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September 2008
2499093Random Fanfiction Generator/tg/ plays around with a random generator and posts the results for epic lulz!lol random XD2008-09-04 5 
2557308Shadowrun Random EncountersThings to do in Seattle while you're waiting for Mr. Johnson.Shadowrun, Random Encounter Table2008-09-13 6 
November 2008
3045912Real Life Random Encounters/tg/ steps out of fantasy for a moment and reflects on encounters neckbeards have had in the real world. Unsurprisingly, none of them involve women.random, encounter, real, life2008-11-23 14 
3050285Real Life Random Encounter as the title saysrandom, encounter, real, life2008-11-24 10 
January 2009
3399003Chaotic Shiny GeneratorsAn Anon introduces a random generator site to /tg/. /tg/ amuses itself with them and ideas flow forth.chatoic, shiny, generator, random, shitstorm2009-01-14 2 
June 2009
4837545Random dungeonGuy posts simple dungeoncrawling game, using /tg/'s dice program. /tg/ makes it awesome.collective game, girls, random2009-06-11 2 
4887950yet more random stuff another thread of random objectswarehouse 23 random awesome 2009-06-16 0 
April 2010
9165731Criminal CardsDiscussion about what exactly criminal gangs do turns into an interesting system of generating gang campaigns using a standard deck of cards random generator, criminals, cards2010-04-14 8 
December 2010
13220238Random Generation: The QuestThe pinnacle of all random generator threads.random generators, story, quest, hilarious2010-12-20 2 
13309241Random EncountersA collection of proposed random encounters. Some creepy, some funny, all decidedly randomRandom Encounter, DM Ideas2010-12-28 5 
January 2011
13639254Items of the ApocalypseThe world is forever changed, but you have secured one item of lostech... WHAT IS IT?random generator, insanity, wut, dr who2011-01-24 13 
13660782Random EncountersA gathering of gentlemen telling stories of random and crazy shit they has happened to them, including muggings, hit and runs, and strange hobos.Random, Encounters, Awesome, stories2011-01-26 12 
13675950More Random EncountersContinuation of Random Encounters thread with things posters have inflicted on others.Random, Encounters, Awesome, stories2011-01-27 8 
February 2011
13748932Real Life Random Encounters IIIYet more Random Encounters both encountered and caused, also plague doctors.Random, Encounters, Awesome, Stories2011-02-02 11 
13913650Silly/Random Wasteland WeaponsA random item generator makes the future wasteland a bit sillywasteland, random, weapon, silly2011-02-15 5 
14058013Real-life random encounters againThe denizens of /tg/ shares their real-life random encounters again, ranging from Swedish musketeers to the usual hobos.awesome, real life, random encounters2011-02-27 10 
March 2011
14098897More random adventuresSome lack of wizard doing it stories inspires more adventures in the style of Doc Aquatic's stuffD&D, adventure, awesome, random2011-03-02 0 
14267134The Random Item GeneratorFun with randomly generated items and how to use them.Random, Generator, Item, Item Generator, Funny, lulz, Seventh Sanctum2011-03-17 0 
14341016Random Encounter turned Insane StoriesWhat started as a normal random encounter thread is quickly derailed when a poster begins talking about his girlfriend, who is apparently both ex-Mossad and extremely angry. Entertainment is had by all, along with discussion of whether one beatdown was justifiablestorytime, Sister of Battle, random encounter, crazy woman2011-03-24 8 
April 2011
14513066They Fight Crime!Random generators and writefags unite as some unlikely couples are brought forth to fight crime!writefag, fight crime, couple, random generator, crime, fight2011-04-08 10 
14557758Real Life Random EncountersEvents from daily lives. Random encounters aren't only happening in tabletop gamesrandom encounter2011-04-12 17 
14721207Traveller Planet & Creature GenerationIn which the Imperial Planetologist continues his mapping of Sector TG and describing dangerous creatures found therein.Traveller, planet, creature, random2011-04-26 0 
May 2011
14853575weird space encounter threadLots and lots of weird and creepy ideas inside.space, creepy, random table2011-05-08 1 
14951880Silly SuperheroesThe object directly to your left is the new symbol for your superhero costume. What is your superhero name and how do you fight crime?superhero, super, hero, random, funny2011-05-17 3 
