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March 2009
4089627Indian SettingAnonymous asks why no one seems to play in India, Bollywood ensuesIndia,Dharma2009-03-26 6 
April 2009
4238797F.E.A.R. Dark Heresy IdeaAn anon posts a short DH campaign based on F.E.A.R., and others add on and expand.Dark Heresy, DH, FEAR, Campaign2009-04-10 7 
May 2009
4483093 DH Acolyte Gear and weapons.Anon asks for gear suggestion for his Noble-Born Assassin. Good information all around.DH, weapons, 2009-05-08 3 
4500784DH Acolyte Gear and weapons DuexA continuation of the last thread and further discussion of the Sister of Battle.DH, Dark Heresy, weapons2009-05-08 0 
June 2009
4728506Monsters GaloreThread complaining about Greek monsters and merpeople gets sidetracked into serious discussion of Celtic faeries and robot angels as well.monsters, angels, robots, sidhe, mermaids2009-06-01 -2 
October 2009
6384176 Whats the most fucked up thing you ever did in RPG?Tells all about this thread. Contains decent amount of win and pr0nrpg rp roleplaying rape dh dnd2009-10-23 0 
December 2009
7286867Adeptus Evangelion ReleaseBlack Mesa Janitor delivers /tg/ a Christmas present. A 263 page supplement for Dark Heresy based on the Evangelion anime. Someone give that guy a hug.Evangelion, anime, DH, Dark Heresy, mecha, mech, fuck yeah, Christmas, supplement2009-12-26 29 
January 2010
7544679Adeptus Evangelion 2: The SequelBlack mesa janitor decided that his 263 page book WASN'T GOOD ENOUGH for /tg/, so he asks Anon to tell him how to make it better. Brainstorming ensues with a grimdark bent.Evangelion, anime, DH, Dark Heresy, mecha, mech, fuck yeah, supplement, Adeptus Evangelion, AE2010-01-12 20 
7572034Adeptus EvangelionAnonymous had many a question and the Black Mesa Janitor did deliver. A brainstorm followed shortly after as many alternatives and extensions to the setting were discussed.Evangelion, anime, DH, Dark Heresy, mecha, mech, fuck yeah, supplement, Adeptus Evangelion, AE2010-01-14 12 
7723751Huge WH40K shipA request for the stats of an Emperor class battleship scaled up to the length of 1 AU leads to fun for all.WH40k, battleship, chaos, mechanus, DH2010-01-23 137 
7725665AdEva LogsBlack Mesa Janitor posts the requested logs of some online Adeptus Evangelion logs, and kicks off another AE brainstorming thread.Evangelion, anime, DH, Dark Heresy, mecha, mech, fuck yeah, supplement, Adeptus Evangelion, AE2010-01-23 12 
February 2010
8151409Adeptus Evangelion Discussion/tg/ discusses Ad EVA some more, updates about the next version are revealed. Some anon's detail their current campaignsEvangelion, anime, DH, Dark Heresy, Mecha, Mech, Adeptus Evangelion, Fuck yeah, AE2010-02-18 4 
8160505Animorph NostalgiaA single picture sparks a massive Animorphs nostalgia thread. May be responsible for 25% of the world's furry.animorphs, awesome, childhood, nostalgia2010-02-19 5 
April 2010
9113931A cult you will likeA GM comes to /tg/ asking for a cult leader. /tg/ promply gives him the Badass Normal cultleader he needs.40k, Dark Herisy, RPG, DH, 2010-04-11 2 
May 2010
9568405Adeptus Evangelion: AT, N2, JA, and other 2LAsAdeptus Evangelion thread discussing the role of Jet Alone, the functioning of the AT Field and its interaction with N2 mines, with a side discussion on the source of the AT Field and its implications for Angel psychology and NGE's philosophical/theological basis.AdEva, Dark Heresy, Adeptus Evangelion, Evangelion, anime, mecha, AE, DH 2010-05-03 4 
