3 
551599Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "I can't smell myself."Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-09-18 4 
590644Himehorn 911!Why!Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-09-29 4 
October 2016
636642Himehorn 911!"State your emergency" "I can't count without my fingers"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-10-06 4 
652318Himehorn 911!"State your emergency" "How much for two medium pizzas?"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-10-06 3 
668227Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "I can't make phone calls!"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-10-11 3 
678002Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "Where is home?"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-10-11 3 
693678Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "Give me my money back!"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-10-17 3 
712319Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "How do I go reverse with a hovercraft?"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-10-24 3 
730505Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "I've got all this time! Help!"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-10-29 3 
749877Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "N-no bully!"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-10-29 3 
November 2016
765560Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "WHY AM I FIGHTING FOOOOOOOOORR...?!"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-11-07 3 
791142Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "This couch is far too comfortable. Help."Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-11-07 2 
806304Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "How much time should I leave the tea bag in the water?"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-11-12 2 
830577Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." " H911's first season is over!" "Elaborate?"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-11-21 2 
December 2016
914005Speedster Quest - Episodes 3~6Your name is Bee Artemisa, and you are the fastest woman alive. Live Fast, Flirt Hard, and keep your harem happy. Speedster Quest, The Flash, Alternate Universe, Cozy, Feels, Harem, Yuri2016-12-15 1 
966128Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "My Witch device only gets one channel"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-12-28 2 
974045Himehorn 911! "State your emergency." "Do carrots count as snacks?"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112016-12-28 2 
January 2017
984317Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "State your emergency." "Elaborate?"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112017-01-07 2 
1002925Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "You will pay for my ship someday, I swear it!" "..."Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112017-01-07 2 
1013721Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "FUCK Galapago turtles." "Elaborate? Is your ship under siege?"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112017-01-07 2 
1035351Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "He's taking me out tonight, I don't know what to weaaaaar...!"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112017-01-20 2 
1054206Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "Just checkin if my phone worked." beeeeeeepHaremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112017-01-20 2 
March 2017
1238687Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "They keep staring at my eyebrows."Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112017-03-15 2 
1270580Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "What does Mr. Wallace looks like?"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112017-03-24 1 
1283310Himehorn 911!"State you-" "Does he look like a bitch?"Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112017-03-24 1 
1297199Himehorn 911!"State your emergency.""I can't stop thinking that my lips look weird when I talk."Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112017-03-29 2 
April 2017
1339417Himehorn 911!"State your emergency." "...hey soul sister, I don't wanna miss a single thing..."Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112017-04-15 2 
June 2017
1497329What is VA-11 Hall-A?Pretty please don't fuck this timeline too.Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112017-06-03 2 
1545492What is VA-11 Hall-A?Seriously.Haremhorn, HSC, Himehorn9112017-06-16 2 
December 2017
2113586I Am Reborn in a Harem RomCom, but I'm Only A Mob Character?! 1Yamada Ken awakens, finding himself a Mob Character in Nakamura Eiji's haremMob Character Quest, Harem, RomCom, Anime2017-12-03 33 
2124512I Am Reborn in a Harem RomCom, but I'm Only A Mob Character?! 2A lunch with the class rep, a pseudo-confession, and the meeting with your "little brother"Mob Character Quest, Harem, Romcom, Anime2017-12-08 24 
