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April 2008
1475977Inquisitor FrolloFrollo is revealed to be a perfect example of an Inquisitor. Shit goes down.Disney, GRIMDARK, Frollo2008-04-05 6 
1477678More Inquisitor FrolloFrollo's role in the Imperium gets fleshed out more, and he starts to get a retinue. Cont. from 1475977 Disney, GRIMDARK, Frollo2008-04-06 4 
1538763The McSphereWelcome to the McSphere, a megastructure of astronomical proportions where fast-food empires and disturbed mascot-themed AIs battle for dominance and survival.Campaign Setting, Sci Fi, grim and dark, what the fuck2008-04-16 -5 
1552477McSphere: The ReturnWhoppaladins, Footlongs and more are explained in tl;dr infodumps. Still better than watching it peter out!Campaign Setting, Sci Fi, grim and dark, what the fuck, tl;dr2008-04-18 -6 
May 2008
1752285GRIM DARK Wizard of OzWritefaggotry about the Emerald Hive CityOz, Grim, Dark, Wizard, ORIGINAL CONTENT2008-05-17 5 
1788654TA and 40k ReduxFurther ruminations on the nature of GRIMDARK; Total Annihilation and 40k fans again manage to avoid a total shitstorm.total annihilation, 40k, grimnfukndark2008-05-22 21 
August 2008
2284586K59K59, ex-Commissar and grimdark extraordinaire, gets invited to tell some stories. Maybe.Grimdark, K59, Executions, Stories, Schrodinger2008-08-02 76 
October 2008
2776654Even More Grimdark MarioAs the title says. Read and enjoy.Mario, stories, grimdark2008-10-11 5 
January 2009
3410482Slaanesh on safari/tg/ expands on the idea of a 'big game hunter' style daemon-weapon-toting BBEG, and comes up with Slaaneshi perversions slightly more interesting than the usual LOL DONGS.Dark Heresy, 40k, GRIMDARK2009-01-15 6 
May 2009
4559501Warhammer 40k for beginnersITT: Explain the Warhammer 40K universe to a total noob in as much or little detail as you want.40k, grimdark, summary, awesome, good, evil2009-05-16 0 
June 2009
4983560WoD musings/tg/ on why WoD is too gimdark for it's own good.World of Darkness, Grimdark, WoD, oWoD, nWoD2009-06-24 -5 
July 2009
5175040Popular Movies Made GrimdarkPost a movie, change the description to involve 40k.40k, popular movies, grimdark2009-07-17 13 
August 2009
5363656Meeting PeopleSo what if some pskyer sneezed while explaining murphy's law to a guardsman and caused all the warp and webways and inertialess drives and propellant bladders in the galaxy to stop working and the only way to travel anywhere was on the bus. What kind of conversations would happen while waiting at the bus stop?40k, grimdark, busstop2009-08-07 5 
5503797Grimdark Kingdom HeartsWhat began as a dump of evil versions of the ladies of Disney took a very evil turn when someone brought up kingdom hearts, ideas got tossed around and some very scary thoughts brought up.Disney, Kingdom Hearts, Grimdark2009-08-19 5 
5605691Monstrous GirlsOP wants a monstergirl thread. What he gets is GRIMDARK and NO GOD NO.monstergirl, grimdark, writefaggotry, horror, discussion2009-08-27 15 
September 2009
5774945Witch Girl Thread, Part 2The first thread turned out popular enough, and was continued. Anon reveals the secret plot behind Witch Girl, and manages to GRIMDARK a game for teenage girls.Witch Girl, Grimdark2009-09-08 14 
5870863Grimdark Pokemon settingOP shows /tg/ an explanation to the post-war pokemon world, /tg/ discusses.Pokemon, Grimdark, Homebrew2009-09-15 31 
5881187NobleDark GrimBrightness!Someone makes an odd sentence construction. Anons bicker for a while. Then, Dr. Baron von Evilsatan arrives and generates win.Dr. Baron von Evilsatan, Evil, Satan, Noble, Dark, Grim, Bright, Grimdark, etc, too many tags, oh god how did this get here.2009-09-16 17 
December 2009
7043149How grimdark are your settings? Dr. Baron von Evilsatan and others make this a fun thread full of good setting ideas.settings, Grimdark Noblebright2009-12-08 2 