15094763Makin' a Klan!Using some random charts (original and borrowed from Deathwatch: Rites of Battle)/tg/ begins rolling up an Ork klan.warhammer_40k, Orks, random_generator2011-05-30 1 
July 2011
15555970Movie Plotline Generator"Why is this on /tg/?" you might ask. Why? Because not only are these some really bizarre and awesome film ideas, many of them, with only minor alterations, would make some DAMN cool RP character backstories as well.movies, plotlines, random generator, summaries, stories2011-07-12 7 
September 2011
16188151Cuptain of the Honour GuardA thread about Space Marines is massively derailed by an argument about Thor, heresy and finally Cup Diomedes. Featuring Deadpool. /tg/'s random humor at its finest. humor, meme, blood ravens, 40K, warhammer 40K, funny, cups, deadpool, thor, space marines, Cup Diomedes, Diomedes, random2011-09-05 11 
16364474Real Life Random Encounters/tg/ share stories of random encounters meet in real life.random, encounter, real, life, stories2011-09-21 11 
October 2011
16588974Random Encounters/tg/ discusses random encounters before morphing into /x/ of old.creepy, random, encounters, weird2011-10-11 13 
November 2011
16949853Yet more IRL random encountersDruids, Larpers, Hobos, /tg/ recalls it's strangest moments.Random encounter, real life, IRL, druids2011-11-18 11 
December 2011
17123534Atlantasia presents: Making a random encounter.After Spider, Dwarf of Steel's messy demise, OP reseurects him for an easier random encouner. Making the required NPC then takes 3 hours.Atlantasia, fail, game design, random encounter2011-12-07 10 
17181094Grim Dark RacingThe Announcer runs a jolly race involving a crab on a hover-board, Dick Dastardly, the Wolf Lord, and Khaldun the Eternal battle it out for victory.Collective Game, Grimdark, Racing, random, funny, 2011-12-12 7 
17266503Real life random encountersHolding hands inside a cow rectum, weapon collecting girlfriends and other insanity from the daily lives of fa/tg/uys.Random encounter, real life2011-12-19 13 
January 2012
17598005So this one time..IRL shenanigans. Encounters and such. Ýncludes a guard tackling a thief in a medieval fair and getting promoted...Guard, IRL, Random Encounter, Story, STOP RÝGHT THERE CRÝMÝNAL SCUM!, Larp2012-01-19 5 
17701185Warhammer 40k Weapon Generator #2The 2nd thread of the weapon generator. Expect lulz, lolwut, and awesome.40k, Dark Heresy, random generator, weapon2012-01-29 -1 
July 2012
20115677Blue 3: Da ClanIn a nutshell: Blue is a young Earth Caste Tau, found by the Orks during an attack on a Tau habitat. After being mistaken for a Gretchin, she began working with the Orks, eventually becoming very popular due to her impressive knowledge of engineering, and ability to add more dakka to ANYTHING. Eventually taken under the wing of a big Mek, she became a popular and well liked part of Ork society.Tau, Orkz, Cute Mascot, Blue, Dakka, Gretchin, Squig Drone, Looted Chaos Titan, Random Generation, Solving Arguments With Randomness, Scraplootas2012-07-31 16 
August 2012
20193487Real Life Random Encounters (With /tg/ as NPCs)/tg/ exchanges stories of odd things which have occured to them, and wonder what greater design these events were part ofreal life random encounters, funny2012-08-07 6 
September 2012
20625140Random Encounter Thread with coyote druidShenanigans are discussed, then a story of a COYOTE PIZZA DRUIDrandom, encounter, coyote, pizza, druid2012-09-07 11 
October 2012
21211154Magical Burst Random Generator Stuff, ContinuedMore messing around with using the Magical More messing with the Magical Burst random character generator and interpreting the results.Magical_Burst, Magical_Girls, random2012-10-22 1 
21255482Magical Burst Random Generator Stuff, Even More/tg/'s love affair with randomly generating fucked up magical girls continues.Magical_Burst, Magical_Girls, random2012-10-24 1 
November 2012
21470115Random Encounters Reverse pickpockets and satan worshippersSatan, random encounter, greentext, murderhobo, 2012-11-07 11 
December 2012
21985838How about a game?/tg/ starts playing your average game of connect four.../tg/, funny, awesome, random, wat2012-12-11 38 
January 2013
