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September 2008
2600504Insert title here...Thin Fa/tg/uy begins the first chapter in a fantastic bit of writefaggotry concerning a rookie guardsman and his brush with Daemonic forces and the Grey Knightswritefag fluff warhammer 40k thin fa/tg/uy grey knights imperial guard2008-09-17 26 
2620824Insert title here chapter 2Thin fa/tg/uy continues to refuse to name his story about a guardsman named Jim brought before the inquisitionwritefag fluff warhammer 40k thin fa/tg/uy imperial guard2008-09-20 21 
March 2009
3931590Mantis LegionScriptarius' quest for an Imperial Guard army takes a turn for the epic as the idea of a psyker-filled night world is created and fleshed outPsyker Guard, Scriptarius, Imperial Guard2009-03-10 3 
May 2009
4686070Imperial Guard First Person Running and ScreamingYou are a guardsmen. Your objective? SURVIVE. 40k, Imperial Guard, FPS, survival horror2009-05-28 26 
July 2009
5234728The Greater GoodThe journal of a guardsman captured by the Tau.Fanfic, Imperial Guard, Tau, 40k, writefaggotry2009-07-23 5 
August 2009
5593714Guardsman EliGuardsman Eli tells why he is no longer a good man. A manly tear inducing story.Warhammer 40K, Imperial Guard, Manly Tears2009-08-26 27 
September 2009
5768807Tactics QuestGuardsman Anon finds himself taking command of the remnants of his squad in the middle of his regiment's first battle with the Necrons. 40k, Imperial Guard, quest2009-09-08 6 
5794633Tactics Quest Part Sam!Tactics Quest continues. Gather the old team, meet the new team, and drop into a warzone.40k, Imperial Guard, quest2009-09-10 2 
5796371Tactic Quest Part COMBATTake up carefully chosen positions and mow down the endless waves of oncoming foes. It's just another day in the Emperor's service. Now with added Nurgle.40k, Imperial Guard, quest2009-09-10 2 
5950279Tactics Quest #5.5After a devastating enemy artillery bombardment (the result of garrisoning the a build with bright red target marks all over it) we must rally the platoon, as the arch-enemy attempts to breach the doors. 40k, Imperial Guard, quest2009-09-21 0 
6059325Moar Interlude from RightfagYet more sequential writefaggotry from 'Why the Imperium will win, despite GRIMDARK'. Sergeant-Major Briggs is alive, ready for duty and packing heat.40k, Stormtroopers, Imperial Guard, Sergeant-Major Briggs, Writefaggotry2009-09-29 1 
December 2009
7245628Armor Quest, Pt. 1The adventures of a leman russ crew.Armor Quest, Leman Russ, Tanks, Quest, imperial guard2009-12-22 0 
April 2010
9158648Grunt Quest ISomeone posts a quest starter. After a lack of follow-up, a couple of replacement DMs take over and give the best Imperial Guard quest since Tactics Quest.Grunt Quest, Imperial Guard, IG, Quest, 40k2010-04-13 1 
9163548Grunt Quest IIWe take out three Noise Marines, get recommended a promotion and manage to save a tank driver from execution. Just another day in the life in His Majesty's Imperial Guard.Grunt Quest, Imperial Guard, IG, Quest, 40k2010-04-13 1 
9395826Jopall Indentured Regiment/tg/ discusses a long-neglected Imperial Guard regiment of under-handed, money-obsessed scoundrels. Writefaggotry is done. 40k, Warhammer 40k, Imperial Guard, writefaggotry, Jopall, Jopall Indentured Squadrons2010-04-24 7 
May 2010
9548788The HuntThe story of a IG sniper and the Tau unit that is chasing him.Warhammer 40, Tau, Imperial guard, Sniper2010-05-01 1 
August 2010
11530867Guardsman Quest 3Our guardsman goes through a fucked up dream sequence, gets (possibly fake) memories back, and raids the armory finally.Guardsman Quest, Guardsman, Imperial Guard, Quest, Collective Game2010-08-05 5 