7128586Pokemon: Tabletop AdventuresDiscussion of the WIP Pokemon RPG.Pokemon Grimdark2009-12-14 16 
7292468Grimdark Adeptus AstartesMarines get some goddamn grimdark put back into them.Grimdark, Space Marine, Astartes2009-12-26 -2 
January 2010
7425121Grimdark Inspector GadgetWhere /tg/ discovers Nanopunknanopunk grimdark gadget2010-01-04 4 
March 2010
8382189Gav and BobA Tale of two Ogryns.Ogryn, 10k, Manly tears, grimdark2010-03-03 79 
8587779Cybernetic spider invaders writefaggotryWritefag delivers a long but very satisfying story about the human resistance fighting against cybernetic invaders guerilla-style. Thankfully lacking in the humanity FUCK YEAH department, yet still manages to be badass. Includes a guy tackling a killer robot and attention to in-universe technical detail.writefaggotry, awesome, grimdark, killer robots, la resistance, tl;dr2010-03-15 5 
8587949Mecha musume gone grim darkA "This is your <x>" thread goes horribly wrong in all the right ways involving girls in war machinery.grimdark mecha_musume mecha loli war2010-03-15 2 
April 2010
9494350Yet another Pokemon: Tabletop threadAnother thread. Builds for an Average Joe with no trainer class, that enters a rage and kills everything if his pokemon dies, A ninjask trainer that can dodge any attack, A normal-type trainer that specializes in ghost types and brings them back to life, and then stark shows up to answer some confusion about the alpha, while /tg/ works on some fakemon.Stark, Pokemon, P:TA, builds, zombie, grimdark, ranger, feats2010-04-29 1 
May 2010
9816575Gritty magical girlsIdeas for gritty magical!girls settings. magical girls, gritty, grimdark, idea thread2010-05-14 1 
October 2010
12597675Scholomance revivedAn attempt to revive the old /tg/ project ScholomanceScholomancer, homebrew, magic, school, Grimdark2010-10-29 33 
12612385Grimdark'd/tg/ Grimdarks Harry Potter and... Spongebob? Wait, what?Harry Potter, Spongebob, grimdark, awesome, lulz2010-10-30 -2 
November 2010
12726031Pokemon Tabletop AdventuresOP inquires about a fun and light hearted game only to learn that Pokemon is deadly and grimdarkPokemon Tabletop Adventures, Pokemon, Grimdark2010-11-08 2 
12746130Grimdark songwriting, THE REVENGE OF!Some new stuff to be added to the soundtrack of the 41st Millenniumgrimdark songwriting, songs, 40k, sabaton, karaoke 2010-11-10 0 
December 2010
13153489How to do a Dark Setting ProperlyTheory and details on how to make a grimdark setting. Concise and excellent DM advice.Grimdark, DM, GM, World Building, RPG, advice, setting, grim and dark2010-12-15 17 
January 2011
13425174Requiem the Chevalier VampireA poster decides that Requiem, a story about Nazi Vampires in hell, is a great setting to be statted, and posts the first and second volumes for everyone to read. Requiem, GRIMDARK, Vampires, Nazis2011-01-07 6 
13706389Grimdark Gadget rides once moreAn epic retelling of Grim Dark inspector Gadget. With mind fucking endingGrimdark, gadget, writefag2011-01-29 5 
March 2011
14153991Victorian Inspector GatchetGrimdark, cogpunk Inspector Gadget, what more do you want?writefag, story, fluff, inspector gadget, victorian, cogpunk, grimdark, gatchet2011-03-07 3 
May 2011
14786803Japanese hunter game ideasOP comes in requesting ideas for a sort of Hunter; the vigil game type thing that takes place in Feudal Japan, ideas are brought forth and he reveals the system for it as wellJapan, grim, Noir, Hunters, Spirits, Malaign, interesting2011-05-02 3 
September 2011
16458695Starship Troopers: Medieval editionOP tells of his setting idea and ideas start getting thrown around.grimdark, Starship Troopers, medieval, weapons, bug, bugs, settings2011-09-29 6 
November 2011
