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April 2008
1627752Dungeon Chess1. Chess = DnD 2. ??? 3. PROFIT!Chess, DnD, Roleplay2008-04-29 18 
July 2008
2151979Gaming TraditionsDMS and players list traditions or recurring things in all their campaigns. Also muffins.DnD, traditions, muffins2008-07-06 4 
October 2008
2816740How do your gaming sessions go? (Narrated)Fa/tg/uys take the time to describe how their sessions go about.Roleplaying, DnD, Dungeons, Dragons, Narrated,2008-10-16 0 
December 2008
3096938Old School Game Extravaganza Lots of links to old school games... Champions of Krynn, Death Knights of Krynn, Dark Queen of Krynn, Pool of Radiance, Secret of the Silver Blades, Curse of the Azure Bonds, Pools of Darkness, Gateway to the Savage Frontier, Treasures of the Savage Frontier, Hillsfar, Eye of the Beholder I-III, Blood and Magic, Dungeon Hack, Menzoberranzan, Buck Rogers - Matrix Cubed with manual reference card and logbook, Buck Rogers - Countdown to Doomsday with manual and reference card, Forgotten Realms: Unlimited Adventures, etc.epic, dnd, gold box, old school, frpg, forgotten realms2008-12-02 5 
February 2009
3729099DnD Monster School/tg/ discusses what Cliques and Faculty roles would be filled by which DnD Monsters.D&D, dnd, monsters, school, GREAT LIBRARIAN TORG2009-02-16 5 
3731322DnD Monster School, part 2More discussion on the D&D Monster School. More Faculty roles are filled.D&D, dnd, monsters, school, GREAT LIBRARIAN TORG2009-02-16 5 
March 2009
3845328RPG AchievementsSomeone from /v/ clicks the wrong board, epic ensues.DND roleplaying achievements2009-03-01 22 
3847719RPG Achievements Take TwoContinuation of the previous thread. Not that funny, still decent.DND, roleplaying, achievements2009-03-01 10 
3856783BBEG Bitch DeathsVillains set up to be intimidating and be a threat to the party fail to do so miserably, and people mock them. DnD, Dark Heresy2009-03-02 47 
3875336In memory of Gary Gygaxa salute to Gary Gygaxdnd, gary gygax2009-03-04 3 
May 2009
4489468How to make characters love an NPCA truly magnificent thread with many ideas on how to make the PLAYERS, not the playable characters, fall for an NPC. Includes a masterful summary short of a scientific dissertation by Dr. Baron von EvilsatanDnD, Dr. Baron von Evilsatan, Love, NPC2009-05-07 8 
4650108HomebrewanA setting for 3.5 with all the neglected classes is messed about with. Later devolves into MOREPIG discussion.incarnum, 3.5, DND, Shadow, 2009-05-26 1 
October 2009
6092423Legend of Zelda 3.5Anon comes to /tg/ looking for a LoZ inspired universe. Everything went better than expectedZelda, DND2009-10-02 7 
6164865Touhou HelpTouhous last thread autosaged and this in the continued3.5, Help, Touhou, Broken, D&D, DnD, Dungeon and Dragons, Advice thread 2009-10-07 -1 
6183147Fantasy Race Wives part IISomeone posts pasta from the original thread, and then some new races are explained.DnD, Fantasy2009-10-08 2 
6336206Neutral/Good Mind FlayersAn anon asks for possible ways to make a Neutral illithid. Workarounds, justifications, and plot hooks abound.Alignment, Mind Flayer, Ilithid, DND2009-10-19 1 
6395170Team Dungeons 2The TF2 gang argue over which game (and edition) to play.tf2, /v/ crossover, DnD, exalted, 3.5e, 4e, edition, roleplay, avatarfaggotry2009-10-23 17 
6384176 Whats the most fucked up thing you ever did in RPG?Tells all about this thread. Contains decent amount of win and pr0nrpg rp roleplaying rape dh dnd2009-10-23 0 
6482781Siegeball RulesThe fa/tg/uys continue to iron out the rules in their new sport for DnD 3.5e. Also contains chicks with balls.DnD, RPG, 3e, sport, homebrew2009-10-29 2 
November 2009
6704475The Legend of Zelda, Cthulu versionImagine a D&D campaign based on legend of Zelda, but Cthulu-esque themed. AWESOME.Zelda, D&D, DnD, Cthulu, setting, homebrew2009-11-15 5 