2129167I Am Reborn in a Harem RomCom, but I'm Only A Mob Character?! 3A nightmare, Hikaru's request, and the grand entrance of Nakahara Fumi.Mob Character Quest, Harem, RomCom, Anime2017-12-13 20 
2140883I Am Reborn in a Harem RomCom, but I'm Only A Mob Character?! 4Ryou's request, Hanazawa's proposition, and trying to figure out [BAD END]Mob Character Quest, Harem, RomCom, Anime2017-12-15 14 
2159042Overwatch Gakuen1-Year Anniversary Bonus Episode: Transfer student Logan King begins his first day at his new school in Japan, Overwatch Gakuen.Overwatch Quest, Collective Game, Overwatch, Sci-Fi, Superhero, Highschool, Harem, Romantic Comedy2017-12-22 10 
2144886I Am Reborn in a Harem RomCom, but I'm Only A Mob Character?! 5The battle against the collective, and a confession.Mob Character Quest, Harem, RomCom, Anime2017-12-23 9 
January 2018
2168515I Am Reborn in a Harem RomCom, but I'm Only A Mob Character?! 6A close brush with [Erasure], and a strange alliance.Mob Character Quest, Harem, RomCom, Anime2018-01-06 7 
2203697I Am Reborn in a Harem RomCom, but I'm Only A Mob Character?! 7Yukio, and the collective gets bolder.Mob Character Quest, Harem, RomCom, Anime2018-01-17 6 
2238261I Am Reborn in a Harem RomCom, but I'm Only A Mob Character?! 8The real culprit, and the wrath of Nakahara FumiMob Character Quest, Harem, RomCom, Anime2018-01-24 8 
March 2018
2332216I Am Reborn in a Harem RomCom, but I'm Only A Mob Character?! 9Monday morning: strange visitors, stranger proposal.Mob Character Quest, Harem, RomCom, Anime2018-03-06 8 
September 2018
2840338I Am Reborn in a Harem RomCom, but I'm Only A Mob Character?! 10The legend of Jigokuyama, the [Damned], and Nakahara FumiMob Character Quest, Harem, RomCom, Anime2018-09-05 5 
2863456I Am Reborn in a Harem RomCom, but I'm Only A Mob Character?! 11Grocery shopping, Hokkaido, and a mysterious transfer studentMob Character Quest, Harem, RomCom, Anime2018-09-16 6 
2893024I Am Reborn in a Harem RomCom, but I'm Only A Mob Character?! 12Bitchy angel, visiting Hanazawa, kid-brother cockblock, then a discovery.Mob Character Quest, Harem, RomCom, Anime2018-09-29 4 
October 2018
2975554I Am Reborn in a Harem RomCom, but I'm Only A Mob Character?! 13Trip preparation, home invasion, blackmail & extortion, Initial D to destination, and computer dysfunction.Mob Character Quest, Harem, RomCom, Anime2018-10-28 3 
December 2018
3101781I Am Reborn in a Harem RomCom, but I'm Only A Mob Character?! 14Hokkaido trip, ghosts, a fight, and the balanceMob Character Quest, Harem, RomCom, Anime2018-12-21 2 
January 2019
3159719I Am Reborn in a Harem RomCom, but I'm Only A Mob Character?! 15A short thread of playing in the water with class rep - but the test of courage looms...Mob Character Quest, Harem, RomCom, Anime2019-01-20 1 
March 2019
3329781Harem Protag Quest 63Guide isn't dead. John isn't either.Harem Protag Quest, Collective Game, Guide2019-03-09 16 
January 2020
May 2020
4175517Star Jockey part 2THE CONTINUING ADVENTURES OF SPACE DILFDilf, Harem, Star2020-05-03 2 
June 2020
4302810Leave The CaveYou must get out of the cave alive, or you know, get a harem of monster girls...Illik, Monster Girl Harem, Cave, Ninja2020-06-18 2 
April 2021
4777271Fate/Paradox Reincarnator: Part 33Shinji finally gets to take a break. WhatIsAQM, Collective Game, Urban Fantasy, Fate, Fate/Paradox Reincarnator, Paradox Reincarnator, Fate Quest, Isekai, Type-Moon, Harem2021-04-29 10 
April 2022
5182912(You Are A) Craigslist Killer Quest 3Here you go, abducting hotties and dropping bodies again! Blackmail, lies, corruption, rough sex, and murder, all hiding in plain sight!! Fae Smelter, Serial Killer, Skeletor, Toothpaste, Rape, Sex, Detective, Cop, Harem, Coom, Thriller, Twist, Blackmail, Velton, USA, Swamp2022-04-06 2 
July 2022
5301379(You Are A) Craigslist Killer Quest 4 A depraved killer hides in plain sight, but behind closed & triple-locked doors, there are no limits on his wicked lust or savage butchery.FaeSmelter, Fae Smelter, Serial Killer, Police, Rape, Sex, Velton, Detective, Cop, Harem, Killer, Thriller, Craigslist, USA, Fae, Smelter2022-07-14 2 
August 2022
5367123A Kadin's TaleSultan Bayezid died today - a sad day for the ottoman empire and happiest day of your life. You are Alexandra - the sultan's favorite kadinkadin, harem slave2022-08-29 0 
May 2023
5647515Constructing a Slave Harem in Your AtelierA reclusive and perverted artificer retires to a private seaside tower to make constructs he can fuck. It is more complicated than expected.Artificer, NotArtificer, adopted quest, coom, harem, fantasy, adventure2023-05-26 2 
September 2023
5745384Dragonborn Antipaladin Quest Volume 14Abandoned by his gods, the Dragonborn hunts down a former friend to regain his power... And risks losing everything he loves and holds dear.ReptoidQM, Dragonborn Antipaladin Quest, Reptilian Infiltrator Quest, demonology, necromancy, mind control, bad end, good end, harem ending2023-09-26 9 
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