16830576The story of the Emperor HeresyWhat would have happened if the big E and Horus had switched roles? The writefag Ahriman's Aide has worked it out.Heresy, Warhammer, 40k, reverse heresy, mirror world, GRIMDARK2011-11-04 12 
17027063Kamen Rider LathanderOP makes a Grimdark RPG and one player breaks the mold creating a Monk who worships the Sun God Lathander. Hilarity ensuesLathander, Kamen Rider, Grimdark, Nemesis, Awesome2011-11-27 15 
December 2011
17181094Grim Dark RacingThe Announcer runs a jolly race involving a crab on a hover-board, Dick Dastardly, the Wolf Lord, and Khaldun the Eternal battle it out for victory.Collective Game, Grimdark, Racing, random, funny, 2011-12-12 7 
January 2012
17565311Living Toy TabletopOP makes idea of tabletop game of toys coming to life. Full of grimdark ideas and extra winliving, toys, Toys, grimdark, win2012-01-17 15 
17577516Toy Tabletop Thread IIAka Why don't we have a name for this yet? We continue fleshing out the new setting. Much more win is had but some people forgot to read the original thread.living, toys, Toys, grim, dark, win, setting, story, fluff, campaign setting2012-01-18 5 
17592472The Discarded: A Living Toy RPG setting - Thread 3In this thread we discuss the role of 40k minis and such and the role of repair and the different properties a certain construction materials provide to toys. Some faggotry happens over the 40k minis but it's overcome. Unfortunately a lot of shit still doesn't get done.living, toys, Toys, grim, dark, win, setting, story, fluff, campaign setting, the discarded2012-01-20 5 
February 2012
18107071The Inquisitor - Chapter IChapter 1 of an Inquistitors assignment. Grimdarkgritty. Film-noir style.Inquisitor, Noir, Grimdark, 40k2012-02-26 0 
18136464The Inquisitor - Chapter IIArcturus finds the person he's looking for. But at what price?Inquisitor, Film-noir, 40k, grimdark,2012-02-28 0 
April 2012
18734234A concept of Human Ingenuity and madnessDurendal shares his idea for a space setting where spaceships are all biological; grown from humans. /tg/ takes the concept and runs with it; yielding interesting results and both clean and slightly-fetishy variants of the setting.setting, development, space, ship, grimdark, transhuman, giant, giantess, war, freaky, biological, bioship, The Archivist2012-04-16 11 
August 2012
20196913Present-day Earth becomes a settingIn a parallel universe, the most grimdark setting of all is created. Earth.setting, parallel universe, earth, rl, real life, grimdark2012-08-06 10 
October 2012
21164535Grimoire QuestWe start a quest that seems to be originally a pick your choices picture. We switch characters three times before we come to a showdown between Leet, the main character for now, against three novice? wizards. It ends in shenanigans.Grimoire Quest, Collective Game, Pick Your Choice, Warlocks, Witches, Demons, Fae, Eldricth Horror, Mythical Creature, Magic2012-10-18 13 
21170728Grimoire Quest IIWe summon a spryte to turn our plucky hipster waitress back into a human. She kind of becomes a human sized spryte though. We then promptly get attacked by a goddamn Erinyes and shoot it twice. It hurts, cops show up, we run, pass out, hobo takes over, summons a fae queen, then tries to summon an elricth horror and promptly gets lightning bolted.Grimoire Quest, Magic, Collective Game, Fae, Sprytes, Demons, Angels2012-10-18 10 
21269023Grimoire Quest IIIWe get a magic shotgun, and then Sours, Arch-Magus of Earth becomes the protag. Eldritch Lord promises candy and happiness.Grimoire Quest, Collective Game, Fae, Warlocks, Witches, Demons, Angels, Eldritch Lord, Narrative Magic2012-10-25 10 
21276437Grimoire Quest IVWe explore the tower and converse with the demon butler. Ignavia totally calls it.Collective Game, Grimoire Quest, uraemrys, grimoire, narrative magic, leet, roxie, fae, demons, eldritch, warlocks2012-10-25 11 