6742471Pacifist White Mage for 4EA pacifist White Mage class for 4E, extensivly laid out.4E, Healer, Class, Houserules, Homebrew, DnD, D&D2009-11-17 8 
6902634Refluffed racesWhat starts out as someone trying to put an interesting spin on dwarves soon becomes a refluffing of all the races. Dragonborn that have nothing to do with dragons and dwarves that turn into statues when they die.fluff, races, fantasy, dnd, dorf2009-11-28 2 
December 2009
6975776Awesome DM tips are awesomeNew DM asks for advice. Kind anon dumps what has the be a must read for DM's of 4th edition.DnD, DMing, 4th Edition2009-12-03 4 
7245208Xan Tak' Louse, Lord of Snow/tg/ looks at some spells in 3.5's Frostburn supplement and works out how to make a 320-foot tall, 2000-foot wide block of snow. Things then escalate.Santa, Snow, DnD2009-12-22 21 
February 2010
7888910Exotic D&D CuisineEloquen/tg/entlemen discuss exotic dishes made from the finest D&D creatures.food, DnD2010-02-03 1 
March 2010
88100011001 horrible ways to die/tg/ discusses some clever albeit often incredibly gruesome trap and spell ideasDnD, traps, spells, gore2010-03-27 1 
May 2010
9560328Crazy HassanStories of Crazy Hassan and his used camel Emporiumgame design, fluff, DnD2010-05-02 173 
August 2010
11865152pokemon crusade/tg/ start discussion of what would have happened if the first crusade had pokemonsdnd,pokemon, rpg,knights2010-08-30 22 
September 2010
12219097Awakened housecatDiscussion of ways to play Awakened Cat in 3.5DnD, 3.5, Awakened, Cat2010-09-25 21 
12248882What I am no longer allowed to doOP posts the old copypasta, anon delivers a metric buttload of OC, fun is had by allFun, RPG, Allowed to do, DnD, Games, funny2010-09-28 12 
October 2010
12440149Slice-of-Life Magical AcademyOP tells us about his 3.5 campaign based in the concept of an adventurer's school. D'awww ensues.Dnd, D&D, 3.5, School, Academy, Adventurer2010-10-14 9 
12561850Symbol LichesWhat starts out as an idea for more abstract phylacteries turns into a group of lichs who created written language, paladins who speak in 1337, and cultists with added alliterative appeal.Lich, letters, symbols, unknown armies, dnd, language, 1337, cultists2010-10-25 13 
November 2010
12853680THE FUTURE IS FULL OF FUCKAn inept DM drives his players mad. Hilarity and awesome ensues.DnD2010-11-19 34 
December 2010
13043740RPG Character ConceptsOP: If you post in this thread, I shall assign you a character concept that you must use the next time the chance arises, even though you don't want to.RP, Name, concept, character, DnD, Dark Heresy, WoD, Halfling, Gnome, Squat2010-12-06 4 
January 2011
13548121Anger ManagementAn anger management class is attended by several DnD and 40k characters, and take a turn for the worse as a fight breaks out!DnD, roleplaying, warhammer 40k2011-01-17 5 
13655305Pangolin Race/tg/ discusses and stats an anthropomorphic pangolin race. Also, general discussion of pangolins.pangolin, race, DnD, homebrew2011-01-26 5 
February 2011
13743075WailforgedOP wants concept art for a Warforged paladin with hammer "this first pic is kind of what I want my character to look like, just with a large hammer" Posts picture of Wailord A WAILFORGED IS BORN DnD, Pokemon, Warforged2011-02-01 24 
13831803OmnitrollWhat happens when you go stitching troll body parts together? you get the omnitroll, that's what.troll, dungeons and dragons, dnd, omnitroll2011-02-09 7 
March 2011
1412532933 Wights ChallengeOP poses a Challenge to /tg/ on how to destroy 33 wights packed into a small room as adventurers no higher then 3rd level. Devolves into GM dickery involving a Wight using a Wright Bone tension bow to set a oil smeared door on fire.DnD, Undead, Challenge, Dungeons and Dragons2011-03-05 6 
