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July 2008
2234673Touhou Power Cards for 4eA project of making power cards for D&D 4e using Rumbling Spell Orchestra, the Touhou TCG, as a template.4e, power cards, Touhou2008-07-19 4 
September 2008
2496778Spelljammer 4EAnon provides a PDF of rules for running Spelljammer under D&D 4E. The SJ vessel cards are also posted.4e trolls spelljammer homebrew2008-09-04 -3 
2507249Another Informative Shadowrun ThreadInnocent questions about an SR4 excursion to Tir Na nOg lead to missile surfing, rigger strategy, and Mystic Knights nostalgia.Shadowrun, 4e, drones, Missile Surfing2008-09-06 6 
2684254Bananaguru's Thoughts on 4eSomeone starts a thread about 4th edition D&D being a MOREPIG. It is actually reasonable and leads to a debate over game design paradims and other such interesting things.4e, MMO, Unaccountably Not A Shitstorm2008-09-28 -2 
December 2008
31055354E Variant StatsWhy bother with ability scores? The modifiers are all that matters. A simple conversion to remove ability scores from the game entirely.D&D 4E, vaiant rules2008-12-03 0 
January 2009
3323726Troy McClure: 4e CombatTroy McClure comes to inform little Billy - and /tg/ - of the wonders of 4e combat.Simpsons, Troy McClure, 4e, 4th Edition, D&D, Dungeons and Dragons2009-01-06 8 
3342058Juvenile Corrections AnonJuvenile Corrections Anon tells us how they play D&D in the hoosegow.4e criminal scum informative blacks2009-01-08 6 
3495494Refluffing 4e RacesAn anon's attempt at making some of the more underappreciated 4e races actually good (eladrin as aliens who want to be a PC race, dragonborn as an ancient, dwindling race with much political infighting and ancient legends, tieflings as living seals against the infernal powers, halflings as wanderlusty nomads and freelancers with strange burial customs). 4e trolls are throughoutly ignored, and once again /tg/ gets some shit done.D&D 4e races2009-01-23 2 
March 2009
4131937Ilsenhoon, Illithid BardThe OP asks for help working out how build such a character, writefaggotry ensues.D&D, Illithid, Mind Flayer, Bard, 4e2009-03-30 20 
4137465The continues misadventures of Ilsenhoon, Illithid BardThe OP, still running through a multi-classing ridden character creation session, continues to detail Ilsenhoon's descent into humanity.D&D, Illithid, Mind Flayer, Bard, 4e2009-03-31 16 
May 2009
4678012For the love of the gameSomeone who enjoys 3.5 and 4e gives their thoughts on why people can still love 3.5 despite 4e being popular. Then, eventual trolling.meaningful, discussion, 3.5, 4e, fun2009-05-27 2 
August 2009
5319379New World, Old Asia - The SettingTripfag requests wisdom of anons with alternative culture RPG experience, sweet ideas ensue.D&D, 4e, homebrew2009-08-03 1 
October 2009
6350652Utsuho Reiuji in 4EIn which Chernobyl-tan is statted as a 4E encounterUtsuho, Touhou, 4E2009-10-20 5 
6383225Aya Shameimaru in 4E In which Shameimaru is statted as a 4E encounterAya, Touhou, 4E2009-10-23 0 
6395170Team Dungeons 2The TF2 gang argue over which game (and edition) to play.tf2, /v/ crossover, DnD, exalted, 3.5e, 4e, edition, roleplay, avatarfaggotry2009-10-23 17 
November 2009
6608237Getting into D&DA new player wants some help with getting into D&D...and /tg/ actually helps. WITHOUT EDITION WARS.D&D, 3.5, 4e, helpful, reasonable2009-11-08 3 