10100285Foodhammer 40kOnce again, a poster makes the mistake of using a picture more interesting than his post. Anthony Bourdain as Slaanesh leads to the rest of the chaos gods being chosen, as well the emperor!Foodhammer, 40k2010-05-28 1 
November 2010
12802197Catfight: Tactics: Updates: ContinuedCatfight: Tactics progresses, gains some new features (most notably an out of combat sequence) and generally gets hammered together into something more resembling the finished product.catfight: tactics, catfightgame, homebrew, wargame, necromunda, mordheim2010-11-18 1 
December 2010
13235994Catfight: Tactics: Probably 4 or 5Missed a couple threads. ITT: Fluff happens in the most haphazard way possible. Also, the post-combat phase gets completely redone.Catfightgame, Catfight: Tactics, Catfight, Wargame, Mordheim, Necromunda2010-12-23 1 
February 2011
13826969Time Loop Game?OP asks how one would go about running a Groundhog's Day style game, which of course leads to Majora's Mask discussion and how to run creepy horror scenario with a time loop mechanic.Groundhog Day, Time Loop, Majora's Mask, Legend of Zelda, RPG, Call of Cthulhu, Delta Green2011-02-09 12 
13985074Soviet Russia in spaceAnother planet creation thread for DH, resulting in a planet with a moon with lots of technology and an interesting society.Drak Heresy, DH, planet creation, Soviet Russia, 40k2011-02-22 5 
May 2011
15085829Hive Fleet NidhoggrThe continued fluffing of the new tyranid Hive Fleet Nidhoggr. Some new units are discussed as well as some awesome writefags contributing.Tyranid, Tyranids, Tiji Sector, Hivefleet, Homebrew, WH40K, Nidhoggr2011-05-29 2 
July 2011
15621909Dark Heresy Loot List /tg/ comes up with a strange and wondrous list of items for Dark Heresy DMs. Puns and references to vidya, comics and literature abound DM, funny, 40K, Dark Heresy, DH, scifi, awesome, items2011-07-19 27 
15646309AK-47 Republic second edition!Updated rules! Redheads! Holy grails of scale-less wargaming!Getting Shit Done, scan thread, delivery, AK-47 Republic, wargame, Promotions, Drow, Redheads2011-07-21 9 
August 2011
15852524Most Insane EDH Deck EverThere is no win, only the madness. MTG, EDH, Commander, /tg/ Gets shit done2011-08-07 10 
1599967816m GETDoctor Dre's dead, and locked in my basement. Well, at least it isn't 40GAY40K, 40Gay,16000000, 16M Get, get, rap, Dr. Dre, best thread, not DH2011-08-20 -15 
October 2011
16597555Dark Heresy StorytimeOP storytimes a three-year campaign.Dark Heresy, Storytime, DH, writefaggotry, 40k2011-10-12 41 
16607700Dark Heresy Storytime 2The conclusion of the three-year DH campaign of Lazarus, Sister Athena, and Tidus.Dark Heresy, Storytime, DH, writefaggotry, 40k2011-10-13 39 
November 2011
16948558Hive Fleet Nidhoggr #5READ THE DAMNED TITLENidhoggr, Tyranid, Homebrew2011-11-18 10 
January 2012
17739341/tg/ discusses peasants, cuckholding, pastries and japanese culture/tg/ discusses peasants, cuckholding, pastries and japanese culturethe slightly overweight redheaded baker's daughter, weeaboos, cuckholding, pastry, NPCs, peasants2012-01-31 -12 
July 2012
20085862Magic: the Gathering Manga DiscussedAnon starts a thread about a Magic: the Gathering manga. /tg/ takes the ball and runs with it, turning it into over-the-top shounen with dramatic Commander summoning, Eldrazi BBEGs, and other Yugioh-esque shenanigans.Magic: the Gathering, manga, anime, EDH, quotes, awesome2012-07-29 6 
November 2012