14310642Become DMegucaThe OP and his friend are interested in getting into D&D, but a fateful demonstration of a session makes the OP think twice about becoming a D&D player. Will he give in and take his first steps as a roleplayer, or will he resist and hesitate?D&D, DnD, puella magi madoka magica, mahou shoujo madoka magica, madoka, magical girls, roleplay, parody2011-03-21 7 
April 2011
14475678How anon ran a game for elderlyWell, this kind anon volunteered to host a "game night" at the local old folks house. Although he was supposed to play Scrabble, he decided to run DnD instead. A fun night ensued, with badass old men and lots of people remembering the Biker DnD thread. The thread features the epic storitiem, /tg/ never changing, Watership Down, some guys being faggots and lots more. Surprisingly, no edition wars.DnD, elderly, veteran, storytiem, storytime2011-04-05 22 
July 2011
15528042Restaraunts of the GodsA throwaway joke leads to an interesting dicussion about dining establishments themed around DnD deities. At Kord's Grill, you must defeat it before you eat it, and Lolth's Cafe is basically Hooters but more evil.DnD, food, diners, restaraunts, kitchen, meals2011-07-10 12 
15614134Disciple of DecorumA disciple of decorum strives to attain the ultimate ideal of high-class refinement. He is a consummate gentleman, positively brimming with politeness and class. He also looks down upon those who lack such refinement, and strives to teach the ways of gentility to all those he comes across. Since many see this kind of lifestyle as a sign of weakness, the disciple of decorum often finds himself targeted by uncouth ruffians who would seek to take advantage of his apparent meekness. However, anyone expecting a disciple of decorum to be a simpering fop is in for a painful surprise -- and a forceful lesson in proper manners.dnd, homebrew, pathfinder, monk, gentleman2011-07-17 13 
15693710Awesome DnD ItemsOP lists his favorite DnD items and gives sources.dnd, magic item, d202011-07-25 0 
15760526Killing the Tarrasque/tg/ is trying to find a way to kill the Tarrasque.Tarrasque, Pathfinder, DnD2011-07-31 3 
September 2011
16264580/tg/ helps the OP kill off his former party.Good trap ideas ensue.Dnd, 3.5, traps, mary sue, TPK2011-09-12 6 
16423368The Garden of Ehnkieridian, Part One and TwoAn amazing tale of a group's quest's to root out an nefarious evil.writefag, garden, ehnkieridian, DnD, evil, DM2011-09-26 8 
October 2011
16580545Ar tonelico RPG Thread/tg/ tries to make the magic system from super-weeaboo jRPG series Ar tonelico work in DnD3.5e. Succeeds.Ar tonelico, DnD, RPG, jRPG, Getting Shit Done, 3.5e2011-10-13 7 
16684183/tg/'s Strangest DeathsWith an additional tale about a Lich and Larry.lich, dnd, death, dying, funny, insanity, quantum lich2011-10-20 21 
16769033Diary of a Trapped LichThe diary of a lich locked in a room. lich, dnd, insanity, quantum lich2011-10-29 26 
January 2012
17432768Tales of paladins and blooming loveOP posts the story of his campaign so far, in which he serves as the faithful beyond death of a paladin-turned-necromancer king. More stories are posted, including a repentant mercenary turned paladin, and one of love blooming on the lists.Paladin, Story, Story thread, Cavalier, Games, Roleplay, DND, Rowan, William2012-01-05 7 
17506545Knightly Orders/tg/ produces fluff for a whole range of knightly orders.knights, dnd, fluff2012-01-12 7 
February 2012
180257184chan Adventuring CompanyJust what it says on the tin. A refugee from /b/ seeks to create an RPG with the boards of 4chan as the PCs. The neckbeards settle on a class for /tg/, seems we can stat everything... but ourselves.adventurers, boards, class, DnD, Dungeons & Dragons, PCs, RPG, stat me 2012-02-20 6 
May 2012