11547558Guardsman Quest IVO=In which our noble Guardsman loots the armory, and meets Frank, the elevator Demon. Good times are had, he has a chat with Death, and meets Cog, a techpriest.Guardsman Quest, Quest, Collective Game, Guardsman, Imperial Guard2010-08-06 2 
September 2010
12127531The final moments of Pavonis StarportAn epic end to an epic writefaggotryImperial Guard, Writefaggotry, Epic, Dawn of War, Jon Falker, Vietnam 40k2010-09-18 30 
October 2010
12326310Guardsman Quest Part 1Corporal David Hayter wakes up on a battlefield, finds Private Hal Emmerich, a Long-Las, and a salamander with a girl in it. Brevets himself to Sargent, and starts on their journey.Guardsman Quest, Collective Game, 40k, Imperial Guard, Quest2010-10-04 5 
12350366Guardsman Quest Part 2Sergeant David Hayter and his group reach the rendevous point, discover everyone there is dead, discover that there are other imperial guard on the planet, get two new members to the party, and venture into a Chaos filled city. Meanwhile, the questers deal with an irritating grammar naziGuardsman Quest, Collective Game, 40k, Imperial Guard, Quest2010-10-07 4 
12362034Guardsman Quest Part 3In this session of Guardsman Quest, Evaline is refueled, we kick cultist ass, discover the secrets of Pvt. Katy Perry and Corporal Lucious Keldo, and meet Lieutenant John Keel and his group.Guardsman Quest, Collective Game, 40k, Imperial Guard, Quest2010-10-08 2 
12383837Hatamoto War WidowsTripfag introduces his custom guard regiment with a suprisingly well-developed backstory. Entertaining discussion on sources of inspiration and adapting cultures for 40K ensues.40k, Imperial Guard, writefaggotry, Hatamoto2010-10-10 5 
12397624Make an Imperial Guard Regiment Using Your CaptchaFun with captcha leads to creation of awesome and hilarious Imperial Guard regiments.40K, fluff, Imperial Guard, homebrew2010-10-11 6 
January 2011
13501913Imperial Guard GeneralDark Heresy? I'll bring my flash light!"imperial guard"2011-01-14 0 
February 2011
13836896Johnny Bravo joins the Imperial GuardSome funny discussion and glorious latenight writefaggotry concerning that groovy motherfucker, Johnny Bravo.Johnny Bravo, Imperial Guard, Writefaggotry2011-02-10 35 
March 2011
14087660Imperial Guard Quest Part ILeft behind.imperial guard, quest, collective game, tau2011-03-01 0 
14126034Imperial Guard Quest Part IIthe unnamed soldier encounters a small village.imperial guard, quest, collective game, tau2011-03-04 1 
14400895Modern-themed Imperial GuardThread about how to make an I.G army that's closer to modern armies than WW1 soldiers.IG Imperial Guard Modern Operator Warhammer 40000 40k I.G2011-03-29 3 
August 2011
16115726Uplifting Primer 2: The Nid EditionA friendly Guardsmen explains why the Tyranids aren't as scary as we think 40k, nids, tyranids, propaganda, truth, guardsmen, guardsman, imperium, humor, teaching, lessons, informative, IG, Imperial Guard, Imperial Guardsmen2011-08-30 5 
December 2011
17080400Imperial Guard Talk And CreationImperial Guard favorites talk leads to a Creation table on par of Rites of BattleImperial Guard, Creation Tables, Rites of Battle2011-12-02 5 
April 2012
18829626Necrons ain't got nothing on usOP with his merry band of ragtag rank 2 IG takes on Deathwatch 'Crons and wins like a baus40k, Dark Heresy, Imperial Guard, HFY2012-04-24 34 
18921617A-Team Guardsmen vs Necrons - Part 2The unluckiest GM alive once again tries to to kill our heroes, this time with a Necron Tomb. Shenanigans ensue.40k, Dark Heresy, Imperial Guard, Necrons, Funny, Awesome2012-04-30 37 
May 2012