November 2012
21370813Grimoire Quest VWe try to fix Leet, play god, and eat dairyGrimoire Quest, Collective Game, Uraemrys, quest, magic, tropes, archetypes, summoning, warlocks2012-11-01 7 
21420351Humanity: Dethroned/tg/ makes a setting. In brief, humanity used to have a galaxy wide empire, but it collapsed when the leaders of humanity decided to have everything descend into chaos for fun. Sol system is a militaristic fortress system, there are monster people (who are really just gentically deviant humans) Mechs, power armor, and bioengineered monsters everywhere (some of them are even space capable.) Make_A_Setting, Scifi, grimdark, Humanity Dethroned2012-11-04 5 
December 2012
22031832/tg/ talks about AnimorphsAs you could probably guess, it degenerates into having sex with Andalites. /tg/ also rediscovers how grimdark the series is.animorphs, creepy, grimdark, nightmare fuel, cute, andalite2012-12-14 -13 
22301807Lich's Employee Quest pt 22Daniel goes and helps Rebecca in a court case, and sorts out some twisted laws.skeleton quest, collective game, court room, trial, lawyer, pilgrims, laws2012-12-31 13 
February 2013
23289523/tg/ sings "I love the Whole Board" Inspired by the Discovery Channel. Various amounts of heretical song ensue, epic, 40k, /tg/, funny, writefaggotryWarhammer 40k, songs, grimdark songwriting, 2013-02-21 26 
March 2013
23812845The Kreiger Medic, and other talesOP asks for advice on how to RP a Kreiger Medic, /tg/ responds with excellent writefaggotryWH40K, Kreig, writefaggotry, grimmdark, The Stig2013-03-22 37 
June 2013
25652783Ultimate Faction War Quest: Humans Part 1Human-Heretic joint task force goes scavenging, blunts an Alien invasion, and accidentally gives the Machines valuable intel.Ultimate Faction War Quest, UFWQ, Strategy, Heretics, Humans, Tactics, Grimdark, The Storyweaver, Quest2013-06-26 10 
July 2013
26122431Jerkoff Thread 52Some more bitches die unnecessarily grimderp deaths.Collective Game, Joker Quest, Waifus, Slice of Life, Grimderp, Edgy, Mecha, Not mechas, Waifus, Dead Waifus, Waifu Wars, Waifus are really the main draw of the quest you know, Its written by a girl so you know its good!2013-07-20 16 
26316219Tales of the lone voter/tg/ paints a horrifying vision of the future and those that fight and die in itquest, parody, grimdark, cyberpunk, lone voter, waifu, worldbuilding2013-07-30 11 
September 2013
27386067What is the most grimdark setting?/tg/ wrestles with that age-old question/tg/, discussion, 40k, Kult, Drakengard, Beserk, Exalted, Call of Cthulhu, call of cthulhu, World of Darkness, Drakengard, Midnight, grimdark, edgy, Grimdark, GRIMDARK2013-09-27 5 
December 2013
28888587RPG concept: Toys Vs. Monsters/TG/ lays the groundwork for an RPG about children's toys fighting off monsters with the power of imagination... and fire. Mostly fire.toys, Game creation, brainstorming, nightmares, grim bright, fire2013-12-17 12 
28910598Nightlight: Toys Vs. Monsters 2Game creation continues as anons flesh out actual mechanics, live, in-thread.Game creation, toys, fire, nightlight, brainstorming, nightmares, grim bright 2013-12-18 5 
28955152Nightlight: Toys Vs. Monsters 3Character creation is *finished* also, v0.01 of the character sheet and the first chapters of the rulebook... holy shit guys, it's happening.Game creation, toys, fire, nightlight, brainstorming, nightmares, grim bright, /tg/ gets shit done2013-12-20 1 
28984052Nightlight: Toys Vs. Monsters 4The fourth thread of Nightlight... in which things get done.shit guys, it's happening. Game creation, toys, fire, nightlight, brainstorming, nightmares, grim bright, /tg/ gets shit done2013-12-21 1 