19083275The Tale Of Hitsito The ArmoryStorytime of an Epic Level DnD game, Dueling Gods, Neverwinter gets destroyedDowjin, Daies, Hitsito, Van, Destamona, DnD, Epic, Storytime2012-05-13 10 
July 2012
19962789Mearls and 3.5Hot Man to Manual actionman on book action, erotica, epic, writefag, storytime, DnD, 3.52012-07-20 15 
November 2012
21721942Smoothscale 2, Kobold BoogalooSome rage, some sage, a few drawings and discussionkobold, elf, Smoothscale, D&D, DND2012-11-25 7 
December 2012
21950414Necromancer StorytimeOP tells a story of a necromancer. /tg/ starts off skeptical, but the thread quickly delves into awesome storytime.Necromancer, storytime, DnD, morality, undead,2012-12-09 32 
22042204Necromancer Storytime #2OP returns with more storytime about an NG necromancer and his group of Truthseekersnecromancer, storytime, DnD, morality, truthseekers2012-12-15 15 
22116080The paladin who killed DeathA dumbass paladin decides to kill the Reaper to save everyone from death. This has its consequences. World-ruining consequences.DND, Paladins, Death, Undead, Alignment, Godkilling2012-12-19 -10 
January 2013
22627992Succubus Lord Quest Part 12In this Quest, we go to the bath house, use Hokuto Shinken to vaporize bandits, and play DnDSuccubus, Quest, Demon, Collective Game, Succbus Lord Quest, post apocalyptic, winter, Fist of the North Star, DnD2013-01-17 20 
22799333How To Kill A TitanBarbarian Rage, Teamwork, All Aboard The Avalanche ExpressDnD, 3.5, Dowjin, Storytime, 2013-01-26 7 
22848975DM Advice ThreadDM Advice Thread with some pro tips from pro players. STORYTIEM, who apparently isn't dead, drops by with some commandments and demandments for awesome gameplay.RPG, Advice, DnD, Pathfinder, STORYTIEM2013-01-29 18 
April 2013
24134259Pigeon Man and other shit first-time players tryOP starts a thread about a first-time D&D player's realization that livestock animals can be purchased. A glorious collection of tips, tricks, and storytimes.pigeons, pigeon man, DnD, awesome2013-04-09 51 
24138093The Tale of Tel`rynDowjin tells the story of Tel`ryn and epic level adventuresdowjin, daies, tel`ryn, telarin, rpg, dnd, dungeons and dragons, storytime, writefaggotry2013-04-09 3 
24215245Beginner Guide to Dungeon MasteringAdvice on how to DM. Templates, instructions, and intermediate advice also.dnd, dnd 3.5, dm, dungeon master, dungeon mastering, advice, help, newbie, beginner, dowjin2013-04-13 14 
May 2013
24604445A Difficult Dilemma A tale of 2 anons whose characters struggle to reconnect & escape a slave-owning mining settlement w/ an ugly secret.character, roleplay, storytime, 4e, advice, oh god why, DnD2013-05-04 6 
June 2013
25725242The Story of LarryAnon tells the story of a horrible sex offender That GuyDnD, D&D, 3.5, 3.5e, That Guy, Neckbeard2013-06-30 9 
July 2013
26003249Fear the Guard/tg/ tells stories of the city guards in their campaigns, many textblocks of how their PC's had their asses handed to them on a pike.Guard, DnD, NPC,2013-07-14 10 
26033613Worm that Walks Lich/tg/ realises that a worm that walks can also be a lich. /tg/ then realises that the worms that make up a worm that walks can also be worms that walk.worm that walks, lich, phylactery, fun with templates, D&D, DnD, Pathfinder2013-07-16 7 
26179955Stories of the board/tg/ comes forth with many new stories. Of course it's gonna get archived!story, stories, Undead, Necromancy, necromancer, storytime, DnD, 40k, Dark Heresy2013-07-23 5 
26245330The Tale of Daies 3Meet Hitsito's new character Tyranis. Daies reveals his next nefarious plan.storytime, writefaggotry, rpg, dnd, dnd 3.5, daies, dowjin, tyranis2013-07-26 4 
August 2013
26720471Alternative Liches from other magical schoolsOP notes that necromancy is only one school of D&D magic with a means to immortality. Alternatives for the other school are discusseddiscussion, necromancy, lich, immortality, DnD2013-08-21 6 