19012677A-Team Guardsmen vs Necrons - Part 3The GM has realized that his Necrons have become ineffectual Saturday Morning Cartoon villains and just rolls with it.40k, Dark Heresy, Imperial Guard, Necrons, Funny, Awesome2012-05-08 34 
June 2012
196399821st Emperors MembranesAn attempt to randomly create a Imperial Guard regiment results in the Membranes, 97% which are psykers.Only War, Warhammer 40k, Imperial Guard, Membranes2012-06-27 40 
July 2012
19765059Informative Artillery Lingo threadOP requests for military jargon to use in an Only War campaign with IRL servicemen. Gets more than what he bargained for. Very informative and detailed discussion.Only War, Artillery, Lingo, Military, Jargon, Warhammer 40k, Imperial Guard2012-07-07 11 
19868766Planetary Governor Quest: Part FourteenWe talk about politics, Democracy up, make some good headway in dismantling the Hulk, and accidentally wake up something terrible in the core of the Hulk by abysmally failing a roll.Planetary Governor Quest, Collective Game, Space Marines, Astartes, Imperial Guard, IG, PDF, RT, Rogue Trader, Xenos, Warhammer, 40K, Tyranid, Tyranids, Genestealer, Pirates. spiders, oh god why, SOB, Sisters of Battle2012-07-14 11 
October 2012
21081671The Journal of Grask HarnlinOne Imperial Guardsman's journal during the campaign known only as The Grand Shitstorm of Olenus Primaris. Brought to you by the OP of the original Olenus Primaris thread.The Grand Shitstorm of Olenus Primaris, Imperial Guard, writefaggotry,2012-10-12 3 
December 2012
21990896Private Linda RedshirtWhat starts as somebody attempting to force a joke transforms into something beautiful.40k, Pvt. Linda Redshirt, Imperial Guard,2012-12-12 28 
January 2013
22504406The Commissar and MarciaCommissar adopts an Eldar into the IG psykerseldar imperial guard marcia commissar draw thread 2013-01-10 50 
22617928The Commissar and Marcia: Obstacle CourseThe Commissar's eldar conscript is put through the paces.Eldar, IG, Imperial Guard, Quest, Marcia, Commissar, drawthread2013-01-16 23 
22656737The Commissar and Marcia 5A character from the Commissar's past returns from the dead. He then proceeds to knock out an entire tavern's worth of patrons and recruits a psyker to serve as Marcia's teacher.Eldar, IG, Imperial Guard, Quest, Marcia, Commissar, Collective Game2013-01-18 21 
22822947The Hormissar, part 3we get some more troops, toys, and fun.warhammer 40k, quest, tyranid, hormissar, imperial guard, silly2013-01-29 10 
February 2013
22963001Only War CampaignA squad of Guardsmen are dropped on a Feudal Planet and with orders to turn it into a speed bump for the Tyranid Hive fleet arriving in 18 years.Warhammer 40K, Only War, Imperial Guard2013-02-04 10 
22956643the tales of the hormissar part 4A really, really strange installment. Leman russ with a tail.warhammer 40k, hormissar, imperial guard, tyranid, quest2013-02-04 7 
March 2013
23506779Whiteshield TrainingThread about whiteshields gets some classic whiteshield training OCwhiteshields, drill sergeants, imperial guard, IG, OC2013-03-05 3 
August 2013
26838541Lord General Quest 1Lord General travels to the world of Vitalitas to raise his first Regiment before preparing to liberate the world of Le Keers. Politicking upon a dying world, securing aid, and raising his first Siege Regiment, the Lord General lays the groundwork for his future.Collective Game, Lord General Quest, Warhammer 40k, Imperial Guard, Commissars2013-08-27 22 
26876368Lord General Quest 2Lord General and the Vitalitas 1st Siege Regiment arrive at Le Keers to find the enemy's numbers larger than expected, but begin their attack undaunted! Perspective shift to a Company Commander's view takes the fight to a crashed Devourer dropship's survivors at the Starport of Omnissiah's Gateway... Guardsman Ronalds will not be forgotten. Collective Game, Lord General Quest, Warhammer 40k, Imperial Guard, Commissars, Invasion, Heretics, Death or Glory2013-08-29 20 