29107830Nightlight: Toys Vs. Monsters 5Some writefagging and game balancing happens.game creation, toys, fire, nightlight, brainstorming, nightmares, grim bright, /tg/ get shit done2013-12-29 2 
March 2014
30683899Uredium SectorHomebrew 40k sector that's the 30 Years' War meets the Protestant Reformation in SPACE!40k, Homebrew, Setting, Fluff, Grimdark, Worldbuilding, 2014-03-07 5 
30698382Uredius sector thread #2Moar Ideas40k, Homebrew, Setting, Fluff, Grimdark, Worldbuilding, Uredius, Uredius Sector2014-03-09 2 
30807502Subject 23 Quest - Mass EffectWe meet our protagonist, Eric, who has been kidnapped along with his brother and taken to an unknown facility. After finding out his brother died, Eric is forced into a death match with a frail girl, and tortured until he kills her. He meets 90, a psychopathic rapist, and is taught about the facility.Subject 23, Quest, Collective Game, Mass Effect, Grimdark2014-03-13 22 
April 2014
31271134How to Avoid a Boss Fight in Dark HeresyAnon tells the story of how attempting to talk his way out of a boss fight landed him a daemonette girlfriend. Additional storytime follows.Dark Heresy, Storytime, Story, Time, Warhammer, 40k, daemonette, Scott Pilgrim2014-04-06 5 
November 2014
35976464Disney Villains VictoriousA 'Your next campaign' thread turns into full-on worldbuilding of a setting where the villains of Disney movies won.Disney, Villains, Victorious, Worldbuilding, Scar, Grimhilde, Maleficent, Hans, Jafar, Facilier2014-11-07 47 
36045537Disney Villains Victorious: VIThe sixth thread, in which we discuss skills and traits and heroesDisney, Disney villains, worldbuilding, brainstorming, setting, homebrew, heroes, fluff, crunch, game design, Scar, Grimhilde, Maleficent, Horned King, Jafar, Facilier2014-11-09 14 
March 2015
38616336Primarch Thread, Be everyoneBe Primarch The shit you put up with...Rogal Dorn, Primarch, Fulgrim, Greentext, Kharn, Warhammer 40k, Humor2015-03-13 11 
July 2015
40993044MiasmapunkWorldbuilding thread creates unique setting about a dead god and all the people who live in it.worldbuilding, setting, grimdark, factions, collective game2015-07-04 9 
September 2015
42687766Desolation Quest 1A farmboy loses his family, his hometown, and buries them alongside his ability to give a fuck. Already dead inside, when death comes for him a 1-in-100 chance forces the QM to discard most of their notes.desolation quest, collective game, dice gods, derailment, off the rails, death, grim reaper2015-09-24 39 
June 2016
224914Elf QuestEnter the shoes of a half human, half elf, completely hated, and very pissed off individual. What path will he carve out for himself?Elf, Drama, War, Grim, Dark, Genocide, Boo2016-06-06 2 
January 2017
1008188(A Tale in Ruins) Grimm: The Beginning (Abandoned Quest)Helen Norwood lived a life just normal as usual before one day would question her life for days. (Quest abandoned due to lack of interest.)A Tale in Ruins, Grimm, Collective Game, Diceless Storytelling2017-01-09 1 
1039999Xenomorph quest pt2: Electric boogaloooIn which we mutate Twitch, Acquire Ox, Secure the Abel farm, bitch slap a bear and get terrorized by a eagle.Xenomorph quest, XenoQm, Grimalkin, Moomoo, Twitch, alien, collective game2017-01-14 6 
1050054Xenomorph quest pt3: Hive RisingBuilders, Gargoyles and Destroyers oh my! We scout the colony, molt Grimalkin into a queen and Op cannot spell for shit.Xenomorph quest, XenoQm, Grimalkin, Twitch, Ox, Alien, collective game2017-01-19 7 
51288620Kulmorost Divided 2fa/tg/uys create a fantasy setting part 2Kulmorost Divided, Kulmorost, worldbuilding, setting, fantasy, humans, dwarves, elves, orcs, trolls, grimbright2017-01-21 12 
51380847Kulmorost Divided 3fa/tg/uys create a fantasy setting part 3Kulmorost Divided, Kulmorost, worldbuilding, setting, fantasy, humans, dwarves, elves, orcs, trolls, grimbright2017-01-24 10 