November 2013
28152327/tg/ discovers how to go fastOP realizes that with a simple multiclass, a 3.5 character could achieve insane speeds. Later posters discover you could MACH 10 with these stats, and Ded-Ex is invented.3.5, dnd, dungeons and dragon, 3.x, min-maxing2013-11-07 9 
January 2014
29360104D&D Alignment: How very Neutral of you.A few guys actually make some gods-damned sense of D&D alignment.DnD, D&D, Dungeons, Dragons, Planescape, Neutral, Zapp, Brannigan, good, evil, law, chaos, sense, fluff, alignment, explanation, succubus2014-01-08 13 
February 2014
30540055Frank the Balor FarmerA new (potential) piece and character for awesome writefaggotry emerges from an intelligent discussion on allignment biassing and NPS moralsDnD, Balor, Farmer, Carrots2014-02-28 6 
March 2014
31058461This goddamn moment from a game you can't forgetMemorable moments that define tabletop gaming. Crit successes that shatter the plot, crit fails that cause TPKs on the first enemy encountered, everything's here.Story, storytime, stories, nat 20, natural 20, DnD, D&D, 3.5, 4, Crit, Crit fail, fail, awesome, epic2014-03-26 10 
July 2014
33660810High Mortality Party StorytimeThe most convoluted dark heresy origin story ever and a few more lighthearted stories.Dark heresy, Only War, Shoggy, Storytime, Mortality, Deaths, DnD, Tulip, Shane, Tommy, Troll Fucker, Volg, Paradox, Death2014-07-26 110 
August 2014
33785942Karl Pilkington ClericKarl Pilkington is a Cleric in Eberron. What could go wrong?head like a fucking orange, Karl, Pilkington, DnD, Cleric, Atheist2014-08-01 3 
33971823/tg/ fixes 3.x castersnewbie OP asks how to fix casters and /tg/ delivers with suprisingly good ideas that workcasters, 3.x, 3.5, pf, dnd,2014-08-08 -2 
April 2016
46613644How to roleplay a cleric of Bane/tg/ gives a thorough, informative answer to a question about roleplaying a devout follower of the Black Hand.humor, derail, baneposting, master plan, dnd, d&d, bane2016-04-12 13 
June 2016
47582966Wizard rhymesHow would spells be cast, if they'd have to be rhymed? Fellow wizard anons don't seem to have any problem with that.rhyming, rhymes, wizards, magic, dnd2016-06-05 23 
September 2016
49496804Heroes of the SpiderwoodsWhat begins as a greentext about the dangers of wild magic spirals into an epic tale of sacrifice and determination.storytime, DnD, Dietrich, Eisen, Fiona, Gunnar2016-09-26 93 
January 2017
51420033Psycho Hero/tg/ learns how to CE properlymonster, DnD, 2017-01-27 14 
August 2017
54792272Tinkle the Jester A story of Tinkle the Jester story, d&d, dnd, 5e, tiefling, jester2017-08-10 1 
December 2018
63535258Baby Dragon/tg/ debates about what to do with a chromatic baby dragondragon, chromatic, DnD2018-12-20 1 
63582978>party encounters tiamat at level 1/tg/ discusses about encountering Tiamat at level 1dnd, tiamat, dragon2018-12-24 1 
March 2019
65057692Good lichesTG discusses good aligned lichesdnd, lich, aligment2019-03-15 -1 
June 2019
66709472/tg/ discusses Tiamat/tg/ has a long discussion about Tiamatdnd, tiamat, dragon, discussion2019-06-16 1 
66781999/tg/ and dragon-human relationships/tg/ discusses how to deal with humans with dragonsdnd, human, dragon, heresy2019-06-21 -4 
December 2019
70017307/tg/ talks about being an abolethTG talks about what to if you became an aboleth in our world.dnd, aboleth, discussion2019-12-21 2 
70073232/tg/ talks about being a gold dragon/tg/ talks about what they would do if they got transformed intoa gold dragon. Not related with 7001730gold dragon, dnd, discussion2019-12-25 1 
February 2020
4103897BOW QuestResident Evil DnDDnD, Resident Evil, RPG2020-02-25 0 
June 2020