6742471Pacifist White Mage for 4EA pacifist White Mage class for 4E, extensivly laid out.4E, Healer, Class, Houserules, Homebrew, DnD, D&D2009-11-17 8 
67600664e Character Builds, Thread 1 Redux: The White MageTouhoufag outlines awesome pacifist cleric build."D&D, 4e, powergaming"2009-11-19 11 
67852354e Character Builds, Thread 2: The Wise WolfTouhoufag outlines a fighter|warden, totally not Momiji.D&D, 4e, powergaming2009-11-20 6 
68431544e Character Builds, Thread 3: The Moon, the Stars, and the CritvokerIn which a radiant-powered, crit-centric invoker of Pelor is summarized.D&D, 4e, powergaming2009-11-24 4 
68938744e Character Builds, Thread 3, Fourth Attempt: The Moon, the Stars, and the CritvokerIn which a radiant-powered, critical hit-centric invoker is summarized.D&D, 4e, powergaming2009-11-27 5 
December 2009
72020404e Character Builds, Bonus Thread: The Blade DragoonTouhoufag creates the build of a Bard who rides battle surfing a giant floating sword.4e, build, touhoufag, powergaming2009-12-19 3 
January 2010
7390790A Batch of Homebrew Errata for the 4e Player's HandbookHomebrew errata for the 4e PHB that fixes lots of shit.4e, homebrew, errata2010-01-02 3 
7440129Touhoufag's D&D4e class linksin which a touhoufag talks lots and lists a bunch of 4e class reference resourcesd&d, 4e, touhoufag, wotc2010-01-06 0 
75375004e Feat TaxOne of the reasons why 4e is bad, written by people who like 4e.D&D, 4e2010-01-11 2 
7530631Artificers in 4eHow awesome artificers can be.artificers, 4e2010-01-11 1 
76166994e Character Builds, Bonus Thread: Delban's Occulted Cooling ApplianceAn epic level build all about an invisible warforged warden who freezes things.4e, build, touhoufag, powergaming2010-01-16 0 
7628611The 4e Gods Are DeadA unique take on the fluff of the gods for 4e.4e, D&D, gods2010-01-17 4 
7646294Hollow ThronesVariant flavor on the divine power source of the Points of Light 4e setting. Continuation of The 4e Gods are Dead. Pelor is a neutron star.4e, D&D, gods2010-01-18 1 
77323414e Character Builds, Bonus Thread: The Border of Life and DeathA cool build for a genasi warden. Involves lots of counterdamage.D&D, 4e, warden2010-01-23 -2 
77507554e Character Builds, Bonus Thread: The Wind-Borne WarblerA stylish theme build for a 4e bard.D&D, 4e, bard2010-01-24 -2 
77541004e Character Builds, Bonus Thread: The Primal DuelistA rogue|warden? Can it be done? Apparently so.D&D, 4e, rogue, warden2010-01-24 -2 
February 2010
79075304e Character Builds: The Three Winds of Thought (Level 14)Thoughts on the new battlemind (defender) in 4e, along with a build that can make it good.D&D, 4e, battlemind2010-02-04 -3 
7908380Martial Power 2 Previews and ReviewsDetailed analysis of the new content in Martial Power 2, which isn't even out yet.D&D, 4e, Martial Power 22010-02-04 0 
79505114e Character Builds, Bonus Thread: Point Blank BeastmasteryCrossbowmanship, up close and personal.D&D, 4e, ranger2010-02-07 0 
79647314e Character Builds, Bonus Thread: The Artful ChargerA very tricky barbarian/fighter hybrid who jumps and charges like the Prince of Persia.D&D, 4e, barbarian, fighter2010-02-07 1 
80450394e Character Builds, Bonus Thread: The Peerless Wind GodOH MY GOD I'M SLIDING AND OBLITERATING TOFU LIKE I'M THE MOTHERFUCKING FIST OF THE NORTH STAR!D&D, 4e, warlock2010-02-13 0 
8087144Crafting suppliesA list of different materials to craft weapons and armor out ofRoleplaying, D&D, 4E2010-02-15 1 