21478303Relive your childhood, make gun shooty noises/tg/ nostalgias hard and relives playing with nerf guns or pointed fingers. Some operators show up and are swiftly ignored.pew pew, guns, operators, childhood, playing pretend, the original traditional game2012-11-08 13 
21523416If Lies To Children Were TrueThere's no sex, you can make boys with snips, snails and puppy-dog tails, and stepping on a crack will break your mother's back. More neat suggestions inside.game ideas, scary, creepy, humor, setting, worldbuilding, childhood, myths2012-11-11 18 
April 2013
24078979A Grail War in Reflection 3We Build a Myr, Enter Monster's magical realm, Talk to Tomoko, and debate stealing the souls of little girls.Collective Game, A Grail War in Reflection, Fate/Stay Night, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, UmarChaudhry2013-04-06 0 
October 2013
27992233Childhood Fears for Use in SettingsA bunch of fa/tg/uys came together and talked about their traumatic childhood delusions so that others can adapt them for use in settings.child chlidhood fear setting brainstorm neat cool shit2013-10-29 2 
December 2013
29089977Fantasy Prison Quest 1You were known as one of the Orkh'un. A warrior. A mercenary. Now, you are just a murderer and slave. For the crime of killing a noble's son, you have been sent to labor for life on a remote island prison. Your future is bleak, but nothing worth having is ever given easily; and in your new home, you have no choice but to fight for everything.Fantasy Prison Quest, Faateh Dhvann'kur, Orc, Orkh'un, Low Fantasy, Criminals, Prison Gangs, Collective Game2013-12-26 13 
29107743Fantasy Prison Quest 2You see what they do to new arrivals. You hear of a mutiny and betrayal. As you lose the Lizard, you realize once more that you are truly alone here. But you are Orkh'un, and to be Orkh'un is to persevere, to survive. You find an abode to rest, but even the house speaks of the twisted nature of this place.Fantasy Prison Quest, Faateh Dhvann'kur, Orc, Orkh'un, Low Fantasy, Criminals, Prison Gangs, Collective Game2013-12-27 12 
29145695Fantasy Prison Quest 3Convict or not, it is time to take a stand. You feel unease after meeting the two Orkh'un, Sangha and Rakshirr, but Bathoot's open insults tell you that the other Orkh'un are certainly not on your side. A Lizard you later come across suffers your fury. And the Elves, perhaps unwittingly, unravel secrets unknown to you, about the island.Fantasy Prison Quest, Faateh Dhvann'kur, Orc, Orkh'un, Low Fantasy, Criminals, Prison Gangs, Collective Game2013-12-29 10 
29189350Fantasy Prison Quest 4Just what is this prison? You realize that you know little about what goes on in here. You manage to procure food from Artem, the Elven chieftain, but it seems you've signed a deal with the devil. Then there is Jortuum. And the miners. And the those who attacked you in the night. And that face.Fantasy Prison Quest, Faateh Dhvann'kur, Orc, Orkh'un, Low Fantasy, Criminals, Prison Gangs, Collective Game2013-12-31 11 
February 2014
29996389Buddhist Dwarves and Prayer Wheel CityOriginal Content: Someone Takes An Idea and Gets It DoneBuddhism, Prayer Wheels, Dwarf, Dwarves, Dorf, City, OC, Gazette2014-02-04 9 
April 2014
31230485On the divinity of the God EmperorSome guy asks for in-universe arguments for proof of the Emperor's divinity. He gets what he asked for, along with pasta, slight storytime, and DMing advice40k, Emperor, Emps, Emprah, funny, story, storytime, stories, pasta, copypasta, fuck witches, DM, GM, DH, that guy, argument, arguing, theology2014-04-03 5 