73394301D&D Designer Kate Welch breaks up with BoyfriendAnons discuss Kate Welch's breakup and try to make a big deal of it.breakup, Dungeons and Dragons, DnD, 5E, Wotc, Wotchstaff, Brap2020-06-25 -10 
December 2020
76454598Draw your party threadPeople talk about their games, share advice, & post cool drawings. Campy musicals, grim mythology, treacherous techpriests, & more.draw, painting, party, byzantine, human sacrifice, dnd, Savage Worlds, 40K, nechronica, robotica, pathfinder, FATE, Rogue Trader, musical2020-12-22 1 
April 2021
78644134Let's Design a Dungeon/tg/ fills a dungeon map with silly rooms.map, fantasy, game ideas, D&D, DnD, RPG, rpg2021-04-20 2 
October 2021
4975653Mindflayer QuestIn which our physically superior illithid goes on a quest to secure two drow nobles, adventure shenanigans, and plots to take over Marveil!Mindflayer Quest, Collective Game, Idle Thoughts, Fantasy, DnD, Mindflayer, Illithid, Underdark, Yphor, Marveil, Great Quest2021-10-20 4 
February 2022
5088234Slavegirl QuestKimsey, Halfling Beguiler and Priestess of Liberation, becomes friends with a catgirl amazonian and a magi, liberates herself from slavery.Slavegirl Quest, Kimsey, Slavegirl, Halfling Beguiler, Benjamin Walsh, King of Liberation, Firearms, DnD, Catgirl Amazonian, Great Quest2022-02-06 -7 
July 2022
85293565Made in Abyss as a TRPG setting/tg/ examines the series and its titular Abyss as a setting. Two sets of D&D homebrew, a CoC campaign recap and general discussion included.anime, Call of Cthulhu, DnD, D&D, homebrew, horror, Made in Abyss, manga, setting2022-07-20 -22 
September 2022
85845122>would you like to upgrade your roll to a Nat20™ for $1.99?/tg/ pontificates on the games-as-services hellscape that WotC plans to implement in the near future.dndone, 6E, WotC, corporate bootlickers, dndrones2022-09-02 3 
85877633Ardlings vs TieflingsDespite the initial picture, there isn't (much) porn here.Dnd, Dnd one, not actually porn2022-09-02 -22 
November 2022
5411624Urist Fonderferson and the Slit of SecretsUri Fonder is the Dwarf with a cursed cock! It's DnD meets Hogwarts, but raunchy! Smelty picks up after a flaker, but has no clue how to DMDnD, 5e, Fonderferson, Dwarf, Fae Smelter, Harry Potter, Hogwarts, r34, Bootyholder, Myhernee 2022-11-14 -6 
December 2022
5442528Rise of the Awakened #1A post apocalyptic RP where you play as animals. Follow Mog and Kinny as they pull off a heist and discover the truth of the Old Ones.Collective Game, Roleplay, DnD 5E, Rise of the Awakened, Post Apocalypse, Talking Animals, Mog, Kinny, Bobby2022-12-06 5 
January 2023
5493415Rise of the Awakened #2The human asks for some clothes, Kinny and Bobby rob a store, Mog and the human make a deal, revelations abound, a fox is rescued.Collective Game, Roleplay, DnD 5E, Rise of the Awakened, Goddamn Lizard People, Mog, Kinny, Bobby, Jenkins, Rick's creepy robot, Draconians2023-01-14 5 
February 2023
5534447Rise of the Awakened #3A fox is recruited, a grisly scene is witnessed, the truth is unveiled, the vault is unlocked, and the hellbot was the true enemy all along.Collective Game, DnD 5E, Rise of the Awakened, Mog, Kinny, Bobby, Maggie, Jenkins, We're goin' to Canada bois, Unveiled secrets, Hellbot2023-02-19 5 
April 2023
5584052Rise of the Awakened #4Ursus and "Simon" join the party, the party becomes extraordinarily wealthy, a gunstore is looted, some player drama occurs, the party shoCollective Game, DnD 5E, Rise of the Awakened, Mog, Kinny, Bobby, Maggie, Ursus, "Simon", Plato, Lanesboro2023-04-01 5 
May 2023
5626225Rise of the Awakened #5Shopping, logistics&dragons, and finances are finally put in order, the truth about Lanesboro is revealed, the party fights an owlbear.Collective Game, DnD 5E, Rise of the Awakened, Mog, Kinny, Bobby, Maggie, Ursus, Plato, Lanesboro, Combat again finally, logistics&dragons2023-05-10 5 
June 2023