26917030Lord General Quest 3The liberation of Le Keers continues. For the Emperor, boys!Collective Game, Lord General Quest, Warhammer 40k, Imperial Guard, Commissars, Invasion, Heretics, Death or Glory2013-08-31 20 
September 2013
27022240Lord General Quest Vol. 4The Lord General and the Vitalis Siege Regiment launch a rescue and begin the Siege.Collective Game, Lord General Quest, Warhammer 40K, Quest Thread, Imperial Guard2013-09-05 16 
January 2014
29525616IG finds a strange device...An imperial guard regiment is stranded and besieged by orks, when a patrol comes across a strange and ancient item of randomly generated technology.Imperial guard, Random, Generator, 2014-01-16 10 
April 2014
31435449WH40k Titan Quest Prequel 5Legio Pugnatores Walks upon the Ork-World of Ahran. Operation: Eagle's Landing. Mass Titan battle for Site Primaris, part 2, and an interlude with the Tung Lancers.40k, Titan, WH40k Titan Quest, Collective Game, TwiceBorn, Imperial Guard2014-04-13 5 
May 2014
32195887The Commissar and Marcia-Sidequest: Da PodAn unidentified "Space Pod" lands in the thick jungle of Feral World "Loss". The Commissar calls the guardsmen and Marcia to investigate and find a rather unexpected lifeform.Collective Game, The Commissar and Marcia, Marcia, Commissar, Imperial Guard, Eldar, drawthread, Squat, Grotling, heresy2014-05-18 7 
August 2014
33798684The Zathras Legion, Part 2Excuse me, Commissar...imperial guard, 40k, Zathras, Excuse me commissar, questions, troll2014-08-01 3 
344180951st Alaran Penal LegionTG tried to make IG regiments, first rsult is a Sororita without the funding Second one is the magnificent bastards of 1st Alaran Penal LegionWarhammer 40k, Imperial Guard, Story time, Writefag2014-08-27 4 
November 2014
36420301Gellar Field FailureAn Excuse Me, Commissar thread evolves into roleplay of a Gellar Field failure40k, roleplay, Imperial Guard, chaos2014-11-27 6 
June 2015
40917414Mission to OR-42Anon posts a Metroid/40K crossover. Anon 2 writes Samus's PoV. Anon 3 writes Necron PoV.Warhammer 40000, 40K, Metroid, Necrons, Imperial Guard, Commissar, Samus, Samus Aran, Write, Writing2015-06-30 8 
August 2015
41994183The 'Skippy's List' for the Imperial GuardPossibly the definitive version of the hilarious implied antics of bored soldiers in WH40k flavour. An Excellent read.Warhammer 40K, Imperial Guard, Guard, Writefaggotry, IG, Guardsmen, Commissar, Epic2015-08-21 42 
42212183Australian Imperial Guard GenerationHonorable space Australian gangers who prefer close combat despite having a fucking titan.Warhammer 40k, Imperial Guard 2015-08-31 14 
February 2016
45429618Hua Yuan Exterminators Creation ThreadThe Hua Yuan Exterminators were created during a "roll up a guard regiment" thread and the idea is worth savingHua Yuan, Imperial Guard, Creation Tables, Guard, 40k2016-02-16 15 
45464029Hua Yuan Exterminators 2nd ThreadSome More fluffing happens and a wiki page is createdHua Yuan Exterminators, Imperial Guard, Guard2016-02-17 6 
45481136Hua Yuan Exterminators Third threadWe start fluffing their homeworld alongside more draw and write related faggotries.Hua Yuan, Imperial Guard, Guard, 40k, Creation Tables2016-02-25 3 
45493144Hua Yuan Exterminators Fourth threadWe expand on their homeworld fluff, taking great inspiration on Hong Kong and the Walled City of Kowloon.Hua Yuan, Imperial Guard, Guard, 40k, Creation Tables2016-02-25 2 