31561086Gentlemen Spiderfolk WorldbuildingA thread on spiderfolk rapidly develops into an entire middle eastern/arabian nights setting with intellectual philosopher-gentlemen who just happen to be vaguely humanoid spider-monsters. Also pigmy headhunter kobolds.gentleman, gentlemen, spider, spiderfolk, worldbuilding, philosophers, middle east, kobolds, pigmy headhunter kobolds, roman, roman lizardmen,2014-04-20 5 
May 2014
31885048Nanoha FORCE Quest 21Vs Dragon Princess and her Dragon Rulers! Collective Game, Nanoha Force, Nanoha, BelkanSniper, Nanoha FORCE Quest, Magical Guy, Dragons, Childhood Friends, 2014-05-03 4 
31978081Nanoha FORCE Quest 21.5Vs Dragon Princess and her Dragon Rulers Part 2Collective Game, Nanoha Force, Nanoha, BelkanSniper, Nanoha FORCE Quest, Magical Guy, Childhood Friend, Friendship, 2014-05-08 3 
July 2014
33395007Re-Birth Quest 1We create our genius MC, go to our first day of school and open a lot of boxesCollective Game, Re-birth Quest, Buddhaman, lewd2014-07-14 9 
33554567Re-Birth Quest #3The first hints of the plot show itself.Collective Game, Re-birth Quest, Buddhaman, lewd2014-07-21 7 
April 2015
39487713Dheljos Quest 1Protagonist robs a dude, gets powers, hangs with her otouto, kills some dude that breaks into her apartment.Collective Game, 72oOCCJ1, Dheljos Quest2015-04-22 2 
39528052Dheljos Quest 2Our heroine evades the cops, her boss discovers she's host to a dheljos, and she shows off her dress to her otouto.Collective Game, 72oOCCJ1, Dheljos Quest2015-04-24 1 
39631157Dheljos Quest 3Our heroine robs a party, gets chased by High Inquisitor, escapes, gets massage from bro, finds out she's still being investigated.Collective Game, 72oOCCJ1, Dheljos Quest2015-04-29 2 
May 2015
39669902Dheljos Quest 4Noc gets kidnapped, Noc gets saved, Dhena blows up a Flatliner thing.Collective Game, 72oOCCJ1, Dheljos Quest2015-05-01 2 
August 2015
41901253Mandala of FortunePut your character up. Name their greatest deeds and virtues. Now their greatest sins. Spin the Mandala of Fortune and see what (often epic!) afterlife your protagonist/antagonist will suffer before Enlightenment!writefaggotry, Hinduism, Buddhism, allignment, writefag, fluff, awesome, religion, afterlife, player character, good end, bad end, allignment, epic2015-08-17 31 
March 2016
46138065Bloodhunt QuestOur protagonist wakes up in a cold forest. The hunt beginsBloodhunt Quest, Collective Game,2016-03-20 1 
46270019Bloodhunt Quest #2we meet Revas, cook a hog, have some nudity, and the mystery thickensBloodhunt Quest, Collective Game,2016-03-27 2 
July 2016
332899Godhead revolution questPottering around the slave pits and feeding fat kids to dragons. Fun times.Godhead revolution quest Genevieve Hawkins2016-07-04 1 
November 2016
779618Exiled QuestWe are cast out into the tundra for slandering a jarl.Collective Game, Nidhogg, Exiled, Quest, Exiled Quest2016-11-10 -2 
March 2017
1189260Changeling the Lost: Prologue In the mid-70's a born again hippie, Jeremiah Bates, takes a trip through the American SouthwestNWoD, Changeling, Teller-of-Tales, Jerry Woodheart, Lost, Jeremiah Bates2017-03-17 14 
1279480Lost in the Seventies: Chapter 7After some family time at the movies, Jerry goes to a nightclub.Changeling, World of Darkness, Lost in the Seventies, Jerry Woodheart2017-03-28 12 
April 2017
1300406Lost in the Seventies: Chapter 8, Part 1Jerry spends some quality time with Mary, finds out what Oswald's job is, and does some reading.nWoD, Changeling, Lost in the 70's, Jerry Woodheart, Teller-of-Tales2017-04-05 11 