8179186An Essay on Brawler Style FightersWhat it says on the tin.D&D, 4e, fighter2010-02-20 0 
82422604e Character Builds, Bonus Thread: A Lazy, Lazy Clever CommanderA build for a warlord who never makes attacks.D&D, 4e, warlord2010-02-24 4 
March 2010
8449640The Runepriest RewrittenTouhoufag sperges out and remakes the 4e runepriest to be an Intelligence class.D&D, 4e, runepriest2010-03-07 0 
8527306Psions in 4eA thread comparing the two kinds of psions in 4e.D&D, 4e, psion, psionics2010-03-12 1 
8571551Player's Handbook 3 Homebrew ErrataHomebrew errata for the PHB3.D&D, 4e, PHB32010-03-14 1 
8581136The Battlemind RewrittenA reworking of the battlemind that doesn't suck.D&D, 4e, battlemind2010-03-15 0 
April 2010
9143051/tg/ is trapped in a mind loopA discussion about religious text and edition wars turns into something more sinister.bible, edition wars, 1e, 3e, 2e, 4e, mind, infinite loop,2010-04-12 3 
9510598Fixing the AssassinThe 4e Assassin class is crap. /tg/ debates ideas for how to make them worthwhile. Lots of math ensues.4e, houserules, Assassin, D&D2010-04-30 1 
May 2010
9710181Sane editions discussion!It's clearly the end of the world!Editions, 4e, 3.5, pathfinder, fantasycraft, no fucking way2010-05-09 0 
9740414Feminist diplomancer gets shut the fuck downIn which a man-hating mass-murderer-to-be receives her comeuppance.D&D, 4e, diplomancer, feminists2010-05-11 226 
9823914Dark SunAnon posts some old Dark Sun info, which is awesome.Dark Sun, 2e, 4e, D&D, fluff2010-05-15 5 
October 2010
12552425Adding SotC Aspects to D&D 4EA tripfriend shows how to take Aspects from FATE/SotC/Dresden Files RPG and add them to D&D 4ESotC, Dresden Files RPG, DFRPG, FATE, LogicNinja, 4E, D&D 4E2010-10-24 1 
January 2011
13535971Pirates and Krakensinitial Brainstorm for a High-seas adventure 4E setting. Features classic piracy and sailing above-water, political intrigue beneath the waves. Work in progress, name pending. Selkies, Abe sapien, Dagon, and voodoo!4E setting pirates merfolk lovecraft2011-01-17 3 
13573887Pirates and Krakens 2Second thread on Ocean Punk 4E setting. Brainstorm and critique of race stats, re-thinking setting geography.4E setting homebrew pirates merfolk races2011-01-19 2 
August 2011
16094198Dragonborn art dissectionWhat begins as a request for art of 4E dragonborn turns into nitpicking about their design4E, Dragonborn, Art Thread2011-08-28 -5 
September 2011
16460241Yahweh in 4EDiscussion of the Judeo-Christian God's place in D&D. Pictures, fluff, and stats of Jesus Christ.God, Jesus, Christ, Yahweh, D&D, 4E2011-09-30 20 
February 2013
23187601Imaginary Racism - FiveCabbageA thread about races in fantasy settings turns out the best race in fantasy settings.fivecabbage, race, lulz, 4e, /tg/2013-02-16 5 
May 2013
24604445A Difficult Dilemma A tale of 2 anons whose characters struggle to reconnect & escape a slave-owning mining settlement w/ an ugly secret.character, roleplay, storytime, 4e, advice, oh god why, DnD2013-05-04 6 
September 2014
34957225Ghostbusters Japan: Episode 35In the aftermath of a PKE explosion (not our fault), the crew raids P-COC HQ for some sweet, sweet intel.Collective Game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Bomb, EMPRS4EVA2014-09-19 15 
June 2020
73152224Wakfu RPGOP asks about homebrewing a Dofus/Wakfu RPG and Anon deliversWakfu, homebrew, 4e2020-06-21 1 
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