45506052Hua Yuan Exterminators Fifth threadHua Yuan gets fluffed even more alongside the Fire Sect Monks and some moreHua Yuan, Imperial Guard, Guard, 40k, Creation Tables2016-02-25 2 
45523520Hua Yuan Exterminators Sixth threadRiccianon edition, worldbuilding Hua Yuan even more.Hua Yuan, Imperial Guard, Guard, 40k, Creation Tables2016-02-25 1 
45557612Hua Yuan Exterminators Seventh threadWe fluff the noble houses and the upper hive of Hua YuanHua Yuan, Imperial Guard, Guard, 40k, Creation Tables2016-02-26 1 
March 2016
45635229Hua Yuan Exterminators Eighth threadWe fluff the gangs and other criminal groups of the Hua Yuanese underground.Hua Yuan, Imperial Guard, Guard, 40k, Creation Tables2016-03-01 1 
45684137Hua Yuan Exterminators Ninth threadWe work on the common man, their conmutes and how they live.Hua Yuan, Imperial Guard, Guard, 40k, Creation Tables2016-03-01 2 
45773792The Imperal Guard writes a Letter to AbaddonA letter is written to Abbadon, and he responds. Finally, the tau recieve a letter of their own. All one word at a time.40k, imperial guard, abaddon, tau, letter, funny2016-03-03 48 
45782556The Imperal Guard writes a Letter to Chaos GodsThe letter by letter letter writin antics continue, and this time we write clickbait for chaos gods, a poem for Magus, and orders for Orks.40k, imperial guard, Chaos Gods, Magus, Orks, letter, funny2016-03-04 18 
45791510The Imperal Guard writes a Letter to EmperorLast from /TG/ Imperial Guard trilogy, where we finally message Emperor and end our adventure.40k, imperial guard, letter, Emperor, funny2016-03-04 16 
45785537The Wandering Brotherhood-Regiment CreationThe Wandering Brotherhood of Saint Domingo the Ferocious, Shepherds of the Lost, Faithful of Castauella. Guard Creation threadWarhammer 40k, RPG, Only War, Imperial Guard, Monks, Regiment Creation2016-03-04 1 
45802201The Wandering Brotherhood-Regiment Creation ContinuedThe Wandering Brotherhood of Saint Domingo the Ferocious, Shepherds of the Lost, Faithful of Castauella. Guard Creation threadWarhammer 40k, RPG, Only War, Imperial Guard, Monks, Regiment Creation2016-03-05 -1 
45786331Hua Yuan Exterminators Tenth threadDesperate bumps and Mechanicus fluffing occurs. Hua Yuan, Exterminators, Imperial Guard, Guard, 40k, Creation Tables, Homebrew2016-03-07 2 
45851515Hua Yuan: Mandatory Fun EditionWe fluff out the regular line infantry, the armored regiments, and many more!Hua Yuan,Hua,Yuan,40k,Warhammer,Imperium,Imperial Guard,Guard,Guardsmen2016-03-11 1 
45934995Hua Yuan Exterminators Twelfth ThreadProgress is made on the wiki and the Infantry Regiments get a little more fluff.Hua Yuan, Exterminators, Imperial Guard, Guard, 40k, Creation Tables, Homebrew2016-03-14 1 
46006584Hua Yuan Exterminators Thirteenth ThreadAn epic blood fued erupts in a shower of autism as namefaggots battle over what history is the right one.Hua Yuan, Exterminators, Imperial Guard, Guard, 40k, Creation Tables, Homebrew, Autism2016-03-19 1 
April 2016
46748328Serikkan Arbalists: Thread one - the beginningWe roll up a IG regiment, containing two different cultures, a frozen jungle and awesome governors.Imperial guard, 40k, Serikkan Arbalists, Fire ze cannons,2016-04-19 1 
46766714Serikkan Arbalists 2: Artillery boogalooWhere we make figures of importance and figure out our culture.Imperial Guard, 40k, Serikkan Arbalists, Fire ze Cannons,2016-04-21 1 
46807799Serikkan Arbalists 3: OP can't name editionWe finally set up a 1d4chan page and make up some more stuff about the worldImperial Guard, 40k, Serikkan Arbalists, Fire ze Cannons,2016-04-24 0 
October 2016
49815449Fumunco Ganger regiment thread IPeople through around some basic Idea and a combination of the Mafia and the Wild west crops up a lot, also their homeworld gets a nameFumunco, Imperial Guard, Regiment creation, Warhammer 40K2016-10-18 0 