1321440Lost in the Seventies: Chapter 8, Part 2Jerry trolls a party crasher.Changeling, World of Darkness, Lost in the Seventies, Jerry Woodheart, Teller-of-Tales2017-04-10 10 
1356627Godhood QuestA quest where the players become gods that get to create their own universe to their whims.Godhood, Collective Game2017-04-12 3 
1339669Lost in the Seventies: Chapter 9Jerry faces down an Asian InvasionChangeling, World of Darkness, Lost in the Seventies, Jerry Woodheart, Teller-of-Tales2017-04-16 10 
1356398Lost in the Seventies: Chapter 10Wyndham gets sent to the madhouse, and Jerry follows.Changeling, World of Darkness, Lost in the Seventies, Jerry Woodheart, Teller-of-Tales2017-04-21 11 
May 2017
1409236Lost in the Seventies: Chapter 13Jerry gets fired and moves into a basement.Changeling, World of Darkness, Lost in the Seventies, Jerry Woodheart, Teller-of-Tales2017-05-10 10 
June 2017
1477237Lost in the Seventies: Chapter 16-1Jerry goes innawoods and fights a lumberjack's nightmare.Changeling, World of Darkness, Lost in the Seventies, Jerry Woodheart, Teller-of-Tales2017-06-02 4 
1509111Lost in the Seventies: Chapter 16-2Jerry Goes to HollywoodChangeling, World of Darkness, Lost in the Seventies, Jerry Woodheart, Teller-of-Tales2017-06-11 2 
July 2017
1589068Lost in the Seventies: Chapter 18Wyndham done fucked upChangeling, World of Darkness, Lost in the Seventies, Jerry Woodheart, Teller-of-Tales2017-07-06 2 
October 2017
2009342Digimon Hunter Quest 1In which you receive your partner, partly by triggering your fellow cadet's mental breakdown.Digimon, Digimon Hunter Quest, Nam Etag, DHQ2017-10-28 1 
March 2018
2298775Post Apoc Mutant Tribal Civ Quest 1Another Post Apocalyptic Game begins, run by Strelok with the system developed by GenieStrelok, Civ, Post Apocalyptic, Zombie, Mutant, Tribal, Bandit, Fungus, Swamp, Headhunter, Brewed Mother, Psionic. Hybrid2018-03-03 2 
2337270Post Apoc Mutant Tribal Civ Quest 2Nat 1 makes us black out for 5 turns and our giant serpent brain to leave, control all the zombies, and fight monsters from the deep caves.Strelok, Civ, Post Apocalyptic, Zombie, Mutant, Tribal, Bandit, Fungus, Swamp, Headhunter, Brewed Mother, Psionic. Hybrid2018-03-12 1 
April 2018
2393470Post Apoc Mutant Tribal Civ Quest 3As the Grave Tribe is returning to normalcy, we sense a target of opportunity and send our hunters, but things are never simpleStrelok, Civ, Post Apocalyptic, Zombie, Mutant, Tribal, Bandit, Fungus, Swamp, Headhunter, Brewed Mother, Psionic. Hybrid2018-04-04 1 
59185788MidHammer 40,000What if the Heresy hadn't been as succesful as it was? Based on this, /tg/ engages in some writefaggotry and hype over potential ADVENTURE!40K, MidHammer2018-04-17 10 
July 2018
60774398Baseball Samsara: 108 StitchesBaseball and Buddhism combinedBaseball, Samsara, 108 Stitches, Buddhism, game ideas, setting2018-07-12 3 
2736777New God QuestThe old gods lie dead, and the old world rests on their graves. But hope is not gone. As a new divine, can you make a new world from ash?Collective Game, New God Quest, God, Divine, Divinity, Godhood, Post apocalypse, after the end, Fantasy, dark fantasy2018-07-16 9 
October 2018
2947046Quest for DivinityA police officer minding his own business gets his house ruined, then gets dragged into shit.Collective Game, Godhood, Divinity, Quest, Geistalt2018-10-07 0 
2918761Changeling: Lost Monk Quest #1We create our Lost, and escape Arkadia with the help of a motherChangeling, Collective Game, Monk, Buddha, Lost2018-10-12 2 