5664976Rise of the Awakened #6The party beats the owlbears, get blown up, narrowly survives, get kidnapped and robbed, escape, and accidentally warcrime their kidnappers.Collective Game, DnD 5E, Rise of the Awakened, Mog, Kinny, Ursus, Potato, Ord, Horny Deer, Accidental Warcrimes, Prison Break, Q Wolf Cult2023-06-29 5 
August 2023
5703153Rise of the Awakened #7Kinny zaps a mob, the cultists kill some heretics, Mog gets his sword back, finds a slime, has a tantrum, Ursus wins a duel. qst on hiatus.Collective Game, DnD 5E, Rise of the Awakened, Mog, Kinny, Ursus, Adler, Harold, Deer Paladin Bros, Quest Hiatus, d-d-d-duel, Long-ass arc2023-08-15 5 
October 2023
5774217Rise of the Awakened #8The gang beat the deer, recover their gear minus their guns, confront history in a museum town, experiment with polymorph rings, and relax.Collective Game, DnD 5E, Rise of the Awakened, Mog, Kinny, Ursus, Maggie, Back from hiatus, Yawn chain, R&R, Downtime, Worldbuilding, Quest2023-10-24 4 
December 2023
5806023Rise of the Awakened #9The gang chat a lot the whole thread, steals a lute, finds a love letter, sells their wares to rabbits, relaxes with some vidya and alcohol.Collective Game, DnD 5E, Rise of the Awakened, Mog, Kinny, Ursus, Maggie, Swift, Relm, Velveteen and Frou Frou Tribes, R&R, Downtime, Quest2023-12-01 2 
January 2024
5854953Rise of the Awakened #10The party continue to party for the rest of the night while learning lore, gaining dosh, and finding out about a new quest.Collective Game, DnD 5E, Rise of the Awakened, Mog, Kinny, Ursus, Maggie, Swift, Relm, Rabbit Tribes, R&R, Party, Downtime, Quest2024-01-20 2 
March 2024
5900197Rise of the Awakened #11The party finally enter the Canis Lupin, insult the border patrol guard, and go into hiding for a bit until they come up with a plan.Collective Game, DnD 5E, Rise of the Awakened, Mog, Kinny, Ursus, Maggie, Quest, Canis Lupin, Poco the Muscle Cat, in hiding2024-03-07 2 
April 2024
5949105Rise of the Awakened #12A new human thaws, a soul put to rest, spiders slain, a will told, info gathered, and horrors unveiled. The Canis Lupin arc truly begins.Collective Game, DnD 5E, Rise of the Awakened, Mog, Kinny, Ursus, Arsene, Jessica, Gawain, Kuma, Canis Lupin, Intrigue, Horror's back, Ques2024-04-23 2 
June 2024
5990341Rise of the Awakened #13The party kills squids, capture Kuma, squid explodes before interrogation, the party sics Sunny on Gawain, Superman is met, a spy is caught.Collective Game, DnD 5E, Rise of the Awakened, Mog, Kinny, Ursus, Sunny, Kuma, Cephalopods, Superman, Retard Raccoon, Canis Lupin, Quest2024-06-06 2 
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About the Archive

This is my very simple attempt to come up with an archival program. Enter the thread number (/tg/ only) and a brief title and one-sentence description and hit Go!; it'll archive a copy of the page for future lulz. Archived threads are checked every two hours for updates until the thread 404s. (I never thought threads would last over two days but 1614919 proved me very wrong.) To refresh an existing archived thread, simply attempt to add it again, and it will be immediately refreshed.

Please do not navigate away from this page once you hit Go!; depending on the number of images, it may take a minute or more to complete. If you do navigate away, the update script should catch anything you miss, but the thread may display incorrectly or with 4chan.org hotlinking images until it is repaired.

Mods, if this script seems too spammy, I can up the checking interval, lower the time limit, or remove this altogether. Ideally, it should mean a simple 12 pageloads for a day per new thread, and it does not re-download images, so the load should be negligible.


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