December 2016
50728576Akbar Chosen Sons-ISIS in SpaceCreating a new Imperial Guard regiment, the Akbar Chosen Sons, a regiment themed after both Arabian culture and modern Islamic terrorism.Warhammer 40k, Homebrew, Imperial Guard2016-12-17 -11 
February 2017
51754631A day in the life of a guardsmanTurns out guardsmen don't have the best days.warhammer 40k, writefag, the imperial guard, a day in the life2017-02-25 18 
March 2017
51891571A day in the life of a Guardsman 2Turns out guardsmen don't have the best days. warhammer 40k, writefag, the imperial guard, a day in the life, writefaggotry2017-03-09 4 
April 2017
52865307Argo Brigade Creation ThreadA /tg/ Guard regiment made one word at a time, surprisingly not shit.imperial guard; guard; creation thread; homebrew; argo; argos; brigade; argian; argus2017-04-27 6 
52921937Argo Brigade - First Edition EditionEveryone's favourite fanatical counter insurgency brigade receives some more well deserved attention.imperial guard, guard creation thread. homebrew, argo, argo brigade, argian, argus2017-04-29 4 
May 2017
52962986Argo Brigade thread 3Bjilding a custom IG regimentwarhammer 40k, homebrew, imperial guard, argo brigade2017-05-01 1 
52989751Argo Brigade thread 4Trying to make it work.Argo Brigade, homebrew, Imperial Guard, Warhammer 40K2017-05-04 1 
53053332Argo Brigade thread 5Getting the goddam wiki sortedArgo Brigade, homebrew, Imperial Guard, Warhammer 40K2017-05-08 2 
June 2017
53593459Surprise Field Kit Inspection!An enraged Commissar calls a surprise field kit inspection on a rag-tag Imperial Guard regiment. But just who the fuck are they, anyway?Imperial Guard, roleplay, 40k2017-06-04 3 
53754134The Bush Fang Correctionals.Lizard mutant Imperial Guard regiment.40k, Imperial Guard, Mutant, creation,2017-06-13 -3 
53727323 FIELD KIT INSPECTION!enraged Commissar calls another surprise field kit inspection on a rag-tag Imperial Guard regiment.Imperial Guard, roleplay, 40k 2017-06-15 2 
July 2017
1623385 Imperial Guardman quest Jorg Brets, a newbie imperial guardsman, gets his first taste of battle on his very first mission. A one off guardsman quest, anons had fun one off, mini quest, Imperial Guardsman, warhammer 40K, catachanon, first quest 2017-07-02 1 
December 2017
57047444WELCOME TO THE FRONTJust an ordinary day in the trenches of the Imperial Guard. Well, not quite ordinary, but you get used to it.Roleplaying, Imperial Guard, Warhammer 40k2017-12-25 10 
March 2018
2401253Guardsman QuestProtagonist is defined and named and enters service in a planetary militia.Warhammer, W40k, Bolter, Armstrong, Bolter Armstrong, Warhammer 40k, Imperial Guard2018-03-31 4 
April 2018
2441826Guardsman Quest IIA post-battle thread where we talk big time with our lieutenant and see what we're gonna train next. Interrupted due to a 4 day hiatus by QWarhammer, W40k, Bolter, Armstrong, Bolter Armstrong, Warhammer 40k, Imperial Guard2018-04-05 2 
October 2018
62492676Unbreakable TritonsFa/tg/uys make a Guard Reg of kickass mariners40K, Imperial Guard, Wet, Sonic Guns, Submarines, 2018-10-16 6 
62528232Unbreakable Tritons #2More writefaggotry for the Unbreakable Tritons.40k, Imperial Guards, /tg/, Unbreakable Tritons, sonic weapons, wetsuit.2018-10-17 0 
December 2018
63542055Emperor's Mad Kids Creation ThreadWe make an Imperial Guard regiment of Mad Max style Beastmen.Imperial Guard, Beastmen, Mad Max, 40k, Warhammer, Warhammer 40k.2018-12-17 21 
May 2019