February 2019
3239646One Piece Headhunter Questwe meet Valerio Pierce a bountyhunter and swordsman, who heads to a island thats a front for a human trafficking scam to collect a bountyOne Piece Headhunter Quest, OPHeadhunter, One Piece2019-02-10 8 
3271841One Piece Headhunter Quest #2we take down Capone Dario get a new crew member and eat a devil fruitOne Piece Headhunter Quest, OPHeadhunter, One Piece2019-02-24 5 
March 2019
3303182One Piece Headhunter Quest #3We fight some pirates, experiment with our new devil fruit power and start exploring golden mountainOne Piece Headhunter Quest, OPHeadhunter, One Piece2019-03-09 5 
3329112One Piece Headhunter Quest #3.5We explore golden mountain, unlock a new devil fruit power and meet the most annoying character in this quest so farOne Piece Headhunter Quest, OPHeadhunter, One Piece2019-03-18 3 
January 2020
3992422Isekai Quest (Mythic RPG) #5(Dream Xianxia) Mark and Chase explore a small Buddhist sect inside of a stable dreamscape.Buddhism, Collective Game, Dream, Isekai, Mythic, RPG, Xianxia2020-01-09 -2 
February 2020
405923240K Cultist QuestA Khornite Goes out to prove himself in the underhive to get almost immediately killed. Than a priest of Christ gathers a flock. 40k, Adherent, Khorn, Christ2020-02-05 8 
407024840K Christian cultist questJoshua Abiel grows the church of Christ, gets a name, starts a farm and gets into a turf war with slaneshi cultists. 40k, Adherent, Christ, Underhive2020-02-12 8 
408174040K Christian cultist quest #2Joshua Abel attacks the Flayed Vultures with his flock. He faces against a deamonette and the Cultist leader.40k, Adherent, Christ, Underhive2020-02-19 7 
July 2020
4314488ASOIAF Quest - Ironborn House GenerationWhere we create House Redhand, an ancient ironborn house and its current heir, young Victara Redhand.Collective Game, House Redhand, Game of Thrones, GoT, A Song of Ice and Fire, ASOIAF, QM Ironboi, Ironborn2020-07-18 5 
4322907ASOIAF Quest - House Redhand Thread 1The story of Victara Redhand begins with a disturbance by the Brothers, a band of Faithful wanting to bring down the ironborn. Collective Game, House Redhand, Game of Thrones, GoT, A Song of Ice and Fire, ASOIAF, QM Ironboi, Ironborn2020-07-24 3 
August 2020
4370656ASOIAF Quest - House Redhand Thread 2Part 2 where Ironboi disappearsCollective Game, House Redhand, Game of Thrones, GoT, A Song of Ice and Fire, ASOIAF, QM Ironboi, Ironborn2020-08-28 0 
April 2023
88282893How do you deal with Ice Planet, /tg/?"/tg/ discusses the state of the Lego wargame, moans about Ice Planet being op, dies of nostalgia overloadLego, worldbuilding, Sci-Fi, fictional wargame, pure imagination, transparent orange chainsaw, space, castle, awesome, childhood, nostalgia2023-04-07 7 
July 2023
5707792On the Path to Godhood #1We encounter a monk who isn't as he seems. Neither are we.Collective Game, On the Path to Godhood, OtPtG, Yaldabaoth2023-07-10 12 
August 2023
5749019On the Path to Godhood #2We learn the secrets of refining ichor and leave the monastery.Collective Game, On the Path to Godhood, OtPtG, Yaldabaoth2023-08-29 5 
October 2023
5761600Mage Quest #1Mona mac Muirgen seeks to become the very pinnacle of hydromancy, and she's more than willing to bend a few rules for her ambition.Collective Game, Quest, Mage Quest, Fantasy, Dungeons, Adventurers, Hydromancy, World Building, Childhood Friend Wins2023-10-11 20 
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