1064565Xenomorph quest pt4: Revenge of the TwitchWe rescue twitch, secure a farm, murder some miners, evolve Starscream and Tiny goes monster hunting.Xeno, XenoQM, Alien, Grimalkin, Twitch, Tiny, Ox, Bob, Collective game2017-01-28 4 
51485832Kulmorost Divided 4fa/tg/uys create a fantasy setting part 4Kulmorost Divided, Kulmorost, worldbuilding, setting, fantasy, humans, dwarves, elves, orcs, trolls, grimbright2017-01-31 6 
1099425Xenomorph part 5: The end of Xeno?We begin an expedition into the deep tunnels as Bob and find a false hive. Op is Ip spoofed and b& forever.Xenomorph quest, XenoQm, Bob, Grimalkin, Twitch, Ox, Alien, collective game2017-01-31 5 
February 2017
1146896Antimage QuestOur hero(?) kills a strange peasant, stalks a butcher, and fights pig abominations.antimage, quest, violent, grimdark2017-02-18 12 
1171348Antimage Quest IIIn which we deal with the consequences of biting off more than we could chew.antimage, quest, violent, grimdark, low fantasy2017-02-25 4 
June 2017
53604513Fluff for the Wasteland Thread/tg/ comes together to write fluff, backgrounds, and stories for pics of the Wasteland. May be a useful resource!Fluff Writing, Community Worldbuilding, Community Writing, Fluff, Wasteland, Post-Apocalyptic, Grim, Lore2017-06-06 7 
July 2017
54453838World of The Black Suna dystopian nightmare fantasy setting of corruption, horrors, and petty political squabblingsetting, apocalypse, grimdark, spooky, collective game2017-07-22 44 
54471141Rise of the Black Sun Part 2 of /tg/'s attempt to make a dystopian nightmare fantasy setting. setting, apocalypse, grimdark, spooky, collective game, continuation2017-07-24 17 
54498490 Black Sun Rising GeneralPart 3 of /tg/'s attempt to make a dystopian nightmare fantasy setting.setting, apocalypse, grimdark, spooky, collective game, continuation2017-07-30 8 
August 2017
54573292Nightmare setting Creation: Dark Sun Weekend GeneralPart 4 of /tg/'s attempt to make a dystopian nightmare fantasy setting.setting, apocalypse, grimdark, spooky, collective game, continuation2017-08-06 6 
December 2017
2142928The Greatest War #1We meet our soldier of the great German Empire, romance the childhood friend, and pass graduation. Greatest War, LukaLuu, World War 1, Grim, Collective Game2017-12-22 15 
2163822The Greatest War #2We do something that no other soldier would have, making a long term friend in the process. We then learn about the horrors of war. Greatest War, LukaLuu, World War 1, Grim, Collective Game2017-12-28 6 
January 2018
2182505The Greatest War #3We find ourselves in a horrifying place, and the Banshee's Choir calls to usGreatest War, LukaLuu, World War 1, Grim, Collective Game2018-01-09 5 
2219307The Greatest War #4Jäger meets back up with Seven, and has a friendship confirmed. A brief run in with The Choir follows. Greatest War, LukaLuu, World War 1, Grim, Collective Game2018-01-21 5 
February 2018
2255978The Greatest War #5We do what's best for Nixie, and get to the rear of the front. We also try to help Siegfried as best we can. Greatest War, LukaLuu, World War 1, Grim, Collective Game2018-02-07 4 
57974535Slaanesh vs. Tenacious ESlaanesh is challenged to a rock-off.Warhammer 40k, Slaanesh, songs, grimdark songwriting2018-02-15 17 
2295902The Greatest War #6We do what's right, and find our selves punished for it. The Unit takes on a new mascot.Greatest War, LukaLuu, World War 1, Grim, Collective Game2018-02-20 2 
March 2018
2325958The Greatest War #7We push the front, and show the others what Sturmtruppen can do. Greatest War, LukaLuu, World War 1, Grim, Collective Game2018-03-05 5 
May 2018
2490138The Greatest War #8We shoot a bitch and it inspires fan art.Greatest War, LukaLuu, World War 1, Grim, Collective Game2018-05-07 2 
June 2018