22531840Lighting a S.P.A.R.K.OP wants us to make a system. We create a world that is slowly becoming one with the internet. S.P.A.R.K, /tg/ homebrew, random setting, Sci Fi, crazy AI, Makrosoft, Mr. SPARKLES2013-01-12 4 
22864314Real Life Random Encounterstitle relatedReal Life, Random Encounters, amusing2013-01-30 14 
April 2013
24483685The Boss's GameAnon tells the tale of how he came to play Dnd with his boss and a bunch of other random staff. Really awesome stroy that inspires jealously.The Boss's Game, Story, roleplay, D&D, storytime, random encounter2013-04-27 10 
October 2013
27726113Washed up Villain quest 3In which Dick Vilian Bethany Dastardly the third takes up pupeteering creates a drug to control the minds of others, Gets a car and goes for a trip in the woods with Mr.Fritz and Miss Smith, Frees and Binds a fae creature, takes ownership of a cottage fit for a necromancer by fight a horde of skeletons with a cane, Corrupts a sword of justice and heroism into an abomination of a weapon, among other thingsMustache Twirler, Collective game, Washed up villain quest, Necromancy, Evil, Villain, random events2013-10-14 12 
27911917Random Game NamesIn which /tg/ supplies the settings behind the names. This can only end wellRandom Name Generator, setting, general awesomeness2013-10-25 8 
27968904The final spellOnce again, /tg/ is left with a single random spell with which to defeat the BBEG. Spell, Magic, Wizard, BBEG, Final Boss, Random Generator, Seventh Sanctum, 2013-10-27 2 
27970041Random crossover generator/tg/ take a random crossover generator for a spin. Hilarity ensuesCrossovers Random generator 2013-10-27 3 
28008605Washed up Villain quest 7Gunther uses Jimmy's bone to give a bad wolf more than he can chew on, gets a tatoo, and learns THE KNOTHOLE GLADE WAYMustache Twirler, Collective game, Washed up villain quest, Albion, Knothole glade, balverines, random events, THE KNOTHOLE GLADE WAY2013-10-30 11 
November 2013
28086323IRL Sanity LossThe elegen/tg/entlemen discuss maggots, furbies, and other things that force sanity loss rolls.sanity, random, irl, horror, terror, furbies, maggots2013-11-03 6 
January 2014
29525616IG finds a strange device...An imperial guard regiment is stranded and besieged by orks, when a patrol comes across a strange and ancient item of randomly generated technology.Imperial guard, Random, Generator, 2014-01-16 10 
29715071Random Dimensional Quest (working title)In which the Nick Trimmers the barber begins an adventure.Collective Game, Random Dimensional Quest, Nick Trimmers, barber2014-01-23 4 
29882263Random Dimensional Quest 2: Of Arms Dealers and HappenstanceIn which Nick Trimmers visits intergalactic arms dealers and offers them a magic mushroom.Collective Game, Random Dimensional Quest, Nick Trimmers, barber, Slow Ass, Quest, arms dealers, Arsenal2014-01-30 2 
February 2014
30045217Random Dimensional Quest 3: Of Drug Deals and Dream WhalesIn which Nick Trimmers discovers more of his abilities and comes down from his high.Collective Game, Random Dimensional Quest, Nick Trimmers, barber, Slow Ass, Quest, arms dealers, Arsenal, magic mushroom2014-02-06 1 
30197241Random Dimensional Quest 4 - Quest Long or Die TryingIn which Nick Trimmers visits astral woodstock, does drugs, and gets (spiritually) laid. Wat.Collective Game, Random Dimensional Quest, Nick Trimmers, barber, Slow Ass, Quest, Arsenal, magic mushroom, astral hippie sex2014-02-13 2 
30254926Space Stripper QuestA randomly generated adventure in SPEHSSspace, quest, random, collective game, stripper, space stripper quest2014-02-16 6 
30355924Random Dimensional Quest 5: The Quest for QuestingIn which Nick Trimmers tames wild facial hair and dispenses sage advice.Collective Game, Random Dimensional Quest, Nick Trimmers, barber, Slow Ass, Quest, Arsenal, dwarf, beard, haircut2014-02-20 0 
March 2014
30660028Random Dimensional Quest 7: Of Nosy Sprites and Angry GodsIn which Nick faces aggressive beings from multiple dimensions and slow-ass hates the internet.Collective Game, Random Dimensional Quest, Nick Trimmers, barber, Quest, cheese, Splak2014-03-06 2 
30804702Random Dimensional Quest 8: Of Sprites and TimeskipsIn which Nick Trimmers succeeds at many of the goals he set for himself, and achieves a new level!Collective Game, Random Dimensional Quest, Nick Trimmers, barber, Slow Ass, Quest, Arsenal, water sprites, salesmanship, timeskip, Palladium, Megaversal2014-03-13 1 