65977935Predator Marines Part 2A continuation of the first Predator Marines thread fleshing out the glorious clusterfuck of a sector they're based in.Chapter Creation, Space Marines, Predator Marines, Iron Hands, Sisters of Battle, Imperial Guard, Inquisition, 40k, Writefaggotry2019-05-01 12 
65998356Predator Marines part 3ITT, we finally get around to rolling the ork klan. Also, cyborg Xenomorph combat servitors and Jew Necrons.Chapter Creation, Space Marines, Predator Marines, Iron Hands, Sisters of Battle, Imperial Guard, Inquisition, 40k, Writefaggotry2019-05-03 10 
66035693Predator Marines part 4We continue working on the Venaro sector, Jewish dark mechanicus, and move towards Genestealers.Chapter Creation, Space Marines, Predator Marines, Iron Hands, Sisters of Battle, Imperial Guard, Inquisition, 40k, Writefaggotry2019-05-09 5 
March 2020
4131360Warhammer 40K: Blood CovenA fresh Imperial Guard regiment deploys for battle on a world beset by Chaos.Warhammer, 40k, Imperial Guard, Astra Militarum, Blood Coven, TimeKiller QM, Dark Imperium2020-03-19 1 
December 2020
456216140K P.D.F. QUEST IThe pleasure world of vexis has an unexpected hero in their ranks.Flak(e)trooper, 40K P.D.F. QUEST, Imperial Guard, WH40K, Warhammmer 40000, Warhammer 40k, Rick "the snick", Princecock Clan2020-12-13 12 
456898840K P.D.F. Quest II /drukhari scumbags edition/Miracles happen with some extremely lucky rolls. Lot's of praying. Some Memes. Ending of this chapter.Flak(e)trooper, 40K P.D.F. QUEST, Imperial Guard, WH40K, Warhammmer 40000, Warhammer 40k, Rick "the snick", Princecock Clan2020-12-16 10 
February 2021
77290747Angels Eradicant ThreadMEMRI TV Marines and Co. Crusade and teeter on the edge of ExcommunicationSpace Marines, Imperial Guard, Chaos, Clones, MEMRI-TV, Titans2021-02-03 1 
77353236Kaiju Sector Clusterfuck Faction Generator IIRolls further create two fanatical Guard regimentum, a renegade Blood Angel Chapter, an insane DEldar Kabal and an insaner Necron Dynasty.Warhammer 40k, Tyranids, Orks, Tau, Space Marines, Eldar, Imperial Guard, Dark Eldar, Necrons, Creation Tables, Clusterfuck2021-02-08 3 
July 2021
4878085Hapless Guardswoman QuestNewly conscripted Guardswoman Rhea Silvia blunders through an increasingly bizarre set of encounters as she struggles to survive. 40k, Imperial Guard, Inquisition, Chaos, Chocolate, Corruption2021-07-21 4 
November 2021
82269828Dark Eldar (And More) Creation ThreadA creation thread for a Deldar Kabal delivers lore, art, worldbuilding, and even more factions. Shit's pretty lit40k, Creation Tables, Dark Eldar, Imperial Guard, Chaos Space Marines2021-11-26 1 
December 2021
82330143Kabal of the Cloaked Void thread #2A continuation of 82269828, involving norse feral world guardsmen and a Grotesque monstrosity made from a Dreadnought.40k, Creation Tables, Dark Eldar, Imperial Guard, Cloaked Void,2021-12-08 1 
February 2022
5116837Imperial Guard QuestA noble born grenadier scouts out a mysterious site, then infiltrates an occupied city40k, Imperial Guard, Chaos2022-02-24 1 
May 2022
520011540K Conscript QuestTrooper Cat survives her first day of combat in the trenches of Groxbridge, surviving Traitor Guard, Gretchin, and friendly fire.40k, Imperial Guard, Chaos, Orks, Conscript2022-05-03 0 
June 2022
525309440K Conscript Quest #2 – City FightOne month later, Cat survives fights with furries, Tau, and a Necron Warrior.40k, Imperial Guard, Chaos, Tau, Necrons2022-06-16 0 
November 2022
86641533The Kataki 409th Light Infantry are born.In which /tg/ rolls up an elite volunteer crackshot regiment from the mountainous agriworld of Kataki Secundus, and some lore is hashed outWarhammer 40k, 40k, IG, Imperial Guard, Homebrew2022-11-11 14 
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