2632296The Greatest War #9We finish off our battle, and the levity of Hauptmann's situation dawns. Greatest War, LukaLuu, World War 1, Grim, Collective Game2018-06-27 6 
60492600Setting Worldbuilding "Moth Balls"Crazy mishmash of postapo, bio and cyberpunk, eldritch horrors, kaiju making a unique setting began in:archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/60471109settingbuilding, worldbuilding, post-apocalyptic, fantasy, grimdark, tax_holiday, moth_balls, megacorps2018-06-27 5 
60529899Moth Balls The ThirdFunny/Disturbing Write-faggotry is deployed and some of Moth Balls' more bestial inhabitants are described.settingbuilding, worldbuilding, post-apocalyptic, fantasy, grimdark, tax holiday, moth balls, megacorps2018-06-30 5 
July 2018
60587793Moth Balls The FourthNations other than the US get a little screen time, the nature of the Mega-cities is discussed and the Cyber is put in Cyberpunksettingbuilding, worldbuilding, post-apocalyptic, fantasy, grimdark, tax holiday, moth balls, megacorps2018-07-03 4 
60647720Moth Balls the FithMore Beasties. More Writefaggotry. More Moth Balls. At least, until the thread is ended prematurely and shoved to /qst/settingbuilding, worldbuilding, post-apocalyptic, fantasy, grimdark, tax holiday, moth balls, megacorps2018-07-06 2 
60776206Building Grimdark Sci-Fi settingAn an first seemingly failed attempt to create an engaging Sci-Fi setting. The subsequent sequel threads ended in disssaster.worldbuilding, grimdark, sci-fi2018-07-12 0 
60784267Moth Balls The SixthThe Church and the Powers get more detail, we meet some more nasty beasties, including some Kaiju and more general miscellanea is described.settingbuilding, worldbuilding, post-apocalyptic, fantasy, grimdark, tax holiday, moth balls, megacorps2018-07-18 3 
August 2018
61049391Moth Balls The EightIn which there are a series of long, in-character, religious arguments and a certain amount of dickwavery. Seventh thread died far too youngsettingbuilding, worldbuilding, post-apocalyptic, fantasy, grimdark, tax holiday, moth balls, megacorps2018-08-02 2 
2794273Shadowrun AU Episode 1Amnesiac gunbunny goes on milkrunShadowrun AU Quest, Collective Game, Virgil, Grim Fenris, Shadowrun, cyberpunk2018-08-13 6 
2803747Shadowrun AU Quest Episode 2Grimm hunts endangered enemies at the zoo.Shadowrun AU Quest, Collective Game, Virgil, Grim Fenris, Shadowrun, Cyberpunk, Zoo2018-08-18 4 
2815120Shadowrun AU Quest Episode 3Man & Troll goes shopping, meets angry elves. Shadowrun AU Quest, Collective Game, Virgil, Grim Fenris, Shadowrun, cyberpunk2018-08-28 2 
November 2018
2982694ControlA short and spooky cyoa about saving a little girl.Collective Game, cyoa, Control quest, drawfag, female protagonist, meta, horror, grimdark2018-11-02 21 
3001881Control thread 2A short and spooky CYOA about saving a little girl... again.Collective Game, cyoa, Control quest, drawfag, female protagonist, meta, horror, grimdark2018-11-02 17 
3019966Control thread 3A short and spooky CYOA about saving a little girl...FinaleCollective Game, cyoa, Control quest, drawfag, female protagonist, meta, horror, grimdark2018-11-08 14 
3064141Visual Novel Quest!A cute and light-hearted quest about finding love at your new school!Collective Game, cyoa, Visual Novel Quest!, drawfag, meta, horror, grimdark, gore, oneshot, anime2018-11-26 32 
December 2018
3050278The Greatest War Quest 10We decide the fate of Hauptmann and navigate the French trenches.The Greatest War, Germany, Grimdark2018-12-03 6 
January 2019
3153977Gumby's CYOA Simulator!A CYOA Simulator starring you and an empty house!Collective Game, cyoa, Gumby's CYOA Simulator, drawfag, meta, horror, grimdark, gore, oneshot, anime2019-01-06 26 