30940572Random Dimension Quest 9: Of Leveling and Character CreationWherein Nick Trimmers begins a training montage and we pick skills and spells.Collective Game, Random Dimensional Quest, Nick Trimmers, barber, Slow Ass, Quest, Arsenal, Choices, Leveling, timeskip, Palladium, Megaversal2014-03-20 1 
31086171Random Dimensional Quest 10: Of Flashbacks and Moving ForwardIn which Nick Trimmers reminisces about his time on Arsenal, then begins to explore a new world.Collective Game, Random Dimensional Quest, Nick Trimmers, barber, Slow Ass, Quest, Arsenal, Palladium, Megaversal, wanderlust, elementals2014-03-27 2 
April 2014
31227882Random Dimensional Quest 11: Eco-WarIn which Nick Trimmers talks to rocks, and teaches two worlds to fear barbers.Collective Game, Random Dimensional Quest, Nick Trimmers, barber, Slow Ass, Quest, Arsenal, Palladium, Megaversal, elementals, incursions2014-04-03 1 
31371070Random Dimensional Quest Part 12 - DestabilizationIn which Nick discusses war and magic, and concerns for the health of Slow Ass arise.Collective Game, Random Dimensional Quest, Nick Trimmers, barber, Slow Ass, Quest, Arsenal, Palladium, Megaversal, elementals, health advice2014-04-10 1 
June 2014
32783035Monks with random generated techniquesAn anon post a random generator. 5 martial techniques are generated and anons describe them. Quite goodseventh sanctum, random, generator, funny, creativity2014-06-15 10 
July 2014
33327537Neckbeard Quest #23In which Teli puts anon in the pitNeckbeard Quest, Collective Game, neckbeard, random, Teli2014-07-12 5 
July 2015
41519516Real Life Random Encounters ThreadAs title describes.Encounter, IRL, Random, Real, Life, Stories, Story2015-07-31 8 
August 2015
41729483Of Folklore Monsters and Other TalesIn which /tg/ discusses the existence, knowledge and lore of various monsters, fae, night creatures, boogeymen and other urban story beings.Encounter, Fluff, Folklore, IRL, Random, Spooky, Stories, Story2015-08-19 5 
April 2016
46840672Random Power Generation GameA champion of Slannesh is coming to do things to your orifices you cannot even imagine. Do you survive?Random Power Generation, Emperors Children, 40k, orifice invasion, slannesh, 2016-04-23 2 
July 2017
54146350Post-apocalyptic worldbuildingAnon makes a post-apocalyptic worldWorld building, post apocalyptic, random tables2017-07-04 4 
February 2020
4077618What The Fuck Quest #1Gary's a 4chan anon isekai'd to a world with random weirdness, crazy girls, and dangerous flora and fauna. He finds a crystal & an ally.What The Fuck, WTF, WTFQ, ShortTrip, Gary, random, weirdness,2020-02-16 14 
March 2020
4128279What The Fuck Quest #2Gary's journey in a world with random weirdness, crazy fairies, and the odd skeleton sets out again with greater understanding.What The Fuck, WTF, WTFQ, ShortTrip, Gary, random, weirdness,2020-03-09 9 
4166313What The Fuck Quest #3Gary braves the random weirdness, crazy fairies, and sharp-toothed elven waitresses as he tackles the continued threat of orcs pursuing him.What The Fuck, WTF, WTFQ, ShortTrip, Gary, random, weirdness,2020-03-31 8 
April 2020
4201527What The Fuck Quest #4Gary continues north, facing random weirdness, crazy fairies, and eyeless golems as he strives to make something of himself in this world.What The Fuck, WTF, WTFQ, ShortTrip, Gary, random, weirdness,2020-04-18 7 
May 2020
4245808What The Fuck Quest #5In Arbor, Gary juggles random weirdness, a witch's coven, and a demon loli guardian as he tries to make something of himself in this world.What The Fuck, WTF, WTFQ, ShortTrip, Gary, random, weirdness,2020-05-10 8 
August 2020
4383696WTF Isekai Zero Quest (Mythic RPG) #1The classical WTF Quest revisited with Mythic RPG and two new MC's. This is the first regular quest using Mythic.Collective, Mythic, Random, RPG, ShortTrip, What The Fuck, WTF, WTFQ2020-08-12 -4 
October 2020
4458535Destroy the Godmodder: Image not related editionA Destroy the Godmodder ThreadCollective game, Lewd, Random, Shitpost2020-10-14 1 
July 2022
5294551Modern Blue Goblin (Mythic RPG)Muhammad Saiful, a violent blue goblin, explores Singapore. A Google Street View quest. Collective, Google Street View, Modern, Random, RPG, Satire, Singapore, Wux2022-07-02 -4 
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