3170881Gumby's CYOA Simulator v2.0A CYOA Simulator starring you and an empty house...again!Collective Game, cyoa, Gumby's CYOA Simulator, drawfag, meta, horror, grimdark, gore, oneshot, anime2019-01-13 20 
February 2019
3223954SacrificeA cute and fun quest about school politics and the escapades of you and your blind little sister!Collective Game, cyoa, Sacrifice Quest, drawfag, horror, grimdark, gore, oneshot, anime2019-02-04 21 
3244262Gumby's CYOA Simulator v3.0The third thread where walking out without any hearing protection results in an instant bad end. It does contain meta knowledge however.Collective Game, cyoa, Gumby's CYOA Simulator, drawfag, meta, horror, grimdark, gore, oneshot, anime2019-02-23 0 
March 2019
3286838The Greatest War Quest 12Jäger returns from the French lines, reunites with Siegfried and Hauptmann and sets out on Operation Gottzunge after resting with Nixie. Greatest War, LukaLuu, World War 1, Grim, Collective Game2019-03-06 3 
3321529The Greatest War #13Jäger finds out the secret of the Uhermacher, and his newly formed unit run into EXCAL. Greatest War, LukaLuu, World War 1, Grim, Collective Game2019-03-23 2 
June 2019
3496847The Greatest War #14Jäger begins his engagement against EXCAL Greatest War, LukaLuu, World War 1, Grim, Collective Game2019-06-01 2 
January 2020
3998715The Holy Writ - Settlers CivKutcher is founded, infrastructure is set in place, and Jonas' people begin exploring the political tensions of their neighbours.comfyqm, civ, settlers, cult, pilgrims, frontier, medieval2020-01-11 5 
4023578The Holy Writ - Settlers Civ 2Kutcher fights off the militia from Ashton, makes trades with Medris and Tessin, and continues to grow.comfyqm, civ, settlers, cult, pilgrims, frontier, medieval2020-01-21 3 
July 2020
73702746Anon Makes African SettingAnon posts a really detailed post-apocalyptic African fantasy setting, /tg/ adds some detail.Africa, fantasy, grimdark2020-07-13 4 
August 2020
74256898Dark Catholic Inspired World BuildingAnon played Blasphemous and got inspired to start world building and run a game. A bunch of other anons help out too.World Building, Story Ideas, Game Ideas, Homebrew, Setting, Grimdark, Creepy, Fantasy2020-08-11 -9 
November 2020
75656650Violated EarthAn edgy world building gone right. A corpse world who's inhabitants lives are fueled by suffering and watched by the horrid Rape Moon God.World Building, Rape, Grimderp, Violated Earth2020-11-01 11 
June 2022
5232674 Grimdark Cyberpunk Capeshit Vigilante QuestSimon P. Campbell awakens to the power of superdurabilty, and begins his one man war on all the scum strangling the life out of the megacityCollective Game, Grimdark Cyberpunk Capeshit Vigilante Quest, Grimdark, Capeshit, Cyberpunk, Vigilante, Quest, Slumlord2022-06-02 11 
January 2023
5534306Sworn to Valour Quest #31His Word Speaks Only Truth. Cathagi at last, the City of Cities. It is the final step on Sir Andrei's pilgrimage. The Long Walk awaits...Sworn to Valour, Collective Game, Knight, Fantasy, Paladin, Medieval, Noble Steed, Forgotten QM, Pilgrimage2023-01-16 24 
February 2023
5522877Grimdark PrincessPrincess simulator based in the Warhammer 40k settingCollective game, 40k, princess, grimdark2023-02-15 7 
March 2023
5568115Grimdark Princess IIPrincess Marie and her DAoT ship set out on a crusade across the Questarai ThreadWarhammer 40k, Collective Game, Grimdark Princess2023-03-15 5 
April 2023
5623965Sworn to Valour Quest #32His Wrath Undoes the Wicked. As the Long Walk begins Sir Andrei will find himself tested. Body, mind and soul.Sworn to Valour, Collective Game, Knight, Fantasy, Paladin, Medieval, Noble Steed, Forgotten QM, Pilgrimage2023-04-02 24 
5603641Grimdark Princess IIIPrincess Marie confronts the servants of ChaosWarhammer 40k, Collective Game, Grimdark Princess2023-04-27 2 
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